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Matt (18), the author; Kris, Matt’s roommate and best friend.
Friends:   Scott and Juan, roommates; Jess and Robert, roommates; Michael and Corey (the BF) roommates; Stephan.  All live on the same floor and are 18 and freshmen except Juan, 19.   Rick, their RA.

Liz, Kris’ girlfriend;  Kendall and Noel, friends on the first floor of the dorm.

Others will be added as they are introduced and play a part in the story.

When the door opened at Corey’s room after a slight struggle, I saw a guy that I vaguely recognized from the rec center that worked out sometimes at the same time we did. He was in Corey’s bed with a sheet over what appeared to be his naked body. My heart broke right there.
“I can explain,” Corey said in a panic yet very nervous and in his boxers.

“No… you can’t,” I said with tears in my eyes. “I don’t guess I was good enough for you!”

I slammed the door in his face and sprinted back to my room almost knocking over a guy I barely knew.  I opened the door with Kris and Liz on the bed.  I slammed our door and screamed, “FUCK!” at the top of my lungs.

“Oh no!” Kris said in a slight panic.  “Something’s really bad wrong here.”

I jumped on my bed and buried my face in my pillow.  I didn’t want Liz to see my cry.

“Liz, I think it’s time you left,” Kris said.

“Yeah, I have a feeling this ain’t good,” Liz said. 

Kris grabbed me by the shoulder.  “Matt, you alright?”

I rolled over, “Hell no I’m not alright.  Fucking Corey was in his room with some guy…” I broke down right there and began crying uncontrollably.  Liz came to my side to be with Kris and me after seeing my emotional dam break. 

“Liz, please.  I know you want to help but it may be best if we did this alone,” Kris said.

“Are you sure?” Liz asked. “I can stay.”

“I’ve got my best friend that needs me now more than ever,” Kris said to her.

Kris was doing his best to get me to stop brawling like a 3 year old after a good ass whopping.  “It’s not what you think,” Kris said to Liz with him holding me close while I let out the tears in his arms.

Liz waited for Kris to kiss her goodbye.  I assumed it was a good kiss but didn’t see but heard the smacking barely.  I was hyperventilating now and doing my best to calm down.

“Matty, do you need me to go fuck him up?” Kris asked me after coming back and throwing his arm around me.

“No… that might… make things even… worse,” I sobbed and could hardly speak I was so emotional.

Kris shook his head with his blond hair flying, “He’s got a hell of lot of nerve.  Here all of us have been nothing but great to him.  He goes and fucks it up under your nose while he knew you were gone home. What a son of bitch!”

I sat up, wiped my eyes and did get under control after a few seconds, “Kris, I never would have imagined this in a hundred years.”  I took a deep breath. “Why? Why Kris?”

“I don’t have the foggiest idea why he would do that,” Kris said. “You want me to find out for ya.”

“No, I don’t want to know the truth,” I said. “The guy was hot but still.”

“I don’t care if he was an Abercrombie model with a foot long dick.  He had right to fuck you over like this,” Kris said with his voice raising. “Now I’m fucking pissed.”

“Kris, please don’t do anything stupid.  If he thinks that… that guy is better than I’ll just live with it.”

“I can tell you right now.  There’s no possible way he is better than you are,” Kris said. I gave him a big hug for being there and understanding. “Matt, you want me to leave?”

“Yeah, if you don’t mind.”

“I will and let you be alone. I can see you’re pretty upset over this but hell I would be too after what you’ve been through with him,” Kris said. “I’m going to shower and go grab something to eat. You’ll be okay, right?”

“I will and thanks,” I replied. 

Kris dropped his shorts and did his best to make me laugh by shaking his hot ass.  It did give me a brief smile seeing he was trying to perk me up.  I sat with my hands behind my head staring at the ceiling with my thoughts.  More than anything, I was hurt and disappointed.  I had had break-ups before but none this dramatic or out of the blue.  Kris came back in to dress before leaving quietly.  Once the anger, frustration and disappointment were gone, I was able to think about the previous week and how it made perfect sense why I had seen so little of Corey. 

I got up and put away my things.  There was a knock at my door.  I opened it to see Corey standing there. I started to slam the door but he caught it.

“Matt, I’m sorry,” Corey said.

“You’re nothing but fucking shit to me, you asshole! Leave!” I screamed at him. “You’ve got a lot of fucking nerve coming here!”

“Listen to me,” Corey stood his ground.

“No, there’s no explaining what I saw with my own two eyes.  Corey, fucking get out!  I have nothing good to say right now!” I was getting pissed and about to cry again.

“I’m sorry!” Corey said with me gesturing to the door.

