Posted:  January 18, 2011

Waking on Monday after not doing much that Sunday night, Kris and I headed to our first classes just before Thanksgiving.  It was easy to see that quite a few students had taken off whereas I was forced to stick around thanks to my damn history professor.  The next class wasn’t much better and boring.  After lunch, I did turn in my art paper and hoped for the best after choosing an artist without much information available.  I did speak briefly to Reilly to be friendly as did Hayden.

Being Monday after class, a group of us headed to the rec center with Colt back with us and very glad he was by his actions.  We waved to Corey once inside and before heading to work out.  Once he saw us, he came over to us while we walked to the locker room.  He pulled me aside and told me he would be off around seven.  That meant Kris and I would have to get our studying in before then or I’d have to make him wait.  We threw our bags in lockers before heading out to the weight room to pump some iron.  My biggest feat was raising my bench press by twenty pounds and being proud I could handle the weight. 

After one tough work out where we pushed our limits on all the lifts since this would be it for the week, we headed to shower off the sweat.  The shower was now nothing but friendly conversation between good friends even though to me it was nothing but wonderful sights of naked hot now tattoed college guys whose bodies were getting better by the day or so it appeared that way.  In the locker room, we did walk around naked or with a very small towel before getting dressed.

In my room, it was now time to study for our history test.  Kris cussed for a few minutes but knew it was necessary.  The main thing we both hated was a test right before the break but it was better than one right after the break.  Kris and I quizzed each other on various parts we believed would be covered by the test. 

After studying for over an hour, we called a break with Kris heading to the bathroom.  I still wasn’t satisfied and reviewed my notes and text again until Kris came busting through the door.

“Nearly busted my fucking ass out there,” Kris stated.

“How come?” I asked.

“We have some jokers here who think it’s funny as hell to grease up the floor right by the bathroom,” Kris said before the door flew open.  Scott was holding his phone in his hand.

“Matt, you’ve got to see this shit, dude!” Scott screamed with excitement and pushed his phone in my face.  I took a look and did have to laugh at Kris skating and barely missing taking a fall.

“Damn you, Scott!” Kris shouted.  He ran over and grabbed Scott for a headlock.  “I could kick your little ass for that.”

Scott was laughing the entire time, “Stop it, Kris.  I don’t wanna miss anyone else.”

Kris released the headlock. “Alright, where do we go to check this out?”

“Follow me,” Scott said.

I too wanted to watch and headed out with them to Scott’s place.  He stood in the hall and acted like he was talking to us.  A door opened with Jess coming out.  He came up to us before stating he was heading down the hall.  Scott pulled out his phone just in time to capture Jess’s sliding along the floor.  He did fall but not hard.  By that time, the three of us were almost double over in laughter.

“It’s not funny!” Jess said while on his ass.

“The fuck it ain’t,” Kris said.  “Come here and watch this shit!”

We ducked in Scott’s room and watched the video.  Jess did have to smile and watched Kris’s video as well.  With the door open, we heard someone else out in the hall.  Kris peeked out his head and said it was Artie, a guy I really didn’t know other than his name.  Scott stuck out his phone and captured him sliding on the grease.  We ducked back inside with Artie heading to our RA’s room. 

“Damn, there’s goes that fun,” Kris stated.  He peeked out to see Rick and Artie walking down the hall.  He watched them look at the greased floor before heading to find a mop to get off the mess.  It was done in fun and thankfully no one got hurt.  It did give us a few laughs while it lasted.

With our little fun concluded, Kris and I headed back after the short break to finish studying for our test.  It didn’t take very long before we said enough studying for the night.  Kris called Liz since he knew I was staying down at Corey’s for the night.  He said if nothing else he could get laid before going home. 

Corey showed up earlier than normal just as he said he would.  By now, Liz was in our room with Kris as were Colt and Jess.  Kris filled Corey on Scott’s little prank thus giving Colt the idea it was Scott who had shaved his pubes.  That part was still a mystery since Scott denied it continuously. 

With my stuff in hand about nine, Corey and I headed to his room for the night since Michael had already left for the break.  We had just sat down on his bed when Corey’s phone started ringing.  He saw the number and had a very strange, confused look on his face.  “Mom,” he mouthed to me before answering the call.  Not to sit and listen to his private conversation, I moved over and pulled out my things to refresh on the history.  Very soon, Corey became quite animated while speaking to his mother.  I began to realize the meaning of the call by hearing a few things Corey said.  Corey hung up the phone and began pacing the room.  He came over and threw his veiny arms around me.  He gave a strong quick hug and back away.  “Matt, I guess you heard,” he stated.

“Corey, if she wants you to come home without any hard feelings, maybe you should.  Thanksgiving is about family.”

