Posted:   Jan 19, 2015

Corey and I were really settling into our new home and loving every minute of it when we got the chance.  For
Corey being in the fitness industry, January was his busy time.  For the past two weeks, he usually came home
at 7 at the earliest including a few night of staying past 8 to help meet the demand and the surge of new
customers.  My job kept me busy as well with one of big apps being very unstable for some unknown reason.  It
was stressful for everyone at work since it was the big one so it was a total team effort to find what was
causing the crash and returning it to stability.  Every day I held my breath and hoped that there wasn’t an
email about it.  Thus the first week was completely at the office.

Thursday here in the middle of January was really busy and quite special.  It was Corey’s 24th birthday so I
wanted to do my best to make his day the best since he’d been working and tired.   At lunch, I was able to
pick up his present, a grill that would fit in our vehicle and grilling utensils.  Also we had to have
something from it so I bought two very nice steaks, some potatoes and a salad.

Corey sent me a text and said he’d be home at his normal time.  I was delighted to read such.  Now I debated
how I should dress or be nude for his entrance.   After a little thinking, my sheer see-through underwear went
on.  After glancing in the mirror, it was the right choice for me with my cock showing just enough. 

About 5:30, I heard my old car drive into the garage.  Now I was waiting in the kitchen with the potatoes done
and the steaks waiting in the fridge.  The door open and he came walking in wearing a tight t shirt that
showed his incredible body and track pants.

I turned and threw up my arms, “Happy Birthday!”

“Damn!” Corey said with a big smile.  “My husband is so fucking hot!”

I grabbed him, “My husband is the fucking best and the fucking hottest.  I love you so much, Corey!”

Our lips met as we shared one long hot noisy kiss in the center of our kitchen.  His hands were all over my
ass while mine were around his neck.  “You’re so good to me.  I love you too, babe.  Finally I’m here at a
decent hour so we can enjoy the night.”

“I’m glad you are.  I want it to be special.”

“Hell just making love would be special to me right now.  I apologize…”

I put my finger to his mouth.  “Never apologize for that.  We’ve been working hard and needed our sleep.  I’ve
never once wondered if our love was diminishing.  It’s life as two hard working guys.  Now, the sad part is
you know your gift.”

“I know but it is something that I wanted and we needed,” Corey said.

I pointed to a box with a bow on it.  He undid the bow and saw his grilling utensils.  “You can guess where
the grill is.”

“Outside but you still need to show me,” he said with a smile.

“I will,” I said.  Corey grabbed his utensils when we walked outside.  The grill was near the door.  “It was
the biggest and best that would fit in our car.”

“It is awesome,” Corey said and lifted up the lid to inspect his gift.  “That’s plenty big enough for lots of
burgers and dogs this summer.”

“And two nice steaks tonight,” I added.

“Thank you,” he said and gave me a kiss.  “I thought we might be just having potatoes.  I saw them sitting on
the stove.”

“The steaks are marinating in the fridge,” I said with a chill running over my body due to the fact I was in
sheer underwear. 

Corey reached to the propane bottle which I did have filled and turned on the gas.  He made a few clicks
around the front and had the grill heating up.  We stepped inside for the grill to warm up and for me to warm
up as well.

Corey took out the steak while I prepared the rest.   He wasn’t out but maybe two minutes before sticking his
head in the door.  “How long do I cook em?”

“I’d say five minutes on one side, lower the heat and then another 4 or 5 minutes,” I replied.

“Okay,” he said and shut the door.

I set the table in our dining room and gave us another excuse for using the nice table.  Corey returned with
the rib eyes sizzling on the plate with the aroma filling my nostrils.  “I hope they are okay and I didn’t
ruin these fine cuts of beef.”

“They look okay and smell heavenly,” I said and took the plate.  I separated the two steaks and added our
potatoes with my mouth salivating.  The salads were on the table and waiting with a special dressing that Cale
told me how to make.  I sat down the plates and saw the steamy rising from them and the potatoes.  I returned
and grabbed us a cold brew to down them with. 

“To a great husband on his birthday with many more to come,” I said, toasting him.

“Here, here,” he said and took a bite of the steak.  He swallowed.  “I think I did okay.”

I was testing them as well.  “No, you did awesome.  They’re perfect.”

We sat eating and talking about our day with Corey telling me how busy that he was with lots of new clients. 
He said the key was having those in February. 

