Posted:  December 18, 2010

Getting ready for the night, Kris was mulling over his choices in his wardrobe, if you wanted to call it that.  “I don’t have shit to wear,” Kris shouted, thumbing through his clothes.

I laughed, “Here I thought I’d be the one saying that.  You’ve got lots of nice clothes there Kris.”

“Whatever Matt,” Kris said. “Here you pick me something out and I’ll go with that.”

“First, what look are you going for?” I asked with my hand on my hip.

Kris laughed seeing me, “Damn it Matt, I don’t care and stop that.”

“I was only joking around,” I laughed.  I moved over to his closet.  “So are you wanting something casual?”

“Duh, casual is about all I have,” Kris replied.  “You know something that will make Liz come out of her clothes in a heartbeat.”

I turned and looked at him in his boxers.  “Wear exactly what you have on then.”

“I know I’m fucking hot… ah fuck it Matt,” Kris said.  He moved me aside.  He grabbed a long sleeve tee and a pair of jeans.  He put those on and his decision was made as always.  “Okay Matt, are you getting a tatt or not?”

“Kris, I don’t know.  I wanna watch first and see actually what all is involved…”


“Call me that all you want.  More than likely…” I paused. “I’m really leaning towards getting my eyebrow pierced.  I would go with my ears but no one would ever see that.”

Kris shook his head, “That would fit you to a tee.”

“What do you care in the first place?” I asked with Jess easing in the door.

“I don’t,” Kris laughed. “I was just saying.”

“Hey, are we ready for this shit to go down tonight?” Jess asked us.

“Damn right we are.  Matt’s pussying out and getting his brow pierced,” Kris replied.

“At least if I don’t like it, I’m not stuck with it forever,” I stated firmly.

“Oh well… check this out,” Jess said and reached into his pocket.  He pulled out a design of simple looking snake. “I’m getting it right here on my side.” He pointed to his left side.  “Cool, huh?”

“It could be,” Kris replied. “I’m getting an armband for sure.”

“Make it original,” I said. “I really don’t see you getting something everyone else has.”

“There’s this cool website that has tons of sick ideas,” Jess said and moved to my computer.  He quickly pulled up the site and was showing Kris the designs.  Kris was pointing left and right. 

“I need Liz here to help me decide on this bad boy,” Kris said, showing his nice biceps and triceps that were so cut and defined now. “Or maybe I’ll just see what the dude thinks when we get there and go with that.”

We continued looking at the various designs until deciding to round up the crew for some food.  Rounding them up took a while with most of our crew here for the weekend.  We were cheap and found something to eat on campus with the main talk being about nothing other than getting a tattoo.  By the end, Kris was so excited he could barely contain himself.  

Back at the dorm, we squeezed into our room with the headcount being around a dozen or more with Liz and Monica now joining the group. 

“Why don’t we just go and get this done?  It’s going to take a while,” Alex asked.

“We promised Corey we’d wait,” Kris replied.

“Matt, would you care if we got a head start on things since Corey’s not getting a tattoo?” Scott asked me.

“Would you, Matt?” Colt asked. “It is going to take a while.”

“I don’t care,” I replied.  “You can always call and give me a report.”

“Awesome!” Kris said.  “Let’s get a move on it then.”

They left in herd and it sounded like a herd as well.  It really didn’t bother me that they had left.  While waiting, I called Mom to kill time.  I begged her to come with Kris’s parents the next day to tailgate.  She said she would love to but couldn’t at this time.  I did mention to her the night.  She got a nice laugh out of it and asked me what I was getting.  I told her my brow pierced.  She said it would be fine and could serve as an early birthday present since my nineteenth was in the middle of December.  I hung up with my mind made up.

Within a few minutes, Corey came to the door.  I greeted him with a kiss.

Damn, did they leave without me?” Corey said in great disappointment.  “Here I was looking forward to this all day.”

“Corey, they said it would take a while with at least six getting a tattoo,” I replied.

“Who is getting one?”

“Kris, naturally, Colt, Scott, Jess, Alex and Khalid,” I replied.

“Okay then, we better head out,” Corey said.

“We’ll be fine.  By the way, I’ve decided to get my brow pierced,” I said.

“That’ll look fucking sick on you,” Corey said and kissed me.   We headed out with me driving since I knew where they were going.  We chatted about his day before pulling into the lot of the tattoo parlor.  My heart skipped a beat and my stomach churned stepping out of the car.