“I was so looking forward to being alone with you for a few days.  Here she goes at the last minute and fucks things up,” Corey stated, standing close to me now shirtless.

“You know I love you so much and would have cherished our time together.  However, this might be your chance to get everything right with her.  Show and tell her how happy you are despite everything in your life.”

“She won’t listen.  She never does.”

“It will only be for a few days.  We’ll be back here early Saturday for the game.  If it doesn’t work out, then we’ll have a month together for Christmas.”

“You know Matt, you might be a real keeper,” Corey said and came over to me.  “Are you finished studying?”

“My damn head is about to explode,” I replied. “Studying any longer wouldn’t be much help.  I’m done.”

“Well… I could sure use some of your loving for the rest of the night,” Corey said in a sexy provocative tone.

“Since this is it until Saturday, I might be able to supply your hot ass with lots of loving,” I said and got up.  I approached him and pushed him to his bed.  We fall on his bed kissing with Corey’s hands all over my ass.  Our clothes went flying after that.  It was incredibly hot to be on top of him with both of us naked. 

After swapping head, Corey had me on the edge of his bed.  He rammed a finger inside my fuck hole before letting his tongue and mouth gave me a wonderful and delightful rim job.  All that did was make so horny and ready to be fucked.  Once Corey’s hard hot cock slid inside me, I was ready to crazy hot sex with my boyfriend.

“Corey, I want fucked!” I cried out.  “I want you to fuck the living shit out of my ass!”

“Damn Matt,” he said going deeper in me. “Are you horny or what?”

“Horny as fuck to get fucked by you!” I said.  He grabbed my hips and began thrusting hard into me.  “Fuck yea, Corey! Fuck me!  I want that cock!”

“Shit Matt, I’ve never seen you like this,” Corey stated, pounding me with his hands all over me.

I pulled up and grabbed his head for a kiss. “Now fuck me like the little whore I am for you! If you feel like you’re going to bust, stop for a minute!  I want fucked long and hard!”

He continued to pound me with the sound of our skin popping and the sound of his cock moving in and out of my ass.  “Matt, do you like my cock fucking your hot little ass?”

“Fuck yeah, I do.  Feels… so damn good,” I moaned.  “Flip me on my back and really fuck me!”

Corey flipped me on my bed.  He pushed my legs forward and stuck his thick hard cock back in me.  Our eyes connected with my hands finding his ass and pulling him into me. 

“Matt, I love you,” Corey said, staring into my eyes with passion and lust.

“I love you too Corey,” I stated and pulled him for a hot kiss.  I broke the kiss.  “Now fuck me!  Give it to me hard!”

He slapped my ass and grabbed my cock.  He kept fucking me hard with me moaning and screaming ‘fuck yeah’ with each deep plunge.  The bed was rattling and shaking with our action.  It was so hot to watch him pound me.  “I’m about to cum!” Corey shouted and pulled out.

“Feed me that cum,” I said and moved to take his hot cock in my mouth.  The first blast almost gagged me.  He continued to flood my mouth with his cream.  He finished shooting his cream so I sucked it clean to savor every drop.  He moved down on my cock and took my load down his throat and in his mouth.  He licked me clean and moved to let me taste remnants of my load.  While kissing, a few tears escaped my eyes.

“Matt is there a problem?”

“No Corey, I was just thinking about how lucky I was to have you.”

“Damn I am the one who is so lucky.  You could have easily moved on and forgotten all about me,” Corey stated.

“There was no way I could and glad I didn’t.  Seriously Corey, you are so fucking hot.  How did I ever deserve to hook up with you in the beginning?”

“I just fell for a really cute sweet guy who showed me lots of love and still does today,” Corey said.  I pulled him for another kiss.  I looked to see it was still early by my standards at eleven thirty. 

“Corey, is there any way we could go for another round?  This time, let’s go slow,” I asked.

“Give me a few minutes and I could do that again.  I hate our new rule about whosever room we’re in is the top.”

“I don’t right now,” I said with a wry smile.

“Matt that was hot.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so horny.”

“Hey, I was horny and feeling it,” I said with a big smile and reaching to stroke his cock. 

It wasn’t long before he was hard and back inside me for another round.  This time was slower and with tons of love.  It really felt as though we were one.

“Matt, I could seriously fuck you all night like this,” Corey said, going so slow.

“I could let you fuck me all night too.”

We did make love over thirty minutes until we both shot our second loads.  Now we were sweaty and a little sticky.  Corey and I grabbed a towel and headed to shower this late night.  We showered and returned to his room.  Corey slept in Michael’s bed while slept in Corey’s bed.  It took a few minutes to fall asleep.

For the first time the next day, Tuesday, I skipped a class to go back over and be prepared for my history test.  Corey missed his class and really didn’t know why he was even going to his next one but did get dressed.  I headed out and saw Kris coming out of our room.

