Posted:   November 24, 2010

Hayden said hi to Scott then conveniently went off in the direction of his dorm.  Scott and I entered our dorm

“So… is he your new guy or what?” Scott asked and nudged me.

“We finished our last test and were just talking,” I replied. “Are you jealous?”

“Hell no!”

“I was starting to wonder,” I said and winked at him.

“I would like for us to try,” Scott said. “All I have done is think about our great night together.”

“Scott, let’s just keep things the way they are for now,” I said. “I too thought maybe it might be worth a shot.  I really am not quite ready to get involved with anyone right now.” 

“Okay, that’s cool with me,” Scott said. “Just let me know when you are ready.  We’ll work it some way somehow.” 

We entered our dorm, headed up the stairs and went to our rooms.  Kris was there with Jess and watching television. As normal, the two were ready and eager to head to the rec center to get their fix with the weights.  I was ready within a few minutes and now enjoyed working out on the machines with them as my body was slowly developing a few muscles.  The first place I notice was my chest.  It was no longer flat and actually stuck out just a little.  Then I notice my arms and now had a true bicep and triceps.  I was nowhere close to Kris who was developing a firm muscled physique as was Jess.  They both would compare their bodies at times and loved the results now 6 weeks of intense working out and a decent diet had done.   We headed out and stopped to grab Scott and Corey along the way to workout as well with us.

When I returned, Hayden had left a message on my phone.  I called him back and invited him over to hang out with all of us.  In no time, he was back with a broad smile.  He did his best to blend in with us and be accepted as part of our growing entourage.  The best of the night was getting to know Kendall and Noel better.  I was really starting to like those two.  They seemed to be like Kris and I and even had been friends since elementary school. 

Tuesday after class, Kris, Juan and two other guys from our hall headed off to play basketball at the rec center.  I watched some TV, caught up on Facebook and did some reading.  My door suddenly slowly opened with Corey peeking his head around.

“You care if I come in?” he asked, dressed in only his shorts.

“Yeah, I guess,” I replied.

“Matt, I don’t think I’m quite ready to leave here yet,” Corey stated with a little smile.

“Well, I’m glad you’re staying,” I said.

“Things are a lot better.  Wasn’t it fun working out again?” Corey asked.

“If you say so,” I said. 

“No, you’re really improving and getting so much stronger.”

“Corey, stop the fucking bullshit.  Why are you here?” I said since he was being so smug.

“Goddamn, you’re a fucking asshole!” he screamed in a rage with the veins popping in his neck. “I came here to be fucking nice to your ass and thank you.”

“I’m sorry then,” I said and retracted.

“Give up it, Matt.”

“I can’t give it up, Corey!  I’m said I’d try to be friends.”

“Friends aren’t fucking rude either!”

“I said I was sorry.”

“I did too but I don’t guess sorry is good enough for your pompous unforgiving ass,” Corey threw it back in my face.

I broke down right there.  Corey left me crying and was mad as well but I didn't care.  I wanted to hit something right then I was so mad.  He knew I was alone but I really wondered what his reason was for being here.  He said he was trying to be nice but I didn’t get that feeling. 

I was on the bed and watching TV or trying to at least when a small knock came at the door.  I yelled it was open.  Scott came in and came right to me.

“Dude, why was Corey so pissed off a while ago?”  Scott said.

“Scott, I guess he was trying to be nice but I was rude to him.  Maybe I was in the wrong.  Scott, I’m trying my hardest to forgive him but I can’t,” I said.

“Matt, it’ll get better,” Scott said and hugged me.  He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.  I thought it was sweet until he kissed me on the lips with his hand going to my shorts.

“Stop it, Scott!” I said.

“I want you, Matt.  Can’t you see that?”

“Now is not the time, Scott,” I moved and stood. “Let’s be friends for now. I’ll let you know like I said earlier if I want to be more.  Scott, it may be different if you’d been upfront with a few things.”

“Hell Matt, I’m really just now discovering the real me.  I’m so attracted to you and even more after I’ve your big dick in me.  That felt so good and told me I was bi if not gay.  Can I say at least thanks for showing me the light?”

“You can,” I said.  The door flew open with Kris and Juan coming in.  We talked a minute or two before Juan and Scott left.  Kris stripped down and headed to the shower.  When he returned, I got a full view of his nice body before he dressed.

Kris was gone for most of the night.  He said he was doing his best to show Liz a little attention.  I stayed in my room for a while before heading out to shop for us some snacks and drinks for our room thanks to Mom being generous. 

