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Corey and I arrived back at our apartment after seeing three houses with our agent Jeff.  It was clearly
evident that I favored the first house we saw while Corey favored the second one. 

“Corey, before we go any further, we need to come to stern agreement that we won’t be angry if we chose one
or the other,” I said.

“I totally agree,” Corey said and kiss me on the lips to seal our agreement.  “Honestly I’d be very happy
and, more importantly, satisfied with either house which we might pick. They both would more than suit our
needs now and in the future. It’s like whether you like chocolate or vanilla more.  Both are great and you’re
happy with either one.”

“Nice analogy there,” I said and snickered a little. “I’d say we make a list and compare the two.”

“Okay,” Corey said.

It started with both having 3 bedrooms and 2 car garages.  Both had 2 and half baths along with nice pools. 
The main living rooms were comparable with the second house having a nicer kitchen.  The layouts were similar
with the master separated.

“Here’s what I like.  First off, I think the first one trumps the second in outdoor space.  The pool was
great…” I said.

“I can’t disagree there,” Corey interrupted.

“There was nothing but woods behind and no prospects for development since it is a park,” I stated.

“Agree but the other one had a nice master bathroom and nice garage area,” Corey said.

“True but the first one did have a separate area where I could have an office,” I stated.

“Yeah but it is further out than the other one and cost twenty grand more,” Corey said.

“Damn, this is so hard,” I said. 

“It is.  I really think we should buy the second one but I can see your heart is really set on the first
one,” Corey stated.

We sat there and went back over everything including the pictures.  The more I saw the other one the more I
liked it and liked how it had hardwood floors in more areas, nicer tile and nicer fixtures. 

“Okay, you win,” I said.

Corey laughed.  “Well damn, now I’m sold on the first one.  Is this some kind of trick you’re playing on me?”

“I promise I like them both.  I see your point about the second one,” I said.

We got on the internet to check out the actual distances from Corey’s gym.  They were close with the first
one being only 4 actual miles further away.  Both would mean a longer drive for him and the same drive for me
when I was needed in the office.

Corey threw up his hands.  “It’s settled.  We’re buying the first one.  There’s more privacy and more actual

“Are you one hundred percent sure about this?”

“Don’t go trying to change my mind again.  We’re buying the first one.”

I pulled him close for kiss.  It was a long noisy one.  I stop and saw tears running down Corey’s face.  
“Tears of joy?”

“Yeah, real joy.  We’re really going to buy a fucking house!  My poor ass is going to be a real home owner,”
Corey said with tears flowing.

“Yes we are,” I said and grabbed him.  It was evident that this meant a lot to him.  Knowing his background,
it was something that maybe he could not fathom growing up.

“Matt, as much as I fought it earlier, this means the world to me that we are going to do this…”

“Let’s hope everything works out. There could be bumps in the road,” I said.

“I’ll fucking kill them if there are,” he said.

We heard a knock at the door.  We looked at each other knowing most were gone.  I headed to the door and
found Shawn waiting.  He was looking nice and clean shaven.

“Hey wassup?” I asked.

“Not much.  I thought I’d stop by since I had a few minutes to kill,” Shawn replied with us walking inside.

“Hey, you wanna beer?” Corey asked.

“Believe or not, I’ll pass right now,” Shawn replied.  “I came by to see if I looked okay.”

Corey and I laughed.  “You look fine.  Do ya have a date?” Corey asked.

“I do.  This guy from work has set me up with this gal who is a friend of his girlfriend,” Shawn replied.

“That’s great,” I said.  “You said you needed a date.”

“I know that’s right.”

“So you don’t know her?” Corey asked.

“We’ve talked on the phone.  Laura seems like a really nice girl.  My ass needs a good one right now,” Shawn

“Maybe she’ll be the one,” I said.

“I hope,” Shawn said.

“If nothing else, maybe you can get some…” Corey said smiling.

“Corey, I don’t want a whore.  I want a girlfriend.  I want someone to be with and someone that I can love. 
More importantly, I want someone that will love me,” Shawn said.

“That’s a great attitude.  What you just said is a big key,” I stated.

“Y’all know.  If the other shit comes, then it’s just gravy on top,” Shawn laughed.  “Oh I do need some nice
cologne if you can spare a squirt or two.”

“Sure,” I said and headed back to grab a bottle of the best one I had.  I came back with Corey telling Shawn
that we were looking to buy a house and may have found one.  He was excited for us and said it wouldn’t be
long before he would be looking for a new place as well since he rarely had a roommate anymore.

We wished Shawn well on his date and watched him leave.  “Good for him,” Corey said.  “Now, I suggest we call
Jeff and tell him the good news.”

“Good idea,” I said and grabbed my phone.

