Posted:   December 21, 2010

When I heard “Matthew Alexander”, I knew that voice.  I stopped right there and turned around to see of all people, my Dad.  First, it was a shock he was here and second he’d even recognize me since he hadn’t attempted to see me in over three years.

“Dad?” I questioned and saw his slender face and very receding hairline with gray mixed into his brown hair.  The rest of our group stopped as well.

“Matthew, what on earth are you doing here?” Dad asked me.

“Dad, I go to school here,” I said.

“Oh that’s great, son.  I swear you’ve grown three inches and gained at least twenty pounds since I last saw you,” Dad said with a beer in his hand.  He reached out and gave a big hug.  “So tell me how are you doing?”

“Actually Dad, I’m doing great.  Thanks for asking,” I replied.  He couldn’t have picked a worse time.  “How are you?”

“I’m making it,” he replied.

“Guys, go on.  I’ll catch up with you later,” I said to the others and knew they were anxious to get to the stadium.  They walked away except for Corey.

“Who were they?” Dad asked.

“They are my friends here at school,” I replied. “This is my boyfriend, Corey, Dad.”  I said that because I doubted he knew I was gay plus I was very proud.

“I see, Matthew,” Dad said.  He did have the courtesy to shake Corey’s hand.  “Does Linda know about this?”

“Yes, she does,” I said.

“That figures and probably doesn’t care either,” Dad stated though not in the nicest tone.

“She’s the best,” I commented.  By now, I was getting a little perturbed. 

Dad reached in his pocket and handed me some cash.  “Here Matthew, I’m sure you need a little spending money.  Linda is probably doing all she can.”

“Thanks Dad.  I do appreciate that,” I said.  “Do you live close to here or what?”

“Yes, I live about thirty miles from here.  My friend Gloria is a big fan and invited me to come along,” Dad replied.  I did have the pleasure of meeting Gloria who was about Dad’s age and was very nice.

To end this meeting after talking just a little longer, I gave Dad my number and told him to call me sometime.  He said he would but I’d heard that before too many times in my life.  We hugged again before I walked away from him.

Corey and I walked now in the mass of people.  We hoped we could find Kris and the others once we got inside. 

“Here was the last place I ever expected to see his ass,” I said.

“Matt, why are so bitter?” Corey asked. “He is your dad.”

“Corey, he hasn’t seen me in three years.  You heard him.  A person can only get his heart broken so many times before he forgets all about that person.  You don’t know how many times he said he’d call or visit.  I’d rearrange my entire day for nothing… not shit!  He wouldn’t call or anything. He didn’t even show up for my graduation.  How fucking pathetic is that?”

“I see your point and know now why you are so bitter,” Corey said. “Sorry I asked. Now I see why you never mention him.  Matthew, I will say that will be you in thirty years.”

I laughed and knew there was a resemblance. “Don’t remind me.  Another thing, don’t call me Matthew either.”

Corey laughed while we got close to the student entrance.  We grabbed a soda since we knew we had a little something extra to mix with them.  Corey called Kris to find out where they were.  We were pretty high in the student section.  Thankfully, they had saved two seats for us.  Kris was about to pee his pants to ask who that was.  I told him and left it at that for now. 

By game time, all of our alcohol was gone but I did get a cup full before it was gone.  Also at game time, the temperature was starting to fall as well.  Our team did score on the opening drive and had us hopeful and loud.  Come halftime, we were down by four points.  I got a few more pictures of everyone. 

I sat back down after taking my pictures.  Corey tugged at my arm, “I think Alex is really enjoying himself.”

“I noticed that earlier.  She’s really cute,” I commented about the girl Alex was doing his best to make a move on. 

“Michael, are you having fun?” Corey leaned across and asked him.

Michael smiled with his girlfriend Brianna next to him.  “I always enjoy the games.”

Well, we didn’t enjoy the second half.  It started poorly and went downhill from there.  Down eighteen at the end of the third quarter, I was cold, my feet were numb and I was ready to leave.  Another touchdown by the opposing team sent us and tons more heading for the exits. 

“We played like shit!” Kris screamed.

“No shit!” another student yelled in agreement. “Fucking sucks balls.”

“Damn right it does!” Colt yelled. “I know I can tackle better than our guys.”

We headed out of the stadium with a quick detour to say farewell and another thank you to Kris’s parents.  Kris didn’t hold back neither did his dad when they cussed our team’s effort in the second half.  We continued on after Jess had to sneak behind a tree to take a piss. 

