Posted:  July 18, 2015

It was about two on this bright sunny warm Saturday before Cale and Daniel arrived.  They were no strangers and came walking through the back door.  I got up and went inside to help Cale knowing that he had gone all out for us. 

“Big crowd,” Cale said standing by the door as I entered.

“It is…”

“I see all your friends are here with Kris and Colt now back for good,” he said.

“We’re excited to have them back,” I said.

I helped wherever I could with Cale sliding some meat balls in the oven.  He wasn’t saying much and had a blank look on his face.

“How long do those take?” I asked.

“About twenty minutes,” he replied.  “You can go back outside to your friends if you want to.  I’ll be fine in here.”

“I’m good and really appreciate you doing this.  You know you didn’t have to.”

“I enjoy it,” he said.

“Cale, are you okay?  You’re not yourself…”

“I’m fine,” he replied. “We do appreciate you thinking of us and inviting us over now that Kris and Colt are back.”

“They’re back for sure.  Do you not feel like one of us now?”

“Matt, Daniel and I know how close you and Corey are to them and don’t want to be in the way…”

I put my hand on his shoulder.  “We are close but I also thought we were tight, too.  Just because Kris and Colt now live here doesn’t mean that you and Daniel will ever be excluded just like you weren’t New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Kris’s wedding or any other time since we met you two.  Corey and I love being around you two a lot.  We can really relate to you two more than anyone here including Scott and Brennan.”

“Thanks, I appreciate you saying that but there are just so many now,” Cale said.

“There are but we enjoy it that way, especially Kris.   His theory is the more the merrier.  You’ve heard our stories about how we’d have a room full in college yet still would welcome anyone who came.  Now our room is bigger with a pool so don’t think that just because there are a few here doesn’t mean you’re not welcome.”

“Alright, I’ll stop worrying,” Cale said.  “Daniel is eating this up.  He had a blast over at Kris’s house earlier while we were shopping.”

I heard a knock at the door and assumed it was Reese and Trent.  It was them with the towels over their shoulder and carrying in a Yeti cooler that I knew was expensive.  I introduced them quickly to Cale.

“Wow, nice cooler,” Cale commented.

“It was one of my graduation gifts from Teddy,” Reese said.  “Now I have a really good chance to use it.”

“Watch it.  One of those guys might want to take it home with them,” I said.

“I’ll let Teddy deal with them,” Reese said and smiled. “Something smells good in here.”

“I’ve got meatballs cooking for everyone.  I’ll bring out some dips that I made here in a second,” Cale said.

“Everyone’s out back, naturally.  I’m glad that you could make it,” I said.

“No more glad that you invited us to come over and show some skin,” Trent said.

“Plenty of that for sure out there,” I said and watched them leave out the back door to see the volleyball net was set up across the pool.

“Who’s Teddy?  Do I know him?” Cale asked.

“It’s Ted Wilcox.  Ted’s his uncle.  When we were sophomores, Ted wanted Reese to meet us since he’d just come out.  Honestly, he really looks us to me and Corey.  Now he and Trent have graduated and feel a little lonely,” I said.

“I know the feeling but doubt that we feel that way again,” Cale said. 

“I hope you don’t.  Corey and I see it as just paying Ted back for all the nice things he’s done for us but that doesn’t mean we don’t like him.  We do like him and enjoy being around him.”

“I don’t blame you.  I still think what Ted did with Corey’s brother was the nicest thing ever,” Cale said.

“Cale, remind me that I need to introduce you to Jordy.  He came and is staying with Scott this weekend,” I said.

“Keep bringing em out of the woodwork,” Cale laughed.

Once the meatballs were done and cooling off, Cale and I headed out to the array of skin and sun.  Kris, Colt, Melissa, Faith, Brennan, Daniel, Corey and Trent were in the pool and trying out the new volleyball set.  Seeing us with food caused a quick end to their game with naked wet bodies emerging from the pool.  We warned them that the meatballs were hot with Scott, Reese and Jordy testing the fresh spinach and shrimp dip. 

Cale pulled me aside.  “That one guy is sort of different.”

