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Sitting at my desk at home on this Friday in late March, I was able to look out my window and see the blue skies, budding trees and flowers that Corey had planted.  Corey had been busy in our yard and really had it looking great especially since I was gone the previous week for some training and a conference out West.  Seeing our yard, I didn’t have to ask what he’d done while I was gone but had to check our account knowing that he’d spent quite a bit.

My phone was sitting next to me expecting a call or text at any moment from Kris.  He was in town and had stayed with his parents the previous night to see them while on his spring break.  At 2:15, he called and said he’d be here in five minutes.  I ran to open the garage since I was still working but hurried to finish up a little job. 

“Bro, I’m here!” he announced but I knew he was since I’d seen his vehicle pull up.  “Dammit Matt, where are you?”

“Kris, I’m in my office!” I yelled.

Kris came through the door in his jeans and polo shirt with his hair cut short on the sides and a little longer on top.  He extended his big arms for a hug while I was sitting down.

“Good to see you again,” he said and pulled up a chair to sit behind me.

“Good to see you too.  Give me ten minutes and I’ll be done,” I said.

“Damn, what the hell are doing?” he asked.

“Just some programming,” I replied.

“It looks Chinese to me,” he said and stood.  He headed out and left the door open.  It didn’t bother me in the least that he left so I could finish up my task.  “Hot damn!  The pool looks great!” he yelled.
I heard the back door open and close. 

Finished, I logged off and shut down my computer.  I headed out with my phone in my hand and saw Kris sitting in one of our chairs with his shirt off showing his nice body.  “What do you think?” I asked and pulled up a chair.

“It is awesome.  Does Corey ever sit down?”

I laughed, “For a few minutes but since it’s been nice he’s been out here.  It was nice that he had something to do while I was away.”

“He’s got it looking so good.  I never knew he had it in him,” Kris laughed.

“Me either nor did he.  He says since it is his that he wants it to look as nice as it can and takes great pride in doing so,” I said.

“Maybe one day, Melissa and I will have a place of our own.  Seeing how much you and Corey love it, it’s tempting not to think about buying something,” Kris stated.

“Kris, you should think about it.  It’s not cheap but when we put down the numbers, it’s close to the same amount you spend on rent.  I see at it as an investment.  If not for what Dad left, this wouldn’t be possible until maybe five years down the road for us.  However there’s always an expense that you don’t think of…”

“Yeah, like all this damn landscaping.  Someone’s spending a fortune back here and up front.  It looks fucking tight but I know its work out the ass,” Kris stated.

“It is…”

“I bet you don’t move a finger,” Kris laughed.

“I help when I can.  Our biggest arguments have been when I don’t do something exactly how he wants it,” I laughed and stood. “I bet someone getting thirsty.”

“Bro, I was just about to go grab one,” he said.

I returned with two cold ones and handed one to Kris.  “I forgot to even ask how the job search was going.”

Kris smiled, “Very well.  I think that I could be at a junior high though which is okay with me.”

“When will you know?”

“I won’t know for sure until July when the new school year starts and they hand out contracts.  They said they’d let me know soon once they saw who was leaving.  It doesn’t matter if I don’t have a job or not, we’re moving,” Kris replied.

“It does matter.  You’ll go fucking crazy,” I laughed.

“I did this week,” Kris laughed.  “Thank goodness for going to work out every day.”

“It’s a shame that Colt couldn’t come with you.”

“Bro, he could have if he’d really wanted to.  He’s really starting to feel the pressure of getting married and has been acting weird lately,” Kris said.  “Yeah, we work out but that’s about it.  He never wants to go out and do shit.”

“It happens.  Once everyone is back together, he’ll come around,” I said.

“I hope.  I get the part of being with your girl but not every second once we finish working out.”

“If you move close, there will always be someone around.  I’m sure Cale or Daniel will be happy to do stuff with you too if we’re not around.”

“Bro, do you still see them much?”

“Nearly every weekend,” I replied.

