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Matt (18), the author; Kris, Matt’s roommate and best friend.
Friends:   Scott and Juan, roommates; Jess and Robert, roommates; Michael and Corey (the BF) roommates; Stephan, Colt.  All live on the same floor and are 18 and freshmen except Juan, 19.   Rick, their RA.

Liz, Kris’ girlfriend;   Kendall and Noel, friends on the first floor of the dorm.

Hayden, Scott's BF, and Alex (Both live in other dorms)


Monday, the start of the second week in November, Kris and I were up and off to class.  We knew we had another solid two weeks and two days before the Thanksgiving break.  Walking out of the dorm towards our classes, we discussed what our plans were between now and then.  I had in the back of my mind going home but it didn’t want to be leaving Corey for a weekend.  It wasn’t the trust thing… who am I kidding?  I loved being with him so much and more so that he worked.  Our football team was off this weekend then away the following weekend, then back here for Thanksgiving weekend to end our season.  Kris mentioned basketball as well but maybe every now and then would be okay as a break from other things in and around the dorm.

I walked into my class and felt a hand on my shoulder.  “Where have you been, Matt?” Ben asked me. 

“Oh… I’ve been here. Where have you been?” I asked.

“I guess I didn’t look around much,” Ben said and laughed.  We grabbed our seats before the professor started.  After a long lecture, he announced one final exam the Monday before Thanksgiving to give us a big head’s up. 

Ben walked out with me, “Hey maybe if you’re studying in the library again we could…”

“Who knows?” I said but that was the last thing I was going to do and mess up a great thing with Corey now that we were stream rolling ahead.

“I’ll see you then,” Ben said. 

After lunch with Kris, Jess and Alex, I headed to my art class and was happy to see Hayden.  He noticed my piercing and complimented me on it.  He said he heard about everyone’s tattoos and loved the design I chose for Scott.  The crazy professor interrupted us and started in our lecture.   Some days were very interesting and others weren’t.  Today was one of those days when it was boring to me with sculptures. 

Reilly did say hi to me and Hayden when class was finished.  Hayden and I walked outside.  “So any changes with Scott?” I asked.

“Matt… I’m going see what happens.  Going home this weekend was great for me and let me clear my head,” Hayden said. “I think Scott really missed me over the weekend.”

“I think he did too,” I said. “So there’s no break up around the corner?”

“Not after last night there’s not,” Hayden smiled. “Matt, I swear for the first time, Scott really made love to me.”

I smiled, “It’s special when you feel that.”

“It was really special but I’m sure you and Corey make great love,” Hayden said with a big smile.

“We do,” I replied.

“Isn’t it so wonderful?  It’s like you never hope it ends,” Hayden pined.

“I know, Hayden,” I said.

We said goodbye when we came to the point where I went towards my dorm and he went to his.  I headed up and knew exactly what to expect.  I threw down my backpack and dressed before Kris came in the door.  He did the same before we found whoever was willing to go.

We did our thing at the rec center.  I did speak with Corey for a minute but never liked interrupting him while he was working.  He said he would be late and may see me for a second since he had lots of homework. 

After a nothing afternoon and coming back from eating, Liz and Monica came to join us and be with their boyfriends.  We didn’t do much other than watch TV and pulled out some cards for a change of pace.  I did finish up my art paper while Kris and Liz along with Colt and Monica took over the beds.  Corey came after ten to say hello.  I left the room for a minute while he and I talked and shared a long kiss in the hall.

I was about to go inside when I heard someone climbing the stairs.  All I saw was curly hair and knew it was Juan.  He gave me a big smile.

“How’s your grandmother?” I asked.

“Getting better every day,” Juan replied. “Hey, I like the brow piercing.  Looks good on ya, Matt.”

“Thanks Juan,” I said.  “Come on in. I’m sure Kris and Colt will want to see ya.”

Juan entered our room.  It interrupted Kris and Colt for the moment.  We all were happy to see him back.  Juan told us how he appreciated the help and support of his great friends along with filling us in on his grandmother’s condition.  He didn’t stay too long but long enough to check out Kris and Colt’s tattoos.  We gave him a sincere hug before he headed down to his room.

Our nightly chat wasn’t much since I was sleepy for some reason.  I don’t even really remember what he was rambling about.

Waking the next day and heading off to class, we come to find out we had our first sick guy on the floor.  It was Jess with maybe the flu or something nasty according to Juan and Scott.  With our luck, we’d all have it before Thanksgiving break. 

After class and going back to the dorm, Kris and I were taking it easy.  Corey came knocking at the door.  As soon as I opened it, I could see something wasn’t right by the grimace on his cute face.

“Spill it, Corey.  I know something is up with you,” I said.

He broke down and started crying on my shoulders.  I looked at Kris while he was looking at me. 

“Say something, dude,” Kris said now with us both trying to help Corey.

“My mom… my fucking mom!” Corey cried.  We moved to my bed where all I knew to do was hold him while the tears flowed down his face.  Corey wiped his nose, “Goddamn, I fucking hate her!”

Kris and I didn’t know what to say. “What about her?” I asked.

