Posted:  December 29, 2010

The second week of November steamrolled into Friday without much really happening that was very exciting.  By now, Jess was back feeling close to normal with Corey putting his troubles with his mom in the background.  With our team off for the weekend, there wasn’t big plans like usual.  After classes, I appeased Scott and his demands to swim.  Corey was at the rec center and spoke to us briefly.  Scott and I did our laps with the rest pushing the iron in the weight room.  Honestly, my body was definitely showing the signs of almost three months of continuous work.  My legs, arms, shoulder, chest and back had nice definition where as Kris and Corey were extremely cut and very well defined.  

Back in the room, I spoke with Mom about Corey and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  She had no problems with him coming and hinted she knew we’d being sleeping together.  While talking to her, my phone signaled another call.  I switched over to hear my Dad’s voice.  I informed Mom who it was and let her go.  Dad was to the point and asked if I was free for dinner.  I agreed to meet him since Corey was working and nothing was actually planned.  We set a place that Dad was familiar with and a few miles away from campus.  Kris and Jess entered right before I hung up the phone.  They looked freshly showered with Jess’s face unshaven.

“Matt, what’s the plan tonight?” Kris asked.

“That was Dad right there I was talking with,” I replied. “I’m meeting him for dinner.”

“No, you and Corey after he gets off work?” Kris asked.

“Oh, Michael’s gone…”

“Fuck yeah! Exactly what I wanted to hear!” Kris screamed and slapped me on the back.  “That’s fucking perfect then!”

“I thought you’d like hearing that.  I meant to tell you last night,” I said with a smile.  “Jess, are you okay?”

“Yeah,” Jess replied. “I’m just ready to get out that damn room for a while.  It sucks being sick.”

“We may have Jess a date too tonight,” Kris said. “A bunch of us are heading to the movies for a change as couples.  You and Corey are more than welcome to join us.  Scott and Hayden are.”

“I’ll see but Corey does get off at nine,” I said.

“You can make it if he hustles,” Kris said.

“Matt, did you say that you are meeting your Dad?” Jess asked me.

“Yes Jess, I did.  As you can tell, I’m not really excited about that but I’d feel awful if I didn’t go,” I replied.

“Matt, you could do him like he used to do you and not show up.  You could leave his ass hanging,” Kris said.

“I thought of that but I want to give him one last chance like I did Corey…”

“That worked out, huh?” Jess said. “That dude is so happy now.  Even working, he has a smile on his face.”

“I’m happy as well.  So far, it has worked out very well,” I said.

“I heard his mom threw a bitch fit over him having a boyfriend,” Jess commented. 

“His mom sounds like a fucking wacko,” Kris said.

“All I know is what Corey has told me but she does seem weird,” I stated.

Jess headed back to his room while Kris lay on his bed and watched TV.  I tried but couldn’t get interested in what he was watching, an outdoor show on cable.  Finally, I dressed to meet Dad for dinner while Kris dressed for his date with Liz. 

I headed out early in case I couldn’t find the place for dinner.  I found it in plenty of time and sat in my car until I spotted Dad near the door.  His big smile was nice and told me he was glad to see me.  He gave me a big fatherly hug before we entered. 

After we were seated, Dad ordered a drink while I took some water.  We talked about my college before Dad filled me in on his life and what he was doing. 

“Matt, where’s that boyfriend of yours tonight?” Dad asked.

“Corey’s working tonight, Dad.”

“Hmmm… Matthew, I still don’t know what to think of my son being gay,”

I knew this topic was coming some time during the night but wasn’t sure when.  I was astounded it took this long for it to be brought up.  “Dad, the biggest question is do you accept that I am gay?”

“I don’t have a choice. Do I?”

“Yes, you do have a choice.  It must not be that big of a problem or else you wouldn’t have called,” I replied, eating.

Dad took a few bites, “Matthew, I suppose you are right.  I will say I’m sorry I haven’t been there for you for the past three years.”

“Dad, why weren’t you there?”

“Your mom didn’t want me to interfere.”
I took a few bites.  “I guess she’s the one that made you call me and say you were stopping by yet you never showed up.  I bet she told you don’t show your face at my graduation.”

“Matthew, I don’t want to talk about it,” Dad said. “We were having such a nice chat before now.”

I leaned up, “Dad, mom didn’t interfere with you seeing me.  That is total bullshit and you know it.  I’m 18 years old with my birthday coming up so I can handle the truth.”

“Well… things happened and I didn’t make it, son,” he said.  “That is in the past now and I was very wrong in some of my judgments.  I’m ready to move forward and admit I was stupid and very selfish at the time.  Are you willing to look past my errors in judgment and at least try to have some sort of relationship with me?”

