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Matt (18), the author; Kris, Matt’s roommate and best friend.
Friends:   Scott and Juan, roommates; Jess and Robert, roommates; Michael and Corey (the ex BF) roommates; Stephan; Colt.  All live on the same floor and are 18 and freshmen except Juan, 19.   Rick is their RA.

Liz, Kris’ girlfriend;  Kendall and Noel, friends on the first floor of the dorm.


After taking my two tests and sitting through art class again with Hayden and Reilly, I headed back to the dorm.  Being a Friday, Scott was eager to swim again.  It didn’t matter to me for I was glad the week was done.   We all headed to the rec center.  As soon as we hit the door, Corey found us.

“Dudes, I’m off at 8, so whatever you do don’t leave me,” Corey said.

“The parties usually don’t get going until then, we’ll wait,” Kris said.

“Thanks, I’ll see ya then,” Corey said.

Scott and I walked back to the pool area and found it to be rather vacant. 

“Matt, will you be able to handle Corey tonight?” Scott asked.

“I hope so,” I stated.

We dove right in the warm water.  We did our laps and a slow pace, which was weird for Scott.  We exited the pools and showered before the others finished working out.   We didn’t have to wait since Scott and I rode in Scott’s car. 

“You wanna get high?” Scott asked me.

“Oh hell yeah, I do.  My tests are finished.  My ass is ready to party,” I said with great excitement. 

He drove us to place where we lit up.  The intoxicating smoke filled my body and felt great.  I was feeling no pain when I entered the room with Kris, Colt and Jess hanging around.

“Dude, your fucking ass is high as shit,” Colt said to me.

“Damn right it is,” I said and went to lie on my bed.

“That’s my boy right there.  Scott said he wanted to get your ass high.  My boy studied his little ass off all week and needs a good party weekend,” Kris stated.

“We all need a good party weekend,” Jess stated.

“Matt has one great start.  It’s not for me but hey I know my ass will be so drunk by the end of the night,” Colt said.

With me soaking in what they said and coming down, we talked a big talk about both nights.  Kris’s plans as he put them were to hang with us tonight and tomorrow night go out with all the girls.  We agreed it should be a guy’s night even though Colt now had a girl thanks to Liz. 

Before partying, we got some food in our systems.  We ate here and wanted to conserve our cash for tomorrow night.  Our group was large as it had ever been.  This night after we ate, we headed back to the dorm.  Once inside, I grabbed my camera to take pictures of us all hanging out and having a good time. 

About seven, Rick, our RA, came to the door to see what was going on. 

“Just checking things out,” Rick stated.

“We’re chilling,” Kris commented.

“Guys make damn sure you don’t overdo it tonight or tomorrow night.  They’re on my ass about this weekend,” Rick stated. “I may have to write some of you up just to show I’m doing my job.”

“Dude, what the fuck?” Jess screamed.

“They think I’m letting all of you off too easy,” Rick replied. “If you do get written up, I’ll take care of it.”

“You better,” Colt said.

“I’ve been pretty lax around you, so one weekend won’t hurt you.  If you have any girls or are drunk tonight, I have to write you up,” Rick stated.

“Hell dude, start writing,” Kris laughed. “All of us except the ones driving are getting wasted.”

“Come on dude, go easy on us,” Jess said. “You know we love you and you love us.”

“Hey I have to or else you’ll have a new RA next year,” Rick said. “Every time they ask me how come I don’t write guys up.”

“Just start writing up the dipshits like Wyatt and those guys,” Scott said.

“Then I’d seem biased.  I said I’d take care of them.  Trust me, I will take care of them,” Rick said. “Just as I took care of Kris when he busted Lee’s chops.”

“Shit, go ahead and write my ass up.  Tonight I’ll be so drunk I won’t know what you are doing,” Kris laughed.

Rick laughed, “There will be a slip under your door then after you guys leave.  Just be careful out there.  The cops will be thick tonight and tomorrow night. You got my number if you need me, too.”

“Before you leave, could I get you to take a few pictures of us?” I asked.

Rick laughed again, “Sure, what the hell.”  He snapped a few pictures of us before leaving. 

“What a fucking prick!” Jess said.

“Come to my hall.  Our RA is a fucking asshole,” Kendall stated.

“Mine too,” Alex said.  Alex had joined right in with us like Colt had.  He was so cute with curly blond hair and was nicely built, not too big with some really cut abs and just over six foot tall.  He was Kris’s friend from a class they had together and asked Kris if he worked out.  Kris just invited him along a few days ago and has been around ever since.

I tried my best count how many of us were there but never could quite get a number.  It figured there were ten of us at the least with us still waiting on Corey.  It was loud as it had ever been even after the little downer. 