Corey stood, biting his lip, “I fucking called her today, you know, to see… to see how things were going.  It started out…okay for us.  Then I told her I was back with you… Matt.  She told me never to show my face in her house again and hoped I fucking… died!”  He started crying again.  I stood and let him cry on my shoulder. 

“That sucks Corey,” Kris said. “I guess you and Matt can spend all of Thanksgiving together at Matt’s then.  He just said how much he would miss you over the break.”

Matt, I love you so much,” Corey said to me and kissed me right there.

“Corey, we’ll make it.  I promise we’ll make it through this together,” I said.  “I know it hurts but you and I have something special going on here.”

Corey and I sat down with Corey in control.  “Goddamn this fucking sucks! I was so proud to have you Matt I had to tell her.   Then she blew up on my ass.  I think I heard my mom’s real feelings about me being gay but it hurts so much still.”

“Corey, I’m sure it does,” Kris said. “We all make it through this.  If something were to happen between you and Matt if nothing else I’m sure you’d be welcome at home with me.”

“Thanks Kris,” Corey said. “I don’t know what I’d do without all you guys here.  I love each one of you to death.”

“Whoa there,” Kris laughed. “Save that for Matt.”

“You know what he means.  You love each one of us too Kris,” I said.

“Yeah, I guess I sort of do,” Kris laughed.  “I guess I’ll leave you too alone.  I let Matt give you lots of loving.”

“Thanks Kris,” Corey said.  Kris left the room.

“Corey, unless one of us goes slap ass crazy again, we’re going to make it,” I said. “Corey, I love you so much.”

“I love you too much Matt.  Barring a total meltdown again, we will make it,” Corey said.

I kissed him with lots of passion and love.  Seeing him break down nearing ripped out my heart.  We held each other close and continued to kiss.  After a while, I got to see that big smile of his.  He recanted the entire conversation to me while I held him and stroked his face and neck. Some of it got rough and nasty if he was being truthful.  He almost broke down again but held it back. 

We were interrupted by Scott and Hayden at our door.  I had a good feeling seeing them holding hands and smiling.

“We heard,” Scott said. “That really sucks, Corey.  My parents were surprisingly cool about it when I told I had a boyfriend.”

“What? You told them?” I asked.

“Yeah, I thought… wait I told them last night.  Dad was like I guess we have two gay boys now in the family.  I think Mom cried but she said if it made me happy then she was happy,” Scott replied.  “I wanted to wait but said fuck it.  I had to man up and tell them I was bi and had the best boyfriend ever. Corey, I’m really sorry your mom doesn’t accept you completely.”

“When I didn’t have a boyfriend, everything was cool between us.  You should have heard the shit she said like I hope your gay ass dies of AIDS from getting butt fucked,” Corey said.

“She said that?” Hayden said.

“You don’t know my mom,” Corey said. “I was right there with her and told her I love getting fucked in the ass plus loved sucking dick.”

“Damn dude,” Scott said. “I’m not that bold with the rents.”

“I’m not either,” I said.

“Guys, I’m really to the point I don’t care if I ever see her again,” Corey said. “What can I do?  I was hoping she’d at least be happy for me.  It wasn’t like Matt was coming with or anything.”

“What about your dad?” Hayden asked. 

“Hayden, I don’t know who my real Dad is,” Corey said.  It was something I didn’t know and never asked about.  “I really think it was either a one night stand or a boyfriend who left when he found out she was pregnant.”

I grabbed Corey and saw he needed a kiss. 

“That should me you feel better,” Scott said. “Corey, we’re all going to make it here.  We have a great group of guys.  Just look how everyone supported Juan.  Even Kendall and Noah came up last night after they heard he was back.”

“I guess I need to stop by and see him then.  I feel bad but no one told me he was back,” Corey said and looked at me.

“Sorry I forgot,” I said.

“Corey, are you okay now?” Scott asked.

“I’m fine now once I had a nice little cry about it.  It just hurt so much to have your mom be so cruel,” Corey said. “I guess it’s when I don’t have a boyfriend she has this false hope I’ll be straight.  That ain’t happening though.”

“Damn right it ain’t,” Hayden said. “You know when I first came here I was ashamed of being gay.  Now I’m actually proud of it in a weird way.”

“Hayden, I sort of felt the same way.  The only problem I had was Kris made everyone accept me even now.  If you can’t accept the four of us then you better just move on,” I stated.

“I’ve said it before and will say it again.  Kris and Matt are the reason I have no problem whatsoever with having Hayden here.  Juan helps too and never once questioned me,” Scott said and kissed Hayden.  “You know I’ll say this too I like fucking everything about sex with guys better than girls too.  I know a few around here would call me crazy but I do.  Part of that is Hayden though.  Matt, I still can’t ever thank you enough.  He’s the best thing ever even though he did say he came close to breaking up with me last week,” Scott said. “Matt, I know you knew.”

“I did but I didn’t say a word because nothing ever came of it…” I said.

“I came to my fucking senses, too,” Hayden said.

“Dude, don’t ever fuck it up if you got something good going.  It’s a living hell trying to him back,” Corey said.