“Sorry is not good enough!  Have a good life! Get out of my goddamn room!” I screamed as loud as I could.  He got the picture and left.  All his little visit did was piss me off that much more.  I sat down at my desk and stared at the wall in front of me until a small knock came at the door.

“Is there some kind of problem, Matt?” Jess asked me after I opened the door.

“You don’t want to know,” I said.

“I do.  You’re my friend and I do care about you,” Jess said.

“Jess, please just leave.  I appreciate it but right I don’t want to talk about it. Basically, Corey fucked me over,” I said. “I tell you and all the others later the full details but I’m sure Kris is spreading the word as we speak.”

“I bet he is or he’s fucking up Corey,” Jess laughed.

“I hope not but you never know,” I said. 

At the door, Jess patted me on the shoulder, “Dude, you’ll be just fine.  Any gay guy would be lucky to have you.”

“Thanks Jess.”

I tried to open a book but the image of Corey and the other guy was plastered in my brain along with replaying that horrific scene over in my head.  Trying to concentrate on my studies like I had hoped was now useless and meaningless.  I left a note telling Kris I was gone out and be back later.  I wanted to escape this room and really be alone.  I walked around campus and found a nice place near the soccer fields to sit and think.  Intentionally, I left my phone so Kris or anyone else couldn’t call.  I sat down on a grassy knoll and gazed out across the vacant field.  I cried a little at first out of self pity and being ruined.  This wasn’t going to set me back in the least.  It was a bump in the road of life, yet one that was sure rough. I sat there in my thoughts for a good hour giving myself a big pep talk.  I knew I was going to make it one way or the other.  I stood, wiped the grass from my shorts and headed back to the dorm.  The room was vacant and quiet.  Kris scribbled something about going to the rec center to shoot hoops and had it on my desk.  At least now, I was able to open a book and concentrate on the words somewhat.

After about an hour, the door flew open with four sweaty guys in shorts sagged down low doing my eyes so good.  I was fortunate to have some great eye candy for friends who didn’t mind if I occasionally ogled at their hot bodies that were getting hotter by the day with all the work we put in at the rec center.  Not a one of us was going to fall victim to the dreaded freshman weight gain if we could help it.

“There you are,” Kris said and came over to pat me on the back. “You okay?”

“Lots better now,” I replied.

“We got a few details,” Scott said. “This really sucks Corey was fucking around on you.”

“I’ll survive now,” I said, “but thanks.”

“Matt, we’re a team brother, so if you need anything, you just holler,” Juan said.

“Yeah dude, just let us know.  Maybe the four of us can gang up on that low life,” Jess said.

“You know what sucks is just last week Corey was bragging on how good you were in bed,” Scott said. “He needs kicked in the balls or something.  He’s a fucking dumbass in my book.”

“Thanks guys, I see now who my friends are and I really do appreciate it. I’ll make it just fine once the shock is over and things settle down,” I said.

“Awesome, I know where to come when I’m feeling horny and need some hot guy action,” Scott laughed.

“Scott, you’re fucking sick.  Here you bragged all day slamming Kara’s pussy all night yet you basically want to get with Matt now,” Kris said. “I don’t get it.”

“Try it out some time and you’ll see,” Scott smiled and poked my other experimental friends who openly admitted they had had gay sex and liked it but preferred women in the end.

My friends were super and did everything possible to keep me occupied the remainder of the night until I finally asked them to leave so Kris and I could study some more. Kris and I had our long bedtime chat that both of us enjoyed.  I felt it really made us closer.  Kris did his best to rationalize my dilemma along with pumping me up, which I dearly appreciated more than he would ever know.

The next week Corey and I were the talk of our friends in our circle that was pretty big and still growing.  His roommate Michael couldn’t believe it when he heard about and was cool with me.  I saw Corey once that week and avoided him even though he said hi.  I tried my best to convey to him with my body language I was hurt and wanted no part of him.  Corey tried to buddy up with Jess and another guy Wyatt.  Jess was put off with him and was on my side where Wyatt laughed it off.  Wyatt firmly had the reputation of being the hall drunk, which was well earned.  I continued studying harder than ever along with continuing to work out with Kris and the others.  I buried myself in my studies when I was not being drug out of the room by Kris.

The following weekend was fun for me.  Scott and Jess took me out and got me so stoned it was unreal.  I was feeling no pain and had a blast with those two.  Neither one tried anything with me and were being friends with Kris out with Liz again.  I did get the experience of being in the same room while Kris fucked Liz after we turned out the lights Friday night.  I was coming down from my high but heard them going at.  Thankfully, Kris didn’t last long but they sure made that bed squeak. I also heard Liz moan like Kris said she did.