We entered with the sound of the needles going.  Now with my stomach turning like mad, I was glad to have chosen piercing.  We pointed and said we were with them when a lady with all kinds of tattoos asked if she could help us.  We walked over with Colt being the first brave soul. 

“Where’s Kris?” I asked.

“He and Liz are still trying to decide what he wants,” Robert replied.

I walked around and passed right by the piercing area that was vacant.  I spotted Kris, Scott and Liz mulling over the choices. 

“Matt, I can’t decide,” Kris said after seeing me and Corey walk up.

“Me either,” Scott said. “There’s too damn many to pick from.”

The two showed me what they had in mind.  Corey looked over my shoulder to check out the choices.

“Kris, this one here is you,” Corey pointed to the arm band that looked so cool.

“You think?” Kris asked. “Matt?”

“Liz?” I deferred.

“Kris, just pick one or we’ll be here all night,” Liz stated.

“I’ll go with Corey’s choice and was leaning in that direction,” Kris stated.

Corey and I looked over Scott’s choices.  I didn’t care for any of them.  I flipped through the pages and found a dolphin that would be perfect.  I showed it to Scott and pointed how it fit him for his love of swimming.   Scott smiled and was relieved I had taken the hard part out.  Together we all said it would look dope at his cut waist.

With their choices made, I grabbed Corey’s hand tightly.  “Come with me so I can get this over and done with.”  We walked over to the piercing area.  There was no doubt in my mind I wanted the bar with the balls.  The lady gave me the price, which wasn’t too high.  She did chuckle seeing how really nervous I was.  She sat me down in a chair and did massage my hand to relax me.  I held Corey’s hand so tight.  In a matter of minutes but it seemed like an hour, it was done.  My forehead was sweaty as were my hands.  She gave me my first look.  It did look amazing I have to admit and was so perfect.  She went over in detail the aftercare.  The best part was Corey’s sweet kiss and him telling how great it looked. 

They weren’t joking about the time.  We were all there until around eleven.  The artists seemed to really get a kick out of us and how we all did this a group.   The night at the tattoo parlor would be an experience none of us would soon forget with lots of funny stories to tell including how loud Scott screamed when the needle first hit his skin.  All in all, the tattoos did all turn out looking great and very professional.   The biggest problem would be the aftercare but Colt and Khalid’s experience would be a big help.

We sat around the big room on our hall, talking and laughing like normal.  It was an easier fit here with no one wanting to miss out.  Rick did have to come and see what was going on.  As always, he was great and joined us for a while.  About one thirty, we ended the get together. 

Kris pulled me aside, “You think there is any way you could crash with Corey tonight?”

“I don’t care one bit,” Corey replied.

“It’s settled then,” I said.

“Thanks roomie, tomorrow maybe we can switch up,” Kris said.

“Yeah, you can go down and sleep in Corey’s spot…” I said.

“Fuck that,” Kris said. “Liz and I will figure something out.”

“Okay, we’ll see ya tomorrow then,” I said and grabbed Corey by the hand.  We walked down the hall.  Corey opened his door with Michael sound asleep and snoring.  I smiled at Corey while we navigated the dark room.  We ditched our clothes and crawled under his sheets and blanket.

“Matt, I love you so damn much,” Corey said quietly.

“Corey, I love you too,” I said.  I moved around to where Corey and I could enjoy making out.  Corey and I made out with great passion in his small bed.  It would be great to have more room but the bed made us stay close.  He slipped his hands down the back of my boxer briefs while I slid my down his boxers to find his cock.

“I’d love for us to make love,” Corey said.

“I’m not prepared,” I said. “It can be just as hot if we stroked each other.”

He smiled at me.  Our underwear was down around our knees when we resumed.  Corey’s hand found my cock while mine was still holding his.  We softly stroked each other while kissing.  I’d move to his neck and ear for a little while and would get the same treatment with us stroking each other.   We continued our hot action until I felt Corey’s warm load flood my lower torso.  The feeling set me off as well and I shot my load on his lower abs and cock.  With our cum drying, we kissed as passionate as ever. 

“Corey, I love you,” I said.

“Matt, I love you,” he said.

We cleaned up our mess before we curled up together.  To end our night, our lips smacked together and we said we loved each other so much. Corey held me close to his firm muscular frame.  No greater feeling was there to feel Corey’s warm breath on my neck and shoulder as we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Saturday of a game, I woke with Corey in the exact same spot as we fell asleep in.  I didn’t move and just laid there.  Within a few minutes, Michael woke and flashed me his naked body which wasn’t pretty by any means.  He found some shorts and headed out the door.  He came back to the room and sat down at his desk.  Corey woke finally after a few more minutes.  Even with morning breath, our first kiss was sweet.