Once we were finished but just a few skins of potato remaining, I cleared off the table while Corey went to
relax in the living room.  I took off my underwear and began walking to relax.

“I’m not sure which I like better,” Corey said.

“I appreciate that,” I said and sat right next to him.  

Corey stood and threw off his clothes.  He tossed them aside and sat back down.  “I’ll be glad when this month
is over and things return back to normal.  Here I thought we could relax a little and enjoy our house.”

“We will eventually,” I said.

“I sure hope so.”

“By the way, you did get two cards in the mail today.  I almost forgot about them,” I stood to grab them from
the sofa table.  I handed them to him.

He opened his Mom’s card first and then the one from my Mom and Vince.  Both had gift cards to the home
improvement store.  “Wow, I can get lots of nice stuff now.”

“You can,” I said.  “It’s like me getting lots from an underwear website.”

“Hell, you don’t wear underwear half the time,” Corey laughed.

“I know but I’d still like them.  Just wait until the summer,” I said with a smile. “I’ve got my eye on some
really hot swimwear.”

“That’s no surprise,” Corey laughed and turned on the TV.

We sat together watching TV and enjoying each other’s company.  After watching one show, I leaned over to him,
“Man, I really need some dessert.”

“That would be nice.”

I reached over and grabbed his thick soft cock.   I licked my lips, “MMM, this would be the best dessert ever. 
It’d be so nice.”

“You nasty dog, you,” Corey said.

“I am not nasty.  I just love sucking my husband’s hot dick,” I said with a big smile.

Corey leaned back with his arm on the back of the sofa.  First I began licking his chest, nipples and tight
abs.  Getting to his cock was a treat and something I’d done countless times yet still got a big thrill from
doing it.  My tongue bathed the tip of his cock before running slowly down the meaty shaft.  My tongue
continued to lick while my hand was caressing his balls.  I licked his balls and heard his loud breathing.

I moved off the sofa and got down on the floor to really work over his cock that was now hard and throbbing. 
My mouth slip over the head of his cock while I glanced to see him about to enjoy what was going to happen. 
Not only was it his birthday but was my goal to show this man how much I loved him and how much he truly meant
to me.

“OOOO baby!  Words can’t describe how fucking good this feels,” Corey eked out between breaths.

Breathing through my nose, my mouth and tongue moved up and down his cock.  One hand massaged his abs while
the other was on the base.  I pulled off and licked it.  “I love sucking this meaty dick,” I said.
It was so true since I did enjoy it very much.

Corey pulled me up for a kiss.  We shared multiple peeks.  “I don’t want to cum just yet.”

“I want you to cum, baby.  I wanna feel your cum on my face or down my throat.  This is just the beginning,” I
said and moved to his kiss the tattoo on his chest.  “You can fuck my face if you want.”

“Mmmm, okay,” he said.

I went back down on him and began reveling in his cock between my lips.  My mouth moved deeper and deeper with
my throat opening up for the tip.  My nose was planted close and could smell his scent that was so familiar. 
He moaned and grabbed my head with his entire six and half inches in my mouth.  I removed my mouth to catch a
breath.  My lips ran all over his hard throbbing member. “Are you close?” I asked.

“Pretty fucking close,” he replied with his head thrown back.

“Cum for me baby.  Flood my face,” I said.  I attacked his cock with vigor and determination to get him off. 
His hips started bucking and thrusting.  The noise level increased with my slurping and loud breathing along
with his moans, grunts and breathing.  

“OOOO fuck, I’m gonna blast!” he screamed but I could tell feeling his cock pulsating.   His wet slobbery cock
escaped my mouth.  I quickly closed my eyes with the tip of his cock on my cheek.  He grunted and shook. 
“Fuck!” he screamed with cum hitting my cheek.  It was violent with many blasts, loud grunting and cum flying
everywhere.  I could sense cum all over my face and some in my hair. 

“Loved it,” I said and wiped my eyes.

“You’re a mess.  You look like some whore in a porn,” Corey said.

“Just exactly what I wanted.  I love you,” I said.

“Love you even more.  Let me clean you up,” he said. 

I stood and tasted my reward/dessert.  It was delightful and satisfying.  He handed me a wet towel and cleaned
up his mess. 

“One problem. You haven’t got off yet,” he said.

