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“Come on Matt!  Let’s get a move on it!” Corey shouted after putting our bags in our SUV for our weekend trip.

“We’re fine.  It’s only 1 o’clock,” I stated.

“Still, I’m ready to go and get there,” Corey said with an unusual excitement about him. 

“Alright, alright,” I said and started towards the vehicle.  I stopped and did a double check of everything to make sure no lights were on and the a/c was turned off here in October.

With Corey driving, we drove away and began heading back to our alma mater for the homecoming game.  It would be our first trip this season back there and the first time to see Kris and Colt in six weeks.  In the past, we’d stay with Kris and Melissa but our sofa bed bit the dust during the summer so we now were relegated to staying at a hotel.  We lucked out there since Jess was now an assistant manager at one of the newer ones near our honeymoon hotel and got us a good deal for the weekend.  Kris wasn’t pleased that we weren’t staying but it would be better that way for us. 

Corey turned and smiled at me once we were on the freeway, “Wow, this will be for first time back as a married couple.”

“It will be,” I stated.  “Can you believe we’ve been married for four and half months already?”

“Not at all but it’s been a great four and half months,” he said.  “I wondered how we’d adjust to being married but we’ve done great.  My love for you continues to grow.”

“That’s really sweet.  My love for you grows stronger each day.  I really enjoy being married,” I stated.

“I enjoy it as well.  It feels fucking great.  I can’t explain it but it just does.”

“Here, here.  Now…” I said and let hang out there a minute.  “We really need to get serious about looking for a house.”

“Don’t start on me now, Matt.  I’ve agreed to look and we have.”

“We just looked so far.  I’m seriously ready to find the right house for us in the right location.  Honestly, aren’t you sick and tired of living in that damn apartment?” I asked.

“I am but are we ready to make that commitment?” Corey asked while driving.

I held out my hand.  “We made this commitment.”

“That’s totally different.”

“It’s not any different.  We’re just adding to our commitment towards each other.  We’ve gone over and over the numbers so you know we can easily afford to buy something.  I feel like the interest rates are about as low as they are going to get,” I stated.

“Look there’s nothing we can about it this weekend.  Forget about that for a weekend and enjoy yourself.  I know that you’re looking forward to this as much if not more than I am,” Corey said.

“I doubt more,” I said. 

“Okay maybe not more,” Corey laughed.

After the long drive, Corey drove in the parking lot of our hotel.  Now that we were there, I remembered this hotel was close to being finished when we were in the same area right after we were married.  We parked near front and headed inside.  A big smile came on our face when we saw Jess at the front desk.

“Jess, I thought you were off tonight,” Corey said.

“I did too but you do what is needed,” Jess said with a big smile on his face.  He was looking great with a scruffy beard growing on his face.  “I have your room ready and waiting for the newlyweds.”

“Thanks,” I said and handed him our card. 

“I wasn’t able to get the room comped but at a nice rate though,” Jess stated taking my card.

“We appreciate whatever,” Corey said.

“Anytime.  I’m more than happy to help friends,” Jess said.   He did our paperwork while we stood in front of him.

“You’ll be there tomorrow, right?” I asked.

“For damn sure.  No matter what, I’ll be there,” Jess replied.  “It’ll be great to see everyone again.”

“It will,” Corey said.  “We’re heading to Kris’s game here shortly to meet up with him and Colt.”

Jess smiled and slid the paper across for me to sign.  “I know that’ll be a blast.”

I signed the form and took the room cards with Jess telling us where our room was.  He gave us a few complimentary cards to use in the pantry that they had for guests. 

“If nothing else, we’ll see ya tomorrow,” Corey said.

“You will.  Have fun tonight,” Jess said. 

“See ya,” I said and walked out with Corey.

We drove around to the end of the lot and were surprised to see so few cars in the lot for this big football weekend.  We unloaded our bags and took the stairs to our room located next to the stairs.  Corey opened the door with the new smell still evident.  The room was nice with a small kitchen, living area and separate bedroom since this was an economy all-suite hotel. 

Corey sat down our bag and began pulling his shirt over his blond hair.  Next he dropped his shorts and underwear.  “I need a quick shower.  I feel nasty.”