“Are y’all up now?” Michael asked.

“Yes Michael we are,” Corey replied.

“I hope you didn’t mind me staying here with Corey last night,” I said.

“I didn’t know you were there until I woke up…” Michael said.

“He’s a heavy sleeper,” Corey laughed.

“So what’s going on today?” Michael asked.

“A game,” Corey replied.

“Yeah there is.  I forgot all about that,” Michael said. “How stupid of me.  So is everyone heading up together or what?”

“Well…” I said and looked at Corey, “Kris’s parents are tailgating.”

“Oh I see,” Michael said. “Those look fun.  I’ll see what Brianna’s doing and see if she’s interested in going.”

“Michael, what do you think of Matt’s piercing?” Corey asked.

“Where is it?” Michael replied.

“It’s in my eyebrow,” I said and pointed to it. 

Michael stood and walked closer.  “Hmmm… not for me but I guess it is okay.  Corey, where’s yours?”

“When I get the money, I’m getting a tattoo like the rest of the guys did last night,” Corey replied. “About six or eight of the guys all went down last night.”

Michael laughed, “I swear is there anything you guys don’t do together?”

“Have sex,” I laughed.

“Bet some of them would if you offered,” Michael joked.

“I’m for damn sure not going there again.  My ass was in the dog house way too long to do that ever again,” Corey stated.

It was nice now to be able to laugh at Corey’s comment.  We stuck around a little while.  I did text Kris to see if it was alright to return since it was past eleven and the game was at four.  He replied back it was.  I dressed and headed back to my room to get ready for the day.

Entering my room, Colt was on my bed in his boxers with Kris on his in his boxer briefs. 

“Matt, you are looking at two men, I tell ya… two fucking men,” Kris stated.

“I’m not surprised are fucking men.  I knew that was why you wanted my room,” I said.

“No dude, Colt there is a real man,” Kris said. “That dude fucked the living shit out of Monica last night.  I swear Colt fucked her for thirty minutes.”

“Hell yeah I did.  Sometimes I can go and go without busting a nut,” Colt boasted. “Last night happened to be one of those nights.”

“You have to clue me in.  Shit, five minutes in Liz’s wet pussy my ass is ready to fucking explode,” Kris said.

“Just some guys are lucky that way,” I stated. “So what’s the plan?”

“The plan is Mom and Dad will be here about one.  I think Kendall and Noel are bringing stuff, too,” Kris replied.

“Are you going to show them your tattoo?” I asked.

“Damn right I am.  That reminds me Colt, we need to put that stuff on our new ink,” Kris said.  “How’s your eyebrow?”

“So far so good,” I said.

We all did like we were told to keep from getting infected.  I could see Kris admiring his armband while Colt didn’t seem to look at his bull on his shoulder as much.  Colt left to get ready for the day while Kris and I headed to shower.  Being the day was warmer; we dressed lightly to start with plans to throw on coats and more during the game. 

After we were ready, Corey came down to the room to hang with me. 

“Ummm… Kris, don’t get pissed but Michael and Brianna are tailgating with us,” Corey said.

“What the fuck, Corey!  Ask me why don’t you, motherfucker!” Kris screamed. “We have enough as it!” 

My eyes grew wide since this was so unlike Kris. 

“Sorry about that but he was disappointed that we were all doing it and didn’t ask him,” Corey said.

Kris broke out laughing. “I’m just fucking with you, Corey.  You know my motto is the more the merrier.”

Corey snickered, “Wow, I thought for a second we were going to throw down.”

“I don’t look that stupid, do I?” Kris laughed.

“No but I know you too well now,” I laughed.

“I know Liz and Monica are bringing a few of their friends to join in since Liz’s parents back out of coming,” Kris said.  “It’ll be some much fun.  Just talking about it pumps my ass up.  Matt, whatever you do, don’t forget your camera.  Sure we all have phones with cameras but your pictures are so killer.”