When Corey finally did appear, right after eight like he said he would, we divided up.  Jess was gracious enough to be a DD as was Corey.  Just as we were heading out, Stephan saw us walking down the hall.  He asked where we were going.  We told him.

“I wish I could go,” Stephan said so quietly.

“You can go if you can drive,” Kris stated.

“I’ll drive no problem.  It’ll be fun hanging with all you hotties,” Stephan said.  “Give me a minute to freshen up.”

We had to fill the other guys in on Stephan.  They weren’t too happy but no one wanted to be left out.  Now we had three cars going and more room.
About the only regular who wasn’t with us was Michael.  Corey said something about how he had a date.  They laughed and commented if the girl was literally blind.  Corey had seen her and gave a description of her as being short, long brown hair yet not really cute and pudgy.  They all agreed she fit Michael perfectly.

My ride for the night was Stephan.  They threw me, Scott and Hayden in with him since we were alike.  I didn’t mind that much but hated Stephan’s driving.  He had a way of moving his hands while he talked to us that had my ass scared to death.  We about missed the road to turn to head to the first party but we made it all in one piece.  The place was nice and out a little way from the city and campus.  I don’t know Kris or any of the others knew about this place but they did. 

We jumped out and walked inside the old house.  We were barely inside when Jess spotted someone he knew, followed by Juan.  The next thing I heard was ‘Drink up, guys’.  It didn’t take much encouragement for me after being stressed out all week.  Sure the little thing with Scott was nice but I was ready and aching for more.  Kris came back with one of those red plastic cups for me and him.

“Dude, this is going to fucking sick!” Kris screamed. “Matt, are you with me tonight?”

I clanked our cups, “I’m with you, Roomie.”  I took a drink and could see it wouldn’t take many of these to get feeling forgetting about everything else in the world.  I saw a guy Kris and I knew from our history class and spoke with him briefly.  By now, all of my friends that I had come with were all of over the place.

After grabbing another glass, I headed outside to a big bond fire that had blazing.  That wasn’t all that was blazing.  I saw Scott and Hayden toking it up with all kinds of people.  I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see Corey standing there.

“Having fun yet?” he asked.

“Sure, I came here to have fun,” I replied. “Are you?”

“As much fun as one guy can have that is not drinking,” Corey replied.  “Matt, I really wish I could get so hammered but I know I can’t.”

“I’m sorry, Corey.  I know it’s hard with everyone else drinking.  Thanks for volunteering to drive for us.  Surely tomorrow, someone won’t want do this again,” I said and laughed. “Corey, you know me.  That someone will probably be me.”

“I suppose I should be happy to be back in the mix.  It sucks working…”

“You said you had to do it.”

“I know but it can still suck.”

“Corey to make you feel better, you really haven’t missed a whole lot so far,” I stated with Kris and Colt walking up.

“Killer party, huh?” Colt shouted.

“I guess if you’re drinking it is,” Corey replied.

Colt evidentially was well on his way to being drunk.  He threw his arm around Corey’s broad shoulders. “Matt, when are you two hooking back up?  Corey’s really a good guy.”

“Drop it, Colt,” Kris said. “I don’t ever see that day.”

I turned and walked away.  My next mission was to find a bathroom.  I headed inside and found one to relieve the drinks I had been downing.  I walked out and saw Stephan lip locked with this guy.  I shook my head and continued walking to find another drink. 

While standing alone and digesting everything that was happening, this girl came up and threw herself on me.  “God you are just the cutest thing here,” she said.

“Thanks,” I said and moved her off me.  It was my luck for Jess and Robert to witness that little quick scene.

“Dude, I’d been all over that shit right there,” Robert said.

“It’s Matt we’re talking to, dumbass,” Jess said.  “See all the girls you could have if you weren’t gay.”

“Just my luck,” I laughed with Juan walking up as well.   They told Juan what was going down.  He didn’t seem to have a problem not drinking and was enjoying everything that was happening.  I grabbed a seat with Juan and did some great people watching while downing my drink.

“This is the life, huh?” Juan asked.

“I guess this is what all envisioned college to be like,” I said and was really starting to feel the strong drinks in my body.

“Matt, it has been such a blast though.  I’d be crazy if I hadn’t met all y’all.  I do miss home a little but not near as much I thought I would.  I know my grandma really misses seeing me but she has other worries besides me,” Juan stated.

“Juan, do you ever see your Mom?” I asked.

“Sometimes, when I can stand to be around here.  I got lucky Matt in that my grandma saw that Mom was shit… pure shit…” Juan replied.

“I hate to hear that but someone did care and love for you enough though,” I said.

Juan smiled, “Yes, she did.  My grandma is the greatest just like your Mom.  I don’t how they put up with all the stuff but they do.”