I whispered, “He’s deaf.”

“Damn,” Cale said. “I feel so stupid now.”

I introduced Cale to Jordy with Cale now nude.  Jordy gave the thumbs up but I wasn’t sure if it was for the dip or Cale’s nude body. 

Of all people, Kris didn’t heed our warning about the meatballs and ended up giving us a good laugh with him cursing loudly with hot meatballs in his mouth.

It was a sea of nice naked bodies that not a single one of us had a thing to be ashamed of.  For guys now out of college, we’d done well with Colt being the one that had let go before getting back in the swing of things.  Melissa was the photographer and was snapping pictures left and right of us and everything around.  She and Faith were unbelievably relaxed despite being the only two females among us.  

Just as we were about to start up the grill, loud music came from our neighbors next door.  They too sounded if they were having a party so I didn’t feel bad at all for the group that we had.  Daniel took over the grill and began grilling burgers for us.  Corey looked lost and was trying to help but each time Daniel insisted that he had things under control.  With burgers and the previous appetizers, we didn’t need much else to fill our need.  We sat around and began tasting them.  Cale had stuffed with a variety of things like different cheese, peppers, mushrooms or bacon. Mine had blue cheese with mushrooms and were the best.  Corey had Colby jack cheese and peppers thus had an excuse to drink even more.  To top it off, Cale had a great strawberry topped cheesecake. 

“Melissa, you need the recipes from him.  Everything is out of this world,” Kris said with us finishing up.

“Me… he’s a guy and cooks.  Matter of fact, I’m envious and have been of him from day one,” Melissa stated while Scott relayed things to Jordy.

“Must be something about having a big dick and able to cook,” Kris laughed. “Right, Matt?”

“I try but can’t come close to matching his skills,” I replied.

“Jordy says he has a big dick and can’t cook at all,” Scott relayed with us laughing.  “I can’t either for that matter.  Ask Brennan.”

“If not for me, we’d starve.  The cook is actually Shawn but it really basic,” Brennan added.

“I try but I’m awful,” Reese stated.

“He’s not joking either,” Trent laughed.

“Hey bros, I know this will sound cliquish but it don’t get any better than this shit right here,” Kris said.

“I think you mean cliché,” Colt laughed.

“Same fucking difference.  You know what I meant,” Kris said with all of us laughing.  “I’ll say this too.  It’s great to be back near my bros again.”

“I agree.  I challenge any of you to live next to Kris,” Colt said.

“Or be his roommate for your freshman year.  He’s actually calmed down a bit,” I said.

“Don’t we know.  Kris used to have legendary temper,” Scott said.

“I’ll admit that I did but you still love me,” Kris said.

“We do,” Corey said and laughed.

After eating, everyone did their part to clean up.  I got to get involved and saw how hard the volleyball was when you get the deep end.  It was still fun nonetheless.  I hated that Jordy couldn’t get involved and played it smart by not risking an ear infection.  Reese and Trent had blended in quite well and were having a good time.  It thrilled Reese for us to talk about Ted and what we thought of him.  We tried thinking of something bad to say about Ted and never could think of anything. 

With it turning dark, everyone was still going strong but paled in comparison to our neighbor’s party and the noise that they were generating.  Kris reminded everyone that their help would be needed in the upcoming week to get their house ready.  He got the right volunteer with Scott saying he’d help with painting as did Daniel.

Slowly our guest began leaving until it was down to just us with Kris and Melissa but we could hear and smell the party next to us.  I really didn’t know them very well despite living next to them for seven months.  I still talked with the older lady on the other side and helped her when she needed it.  She was sweet and did grace us with some fine cooking on occasion.   

“Melissa, did you have fun today?” I asked.

“I did. By now, I know what to expect,” she replied with Kris’s arm around her waist while we were in the pool.

“I’m so proud of you,” Kris said and graced her with a kiss.  “See there’s not a damn thing wrong…”

“Not everyone is like us, Kris,” I said.

“Thank God for that,” Melissa said.  “However, I know that Faith and I have never felt more comfortable around everyone.  Maybe it has to due with the fact that we’re now settled and in a good place in our lives right now.  I think being married helps out too but I’m ready to move in our house though.”