“Dad, I came I here, didn’t I You’re the one who didn’t want a relationship, not me.”

“Matthew, you did come, which I appreciate.  It shows a lot of maturity to at least show up here tonight,” Dad stated. “I know you and Linda are very close but I would like to do a little to repair our past.  Matthew, you’re my only son.  Looking back, I was a complete fool for what I did.  I missed so much in your life.  Can I try to be a small part of your life before I miss the rest?”

I finished eating, “Dad, I’ll put forth the effort if you will.  You are the only Dad I have.”

Dad smiled and swallowed.  “Thanks, Matthew.  Maybe once a month, we can at least meet and talk like we are tonight.  I realize it’s not much but it is a start, huh?”

“I think I can do that but I will warn you”

“Matthew, I understand all of that.  We’ll find time.”

We talked a little longer with Dad wanting to hear more about Corey and how I was doing in college.  I said next time I’d see if Corey could make it.  Dad paid our bill and handed me some money in my hand before I left.  The money was nice and would help out.

Returning to a dark and quiet room was rather nice.  Since it was about eight, there was time to get in some quality study time while waiting on Corey.  The time was well spent and it gave me a nice head-start for the weekend. 

Right when I expected him, Corey showed up at my door.  He greeted me with a soft kiss.  “Where is everyone?  It’s like a ghost town up here,” he asked.

“It was date night.  We’re invited if you wanna join them.”

“Matt, I’m totally sorry for holding you back.  If you wanna do stuff…”

My fingers closed his mouth.  “Corey, I’m around them so much. The past two nights we’ve barely seen each other.  You’re my boyfriend and I really look forward to seeing you.  Better yet, I look forward to being with you for a little alone time while we have the chance.”

“Okay, that settles that,” Corey smiled.  “Do you care though if we run out and grab a quick bite?”

“That I can do,” I replied.  I grabbed my hoodie and headed out the door with him.  Once in his car, I told him about my night with my Dad.  He had no idea I had done it since Dad called after I’d seen him earlier.  We pulled into a fast food place and ordered.

“Matt, I’ve been thinking maybe this job isn’t what I need,” Corey stated while we grabbed a table with his grilled chicken wrap and my drink. “I feel like I’m missing so much around the dorm.”

I took a long drink. “Corey, do what you want.  In my opinion, you haven’t missed a lot.”

“I feel so tied down though, Matt.”

“Say you do quit.  You do know Christmas is just around the corner.”

He smiled, “Maybe on second thought, I’ll keep my job.  I know someone is expecting a nice big present.”

“Corey, don’t do it because you think I’m expecting a gift.  With us like we are now that’s plenty good enough for me.”

“Matt, you’ll shower me with stuff and leaving me feeling awful if I don’t.  It’s settled.  I’ll suffer through and next semester cut back.  The spending money is nice like being able to afford tonight and not worry that much about being broke all the time now that Mom cut off what little she was sending me way.”

We continued to talk while Corey downed his wrap.  After he finished, we headed back to the dorm.  I made a short stop by my room to grab a few things since we were staying the weekend together. 

Corey locked the door when we entered his room.  “Matt, since I’m off tomorrow, you and I need to get the hell away from here for the day.”

“Okay but where?”

“I don’t care.  Anywhere.  I need a short break from this place to clear my head and be with you all day without any interruptions.” 

“Alright then, I guess we can explore the internet and see what’s close for us to do to escape this place.  I could use a short break away from here as well,” I stated.

We pulled out his computer and searched for parks or anything close.  It was quick when we found a nice state park with some trails that we could explore.  The weather was forecasted to be nice so it would be a great day to do so.  Corey shut down his computer with things settled. 

“I don’t know about you but a shower would be nice about now,” Corey stated.

Yes, it would since there’s barely anyone here.  I like your thinking.”

We stripped down and grabbed our towels and soap.  We walked down the quiet hall.  We entered the shower room just as someone turned off the water.  Corey and I sat down our things.  Rick and this cute blonde girl stepped out of the shower.  Rick was startled seeing the two of us sitting there.

“Guys…” Rick nervously said. “I’ll owe both of you one but I know this will be all over the hall.”  He dried off with his girl wrapping a towel around her body.

“Rick, we understand…” I said.

“It was quiet and just when you think…” Rick said.

“Dude, we’ve got your back,” Corey said. “Don’t worry about it.”

Rick smiled, “Thanks.”

