Posted:   January 25, 2011

Friday, I did feel better after feeling awful for two days.  Corey was with me and had been nothing short of the greatest boyfriend I could ever hope for or imagine.  He waited on me hand and foot for my every desire without a care whether he’d get sick or not. 

“You look better if nothing else,” Corey commented after we woke up and rose from bed.  He kissed me on the cheek to bring a smile to my face.

“I feel better as well thanks to not overdoing it,” I stated. “We’ll see how the day goes.”

We showered and dressed together with Corey bringing down some clothes for the day the night before.  Now, his hair had grown where he couldn’t spike it like he wanted.  Instead, he let hang down whereas mine was still rather longish.

By lunch, things seem to be a lot better with my energy level raised.  I ate as I normally would with Kris there with me and saying how much better I did look and sound.  I headed out to my art class that was a nice walk under the clear blue sky.

“You’re looking better,” Hayden commented right as he saw me before we entered the class.

“Feeling better too,” I stated as we walked inside the room and grabbed a desk.  My eyes scanned the room and didn’t see Reilly among us but the class seemed about empty.

“I heard Corey took care of you…”

I smiled, “He did.”

“Must be nice,” Hayden commented with a hint of cynicism.

“Scott would do the same thing for you and you know it.”

“Doubt it and you know it, too,” Hayden said as the professor entered to start the day’s brief lecture. 

After class, I said very little to Hayden and continued to my room with the intention of lying down and resting instead of doing laps with Scott.  Kris entered the room as jovial and peppy as ever.

“Matt, stay sick all you want,” Kris stated, removing his shirt and displaying his body to me.

“I take it then Liz was good to ya,” I said.

“I was good to her,” Kris stated in his jock. “Her roommate was cool as fuck, Matt.  Liz just asked and she went to be with her boyfriend at his apartment though it didn’t take much pushing to get her out the door.  I may try that again tonight.”  Kris finished dressing to go workout.  “Are you going or what?”

“I think I’ll stay here and not push it.  I know Scott will be disappointed…”

“He’ll bitch but he can just get over it,” Kris stated and slung his bag over his shoulder.  “See ya when I get back.”

“Tell Corey I’m doing much better,” I stated.

“Will do,” Kris said and shut the door.  It wasn’t long after he left Mom called from work to check up on her little boy.  I told her I was doing much better thanks to Corey and not pushing it too much.

I lay down and turned on the TV to see nothing on while curled up under my comforter. I heard a knock at the door and wondered who it could be.  I yelled it was open but it wasn’t so I had to go open it.  Scott was standing there in his shorts and didn’t look very happy at the moment.

“Hey Matt, are you doing better now?” Scott asked in a very subdued way.

“I’m doing a lot better today,” I replied and got up. “Wassup?”

Scott grabbed Kris’s desk chair.  “Matt, Hayden broke up with me.”

I tried to act shocked, “He did. Why?”

“I don’t really know.  He just said he was ready to move on,” Scott replied. “Man, this really fucking sucks.  I was so into him, Matt.”

“Scott, I could tell you were and can see you’re very hurt.  Saying I’m sorry won’t help but I am.  Do you think it has anything to do with the ski trip?”

“Who knows,” Scott replied, shrugging his shoulders without much pep in his voice. “His parents are bitches and weren’t going to let him go since they knew I was going.”

“There will be other guys…”

“That’s where you’re mistaken,” Scott stated. “I have had my fun with guys.  I don’t know if I ever want to be involved with another guy again.”

“You might once you get over the let down and hurt. You really seemed to enjoy being with Hayden more than any girl you’d been with here.”

“True but that was because of Hayden,” Scott said with the door opening.  Kris and Colt entered the room.

“Hey Scott, wassup?” Kris asked. “We missed you today.”

“Oh I was just telling Matt that Hayden’s sorry ass broke up with me,” Scott replied.

“About time you came to your senses, dude,” Colt said in his deep Southern accent.  “You need to get back with girls and get you some real lovin’ from some hot chick around here and not that gay shit.”

“Damn right I do,” Scott said and was a little peppier. “I’m done with fags!”

“Atta boy, Scott,” Kris stated and patted Scott on the bare shoulder. “You don’t need a guy.  You really need to find you a really hot girl and show that Hayden was just a little phase you were going through.”

“A suck ass phase at that,” Colt commented.

“Hey, does anyone care to go smoked out with me?” Scott asked. “I need to get high as fuck now that shit is over and done with!”