That Saturday, we all gathered down the hall in the big room to watch our team on national television.  It was just okay and not near as exciting as being there in person.  We won and stayed undefeated with a huge game looming.  Our RA Rick was cool with everything and joined us with his girl.  Michael was there to be a part of it but no sign of Corey.

As I was leaving, Michael grabbed me by the arm, “I guess you noticed Corey wasn’t here.”

“Yeah, so?” I said matter of factly.

“Matt, he’s with that guy again, who I don’t really like.  His name is Casey and is so different from you.  He’s very unsociable and is not good for Corey.”

“Good then, he wanted him and now he has him,” I stated and didn’t want to hear anymore.  By now, I was over with Corey and had actually been scoping out some guys in my classes once I got the nerve up and ready to date again.

Once back in the room, my friends asked me what he said and I told them.  Nothing else was mentioned the rest of the night.  I was able to laugh and joke about various things thanks to having some really great friends.  Finally about two thirty that night our room was empty.  Kris and I jumped into bed and turned out the lights.

“Matt, thanks for last night,” Kris said. “I’ve been meaning to tell you all day.”

“No problem,” I replied from my bed.

“That was so cool of you though.  I heard stories about roommates fucking with their roommates there and now I know what that’s totally like.”

“It was an experience and not unexpected,” I said. “Kris, we’re friends so it was no biggie.”

“Did you learn anything or make you want to fuck a girl?” Kris asked now on his elbow at this late hour with the light shining through our window.

“Nope, I’m perfectly happy being gay and happy you’re straight as they come,” I replied. “Kris, thanks for letting me see a naked girl in the flesh last week, too.”

“With us rooming, you’ll see plenty of that shit,” Kris laughed.  “She’s hot huh naked?  Perfect tits, nice ass and shaved pussy.”

“She was hot I must say,” I admitted.

“See you’re not so gay that you can’t appreciate a girl’s rocking body like Liz,” Kris said.

“Kris, I do get a big thrill seeing you and the others naked or shirtless,” I laughed. “I have some hot friends now.”

“We are some fine male specimens I must say,” Kris said.

“Holy shit, you’re admitting a guy is hot,” I said.

“I guess so.  You’ve made me see things differently from that prospective,” Kris said.

I rolled over, “See ya sometime in the morning.”  I did have business to take care with no guy in the picture and I think Kris did too.  I coated myself with my load before going to sleep.

That first full week of October went by in a flash for me while studying for some tests and having the best friends I could ever hope for.  I was proud of my grades so far and could see where my efforts were paying dividends.  Kris’ grades were okay as well in part to his studying and actually trying.  We kept working out on a normal basis.  I did take off Friday and swam with Scott for a change for both of us.

The big event for that Friday was an all-out sorority social for Kris, Jess and Juan’s girls.  I didn’t mind and welcomed a quiet night for a change even though it was Friday night.  I knew the next day there was a big game in town.

Kris headed out for a while and returned with his hair cut, probably a good 3 or 4 inches off it.  “I don’t want any comments about this and did it as favor to Liz,” Kris said.

“Where’d you go? I need mine cut something fierce now,” I stated since my hair was down on my shoulders and hell to mess with.  Kris explained the place not far from campus before heading off to shower and returning to dress in his best attire, a button up shirt and nice jeans.  It seemed neither of us brought any clothes to dress up in and didn’t see the need until now. 

Kris, Jess and Juan met in our room before heading out early, around 7.  Not ten minutes later there was a knock at my door.  I opened it to find Scott there in his jeans and tee.

“Looks like just us tonight.  Hope you don’t care,” Scott stated.

“It’s cool,” I said.

“You wanna head off campus to grab something to eat?” Scott asked. “I’m seriously burnt out on the food here.”

“You’re right there. It is getting to taste all the same.  Let me change right quick and we can head out,” I stated since I was in athletic shorts and a sleeveless tee for comfort. 

We went in Scott’s car like he insisted.  No more than on the road, he pulled out a joint and lit it driving.  He passed it to me for a hit.  I was a tad hesitant but did so.  We drove around like idiots smoking weed before driving thru to pick up Scott a burger and me a chicken sandwich for a change.  His car now reeked of marijuana smoke and thankfully we didn’t get stopped.

“You do this often?” I asked.

“Some, when I feel the urge,” Scott replied while driving.

“No way could I drive high,” I stated.

“I’m used to it and knock on wood, I haven’t got stopped yet,” Scott laughed. “I keep my shit hid in here good.”

“Your day will come,” I said.