“Bro that’s great.  I really like those guys.  They seem like good guys and a great fit for you and Corey.”

“They are and help us bridge the gap,” I said and winked at Kris. 

Kris and I talked until Corey came walking out the door with a beer in his hand about 4.  He knew Kris was coming and did get off early.  They greeted each other with big hugs before I got my kiss.

“Bro, your ass has been busy,” Kris said with Corey pulling up a chair.

“I had to do something while Matt was gone for a week,” Corey said with a big smile on his face.

“Bro, it looks killer everywhere,” Kris said.

“Thanks but it is a labor of love,” Corey said.  “So what time are we meeting Ted and Luke for dinner?”

“Ted sent me a text at noon and said to be at the restaurant at 7:30,” I replied.

“Are Scott, Brennan and Shawn coming?” Kris asked.

“They said they are,” I replied.  “Actually it will be a good time for all of us.  Tomorrow night, Corey can fire up the grill for us.”

“While we break in the pool,” Kris said.

“Seriously? Have you felt the water?” Corey asked.  “Even Matt’s big dick would shrink up to an inch.”

“First, I’d have to get in there,” I stated.  “Kris, it is ice cold right now.”

Kris walked over and leaned over to touch the water.  “Damn, it must be 50 degrees in there.”

“If not worse,” Corey stated.

“Bro, how’s the new family doing?  I loved all the pictures Matt sent me,” Kris asked since this is the first time we’d seen Kris since seeing Eli and Ruth.

Corey smiled, “Great, Kris.  I love em to death and barely even know them.”

“That’s awesome but I wouldn’t have expected anything less,” Kris stated.

“Corey, don’t let us forget tonight to grab Ted’s check.  We owe him big time,” I said.

“I think Eli shows everyone the football.  He sent me a picture wearing his shirt.  It was a little big on him but he wore it,” Corey stated.

We sat around talking until time to get dressed and meet Ted and the guys.  We were heading to a Japanese Steakhouse that Ted enjoyed.  It would be something new and different for the rest of us. 

It wasn’t hard finding the restaurant but did take a little time getting there while due to the traffic.  We entered the restaurant and gave our name.  They told us two were there and were in the sushi bar.  We walked around and found Ted and Luke sitting with a plate of sushi in front of them.

“Bros, we are gonna eat later,” Kris said.

“This is just appetizers,” Luke said and continued eating.  “Anybody wanna try some?”

“No,” I replied since it didn’t look appetizing.

“I will,” Corey stated and stepped up. 

“Try this,” Ted said and handed Corey some.   Corey ate it and smiled.  “Not too bad, huh?”

“No but it’s not something I’d ever order,” Corey replied. 

They finished and stood.  We shared big hugs and a special one for Ted.  “Corey and I can’t thank you enough.  I think talking to you really did the trick for Eli,” I said to Ted.

“Ah, it was nothing at all.  So how’d it go after that?” Ted asked with Shawn, Scott and Brennan finding us.

“Great,” Corey replied.  “You’re the best.  I wasn’t making much headway at all before you did your magic.”

“I was happy to help,” Ted said with a smile.  “So is everyone ready to eat?”

“Bro, you already have,” Kris laughed.

We greeted Shawn, Scott and Brennan before going out to be seated.  The wait was short before they showed us to a table.  It was perfect for the eight of us with the cooking surface right in front of us.  I did tell Ted that Corey and I were treating him tonight.   We grabbed a seat with me being next to Ted.

“Shawn, how’s training going to be a fireman?” Ted leaned over and asked.

“It’s going good right now,” Shawn replied.

“How much longer?” Kris asked.

“Maybe by the end of the summer,” Shawn replied.

“Wow, I didn’t realize it took so long,” I said.

“It wouldn’t if I wasn’t still working,” Shawn stated with menus being placed in front of us.

“Bro, after all that college, now even more studying?” Kris asked.