Kris and I talked early that night.  I did come to realize I did owe Corey an apology for cutting him off and being rude.  Kris said he was even surprised how rude I was after thinking everything was okay and civil between us.

I dressed in a big hurry after class and headed to Corey’s room.  He was still in his regular shorts and tee.  I knocked on his door.  He stared at me when I entered.

“Corey, I deeply regret what I did yesterday.  I was completely and totally in the wrong,” I said.

“Matt, I was pissed off like you wouldn’t believe but it’s over with.  Now will you at least accept my apology to you so we can move on?” he asked.

“I do but Corey, right now, I don’t want to know why you did it.  Some day when I’m ready I’ll let you know,” I said.

“Okay, there will be a full and complete disclosure.  It is rather dumb and stupid, though.”

“I’m sure you had your reason but it can wait.  Corey, looking back I was an asshole to you.  I know you were there to thank me and try to be friends.   I’m trying my hardest to let you back into my life just as a friend.  Monday, you seemed like the old Corey I used to love…”

“I felt like the old Corey for a change, Matt,” he said.

“Now, get your stuff on.  We’re heading to work out,” I smiled at him.

“There’s that old smile again.  Matt, I love to see you smile,” Corey smiled back at me. 

Before getting too emotional and with the progress, he changed and headed off with me.  Kris was ready and aching to go too as was Scott and Jess.  It didn’t seem pretty close to normal or as normal as it could get. 

That night for a change, we gathered in Scott and Juan’s room after all of our group had been to eat.   Wyatt stopped by for a few minutes but didn’t stay long.  Kendall and Noel joined us as did Liz after we had been there.  Corey came in and seemed happier than ever to be back laughing, joking and horsing around with us.

That night, Kris did his very best sales job to talk me into to going home with him.  I listened and told him I’d consider it with it being 50/50 at the moment. 

The next day was uneventful as they came with it raining most of the afternoon.  Kris got stir crazy as normal.  I actually think he roamed the hall and went from room to room.  He did laugh later about catching porn with Jess and Robert but he kept his shorts on.  I had a short visit from Stephan that night but he was just seeing how things were going with me.  I let him know right quick I had no interest in him, dating wise.  He understood and said he’d be the same way if that had happened to him even though he did tell me how he wanted a relationship but wanted it to be open so he could never pass up a chance.  Hayden did stop by for a while and was becoming a nice friend to have. 

Friday the first two classes were okay.  I ate with Jess, Kris and a couple of other people who knew Jess from his classes.  I headed off and saw Hayden.  We talked casually before finding our seats for the art class.  When classes ended, I walked out as usual and saw Reilly, one really cute talking to Hayden.  I continued on about my business and knew without a doubt going home wasn’t in my plans. 

Hayden came running up to me about half way to the dorm and was catching his breath.  “Matt… Reilly is very interested in you and wanted to know if you were available.”

“You’re kidding me, right?” I asked with excitement.

“No, I didn’t know the dude was gay but he is and thinks you’re really hot…”

“The feeling is definitely mutual!” I said.

“Here’s his number,” Hayden said, sticking out his hand.

“Thanks a million,” I said.  “It was juvenile but who cares?”

“I’m happy for ya, Matt.  He seems like a really sweet guy,” Hayden stated. “Now what do you think you could do for me?”

“Oh I see now… Scott, huh?” I asked.

“Hell yeah, biotch!  You think???”

“I’ll see what I can do.”


I entered my dorm and headed to my room on a high with Reilly’s number in my pocket.  Kris was just leaving and gave one last plea.  I did want to go in a way to see Mom but knew better than to go and not study.  My scholarship depended on it and there was no way now I would let a bad grade stand in my way of not returning here next semester.

With Kris, Jess, Juan, Kendall and Robert gone, the hall would seem rather quiet for a change and probably be to my liking.  I was putting away my stuff and picking up our room when the door flew open.  Scott came in.

“You know it’s Friday and what that means don’t ya?” Scott asked me in his shorts and tee.

“Maybe not today,” I replied.

“Please Matt for me,” Scott said. “I really look forward to our swims and afterwards seeing your big dick!”

“Scott, if all you wanna do is see, I can live with that.  If you’re interested at all, Hayden thinks you’re hot and wants to get with you.”

Scott rubbed his chin, “Are you doing this to get me off your ass?”

“Well… Scott, I don’t wanna mess up another friendship here,” I replied.

“Hey, you’re repairing it with Corey, right?”

“I’m trying my hardest.  It does get better everyday and now I can actually stand to look at him.”

“Shit, I can always stand to look at his fucking hot ass!” Scott laughed.

