Posted:  December 15, 2010

After I turned out the light, I rolled over to my side.  Being just about asleep, the light between our beds came back on.

“Matt, I’m sorry dude.  I guess you had every right to get pissed at me,” Kris said.  “Are you pissed that Colt fucked Monica in your bed?”

I rolled over, “No, Kris I’m not really pissed that Colt fucked Monica here.”

“Or are you pissed because Colt and I are becoming such good friends?”

“Kris that doesn’t bother me either,” I replied. “I’m glad we have a lot of friends here.  I’m sorry I blew up on like that.”

“No dude, it was totally my fault,” Kris said.  “I did think you were playing at first.  I guess I’d been pissed as well if my sheets had been wet with juices other than my own.”

“This shows we’re too good of friends to stay mad at each other.  That was our first real argument here at college,” I said, now propped up on my elbow.

“It was, huh?” Kris said. “I’m over it now, are you?”

“Oh yeah.  Got it off my chest and said what I needed to say,” I said. “I’m better now.”

“I guess the least I can do is wash those nasty ass sheets for you tomorrow or make Colt’s ass do it.  Matt, I had no idea they left a spot but that happens sometimes,” Kris said. “I do need to do a little washing now that I think about it.”

“That would be nice if you did do that for me,” I said.

“I tell you what.  I’ll wash all your clothes too if you want me to,” Kris stated.

“Hmmm… maybe,” I said since I didn’t trust his washing ability though none of my clothes were that special.  “It would be nice if you washed the towels.”

We continued to talk like we normally did.  It was great in that Kris did take some responsibility in the matter.  I still can’t believe he’d get busy with his girlfriend with Colt doing the same but he had done once before with me in the room so I shouldn’t have been that taken aback by it.  Kris was very serious about this tattoo thing whereas I was very unsure about it.  We talked about that for a few minutes with Kris giving out all kinds of crazy ideas.  He did say he wanted me there to ensure he didn’t go too far.  We ended the night by talking about the tailgating for Saturday.  The more he talked about it the more fun it really did sound.  My biggest hope and wish would be if Mom could get off and see all my friends.  She’s seen the pictures but I wanted her to see all of them in person with so many new ones added since her first visit. 

Wednesday morning heading to class, it was quite easy to see it could be a nasty day weather wise.  Kris and I were over our spat after I made my point.  There were no test results from my test in my second class.  Art appreciation was rather boring.

Coming out of that class, Hayden grabbed my arm before I could walk away.  “Matt, I need to talk.”  I knew by his tone it wasn’t about tailgating or getting a tattoo.

“Wassup?” I asked.

“I’m seriously considering breaking up Scott.  Things are going well but I’m ready to see what else is out there for me rather than being so tied down,” Hayden stated.

“That’s totally your call, Hayden but I don’t think you saw much out there before we meet,” I said.

“The worst part of the deal is it would end our hanging out together.  I’d feel like I was breaking up with all the guys not just Scott,” Hayden said.

“It would be awkward afterwards.  It’s your decision,” I said.

“I haven’t totally decided yet but was hoping you could knock some sense into me before I made a really stupid decision,” Hayden said.

Spotting a nice bench with the dark clouds rolling overhead, I directed Hayden to have a seat.  “Is there some underlying reason for this change of heart?” I asked.

“No, I feel so tied down,” Hayden replied.

“Before breaking up, just take a break from him and do stuff you enjoy outside of him.  Then if you’re really serious, do it.  As for our friendship, it will different I have to say since Scott is my friend as well,” I stated.  “Whatever your decision, it has to be because it is right for you and no one else.  Hayden, I’m shocked Scott has made it this long with ya.”

“I get that feeling any second he’s going to lower the boom on me,” Hayden said.  “I can just feel it my bones.”

“I see now what the problem is…”

What?” Hayden asked.

“You don’t want be hurt like I was…”

“Ummm… maybe you’re right.  I wanna get out while I can before it hurts so badly,” Hayden said.