Corey turned on our water.  It was awkward with a girl there so we waited and didn’t stare.  They moved to a more secluded place before Corey and I stepped into the warm shower.  We chuckled a little before Corey began washing my body with his strong hands.  It felt great to have him massaging me.  With my hands against the wall, I turned to offer a kiss.  He accepted the kiss with his hands soaping my crotch. 

After rinsing off, it was my turn to enjoy soaping up Corey.  It was slow and nice to freely run my soapy hands over his tight body.  After he rinsed, he grabbed me for a long kiss. 

“We need to do this more often.”

“I agree one hundred percent.”

We continued to kiss and stimulate each other’s various senses.  We both got nice hard erections with each other’s hands all over them.  Corey turned off the water.  We exited the shower with our cocks sticking straight out.  No one was there while we dried. 

Swiftly, we walked down the hall to Corey’s room and were so grateful Michael had decided to go home for the weekend.  Corey dropped his towel with me dropping to my knees.  It was hot looking up at him while I enjoyed licking his cock and balls.  My mouth opened wide to take his thick hard cock.  It slid between my lips and tasted so clean.  Corey put his hand on my head while my mouth and hand worked his cock. 

MMMM Matt, this feels so good,” Corey moaned.

My goal was to please him sexually the best I knew how.  I stopped and kissed up his body.  Our lips meet briefly before I went back down to enjoy his cock.  The precum tasted divine before I started sucking him again with my hands roaming his body.  His hand pushed my mouth further down.  My mouth took it and started vigorously sucking and pumping his cock.

“Fuck Matt… stop!” Corey screamed. I looked up at him and continued what I was doing.  He moaned and grunted before I knew he was about to blow.  I moved off, shut my eyes and felt a warm stream hit my face.  His cum was all over my face and dripping down it.  Corey pulled me up from my knees.  “What a beautiful sight,” Corey said before kissing me.  He licked a little before using his wet towel to clean off the rest. 

“That was one nice fucking appetizer,” I stated. “Corey, we are just starting our night tonight.”

“You bet we are,” he said.  He moved me to his bed and sat me down on the edge of it.  He kissed down my body then got on his knees to pleasure me.  Leaning back on my palms, he looked up at me while taking my eight in his mouth.  With my eyes closed, it was a very enjoyable experience.  He bobbed up and down on me with one hand on my abs.  He stopped and kissed me.  “I want the exact same treatment.”

I smiled, “You keep it up and you will.”

Corey kissed me again and moved down.  His wet mouth engulfed the head with his tongue dancing around.  I moaned audibly while leaning up to run my hands through his spiked hair.  He continued to suck and lick me with one finger going up my ass.  I began to squirm a little and soon pulled away to fire off my load.  It sprayed his face and neck.  To finish me off, he licked me clean.  I wiped his cum riddled face and neck before he crawled on top of me.

“I fucking love you so much, Matt,” Corey said, stroking my cheek. “We needed this time…”

“We did for sure but I hope there is more.”

“I know there’s more.  I’d be a fool not to continue having sex.  In case you haven’t noticed lately, the hard work you’ve put is paying big dividends…”

I blushed, “Thanks but I’m still no match for your kicking ass body.”

“I wish I was lean muscle like you.  Matt, you’re insanely hot now!  Just admit it!”

“If you think so then I am.  That’s all that really matters to me,” I said.

We kissed and petted each other.  Within about fifteen minutes, we were primed and ready for more.  Corey moved down between my legs.  He first began kissing my thigh while pushing up my ass.  When I felt his tongue, shivers shot through my body.  He pushed up my legs and began feasting on my ass like never before.  I was moaning and shaking with the incredible feeling of Corey’s wet tongue having liberties with my hole.  He licked my cock before moving to my mouth. 

“How was that?”

Fucking awesome as hell,” I replied almost breathless.  “Now fuck me!”

Corey smiled and grabbed the supplies that were on the night stand.  Soon he was at my back door and entering me with ease.  Corey excited my body and made great love to me.  The only problem was it didn’t last all night.  I reveled in feeling his cock deep in me as we became one.  His pace was perfect until I demanded he pound me a little.  We shook his bed and were moaning with each hard thrust.  His hard thrusts send him over the edge.  He pulled out and coated my ass and nuts with his load.  My second load wasn’t far behind.

Once our sex ended, we could hear doors opening and closing, signaling everyone was back.  It could have been happening while Corey was fucking me but all my focus was on us and our great hot sex.  Corey held me close for some time with the sound of our lips smacking between us.  Nothing needed to be said other than I love you, which we did repeatedly.

