Posted:   January 22, 2011

Sunday after Thanksgiving was rather nice since Corey did get to sleep in somewhat since the rec center didn’t reopen until noon.  After Corey was gone to work, I headed back to my room with Liz still there with Kris. 

“Dude, you should have stayed around last night,” Kris stated.  “It was pretty awesome.”

“Yeah Matt, there were all types there.  You’d blended right in,” Liz said.

“In other words, there were some gay guys and girls there,” I said with a smile.

“Oh yeah, there was.  Stephan and his boyfriend were there.  Let me tell you Stephan showed us all up with his moves,” Kris said. “He hung around with us, too.”

“Maybe I should have stayed and busted a few of my moves,” I joked.

“What moves?” Kris laughed.

I smiled, “I have a few.”

“Oh… I remember those stupid ass dances you used to do at high school dances,” Kris laughed.

“Oh Matt, you have to show me,” Liz said.

“I don’t think so,” I said.  I did one quick move to show her I wasn’t anything special, which did get a little laugh out of both of them.  “Oh by the way, Corey and I are set for the ski trip.”

“Awesome!” Kris said. “I had a feeling you two would go.  I really wish you’d go Liz.”

“I can already see that this has guy trip written all over it,” Liz said. “I don’t want any part of that.  I get enough of this guy thing here.”

“Maybe spring break we can work something out where you and a bunch of girls can join us,” Kris stated with someone knocking on our door.  I went to open it and found Colt and Jess standing there.

“Anybody around here hungry?” Jess asked.

“I sure am,” I replied.

“Count us in too,” Kris said for him and Liz.

Even though I wasn’t looking so hot, we headed out to find food on campus at the only place that was open in the student center.  We ate what was offered before heading back.  Liz headed off towards her dorm before we headed inside.  Jess and Kris collaborated on stories to make the dance club sound fun and somewhere different we could go. 

“No way, you’re getting my ass on the dance floor,” Colt stated.

“You’d look just as awkward as Kris,” Jess laughed.

“Fuck you, bitch!” Kris said. “It’s true but I didn’t see your ass out there much.”

“Good reason too.  I don’t want to embarrass myself,” Jess said.

“I can see Kris now out on the dance floor with Liz and eating that shit up,” I commented.

“His shirt was off about half through the night,” Jess joked.

“I was hot,” Kris joked.

“Yeah and you think you are too,” Colt joked.

“Motherfucker, I am.  Just ask Liz or any girl there last night.  If I wasn’t with Liz, my ass would have all kinds of pussy and you know it too,” Kris stated.

“Kris, would go behind her back and get with some hot girl if she wanted you?” Jess asked.

“Hell no!” Kris exclaimed. “I have got it too good to fuck things up.”

“I bet he would in a heartbeat,” Colt commented. “Matt, do you think he would since you know him better than anyone?”

I threw up my hands, “I don’t know but I wouldn’t put it past him.  Nothing Kris does now surprises me.”

“I know that’s right,” Colt said.

We sat around talking before Scott and Juan came down.  Again I got to hear how we missed all the fun with Kris and Jess retelling their stories.  Scott suggested that Corey, Hayden, he and I would have to check it out sometime to see for ourselves.  We all chilled and enjoyed being together.  It was great to see Juan smiling and laughing with us as well. 

Corey joined us about six before we ate again.  By this time, Kendall, Noah and Alex were with us to go eat.  We talked about the ski trip and how much it was going to be for all of us even though Juan said he wouldn’t be able to go.  We tried to talk him into it but knew he would probably have a lot of things to do after the semester was completed.

Later that night, I got a call and rolled my eyes seeing it was my Dad.  He asked how my Thanksgiving was before asking if I was free any night to meet him for dinner.  I covered the phone and asked Corey if he was off Tuesday, which he was.  I told Dad Tuesday night would be great and he could meet Corey again. 

Kris and I were up on Tuesday to head off to class after a boring Monday.  After the first class, our history quiz was back.  Kris and I both aced and took basically the extra credit points.  My grade was high already whereas Kris needed a little help raising his grade higher with finals looming in two weeks. 

After class and eating something, Kris and I came back to our room.  Corey was literally aching to go work out since he didn’t get the chance to do it much working there even though he did admit squeezing in a few lifts here and there.  Kris said he’d go if nothing else to give Corey a workout partner.  I went as well to tag along.  We called around and found Alex and Colt would join along since they didn’t have anything else better to do. 

Once in the weight room, I felt weak compared to these guys.  They did laugh when I announced it was too much weight but I didn’t mind saying so.  Corey worked hard and did his best to push the others.  Once Kris and Colt saw some competition they didn’t back off and were up for the challenge.  It was impressive to watch them test the limits with every muscle popping in their bodies. 

Walking to the shower, Kris commented, “You know we need Corey more often to push us.”