“Either way it’ll suck.  I think Scott will be devastated by you breaking up.  He really does like you a lot,” I said.

“I like him as well… fuck, why is this so damn hard?” Hayden lamented.

“Don’t we all want to know but it is life of crazy love-stricken gay boys like us,” I said.

“True… so true, Matt.  We better get a move on it before the storms hit,” Hayden stood.  “Thanks for hearing me out.”

“Any time and best of luck!” I said. “I know you’ll do what’s best for you.”

Entering the dorm, a loud clap of thunder nearly scared me to death.  I climbed the stairs and went to my room.  Kris, Colt and Jess were there in their shorts to head over to the rec center.

“I heard I almost caused a fight here last night,” Colt said. “Matt, I didn’t know I did that.”

I stared at Colt, “I’m over it now but dude that was fucking rude.”

Bitch I said I didn’t know I did it,” Colt said getting a little testy towards me.  “It was Monica’s dripping wet pussy that caused that spot.”

“Just next time you do it, use a towel,” I said to calm things down. “I’m not in the mood to be in another argument at this moment.”

Colt came over and gave me shake and pat on the shoulder. “Sorry dude.  It was rude of me not to check your bed. You had every right to get pissed at me.”

“The weird part is both of you getting busy in here together,” Jess said. “How did you do it?”

Kris laughed, “When you’re horny as hell, you just go for it.  We did get under the sheets.”

“One of us did,” Colt laughed. 

“Probably not the first or last couple to fuck on that bed, right Matt?” Jess said.  “We heard you were deep in Corey’s ass Sunday morning when Kris opened the door.”

I was embarrassed, “Yeah.”

“Alright enough of this shit.  I still can’t get that imagine out of head,” Kris said, shaking his head. “Before it becomes a monsoon out there, Matt are you coming with us?”

“I think I’ll hang here.  I’ve been three days in a row,” I replied.

“We’ll say hi to Corey for ya,” Colt said. “When we get back, Kris and I are washing those sheets for ya like he said he would.”

No, your fucking ass is washing them…” Kris said.

“Either way, they will be washed,” Colt said.  “See ya, dude!”

With Kris gone, I did pick up our room and little and swept out the dirt that did accumulate on our floors.  I squirted some cologne around to try to mask the smells that were in our room.  Amazingly after working out, Kris did exactly what he said he would do.  He and Colt went down and did laundry including all my towels. 

With the rain pouring down, the rest of the night was quiet for me.  I did spend just a little time with Corey.  We talked about his day and naturally got a little lip time in before he said he needed to study.

Thursday, the rain left things cool as ever here on campus.  Whereas I loved seeing some skin, seeing guys in hoodies and long sleeve shirts was just as nice.  By now, it was easy to see the ones who cared about their appearance and made an attempt.  It was true for both sexes.  The night brought a packed room with plans being made about the weekend.  The nice thing was everyone kept things in and around the campus for being anything but boring. 

Corey slipped in the room with all of us about eight.  I moved over and sat close to him with my hand on his leg.  We sat and listened to the chatter.

“Corey, I really want you tonight,” I whispered in his ear.

Corey turned and smiled.  At the right time, he stood and grabbed my hand.  “I guess we’ll see everyone tomorrow.  Remember don’t do a thing tomorrow without me,” Corey said to everyone.

“We won’t,” Kris said. “Where are you two going?”

“Oh down the hall,” I replied. “We need a little alone time.”

“Have fun,” Jess said.  We smiled at them and left to head out. 

Opening his door, the room was dark, which was a great sign.  Corey led me to his bed and pulled me down on top of him.

“I’m so glad you said that,” Corey said looking into my eyes while taking off my shirt.

Why’s that?” I asked.

“You aren’t the only one that needs some loving,” he replied.

“Say you and I get naked, Corey.  I want you to make love to me while have the chance,” I stated.

We stripped each other’s clothes.  I knew any second our moment of romance would be rudely interrupted by Michael.   I dropped down and slurped up his wonderful thick cock while getting him energized to take me. 