“We’ve got some good ideas for your landscaping.  I hate that I won’t be around to help out,” Corey said.

“Bro, we’ll make it.  It’s great to have friends like we do that are willing to help out when needed,” Kris said.

“We know all about that,” I said.  “Tomorrow, you need to make a list of things to do like getting all the utilities turned on and what is to be done first.”

“Matt is the good at those lists,” Corey said.  “It does help out but don’t forget a washer and dryer.”

“We’ve got that covered.  My mom and dad are letting us have theirs and buying new ones.  We’ll see how those lasts,” Melissa said.

“Every bit helps.  Fuck, I hope we don’t regret this decision,” Kris said.  “It sucks ass to be broke right now.”

“You won’t, Kris.  I had doubts too but it’s the one of our best decisions.  There’s no way in hell we could do this at where we were.  I actually wonder what I did before I had a yard to mess with,” Corey stated.

“Kris, we’ll be fine and wonder why we worried in a few months.  Actually, our house payment is less than what Faith and Colt are paying in rent.  It will be ours and we can do what we want to.  I do know that it is our beginning and probably won’t be our last house…” Melissa said.

“Will this be your last house?” Kris asked.

“Who knows?” Corey replied.  “You’ll see once you’re done you won’t wanna do that shit again for a long time.”

“I can see us being here for a while unless the neighborhood goes to hell,” I said.

With darkness now upon us, the lights around that Corey had installed came on and added to the ambience of the area.  We sat around a little longer before heading inside. 

Sunday was a rather quiet day for us other than enjoying the pool for some time with only Colt and Faith coming over.  There was no cookout this night and minimal drinking on top of that.  I used up some food from our freezer and refrigerator when it came time to eat. 

With Faith and Colt not staying too late, we were inside and dressed.  I made a list of things that I thought needed to be done with them closing at noon the next day.   It was mostly getting their utilities turned on which shouldn’t be too difficult since Kris would be at the house. 

That night, I don’t know who was more anxious to go to bed.  It was a real toss-up between the four of us wanting to be with our married partners.  For me and Corey, we wouldn’t be able to make love for a week with him leaving the next day.

After we sucked each other’s cock, Corey leaned over the side of our bed with his hot ass in the air.  “I want my fucking hot husband to fuck me hard.  Give me something that will stay with me,” Corey said.

Seeing his ass was too tempting.  I got on my knees and began giving him a hot rim job.  He was moaning and groaning with my tongue sliding in and out of his hole.  It got him so hot and was begging me for my cock.

I stood and lubed up my hard eight inches and his wet ass.  I grabbed his hips and moved close. 

“Fuck me like I did you before you left in March,” he said.

“I will,” I said and slid my cock in his ass.  I remembered the pounding his thick cock gave me before I left.  We usually made love slow and easy but there were times like tonight we wanted it rough.  Once my hard cock was all the way in his ass, I slapped his ass.  He turned his head and smiled at me.  It wasn’t hard getting in the rhythm of fucking his ass hard.  Our skin was really popping together with my hips moving at warp speed.  I loved hearing his deep moans that were growing louder.  I leaned over and kissed his tattoo and neck while slamming my cock in and out of his ass.  

“Fuck yeah… give me that hard dick!”

“You like that shit?”

“Fucking love it,” he said.

I was fucking him hard with our bed shaking.  We were working up a good sweat and breathing so heavy.  I looked down and loved seeing my cock pull back and then slamming deep in him.  He grunted and groaned but wanted it.

I pulled out and saw his gapping wide ass that was red from the friction of our fuck.  He got on his back and spread his legs wide with his thick hard cock dripping precum.  My finger wiped off the precum and tasted his sweetness.   My cock slammed back in his ass.  Now it was tempting just to find his lips and kiss them.  I did so but kept fucking him as hard as I could with sweat dripping from my face and running down my tan body.  I pulled up and grabbed his hard cock.   It only took a few strokes with my cock plowing his ass before he erupted.  Still seeing my husband cum was so fucking hot with cum splattering all over his muscular body.  I pulled out and send my load down his throat like he wanted it. 

