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Sitting at my desk at home in only my shorts, my phone began to ring just after 4 in the afternoon here the first week of May. I saw it was Kris calling me but rarely did he interrupt me during work time. I answered it and said hello. Kris began talking as fast as ever with words that were barely understandable. The gist of it was he and Colt were coming our way as soon as he could, with Walt in the hospital for what Kris hoped was just some tests. The part that frightened me was the fact Walt was at the heart hospital about 20 minutes away. I asked Kris to call if he heard any more and I’d bolt out to be there. The best news was Kris and Colt were coming to visit us for the weekend with one month to go before our big day.

I was able to finish what I was doing before logging off for the week. Working at home was really suiting me quite well with only a few occasional days in the office. To me, I was more productive but I missed the interaction and brain storming.

About 5:20, the front door opened while I was sitting in the living room watching TV. Corey came walking inside wearing his tank top and shorts. He looked incredibly hot with his big arms and shoulders ripped. 

“Big news… we’re having company this weekend,” I announced and stood.

“So, why are Kris and Colt coming, Matt?” he asked.

I put my arms around him and kissed his soft lips. We enjoyed a nice welcome home kiss and embrace. “Walt is in the heart hospital…”

“Oh shit! I bet Kris is freaking out!”

“He wasn’t totally freaking out like he used to. There is a cause for concern…”

“Any time something with the heart is involved is a concern. So what happened?”

I shrugged. “I really don’t know the details. Kris was in a rush to get home and start this way.”

“One bright side is seeing both of them. Why’s Colt coming?”

“Oh, Melissa was working. Someone had to come with him in case things got bad. There’s no way Kris could drive back if something was wrong,” I replied. “Now I’d say we have work to do to get this place clean before they arrive.”

Corey scanned the room. “Where?”


“You’ve seen their place when we go. They’ll understand,” Corey said.

“I’ll make a deal with ya then. I’ll clean if you’ll go to the store and grab some food…”

“And beer,” Corey laughed. “I’ll definitely take you up on that. I need to shower first. It was a jungle at the gym today when I got off.”

Corey showered quickly and headed out the door while I was mopping the kitchen floor. Our apartment wasn’t trashy but needed little things like mopping, vacuuming, dusting and scrubbing of toilets. Corey finished shopping about the time I finished cleaning. Corey couldn’t determine which was worse, shopping on a Friday night or cleaning.

Corey and I were sitting watching TV when we heard a knock at the door. We looked at each other knowing that it would be record time. I went to the door and saw Scott standing there in his tee and shorts with a great tan already starting thanks to some sunny weekends. Scott wore nice clothes that fit his body well even when he wasn’t trying.

“Wassup?” Scott asked, entering.

“Oh, I was just about to call you. Kris and Colt are on their way here. Walt is in the hospital,” I said but knew it wasn’t true.

“Okay. How’s Kris taking it?” Scott asked before taking a seat.

“Alright I suppose, but we’ll see when he gets here,” I replied.

Over the past few weeks, we had seen a lot of Scott. It wasn’t a bad thing and we enjoyed having him around. I knew he felt like a third wheel but he never minded. 

It was just about dark when Kris and Colt finally showed up at our door. We had the normal greeting of hugs and a few kisses, with Scott right there with us. There was concern written all over Kris’s face despite his happiness to see us again.

“So what’s the story?” Corey asked with us standing in our living room.

“Dad got real dizzy at work about ten or so. Then he started saying he was having chest pains so Mom came and got him. He didn’t want to go to the hospital or anything until he nearly passed out on her,” Kris replied. “Now he’s fine, or at least that’s what Mom is saying.”

“He’s probably under the knife right now,” Colt laughed, now without his long beard, being clean shaven. “Jenny knows how your ass is.”

“Fuck yeah! Let’s get moving just in case he is,” Kris stated.

With Corey taking the wheel the five of us piled in our car. It was the normal catching up and chatter before Corey wheeled us into the hospital parking lot. We headed inside and found that Walt was in a room on the third floor of the new hospital. 

Kris opened the door and saw his Mom sitting in a chair with lots of wires in and around his dad. “Oh shit!”

“Kris, they’re just monitoring me right now,” Walt said with his bare hairy chest showing and various monitors attached.

“Dad, it looks awful,” Kris said.

“They think his heart is fine but they’re going to keep him in overnight. He may have had like low blood sugar,” Jenny said.