“It sucks, huh?” Shawn said.  “It’s a crying shame that you start a job and think you’ll like it.  Then you realize that it isn’t really your calling.”

“It happens.  Hang in there,” Luke said.

I leaned over to Ted, “What do you think I should get?”

“Whatever you like.  The steak is great as are all the seafood items,” Ted replied.

“What are you getting?” Corey asked me.

“I think the steak and shrimp,” I replied.

“I’m gonna get the chicken and shrimp,” Corey stated.

“Bros, it’s a good thing Colt ain’t here.  His ass would have left by now after seeing these prices,” Kris laughed.  “Who’s with me trying a Japanese beer?”

“I will,” Corey replied.

“Me too,” Brennan replied.

The waiter came and took our drink orders with me just having water since Corey was drinking.  After we got our drinks, it was a mixed opinion about the Japanese beer.  Shawn was glad that he stuck with his regular.  We gave our orders and sat around talking.  I walked down and talked to Scott and Brennan to invite them along with everyone else to our house for a cookout by the pool.   Sadly, Luke and Ted had plans but it was understandable as did Shawn.  I returned to my seat once the salad and soup arrived.

The cook arrived with a huge cart filled with food just as we were finishing the soup and salad.  He welcomed us and went over our orders.  He was tough to understand but we made it through.  He began the ‘show’ by twirling his knife and spatula.   Next was a mound of rice onto the cooktop.  The ‘show’ continued with us watching and amazed while Ted and Luke had seen all of this several times before. 

Rice was heaped onto our plates with Ted and Luke using chop sticks.  Kris wanted to try and ended up throwing them down after getting only getting a few grains of rice.  It did give us a good laugh.  Food began piling on our plates.  The amount of food on Luke’s plate was astounding since he was getting the deluxe while Ted had steak and scallops.

By the end, I was stuffed but it was very good food and something I’d definitely eat again.  Corey and Ted split what I had left while Shawn ate what Scott had left on his plate.  I was able to take lots of pictures of everyone during and after we ate.  Corey had to send one to Eli with us and Ted. 

“There’s a bar just around the corner if y’all wanna go there,” Luke stated once we were finished.

“Hell yeah, we’ll go,” Shawn said.  “I heard I missed a good time last month.”

“We asked you to go,” Scott said.

“I know,” Shawn said.

We paid our ticket including Ted’s.  It didn’t matter what he had, I was more than happy to do so.  We left and headed around the corner at this restaurant inside of a large hotel.  Luke bought the first round with me and Scott just having water since we were driving.   We found two tables and pulled them together.  It was great when moments where most of us could be back together.   Kris, Corey, Ted and Luke engaged in a deep conversation about training.   I talked to the others.  Scott and Brennan loved their house with Shawn living with them now after moving out and Bruce’s girlfriend taking his share of the rent.  It seemed to work out just fine for the three of them.  

“Scott, are there any houses for sale around you?” I asked since Kris had mentioned wanting to buy.

“Not right by us but I’ve seen a few,” Scott replied.

Kris overheard us.  “Bro, where?”

“Just about three blocks from us, there are a few,” Brennan replied.

“Bro, you think maybe we could drive by them some time tomorrow?  I wouldn’t dare look at one without Melissa,” Kris said.

“Sure, we can,” I answered with Kris returning to his conversation.

It was about 10 or after when we said goodbye.  In our younger days, the fun would only be starting but with some of us working we were getting tired.  On the way out, Corey told us Eli had returned a text and liked the picture.

We arrived back at our house with me driving.  Corey and Kris didn’t have enough to make them drunk but it did make the ride interesting.  No more in the door, Kris lost all of his clothes.

“Bro, I miss my freedom,” Kris said standing naked in the kitchen.

“That must suck,” Corey said.

“It does but I can live with the moments Melissa and I are naked together,” Kris stated with a big smile.

Corey and I lost our clothes as well which was pretty normal for us.  Corey grabbed us some beers before we headed to our living room.  Kris was on his phone for a moment and had been just a few times since arriving.  Our TV stayed off with the three of us in our living room.

