Posted:  January 10, 2011

With Friday here, the weekend before Thanksgiving, it seemed no one left.  As usual, I headed to do laps with Scott after class.  We immediately returned to the dorm without making a detour.  Scott said he was saving his stuff in case Hayden wanted to venture out later.

When Scott and I entered our hall, we saw Colt.  We ignored him to stay out of harm’s way.  We entered my room and were just inside when Colt lightly knocked on the door and opened the door.  His face told the story.

“When Kris gets back, I tell him I need to talk to him, Matt,” Colt said as quietly and somber as I had ever heard him.  The pep was missing from his voice.

“He should be here in about ten minutes,” I said. “Is there a problem?”

“I’ll see ya’ll later,” Colt said and quietly shut the door.

“Hmmm… he looked like he was hit with a ton of bricks,” Scott said.  “I’m not talking about that shiner he has either.”

“I guess Liz got to him,” I said. “You know Kris will be excited.  I think he misses having Colt around.”

“They’ll miss banging chicks side-by-side,” Scott laughed.  “You know sometime, Hayden and I…”

“I’ll stop you right there. No!” I stated strongly.

“Why not?”

I shook my head in a little disbelief.  “Damn Scott, now with Colt gone, you and Hayden can come down here and do it next to Liz and Kris.”

Scott laughed, “Wouldn’t that be interesting?”

“Very,” I laughed. “I’ve been meaning to ask you something since you told your parents you were bi and had a boyfriend.  How did Trevor take it?”

Scott smiled, “He calls me and to compare notes.  You think my ass is horny.  My brother is sixteen and gets more ass than I do.  He’ll call me up and just go on and on about how cute this boy was that he sucked off or how big a dick this guy had that fucked him…”

I laughed, “Well, he’s excited and wants to brag to you.  I bet you never bragged to anyone in high school about any girls you got with.”

“Yeah but my brother, shit!” Scott exclaimed. “Here’s the kicker to this.  He has a boyfriend or so he says he does but they don’t care if the other one fucks around.  He sent me a picture of his boyfriend.  Do you wanna see it?”


Scott pulled out his phone.  It wasn’t hard picking out his brother since they bared a great resemblance.  Trevor’s boyfriend was a real cutie, I must say by the picture. 

“I could just see you and Corey in an open relationship,” Scott laughed.

“Me too,” I laughed right along with him. “Now I could see you in one.”

“You know at one time I could too but not now.  I have no real reason to wanna get with other guys, even you Matt.  Hayden supplies my every need.”

“Scott, I’m really very proud of you.  I didn’t expect it to last a week yet now you are going really strong.”

“For the first time Matt, sex has a meaning and not an act… you know what I mean?”

“I know exactly what you mean,” I replied. 

Scott and I continued to talk.  Ten minutes later, I started to wonder where Kris was with Colt waiting on him.  Another ten minutes passed before I grabbed my phone and called him.  Kris said he’d be here in ten minutes and a big surprise for me while I said I had a big surprise for him. 

“I bet those dudes are grabbing some liquor for this weekend.  Whatcha wanna bet, Matt?” Scott said after I hung up.

“Scott, now nothing Kris does would surprise me.”

“I bet if he said he was fucking a guy that would surprise or piss you the fuck off since it wasn’t you,” Scott said.

“Now that would shock me to no end but no I wouldn’t be pissed off at all because I know there’s no way chance ever he has sex with a guy.”

“Betcha before the end of this school year, Kris fucks a guy,” Scott said. “I mean c’mon he has to be a little curious with you and Corey around.”

“No, he doesn’t.  I’m not the least bit curious with him and Liz around,” I stated. “Corey supplies my sexual needs where Liz supplies his sexual needs.”

“Damn, I guess you’re right since you put it like that,” Scott said. “Hey, are you nervous about the test results?”

“Actually, I am because you never really know for certain until you are tested.  We should be proud that we did it.  Stephan said he and Grayson got tested too.  Everyone here should get tested.”

“You’re right there,” Scott said. 

We talked for a few minutes more before the door swung open. 