“That happens,” Scott stated. 

“I see all the crew is here with you,” Walt said in bed with the TV going above.

“Of course,” Colt stated. “Kris had to have someone come with him since Melissa had to work.”

“You can’t fool me, Colt. You and Kris needed an excuse to come see Matt and Corey,” Jenny laughed. “Oh, and Scott as well.”

“Mom, I had to come regardless. I’d have gone crazy not being here,” Kris stated. “It is an extra benefit seeing all of them.”

“Corey, are you ready for the big day?” Walt asked.

“Yes sir, I’m so ready,” Corey replied.

“I am too. A wedding is a lot of work…” I said.

“And trouble… as well as a few good arguments,” Corey laughed.

“We got your invitation in the mail this week. Walt and I are looking forward to being there. If nothing else it’s an excuse to see Kris and Melissa again and it’s nice to get away for a weekend,” Jenny stated.

“For some reason I got one too,” Kris laughed. “Dumbass, I’m your best man in case you forgot.”

We all laughed. “I had extras,” I said laughing.

“I got one too and just busted out laughing,” Colt said.

“Scott, did you get one?” Kris asked.

“I addressed some of them so no I didn’t get one in the mail,” Scott laughed.

We stood around and took a few chairs. Walt and Jenny seemed rather pleased that we had all come up to visit. We talked with a few nurses who came in to check up on Walt. 

After being there over an hour, we stood and said we’d be back tomorrow. Jenny said there was the possibility that Walt might be released early so to call before we returned.

Saturday morning, I was up just after 8 and started making some coffee. Just after the coffee finished brewing I poured a cup to kick start the day with no idea what was in store. Heading to take a seat I saw Kris coming down the hall in all his glory.

“Fuck bro, look your ass. All cut up,” Kris stated.

I smiled. “I was taught well.”

“Corey is one lucky guy.”

“I consider myself even luckier.”

“Can you believe your ass is about to be married?” Kris asked and headed to grab some coffee.

“Kris, I’m so ready for it. You know all the stress it has caused.”

“Oh but that night when you’re nailing as his ass as his husband it’ll be all worth it,” Kris laughed, pouring his coffee.

“I can’t wait to nail his ass as his husband. That means this shit is over,” I laughed. “How’d you sleep last night?”

“Not bad at all. I thought I’d be wide awake worrying but Dad seemed like he was going to make it just fine,” Kris replied and sat on the couch with me with both of us naked.

“Kris, I know we talk on the phone but I still miss you. Naturally I love Corey but we had something special going,” I said.

“Bro, I miss you too. We still have something special to me. No matter where you are or where I am it’s nice knowing that we’d bust ass for each other if something ever happens.”

“Honestly, I can’t wait for you to move back closer. I realize both of our worlds will be different but just knowing we can see each other whenever we want will mean a lot to me,” I said and took a sip.

“I can’t wait either, but I think the timing will be perfect…”

“Do you think Colt will move too?”

“Between us, I think he’ll do whatever it takes. He makes it sound like he can’t or won’t but he has yet to convince me he won’t do it. It’ll eat him alive knowing the three of us are doing shit together and he’s not there with us, despite the fact we’ll be married.”

I heard a door and looked up to see Colt walking down the hall. His body wasn’t as defined as it once was. His chest was getting hairy. He said hi and walked to grab some coffee. Then Corey came down the hall and joined us. It was like old times with us enjoying the morning sitting around nude.

“Fucking great morning, huh?” Colt said with Corey giving me a kiss.

“Bro, it is,” Kris said and tapped his chest where his tattoo was that we had made almost exactly a year ago. “We didn’t get this shit for nothing.”

“Honestly, it’s the most meaningful ink I have since Matt is dead set against me getting his name on my body,” Corey said.

“It was a damn good idea,” Colt said.

“I’m glad I thought of it,” I said.

It started a nice argument between us on who exactly came up with the idea of getting the BFF tattoo with our first initials. However, it was Kris’s idea and maybe one of his best. We talked about Hunter for a little while and heard about Chase’s time being a dad. 

“Hey Kris, did ya tell Matt about tonight?” Colt asked.

“Bros, if all goes well today, Colt and I want to take you two out for a fun night… kind of a bachelor party since we can’t any other time,” Kris replied.

“Sounds good to me,” Corey said. 

“Me too, but where?” I asked.

“Matt, why don’t we go to that place that had all the craft beers on tap?” Corey asked.