“I’ll go with ya,” Kris said. “A nice fat joint would really do the trick for you.”

“Hell yeah, it would,” Scott stated and pulled out a fat blunt from his short pockets. “Let me grab a shirt and we’ll smoke this bitch!”

“I’ll drive,” Colt said.

They left room with Scott seemingly better now or acting like he was. Scott was a much better person than I could be at this moment.  I’d be in tears and heartbroken but Scott did show a different and unique way of handling things.  He never really let things get to him or didn’t show around me or the others.  However, knowing Scott he’d be back in the hunt but I was pretty sure he enjoyed guys now more than girls. 

About an hour or so later, the three came back to my room, smelling like weed with their eyes glassed over. 

“Scott’s the fucking man,” Colt stated. “He got my ass to take a few tokes…”

“Take my ass.  You were grabbing that shit out my hand after you nearly coughed up a lung,” Scott stated.

“Hey, it was my first time,” Colt laughed.

“Matt did the same thing,” Kris said.

“I did, Colt,” I stated.

“Feels pretty fucking good if you wanna know the truth,” Colt stated now lying on Kris’s bed.

“That dude is fucking stoned off his ass,” Scott said.

“Yeah, cause I don’t smoke that shit every day,” Colt stated.

“I’m feeling it too Scott.  That was some good stuff,” Kris said with a smile across his face.

They sat around and did bring a few good laughs to the room before Juan and Jess came down to see what we were doing.  Scott filled them in on his little dilemma.  Juan and Jess did get a kick out of seeing Colt stoned and enjoying the feeling.

“Scott, now I don’t have to witness you and Hayden fucking in front of me like I’m not even there,” Juan stated.

“Scott, you did that?” Jess said.

Scott laughed, “I did when I was horny and needed some action.”

“I’m glad you’re not my roomie,” Colt said. “Matt, surely you and Corey don’t just up and go at it in front of Kris?”

“No, thank God!” Kris replied.

“I’m not that ballsy,” I stated.

After talking a few more minutes, we headed out on campus to grab something to eat with Scott, Kris and Colt coming down after their high.  We found Kendall and Noah as well as calling Alex to meet us.  It was our ski group minus Corey so the talk was about the trip and the plans.  Our biggest problem was what to do with our extra cars while we were gone.  Alex stated if nothing else we could stop by his house and leave a few since it was on the way. 

Back at my room with Kris off to be with Liz, I hosted our group of friends.  Since I was feeling close to normal, it was nice to be around them and horse around with them before Corey showed up.  Like normal college kids, we desired a little alcohol and were provided a little thanks to Juan.  I don’t know how he managed to get his hands on some but we were sure glad he did.  Since it wasn’t that much, none of us got drunk but had a nice buzz going on.   Corey entered my room and was caught up on everything from Scott’s prospective.  Corey finished off what was left in the bottle since I insisted we save the last drink for him.  After Scott finished, we talked about the ski trip.  All that did was get me excited with Kendall telling all the great things to in and around his parent’s cabin.  Colt and Alex were dead set on snowboarding even though neither one had ever tried it.  Kendall said he would give them lessons as well as instruct us on skiing.  If nothing else, Scott was excited as anyone about the trip and had put his breakup in the background.

About midnight, everyone left the room to leave Corey and me alone.

“Matt, if nothing else, you do seem so much better now.  Other than a few coughs and blowing your nose, I’d say you’re about over it,” Corey commented.

“I feel better too,” I said. “I think well enough I need to show the best boyfriend ever a little appreciation tonight.”

Corey smiled, “Well… since Kris is gone again, I might be ready for some loving from my boyfriend.”

After making great love to Corey, I lay on top of him after blowing my three day load all over his cute adorable face and having the pleasure of licking each succulent drop of my cum along with taking his load down my throat.  Our heavy breathing was slowing while we kissed with open mouths. 

“Corey, I could sleep like this… perched on top of your hot naked body that I just made sweet love to,” I stated looking into his blue eyes with my hand running through his hair.

“Matt, I wouldn’t mind if you did.  I just loved the feeling your big dick on me.  I really really loved it in me if you couldn’t tell tonight…”

I smiled, “I could tell you did with your deep moaning that really excites my ass.  I loved being in you and showing my deep love for you.”

“I really appreciate you showing me how great sex can be.  To me, it’s so wonderful when we do have the chance to fuck and be so intimate.  I don’t see a damn thing wrong with having sex when you’re in love like us or like Kris is with Liz, I think…”

“Kris is either in love with Liz or with that slit between her legs,” I said.