“Okay.  I’ll call Colt and let him know we’re here,” I said with Corey heading to shower.

I called Colt just like I said I would.  He suggested that he and Faith would pick us up since the game was fairly close to where we were staying.  He said Kris had mentioned about us going to eat after the game as well.

After Corey finished his shower, we were able to relax for a few minutes.  Colt called about 7 and said he was on his way over to pick us up.  We headed out and waited for him. 

When we saw Faith’s car, a big smile came on our face.  Colt stopped and got out to greet us with a big hug.  He was looking great as ever and looked as though he had lost a little weight.

“Man, it seems like forever since I’ve seen you two,” Colt said with Faith waiting in the car.

“Tell us about it,” Corey said.

“Colt, let’s go.  Melissa will be waiting for us.  You’ll have plenty of time all weekend,” Faith said.

We got in the car and began driving away.

“Faith and I have big news…” Colt said, driving.

“You’re going to have a child,” I blurted out.

“Oh hell no to that.  We practically have one as it is.  We’re moving too come the summer if not sooner.  Things have really fallen into place for both of us…” Colt said.

“We’re sick of this town and where we live.  It’s a zoo there now,” Faith said.

“That’s great,” Corey said.

“Faith found out one of her best friends lives there too so it will be perfect for us.  We might move before Kris and Melissa if we get our transfers,” Colt said.

“Kris will be so pissed,” I said.

“Melissa more than Kris.  She’s so ready to move now.  Y’all were smart in moving and getting away,” Faith said.

“Actually we didn’t have much choice at the time,” I stated.  “It’s great to hear y’all will be closer.”

“Trust me, Matt.  Colt and Kris have bad withdrawals.  You’d think by now they’d be used to y’all being separated,” Faith said.

It didn’t take very long before we were at the stadium.  We parked and began walking to it.  It was nice to see all the students and fans coming to the game.  Faith called Melissa to tell her that we were there with Melissa having us a spot saved near the press box and near Kris.

After getting a little something to snack on, we climbed the bleachers and found Melissa waiting near the top.  She stood and waved to us. 

“Is Kris around yet?” I asked.

“Not yet,” Melissa replied.  “He’ll be up any minute.  He said he’d come early so he could say hi before he went in the press box.”

We sat eating the popcorn and drinking the soda.  We had to wait a few minutes longer before I spotted Kris climbing up.  He had a big smile on his face and was moving quickly.  He was wearing his team’s shirt and looked very nice in it.  

Corey and I stood and waited.  Kris came directly for us and gave us a big hug. 

“Missed you two so much,” Kris said.

“We miss you too,” I said with a big smile.

“Now I wish I could sit out with ya but I can’t,” Kris said.

“We understand.  It’s your job.  We’re happy to be here,” Corey said.

Kris headed off to his job. 

“Y’all should come one night when he’s on the field.  He’s pacing back and forth,” Colt said.

“I remember…” I said.

“He really loves his job and all the kids,” Melissa said.

“That’s no big surprise,” I said. “It really is the perfect job for him.”

We sat together and talked while the game was starting.   It was a shame that Kris couldn’t be with us but I saw it as we were at his job so he had work that needed to be done.  In all the game wasn’t that bad since it was fairly close until the end.  Kris’s team had won by 11.

Just after the last play, Kris charged out of the press box.  “Y’all meet me next to the gym and give me about 15 minutes.”

“Good game,” Colt said.

“It was.  We need that win,” Kris said and bounced down the stairs with two other coaches.

“Melissa, do you have to put up with this all the time?” I asked.

She smiled, “I usually don’t come.  This is the second game I’ve been to all year.  I do go and watch the games when he’s on the sidelines.”

We headed down and waited by the gym.  Soon players started coming out.  They had wet heads and usually sleeveless shirts with a few foregoing shirts to show off their teen athletic bodies.  They were greeted by families, friends and girlfriends when they exited.  Kris emerged and didn’t make us wait very long.  He walked over and gave Corey and me big strong hugs with two players watching.

“These are my boys right here,” Kris stated with his big arm around us.