Corey pulled me up by his strong arms and went down on me while I leaned back against his bed.  His warm mouth felt heavenly with his blue eyes looking straight up.  His hand stroked the base with his mouth taking a few inches.   As much as I loved it, I could feel the urgency and desire to have Corey in me. 

Due to a little foresight during a break back at my room, I was ready and clean to take him.  I lay on my side and felt his covered cock enter me.  I gasped audibly with his arms pulling me close.  I turned my head to find his mouth with Corey moving so nicely in me.  Our kissing was passionate while I could feel his love in me.  We slowly and quietly made sweet love with me doing everything possible to enhance it.  His hand reached around and stroked me while his steady pace continued to fill my body with such excitement.  His thick cock bumping my prostrate and his hand stroking my cock was too much. 

OOO Corey!” I screamed and deposited a nice load onto his sheets. 

Feeling his cock leave, Corey turned me over and shot his hot load all over my chest and stomach.  He lovingly massaged it into my skin with his cock.  He collapsed on top of me as the door flew open.  His sheet and blanket covered our naked bodies with Michael entering the room.  He sat at his desk and opened his computer while we kissed.

We finally straighten up in his bed with Corey holding me tight against his body.

“Great to see you two back together,” Michael commented, looking at his computer. “Matt, you do know every night Corey schemed to get you back.”

“I’m glad he didn’t give up on me,” I said.

“I was just about to that point,” Corey said.  He kissed me. 

“Now if I could only get to the point where you two are I’d be one very happy freshman,” Michael stated. “If it doesn’t happen, then oh well, at least it is fun and has been a great experience for me dating Brianna.”

We talked with him turning around.  Michael did laugh and knew what we had been doing.  I stayed around for a while and hoped Tuesday night’s scene wasn’t unfolding again but doubted it was with the girls not present before I left.  I dressed and headed back.

Kris, Colt, Alex and Jess were still there when I came in the room after knocking just in case. 

“Have fun?” Kris asked.

“Hell yeah I did.  The best fun two gay guys can have,” I replied with a laugh.

“Not what I wanted to hear,” Alex said.

“Dude, somebody gives it up to you, your ass would be all over that shit,” Colt said. “Just like mine is.”

Alex laughed, “Damn right it would be but I’m not used to hearing about two guys doing it.”

“Alex, Matt is just like the rest of us.  He loves sex,” Kris said.  “I don’t get it either with a guy but to each his own.”

“Kris, you never done it with him or another guy?” Alex asked.

“Fuck no, dude.  Have you?” Kris shot back at him.

“That is nasty as hell in my book.  I would never let a guy suck my dick.  I damn sure would never fuck a guy up the ass,” Alex said.

I laughed.  “What’s so funny, Matt?” Colt asked.

“Alex fits in so great here,” I replied. “It’s like he’s never missed a thing.”

“Yelp he does.  That sounded just like me,” Kris laughed.

The three left about ten minutes later.  I cracked a book to stay on top and did some research on my art paper.  Kris did some homework and actually quit after I did.  Not to be a distraction, I caught up on Facebook while he finished.

When our nightly chat rolled around, Kris did his best to convince me and get some ink.  His mind was totally made up about it but was unsure on the design but had ideas.  My advice was to pick something that he could live with the rest of his life.

Friday, here the first week of November, the weather was actually very pleasant.  In my second class of the day, my test was finally returned.  My grade was high, which made me so proud and made the effort study for it that much more gratifying. 

With a great week in the books, the weekend was upon me for sure.  As per routine for Friday, Scott was eager and anxious to the pool at the rec center.  I was ready as well and didn’t fight him about going for a change.  Once our group was at the rec center, it took me a few minutes of searching before my eyes feasted on my boyfriend.  We talked privately for a minute about the night with Corey reiterating that nothing was to happen before he showed up.  I told him if nothing else I would be there for sure and we could catch up them if they got antsy.

Scott and I finished our laps and dried off our bodies.

“Scott, what are you and Hayden got going?” I asked and really didn’t get to talk to him after class.