We were a sweaty smelly mess and hit the shower.  We kissed a lot and washed off the sweat and cum from our bodies.  After we dried each other off, we held each other in our bed.  More than anything, I’d miss seeing his face and being held by him. 

Monday, I did go by our house for just a few minutes to stay goodbye to Corey.  He wasn’t too upset having to leave since he could visit with his Dad and family along with JJ and Teague.  He did dislike not being able to help out but Kris fully understood.   I said goodbye to my husband and asked that he call when he got there.  Before I could leave, Kris and Melissa came walking inside. 

“Bro, go with us.  We need your opinion on paint colors and appliances.  Our flooring is ordered and will be installed on Friday or better be,” Kris said.

“We went with laminate in the living area and hallway with carpet in the bedrooms,” Melissa said.  “We’re so excited.”

“I can tell and remember the feeling far too well,” I said.  “I’ll go with ya.”

“We’ve got to buy some light fixtures too and have an electrician install them,” Kris said.

“When’s the power turned on?” I asked.

“They did it while we were there just earlier and the A/C was kicking,” Kris replied.

“That’s great.  I take it you know the size of appliances that will fit,” I said.

They looked at each other and smiled.  “No, not exactly,” Melissa said.

“I guess we need to measure and see then,” I said.

“Kris, I’m glad he’s helping us.  Knowing us we’d bought the wrong size,” she said.

With Kris driving, we headed to their house.  He was so proud to hit the garage door and watch it go up with Melissa’s car sitting in there.  We headed inside with a tape measure.  I looked around and didn’t remember it being quite so nice.  It was absolutely perfect for them and would have been for me and Corey as well.  Kris did have the room sizes already so we had a general idea about paint.  We measured the spaces for their appliances and took note of the light fixtures that were needed.

We walked in the big home improvement that was really Corey’s heaven.  First stop was getting the paint.  They debated on colors for a little while but saw how much it was going to be with the guy giving them a figure for the paint and supplies needed.  While they debated, we went to the lighting section.  I suggested keeping the same style throughout with only two being very pricey.  Most were fairly cheap yet still looked nice and stylish.  They got a total for the lights and paint to know exactly how much they had left to spend on appliances. 

We walked over with both of them opening doors and looking inside.  Melissa picked out the ones that she liked and had liked for some time.  There was a big look of disappointment on their faces seeing it was beyond what they had left to spend.

“Melissa, we’ll just get the black ones and be happy,” Kris said.

“We’ll have to.  We have no other choice, do we?” she said.

“I don’t think so,” Kris said and looked at me.  “Matt, see if you like this one instead of the stainless steel.”

I walked over to look at the black refrigerator.

“Bro, I’m in a bind here.  Is there any way possible you could loan the money so we could get what we want… or what she wants?” Kris asked now that we were alone.

“How much is the difference?” I asked.

“With everything, it’ll be close to eight hundred.  If not, we’ll just go with what we can afford.  Bro, it really pains me to have to do this shit,” Kris replied. “I’ll pay you back as quick as possible.”

I debated and stepped away.  I called Corey and asked his opinion.  Loaning money to our friends was really something we’d never done.  Corey agreed with my thinking.  “Buy whatever you need.  I’ll cover the difference for you,” I said.

Kris gave me a big hug.  “You’re the best.  I’ll pay you back as soon as I can if not sooner.”

We walked up and told Melissa.  Melissa was very happy and kissed me on the cheek.  They were able to order exactly what Melissa wanted and it would be installed on Thursday.  We went back and got the paint color as well with it being fairly natural and easier to cover up.

We made it back to our house with the bottle of wine Jeff had given them just like he’d given to me and Corey plus stopped to get a cheap pizza.  I allowed them the honors of opening the wine and watched them share a loving long kiss after doing so.  Melissa poured us a glass with Kris having one as well. 

“Bro, you don’t know how much we appreciate what you and Corey did for us.  I know that the others would have worked…” Kris said.