“Bro, I can’t wait to move here but you knew that already,” Kris said.

“Honestly, we go all out when we know you’re coming,” Corey said.

“So don’t expect it to be like this all the time,” I said and took a drink.

“I know.  It’ll be fucking great just being here.  Like I told Matt earlier, Colt won’t do shit but work out with me.  Not that I want to things all the time but you know every once in a while it would be nice,” Kris said. 

“What about the other guys there?” Corey asked.

“I guess I could do something with them and we have.  Do you miss all that we did as a group?” Kris asked.

“Sure we do.  Kris it was a very special time in all of our lives.  We see that every time we get together, like tonight.  I hope you don’t expect that it will be like that every night when you move here in two months,” I replied.

“Bro, I don’t at all.  It’ll be nice knowing that everyone will be close together again.  Say Melissa and I want to play cards or wanna go out and eat, we’ll have options and won’t have to kiss ass,” Kris said and took a drink.

“That’s a good point,” Corey said. “We’ve missed our glue that held us all together.”

Kris smiled, “I knew I was good for something.”

“It’s true, Kris.  You haven’t changed in that regard.  You’re still as magnetic as ever.  Melissa is a very lucky gal,” I said.

“Bro, I’m just as lucky to have someone that will put up with my shit,” Kris laughed.

We headed off to bed about one, which was late for me and Corey over the past few months.  We were able to get in some loving and enjoyed doing that.  Our lovemaking was more than just my eight inches buried deep inside of his hot ass.  It was two married men showing their love to each other.  It was beautiful to both of us and not rushed.  It was our time as one and to share our bodies, heart and soul with each other.

I was up about eight and cursed my internal clock while Corey could continue sleeping like a log.  My heart always jumped seeing my husband and what a stunning human that he was both inside and out.  I went out and started coffee with the sun shining brightly on this Saturday and watching the birds gather at the feeder. 

Kris came out of his bedroom and grabbed a cup.  He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.  “I miss mornings where I can come out naked and sit with my best bud.”

“I miss em too,” I said and was naked as he was.

Kris took a sip.  “Bro, I’m so proud of you.  You are living a dream in this sweet ass house and married to a guy that you truly and dearly love.  I just hope and pray that I’m as happy as you are once I’m married.”

“Thanks, you’re too sweet.  I have feeling you and Melissa will be just as happy as Corey and I have been.  Inside, I wasn’t sure that getting married so soon was the right thing to do but it really has been.  I fucking love Corey so much…”

“I can tell.  Corey loves your ass so fucking much it ain’t even funny. Every time I fuck Melissa, I try to show her my love like I know you do to Corey every night.  I know you said it gets better so I’m excited about that,” Kris said.

“Kris, you’ll stop saying fuck Melissa and start saying and really feeling that you’re making love to her and with her,” I said.

“Can you believe it is just over 2 months now before I get married?  Hell, in 2 months, you and Corey will be married a year.”

“Time doesn’t stand still for anyone.  I can say it’s been a great ten months.  Don’t get me wrong but us living apart was the best thing for me and Corey at the time if I haven’t told you that already.  We’ve grown so much together and are still growing,” I answered and took a sip.

“As much as I’ve hated it, it was the right thing for both of us.  Since Colt’s ass won’t do shit, it is forced Melissa and I to become that much closer but you saw that a few months ago,” Kris said with a big smile.

“I saw it.  However, now is the perfect time for us for you to come back.  It may not be for you and her…”

“She cried last week on my shoulder about it.  Bro, it’s time for us to be where we should have been in the beginning but it may have been for the best,” Kris said.

“Kris, changing the subject…”

“Hey, that’s my deal,” Kris laughed and took a sip.

“You’ve got to meet Eli and Ruth.  Ruth stole my heart the second that I saw her and really did Corey’s.  Eli is just how I imagined Corey when he was 14,” I said.