“I know.  He busted my ass,” Colt stated.

Corey smiled while we walked in and showered.  It was hard not to grab Corey and make out with him while we showered but I knew this wasn’t the place to make a scene or make the three uncomfortable.  Instead, it was rather playful with Corey admiring their art tattooed on their bodies and how great it looked. 

We dressed and headed back to the dorm.  I headed off to be with Corey for a little while.  Michael was sitting at his desk when we entered. 

“Thanks for the invite to go skiing,” Michael stated with a pissed look on his face.

Corey and I looked at each other.  Corey spoke up, “Hey we weren’t the ones doing the inviting.  It is Kendall’s place and he asked us one night.”

“I see,” Michael said. “It still would have been nice of him to ask me.”

“You haven’t been around that much for him to ask,” Corey stated. “Next time, we go eat or something ask him.”

“Is there room?” Michael asked.

“I have no idea,” I replied.

“Just forget it.  You wouldn’t want me around ruining all the fun,” Michael stated.

Again Corey and I looked at each other with raised eyes before we moved to his bed.  We kissed on the bed for a little while.

“Do you always have to do that here?  Can’t you do it in Matt’s room?” Michael asked us.

“Michael, wassup with you?”

“Nothing, Corey.  You don’t see me bringing Brianna around and making out with her like you aren’t here, do ya?” Michael stated.

“No, cause you rarely bring her here.  I really wouldn’t care at all since you’ve been so nice with me,” Corey said.

Michael shook his head, “I’m getting so frustrated with her, guys.  I mean I try to get close with her but she acts like I have a disease or some shit.  I’m about to say forget it and move on.”

“Michael…” I started to say before Scott came busting in the room.

“I got back the test results.  I’m clean!” Scott shouted.

“Huh?” Michael asked.

“We got tested a week or so ago,” Corey stated. “I guess I need to check.”  Corey moved over and checked his email account.  He didn’t need to say a word with the big smile that came across his face.   “Here you go Matt, check your email,” Corey said and handed me his computer.

I logged out and was so nervous about checking.  I had practiced safe sex except using condoms for blow jobs.  I saw the email and opened it.  A sigh of relief came when I too was clean.  “Have you heard from Hayden?” I asked.

“Yeah, he’s clean, too,” Scott replied. “Opening that email is fucking scary as shit.  You never know until you know.”

I laughed, “It is nerve racking a little.”

“So what were y’all doing here before I interrupted?” Scott asked.

“I was telling them I was about feed up with getting nowhere with Brianna,” Michael stated. “I’m not blessed like y’all with… you know… being nice looking.”

“Dude, just tell her you wanna fuck her.  If she says no, then say fuck it and move on,” Scott stated.  “There are tons of girls here that are horny as hell… just ask Colt.”

We laughed. “That’s what I need a good whore.  I don’t care if she does fool around.  I need laid before I turn thirty,” Michael stated.

“How about nineteen?” Corey said.

“I feel for ya, Michael,” Scott said. “It must suck being a virgin.”

“Hell yea it does,” Michael replied.

Getting advice from Scott wasn’t the best person on the floor to be getting sexual advice from.  We did try to tell Michael if he was in this relationship for sex and she wasn’t willing then maybe he should move on.  However, we did say that it was nice just having someone to date even though the three of us were quite sexual. 

It wasn’t long before Corey and I needed to dress and prepare to meet with my Dad.  About seven, he and I headed out to meet Dad at the same spot as earlier.  Driving up, I saw Dad standing in the cold and waiting on us.  He was very cordial and greeted Corey with a firm handshake.  I was a little nervous about this meeting and didn’t know what Dad would say.  All in all, Dad was great to Corey and I.  It was a very enjoyable meal with lots of nice conversation between the three of us.  By the end, it was starting to feel as though my Dad did actually care for me and was attempting to be a small part of my life while he could.  He did hug and kiss me goodbye with a little spending money for me with a promise to meet before our ski trip for a little Christmas gathering.

“Matt, that wasn’t so bad,” Corey commented before we got in my car to leave.

“No, Dad was on his best behavior,” I stated.

“At least he’s making the effort to see you and be back in your life.  You have at least that much to be thankful for,” Corey said.

“Yeah, I guess.  I don’t why I keep thinking he’s going to drop a bomb or say something really stupid.  I guess it’s the simple distrust I have him in him,” I said, driving away.

“We’re both in the same boat.  I held my breath all during Thanksgiving.  You know I really did miss you and kept thinking of all the fun we’d have if she hadn’t called.”

“Doesn’t it suck we have this general distrust for one of our parents…”

“It does.  The ones with good parents don’t know how lucky they have it,” Corey said.  “Maybe that’s what’s been driving us so close together.”

“Maybe but I’d be fooling myself if I said that, Corey.  I am insanely attracted to you and absolutely love that I’ve found someone who likes to be passionate and share kisses,” I said.