“I was waiting.  Getting off is the least of my worries.  Like you did on my birthday, this is all about you
and giving you the ultimate pleasure,” I stated with us sitting back. “I’ll let you recover before we get to
the main event.”

He smiled, “I always enjoy having my husband make hot love to me.”

“No more than I do,” I said and moved close to where I was leaning my head on his big chest.  We kissed often
and petted each other at will.

“Matt, I hate to think how our life would be if we weren’t married.  That was the best decision that I have
ever made,” he said stroking my hair.

“I think it was as well.  It’s hard to imagine now how different things would be.  For one, I think we’d still
be in that damn apartment.”

“I know we would.  No one believes me when I say our love has grown so much since the big ‘I do’s’.”

“I didn’t think it could but it has.  We need to keep it going and never let it stop.”

“That’s gonna be tough.  I don’t know how much more I can love another person.  He’s making every dream of
mine come true,” he said.

“Maybe soon, you’ll know your real Dad,” I said.

“Maybe but I haven’t given it much thought lately and haven’t had time to.”

We sat talking and enjoying each other company without any hurry or being exhausted physically or mentally.  I
took his hand and ushered him into our bedroom.  There were candles waiting to be lit and music from my phone
waiting to enhance the atmosphere. 

I put him on the bed after I lit the candles and started the soft music.  He said for me to make love to him
and continue what we had been doing.  I pushed his legs high in the air and began giving him a rim job.  It
still was neither one of our favorite sexual thing but we enjoyed having it done to each other. 

I smiled and kissed him before getting off the bed.  Under it was our toys.  I grabbed a nice size dildo.

“Damn,” Corey mumbled seeing it. “I forget we even have that.”

“Maybe a little bit to get you in the mood,” I said with the dildo in my hand.

“I don’t need it but what the hell,” he said.

The lube was applied to the nice size dildo before I jumped on the bed.  Corey again threw his legs in the
air.  I placed the dildo at his hole. It was amazing to watch it disappear inside of him with his ass
stretching to take it.

“OOO fuck, it is so fucking huge,” he said with it half in him.

“It is.  I love seeing your ass take it,” I stated.

He began breathing harder with the dildo going deeper in his ass.  My cock now was rock hard just watching
this closely. 

“Fuck my ass with that thing!” he screamed.

I began slowly moving the slippery rubber cock in and out of his ass.  His groaning and screams of pure
delight bounced off the walls while I watched and was memorized by seeing his ass taking the dildo. 

“Harder!” he screamed. 

I pushed harder to stimulate my cock inside of him.  His head was moving back and forth while I jabbed the
dildo in and out of his ass.  I pulled out and saw his asshole open and red.  I slid it back in slowly to give
him more pleasure.

“I need the real thing!  I want your cock in my ass!” he yelled again and was gripping the sheets while I
pumping the dildo hard in him.  I pulled it out slowly and tossed it aside.

I got between his legs and placed them on my shoulders.  My cock easily slid inside of his hole after the
dildo had opened his ass wide.
“Fucking love this even more,” he said after catching his breath.

“I love it too. Nothing better than being inside my husband’s hot ass,” I said. 

We began making love slowly with Corey pulling me down and started kissing me while my wet cock moved inside
of him.  His hands moved along my sides until reaching my bare ass.  The sound of kissing and two married men
making love echoed throughout our bedroom. 

My head moved to his shoulders while I thrusted hard into his ass.  He was moaning loudly and pulling me
deeper into his body.

“Feels so fucking good,” he said with me kissing his shoulders.

Moving back to his lips, we continued with sweat mounting on my forehead. 
“You’re in control.  More like this or we can change positions,” I whispered in his ear.

“Keep fucking me like this,” he said.

I continued to make love to him and could feel his love as well.  I would lean up for a while especially after
feeling his hard cock squeezed between our bodies.  I did stroke his cock just as his ass was stroking mine. 

Finally, I couldn’t hold out any longer.  I pulled my cock from his ass and began firing my big load on his
nuts and cock.  I went back inside and left the last one shot in him.  He requested that I stay inside while I
jacked him off.  His ass clamped down hard when he shot his second load of the night.  He pulled me for a long
kiss that must have lasted at least five minutes.  My soft cock did leave his hole but he shoved it while we
were kissing.

“I hope you enjoyed your birthday,” I said.

“I did.  Just being with you and having sex with you is always a real joy,” he said with a smile.  “Remind me
to use that dildo on your ass next time.”