“Oh well,” Scott laughed.

We got out of the car and knew we reeked.  We quickly headed up the stairs and chowed down on our food that smelled so good and tasted even better when you’re stoned.

“Hey, how’s your brother doing?” I asked. “You haven’t said a word about him in weeks.”

“Oh Trevor, he’s better now that he’s found a boyfriend,” Scott said. “He called me this week and had to tell me all about getting his cherry popped.”

“Damn, you must be close to him,” I laughed.

“Hell, he was bragging about it and needed someone to tell.”

“Have you told him about me?”

“Oh yeah and how cool you are,” Scott said. “You need to meet him and show his ass how a real gay guy acts in public.”

“Everyone’s different and handles it differently,” I laughed.

“Tell me about it,” Scott laughed. “Dude, are you still high?”

“Yeah, I am,” I replied.

“I’m high as fuck over here.  That was some great shit I got hooked up with this week,” Scott said. “You wanna challenge me in Street Fighter?”

“Sure, I played it stoned a few times,” I laughed.

“I sure as hell have,” Scott replied.

It was in the PS3 already and the battle was on.  We did our best to concentrate on the game and did have a good time laughing at each other’s stupid moves. The action was heated as was my room so quickly we slung off our shirts which wasn’t unusual.  After a solid hour with our high dissipating, we called it quits with the game.

“Matt, you are really an awesome guy,” Scott said. “It has been a blast since day one.”

“It has been, hasn’t it?” I replied.

“We really have a great group of friends,” Scott said.

Now I was wondering where this was going or was he being reflective. “We are all so different yet all get along in a good way.”

Scott leaned over and kissed me.  It wasn’t a friendly tap on the cheek but a definite passionate kiss to the lips. “I want you Matt!” Scott said. “You are so hot to me!”

“Please Scott, don’t,” I said.

He kissed me again with lots of tongue.  I wanted to fight it but didn’t since it was a great kiss.  I could feel his hands roaming my body while we continued to kiss.

“You can’t deny I’m a good kisser,” Scott said after we broke the kiss.

“You are but this is so awkward for me,” I said. “We are friends, Scott!”

“So friends can hook up,” Scott said and stroked my sides with his soft touch. “When was the last time you had sex?”

“Three weeks ago now with that ass!” I replied.

“You shouldn’t ever be that long without sex.  You have a great dick that needs action,” Scott said and moved his hands to my jeans. “I want this dick, Matt!”

He was coming on stronger than anyone ever had to me before. “Are you doing this to say we’ve fucked?” I asked.

“No Matt, I like you a lot,” Scott said. “Matt, I’m bisexual and know it.  I ditched my girl to have a shot with you.”

Now I ready didn’t know what to do or say.  I was attracted to Scott and did like him as a friend.  I didn’t see how this dynamic would work.  My mind was in overdrive with a hot guy seducing me harder than ever. 

“Well?” Scott asked after a pause.

“Scott, us dating would kill our friendship if something happened.  I know you too well and your dating history.”

“I know you would say that shit,” Scott said. “Haven’t you ever just had sex to have sex? You know like test drive a car to see if you like it.”

“I have but not with someone I considered a friend like I do you,” I said.

“Fuck it then,” Scott said.

I grabbed Scott and kissed him passionately. “You know college is all about first time experiences and trying out new things.”

“Hell yeah it is,” Scott smiled.  He unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them along with my boxer briefs to the floor.  He smiled and grabbed my big cock.  “Damn, you have a great cock like I said.”  He licked up and down my cock with one hand holding my low hanging balls.  He kissed me again and returned to my cock.  With one hand jacking me, his mouth covered my cock.  His mouth did feel good and was so wet.  I looked down and saw Scott working my cock. He removed his hand and went deeper.  I moaned with the feeling.  He pulled up and licked the head and underside of my rock hard cock. He stopped and dropped only his jeans since he was going commando to free his straining cock.  I reached around and grabbed his cock while Scott returned to jacking and sucking my cock. 

He stopped before we moved to my bed.  I licked his chest and abs which were very tight and hot with all the work we had been doing.  I enjoyed licking his probably 7 inch thick uncut cock.  I had little experience with uncut meat but enjoyed the experience of his foreskin.  I dropped down and started slobbering on his veiny meat. 

“OOO fuck!” Scott moaned and played with my hair.

I continued to suck him and ran my hands up his fit tight body.  I opened my throat and took all of him in my mouth.

“Motherfucker!” Scott screamed. “Fucking hot, Matt!”

I bobbed up and down to enjoy his savory cock.  I twirled my tongue to his satisfaction and was now glad this was happening.  I licked his cock several times and kept sucking him. 