“Find us a dark lonely spot and I’ll make out with you like crazy,” Corey said.

I drove around and was looking for that spot.  I found a partially developed subdivision and entered it.   “I was actually joking, Matt,” Corey stated.

“Too late now,” I said and drove until I found a vacant cul-de-sac.  I parked my car.  “Move that seat all the way back to give me room.”

“Alright then,” Corey said.  I got out and went to his side of the car.  He opened the door and welcomed me.  Once in, we saw it so uncomfortable and quickly moved to the back seat.  Corey opened his arms and welcomed me in them.  Our lips meet before our tongues started to battle.

“Corey, you know I love you.”

“Matt, I love you so fucking much!”

We continued to make out like crazy with the windows fogging out.  We laughed and continued with my hand down his jeans.  I fished out his cock and began stroking it.  It was too tempting so my mouth opened up to take him there in the backseat of my car.  It was a little uncomfortable but his cock tasted so great and felt even better in my mouth. 

“Damn Matt!” Corey shouted.

I stopped and kissed him.  “I need some dessert.”

Corey snickered while I went back down on him.  He pushed my head down further and was breathing hard.  His head was hitting my throat while I took in his wonderful smell.  My throat relaxed and took all he had to offer. 

“Oh fuck yeah!” Corey screamed.  “OOOO Matt!”  I continued with my hand on his abs.  I bobbed up and down with fervor to enjoy this different experience for us.   “OOO shit!” he screamed.  I felt his ball contract and knew I was about to get flooded.  Shot after shot of creamy salty cum flooded my mouth.  His cock escaped my mouth with one nice shot nearly blinding me.   I moved up and found his mouth to share in delight. 

“Damn, I loved that,” I said with Corey wiping off his mess.

“Weird that you’d do it but I loved it even more,” Corey stated.  We kissed a little longer before moving out of the backseat.   We drove off and saw a car heading our direction.  We laughed together and left the subdivision.

“You deserved that Corey for being so great tonight,” I stated back driving towards campus.

“I’d do it again if you promise to blow me like that every time,” Corey laughed. “I owe you one.”

“No you don’t.  We’re boyfriends.  It was my pleasure,” I said.

“Damn, I got all the pleasure,” Corey said and leaned to kiss my cheek. 

We parked and headed inside the dorm.  We opened the door to see Kris, Colt and Jess there with Stephan and his boyfriend Grayson. 

“How’d it go?” Kris asked me.

“It went really well,” I replied.

“It must have for it to take so long,” Kris stated.

Corey smiled at me.  “Yeah, we were just talking.  His dad ain’t as bad as Matt makes him out to be.”

We sat around talking before Stephan and Grayson left the room. 

“What was that all about?” I asked.

“Stephan just came down to see what was happening is all,” Colt said. “You know Stephan is a little out there but Grayson seems rather normal I guess.”

“Kind of like Matt and Corey, huh?” Jess stated.

“Exactly like us,” I laughed. “I forgot my eyeliner and nail polish.  I think Kris has been using it and not telling me.”

“Beat my ass if I ever use either one,” Kris stated. “It does fit Stephan though.”

Once everyone was gone around eleven, I turned on my computer to look over Facebook since it had been a while.  I accepted a few friendship requests before catching up with the doings from everyone I was friends with.  I posted a few pictures to show everyone what fun times I was having with Kris now perched over my shoulder. 

After studying a little to stay on top of my work, Kris and I headed off to bed.  Now it was no big deal that we slept naked.  It was hard to envision that we’d be so casual about our nudity around each other. 

“Matt, time sure has flown by here, huh?”

I answered, “Boy has it ever.  It seemed like yesterday we were moving in this place and wondering what this semester would bring.”

Kris nodding his buzzed blond head said, “What’s hard to believe is how we both are so involved with someone, yet it doesn’t interfere with us hanging out with our friends.  Here Liz and I are going on three months and you and Corey…”

“Over two months total…” I added.

“What the real fucking kicker is how long Scott has lasted with Hayden.  I’d lost tons of money betting it wouldn’t have lasted,” Kris said on his side with a sheet barely covering his groin.

“Kris, between me and you, Hayden wanted to break up with him a month or so ago.  I’m sorta glad he didn’t.  Imagine the hell Scott would have put all of us through,” I stated.

“Now just imagine how hurt you and I would be say either Liz or Corey said tomorrow they wanted to see other people.  Matt, I’d accept it but man would it ever be hard.  You know now sex has a different meaning for us.  I’m sure it does for you and Corey…”

“Yes, it does but isn’t so much fun.  Hey, I won’t lie.  I love sex as much as you do,” I said.

“Hard to believe but you are right,” Kris said. “On this ski trip, you and Corey will have everyone jealous if Hayden doesn’t go.  You’ll be getting it every night.”