Rick was waiting for us when we all entered the hall.  With so many us, we headed to the big room to gather.  Rick came with us to listen to everyone’s take on the game.  After they cussed and discussed the game from every angle, Rick stood.

“So all of you know, it looks like we will have a couple of open rooms in the spring,” Rick announced.

“You want to?” Kendall asked Noah across the room.

“Hell yeah, I want to,” Noah said. “Rick, count us for one.”

“You’ll need to go to the housing office Monday to change,” Rick said. 

“Alex dude, you have to,” Colt said.

“Alright, count me in too,” Alex said and was greeted with high fives.  “I don’t know who I’ll room with.  I doubt my roommate will want to join this crazy bunch but I damn sure will.”

“If nothing else, you’ll get stuck with someone,” Kris laughed.

“Dude… this brilliant… listen up, y’all… I’ll kick Bryan’s ass out whether he likes it or not.  I’m so sick of his ass!” Colt said.

“Better yet, you and Colt take the room and let Bryan get stuck with whoever,” Rick said. “How’s that?”

“That’ll work,” Alex smiled with the girl, Elise, still by his side.

“That was easy, huh Rick?” Kris asked.

“I knew all I would have to do is just mention it to one of y’all and they’d be filled…” Rick said.

“Now how do we get the other’s to leave?” Jess joked.

“Wouldn’t that be so fucking sweet just a hall full of nothing but kick guys who enjoyed being around each other?” Kris asked. “Now that would be ten times better than a frat…”

“I’d resign in a heartbeat,” Rick joked.

“No you wouldn’t.  You’d have it made and love hanging out with us,” Colt said.

We continued to talk and even ordered a few pizzas to fill our stomachs.  Rick stayed around with us and seemed to laugh just as hard as we did once the stories started back up about the previous night’s adventure to the tattoo place. 

About midnight, we broke up the little party.  Corey and I headed to my room.  The door was barely closed when Kris and Liz walked in.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me.  I forgot all about our arrangement, Matt,” Kris stated with his arm around Liz.  “Anyway…”

I cut him off, “Not on your life.”

“Please Matt this one time,” Kris pleaded.

“No, you had your fun last night…”

“Yeah but Liz’s time of the month starts tomorrow or Monday…” Kris said.

“You both better hope it does,” I said.  “Sorry Kris, I need some loving as well.  See if you can boot Bryan to Scott’s room since Juan is gone.”

“Great idea,” Kris said.  “I’ll see ya later.”

They left with Corey and me shaking our heads.  “You know it really would have been okay…” Corey started saying before my lips hit his mouth.  “Maybe on second thought, it wouldn’t have been alright.”

“He made the deal and has to stick by it,” I said. “It almost pisses me off that he would even ask me.”

Within a minute or so, Kris came flying in our room.  “That was a big no from Bryan’s fucking ass.  I’m staying with Scott tonight.  Liz has already started heading back.”

“You better watch Scott tonight,” Corey laughed.  Kris flipped the bird before brushing his teeth and the cream on his tattoo.  He was gone after he finished.  Corey stood, “I need to head to the bathroom.  I’ve got double duties to do in there.”

I smiled and waited for his return.  It did give me a chance to doctor my piercing.  Once Corey returned, he locked the door. “It’s time for some loving,” Corey announced.

“I know just the perfect one to give you all the loving your ass can handle,” I said with Corey walking slowly and losing his clothes.  Even now, I have a hard time realizing this hot guy is my lover.  Better yet, he’s crazy about me, which I am grateful for or else I’d be in Scott’s room instead of Kris. 

As soon as he got close, my mouth started working on his thick cock.  I sucked and licked it a little before his strong arms pulled me for a long open mouth kiss.  I broke the kiss and headed back to resume sucking his dripping hard cock.  I sucked for a second and was reaching down to free my aching eight inch boner.  Corey helped me get naked in my bed.  I could have sucked his cock all night.  His cock is so perfect and fits so well in my mouth.  He did pull me up for another passionate kiss.

“I have a feeling this is going to be one hell of a night for us,” Corey stated.

“I want it to be,” I said.  Corey went kissing and licking his way down on me.  After he finished getting my cock wet with his tongue and sucking my balls, he went crazy with his mouth.  I wasn’t gripping for a second seeing and feeling him suck and lick me.  My hand ran through his blond hair while he stayed on my hard cock.  He stopped and moved back up my body.

“Damn, I fucking love you so much, Matt.”

“I love you just as much, Corey!”

