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Opening the door to our apartment felt so good this Friday in early March. It had been a long flight back home after a week-long seminar on the west coast. Flying and staying in a hotel room gave me a new respect to those who did it for a living. 

Corey came walking around the corner. My bags hit the floor before we embraced and kissed. He slung me around and acted as though he truly missed me. The truth was I had missed him more than I imagined I would despite talking to him for at least an hour every night. 

“Did you miss me?” I asked after he let me down.

“Not one iota,” he replied.

“I didn’t miss you either… well maybe just every second of the night I was sitting in my hotel room.”

“Matt, I missed you so much and nearly went fucking crazy!”

Corey grabbed my bag and carried it for me. I went and collapsed on our couch. The familiar scent and feel of our apartment was flooding my senses and made me feel so good to be home. Corey had kept our place very clean while I was away.

He came back and was carrying what appeared to be a card in his hand. He presented it to me. It was our wedding invitation. 

“I think Scott did a fantastic job,” Corey said.

“They look very nice,” I said, looking it over for any mistakes. After close examination I saw nothing I would change.

Corey reached across and flipped the card over to show me the map that would direct our guests to our wedding site. “If you approve, I can just call or text Scott to have them printed,” Corey said.

“I think they’re beautiful. The off-white card stock will be perfect,” I stated.

Corey grabbed his phone and sent Scott a text message that everything was good. Scott and Corey had been working on the invitation while I was away even though I had laid out the exact wording before I departed.

“Are you ready for tomorrow?” he asked.

“Ummm… what’s tomorrow?”

“Our day for our pictures,” Corey replied. “I can’t believe you didn’t remember.”

“I’m sorry but there’s almost too much to keep up with…”

“Matt, there’s not much left to do in reality. We’ve got the place and the reception set up…”

“We still need to go buy a nice suit,” I stated.

“We do need to do that but can you think of much else we need to do?”

“Ummm… we need to get rooms for our stay…” I replied.

“About that… Are you certain about us not being together the night before our wedding?”

“Corey, that’s one thing I’m sure of. Kris will be with me and Colt will be with you. We won’t see each other until we are standing at the altar. I know it’s old fashioned but it will be a nice touch,” I replied. “We need a room close to the airport for our wedding night too.”

“I don’t guess I should’ve asked,” Corey said.

“I have a list on my tablet so we won’t forget a thing. I don’t want us running around here like crazy the week before and forget something important,” I said.

He leaned over and kissed my cheek. “I’ll add your organizational skills to my list of reasons why I’m marrying you.”

I laughed. “Good then. Maybe you’ll see I am the right one.”

“I guess you are,” he said and tackled me. It was fun wrestling around a little with him. Corey never exerted his great strength and loved tickling me. We rolled into the floor, basically Corey guided us there. We wrestled a little until he was clearly the winner. My prize was having him perched on top of me before we kissed. 

Corey lifted me off the floor and back onto the couch. I took my tablet and began looking over my list. “Corey, how would it sound if we spent our wedding night in the same place where we spent our first Valentine’s together…”

“Ummm… don’t you think they’d know? It is rather obvious.”

“I just hope they’re not that juvenile… wait… I am talking about our friends,” I laughed.

“You are, but if you ask me it is a perfect place for us and is fairly close to the airport there,” he stated.

I was able to find our hotel and easily booked a room there for our wedding night. While on the computer I also booked flights which were easier and more convenient than I imagined. The downside was having to drive back to our place after arriving. One good thing about arriving back was Kris and Colt wouldn’t be around so there wouldn’t be any temptation to stay with them after our arrival. We had discussed flying out and having someone pick us up at the airport near our home but we decided to lessen the burden and do it this way.

Before I departed, we had a small crisis when it was announced same sex marriage was ruled unconstitutional here.  However, like other states, the ruling was subject to Federal Court rulings later.  Rather than risk waiting and be ruled against, we got our heads together and decided to continue on the course which we had planned.  It would be nice getting married here but things were now headed in a good direction for us.

After I logged off, Corey took my hand and led me to our bedroom. It was surprising it took this long before we were naked. It felt so good to be back with my fiancé. His kisses and petting were so comforting. We showed we truly missed just being with each other.

My eyes opened about eight on this sunny Saturday. I tore myself away from his arms to start my day. 