“I guess I will,” I smiled. “Hayden needs to make up his mind one or the other.”

“I know.  I think Kendall psyched we’re all going,” Kris stated.

“I am now that we’ve decided to go,” I said.

Kris and I laughed at the imagined scenarios of us skiing.  It would really show if I had much athletic ability.  Our biggest concern was not getting killed skiing.  I rolled over with sleep near.  Within a minute, I was out.

Waking the next morning after a rough night of sleep, it felt as though my head was going to explode with my sinuses going crazy and my eyes watering along with a hoarse cough.  Basically, I felt like shit.  I did get up and shower as usual for my Wednesday classes.  During my first classes, the symptoms of this oncoming cold or whatever it was didn’t improve.  I ate very little at lunch with Kris, Jess and Alex.  The three commented how bad I looked with Jess offering some of his leftover medicine once we returned.  I headed to my class with Hayden.  After finding him and telling him to take good notes, I drudged my way back to the room.  Once in the room, I headed straight back to bed.

As soon as classes were done for Kris, he came bouncing in the door.  “Matt, I know you’re sick or else you wouldn’t be in bed.”

“I am,” I squeaked out.

“I’ll change and get out of here then,” Kris said.  Kris left the room but returned shortly with two of Jess’s medicines to help my ailments.  One was daytime whereas the other was nighttime.  After taking the daytime medicine, I lay back down and covered up.  It was hard between my now runny nose and aching sinuses to get some rest. 

Kris woke me after returning but left very quickly since he said he wanted to stay clear of me as much as possible.  The rest of the day wasn’t any better but Kris kept his word and didn’t return but for a few minutes to check up on me. 

About nine, a light tap came to the door.  I headed over and opened it.  Corey was standing there with me in my boxers.

“I heard you were sick,” Corey said.

“You heard right,” I stated.

“Matt, I can tell you are.  You sound bad as well.  Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Corey, I need my rest.  I don’t want you to get what I’ve got,” I replied.

“I don’t care.  I’m going to take care of you, Matt, whether you want me to or not…”

“No Corey, I’ll be fine,” I said before almost coughing up a lung.

Corey went to lie on Kris’s bed while I went back to my bed.  We watched TV a little before Corey moved over to my bed.  He grabbed me and kissed my forehead.

“Corey, I appreciate the offer to help but there’s nothing you can do,” I stated.

“I don’t care, Matt.  Matter of fact, I’m going to find Kris and tell him to stay in my room.  Your boyfriend is going to take care of you,” Corey stated. “I don’t want to hear you tell me no either.  I’m taking care of you.”

Corey kissed my forehead and left the room.  He returned in about ten minutes with Kris on his heels.  Kris grabbed his pillow and a few toiletries.  He wished me luck before heading out the door.  Corey threw down his things.

“Corey, I’ll feel awful if you get sick like this,” I stated.

“Right now, I don’t care if I do.  I’m here to serve you and get what you need,” Corey said.

“I see you’re dead set on it, so I won’t say another word.   I could use those nighttime pills Jess gave me,” I said.

“Okay,” Corey stated.  I gave him directions where they were on my desk.  He found them and returned with two pills and some water.  I took the pills and hoped they would help.  At this point, they couldn’t hurt.

I woke the next morning and didn’t feel great.  Corey woke with me.

“How’d you feel this morning?” he asked.

I shrugged, “Well enough to go to my first class.”

“You should probably stay in bed instead of fighting it.”

“I have Kris in my second class, so he can take over if I don’t feel up to it,” I said and dropped my boxers to head to the shower.  Corey was naked to start with so he grabbed a towel.  I showered in a hurry and saw Colt coming in.

“Damn Matt, go back to bed.  You look awful, dude,” Colt stated.

“He won’t listen,” Corey said, drying off.

Lee walked in just as Corey, Colt and I were finishing drying off.  Lee was Corey’s ex roommate that Kris set straight.  Lee stared at us hard before we left.  Corey headed down the hall to dress with Kris bypassing him on the way.

“You look like shit, Matt,” Kris stated.

“Makes me feel that much better, Kris,” I said and coughed.

“I will say you better show Corey all kinds of loving after you get well.  That right there is a true sign you have one hell of a boyfriend,” Kris stated before getting dressed.

“I do, don’t I?” I said and did feel better just a little.  I took the daytime pills before we headed off to class.  I managed to make through the first class but let Kris have it for our history class.  Getting back in bed felt great.  Now I wanted to get better and return to life.

Again that night, Corey was there with me after he got off work with Kris over at Liz’s.  Corey came in with a big jug of orange juice.  I drink some it to start and with my nighttime medicine.  Slowly, I was starting to feel better after sleeping most of the day.  I did call Mom to tell her I wasn’t feeling well yet I was being taken care of.


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