“So, are you interested in Hayden or what?”

“Well… since I can’t have you, I guess so and could see how gay I really am.  Seriously, the dude is kind of cute and would be a nice enough guy to start dating here.  Matt, I do appreciate the example you’ve set here.  Without it, I’d be rather ashamed and scared to admit I was attracted to guys.  Not saying I’m totally gay like you or Stephan, but I’m bi as fuck.”

“Leaning to gay right now,” I joked.  I changed and did turn around.  Scott laughed and did comment how hot my ass was, though I thought it was flat and really nothing.  We headed out with Scott actually being rather excited about the possibilities with Hayden.  We ran into Corey with me being as friendly as possible.

“Matt, Casey is here,” Corey stated.

“Like I really care,” I said.

“No, I don’t wanna even be around him.  The first thing he did was pat me on the ass.  His ass nearly got leveled.  You guys care if I watched you swim?” Corey asked.

“I don’t,” Scott said.

“I don’t either but it is rather boring to watch,” I replied.

We headed to the pool.  Scott and I dove in to warm up in the nice water.  With Corey watching, Scott really put on a show for him.  My pace was leisurely and for something different.  We swam our laps and exited the pool.  We looked around and didn’t see Corey so we dried off and headed out. 

Scott and I headed back to the dorm, showered in separate stalls and changed. 

“Matt, would you mind calling Hayden?” Scott asked.

“Here’s his number, show him you’re serious,” I said.

“Dude, I can’t up and ask a fucking guy to come over and say I wanna be with him,” Scott said.

“Why not?”

“That’s really… shit I was going to say gay but damn I’ve admitted I half am if there is such a thing as being half gay,” Scott laughed. 

“You’ll at least admit that you are or at least you have to me.  Before you do this, are you sure you want to?  Will you not do it and then dump his ass because you get bored?”

“Matt, I do want to do it.  I can’t promise I won’t dump him.  I really don’t know him that much other than he is cute and a nice guy.  If you were to meet someone, could you promise the same thing?”

“You’re right, Scott,” I said and called out Hayden’s number.  Scott stepped outside the door and left it open.  Corey walked in.

“Wassup?” he asked.

“Not much, where’d you run off to?” I asked.

“Oh, you were right.  It was boring.  I went and shot around a little in the gym,” Corey replied.  “Why didn’t you go home?”

“I thought I’d better hang around here and stay up on my studying,” I replied.

“Matt, shooting hoops by myself was great therapy.  You know the last thing I ever expected was to come here and find a boyfriend right off the bat…”

“Same here, Corey.”

“It happened and was the happiest time of my life followed by damn near the worst other than being molested,” Corey said.  “You know Mom blames that on why I’m gay.”

“How stupid,” I said.

“I know but it is her reason why I am and won’t accept any other reason like it is just the way I am,” Corey said. “Matt, you’re lucky to have your Mom.”

“I know that I am, Corey,” I said with Scott coming back into the room.  He grabbed Kris’s bed. 

“Hey, if y’all wanna kick it tonight holler,” Corey said.  He stood and left out the door.  I moved over and locked it.

“What did he want?” Scott asked.

“Nothing actually,” I replied.

“Dude, he’s still crazy as ever about you.  You know that right?”

“I know, Scott,” I said.

“Hayden is on his way,” Scott stated.  “You care for a little game to pass the time?”

“Sure, why not?” I replied.

We turned on the game system for more Street Fighter.  I wasn’t that into it but had no trouble in disposing of Scott’s weak ass.  We heard a knock.  I just hoped it was Hayden, which it was.  He was looking sharp in a nice green Polo and shorts with a hot necklace.  He smelled great as well. 

“Thanks, Matt,” Hayden said.

“No problem, Hayden,” I said.

“Hell, Matt won’t have shit to do with my ass…” Scott said before I cut him off.

“Just drop it, Scott before you blow everything up,” I said. 

“Matt, did you call Reilly yet?” Hayden asked.

“Who’s Reilly?” Scott asked.

“He’s this cute guy in our art class and thinks Matt is hot,” Hayden replied.

“At least, he has good taste,” Scott commented.  Hayden shot Scott a look. “Hey, both of you are hot to me.”

“Way to cover your ass,” I laughed.  “No Hayden, I haven’t had a chance.”

“Go for it, Matt and make Corey so jealous he can’t stand it,” Scott said.

“Matt wouldn’t do that…” Hayden said.

“I sure as hell would and find the fucking hottest motherfucker here…” Scott said.