“His bitch ass is going home for the weekend,” Scott replied. “What a terrible weekend to go home… of all weekends!”

“Well… you can be free to do whatever you want,” I said and tried to put a positive spin on it.

“Yeah, but it still sucks.  Matt, I’m so crazy about him,” Scott said. “I never thought I’d be this way but I am.  I hate it when we’re apart.  You know he’s talked of moving in our dorm next semester if there’s any openings…”

“He better get in line,” I stated.

“Yeah, we are a pretty popular group,” Scott laughed.

“Not so much popular but fun to hang with.  You see how excited everyone is about this weekend.  Last weekend, they were busting balls to hang with us…”

Scott laughed, “Boy, I’d never dreamed that would be the case in August.  We have been a crew, huh?”

“We have that,” I said.

Scott and I headed back.  This time I drove us with the other lifters taking separate rides.  Scott lit up a thin joint and asked if I cared to share.  It looked inviting but I denied his request.  I drove around a little and let him finish off what he wanted.  

Back at the room, Kris and I were having for us a very quiet afternoon.  We were watching a movie on TV with both of us half asleep.  I heard my phone receive a text.   I went over to see Scott had sent me a brief message, ‘Need u and K’.  I showed it to Kris.

“His ass is probably trippin’,” Kris laughed. “But I guess we better go see what’s up.”

“I’m sure it’s nothing,” I said. 

We headed out in our shorts with me in a tee.  By now, Kris was proud he loved going without a shirt so everyone could see his results of his hard work.  Kris tapped on the door and opened it.

We entered and saw Juan on his bed, staring blankly at the wall with Scott sitting on his bed.

“Scott, what the fuck!” Juan screamed. “I told your ass I’d handle this shit!”

“What’s up?” Kris asked since neither of us knew what was going on.

“Juan’s grandmother had a stroke this morning…” Scott stated.

“I don’t see what the problem is then unless you don’t want to see her in that condition,” Kris said. 

“They don’t need me there,” Juan said. “My sister and brother are there with here.  All I’d do is sit in some lame ass waiting room and wait.”

“All you’ll do here is worry and wait by the phone for a call,” I said.  “I know I would since she’s like your mom.”

“What’s the problem, then?” Kris asked.

“My ass is fucking broke as a joke.  I wanna go but can’t afford to go plus what if I have to stay a while longer and miss a few classes.  I have a big test Wednesday,” Juan replied.

Scott grabbed his wallet, “Here are two twenties.  Now get out of here.  Whether you wanna believe it or not, she needs you there.”

Juan grabbed the money, “Thanks dude.”

“Follow me, I have a little cash I can spare,” Kris said.

“Thanks guys.  It’s embarrassing for me to ask for money…” Juan said.

“No problem.  We all understand.  This is an emergency, Juan.  We’re here to help out a brother when he needs it.  If we can’t, then what good is having friends,” Kris stated. “Now pack your shit and get the hell out of here.  You’re needed more there than ever here.”

Juan cracked a smile, “Y’all are the best.  I guess I better pack a few things and get out of here.  Time is a wasting.”

Kris patted Juan on the shoulder before they left to head to our room.

“Thanks Matt.  Juan wouldn’t listen to me.  I knew I needed reinforcements so I texted y’all to see if you could help.  All he needed to say was he was broke,” Scott said.

“It doesn’t matter now.  He’ll feel better once he’s there,” I said.  “So you ready for tonight?”

“Damn right I’m ready.  I’m not sure yet what tattoo I’m getting but it will be so bad ass.  I just wish Hayden was here to help me out just like Corey wants you to help him or vice versa,” Scott said.

“Corey’s not getting a tattoo,” I said.

“Why not?”

MONEY,” I spelled it out.  “He does want one but after he’s saved his money a little.”

“He might if it is cheap,” Scott stated.

“Dude, we’re not going to Walmart for one,” I laughed.

Scott laughed as well, “Now that would be fucking tight if they did though.”


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