Corey laughed, “Maybe he is love with her pussy just like I’m in love with your big fucking dick.”

“Just like I’m in love with your thick fucking dick,” I said.

“Seriously when are we going to shed the condoms?”

“I know we are clean but I just can’t do it,” I said.

“Okay, I guess I understand but it would be nice someday to really feel you in me.”

“I bought the thinnest Magnums they have.  Isn’t that good enough?”

“It is,” Corey said and pulled me down for a kiss. 

After rolling off of Corey, we lay facing each other.  “Matt, what did you think of Hayden breaking up with Scott?”

“Not surprising at all to me.  It was just a matter of when,” I replied. “Hayden said he wanted to and I guess not being able to go with us gave him the excuse.”

“Why though?  They looked really happy together,” Corey stated.

“I don’t know but I think Hayden wanted to drop the bomb before Scott did.  Little did he know Scott had no intentions of it…”

“You think maybe he was fucking around on Scott?”

“If he was, he didn’t tell me.  He could have been,” I said.

“You think Scott will keep his word and not get back with any more guys?”

“We both saw how he was around Hayden.  He said he couldn’t just flip a switch.  He may have been saying all that since the other guys were around but I really think Scott is gay.”

“Maybe ninety percent,” Corey said.

“Corey, you’re probably ninety percent,” I said.

“No I’m not, Matt.  I love guys and am sexually attracted to them just like you.  There’s nothing I find sexually attractive about a girl’s body,” Corey said. “You don’t know how hard it is at the rec center to stay away from the guy’s locker room and not go there and clean.”

“That would be hard for me.  It is okay to look…”

“Just don’t touch,” Corey said and kissed me.   Corey moved to Kris’s bed to sleep to allow me another good night’s rest as he put it.  By now, I was feeling fairly normal and was happy about being able to whip a nasty cold or whatever it was so quickly.  Corey did attribute it to my lifestyle change in the way I ate and worked out. 

Waking the next morning, I did feel pretty good but my nose was stopped up.  I messed around in the room, basically organizing my things for the upcoming finals.  Corey woke an hour or so later and came over to see what I was doing.  He kissed me on the lips before checking out my doings. 

“Matt, I do need to head off and get my hair cut today.  You’re more than welcome to join me,” Corey stated.

“Ummm… I might do that,” I said and wasn’t sure. “I tell you what I’ll just head out and do some Christmas shopping instead.  First, I need to know what you’d want or do you want me to surprise you?”

“Matt, my ideal Christmas would be for us to be together.  Other than that, I have no earthly idea what you could buy for me.  You’ve given me so much already.”

“I guess I’ll just tie a big red bow around my dick and say here’s your present,” I laughed.

“Hell yeah!  I’d love that,” Corey stated.

“I’ll think of something.  The hard part is finding something for Dad and Mom.  I don’t have a clue what either one needs or wants,” I said.

Corey and I headed to shower and spoke with Colt who was just finishing his shower.  It was amazing how we could talk to each other naked and not caring that we were naked.  Corey and I showered separately just in case someone walked in and didn’t like the fact that we were sharing.  There were a few on the hall that I didn’t know other than their name or face.

Corey and I left my room.  Kris was climbing the stairs as we were going down.

“Where y’all going?” Kris asked.

“I’m going Christmas shopping. Corey is going to get a haircut,” I replied.

“Matt, wait up and go with me shopping.  I need to snag something for Liz and need your expert opinion,” Kris said.

“Alright,” I said.  Corey continued on down while I turned and went back with Kris. 

While waiting, I called Mom to request her to transfer a little money into my account since I was going shopping.  She said she had already done it a few days before but cautioned me not to overspend on Corey.

Kris and I headed out to the nearby mall.  It is a nice mall but nothing compared to the ones close to home but it did have enough variety to satisfy our needs.   As expected, Kris didn’t have a clue what he wanted to buy Liz.  All his ideas were like sexy lingerie from Victoria Secret but I suggested something less subtle even though he repeatedly said he was in love. We did find a few nice things for Liz for Kris to buy that were appropriate.  I did find a few nice things for Corey and grabbed those since one item was on sale.  I grabbed Dad something, just a nice cologne set that I would like.  Kris liked my idea and grabbed the exact same thing for his Dad.  Mom was more of a challenge and could wait until I returned home from the ski trip.