“Whatever you say, Coach K,” one said.

“They are.  Remember what we said in there.  Be smart tonight,” Kris said to them.

“We will, Coach.  See ya Monday,” the one said and walked away with his friend.

“Good guys right there.  I’m hungry and so ready to eat,” Kris stated.

“Me too.  You said for us to wait,” Colt said.

“Let’s go then,” Kris said.

“Kris, Faith and I are just going to head back.  We’ll let you and Colt spend a little time with Matt and Corey,” Melissa said.

“Are you sure, hun?” Kris asked.

“Kris, shut the fuck up before they change their minds,” Colt laughed. 

“Y’all watch Colt tonight.  I know how he is with y’all,” Faith said.

“Kris… that goes for you too,” Melissa said.

“They’re in good hands,” Corey said.

“That’s what worries us,” Melissa said.  “You have fun.”

“We will.  We won’t be out long,” Kris said.

Faith and Melissa both shook their heads.  “We’ll believe when we see it,” Faith said and tossed Colt the keys while more players filed out.
A few patted Kris on the shoulder while Kris congratulated them on a well-played game.

“It seems like forever since we’ve been together,” Kris stated while we began walking.

“It’s only been about six weeks,” I said.

“Six weeks is far too long in my book,” Kris said.

“Colt and you act like you don’t love your gals,” Corey said.

“We do.  I just miss my buds,” Colt said.

“Thanksgiving is around the corner so we should see you then.  It shouldn’t be six weeks again,” Corey said.

“Melissa has already started saying we’re going to start house hunting.  She’s put in to be transferred already…” Kris said.

“And if she does?” I asked.

“Bro, my ass is here until the end of our lease and the end of school,” Kris said.  “If Colt’s sorry ass leaves, I’ll be crazy.”

“No, there will be lots of miles on your car,” Colt said.

“There will be,” Kris said with us at Colt’s car.

We battled to get a word in with the four of us wanting to talk once we were riding to eat.  Kris gave directions to where he wanted us to go and commented how good the food was.  We drove and found the place with lots of others there as well at 10 p.m. 

“Must be popular,” I commented.

“Bro, it is.  I’d be surprised if we didn’t see some of my guys there,” Kris said.

We headed to the door and were seated promptly.  It was crowded with seemingly lots of others who had been to the game.  Kris spotted a large table of his players with their dates and friends.

“Look at that shit.  Every one of them has their head down and messing with their phones,” Kris stated before we took a seat.

“It is an epidemic,” Corey said.  “I’ve had to make a rule to my clients about the phone or else we’d never get one thing done.”

“I’m glad to see it.  It’s job security for me,” I said and laughed.  “It is sad in a way.  I will say we were never that bad even in college.”

The waiter approached and took our drink order.  Kris ordered a pitcher of beer with all of us having to show our ID’s. 

“How many do y’all think will show up tomorrow?” Colt asked.

“Bro, I’m not sure,” Kris replied.  “I don’t care if it is just us.”

“Kris, you’d be disappointed if it was just us…” Corey said.

“I know Scott, Shawn and Bruce will be there,” I stated with our pitcher returning.  We ordered our meals with Kris pouring us some beer. 

“Chase and Tabor said they might stop by,” Colt said and took a drink.

“How’s Hunter doing?” I asked. “I’ve been meaning to ask how the little guy is doing.”

“He’s doing great and growing like crazy,” Colt replied.  “His mom is supposed to have him tomorrow but it wouldn’t surprise me if Chase ends up with him.”

“Bro, you said that she’s been doing better,” Kris said.

“Better as in Chase doesn’t have him all the time,” Colt said.

We waited for our food and continued to drink.  Two guys said hi to Kris when they passed by our table.   Our food finally arrived after a short wait.

“Kris, what’s the latest on the honeymoon plans?” Corey asked.

“I think Melissa is dead set on us going to Jamaica and staying at some resort.  It’d be fucking tight if y’all come too,” Kris replied.

“Not!” I said.

“Why not?” Colt asked after cramming his burger in his mouth.

“Yeah, why not?” Kris asked.

“Kris, the last thing you need is us.  It is your time with Melissa…” I said.