“Wait up!” I yelled. 

Kris waited on me.  “How did it go last night?”

“Great,” I replied. “You?”

“Liz knows I love her,” Kris laughed. “So are we ready to get this shit over and get out of here?”

“I am,” I said.

We chatted while walking to the class.  The weather was okay in the mid 50’s.  We entered the large class room and found out seats.  The chatter was how ridiculous and insane this professor was plus it was most of everyone’s last class before the break. 

The middle aged balding professor was his usual five minutes late.  He scanned the room to see most of us were in attendance.  “People, today your test is worth fifty points.  You already have thirty five of them for attending today’s class and signing your name at the top.  The next fifteen should be a breeze.  If not, you should ask yourself what the hell are you doing in college. Have a nice Thanksgiving.”

The tests were passed.  Glancing down, I understood what he meant by his last statement by such questions as who was the president at the start of the Civil War and where was the first battle of the Civil War?  Now I was a little perturbed at spending so much time going over the small details.  In a matter of five or ten minutes, the classroom was empty. 

“Damn here I wasted time for that shit,” Kris said. “A sixth grader could have answered those questions.”

“You better watch it there,” I cautioned. “There were a few trick questions.”

“Which ones?” Kris asked.

“The president of the U.S. Confederate States,” I replied.

Kris laughed, “Jeff Davis, dumbass.”

“I was kidding with you.  Now let’s go pack up and get out of here,” I stated.

“Bet you’ll have fun,” Kris said and nudged me.

“Oh, Corey’s going home.  His mom called right when we got back into the room last night,” I stated while we walked to our dorm.

“What a shame!” Kris laughed. “I know you were looking forward to hitting that shit.”

“I got enough last night to keep me satisfied until Saturday,” I laughed.

“Here you bitch about me telling shit yet you’re bragging about it,” Kris laughed.

“I’ve roomed with your sorry ass all semester,” I joked.

We headed to the room and packed what we needed.  Kris and I decided to follow each other on the way.  We waited like I said I would for Corey.  He showed up just as I finished throwing my things in my car. 

“So everyone’s here Saturday for the game, right?” Corey asked.

“Of course we are,” Kris replied. “I heard you’re heading home and missing Matt’s ass.”

“Yeah but we’ll see how that goes,” Corey said.  “Wish me luck.”

“Luck,” I said before grabbing him for a kiss. 

Kris and I were about half way home when my phone rang.  I saw it was Kris and assumed he needed gas or to use the bathroom at the next exit.  Instead, he delivered the sad news of Juan’s grandmother passing early this morning.  My heart really felt for Juan.  I called Corey to deliver the sad news.  Juan and his family were on my mind the rest of the way home. 

At home, I was early and threw my things in my room.  Mom arrived at six and seemed so happy to have me home.  She and I sat around talking and catching up even though we stayed in touch via our cell phones.  She was disappointed Corey wasn’t with me but understood the situation.  By now, Kris was keeping me informed on Juan’s situation as far as funeral arrangements were concerned.  The funeral was to be Friday morning.  It was close enough to us that we could attend if we wanted to.  We pretty much agreed it would be the right thing to do if we did show our faces and support of our friend.

Wednesday, Corey called to give me a report on how things were going between him and his family.  So far, he said things were going okay after a rocky start.  Corey lived in the opposite direction of us thus making it impossible for him to attend the funeral.  He did suggest if possible we send flowers.  After I hung up with him, I called Kris about the flower idea.  He liked the idea and said he’d take care of it with the card saying from Juan’s college crew.  Mom was home early and feed me well that night.  I hate to say it but after one night I was bored so I headed over to Kris’s house for a little while.  His parents welcomed me inside.  They both said they could see where we spent our time, the rec center.  Kris and I laughed but did agree thanks to Kris.  I know it wasn’t Mom’s grand idea to have me running off so I didn’t stay very long.

Thanksgiving, Mom and I headed to my aunt’s house for the traditional meal.  It was nice but my younger cousins were a pain in the ass.  Maybe it was a sign I was growing up.  I stayed with Mom that night since we rented a movie to watch together.  She was sound asleep before it was over.  I called Corey to see how his day went.  He said it went very well and was making headway including some cash for the upcoming ski trip.

The next day, Black Friday to retailers, meant Black Friday in the way of me dressing in black slacks, dress shirt and tie to attend Juan’s grandmother’s funeral.  Kris looked just as sharp when he arrived to pick me up.  We posed together so Mom could snap a picture of us though not for a joyous occasion.  Kris drove and cussed the traffic but we did find the church.  We entered the church and saw Scott, Hayden and Colt there with Juan.  I grabbed Juan and gave him a very sincere hug with tears flowing from both of us.  I told him Corey sent his regrets.  Juan did state he’d seen the flowers and thanked us for that as well.  Juan seemed so touched that we’d find the time to show up and send flowers as well.  It was a shock to see Hayden and Colt there but they said they had to come.  Both had driven an hour to attend the service.