We kissed with Corey on top of me.  It was crazy good and crazy hot.  My finger did find its way to his ass and slide in him in the midst of our making out.  My mouth was dry by the time we stopped. 

Corey looked me in the eyes, “I want you to make love to me like never before.”

“That was my plan,” I said with a short kiss. 

As much as I wanted to rim his hot ass, I was eager to be inside my lover.  I hurriedly put on my condom and lube us both up.  Corey lay on his stomach with his legs spread wide open.  I guided my cock to his hole.  I entered past his tight sphincter on the second attempt and more lube.  Corey groaned with me going in him.  My arms wrapped around his body with my cock slowly going deeper. 

“OOO Matt,” Corey moaned.

I kissed his cheek.  Within a few seconds, I felt I was successfully all the way in him.  My movements were slow with Corey moaning and breathing hard.  He turned his head for a kiss on the lips.

“I love you,” he said.

“I love you too,” I said.  It felt as though we were melting into one as I slowly made love to him.  My hope was this moment of sheer pleasure could last for a while. 

“Just a little harder, please,” Corey said.

I moved a little harder but my cock now didn’t want to stay shoved inside him.  Corey moved to his back with his legs high in the air.  I went applied a little more lube to make it very comfortable for us.  Corey wrapped his powerful legs around me.  Soon, if anyone was close and listening, there was no doubt we were fucking or should I say making sweet love to each other.  My bed did shake and rattle a little.  Corey was moaning ‘Oh yes Matt’ with each push inside him.  We were breathing hard and sweating some while we continued.

“Oh fuck!” Corey said loudly with his eyes growing wide after some time had passed and some great action.  I leaned back and watched his cock spew without me or him touching it.  “Oh shit,” he said with the last few spurts of milky goodness oozing out.  “Damn that was fucking intense!”

It was and had me pulling out to spew my cream all over his chest and abs.  Our sex did last a little while and left me spent for sure.  I collapsed on top of him with our cum smearing between us.  It was the least of my worries and concerns while I found his mouth. 

“Matt, have you ever cum without anyone touching your cock?” Corey asked as we lay in my bed after great sex.

“I can’t say that I have,” I replied.

“The most intense thing ever,” Corey said.

“I’m glad I was about to do that for you,” I said.

We held each other and kissed a little more with the cum drying on our bodies.  We did manage to get up and use a wet cloth to wipe of it off. 

“Matt, I’ll sleep in Kris’s bed tonight,” Corey said.

“I understand,” I said. “It is tight with us both.”

“Not that I don’t love us sharing but I do have to get up early tomorrow,” Corey said and lay on Kris’s bed. “It’ll be easier for you and me both.”

“I forgot all about that,” I stated.

“I’ll be off early though, say right after two,” Corey said.

“That’s cool,” I said.  I moved over and kissed him goodnight.  Corey set his alarm with his phone.  It was a race to see who fell asleep first.

Hearing Corey’s phone alarm wasn’t a welcoming sound.  My eyes opened just enough to see him get out of bed.  He walked over and kissed me on the forehead before putting on enough clothes to walk down the hall.  Rolling back over, I was out for a while longer.  The next time my eyes opened it was past ten.  My strong morning erection gave me a quick idea to jack off.  In the summer, this was common but it would be my first time morning bust here.  Man milk flowed freely after a nice intense jack off session.  I wiped off and threw a towel around my waist to head to shower. 

Stepping in, Scott was just stepping out of the shower.  He gave me a big smile and always enjoyed seeing my long cock. 

“Damn, Corey is so lucky,” Scott stated.

“Scott, you have Hayden…”

“I know but I was just saying.  Not only are you fucking blessed, you’re one hell of a guy,” Scott stated.

“Thanks, you’re not half bad either…” I said and had to quickly dodge his attempt to slap me with his wet towel.  “How was Kris last night?”

Scott laughed, “He was fine.  Just came in, undressed and went straight to sleep.  He’s still sawing logs when I left.”

I stepped into the shower and did my thing with Jess coming in.  We said hello for a second before I headed to my room.  I put on shorts and opened my computer to download all the pictures.  I sat staring at them and smiled knowing what fun this had been.  I emailed a few to Mom, the ones that were decent enough to send.  I called her and left a voice mail to call me since I had some news to share.  After my playtime was complete, it was down to serious business.