“I can’t wait either.  I told you that I may be coaching and teaching a bunch of Eli’s this year,” Kris said.  “So the football was the key?”

“I think but I also want to think that he saw that Corey wasn’t what he thought…”

“You’re not either, Matt,” Kris said.  “I get your point.”

Corey came walking out.  He came over and graced my lips with a kiss before kissing Kris on the cheek.  “Alright my damn ears are burning and my stomach growling,” he said and sat next to me.

“I get the hint,” I said and stood to walk to the kitchen.  I loved it since I could still be a part of the conversation.

“Bro, Matt was saying that you’d look like Eli when you were 14.”

“It’s true, Kris.  There’s no denying that we have the same genes,” Corey said.  “That’s how I looked and was built when I was 14.”

“What about Ruth?” Kris asked while I got out some eggs, bacon and wheat bread for some toast.

“She’s a doll.  That tablet Matt got her was so perfect.  She’s on it every day and thinks she’s so grown up now.  She looks more like Beth.  Wouldn’t you say, Matt?” Corey asked and turned to me.

“More like her than Phil,” I replied, cooking the bacon.

“If they come this summer, remember I’ll be here then and would love to see them,” Kris said.  “Corey, I’m jealous of you now.  Damn I still miss Nathan and always think about what he’d be doing.  He’d be really proud of you two just like I am.  Bro, you’ve one upped us too by getting a sister in the deal.”

“I guess I have.  I’d be a very protective brother but in time I think Eli will be,” Corey said.

“Bro, I’m happy for you.  What does your mom think of all of this?” Kris asked.

“I try to not mention that around her.  I know she’s happy for me but I still have to remember who raised me.  It wasn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination but she and Larry did the best they could,” Corey said.

“You know I think this has made Corey realize just what he said,” I stated and was just about finished.

“It really has,” Corey stated.

“Matt, how are Linda and Vince doing?” Kris asked.

“They’re good.  We saw them last Friday night,” I replied.  “How are your mom and Dad?”

“They’re okay.  Dad really has to watch his diabetes now,” Kris replied. “See what we have to look forward to in thirty years.”

“Bring it on if we last that long,” Corey laughed.

I had our breakfast on the table with Corey getting us some juice. 

“Kris, Matt and I were talking earlier this week.  We need to throw you and Colt a bachelor’s party.  Any suggestions?”

“Bro, I don’t know.   Maybe… just maybe we could hit the strip clubs…”

“That’d be so much fun,” I said sarcastically.

“If that’s what he wants then we’ll do it.  It’d be like… hell I don’t know watching a dog strip for us,” Corey laughed.

“Bro, you need to go once.  You never know you might enjoy seeing some real tits and pussy,” Kris laughed.

“I’m sure that I would,” I said.  “Kris, I’ll go and see what it is like for your and Colt’s sake.”

“Ummm… maybe we could pair off afterwards,” Kris said cutting his eyes at me and Corey.  “It’d be our last hoorah.”

“So you want to be with Matt while I’m with Colt?” Corey asked.

“Bro, it’s up to you and Matt,” Kris stated.  “I’ve done told myself that marriage ends all fucking around with guys.  I’ll be committed to her until we die or part ways.”

“We’ll decide but I’m going to tell your ass right now, it won’t be an easy decision for I took that same vow,” I stated.

“I know you did.  If you say no, then it will be me and Colt together, which may not be so bad after all.  It could be the four of us or whoever’s willing,” Kris stated.  “Just a thought.”

“Kind of like our bachelor’s party,” Corey laughed.

“A little bit,” Kris said.  “Okay, enough about that before I piss one if not both of you off.  Remember who brought it up.”

“My bad,” Corey said. 

We finished up eating and cleaned up the mess.  Now I wondered what the day had in store for us but it was always great to have Kris around.  Soon, he may be around more than we want but it is something I hope I never complain about.


It took longer than expected to get out this chapter and the following chapter.   I hope that you were able to enjoy this one and remembered the guys.  

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