He pulled me up.   “Damn, you’re the fucking best!”

“I love your nice cock!”

“See, this ain’t so bad is it?”

“Fuck no,” I smiled. “You wanna fuck me?”

“Only if you will fuck me with your big cock and let me feel you deep in me,” Scott said.

I pulled out my condoms and lube.  I wasn’t prepared for this but was too horny to stop.  I fingered my nasty ass and wiped it off.  Scott unrolled the condom and lubed us up.  I was on my back ready to take him. He leaned over for a kiss. I felt his hard cock at my hole and opened up to take him.  He slid in me with a touch of pain.

“MMMMMM Scott!” I moaned and tried to adjust.

“Very hot and fuckable ass,” Scott said and continued to go deeper.

He was deep in me and began fucking me.  It did feel good to have him in me and be fucked again.  I moaned with each plunge.  Scott pinched my nipples and continued to fuck me with his nice cock.  He pressed me forward with my feet on his chest.  He looked me deep in the eyes while fucking my ass.  I was moaning and breathing hard as ever. 

“Damn this is fucking great!” Scott said.

“OOOO yes, fuck me!” I moaned with my head spinning with elation.  He slapped my ass and rammed his cock in and out my ass.  I was almost screaming with pleasure along with panting like a dog.  He pulled out and tossed off the shitty condom.

“Fuck me Matt!” Scott said in my face.

I grabbed a condom and lube.  I fingered his ass to loosen him up.  He unrolled the condom after I was rock hard again.  He got on his knees to take me.  I eyed on very hot ass and slapped his ass with my cock.  I stuck my throbbing cock at his hole.  I pushed in and felt a little enter before slipping out.  I poured on more lube to my cock and his ass.  I pushed again and went past his ring. 

“OOO Fuck!” Scott screamed with a tight grip on my sheets.

“I’ll go slow,” I said. 

“Fuck!” Scott screamed again with the slightest movement. I slowly went deeper and could feel his tight ass around my cock.  With half my cock in him, I slowly started fucking him.  “MMMMM!” Scott moaned.

“Your ass is so tight,” I commented.

“Yeah, it’s been a while since I got fucked,” Scott said.

I continued to fuck him slowly and going deeper in him.  He reached down and started jack his cock while I methodically fucked him at a slow pace.

“Fuck me a little harder,” Scott said.

I increased the pace and heard his deep moans.  It was too long before my cock was all the way in him.  His ass was so tight but getting a tad looser.  I grabbed his waist and fucked him at a good pace that he was very comfortable with.  I kept up a nice pace until a few minutes later I felt his ass almost strangle my cock.  He groaned loudly and busted his load on my bed.  He shot what seemed like forever and covered my bed with his cum.  I waited until he finished and pulled out.  After a few strokes and Scott now on his stomach, I came all over his chest.  I spewed a good 5 shots onto and across his chest.  He grabbed my sensitive cock and smeared the cum into his chest. He pulled me down for a hard passionate kiss. 

We kissed for a little while before collapsing snuggly in my bed. 

“That was the best fuck I’ve had ever,” Scott said.

“Thanks but you’re being nice,” I petted his face.

“No, you’re one hell of a fuck and worth dumping a girl for,” Scott said. “I don’t care if nothing comes of this but my ass was totally satisfied like never before.  Hell, look at all of this fucking cum all over your sheets.  I’ve never busted a lot like that, ever even with what I considered the hottest girl ever.”

“Maybe you wanted me worst than I knew,” I said.

“I wanted you.  You delivered for damn sure, Matt.”

We petted and kiss a little more.  I did enjoy touching his toned body that I hoped I would have if I continued to work at it.

I looked over and saw Scott had dozed off. “Scott, wake up.  Kris will be here any time now.”

Scott shook his head, “No he won’t.  They are renting a room for the night at least Kris and Jess are.  Juan’s broke ass is staying at that girl’s place.”

“That’s news to me,” I said.

“I knew all along and why I had this planned for us to hook up,” Scott said.

“Okay then.  I do like snuggling with a hot guy,” I smiled.

“We really don’t have a choice, do we?” Scott said.

“I guess not,” I said.

He turned and wrapped his arms around me.  It was odd in a way but it felt so good.  I don’t know if this was a one-nighter or something in the making.  I really do love having a boyfriend and craved the love and attention from one.  I wasn’t exactly sure Scott was great boyfriend material since he did say he was bisexual.  At least what I had done was not while I was dating someone.  I may regret it later but for now, I definitely didn’t when I dosed off to sleep with Scott pressed against me.


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