Juan came to our door.  He and Corey hugged each other.  It was sweet to see and touching.  “We all have your back, Corey, no matter what.  You know that, right?”

“We have your back too, Juan.  If you ever need anything, holler.  I’ll do whatever I can to help out a brother,” Corey said.

“Remind me next not to let this joker hug me though.  He damn near squeezed the breath out of me,” Juan laughed with Kris, Colt and Alex coming in the door.

“Dude, you okay?” Colt asked Corey while patting him on the back.

“I’m good now,” Corey replied. “I have the best friends ever.  No one could ever buy friends this good.”

“Damn right they couldn’t,” Kris said. “Fuck those frat boys.  Our shit here is ten times stronger than their paying asses.”

“Hell yeah it is,” Alex said with his new buzz cut.

“Alex, I like the haircut,” Juan said.

“It was dirt cheap, too.  My buddy has the clippers if any of you are brave enough,” Alex said.

“I might just do take you up on that.  I wore my hair like that damn near all the time in high school,” Colt said.

We continued to talk before heading out to grab something to eat.  Rather than hang with all the guys, Corey wanted me and him to spend some alone time together.  I couldn’t resist his request and went to his room with him alone since Michael was out with his girl.  Corey and I lay on his bed and chatted until Scott and Hayden came knocking.

“Care if we interrupt?” Scott asked.

“Nah, we weren’t doing much,” Corey replied at the door.

The two enter and crawled up on Michael’s bed with Corey rejoining me in his bed. 

“Thanks guys,” Hayden said. “Juan was in Scott’s room studying and catching up.  We didn’t feel like being with all the guys tonight.  If you need for us to, we’ll jet at any time.”

“Hell if you want, you can even do it right there,” Scott laughed.  “Who knows?  Hayden and I might enjoy and start going at it too.”

We talked for a while.  Corey and I did our thing while Hayden and Scott did their thing.  There was a lot of lip smacking. 

“Corey, I do love you so much,” I said.

“Matt, I’m so crazy about you,” Corey stated.  “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Seriously, I feel the same way now,” I said quietly stroking his face.  “I do look forward to seeing you every day.  Of course I like hanging out with Kris and all the guys but times like now, it is special.”

“Do we need to leave?” Scott asked. “We will.”

“No, just ignore us,” Corey said.

“This is special, huh? Just the four of us enjoying our boyfriends,” Hayden said.

“I don’t want to be rude or anything but like Corey said, ignore us,” I said.

“I get the point now,” Scott said. “Come on, Hayden.  It’s time for us to leave.”

“No, you don’t get the point,” I said. “I want to talk with Corey, just the two of us.  If you keep butting in, then yeah it is time.  Don’t you enjoy just talking to each other?”

“Now I get the point,” Hayden replied. “In other words, keep kissing, talk among us and butt out of your conversation.”

“Exactly,” I said. “Just hold each other and tell the other how special they are.  All of four love sex but it is nice to show your love while dressed as well.”

“We’ll take the hint,” Scott said. “See I have a lot still to learn.”

“We all do,” Corey said.

Scott and Hayden took the hint.  Corey and I ignored them while we quietly did our own thing.  It was nice the rest of the night.  The four of us did get in lots of loving time.  When Michael showed up at eleven, our time was over but I was ready to head back down to my room.  By then, Colt was all that was left and he headed to his room after ten minutes or so. 

Kris and I headed to bed around twelve thirty.

“I don’t think someone got that special time tonight with Corey, huh?” Kris asked.

“I beg to differ.  Even though Scott and Hayden were there, we did once we told them to do their own thing…”

“Here you were all over my ass when Colt and I fucked…”

“We kept our clothes on, Kris,” I said. “It was nice though to hold him and have him hold me.”

“Yeah but no sex?”

“There’s a time for everything and tonight wasn’t the time.  You should try it some time and just sit and hold Liz without having sex…”

“Remember I did that shit at first.  It sucked,” Kris said.

“I know when Corey and I do have sex next we’ll enjoy it that much more.  Kris, I need Corey as much as he needs me,” I said.

“How’s that?”

“Kris, I think I seeing that I crave a man’s attention after my dad rejected me or should I say didn’t find time for me so many times.  Corey needs my attention and needs to feel loved just like I do,” I stated.

“So you’re saying you’re gay because your dad wasn’t around,” Kris said.

“No, I’m gay because there is something in me that makes guys sexual attractive to me.  I don’t think Dad being an asshole as anything to do with me being gay.  It does make me want to be loved though,” I stated.

“So is Corey going home with you for Thanksgiving?” Kris asked.

“Of course, I don’t think Mom will care but I will ask,” I replied.

“Will she let you two sleep together?”

“That I don’t know but there is a spare bedroom but I will bring it up and see how she feels,” I replied. “There’s no way I’m letting him go elsewhere though.”

“Won’t that be some good loving?”

“You bet it will,” I said.  “Oh by the way, any word on how Jess is doing?”

“He’s sicker today than yesterday.  I think he’s got the worst crud ever,” Kris said. “Dear God, I hope I don’t get that shit.”

“Me either,” I said. “See ya in the morning.”


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