“We have a spot for damn sure,” Colt said and gave Corey five. “Nice idea.”

“Fuck yeah!” Kris yelled. “I just hope Dad will be okay.”

“He will, Kris,” I said.

“I really want Shawn, Scott and Bruce to go too,” Kris said. “I know it’s short notice but if nothing else they can bring their girls along too.”

After Corey and I made breakfast, we got ready to head back to check on Walt since Kris wouldn’t take Jenny’s word. I called Scott to see if he wanted to go but he said he’d hang around at his apartment. I did tell him about our night and to get a hold of Shawn and Bruce at Kris and Colt’s request. He liked the idea and would call them to get them to go as well.

When we arrived at the hospital, Walt was fully dressed, sitting on the edge of his bed. He and Jenny looked tired and probably didn’t get much sleep.

“So did they ever determine what the problem was?” Colt asked.

“They think he could be a diabetic,” Jenny answered.

“It caused all that trouble?” Kris asked.

“Yes Kris, it can. It makes perfect sense now. I’d been very thirsty lately and really tired. It’s a shame it took a trip here to figure that out. They did find a little problem with my heart but told me it was nothing to worry with,” Walt replied.

“There’s no such thing as a little problem,” Kris said.

“I agree, but we’ll watch it,” Jenny said. “Kris, I would really love for y’all to come over and let me cook something for you.”

We looked at each other and smiled. “Mom, we just made plans to take Matt and Corey out tonight. This might be the last time we see them before they get married.”

Walt smiled, “I figured they would have something. Jenny, we can go home and get some sleep.”

“You have fun then, Kris,” Jenny said. 

We stayed around until the doctor came around to dismiss Walt from the hospital. Kris was very relieved but I would have been too if it had been my Mom. 

We returned and saw Scott lying out by the pool. We walked over to say hi and to give him the good news. He was in his bikini and still looked great as ever. He did inform us that Shawn and Bruce would be joining us with their dates.

“Bros, I think I have an idea. That water looks far too tempting,” Kris stated.

“Kris, we didn’t bring shit to wear,” Colt said. “We were lucky to get a few clothes.”

Kris patted Corey’s shoulder. “I bet someone has a few extras.”

Corey smiled, “I do.”

We were able to find enough swim suits for Kris and Colt with me in my red bikini. We headed out with beer, which I think was the main reason Kris wanted to lay out by the pool. Scott was pleased to have us join him. After we’d been there a little while, Shawn and Bruce came out to join us. Now the others at the pool could tell we were good friends and really enjoyed being around each other.

We came back inside with enough time to take a shower and get dressed. Even though it wasn’t a real party I did look forward to all of us going out together. It took Kris and Colt’s visit to bring all of us together again.

As we were sitting around, Kris’s phone began to ring. He stepped away so we knew it was probably Melissa. It also gave Colt a reminder to call Faith. 

Kris came back out with a big smile. “Bros, while I was talking to Melissa, Tanner called me back…”

“I didn’t know you called him,” I said.

“I did. Hell, we might as well do this right. He and Brady are going to join us. They love that place,” Kris stated.

“We definitely need Kris to move here sooner,” Corey commented. “Matt and I would never be bored or have to look for anything to do.”

“You got that right,” Kris said.

Once Scott arrived, a little before eight, we got in our ride and headed over to the bar. When we pulled up, we saw Shawn and Bruce getting out of a car but without their dates.

“Bros, where are the girls going?” Kris asked.

“We told ‘em it was a bachelor party so they decided not to come,” Shawn replied.

“How’s your ass getting home?” Colt asked.

“One of them will come pick us up when we call,” Bruce replied.

“Man, every one of you should be thankful for some good girlfriends,” Corey stated.

“I am,” Colt said with his hand raised.

We headed inside the bar. It wasn’t just a bar but did serve food and had games to play as well. I watched Colt’s mouth open wide when he saw all the taps lined up.

“Heaven, huh?” Corey asked him.

“Fuck yeah. Now the problem is deciding which one I want,” Colt replied.

“That’ll be easy,” Kris laughed. “It’ll be the cheapest.”

“Not tonight,” Colt laughed. 

We were greeted at the bar and did sample a few beers. Since no one’s taste was exactly the same we had to get our own mug rather than enjoying a pitcher. Once we had our selection we were shown to a table and asked for two extra seats. The lady gave us the biggest table around with plenty of seating.