Back on campus, I didn’t see Corey’s car in the parking lot when we pulled up.  Kris and I headed up to our room and saw Scott in the hall.  He came down to our room and asked where we had been.  We told him and listened to him fuss about not asking him to go since he needed to do a little shopping.  Next Colt and Alex came to the room. 

Corey finally showed up and looked stunning as ever in his cut and highlights.  You know you’re in love when your heart skips a beat the moment you lay eyes on that special someone. 

“Alright, what did I miss here?  I know something is always up with y’all,” Corey asked.

“We were planning out our night,” Kris replied.  “Here’s the plan.  First we’re thinking about catching the game over at the Hall (our arena).  Then maybe heading to the dance club down on Market Street.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Corey stated.

About six thirty that Saturday night, we gathered our friends up to head to the Hall to attend our first basketball game of the year.  My camera was in my pocket to take some pictures.  Once at the arena, we could see it wouldn’t be the same excitement and atmosphere at the football games.  We found some seats and kicked back.  I was able to snap a few pictures of us before the game started.  Once it started, it was easy to see there wasn’t much interest in it from most of our group, me included.   Actually, the game was very boring other than a few slams.  I pitied the girlfriends, Alex’s, Kris’s and Jess’s new girl, that tagged along.  Half way through the second half, we were bored and left the arena.

“Alright, whose brilliant idea was that?” Kris asked loudly with his arm around Liz.

“I’m not really sure but I think it was your idea, Kris,” Juan replied.

“Kick me in the nuts then,” Kris laughed. 

“Hey don’t temp us,” Scott said.

With Corey driving since he had to work the next morning and might not want to stay all night at the dance club, Corey, Scott, Juan and I headed out to go to the club.  We parked and found a short line to get in.  We stated since it allowed over eighteen, this was the spot to go and have fun. 

Once inside and paying the cover fee, we headed inside to the fairly crowded and loud club.  Corey and I grabbed some water while the others found us a place to hang out and watch.  I sat with Corey and took things in.  Corey grabbed my hand after we had watched and headed to the floor.  We did get a few looks but nothing was said to us.  Kris, Liz, Alex and Elise (Alex’s girl) were right behind us.  Now was the chance to see the moves to a lively dance song.  I almost laughed out loud watching Kris and Alex dance even though I wasn’t much better.  Corey was in our league as well with his dance moves.  The dancers of our group were Scott and Juan.  It wasn’t long before both were dancing with some very attractive girls. 

After being on the floor, Corey and I headed off and were pissed someone drank the rest of our water.  Corey headed to grab some more while I gazed across the dance floor.  I did recognize a face or two in the crowd.  I was waiting on Corey when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Wanna dance?” Reilly asked me.

“No thanks, I was waiting on my boyfriend to return,” I said. 

“You can still dance with me,” Reilly said.

Corey returned with our water.  The minute Corey walked up, Reilly retreated and walked away slowly. 

“Who was that?”

“Remember Reilly?”

“Vaguely… that guy you had a date with while we were broke up,” Corey stated.

“Yelp,” I said.  “He wanted to dance.”

“Why didn’t ya?”

“I’m not fucking stupid,” I said.

“Matt, it’s not like you’re going to have sex with him on the dance floor,” Corey said. “Come on, we’ll both dance with him.  What’s it going to hurt?”

I went over to Reilly.  The three of us headed to the dance floor.  Reilly was really very good on the floor.  He danced with us for a few numbers before Scott came up and asked him to dance.  Reilly danced with Scott and were a good match. 

We stopped after a few songs.  We returned to our table Kris had his shirt unbuttoned with Colt and Alex shirtless.  Now with the crowd, it was hot in the building along with moving on the dance floor.  Corey seized the opportunity and ditched his shirt. 

About midnight or after, I asked Corey if he was ready since he did have to work the next day.  He said he wasn’t and was enjoying this.  I knew why he was enjoying it since he had some admirers but refused them politely.  Before the night ended, we did dance with some girls for fun.

At two in the morning, we decided to leave.  By now, we were shirtless and sweaty from the dancing and heat.  I nearly froze to death going outside and knew I might get sick again.  Scott and Juan fell asleep on the short drive back to the dorm. 

Corey gave me a long passionate kiss before we called it a night.  He went to his room while I stayed in mine with Kris without Liz.  We both said we were tired.  We were and were asleep shortly after turning out the lights at two thirty in the morning.


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