“While you’re at it, get the details on tonight’s party.  I think we’d enjoy it plus we meet some new folks
that we have something in common with.  Besides, it won’t kill us.”

“You’re right.  We haven’t meet that many people since we’ve moved here other than some co-workers,” I said
with my phone in my hand.

I made the call and got hold of Jeff.  He was excited about the house that we had chosen and thought it would
be perfect for us.  Then we talked about the party or get together as they called it.  He gave me the details
about the club and what to expect.  He did stress it wasn’t for sexual proposes but doubted seriously that
would be our intention.  He asked that we bring a towel and what we liked to drink.  He told me that we could
arrive about thirty minutes early to make an offer.

We mapped out Jeff’s address and saw that we could swing by our house to get one final look before submitting
an offer.  We gathered a few old towels and our chairs before leaving our apartment. 

We found a possibly better route to our new house and drove to it much easier.  We liked that it was away
from the busy streets but not too far away from some nice shops and restaurants.  We drove up and parked in
the driveway of the vacant house. 

“This could be our house… this really could be,” Corey said with us looking at the brick exterior and the
overgrown flower beds and scrubs. 

“I know.  Now we’ll be sorely disappointed if we don’t get it.”

“Ain’t that the truth but we have the other one as a backup plan,” Corey said with us walking around and
going through the open back gate.  We stepped in the back and saw it was sorely in need of some TLC. 

“When we were here earlier, I didn’t realize how out of control this was,” I stated.

“Nothing a little hard work won’t solve.  The main thing is the inside was nice and doesn’t need any repairs
that I noticed,” Corey stated and walked to the edge of the covered pool.  We’d seen earlier that it was in
good shape.  Corey walked over to a different cover and lifted it up.  “Sold!  This is a hot tub!”

“It is!” I said with excitement.  “This completes my dream.”

“Mine too,” Corey said and kissed me.

“Corey, let’s not get too excited about this until it is officially ours,” I said but was speaking to myself
as much as I was him.

“I agree but it is still exciting.”

We walked around and headed towards Jeff’s house.  We made a stop to grab some drinks at a local supermarket
and drove to Jeff’s.  His house was in a neighborhood similar to the one that our possible house was in.  The
houses looked slightly bigger. 

We went to the door and rang.  Jeff came to the door and was clothed.  We welcomed us inside his nice home
and promptly introduced to his partner Lance.  Lance was very nice looking and about my height.  Jeff took
our beer and stored them in the fridge.

“I’ve heard nothing but good things about you two.  Meeting ya I find it hard to believe that you took the
plunge,” Lance stated, shaking my hand.

“We did and haven’t regretted it yet,” Corey said with me looking around at the nice house.

“Shall we?” Jeff asked and gestured to his dining room.  I could see and smell a few things that were cooked. 
“In case you’re wondering, I didn’t think it would be very professional to do this in the buff.”

“That’s fine,” I said.

Jeff went over everything that was included in a real estate contract.  It was all Greek to me for I trusted
his knowledge.  When it came to price, we asked for his advice.  He thought we should start at ten grand
below the asking price and ask for half the closing costs. 

I sat staring at the offer and the amount that we had as a down payment.  The down payment was due to my
Dad’s death and selling his house.  My hope would be that Dad would be smiling down on me seeing how I was
putting the money to good use.  There was still some left over thanks to Corey and me sacrificing some of our
paychecks for this very purpose and good advice from Sergio.

Corey signed the offer first and slid it in my direction.  My hand was shaky signing the offer but inside it
was so exciting for us.  Jeff told us to expect to hear from the sellers by Wednesday night at the latest. If
things went well, then we’d have a good month before we took possession.

During our time with Jeff, we heard what sounded like two guys come in.  We left the dining room and were all
smiles.  Lance was in the kitchen and talking to two guys with all three being nude.  Lance introduced us to
Ray and his husband Brent. 

“I was just telling that they were no longer the only married couple here,” Lance said.

“Lance told us you two got married in May.  We were married in July,” Brent said.  Both looked a little older
but I knew the oldest ones couldn’t be over 35.  He and his husband were a little bigger with Lance being

“Nice to meet you and congratulations,” Corey said while we shook their hands.

“If you’d like, I’ll show you where you undress and put your clothes,” Jeff said.

“Okay,” I said and followed Jeff to a spare bedroom.

“I forgot one small detail.  We have asked that no one uses their phone,” Jeff stated.

“That’s no problem for us at all,” Corey said before we stepped into the bedroom.

Corey and I shared a kiss of joy for the moment and undressed.

Normally we’re not nervous in this setting but I was just a little and could see Corey was as well.  Jeff
came out naked just behind us and patted us on the back.  He had a hairy chest and looked fit.  When we went
to the kitchen, three others came in the door.  They were closer to our age with one looking rather young. 
They sat down their drinks and food with the six of us standing around.