After eating and messing around a little I sent Kris a text message to see if he was awake and available. My text was barely sent before my phone began ringing.

“Bro, how was your trip?” he asked on his end.

“Let me say I’m really glad to be home,” I replied.

“I bet. First, I have some good news and some bad news I’ve been fucking dying to tell ya,” Kris said.

“What is it?” I asked and was curious.

“Bro, Melissa is home sick…”

“I hate to hear that,” I said.

“Basically the good news is we’re moving home.”

“Yes! That’s awesome, Kris!”

“Before you get too excited, it will be next year after we’re married,” Kris said.

“I knew it. I knew you’d do it…”

“We’re gonna do it. I haven’t yet proposed to her but we talked seriously about it this week. She’d move home right after she graduates in May but I don’t think I should leave just yet,” Kris said on his end.

“Why not?”

“Bro, I need a little experience to land a better job. I know coaching and teaching jobs there are special and highly sought after. It’ll give me time to land the right one as well as I get more experience,” Kris replied.

“I’m really happy for you and Melissa. I’ll be counting the days,” I said.

“I doubt that. You’ll be married. Remember? So how are the plans going with that?” Kris asked.

“Corey just showed me the invitations last night so they’ll go out after they are printed. We’ve booked our flights and hotel. Kris, you do know Corey and I will be in separate ones the night before our wedding? Is it cool you’ll be with me that night?” I asked.

“Bro, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Today we’re going to have a few pictures made at this studio Scott found for us,” I said.

“That’s cool bro. I’ll look forward to the pictures… hey, any nude ones?” Kris asked and laughed.

“Hmmmm… I haven’t thought about that. I could see us doing a few very tasteful ones,” I replied.

“Matt, you should do it if nothing else for you and Corey. It’d be a great way to remember how you looked when you got married when you get old,” Kris laughed.

“I’ll ask Corey and see what he thinks about the idea,” I said and saw Corey walking in my direction.

Kris told me about Ted and Luke showing up at his school and how great they were. Corey walked up behind me and wrapped his big arms around me. The three of us talked with Kris pitching the idea of nude pictures as part of our package. Corey liked the idea if the photographer was on board for it.

We hung up with Kris after talking to him for quite some time. “Matt, so you like the idea of a few nudes done?” Corey asked.

“Done correctly they will be a nice addition to the collection. Corey, we’re both proud of our bodies and work hard for them. I don’t think showing a little skin will be all bad…”

“If the photographer will do it.”

“That’s the main thing,” I said. 

Corey and I ate some breakfast before we showered to prepare for our day. We had our earrings in our ears and our hair was fixed exactly how we liked it. No longer was Corey’s blond hair spiked but combed to one side and getting darker blond by the day. We dressed in nice polo shirts and jeans along with some nice shoes. We also grabbed some shorts, button up shirts and flip flops for some very casual photos. 

It took some driving around and debating our phone’s GPS before we arrived at the studio for our pictures. It was located in an old strip mall and downstairs in the back. We saw the small sign on the door and were relieved to have found it. We walked in and saw a guy standing behind a counter.

“Matt and Corey?” Todd asked. We knew his first name by the name of the studio.

“That’s us,” I replied with him coming out to greet us. He was wearing a funky fedora with big spacers in his ears and tattoos down both arms.

“It’s great to finally meet you two lucky men. I’m very honored to be taking your pictures,” Todd said. “When’s the big day?”

“The end of May,” Corey replied.

“I think it is fucking killer. Maybe I can give you my partner’s phone number so you can talk him into getting married,” Todd said. “Follow me.”

We walked behind him and through some doors. It was a studio with a big blank screen behind and very few props. He led us to a computer and began explaining what he’d be doing with various backgrounds integrated after the photos were taken.

After he finished going over everything, I spoke up. “We were thinking of maybe a few nudes together.”

“Something that’s not pornographic,” Corey added.

“I can do that without any problem,” Todd stated. “It’ll be fun shooting those of you two hot young men.”

Todd moved us over and positioned us to begin taking our pictures. It was weird that we were standing there together in front of a blank screen. He instructed us to relax and remember the reason we were there. He moved behind his nice expensive camera and began taking pictures. He gave us instructions on how to stand and the various poses he thought would be nice. Corey and I did some holding hands, some with our arms around each other and some kissing. He got a few with us on our knee re-enacting the proposals.