“Seeing us will be the last thing on your mind,” Corey laughed.  “It was nice talking to y’all on our honeymoon…”

“I’d loved to have been with ya,” Kris said.  “It’d be killer to go to a nude resort.”

Corey and I looked at each other and laughed.  “You may have fit in but it was geared for gay guys,” I stated.

“That wouldn’t have bothered me in the least.  Matt, I told you that I’m a faculty sponsor of the LBGT alliance group at school,” Kris stated.

“That’s awesome, Kris.  The things Matt forgets to tell me,” Corey said.

“Ummmm… I didn’t know I was supposed to write down everything we talk about,” I said.  “Honestly, I barely remember you saying anything about it.”

“How is that going?” Colt asked.

“It’s cool.  Most of the stuff is boring to be honest,” Kris replied. “I am there to show my support…”

“Like he always has,” I said.

“So there’s no way y’all go with us?” Kris asked.

“Kris, we’d love to but you’ll need this time with Melissa.  You’ll thank us for not going in the end,” I replied.

“Bros, it was just an ideal.  You’re probably right.  We can start working on having kids,” Kris laughed.

“I figure you’re doing that right now,” Corey laughed.

“Trying like hell to prevent em is what my ass is trying to do,” Colt said. “If it does happen, then it happens.  I wouldn’t go crazy if it did.”

“Me either but I hope it doesn’t happen until maybe a few more years,” Kris stated.  “Bros, you know what Melissa laid on my ass last night?”

“What?” Colt asked.

“She insists on four bride’s maids so now I have to find another groom’s man,” Kris replied.

I threw up my hands.  “Kris, are you serious?  It’s obvious who you should ask.”

Kris looked around while I could almost hear his brain clicking.  “Who?”

Colt looked at me shaking his head.  Together and loudly we said, “Scott!”

Kris busted out laughing.  “Bros, I’m such a dumbass…”

“Kris, ask him tomorrow.  He’ll be excited,” I said.

“I don’t even know why you have to think about it,” Colt said.

“I wasn’t thinking.  Scott is the obvious choice,” Kris said.

“He is,” Corey said.  “I hate that we had to leave him out of ours.”

“He enjoyed helping y’all,” Colt said. 

We finished up eating and had one more pitcher.  It was about midnight before we left the restaurant.

Colt and Kris dropped us off at our hotel.  Kris made sure that we knew we were welcome at his place long before the tailgating was to begin.  He lamented in the fact that we weren’t staying with him as well or even Colt. 

Corey and I headed inside.  As soon as the door was closed, Corey’s shoes came off as was his habit at our place as well.  He smiled at me before taking me in his arms.  We shared a passionate kiss before he released me. 

“Matt, it is weird not staying with Kris or close to campus this weekend,” he said.

“I know but what can we do.  I wasn’t sleeping on the floor either…”

“The air mattress?”

“That either.  Besides, Jess got us a good deal here and were not imposing on anyone,” I replied.   I yawned really big.

“Don’t tell me you’re tired,” Corey said.

“A little maybe but you don’t need to worry.  I’m more than ready for us to show our love to each other,” I said.

Corey smiled and gave me another kiss.  He broke the kiss and dropped down before me.  He reached up and began taking off my jeans and blue bikini briefs.  I pulled my shirt over my head while Corey started playing with my cock there in the middle of our room.  His lips began kissing my cock while he held it up.  He glanced up at me with his blue eyes.  All I could do was smile and enjoy the treatment my hubby was giving me.  His mouth opened with him pushing the head and a few inches between his lips. 

“MMMM fuck Corey!” I moaned loudly with his mouth and tongue beginning to please my hard cock.

He stopped for a moment, “I love every inch of your body, Matt, especially all fucking eight inches of this fucker.”  He licked up and down my cock with one hand running up my torso.  I grabbed his hand and began sucking on his finger.  He returned his mouth to my cock with loud breathing through his nose.  Slowly he sucked my cock with his finger escaping my mouth.  It was so hot to have him making love to my cock while I stood there. 