“I will,” I said.

Friday, I was waiting on Corey and knew that he’d be later than normal after texting me and telling me so.  I
talked to Kris for a little while on the phone to occupy my time and to catch up.  Things were moving along
with us getting reservations for the Valentine’s Day weekend.  I thought we were lucky to do so but found the
hotel was quite large with lots of rooms.  

At about 6:45, Corey drove into our garage with it making a loud noise of squeaking as the door went up and
down.   Corey came in the door and didn’t look very pleased.  He slung down his bag before I could get in a

“Matt, I may have royally fucked up now,” Corey stated after a short kiss.

“Alright tell me how.”

He went to the fridge and grabbed a beer.  He opened it and tossed the cap across the counter.  He took a big
drink and wiped his mouth.  “I chickened out and told Teague to tell him…”

“Okay,” I said looking at him with head tilted. “I thought you hadn’t given it much thought.”

“I hadn’t and forgot that I had told Teague Monday to break the news to him.  Any way, he called me today
about 4.  He has some serious doubts whether or not that he is my real dad.”

“Why’s that?”

“He just does. He said the only reason he remembered Mom was by the name tag on Christmas Eve.  He said she
was a pretty lady but doesn’t remember much else.”

“Odd that he remembered her name,” I said, leaning on the counter.

“That’s what I said.  He said he doesn’t forget a name but doesn’t know why he remembered hers.  It was really
odd.  Honestly, he was sort of jackass about the entire thing,” Corey said.  “He said something how the dates
don’t jive either with his time in jail.   He said that he was sentenced a year after when I’d been conceived. 
He said anything was possible though as well as the fact that he was with numerous women during his younger

“I’m really sorry, Corey,” I said.

“Well, the reason he called was to say that he and his wife would be in town tomorrow.  He said that he’d stop
by for a moment and see for himself and how Teague really thinks that he is.  Matt, I now have my doubts as

“There’s just a glimmer of hope,” I said.

Corey held up his fingers, “Just a little but now I’m not getting my hopes up.  It really fucking hurts…”

“I know it does but you’d never know unless you asked.”

“I suppose life will continue just as it has.  I really want to blame Mom for getting my hopes up but deep
inside I can’t.  In the past, I’d say it was all her fault.  She’s just as upset and was really hoping so as
well.  Besides, I still have Larry and he’s my real dad since he raised me.”

“That’s so true.  There are lots of dads that aren’t the biological fathers.  One day, I hope we are in that
same position,” I said.

“I appreciate the positive spin on things.  I needed a positive message.  Hey, I did get paid and it was a
nice one.  I had tons of overtime.”

“I noticed earlier when I was paying our mortgage.  We made the first payment with 359 more to go,” I said and

“Man, you make it sound like it will be forever,” he said and finished his beer.

“I figure in a few years that we can refinance and get the time down to fifteen years or less.  Ummm Corey,
does he know that you are gay?” I asked getting back to the subject.

“He does and said that wasn’t a problem or so he says.  It’s easy to say that over the phone…”

“He might say that but doesn’t want to accept it as fact.  It could be the very reason of his denial and being
a jackass to you,” I stated.

“I really think it’s more of matter of being accused of something that you didn’t do.  That’s understandable
if you’ve been in prison,” Corey said.  “He’ll be here tomorrow just after noon.”

“That’s fine.  I don’t have anything planned,” I said.

“I did.  There are leaves in our yard.”

“There will be more so it can wait.  I tell you what.  You need to find a happy place and I know just the

“You know how I love eight inches filling my ass.  You were so awesome last night.”

I smiled, “No, I was really thinking that we could make a trip to the store.  When I was getting your grill,
they were beginning to put out more mowers.”

“I’m not sure that’s not even a better idea! Just kidding but it would be great!” he said with a livelier

“You say that but I know you’ll get an erection by looking at them,” I laughed.

“I might do that.  They do turn my ass on,” Corey laughed.  “I guess we’ll get something to eat as well since
we’re out.”

“I think so,” I said.

We got ready and went out. We decided to eat first and ate a deli.  Then it was off to the home improvement
store.  Corey was in heaven searching for just the right mower.  We had the same agreement as we did with the
washer/dryer, something nice but not too expensive.  Corey was full of questions for the salesman about the
mower.  He chose a nice one that had a key start rather than pull with mulching and bagging capabilities. 