“I’m doing because I’m ready to move on and meet new guys.  I’m not sure about the dating thing yet and getting deeply involved.  It takes time after you’ve been crushed to ashes,” I stated.

“You’re ready Matt and show Corey you’re past it,” Hayden said.  I watched him slyly slide his hand on Scott’s thigh. 

“Maybe I am ready,” I said after a brief pause.  “You know why let one bad relationship keep me from enjoying a good one.  Reilly might be just what I need.”

“Boy, go for it,” Hayden said with Scott’s hand now on his waist.

I excused myself from the room.  I was nervous as all get out before I made the call to Reilly.  He was eager to come over and jumped at the opportunity to get to know me better.  When I returned, Scott and Hayden were getting along quite well with Hayden on top of Scott and making out like crazy with him.

“How’d go?” Hayden asked.

“He’ll be here in thirty minutes,” I said.

“I guess that’s our hint to leave then,” Scott said. “Holler if you need anything.”

With them gone, I hurried around to look decent and cussed my long hair.  I had thoughts of putting it in a pony tail but didn’t have any rubber bands around to do so.  Now my biggest fear would be Corey would come back and ruin everything.

Reilly showed up exactly on time and looked so hot.  He had short brown hair, a little darker than mine, with cute sideburns.  He had nice stud earrings in his ears and a bar in the top of his left one.  He had deep brown eyes with dark lashes.  He was wearing a tight Polo that looked a size too small and nice shorts, making me feel rather underdressed.

“Hey, how’s it going?” I asked. 

“Pretty good,” he replied. “Nice room here. I see your room is at least decent.  My room is trashed with clothes everywhere.”

“Thanks, it would be that way if it was left up to my roommate,” I stated.  He grabbed Kris’s desk chair.

“Matt, I’m glad you asked me over.  It really made my night,” Reilly stated.

“I guess we both have Hayden to thank,” I said.

We talked with ease about our class.  He seemed rather easy going and was saying all the right things but so was I.  He suggested we grab something to eat and treated me to a decent place in our college town since we both said we were sick of the food.  The conversation was pleasant between us with it revolving around our college and classes.  He raved about his family and how accepting they were of him when he came out over the summer.   He said he did so to avoid the hassles at his private school about three or four hours south of campus.  I told about my Mom and how great she’d been before raving about Kris.

We came back to campus with Reilly grabbing my hand.  His hand was so soft.  We came back to my room.  I didn’t want to move too fast and it didn’t seem he did either.  We were nicely interrupted by Scott and Hayden.  They were great and stopping by to see how things were going.  We watched TV for a while.

“Guys, I better jet,” Reilly stated.

“You don’t have to run just yet, do ya?” Hayden asked.

“I better,” Reilly said.  “See ya around.”  I followed him out the door.  We stood in the stairwell.

“Thanks for stopping by,” I said.

“The pleasure was all mine for sure,” Reilly said.  He leaned over and kissed me.  It was so perfect and sweet.  “Can I see you tomorrow?”

“Of course.  I’ll look forward to it,” I replied.

“I got your number now and will call ya,” he said.   We shared one final kiss that left me wanting more.  All told he was so great. 

I think I floated back to the room. 

“Guys, I better run, too,” Hayden said.

“Not on your fucking life,” Scott said. “You know I have the room to myself tonight.”

Hayden smiled, “God, it would be heaven.”

“I’ll show your hot ass heaven,” Scott said and kissed Hayden. 

Hayden broke the kiss, “So Matt, what did you think of Reilly?”

“Yeah, he is sort of hot,” Scott said.

“Sort of my ass,” I laughed.  “Hayden, he was great.  Thanks a million again.”

“No sweat and thanks for hooking me up with Scott,” Hayden said.

“We’ll see what he says in the morning,” Scott laughed.

“Let’s go then, Scott,” Hayden said.  He stood and pulled Scott up with him.  They left and did seem to hit it off quite well.

I didn’t mind and glad I had pawned Hayden off on Scott.  Knowing Scott, it wouldn’t last past this weekend.  I hoped it would so I could pursue Reilly without him back trying his hardest to get with me.  I thought Reilly and mine’s first night was so perfect.   There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about him but I did know it was just our first time to be around each other and people do put on their best effort.  Reilly did and showed he was interested in me.  My hope was to take it slow and just see what happened. 

I lay on my bed in the quiet.  Was I really ready for another shot at this?  I came to college to get a great education yet here I was already worrying about something that may never get off the ground.  Maybe I should just enjoy the experience without the interference of another boyfriend.  Then again, why not?


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