Corey stopped to catch his breath after servicing my tool for a while.  I grabbed him for a long kiss and began reaching down to his shorts.  We were lip locked with his shorts and boxer briefs coming off.  I broke the kiss and pulled off his shirt.  We kissed and walked to the bedroom. 

I pushed Corey on the edge and got on my knees.  My head was soon buried between his muscular thighs with my tongue licking his thick cock.  Even to this day, I recall the first time that I ever sucked off Corey.  It was in his bedroom at college after our first ‘date’.  Now it is still hard to fathom that we are married. 

Corey was moaning with his cock completely in my mouth.  My tongue was working the underside with his strong hands on my head.  I pulled off to catch my breath and kissed his abs.  I returned to suck his cock and began playing with his hole. 

I pulled off and pushed his legs forward for access to his puckered pink goodness.  I started kissing all around his hole and heard his labor breathing. 

“Feels so good,” he moaned. 

My tongue extended and began doing circles around his hot hole. I began jabbing his hole and heard him moaning louder and louder.  It was still exciting to hear the joy coming from him.  My face was buried in his ass with his scent flooding my nostrils.  Normally our rim jobs are quick and to the point but I was relishing this moment of pleasing him. 

“OOO fuck Matt… fuck!” Corey moaned.

I stopped and pulled away.  I scampered to find the lube and returned with Corey now at the head of the bed.  His legs were spread wide and his cock was sticking straight up.  I got on top of him and kissed him with lots of tongue.  I moved back and pushed his legs forward.   The lube was applied to my cock and his ass. 

With his knees at his chest, I moved behind him.  I grabbed my cock and stroked it a few times to get it back fully rock hard.  I leaned forward and pushed my cock against his ass.  Still, it was the best sensation in the world to feel my cock going inside of his ass.  Inch by inch my hard cock was sinking into his tunnel.  He moaned a little until I was fully inside of him. 

“OOO fuck me, Matt… fuck me,” he moaned.

I slowly began fucking him with him moaning with each deep push.  I leaned forward and found his lips.  I continued to give him my cock with his ass on fire.  The sound of our lips smacking and our skin slamming together echoed off the walls. 

Pulling up, my hands went to both sides of him for leverage.  His hands found my ass and began pulling me inside of him.  My deep sexual grunts and his moans now filled the room. 

“OOO Corey… mmmm baby your ass is on fire for me tonight,” I moaned.

“Your fucking dick feels so good in me.  Fuck me harder!  Give your husband that big fucking dick!”

My hips began moving faster and faster.  Corey’s head was moving side to side with his mouth wide open.  At home, our love making is usually slow.  Hotel sex usually brought out the wide side in us as it had tonight.  I did slow down and was breathing so hard with sweat beading up on my forehead.

Once my hard red cock slipped from his hole, I applied more lube.  Corey moved to his side and threw one leg over mine.   My slick cock slid back inside of him.  I reached around and found his cock.  We got into a nice rhythm with my hand sliding up and down his cock.  He turned his head for a kiss.  We kissed while I was still fucking him. 

“OOO, I’m about to cum,” Corey moaned.

“Hold off one second.  It’s so fucking hot when we cum together,” I said.

I removed my hand and began nailing his ass.  The tingle shot through my body after a few deep thrusts.  I pushed deep and felt my cock firing into his bowels.  Corey shook as well and began shooting his load while I continued to flood him with mine. 

“OOO damn!  OOOO fuck!” Corey screamed while firing off his load.

I held his muscular body close while we finished our hot electric orgasms.  We were breathing heavy and trying to come down from this great sexual high.  He turned his head and smiled at me before I kissed him while my cock was going soft inside of him. 

Corey broke the kiss, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

My cock escaped his messy hole.  Corey looked around, “We’re a fucking mess.”

“We are but damn well worth it,” I said.

We showered quickly and returned to our bed.  We turned off the lights and spooned like we usually do.  We said our final goodnights and I love you before we drifted off to sleep with me in his big arms.


Sorry for the very long delay.  I had a lot going including a nice vacation to Europe.  I know and realize some will have lost complete and total interest in the story.   I completely understand.  I went through a period where the words just wouldn't come out and if they did, I wasn't pleased with them. 

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