We finished the first round in our nice jeans and shirts before leaving to change in our shorts and button up shirts. Todd took a few us walking towards him while holding hands and looking at each other. It was harder than it looked since we couldn’t keep from cracking up. 

“How about unbuttoning your shirts?” he asked.

“No problem,” Corey replied. 

We unbuttoned our shirts and did the same. He put us together to pose with me in the front and my shirt open. I really enjoyed posing with Corey’s arms around me from behind and us looking at each other. Todd took several pictures.

Corey and I looked at each other at the end and removed our clothes.

“Now comes the hardest part for some,” Todd said with us standing naked before him. “Just relax and try to forget the camera.”

At his direction, Corey and I stood naked holding hands and facing each other while Todd was behind the camera. Next we moved to stand side by side and our legs obstructing our cocks.

“Nice tats on your chest,” he said behind the camera.

“We’re proud of them,” I said.

“Any meaning?” he asked.

“Lots. It’s our best friends,” Corey pointed to his tattoo. “Me, Matt, Kris and Colt.”

“That’s killer,” Todd said. “I can tell you are both very comfortable being nude with each other.”

“Hell, we should be after four years,” Corey said.

He took more and more pictures of us naked. He took some with full frontal nudity and some that were quite erotic. Corey and I didn’t mind at all and loved being in front of the camera.

Corey and I finished up and dressed. Todd was waiting in front and was uploading the pictures onto his computer. He pivoted the screen around for us to see the raw images. Even with a blank background, they looked stunning. We were so proud of them, including the nude ones. Todd assured us those would be private and only we would have access to them. He said it’d take a few weeks or so before the final photos would be ready to access. He’d give us a disc as well as print nice studio quality pictures for us. 

“It was an honor for me,” Todd said.

“We enjoyed it,” I said.

“I wish you the happiest life ever but I can see you are very happy. It does my heart well to see two men so in love,” Todd said.

“I’ve always been happy with Matt,” Corey said.

“As well you should be. Good luck with the wedding. If it was closer I’d be more than happy to shoot it too,” Todd said.

“We wish it was,” I said. “We’ll look forward to seeing the finished product.”

We left the studio and got back in our car. 

“I’m very glad we did that. I have a good feeling we’ll be happy with them, especially the nudes. Damn that was hot!” Corey said.

“It was very hot. I really enjoyed that. I think we’ll look back and be glad we did it.”

Corey back up and started pulling away. We agreed to go find something to eat since we were out. It’d be a nice late lunch. 

“Corey, also since we’re out, how about we go get fitted for our suits?” I asked. “It could take them a little time to alter one for you.”

“We can do that and get it out of the way,” he said. “Check that off your list. Matt, I’d say from this day forward Sundays we never mention this wedding. We need to forget about it for one day or else we’re gonna be fucking crazy before the day.”

“Maybe add a few days during the week too. You’re right. I’ll be so crazy by the end of May,” I agreed.

We stopped by a place that we heard had good BBQ. There’s nothing like stepping out of the car and having the smell flood my nostrils. We walked in and stood back looking at the menu. 

“How about a rack of ribs and some beans on the side with a good cold one?” Corey suggested.

“Sounds like a winner to me,” I answered.

I found a seat in the crowded restaurant and waved at Corey. He set down our beer while we waited to have our name called. 

It wasn’t long before they called our name. Corey went up to the counter and returned with a great looking rack of ribs and beans. I grabbed one and spotted a girl coming straight towards us.

“Oh my God, it’s Toni,” Corey said.

I turned my head and saw her coming. I put down the rib and stood to give her a big hug, with a guy behind her. “I heard them say Corey and looked up. Sure enough it was the Corey!” Toni said and was looking very nice. I could see she had put on some weight.

“Toni, I need to get your address and number,” I said and pulled out my phone.

“Why’s that?”

Corey smiled, “We’ll send you a wedding invitation.”

“Congratulations!” Toni said and gave me her address and number.

“I doubt you can make it but we’ll send you one anyway,” Corey stated.

“Toni, are you ready to go?” Steve asked her.

“Steve, I haven’t seen these guys in forever. Please be a little patient,” Toni said.

“I’ll be in the car then,” Steve said and walked away.

“Sorry about that but I hate to say he’s rather homophobic,” Toni said.

“He’d never have made it around us,” I said.