Besides drinking, we were hungry as well. We started with appetizers of cheese fries before we decided on ordering. Tanner and Brady showed up and greeted us with their mugs in their hands.

“Kris, this place is fucking ace in my book,” Tanner stated.

“I bet. I saw they had Molson’s on tap,” Kris laughed.

“Funny dude. I’m drinking some local shit tonight,” Tanner said. “Too many good microbrews to be drinking piss tonight.”

“Matt, we got your invitation this week but neither one of us will be able to make it to your wedding,” Brady stated.

“I understand, Brady,” I said. “Corey and I will be very appreciative of those who will go out of their way to come.”

“Your ass better be,” Colt said.

“Colt, your ass would be there no matter what,” Shawn said.

“I guess it would be since I’m Corey’s best man,” Colt laughed and took a big drink.

We got the cheese fries, which didn’t last long before we ordered up something to eat. Tanner and Brady took care of our meal saying it was their way of saying they were sorry they couldn’t make it. Before the meal arrived, some were ordering up more of the fresh brew while Scott was drinking water for the night. 

The time spent at the bar really wasn’t what I call a party. It was our basic night of getting together and having a good time. It was a lot of fun with the best part being Corey and I didn’t pay for one thing. 

By the end of the night we were pretty buzzed but not crazy drunk. Scott had to deal with us on the drive home and did get us home safely. Back at the apartment just after 11, the five of us, including Scott, headed inside.

“Bros, that was a blast!” Kris said loudly.

“I had a great time,” Corey stated with a smile on his face.

Kris stood. “We know it wasn’t a real bachelor party…”

“That’s fine, Kris. What can you really do?” I commented with Corey’s arm around me.

Kris smiled, “Scott, it’s your turn now.”

Scott turned on his phone with some really cheesy music playing. Kris hit the overhead light with just a lamp shining. Scott began dancing around and threw off his shirt. He gestured for Kris and Colt to join him. They did and threw off their shirts, with Colt’s landing on my face. 

“We’re going by the seat of our pants,” Kris laughed and was trying to dance.

Scott slid down his shorts to his sexy low rise briefs. He turned around and shook his ass in our face with Kris and Colt taking off their shorts. Kris was now nude and came over to us to shake his ass in our face. Corey and I were laughing at this sight of two mostly drunk guys and Scott. Scott pulled down his briefs and let his nice uncut cock flop out with music still playing. Colt lost his boxers and was dancing nude too. Scott danced over and got in my lap, moving his hips so his ass was grinding against my growing cock. He was dancing away and reached to grab Corey’s crotch with his cock flapping up and down on me. He moved over and did the same for Corey and groped me. 

Scott stood with Kris and Colt now standing around. He put his finger under my chin and lifted it up as if he wanted me to stand. I stood with Scott now running his hands all over and down my body. I turned and looked at Corey. He threw up his hands with Scott unbuttoning my shorts.

“Fuck,” Colt mumbled.

With my shorts at my ankles, Scott peeled down my nice underwear while on his knees. He didn’t hesitate and stuck my cock in his mouth.

“Wow, bro,” Kris said. “Is this cool?”

I looked at Corey. “Yeah, it’s cool as fuck.”

“Cool as fuck to me too,” Corey replied.

“This wasn’t planned at all,” Colt said.

Scott pulled off my cock, “I know, but the temptation was too great. Fuck, I need this shit.”

Kris walked over to Corey and pulled him up. The next thing I knew Kris was on his knees running his tongue up and down Corey’s now stiff cock before sucking it into his mouth to start giving him an amazing blow job if Corey’s moans were anything to go by. I looked around and didn’t see Colt. He came back with two boxes of condoms and threw them on the floor. He got on his knees and pushed Kris away from Corey’s cock. There was a hunger in Colt’s eyes that told me he hadn’t sucked a cock in a while and really wanted it. He closed his eyes and moaned as Corey’s dick slid over his tongue as it made its way into his mouth. Seeing that both of our cocks were firmly inside two hot mouths, Kris leaned over and took Scott’s cock in his mouth, savoring the hot uncut dick that was visibly leaking precum. Corey and I kissed while Colt and Scott were sucking us.

“Fucking great party now,” Corey stated.

I stood feeling Scott’s great mouth and forgot how good it felt to have him sucking me. I pushed him off after he really excited me and was doing a great job. I slapped his face with my big cock a couple of times and then said, “Scott, I wanna suck you now.”