“Because they love us and want the best for us,” I said.

We stayed around the party until Jess and Kris were ready to leave.  I was feeling no pain and knew I had had too many.  The worst part was trying to find Stephan.  He hated to leave the party but he was glad he came.  Once we got in the car, Scott and Hayden smelled of smoke from the fire and were higher than a kite. 

The next party we went to was closer to campus but less crowded but more were still coming in.  It was going strong when we arrived at no telling what time.  We headed inside to continue.  We all knew more people at this one and really seemed like our crowd.  Once inside for a few minutes, I saw why we were there.  Kris and Colt’s girls were there as well.  Colt’s girl was named Monica.  She was kind of small, very cute with a huge rack, I must say.  I have no idea if it was real or not but Colt didn’t seem to care either.  Kris kept the drinks flowing my way with music blaring all through the place.  Soon, there was dancing in the crowded place with me right in the middle dancing with whoever was around.   I was really feeling it.

The next thing I knew I was outside and puking my guts up.  I thought I had escaped alone and could play it off.  I felt a hand.

“Are you okay, Matt?” I heard Corey’s voice.

“Maybe,” I said before expelling more onto the ground. 

“No, you are not okay.  I’m taking you back to the dorm,” Corey said.

“I’m fine, Corey,” I said.

“Matt, I’m not going to let you get so drunk you get very sick,” Corey said. “Matt, I care for you deeply.”  He went inside to find a wet paper towel to clean off my mouth. 

“Thanks, Corey,” I said.  I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. 

Corey back up and looked at me, “Damn, you are really drunk tonight.”

I kissed him again.  “I must be so fucking drunk, Corey.” I took a seat and started crying right there.  “Corey, I’m sorry for all the shit I’ve put you through.  I really am such an asshole.  Corey, I still love you if you want the truth.”

Corey grabbed me and kissed me.  He held me close so I didn’t do anything stupid at that moment.

“Here they are,” Jess said.

“He’s really wasted,” Corey said. “I’m taking him back to the dorm before he gets really sick.”

I didn’t argue and got up.  There were a few others ready to call it a night as well.  We found Stephan to tell him we were going.  I don’t know who went with us but it didn’t matter.  My night was done plus my dam had broken.

Back at the dorm, Corey made sure I made it to my room.  We were barely there when I bolted out of the room and just made it to the bathroom.  It was one of the advantages to having the bathroom close. 

I returned with Corey waiting on me.  He wiped off my mouth again.  I went and lay on my bed with my head spinning out of control.   “Corey, you can leave now.  I’ll be fine.”

“No Matt, I’m not leaving you for one second.  I love you too much to let anything happen to you right now,” Corey said.

“Corey, I meant what I said earlier.”

“Matt, sober up and we can talk about it tomorrow.”

“I did this so I could grow… some balls, Corey.  I didn’t want to come down to your room… and say hey, I love you still and ready to give it… one more shot,” I said.

Corey moved over and grabbed me.  I was so drunk but knew his strong arms felt so good.  He kissed me and held me close.

I woke the next morning with Kris and Liz in bed next to me.  I shook my head a few times and wondered what the hell was really going on.  I saw it was past ten in the morning.  I quietly headed to the bathroom still fully dressed to take a leak.  I came back inside and downed some Tylenol with my head feeling the pain of my drinking.  I quietly got back into bed.  I could smell Corey’s cologne on my sheets.  I was now ready for the war to be over.  I was much happier with Corey than anyone else.  Despite what he had done, which was awful, I was willing to give one last shot.  It was time to get things back to where they were and be with a guy who loved me and not hoping that I could find someone else that would love me. 

Liz got up about eleven and left the room.  About twenty minutes later, Kris woke up.  He shook his long blond hair and headed to the bathroom.  Like me, he grabbed the Tylenol and downed them. 

Kris saw I was awake.  “Matt, we tore that shit up last night, huh?”

“We did and I’m feeling it right now,” I replied.

“Was I so drunk or did I see Corey in here last night in bed with you?” he asked.

I took a deep breath, “Kris, you were right.  I was happier than ever with Corey.  Dude, I still fucking love him.”  I started crying right there.

Kris moved over to me, “It’s okay Matt.  So is everything back to normal?”

“Not just yet but it’s getting there,” I said.

“Matt, I have no problem whatsoever if you get back with Corey.  I want you to do what you think is right and what makes you happy.  If being with Corey makes you happy, go for it…”

“I am but he’ll be on such a short leash this time,” I stated.

“Then go get him a dog collar,” Kris joked. “Oh fuck! It hurts to laugh but damn did we have a good time!”

“We sure did!” I said.


Hope you enjoyed this chapter.   

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