“Definitely,” I said.  While I was thinking about it, I grabbed it from my desk drawer.  Kris snatched from me and insisted on taking a quick picture of Corey and me.  He did take one of us kissing before Corey snapped a few of Kris and I with Kris displaying his new tattoo.  I had a few from the night before when we came back, one with all the new tattoos.  It wasn’t long before Scott came down.  We asked if he heard from Juan.  He said he had and his grandmother wasn’t doing so hot.  We hated to hear that and said we’d hope for the best.  Jess was down next and gave us a big laugh being dressed like it was 20 below outside.  When Kris got the call, his parents were here we headed down and grabbed whoever was interested in going with us.   Blake and Sammy our neighbors were as were Tashaun and Khalid.  Next we grabbed Robert, Wyatt and Jordan before finding Kendall and Noel.  Alex came across the lot as we were heading out the door.  Kris was on his phone first to see where his parents were and then to Liz to give her directions.   We pitched in with Kendall having drinks and Noel furnishing chips.  Corey did his best to tell Michael where we would be as well.

Finding Walt and Jenny was more challenging than we thought but we did find them after a little roaming through the parking lots.  Kris’s parents were excited to see all of us and get to meet all the new people we had incorporated in our group.  I knew Mom said she couldn’t come but there was always that hope she’d surprise me.  Jenny did have a little surprise with a bunch of baked cookies and brownies compliments of my Mom. 

After the introductions with Liz and her group followed by Michael and Brianna, I spoke up.  “Alright Kris, show them.”

Kris stared at me hard.  He rolled up his tee and displayed his fresh ink.  “Looks nice son,” Walt said. “Jenny and I were wondering when you’d do get one since it seems to be a growing trend these days.”

“A bunch of us did,” Kris said.  The others showed off their tattoos to Kris’s parents and the others that hadn’t seen them yet.

“Lord, what do you guys not do together?” Jenny asked. “Kris tells me all the time that is when he remembers to call home. He goes on and on about how all of you gather in his room and go eat together.”

“There are a few things,” Colt laughed with his arm around Monica. “We’ll keep it clean for ya.”

Walt laughed as he was starting to grill some chicken and dogs, “Even that wouldn’t shock me.”

I had to laugh as did a few of the others that knew Colt and Kris were in my room together with their girlfriends more than once. 

“Damn, y’all went fucking all out for us, didn’t ya?” Kris asked.  Liz quickly elbowed him. 

Walt laughed, “Kris, I see college has enhanced your vocabulary some.”

Kris laughed, “No, just hanging with some filthy mouthed guys has.”

“More like no parents around to censor you,” Jenny said with a smile.

We did laugh at Kris and knew we could razz him about dropping the f-bomb in front of his parents.  They didn’t seem to care that much and probably knew how we were when we were all together.  Before we ate, I snapped as many pictures as I could or as many as they would let me.  

Jenny had gone all out and brought some great potato salad, beans, slaw and more desserts.  It appeared Kris had sent out a warning as there was plenty of food for a bunch of college kids like us.  When ready, the talking about stopped with most of us eating everything in sight.

After we ate, some of us sat around while a few tossed a football Walt had thrown in the SUV.  I didn’t dare attempt that and knew I had no business throwing a football.  Corey wasn’t that bad with Colt showing everyone up in his football talents.

It was nearing time for us to journey up to the stadium to grab our seats in the student section.  I for one hated to leave and had really enjoyed our time.  It is memories like these I only dreamed of when Kris and I talked about going to college together our junior year.

“Everyone ready?” Kris shouted.

“Hell yeah, we are!” Colt shouted back.

“We’re kicking some major league butt tonight!” Jess shouted.

We did take the time to thank Walt and Jenny for all they had done.  The biggest downer was all my treats from Mom were gone but at least they were enjoyed.

Heading out, I noticed Kris and Colt around Wyatt.  Once away from Kris’s parents, I saw why when they pulled out two bottles of booze for us to enjoy and be like the rest of the students.  It wasn’t much but it would have to do for all of us. 

Corey and I walked near but didn’t hold hands so we wouldn’t cause any unnecessary attention among the fans gathered for the game.   

“That was fun, huh?” Corey asked me while we were walking up to the stadium.

“Yeah, it really was.  Kris’s parents went all out for us,” I said.

“Tell me you didn’t expect that shit.  I saw very clearly Kris is exactly like his dad in so many ways it ain’t even funny,” Corey said.

Kris turned and shouted to us, “Hurry the fuck up, lover boys!”

We walked faster and did have to avoid and dodge a few people.  We caught up still a good ways from the stadium.

“Next time, tell your parents to definitely park closer, why don’t ya?” Jess said.

“Matthew?” I heard my name and kept walking since the voice didn’t sound familiar.  “Matthew Alexander…”  Now I knew that voice and froze in my tracks.


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