Scott stood with his big 8.5 inch cock hard as ever, glistening slightly with the spit from Kris’s blowjob. I got down on the floor and got a big wet kiss from Kris. I grabbed Scott’s nice cock and slid it in my mouth. It slipped nicely inside and was so different to Corey’s thick cock. It gave me a real thrill to truly feel that I was sucking someone other than Corey. Kris stood and headed for a drink while Corey got on his knees to take Colt’s cock. Colt was really moaning and kept bucking his hips to fuck Corey’s mouth. I knew he probably hadn’t had such a good blowjob in a long time. Kris returned and pushed away the sofa and chairs before getting on his knees to help me and Corey. It was so hot seeing him move from one cock to another, licking up the shafts alongside either Corey or me or zeroing in on their balls while we took their dicks down into our throats.

It was surreal to be like this but I didn’t mind at all. It might be our last chance to fuck around with our best friends. The sound of slurping and soft moans filled the somewhat dark room. 

Scott pulled me up and gave me a big kiss, sliding his tongue into his mouth and running his hand down my body so he could stroke my throbbing cock. “Matt, would you fuck me?”

“Yeah Matt, fuck his ass,” Corey said after he stopped sucking Colt. “I’d love seeing my fiancé fuck another guy’s ass and feel what I do.”

“I’m fucking your ass, bro, while Matt nails Scott’s hot ass,” Kris said, reaching down to stroke Corey’s hot ass was he was still bent down from sucking Colt.

I reached over and opened the box of condoms with Colt running off for some lube. My dick was still hard as a rock with the anticipation of fucking Scott. We kissed again and I brought my finger up until we were both sucking on it, our tongues battling around it. When I was happy I kissed him again and moved my hand down, letting my forefinger slip into his tight ass, with Scott moaning. Another finger quickly went inside and I began finger fucking him as he clung to me, his lips still attacking mine. He was moaning and groaning with Colt returning with the lube. 

I watched as Corey’s hot ass was lubed up with him on his knees and then Kris was just about to slide his covered cock inside him. I unrolled the condom over my dick and marveled in then feeling since it had been so long since my cock had been sheathed and lubed us up. Scott too was on his knees and moved closer. 

“Fuck I forgot how fucking great it was to fuck around with guys,” Kris stated, holding his dick firm as he pushed forward and entered Corey.

“I know,” Colt said. “I feel so left out now but this is some hot shit. Look at that hot hole wrap itself around your dick, Kris.”

I grabbed my cock and stuck it at Scott’s hole. I teased the opening for just a second before it seemed to be inviting me in. He opened up nicely and groaned feeling me penetrate him. 

“Feels so damn goooood,” Scott said. “Corey, you’re one lucky motherfucker to have this dick in your ass every night.”

My cock went deeper and deeper with Scott’s ass gripping my shaft tightly. When I was ball deep I leaned over and kissed his dark back and felt a finger at my ass. I moaned and enjoyed the feeling as I began fucking Scott slowly while the slick finger moved with me, first just rubbing around my hole and then pushing in, fingering me in time with my slow thrusts.

I could hear Corey moaning with Kris fucking him close to us. They were telling each other how good it felt, punctuated by the sound of their slapping skin as Corey pushed his ass back to fuck himself harder and deeper on Kris’s cock. Corey looked over and smiled at me with Kris wrapping his arms around Corey’s chest. They were almost upright so Corey’s arced back was against Kris’s chest, his face almost nuzzled in Corey’s neck while his cock was plowing deep, clear in the way Corey’s body moved with each deep stabbing thrust. As I was watching them, still humping my own cock into Scott, I felt the cold lube and then the head of Colt’s cock at my ass. I stopped fucking Scott and let held still to let Colt inside of me. As soon as he was in position he sank in and slid balls deep in me in one thrust.

“OOO fuck, Colt!” I moaned feeling his cock pierce me with my cock hard as ever inside of Scott.

“Hot as fuck!” Corey yelled. 

It took us a minute or so to get the hang of this train. My mind was going crazy with all the stimulation going on between fucking Scott, getting fucked by Colt and seeing Kris fuck Corey. I leaned over about half way and grabbed Scott’s cock while Colt began thrusting into me. His thrust pushed my hips forward, plunging my cock into Scott. Then when he pulled back he had his hands on my hips and drew me with him, letting his cock slide out so just the head was still inside and mine in Scott before corkscrewing it back into me, causing me to do the same to Scott. We were moaning like crazy, as was Corey. 