“What do you think?” Kris asked with his hair buzzed.  It was short but not down to the scalp.

“Seriously, I really like it,” I replied.  “Has Liz seen it?”

“Yeah, I sent her a picture right after Alex finished.  She loved it and can’t wait to see it in person tonight.  I said I was tired of fucking with it.  You’re next, Matt,” Kris said.  “Now where’s my surprise?”

“It’s down in Colt’s room,” I replied.

“Very funny, dude.”

“No Kris, he came here and looked awful,” Scott said.

“That is even better news,” Kris said.  “I’ll holler if I need anything.”  Kris stepped out the door.  He returned in seconds, “He’s not duping me, is he and going to jack my ass up?”

“I don’t think so but you never know,” I replied.

“Matt, I’ll just say it.  Kris looked fucking hot as hell just then,” Scott said with Kris gone. “He really needs some earrings and would be a fucking stud Liz would have a hard time keeping.  Not that he wasn’t before but damn, he looked so hot.  I usually don’t think guys with short cuts like that are hot but I do now.”

“I know. It’s tempting to get mine buzzed off and stop having to mess with this shit.”

With the anticipation about to kill us, Scott and I looked out the door and down the hall.  We walked quietly near Colt’s room which was just two doors down from Scott’s room to see if we could hear screaming and yelling.   Thankfully, it was quiet so we headed back and had to wait for Kris’s return.

Our wait was over when Kris did another big door opening.

“Scott, Matt, I need to introduce you to my new friend, Colt Langerham or whatever the fuck his last name is,” Kris said, grinning as wide as ever. 

They stepped into the room and shut the door.  “Guys, I don’t what to say other than you’re looking at the biggest fucking dumbass on campus here,” Colt said.

“Tell ‘em how you found out,” Kris said.

Colt rubbed his brow, “Basically today I was over at Monica’s and about to get busy with her.  She said she needed to use the bathroom first and left.  While she was gone, she got a text message.  I saw it come across her phone and it said Babe I need you.  So naturally I picked up her phone and started reading her text message and others.”

“Colt said the bitch denied she was fucking around,” Kris interjected. 

“Did you get pissed?” Scott asked.

“No, it hit me that all y’all were right and my stupid ass was getting played by this whore.  Then I went to Liz’s room and got the rest,” Colt said, shaking his head.  “Liz told me everything.  I got pissed at me more than anything for her trying to fuck with me and Kris.  Matt, Scott, I’m sorry for calling you fags.  Monica was filling me so full of shit about how I looked gay for hanging around you guys.  It’s weird how I look fucking gay yet she can fuck around with girls.”

“No, Colt that would be hot,” Kris said.

“I know.  Can you imagine that shit?” Colt said and finally broke a smile. 

Kris patted him on the shoulder, “I think I know a boy that needs to get so fucking drunk off his ass, it ain’t even funny.”

“Damn right I do after the week I’ve had.  I could kill me a twelve pack and think nothing of it either,” Colt said.

“I’m with there, bro,” Kris said.  “We’re getting shit faced tonight come hell or high water.”

“Kris, I don’t want to be a killjoy but you do have something with Liz tonight,” I reminded him.

“Fuck!” Kris shouted. “Tomorrow night for damn sure.  Hold off on that twelve pack or wait until I get back tonight.”

“Hey, tomorrow night is the game on TV.  If we win that game, we still have a shot at the conference,” Scott stated.

“Way to go, both of you.  Over there trying to fuck up my weekend!” Kris laughed. 

“Dude, if nothing else we’ll come back early next weekend and party like two motherfuckers should,” Colt said.  “You down with that?”

“Why not both?” Scott laughed. “If we win tomorrow, my ass is here for sure.  By that time, I’ll have my fill of my family especially since I haven’t seen them since I told them I was bi.  God, I haven’t been home in forever but every weekend there seems to be something going on here.”

“Yeah and I almost threw that out the door,” Colt said. “Guys, slap me if I say I’m sorry too much but I’m really really sorry.”

“Don’t tempt me,” Kris joked with his hand drawn back.

