Posted:  January 14, 2010

The next morning Saturday, my phone alarm woke up me and Corey.  Corey jumped out of bed and leaned for a short kiss before he put on his underwear and jeans to head out.  I lay there a moment and inhaled his scent on my sheets before returning to a nice sleep.  I woke for good at around ten to see Kris still sprawled out on his bed fully dressed.  It didn’t appear as though he moved an inch.  I played on the computer in my boxers and sweats before Kris woke just before eleven.  He stretched out his body and rubbed head.

“Just checking to make sure I wasn’t dreaming,” Kris stated with me watching him rub his hair.

“How’d ya feel?” I asked.

“Weird but I feel okay this morning, Matt,” Kris replied. “Let me jump in the shower so we can grab something to eat.  I’m starving.”

Kris headed out with a towel around his waist to take a shower. Once Kris returned to dress, we were out the door. 

“I’m gonna see if Colt wants to go with us,” Kris said, shutting our door.

We walked down the hall and tapped on his door.  He opened the door and welcomed us inside.

“I heard about your night,” Kris said with a smile.

“I got fucking wasted,” Colt said. “I’ll tell how drunk I got.  Some crazy bastard shaved all my pubes off.”  Corey laughed.

Kris busted out laughing and so did I. “No shit? Who would do that?”

“I don’t have a clue.  I guess I deserved it,” Colt said and pushed down his jeans to show the smoothness above his cock and even shaved his treasure trail.  “Good thing it is kinda in style.”

“Hey, you might like it,” Kris stated. “I bet Matt doesn’t think it is all that bad.”

“I’ll keep my mouth closed on that,” I said with a smile.

“I don’t guess it matters that much now that I don’t have a girlfriend,” Colt stated.

“So you wanna go grab something to eat?” Kris asked.

“Sure, I am a little hungry,” Colt said.  He stood up and grabbed a few things.  “Matt, did I really pass out?”

“Yes, you did,” I replied. “Passed smooth out on Scott’s bed.  Corey and Jess drug you down here and put you in your bed.”

“So they did it?” Colt asked.

“If they did, they didn’t say a word about it,” I said and really didn’t know who the prankster was.  The best part was how well Colt took the little prank.

“Colt, I guess that means you’re back in the crew now,” Kris said while we walked down the hall.  We passed Jess and Robert going down the stairs.  They had finished eating and were returning.  We headed out on a fairly nice day for this time of year.  It was a good thing since I didn’t bring a coat with me.

After we returned, Kris and Colt were off to find some guys up for a few games of basketball at the rec center.  They asked but I refused to go and show how horrible I was at basketball.  Instead, it was a great time to study and be prepared for the upcoming history exam on Wednesday.  It was the only class where the professors had anything scheduled.  It was just my luck it was my last class before the break.

When the group returned, it was easy to see Kris had been hit on the cheek.  Of course, they had to tell me how Kris caught a flying elbow but continued on like nothing ever happened. 

As Kris was showering, Corey stopped by for a second to tell me he was heading to nap in his room since he knew my room usually had a flurry of activity.  I watched him leave and heard him say something to Kris out in the hall.  Kris threw on some shorts and jumped on his bed to relax and watch TV.  It looked too enticing and had me in my bed to join him. 

Kris and I were awakened by someone knocking at the door.  I opened it and found Jess standing there.  

“Just seeing if you guys wanted to grab something to eat before we watched the game,” Jess stated.

“Well… not now,” Kris said. “Maybe afterwards.”

“That’s cool, sleepy head,” Jess said and grabbed Kris’s desk chair. “So are there any plans after the game?”

“It probably depends on whether we win or not,” Kris replied.

“I think either way we should go out for a little while,” Jess stated. “Kris, you can party it up with the guys tonight since you said Liz was busy.”

“We’ll see,” Kris said.

Something had to be up for Kris to deny going out and partying.  Normally it didn’t take much encouragement from any of us to get Kris to go.  Jess hung around until we made our way to the big room in the center of the hall.  Corey and Michael were already there and waiting on us.  Robert and Rick joined thereafter once we grabbed a seat. Then up came Kendall and Noah with chips and dip along with sodas.  They were followed by Alex, Colt and others in our hall just as the telecast started.

I looked around and noticed Scott and Juan weren’t among us.  Kris noticed as well and asked me if I knew why they weren’t here.   It was no more out of our mouths until Scott and Hayden appeared.

“Bad news everyone, Juan’s grandmother took a turn for the worst this afternoon,” Scott stated with a hush falling across the room.  “Juan packed up and left since he really didn’t have much going on the rest of the week.”

“Serious, huh?” Rick asked.

“By Juan’s expressions, it’s not good at all,” Scott said quietly. 

“I hate that,” Kris said.  “Anybody religious here?”

Noel raised his hand.  We had a short prayer for Juan and his family with Noel leading us. It was rather touching I must say to see all of us with such deep concern for our friend.

“Maybe the game will get us in a good mood,” Jess said. “It sucks though.”

“I’ll say it again, y’all are without a doubt the best group an RA could have,” Rick stated.  “I don’t think there would be another group of guys so concerned over another person’s grandparent like y’all.”