Waking the next morning, I realized I was in bed with Corey despite having Michael’s bed free.  My assumption was we fell asleep together with Corey holding me tight.  He woke when I moved.  Leaning over, our lips met for a long passionate kiss. 

“Man, I wish every morning I could wake to find you in my arms, Matt,” Corey commented.

“Maybe one day soon that can happen.”

“It won’t be a day too soon in my book.”

I smiled, “Mine either for that matter.  Do you know how loved I feel right now?”

“Hell yeah I do.  I feel the same thing coming from you,” he replied. “Isn’t this better than a month ago?”

“You bet it is,” I said.

“Shower before we embark on our little excursion?”

“Ummm… sure.  It’s not like most of the hall doesn’t know about us…”

“Better yet, no one cares that we are lovers,” Corey said with a sweet kiss on my cheek.

After a shower and dressing with both of us leaving stubble on our faces, we headed out to a beautiful clear day with the temperature damn near perfect.  Our first stop was a little diner we had heard about for a late breakfast.  Leaving with our stomachs full, we fully understood what the talk was about with some down home country cooking in our system.

I was at the wheel with Corey having the direction to a state park some sixty miles or so from campus.  Our talk was assessing everything going on around us at school.  Corey made a point to say the next few weeks he needed to bust his ass to have decent grades whereas now they sounded okay to me.  Once in the parking lot of the park, we saw a few cars and headed inside to gather information about the park.  Corey and I studied the trails and chose one in the middle as far as distance. I moved my car to the head of the trails some half mile from the entrance. 

Once on the trails, Corey grabbed my hand with no one around.  His gigantic smile told me how happy he was with me trying to match his smile.  After a half mile in, we took a stop on a bench for a short rest.

“Man this feels so good to be out here.  School seems a million miles away…”

“If you don’t mention it, it will be even further,” I stated. “Our goal was to escape, enjoy our surroundings and enjoy being with each other.  Let’s forget about school until we see those building again.”

“I really like your thinking, Matt.”

We headed back out to walk/hike to an overlook.  No more than 100 yards back on the trail, we encounter three beautiful deer with one having a nice rack.  Corey commented how he’d loved to have a gun while I said it was nice seeing them out in nature.  Corey talked about hunting in his teens and how enjoyable that was.  It was something I never knew about yet it was perfect to divert our attention.  We continued to walk until taking a short detour to climb to the overlook.  The climb was well worth the effort for it offered great scenery with a small river running below.  We held each other close before kissing on top of the overlook.  We grabbed a seat with me sitting in between his legs.

“Matt, this is what I’m talking about.  Why haven’t we done this before?”

“I know.  There’s nothing better than this view here with you.”

We made out on the overlook and hated ending it.  We climbed down and did encounter a couple who were heading to the overlook.  They politely asked how it was.  We stated it was well worth the effort.  From that point on, we walked the loop and seized every opportunity to enjoy the trail. 

After the four hour walk/hike, we headed back to my car.  “Corey, thanks for the idea.  That was very refreshing.”

“The saddest part is we have to leave here.  Someday, you and I are coming here to camp out for the weekend and enjoy this bad boy.  I want this to be our little secret place,” Corey said.

We headed to grab some water at the entrance.  We lingered around the center as long as we could to avoid the trip back to reality and our life on campus.  On the way home, we stopped off to eat bar-b-que.  I’m not crazy about it but I will admit it was rather enjoyable and a nice departure from everything else we had enjoyed food-wise.

“Corey, were you serious about camping?” I asked after leaving the restaurant.

“Sure was Matt or else I wouldn’t have mentioned it,” Corey replied. “Why did you ask?”

“Ohhh… I’ve never been.”

“You’ve never been?”

“No. I’ve never had the chance to go but it does sound kind of fun,” I replied.

“It can be but it is rustic.”

“That might be good thing.  Maybe this spring we can head up here if we get a tent and stuff.  It would be nice after a long week of tests to retreat up there and get away from everything.”

“If somehow I do get home, I’ll grab my tent and stuff.  The hardest part would be slipping away without everyone else knowing about it,” Corey stated.

“I know that’s right.  Just imagine if all of us went,” I said and laughed thinking about it.

“No thank you!” Corey said. “It’d be a fucking disaster waiting to happen.”

“Agreed one hundred and fifty percent.”

We pulled into campus just as the sun was setting.  Being away for just a few hours was great.  We headed inside our dorm and down the hall.  We saw Scott and Hayden coming out of their room and waved to them.

Corey and I were barely in his room when the door busted open.

Oh my fucking God, have you heard?” Scott asked loudly.

“Heard what?” Corey asked.

Kris and Colt…” Scott replied.


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