We looked at the trimmers for a little while.  Corey wanted to get one then but I told him that it could be
his Valentine’s Day gift.  The salesman must have overheard us for he had the oddest look on his face when we
walked away.

Corey and I had a good laugh about the man’s reaction and the look on his face. Corey said it was a common
reaction around his gym when those that didn’t know discovered that he was gay and married.  He rather enjoyed
shocking people.

Our next stop was the grocery store.  It wasn’t Corey’s favorite adventure but he was helpful in steering me
clear of junk food.  He wanted to practice what he ‘preached’ and continue our healthy diet whenever possible.

Corey didn’t sleep much at all that night.  He woke me up getting up at six.  He said there was time to test
out his mower and clear our yard once again.  He left to fill his gas can and returned to quickly assemble his
mower.  He did have the courtesy to wait until 8:30 before starting to mulch the leaves and get the yard back
to normal.

At 11, I called Corey inside to shower after baking some cookies, which weren’t on our diet but would make a
nice treat if our guests were so inclined.  Corey came out dressed nicely and smelling great.  He was hard to
hold down while we waited.  

At just after one, Corey got a call.  They were in the area and should be at our house in ten minutes.  Corey
began pacing the floor.  “Matt, I’m expecting the worst… no sense in getting my hopes up.  If nothing else,
it’ll be nice to meet Teague’s uncle.”

“I can tell you’re nervous.  In just a short while, it’ll all be over one way or another.”

“For the final time.  I’m never gonna be like this shit again.  My stomach is churning like you wouldn’t
believe.  I just know that my mom is wrong.”

I made him sit down, take a drink of water and try to relax.  It was a very long ten minutes before we heard
some car doors shut.  “That’s them!”

I leaned over and kissed him.  “I love you no matter what.”

“I love you too,” he said with a tap at our door.

Corey and I walked over and opened the door.  Phil extended his hand and shook Corey’s hand and then mine. 
All the while, each of us were looking at Corey and Phil to see if there was any similarities that could tell
us.  Phil was about Corey’s height, thin, thinning blondish hair and tattoos on his arms.  His wife was
standing behind them with short brown hair and a little overweight. 

“You’ve got a really nice home here,” he said in a pleasant tone.  “This is my wife Beth.”

“Nice to meet ya,” Corey said and shook her hand.  I did as well.

We walked to the living room and took a seat.  Due to my shopping the night before, I was able to offer tea,
water or even a Diet Coke.  Phil said he’d have water as did his wife. 

“Corey, I’m trying my best but I don’t see it at all,” Phil said while I walked away.

“I’ll be honest.  I really don’t either. I wonder exactly what my Mom saw. As much as I want it, I just don’t
see it,” Corey said while I quickly grabbed some water.

“Hun, what do you think?” Phil asked his wife.

“MMMM, maybe but I’m not sure.  The eyes are similar,” Beth replied.

“Corey, do you have any old pictures?” Phil asked.

“I’m afraid that I don’t.  Mom might have a few around but they are at her house.  I doubt that she does,”
Corey replied while I handed them some water.

“You know you could get a DNA test,” Beth said.

“I don’t want to him or me through that.  I think at this point it would be a waste of time…” Corey said.

“Kind of like this trip we made here,” Phil said. 

“I’m sorry,” Corey said with the disappointment eking from his words.  “I think we’re in agreement that
nothing short of a DNA test would give the result.  For your time, I’d be happy to pay for your gas.”

“It’s really not out of the way,” Beth said. 

“Would you take a contribution?” I asked.  “We know you have a ministry.”

“That would be very nice of you.  You don’t have to if you don’t want to.  I can see the disappointment
written all over Corey’s face right now.  I’d resided in the fact that it was possible as well but seeing him
pretty much satisfies my slight curiosity that it’s not true.  None of the pieces of the puzzle fit together
at all.  There’s just no evidence that even remotely says I fathered you despite what others have said.  It
was just a coincidence the way I see.  I do hope someday you’ll find your father,” Phil said.

“I never will.  This is my last wild goose chase ever for that.  Matt, go write them a check.  I’ve wasted
enough of their time,” Corey said.

I stood and headed back.  My heart was bleeding for Corey at this moment.  As much as I wanted it to be true,
there was nothing really concrete to say that man was Corey’s father. 


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