“It’s more than his grandparent, it’s his mother really,” Kris spoke up before I could.  “I feel for that dude.”

“I see but still I’m impressed but shouldn’t be seeing how close most of you are here,” Rick said.

“So can we break out the booze?” Jess asked, laughingly. “We have before.”

“Let’s not,” Rick said in a serious tone. “I don’t think now is the time, Jess.”

With the game underway, it did divert our attention to the TV.  The game was rather low scoring in the first half, thus boring to me.  At half, we milled around and used the bathroom along with finding more drinks and ice. 

With everyone back in their seats, the second half started.  Right off the bat, we had excitement with our team recovering a fumble and driving the ball in for a touchdown.  I sat back and watched the game without embarrassing myself over the lack of knowledge for the game.  In a way, it was good since I wasn’t emotionally wrapped up in it.  Of course, I wanted to see us win but it wouldn’t affect me one way or the other if we didn’t.

The tension was high as the game moved into the fourth quarter with our team holding a slim lead.  By everyone’s reaction, we got a bad call to start the quarter.  That livened up most of the guys with Kris and Colt screaming at the TV.  Corey had to whisper to me what the problem was for me to understand.   The noise level continued to be high when the other team didn’t score and our team did the following time.  With that score, we were winning by eleven points.  The other team scored on a long pass to make the game close but that was as close as it got with our team coming through in the end. 

“Everyone knows what that means don’t ya?” Jess asked loudly.

“We’re back here for damn sure Saturday,” Kris replied. “Rick, when are they opening the dorm back up?”

“I’ll check but I think Saturday,” Rick replied.

“Dude, we need to come back Friday night so we’ll be here for the one o’clock kickoff,” Scott stated.

“That would suck having to wake up early Saturday and haul ass to get here for the game.  That would mean no tailgating for sure,” Jess said.

“I’ll see what I can do. Since they won tonight, they could open the dorms early,” Rick said.

“So who’s ready to go out and celebrate this big win?” Jess asked.

Most were ready and raring to go wherever they could find a party with Kris and Jess spearheading the adventure.  The game seemed to have changed Kris’s mind about going out.  We broke up and headed to our rooms to freshen up.  Corey walked with me to my room. 

“We’re going, right?” Corey asked.

“Corey, I’m really not in the mood tonight,” I said.

“Why not, Matt?”

“I don’t know… just one of those nights I guess,” I replied. “You can go.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“No, not all,” I replied. “Why should I hold you back if you want to go?”

Kris entered the room and threw on his sweatshirt.  “You ready?” he asked me.

“Matt doesn’t want to go,” Corey stated.

“Why not?” Kris asked with Jess and Colt now coming in the door.

“I’m not in the mood tonight,” I said.

“Remember our agreement at the first of the year,” Kris said to me.

“I think I’ve lived up to that, Kris,” I said. “Kill me since I don’t want to go out all the time like the rest of you.”

Damn, here I was really looking forward to it,” Corey said and was disappointed.

“Go then,” I said.

“Matt, I can’t go without you,” Corey said.

“We’re not married or anything like that.  Go, Corey.  Have fun with the guys.  I really don’t care.  Why should I hold you back?” I asked.

“Because he won’t get any loving later,” Jess joked.

“Fuck it! I’ll go!” I said and didn’t want to.

“No Matt, we’ll take care of Corey if you really don’t want to.  Don’t you go just to watch over him,” Kris said.

“I said I’d go because Corey won’t go without me,” I stated.

“If you don’t want to and don’t mind, then I’ll go and have fun,” Corey said to me. “We’ll see ya when we get back.”

“I’ll see ya.  Call me if you need me,” I said.

Corey kissed me goodbye before he and the others walked out the door. Truth was I wasn’t in the mood to go out and get hammered.  For once too, I wanted Corey to go out with the guys and not have to worry about keeping my attention.   Watching the game, he didn’t want to leave my side and be around the others like he should.  He needed to do something with the other guys around here while I could use a few minutes alone.

It was past two before Kris came in the door.  His opening the door woke me.  He undressed quietly and got into his bed.

“Did Corey have a good time?” I asked.

“Shit Matt, you scared me there,” Kris answered and startled. “Corey had a really good or seemed to have a good time tonight.”

“That is really so awesome.”

“Why didn’t you go?” Kris asked me and didn’t seem drunk.

“I didn’t want to was the main reason.”

“You know Corey was really worried something was up,” Kris stated.

“Just the opposite, Kris.  I wanted him to go have a good time without having to worry about me.”


“Kris, occasionally he needs to do things with all of y’all without me.  Since I really wasn’t all hyped up about it, tonight was the perfect chance plus we’ll be together all weekend,” I replied.

“You’re too nice, Matt,” Kris laughed.  “See ya in the morning.”

Kris and I both woke with the sound of loud rolling thunder the next morning.  Since it was raining and not very nice out, he wanted us to go out for breakfast since it was early by his standards.  I agreed and texted Corey to see if he was up with the possibility of going with us.  While I waited, Kris texted Jess and Colt to see if they wanted to join us.  Corey replied he was up and be down in a few minutes.  Kris waited for a few minutes until getting a text from Colt saying he’d be up for it as well but got a big no from Jess.  It was nice to see how Kris had put his tussle with Colt behind and acted like it never happened.  It was a lesson I could have used a month ago but that is well behind me now.