During my studies and writing on two papers, Mom returned my call.  I started in and told her I had seen Dad.  She was surprised as I was.  I told her I gave my number to him to call plus he handed me some money, sixty dollars.  She knows me too well and told me to be nice since he was my Dad.  Kris walked in and headed right back out to shower.  I finished just before he returned.  He dressed as did I before we headed out to find who was interested in grabbing some food.  It was Scott, Jess, Kendall and Noah this time around.  Our chatter was the norm before heading back.  Kris called Liz and headed over to her place while I waited to see Corey after he finished working.

About two thirty, Corey came to the door.  “Matt, I’m really tired.  I’ll see ya later.  I just came by to see you for a second.”

“If you want, you can nap here.  I would love holding you while you went to sleep.  Besides, Kris is over at Liz’s,” I said.

Corey smiled and kissed me.  “I could do that.”

We undressed to our undies and got in my bed in case Kris returned and wanted to do the same.  We kissed a little but Corey did seem very tired and not into at the moment.  I held him close and delighted in having him drift off to sleep in my arms.  I savored his scent, holding him.  Before I knew it I was asleep as well.

The sound of the door opening jarred me from my sleep.  My eyes opened to see Kris and Colt walking in the room.  Within seconds, Corey was awake.

“Sorry guys,” Kris commented to us.

“It’s cool,” Corey said. “I think I’ve slept enough.”

“I bet you did more than sleep,” Colt joked.

“I would have but Corey fell right to sleep…” I said.

“I said I was tired.  You get up at six thirty and see if you aren’t,” Corey said.

“Anyone heard from Juan lately?” Kris asked.

“No, I haven’t.  You slept with Scott last night…” I said.

“No, I fucking slept in his room,” Kris said.

“Not what he told me this morning,” I said.

“You better be fucking joking or my ass is heading down there right now and set his ass straight,” Kris said.

“He said he gave you head,” I said and was doing my best to keep from laughing.

“Did he, Kris?” Colt asked.

“Fuck no, he didn’t!” Kris screamed.

“Then you bent him over the bed and fucked him hard…” I couldn’t do it any longer and started laughing.

“You sorry little bitch!” Kris said. “That’s how rumors get started around here.”

“I did have you going for a minute, huh?” I said.

“Someone was about to get their ass kicked for spreading lies.  All I did was go to his room and head to bed,” Kris stated. “Matt, I owe you one.  Just remember that.”

“Owe him what?” Corey asked.

“Yeah Kris, I bet you get you some of that sweet Matt ass whenever we leave at night,” Colt joined in.

“You know, fuck each and every one of you.  The person that gets this dick is Liz,” Kris said and grabbed his crotch.

“That’s when it’s not up Matt or Scott’s ass,” Colt laughed before Kris slammed him hard into the bed.  At first, I thought something may have been up until I heard both of them laughing.  “Damn Kris, you’re getting strong as a bull.”

Kris stood and flexed to show his biceps, “You bet I am. Got these fucking guns to prove it.”

“That’s nothing.  Show him Corey,” I said.

“Nah, that’s alright.  We all have some nice guns around here,” Corey said with me squeezing his arms. 

“Y’all are nothing but a fucking trip,” Colt said. “Every day is an adventure round this joint.”

“Just wait til next semester when Kendall, Noel and Alex join the fray,” I said.

“Man that will be so awesome,” Kris said. “Then next year…”

“I figure we’ll be sick of these dorms and move out,” Colt said. “Now that will be a party.”

“A party I don’t know if I want to be a part of,” I said.

“Matt, your ass is going to be right with us,” Kris said.

We continued to talk and dream about the future.  It was kind of fun to have those dreams but there is still months to go before we could even think about moving out to an apartment.  Corey left us to head to study before we ate. 

After a rather nothing night, Kris and I headed to bed right after midnight. 

Kris rolled to his elbow, “Alright Matt, spill it about your Dad.  I can say I don’t think I ever remember seeing him before.”

“I was definitely shocked to see him.  It had been three years since I last saw him.  Basically Kris, I wasn’t that excited to see him.”

“Why not?” Kris asked.  I told him what I told Corey earlier about how he’d let me down so much in the past.  “I see.”

“It sucks basically.  I really don’t expect him to call.  If he does, I talk to him and try to be as nice as I can.  The way Mom put it he is my Dad…”

“Boy I don’t know what I would do if I were in your spot,” Kris said. “So how’s the piercing doing for ya?”

“Almost forget it is even there,” I said.

“You know I have seen straight guys with those,” Kris commented about my eyebrow piercing.

“You know I have seen gay guys with arm bands too,” I joked.

Kris laughed, “Damn Matt, I guess you’re right there.  See ya in the morning.”


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