“Bitch, you dotted my eye,” Colt laughed. “That should be enough but I guess I deserved it.  Kris, did I tell you that hurt like hell?”

We laughed.  “No but I was so mad I didn’t care at the time that it did hurt or not,” Kris said.

We sat around and continued to joke.  Kris was great about letting things go and was doing his best to pump Colt up.  It seemed to work really well with Colt returning to the Colt we used to know. 

“Mark my word.  Girls are off my list until next semester,” Colt stated after we finished talking.

“Yeah right, Colt.  You’ll be back at it in no time,” Kris said. “I’m not asking Liz to set you up again.”

Colt laughed, “It wasn’t all her fault.  I don’t think she knew until we started dating.  That’s when she and Monica became really good friends.”

“Yeah, they were getting nailed at the same time,” Scott laughed.

Kris and Colt laughed as well.  “Now there’s something I won’t forget,” Colt said.  “Kris, it was hot.”

“Damn right it was,” Kris said.

Colt and Scott left our room.  Kris had a hard time wiping the smile off his face.

“I knew he’d come around once he knew the truth,” Kris stated.

“I think you’re glad he did.”

Kris and I kicked back and did doze off for a little while.  After we woke from a brief nap, Kris hated the fact he had some sorority function to do with Liz.  I could see it was about to kill him to have to do it.  With the new cut and looking very sharp, Kris had to have me take a picture so he could email to his parents.  I did as requested with Kris sending it right on to them.

We waited together until Liz arrived looking very nice as well.  It wasn’t formal or anything but a little beyond casual. 

“Oh my god Kris, in person, the new cut looks even better,” Liz stated before Kris kissed her.

“I think he likes it,” I stated. “You should have seen him primping the mirror.”

Kris smiled, “I was trying to get used to it.”

“It doesn’t matter, Kris.  I really do love it,” Liz said. “I wasn’t sure I would when you said you wanted to do it but boy was I wrong there.”

“Thanks,” Kris said. “Liz, thanks for setting Colt straight, too.”

“He knew when he came in the room.  He looked awful and was about in tears,” Liz stated. “He really didn’t get that mad but appeared to be more disappointed than anything.  Needless to say but I doubt I ever talk to Monica again or for that matter care if I do.”

“Really when did you know she was fucking around on him?” Kris asked.

“Like two weeks ago when I saw that guy leaving her room,” Liz said.  “The sad part was she had no shame in it either and was actually proud she was two timing Colt.”

Kris and Liz left after a few more minutes and me getting a nice picture of them.  After they left, I downloaded a bunch of pictures onto my computer.  Without Kris, I did leave and went to find some guys to have dinner with either on campus or away.  Scott, Hayden and Juan were game as were Jess and Michael.  I did see if Colt wanted to go with us but he said he had already eaten.  He did sincerely apologize to Hayden and Jess before we left. 

Back at Scott’s, he and I played Street Fighter while the others watched and talked.  Now Scott had improved and gave me all I could handle since I didn’t play that much anymore.  Colt came to the room and was smiling.

“Dude, are you wasted?” Scott asked Colt.

“Pretty damn close,” Colt slurred a little. “I said I needed to get drunk.  Anybody wanna join me?  It’s not much fun drinking alone.”

“I will,” Jess said.

“Count me in too,” Scott said. “So what are we having?”

“I’ve got a fucking huge bottle of Jack in the room,” Colt replied while trying to stabilize himself against the wall.

“Bring it on then, bitch!” Jess said.

“Be right back,” Colt said.  He left and returned with a big bottle of Jack.  I denied it when the bottle was passed around.  After a few more hits at the bottle, it was very clear Colt was feeling no pain.  He did give us some great laughs when he was drunk.

Corey showed up about thirty minutes later.  We had to clue him in on what was going on after the shocked looked on his face seeing Colt there with us. 

Scott and Jess didn’t drink that much and let Colt get as hammered as he wanted to.  We said he needed it after his week and finding out his girl was nothing but a whore.  About eleven, Colt was passed out on Juan’s bed.  Corey and Jess hauled him to his room and threw him on the bed. 