With the four of us, we dodged the raindrops and jumped into Kris’s ride.  Corey and I suggested the local place that we had gone for us to eat.

“Matt, you missed your boy tearing it up last night,” Colt said.

“Yeah, Corey threw down a few,” Kris stated.

“Hey, I had the chance and used it,” Corey laughed. “That doesn’t bother you does it, Matt?”

“Not at all,” I said. “I wanted you to have a good time.”

“He did. Good thing Corey is gay or he’d come home with about two girls for damn sure,” Colt said.

“What can I say, guys?” Corey laughed. “However, I know not to fuck up ever again.  I learned that the hard way.”

“I did too,” Colt said. “It’s going to be hard to ever trust a bitch ever again.  I still feel so bad about that for all y’all.  I was total and complete asshole but I’ve learned.”

Kris laughed while pulling into the crowded parking lot. “I’m shocked you didn’t bring that one girl home and fuck her.”

“I wanted to,” Colt laughed. “Boy did I ever.”

We ran into the crowded restaurant and were seated in the back corner.  We ordered drinks while looking over the menu.  After our drinks arrived, we ordered a hardy breakfast and continued to talk.  Once the big breakfasts arrived, we dove in with little talking going on between us. 

On the ride back, Kris and Colt talked about the next weekend and coming back for the game.  It was settled that Corey and I would do the same since it sounded like everyone else had plans to do so. 

Back in the dorm, the four of us went to my room to relax and digest our big breakfasts.  Corey and I lay on my bed with Corey wrapping his arms around me.

“Guys, I know without a single doubt, I have the best boyfriend ever,” Corey stated.

“He must be to let you go out alone,” Colt said.

“Matt wanted Corey to go without Corey worrying about him…” Kris said.

“And to have a good time with all the guys since he works a lot and misses out,” I interrupted.  Corey kissed me on the lips.

“See I told you I did,” Corey stated.

“Slowly, I’m starting to get this gay shit,” Colt laughed. “Never thought I would but I am.”

“Thanks Colt,” I stated.

“No problem but the guys back home wouldn’t ever believe I have some really nice gay friends who I actually like hanging around with.  I swear last night Corey was just one of the guys other than the fact he wanted no part of two fucking hot girls,” Colt stated. “Matt, you really should’ve gone.”

“I think it turned out alright.”

We stayed in the room until Kris and Colt got antsy to get out and do something athletic or just get out.  They headed out with the intent of going to the rec center and messing around there.  Corey smiled at me after the two were gone and kissed me.  I grabbed him and wanted more than a sweet little kiss.  Corey was developing into a great kisser to go along with his great body.  We kissed and made out for a while until our lips were chapped. 

“Matt, I can’t tell how much I’m looking forward to going home with you Tuesday for Thanksgiving.”

“Corey, I am too.  I know Mom will love you like I do.”

“I can hope at least one mother loves me,” Corey stated. “Matt, it sucks I have to resort to going home with you but thankful I do have somewhere to go.”

“I understand it’s not the perfect circumstance but you know I have been wanting you to go home with me so Mom can really get to know you,” I said with Corey holding me.

“I’m sure not every mother of a gay son looks forward to meeting her son’s lover.  You’re very lucky to have someone that accepts you and still loves you no matter what,” Corey said.

“If your Mom is any kind of Mom, she might come around,” I said.

“I’m not holding my breath on that,” Corey said. “Oh by the way, Michael is leaving tomorrow right after class in case you wanna stay with me tomorrow night.”

I smiled, “I might just do that.”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Corey said.  “Matt, I really do look forward to the day you and I do live together.  I can’t think of anything that would make me happier.”

“I look forward to that day as well and am starting to see we have a bright future ahead of us.  Sometimes it takes a detour to get back on the right path.”

“Well put,” Corey smiled and pulled me for more kissing, hugging and petting. 

Corey stayed a while longer until heading to his room to do a little studying.  I hated to see him go since the passion was great between while staying clothed.  It offered the perfect chance to start studying for a test and put the finishing touches on my art paper. 

Kris came back in the room with Colt as I was studying.  Both were soaked in sweat and from the steady rain still falling.  Kris got undressed and grabbed two towels.  Colt shyly undressed and displayed his shaven crotch. 

“Damn, you look like a little boy now,” Kris laughed.

“I feel like one too,” Colt said.

“Matt, what do you think of Colt’s shave job?” Kris asked.

I laughed that Kris would even ask me. “It looks fine and isn’t that bad, Colt.”

“Ummm… I don’t know how to exactly take that…” Colt said.

“You may wanna keep em shaved,” Kris laughed.

“I hope they shave your ass next,” Colt laughed.

“Liz might like it and not get hairs in her mouth,” Kris continued to laugh before the two headed to shower.  Before I knew it, Kris was back in the room and dressing.  I gave him a quick reminder about our history test before we journeyed off to find food with our group.


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