“They would have but in five years or sooner you’d be buying exactly what you bought today,” I interrupted.

“It just sucks being broke as fuck now!” Kris said.

“Kris, I get paid Friday so it’s just temporary,” Melissa said.

“Bro, my parents came through in the clutch for us.  I had no idea that they were saving some life insurance money for me,” Kris said. 

“Sadly, we’re both thankful for sad events.  You know that I wouldn’t be here if Dad hadn’t passed away and left me his house and life insurance too,” I stated.

“Don’t it suck that people that you love have to die to get any money,” Melissa said.

“It does.  Bro, I could have asked my folks for more but I am tired of that shit after our wedding and honeymoon,” Kris said with us eating.

“Look at the big picture.  You’re getting an excellent start on your future,” I said.  “That’s how I look at it plus we’re still putting money back with Sergio.”

“When we get a chance, we really need to do that.  I know the younger that you start, the more that you end up with,” Kris said.

“I assume both of you have retirement accounts,” I said.

“We do and pretty good ones from what I understand,” Melissa said and took a drink before pouring us a little more wine. “Kris has a good one being a teacher.”

After eating, I sat alone and really missed Corey there with me watching whatever.  It was nice to see Kris and Melissa cuddled up together with Kris’s shirt now off.  Kris found the remote and began changing channels.  Melissa and I looked at each other.  Together we said for him to stop with Melissa grabbing the remote from his hand.  I did hear from Corey with him confirming that he had made it safe and sound.

In my bed, it was easier falling asleep than I thought it would be but there was wine involved.   Clutching Corey’s pillow and smelling his scent made it easier as well.

Both Melissa and I were up early and left Kris in bed.   We headed off to work with me going to the office again.   I didn’t mind it and knew there was a lot to be done.

For the next few days, as soon as I was off work, I headed over to Kris and Melissa’s house to help where needed.  Painting wasn’t my forte but I was able to help Melissa get everything scrubbed down and looking as good as possible.

Thursday, the appliances were installed by the time that I have arrived.  I had to admit that they really did look nice and made the kitchen shine. Kris had borrowed our or should I say Corey’s lawnmower and was cutting the grass while Melissa and I were cleaning out cabinets and applying some paper in each.  They had some pots and pans at the house plus new ones as well from Melissa’s wedding showers.  It gave her the chance to use her nice dishwasher.

Kris walked in the house with sweat rolling down his taut shirtless body and really reminded me of Corey with grass clippings on the floor.  “Bro, I’m missed and will take the shit back to your house,” Kris stated.

I walked out and saw the yard looked much better mowed and trimmed.  The mower and trimming were sitting on the small back patio that they had. “Kris, I hope you don’t plan on returning those looking like that,” I said seeing they were dirty and nasty.

“Wow, you’re right.  The last thing that I want is for Corey to be all over my ass…”

“You know how particular that he is about his things,” I said.

“I do and I’ll need to borrow them until we get out of debt,” Kris said and began looking around.  “One small problem is that we don’t have a water hose.  I’ll clean them off at your house…”

“And clean that area up too,” I said.

“Will do, bro,” Kris said.

Kris did before we began hauling boxes from his parent’s house and her parent’s house.  It was mostly wedding gifts from the three showers that they were given with the last one being a good one with lots of home things.

Back home late, I had one final night without my husband.  Naturally we’d talked every night when he could.  Corey was having a good time with his dad and family along with going out with JJ and Teague.  By the sound of things, he never ate alone and most nights at his dad’s house.

Friday morning, we were all up early with Kris heading to their house to have floor installed.  I would be working from the house in my office with an urgency to finish by three with Corey coming home at four, he guessed.

It was just before noon when word trickled out about marriage equity for everyone.  A tear came to my eye for all of my friends that wouldn’t have to go to great lengths to be married.   However, I wouldn’t change one thing about how Corey and I did it.  Corey and I talked on the phone about it and would celebrate once he was home.

When I finished up just after three, I called Corey to give him the plans with him being about an hour away.  We were meeting over at Kris’s house with plans to move a bedroom suit from his parent’s house to their new house.   It seemed Walt and Jenny were taking advantage of the situation and getting some new furniture.