“I know. I’ll be quick or he’ll leave me. How’s everyone?” she asked.

“Everyone’s great. We’re here and live in the same complex with Scott, Shawn and Bruce. Kris and Colt still are in the same complex where we were in college…” I said.

“Call me sometime. I’d love to see everyone,” Toni said. “I hate to run and again congratulations on your wedding. I’ll be looking for the invitation in the mail.”

We gave her a big hug and watched her walk away. “That made my day,” I said.

“It’s great seeing old friends,” Corey said.

We resumed eating and devoured everything that was in sight. Once finished we went to a local men’s store to search for our suits. Corey’s naturally had to have some major alterations to fit his muscular body while mine was perfect. Slowly the cost of a wedding was beginning to add up.

We returned home after a full day and we both collapsed on the couch.

“All I know is these fucking contacts have to go,” Corey stated. Rarely did he ever mention anything about his eyes.

“When was the last time you took ‘em out?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Corey responded. He stuck one finger in his eye and took out his contact. I cringed a little seeing it. He did the same to the other eye. “I’ll be blind for a day.”

“Hey, I need to call Scott… damn Corey, you just shit your pants,” I said and got a whiff of the nasty odor.

Corey had a wicked smile on his face and got up. “I think I need to use the bathroom…”

“Change your underwear too,” I said and fanned away the smell but now wasn’t sure if it was his or mine with the beans and ribs doing a number on my stomach too. I called Scott and was able to brag about seeing Toni. He said he was glad I called and wanted to see if Corey and I were interested in going out tonight with him and Jordy. Hearing Jordy’s name excited me but I said I’d call him right back since Corey was in the bathroom.

Corey came walking out shortly after I hung up. “Hey, do you wanna go out with Scott and Jordy tonight? I think they wanna go to a gay club.”

“We could do that,” Corey replied. “We haven’t done that in a while. Where’s Seth?”

“Ummm… he and Scott are taking some time apart,” I said.

“That Scott,” Corey commented.

I called Scott back and said we’d go. He said he’d be at our place about 7 and we could go from there. It gave Corey and I some time to rest and relax. 

Just after 7, Scott was at our door. He was dressed nicely, as was Jordy. Scott was smiling as big as ever. They came and took a seat.

“Notice anything different?” Scott asked.

“Jordy had some surgery,” I answered and noticed something in and around both ears and around his neck as well.

“He did. He had the surgery on his ears and voice box in December,” Scott said and signed to Jordy.

“I did,” Jordy spoke with his mouth and hands as well. It was the first words I’d ever heard Jordy say. It was just beautiful. “Matt, Corey, Scott,” he said slowly. Tears rushed to my eyes with Corey sitting next to me. 

Instinctively, I stood and grabbed Jordy for a big hug. Corey was next. It was very small feat but it must have meant the world to him.

“He really can’t hear much but very loud noises right now,” Scott explained.

“I’m sure that is just awesome,” Corey said with Scott signing to Jordy.

“I love it,” Jordy said slowly.

“I think it is the greatest,” I said. “I had no idea he was having the surgery.”

“I didn’t either until he sent me an email last month,” Scott said and signed to Jordy.

“Wedding,” Jordy said slowly and loudly while pointing at us.

“We are getting married,” Corey said slowly with a big smile and his arm around me. “You are coming.”

Jordy nodded his head he was. Scott began telling us about the surgery and how Jordy would need more once the first one was completely healed. Scott said Jordy would never regain his full hearing but may someday be able to hear people speak but it might be years down the road. Jordy now was working with the deaf along with being fully immersed in speech therapy. Scott tried to explain how he was able to speak words but all that mattered was there was progress.

“Good job Scott, but what’s up between you and Seth?” Corey asked after Scott finished his explanation.

“My ass is destined to single,” Scott replied. “Corey, I wish I knew but I can’t get over that hump with anyone. I get bored with my mates. We’re not completely broken up. Seth was ready to step back and assess things as well. We left the door open and didn’t burn any bridges.”

“Scott, you just haven’t found the right person. You will one day,” I stated.

“I’m really beginning to doubt that,” Scott said and was constantly signing to Jordy.

“How about…?” Corey asked and pointed at them.

Jordy signed back to Scott. “We’re just friends like Matt and Kris.”

“A little more than that,” I said. 

“Maybe,” Scott laughed.