“Daniel, do you and Cale have something going on with Tristan we need to know about?” Brent asked.

“He wishes,” Daniel replied.

“No, you wish,” Tristan laughed.  He was younger with thick brown hair.

Jeff stepped in and introduced to us to the three before they left to undress.  We grabbed something to drink
and stood around talking.  Daniel and Cale came back out after undressing. Daniel had short blond hair with
Cale’s blond hair a little longer.  Both were fit with Cale having a great six pack and nice long cock. 
Tristan was rather thin and had a big tattoo on his chest. 

Daniel and Cale grabbed a beer and joined us as we were standing around.  They walked right up to us since we
had stood off a little and were listening.

“Jeff, do you mind if we step outside?  It is a nice night,” Daniel asked.

“No, go right ahead.  There should be lots of seats out there,” Jeff said.

“Y’all wanna join us?” Cale asked.

“Sure,” Corey replied.

We stepped outside with Tristan behind us.  It was a nice fall night with a small breeze blowing. 

“So what brings y’all here?” Daniel asked while we took a seat.

Corey and I explained how we meet Jeff and the circumstances leading up to us coming to this.

“That’s tight,” Cale said.  “We need some new blood to come and be a part of our group.”

“We haven’t had the same ones for the last three months,” Tristan said.

“Exactly what do you do here at these things?” I asked.

“Eat a shit load or well they do,” Daniel laughed.  “We’ll play games sometimes, have little meetings and
just enjoy the social aspect of it.  Are y’all new to being nude around others?”

Corey laughed, “Not hardly.  We’d sit around nude all the time at college with our roommates.  We had one
friend that would be eating this shit up right now.”

“Damn, I want to go to your school,” Tristan said.  “My friends think I’m so sort of freak.”

“You are,” Daniel laughed with the door opening. 

Two more guys walked out.  We were introduced to Drake and Ezra, who were boyfriends and a mixed couple. 
Ezra had blond hair and a nice body while Drake was thin like Tristan.  

We began talking and discovered Cale and Daniel were 26 and 25 respectively while Ezra was 24, Drake was 23
and Tristan was 22.  They did mention that there could be some others come that would be close to our age.  
Slowly, I was getting more comfortable in this setting and really enjoyed getting to know them.  Cale and
Daniel were big outdoor enthusiasts while the other three weren’t so much.

“All I know is I need to talk to Corey there.  Dude is so fucking built,” Drake said.

“He should be.  That’s his job,” I stated.

“Makes sense to me,” Cale said.  “Daniel and I have been looking for a nice gym.”

Corey gave the name of his and the location.  He invited them over and said he could get them a week pass if
they wanted.  We talked about our jobs.  Cale had been come to the area for his job in sales while Daniel was
working in the medical field.  Ezra told us that he was a nurse while Drake worked in banking.  Tristan was
in his final year of college and working towards a degree in sociology.  We talked about how each had meet
with two meeting Cale’s senior year in college.  Drake laughed telling us how he met Ezra out at a club. 
They enjoyed hearing us talk about how we had meet and all of our friends we had in college.   It did allow
us to explain the meaning of our tattoo.

Jeff opened the door and announced that we were eating.  “Enjoying things so far?” he asked with us passing.

“We are,” Corey replied.

We stepped inside to meet four others.  Three were older while the other one was younger and Tristan’s age. 
Everyone was extremely nice and very welcoming to us.  We gathered some food and moved to rejoin the others
in the living room while some at the dining room table.   The food was just sandwiches, chips and dips which
suited us just fine.

After we finished eating, they gathered in the living room to discuss club matters.   Brent was the president
and led things while Corey and I sat quietly listening.  There really wasn’t much business but the
confirmation of meetings with the next one being a Christmas themed. Things got pretty heated or spirited
when Daniel asked about a camping trip in the spring.  I gathered Jeff didn’t like it and wanted the group to
do something else.  However, majority ruled with most agreeing the camping trip was one of their favorites. 
Jeff relented after Lance suggested they rent a cabin.

Once the meeting was over, Lance had a game for us to play.  It was called ‘Two Truths and One Lie’.  The
object was to pick out the lie so naturally all the couples were split into teams.  The loser had to bring
all the drinks to the January meeting since Brent was supplying all for the December meeting.  I got on a
team with Jeff, Ray, Cale, Tristan, Ezra and two of the other guys. 

“I’ve got an idea to make this fun.  Have one of them be sexual,” Lance suggested.

We agreed to that and thought it would be fun.  Our team started out with Jeff beginning.  I found it easy to
tell which one of his were a lie and got it exactly right.  I smiled and winked at Corey.  He shook his head.

I was third on our team.  “I cried on our wedding night when Corey and I started… fucking.  I’ve never been
in a fight.  I never made a B until I went to college.”