At Kris’s house, there was a rental van backed up to the garage.  I walked around and saw only a few things in it. 

Kris came walking out without a shirt with Walt behind him.  “Bro, I went ahead and got it moved.  Maybe tonight we can begin to get things from Melissa’s house.”

Walt walked up to me and shook my hand. “Kris told me what a great friend that you were.  Jenny will have a check for you.”

“Dammit Dad, I said that I was paying for that!  You and Mom have done enough as it is,” Kris said.

“Kristopher, are you that stubborn?”

“No but Melissa and I will pay him back.  I never should have mentioned that to you,” Kris said with an angry tone and Jenny coming out.

“I heard yelling,” Jenny said.

“He’s being stubborn,” Walt said.

“Kris, you’ll pay us back then.  I’m disappointed that you didn’t ask us,” Jenny said.

“Look, Melissa and I knew it would be a struggle.  You paid for our honeymoon and helped with the down payment.  Don’t get me wrong here but I appreciate the help,” Kris said.  “Matt, what’s your choice?”

I held up my hands, “I’m out of this.  I know both sides of this story and was there not too long ago.  Besides, I’m waiting for someone to show me the flooring.”

“Bro, I will,” Kris said with us walking inside.  The smell of new carpet flooded my nostrils.  Kris stood back and was now smiling with the laminate under his feet.  It was light colored and really resembled wood.

“It looks great, Kris.  I love it,” I said with Jenny and Walt behind us.
“I wanna see the carpet you picked out.”

“Bro, do you regret rushing to get married now?” Kris asked with a big smile on his face.

“Corey and I talked about it earlier and NO we don’t at all.  I think we pushed everyone else,” I replied.

“I think you did.  I’m happy for Cale and Daniel,” Kris said.

“I am too,” I said.

We walked down the hall to the empty bedroom.  I shut the door to be alone with him and discuss matters. 

“Kris, I was in your shoes last December.  I didn’t want Mom to help me out either and wanted Corey and I to fork over the money.  The thing is we both have fantastic parents who want to see us succeed and not struggle for anything.  Corey was the one that made me see the light and I hope you do now.  I know you didn’t ask them for extra help just like I didn’t.  They are doing it because they love us and you especially with Nathan gone…”

Kris dropped his bare shoulders, “I’ve been a real horse’s ass to both of them over that and being here.  Both took a day off just to be here and help.  I see your point very clearly.  Thanks!”

“We’re learning every day,” I said.

“We are.  I think Melissa and I will stay here tonight…”

“I know where you’re coming from there.  You need to christen your great new home your way,” I said with a big smile.

“Fuck yeah!” Kris said.  “So when’s Corey getting here?”

“I’d say in about fifteen minutes or so,” I replied.

“Great.  You can welcome him back long and hard tonight,” Kris laughed.

“It’ll be slow and easy to make it last longer,” I said.

Kris gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek.  We walked out with Walt carrying in the drawers.  Kris walked up to his Mom and gave her a big hug.  Within a few minutes, I had a check for the amount that I had loaned to Kris.

I pitched in and began unloading the van.  My phone started ringing in my pocket.  I smiled seeing that it was Corey.

“Hey babe…” I answered.

“This is Officer Martinez,” I heard a strange voice with my heart dropping.  “Corey Teller has been in a wreck.  We’re transporting him to Memorial in a moment.  He should be okay.”

“Don’t worry.  I’ll be fine,” I heard Corey in the background.

With my heart racing, “I’ll see you in a few minutes.  Thanks for calling,” I said and hung up.  “Corey’s had an accident.  They’re taking him to Memorial. I did hear his voice.”

“Damn bro!” Kris yelled.  “I’m going with you.  Fuck this shit!”

“Kris,” Jenny said looking at him.

“Mom, you know how I am about wrecks plus this is one of my buds that will need me,” Kris said.


I just discovered that this and another weren't posted like I thought.   I hope you enjoyed and watch for the next one soon not to keep you waiting.


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