Corey and I used the chance to leave and spend a few minutes alone in my room.  I was able to show Corey pictures of Kris’s new cut.  He did like it and hoped Kris would show up soon so he could see it in person.  I had no idea what time or even if Kris was going to show.  I found my phone and send him a text to see if he knew when he was coming back.  He fired a text back to say he would there about one. 

With two hours to kill, Corey and I did what any other boyfriends would do, we had sex.  It started out slow with lots of kissing and getting each other naked.  To me, seeing Corey naked was a joy all to itself but my vision is clouded by my love for him.  Next we sixty nined which left both of us dripping and lusting like crazy for more and each other.

“Matt, we’re starting a new rule tonight,” Corey said after we kissed.

“Alright,” I said.

“Whosever room we are in that person tops,” Corey smiled.

“What about this week when you go home with me?”

“Ummm… damn I’ll be so sore,” Corey laughed and kissed me. “We’ll work it out.”

“Basically, you want fucked,” I said.

He grabbed my hard cock, “I want this deep in my ass and making hot sweet love to me.”

“I can do that,” I said. 

Corey knelt on my bed with his ass high in the air for my taking.  I moved off to the side and delighted him with a great rim job.  Pushing down on the small of his back, I entered his ass.  Corey grunted with the initial pain before turning his head.  I grabbed his hips and fucked his hot ass.  It did get a little rough but Corey wanted it that way. At one point, I thought my bed was going to collapse with Corey moaning and groaning with each deep thrust.  We switched to Corey on his back where we could kiss and see each other’s faces while we had sex.  We did kiss some but I continued to pound his hole while vigorously jacking him off.  Seeing his cum fly in the air with my eight inches deep inside him was such a turn-on.  It was all I could do to pull out and rid my condom before my cum flooded his body.  Our mixture was tasty and licked up by my tongue.  Corey did taste a few drops. 

I collapsed on top of him and kissed him like crazy.  His hands were all over me while we soaked in the sexual high.  I rolled off him and about hit the floor until his strong veiny arms caught me.  We enjoyed a nice laugh about it.

We lay together with Corey’s arm over my side while we waited on Kris to return.  We were about half asleep when the door opened.  Kris came in and jumped on top of us.  I could smell he had been drinking.

“What are you two horny motherfuckers doing?” Kris asked.

“Nothing.  Corey was waiting to see your hair cut,” I replied after Kris got off the top of us.

He spread out his arms. “Studly, huh?”

“I guess so,” Corey replied. “Different.”

“Different got my ass laid tonight too,” Kris stated. “Liz and I fucked in her room before we went to that party of hers. I was in such a great mood after that.”

“And still are,” I commented.  I turned to Corey, “See what I have to put up with every day.”

“It could be worse,” Corey said.

“Where’s Colt? I wanna drink some more,” Kris asked. “I know his ass waited on me to get drunk.”

“He didn’t wait and passed out in Scott’s room about ten or so,” I replied.

“I should go down there…” Kris said.

“I don’t think you should plus you’re pretty drunk as it is, Kris,” I commented.

“Damn right I am,” Kris said and collapsed on his bed. “I wish Liz was here so I could fuck her again.  You two need to get some pussy instead of fucking each other in the ass.”

Corey laughed, “No thanks.”

“Dude, I can’t believe you’d turn from hot wet pussy to ass.  What a fucking shame,” Kris said.

I know was hoping Kris would shut up and fall asleep.  My wish was granted after Corey and I stayed quiet.  I finally heard Kris sawing logs. 

“Matt, I better run…” Corey said.

“Why?” I asked quietly.

“I do have to work in the morning but we can sleep together tomorrow night if Kris doesn’t mind,” Corey said. 

“Alright but I’m about used to us crammed in this bed together.  Nothing feels better than your naked body pressed against mine.”

“Well… since you put it like that,” Corey smiled and kissed me.  “Set your phone or mine for seven in the morning then.”

I set mine since it was right next to me.  I turned and kissed him goodnight.  We did drift off to sleep with Corey holding me.  What a day!!


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