After the funeral, Juan found us huddled together and insisted we stay for lunch that the church was furnishing.  There was no way we could deny his request and got to meet the rest of his family including his mother, brother and sister.  The lunch was actually very good with us eating and chatting.  Juan was thrilled that we’d stick around.  He hated to see us go when it was over.  Kris made a strong point that Juan be at the game tomorrow if possible.  Juan said he’d try his best. 

That Friday night, Mom and I discussed the upcoming ski trip with Kendall and Noah right after finals.  She said it would be my Christmas present since I really didn’t need much otherwise.  She really wanted me to go and enjoy everything that was offered while I could.  That night, Corey and I committed to the ski trip to each other.

My break was over the next morning.  It seemed to go so fast. I hated to leave so early but Mom being Mom understood the reason.   Kris and I followed each other back to campus and were back at the room about eleven thirty.  Driving up, I saw Corey’s car in the lot.  I unpacked my things and headed to see him.  We met in the hall and kissed right there.  We headed back to my room to wait on everyone to arrive.  At noon before the one o’clock kick off, most of the crew including our RA, Rick, was back except for Hayden, who said he was running late and would meet us at the stadium.  Juan was there and sounded excited to be back.  He got lots of hugs and handshakes from the ones who weren’t close enough to attend the funeral.  He raved about us and went on and on how great he felt to have such caring friends.

We headed over to the stadium on an overcast day but the day was decent temperature wise.  For a change, we had good seats for the game since the student section wasn’t jammed back due to the holiday.  Hayden did show up right before kickoff and squeezed in next to Scott and Juan. 

“Big game today!” Kris shouted. “No one sits down!”

I guess it was a big game but Corey had to explain to me the meaning.  If we won, we’d share the conference championship and go to a really nice bowl game New Year’s Day. Slowly, all this football stuff was beginning to sink into my head.  So far, the games had been a great and fun experience to share with all my friends.

We were loud as possible but that didn’t matter since the other team didn’t come to play.  It was a blow out by half with our team up by twenty eight points.  We did finally sit down for halftime.  As soon as the second half started, we were back on our feet and screaming like it was close. 

When the game ended, we rushed the field, which was fun but chaotic to say the least.  I looked around and saw the goal post on one end coming down with Kris and Colt right in the middle of everything. 

It took a while for us to all find each other and head back.

“That goal post is going to Market Street tonight!” Kris stated.  Market Street was the place of the college bars here near campus.  So far, none of us had even attempted to go there or none that I had heard of.  “Guess where our asses are headed tonight?”

“Fuck yeah, Market Street,” Colt screamed.

“Damn right, we are,” Kris said.

“Guys, you better watch yourselves if you do go down there,” Rick stated.

“If nothing else, we can go and be among the crowd,” Jess stated.

“What crowd?  The only time I was there it was so quiet,” Alex said with his girl at his side.  It was nice to see most of the guys had girlfriends or girls they were interested in.  The only one that was really without was Colt.  He was sticking to his guns despite saying he needed to get laid. 

Back at the dorm, we did break up yet agreed to meet at eight to head out.  I went with Corey to his room with Michael not expected back until the next day.  We were in the room when Scott and Hayden came knocking.

“You care if two gay guys join ya?” Scott asked.

“Nah, we weren’t going to do much,” Corey replied.

“So Scott, how did it go at home with your brother and sister?” I asked.

“Really it was all cool,” Scott said. “My sister doesn’t get it yet but she’s just twelve.  My brother was all over me though and wanted every detail.  My dad and mom understood somewhat since my brother opened the door for me.”

“So are you totally gay, Scott?” Corey asked with Scott and Hayden jumping on Michael’s bed.

“Right now, I am and will be as long as Hayden is around.  After that, we’ll see what comes along.  Hayden knows I wouldn’t mind fucking a girl even though he gives up his pussy plenty for me,” Scott said.

We continued to talk and mess around until we gathered up to head down to see what was happening on Market Street.  Market Street ended up being rather disappointing since none of us could get into one of the three bars there.  The only thing we could do was possibly hit a dance club that was open to those over eighteen.  For Corey, Hayden and I, that wasn’t a real possibility since it was mostly straight.  We realized our limitations and didn’t want to cause any trouble by some backward thinkers.   The rest of the crew decided to test it out whereas the four of us, Scott included, along with Colt and Juan decided to forego the dance club.

Colt and Juan caught a ride back with us in Scott’s nasty smelly car.  I had the pleasure of sitting in Corey’s lap for the ride back to the dorm.  All told the game was worth returning back for but the night was anticlimactic.


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