We told Scott and Jordy about our photo session and getting our suits for our wedding. Shortly after, we headed out with Scott driving so we could enjoy our night. We arrived at the club early by most people’s standards but it would allow to get a few drinks and to get comfortable. A big smile was on Jordy’s face with a toboggan pulled over his head to cover up his ears. He still looked stylish with it on.  

With Scott gone to get drinks, Jordy was pointing at his ears. Corey and I were confused and were at a loss by what he meant. Scott finally arrived back with Jordy again gesturing to his ears. 

“He doesn’t hear any music. He was looking forward to seeing if he could now hear a little of the beat instead of going off the vibrations. I assured him there wasn’t any playing though,” Scott said.

We sat drinking our drinks until finally loud music came over the speakers. Jordy’s eyes perked up when he heard the first sounds. He was signing away to Scott. “He can barely hear it,” Scott stated.

“The key is he can barely hear it,” Corey said loudly.

Jordy grabbed Scott and my hand. He was ready to dance and to experience it with the sound of music. He was all smiles which was so heart-warming to be there with him. He was experiencing something all of us took for granted. Corey and I tried our best to keep up with Scott and Jordy while a few others were dancing. Jordy didn’t seem to care if it was just us. He and Scott were great dancers as usual. 

Corey and I came off the floor after four songs to grab another drink. The place was slowly beginning to fill up with guys who looked to be our age. We had a great seat to watch Scott and Jordy dancing their hearts out. 

When the music stopped, Jordy and Scott came walking over to us to catch his breath. They took a seat for a second. Jordy began signing to Scott.

“He’s thirsty and wants another beer. He wants me to go with him but he wants to order it,” Scott said. 

“Can he say beer?” I asked.

“Beer,” Jordy spoke after Scott signed back to him.

“Hell, let’s go,” Corey said and gestured to him. I didn’t want to be left out and wanted to go with him. 

Jordy walked up to the bar with me and Corey on both sides of him. “Beer,” Jordy said slowly to the bar tender.

The bar tender asked what kind of beer at the taps. Jordy had to point until he got the right one. Jordy put down his money and picked up his beer. The smile couldn’t be erased from his face. He sat down and signed to Scott. Scott told us he was excited about ordering. 

The music started up. Jordy turned the glass up and finished his beer.

“Matt… Corey,” Jordy said and gestured to us.

“Fucking retard,” a guy said standing near us.

I swear the blood raced to Corey’s face in one second. “Look buddy. He’s not fucking retarded…” Corey said with the meanest look ever on his face.

“He sounds like it to me,” the guy laughed with two other guys laughing as well.

“He’s deaf, asshole!” Corey shouted with the veins in his neck bulging.

“What the fuck did you say?” the guy asked but didn’t look as though he could handle Corey.

I grabbed Corey by the arm and pulled him away. His fists were clinched tight as ever, thus exposing the veins in his arms. “He’s not worth it!” I said.

“Someone almost got their ass beat,” Scott said, walking towards us.

“Fuck yeah they did,” Corey said with Jordy dancing away.

Corey’s mind wasn’t with it after the incident. He kept looking over his shoulder while we danced. I had rarely seen him like this but he was defending a friend though. It did piss me off that a guy in a gay bar could be so insensitive.

After a few songs I walked off the dance floor and headed to get us another drink. I returned with Corey still pissed.

“Corey, I’m pissed as fuck too but don’t let it ruin the night…” I said loudly.

“You heard their dumbasses!” Corey said and took a drink.

“I did. Look out there,” I said and maneuvered his head. “See that smile on Jordy’s face. We’re here for him tonight and to experience the joy he’s having right now.”

Corey turned and kissed me. “Thanks for showing me what is important. We are here for him and I’m not letting a total asshole ruin his night.”

“Now I hope we’re not here til this place shuts down,” I smiled.

“It’s cool if we are,” Corey said.

We weren’t there until it closed down. Jordy’s energy left him about 1:30 that night. He was still smiling. He kissed Corey and me before we walked out of the packed club. It was an experience I wouldn’t soon forget and was so glad to be a part of it. I only wished all of our other friends like Kris, Colt and Shawn could have been there to see it. Then again, we’d have been thrown out after the guy called Jordy a retard.


Hope you enjoyed this chapter as Rooming continues.  Thanks for patience and thanks for reading as well.


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