“OOO fuck yeah,” Scott moaned with each thrust I gave him.

Colt slapped my ass and began slamming it. He was grunting with each push while hard heavy breathing now filled the living area. 

“OOO shit!” Kris screamed. He pulled out his cock, threw off his condom and began shooting his load all over Corey’s back. 

“Damn Kris,” Colt said.

“Bro, this was just too hot to handle,” Kris said.

Kris wiped his cum off Corey’s back. Corey leaned over and kissed me while we were still going at it. He walked around and stuck his leaking cock in Scott’s mouth. 

“OOO damn… oh shit… I’m cumming,” Scott said, pulling Corey’s dick from between his lips a moment later with my hand still around his cock, jerking him. His cock pulsated in my hand with cum hitting the floor. I slowly pulled out. Colt didn’t last much longer and pulled out, shooting his load all over Kris. Corey was next and flooded Scott’s eager mouth with his cum. I was last to cum and did so in Kris’s mouth. My knees almost buckled feeling him suck me dry. 

The room reeked of sweat and cum with five very satisfied guys sitting around and swapping sweet kisses.

“Damn,” Colt stated.

“That was exactly what my ass needed. All you fucks have sex every night while all I do is jack off,” Scott said.

“Scott, one day you’ll find the right person,” I said with Corey’s arm around me.

Kris got up and found us all a beer. We sat in circle drinking and recovering from the orgy. There wasn’t any regret in me over what happened.

I woke the next morning in the guest room with Corey. I rolled over and saw he was awake as well. I reached over and ran my hand over his hard chest.

“What a big surprise that was,” I stated about last night.

“Boy wasn’t it… If one time wasn’t enough…”

“I know, but I’d say we both enjoyed every second of it,” I stated.

“I know I did. Here I wondered if Kris and Colt ever had thoughts about getting with guys,” Corey said. “Hell, they are in our bed with Scott. You’d think after you fucked Kris and then Colt they’d have said enough.”

“I think we all see it as maybe our last chance to be sexual with each other. I must say I enjoyed one last hot night of great sex with three guys who I consider my best buds,” I stated. Yes, I did fuck both Kris and Colt when we got horny again and wanted more. 

“It was great. It wasn’t like we planned it or went out looking for it. Matter of fact, I’m glad we did,” Corey stated.

“I’m really glad we did,” I said. 

Corey and I got up and found the living room just as we had left it. Corey moved the furniture back in place while I gathered the empty beer bottles and used condoms. The smell of sex still lingered in the room so I lit a candle. Corey started the coffee for us despite it being after 10. 

While we were enjoying our coffee, Scott came out of our bedroom with his big uncut cock hanging softly between his legs and showing great tan lines. He walked over and kissed both of us.

“Last night was probably the best fucking night of my life,” Scott stated, sitting down next to me. “I hope y’all aren’t pissed.”

“We’re not in the least,” Corey said. “Matter of fact, thank you for starting it.”

“It was my pleasure,” Scott said. “My ass is so sore this morning.”

“Mine too,” I said. 

“Damn, I forgot how fucking hot Kris and Colt were in bed. They are such studs,” Scott stated. “We fucked around until about 4.”

“Corey and I were too worn out to fuck after we went to bed,” I said. 

“I won’t be tonight,” Corey said and kissed me.

Kris came in the room and kissed each one of us. “What a night!” Kris said.

“Yes it was,” I said. “What will Melissa and Faith have to say?”

“They had an inkling something might happen,” Kris laughed. “Hell bro, you saw I had condoms but damn I never expected to use that many.”

“Kris, it was your plan all along?” Corey asked.

“Not so much a plan,” Kris said.

Colt walked in. “We had our fingers crossed for one last night and to see if we were still bi.”

“I think you answered that question,” I said.

“I’ll say we did,” Colt said. “So everybody cool with last night?”

“We are,” Corey said. “It was one hell of a bachelor party.”

“Damn right it was,” Kris said.

“Your ass is next,” Colt stated and pointed at Kris.

“I don’t know about that shit again… well, maybe,” Kris laughed.

We decided to dress and head out for a late breakfast or early lunch. Once we returned, we had to say goodbye to Kris and Colt. They wanted to get back early. We thanked them for visiting and for how great everything turned out.


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