“That’s easy, Matt.  You started crying when you started fucking Corey on your wedding night,” Tristan said. 

“I agree but something tells me that is the truth,” Jeff debated. 

“Everyone makes a B in high school,” Ezra said.

“Y’all decide,” Brent said. 

“I know the lie,” Corey spoke up.

“You should.  You’re married to him,” Ray said.

They debated and thought me crying was the lie.  “Corey, are we right?” Jeff asked.

“Nope, he has been in a fight,” Corey said.  “He beat the shit out of this guy in college.”

“Ah that is sweet that you cried,” Cale said.

“I didn’t cry on our wedding night,” Brent said.

“He was too drunk,” Ray laughed.

There was a few more until it came around to Corey.  He stood.  “I did make a B in high school.  I’ve never
hit a home run in softball.  Matt was the first guy I was with.”

Quickly they knew the B was the truth.  They debated about the other two.

“I know the truth on that one,” I said mocking Corey.

They laughed and got it right. We continued the game with lots of laughs.  I could tell Corey was having a
great time and really got into this game.  When it came to the second round, we switched it up and asked that
something be included that we had done nude.  I tried my best and came up with a nice lie about never being
nude on a sandy beach.   They guessed that was the lie but it was the truth.  Corey disagreed until I
reminded him of a few pictures that we took while nude on our cruise. 

In the end, our team won the game. 

Corey stood, “Matt’s a damn expert at this.  Never play Texas Hold ‘Em with him.  He’s good.”

“Sorry,” I said and shrugged my shoulders. 

Since the game was over, a few began leaving.  Corey and I hung around with mostly the younger ones left.  We
sat in their nice living room with Corey and me in the floor on our towels.

“Jeff, have you ever seen two people who are as comfortable as Matt and Corey at their first party?” Mitch
asked.  He was one of the last one that we had meet and was Tristan’s age.  “I was scared shitless.”

“I don’t think that I have,” Jeff replied.

“We can thank some great friends in college,” Corey said.  “It was nothing for us to do just like this.”

“They were all gay?” Lance asked.

“No, I think most of the time the only gay ones were me and Corey,” I replied.

“Damn,” Mitch said.  “That explains a lot.”

“We had some really awesome friends… still do for that matter.  There was always a big group of us that hung
out.  At times, there would be wall to wall people,” Corey said.  “We weren’t nude all the time like that. 
Matter of fact, two of our buddies play in the NFL.”

“Who?” Daniel asked.

“Ted Wilcox for the Cowboys and Luke…” I started saying.

“Wait a minute.  I call lie or better yet, bullshit on that,” Daniel said.

“You don’t know,” Cale said.  “They might.”

“Do you know them or really know them?” Jeff asked.

“Matt, go grab your phone.  I’m sure there are pictures on there,” Corey said.

“There are plus I have their numbers,” I said and stood.

I grabbed my phone and began looking for some pictures of us with Ted and Luke. 

“Jeff, who is this Ted guy?” Lance asked.

“The guy that you said had a cute ass when we watched the game last week,” Jeff replied.

I showed them a few pictures that were on my phone and some that I had downloaded.  They were very impressed,
especially Jeff, Daniel and Cale.  We did emphasis that more than anything they were great guys including the
fact they paid for our bar tab at our wedding.

We sat around for until about 11.  We headed back to the bedroom with Cale, Daniel and Tristan to dress.

“Hey, we’ve really enjoyed meeting y’all,” Corey said.

“We have too.  We need to get together some night and hang out,” Daniel said.  “We really don’t go out much

“We don’t either,” I said and slipped on my jeans. 

“If you want, next weekend we could get together at our place.  Cale’s a great cook and loves to show off his
cooking skills,” Daniel said.

“That’d be awesome,” Corey said. 

“What about me?” Tristan asked.

“You can come too.  Ask Mitch as well,” Daniel replied.  “We get your number and plan something for Saturday

“Sounds like a plan to me,” I said and finished dressing.  It was now odd having clothes on after enjoying
our time nude.

We came back out and began saying goodbye to Jeff and Lance.  Jeff told us to expect a call later in the week
and congratulated us on our offer and possible new home.  It brought a big smile to our face.  We told them
what a great time we had.  Each one said they expected to see us at the next party.  We said we would unless
it interfered with moving.

I took the keys despite Corey not having a drink in a while.  We stood talking with the four which now
included Mitch.  We said goodbye and that we’d see them again next weekend.

“Man, I had a great time.  What a great group of guys,” Corey said once we were in the car and began driving

“I had a great time too.”

“I’d say you and I have some celebrating to do,” Corey said and reached across to grab my hand.

“We do and I look forward to the celebration,” I said and squeezed his hand.


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