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I opened the door. “Yeah, it’s just Scott!” I yelled back.

“Couldn’t wait, could ya?” Kris yelled.

“No, we couldn’t,” Ted said loudly in his deep voice.

Kris whipped his head around and quickly got up. “Oh my fucking God!”

Behind Ted were Luke, Myles and surprisingly Reese. Ted was wearing a white tee and shorts while Luke was
wearing a grey Charger tee. Myles and Reese had on Cowboy t-shirts. Colt and Corey followed Kris to shake
their hands and get big bear hugs.

“I hope you don’t mind but Reese showed up at the last minute and wanted to come,” Ted said.

“You know I don’t mind at all,” I said and gave Reese a big hug. Reese was looking great and was very

“Y’all hang on just minute. I got stuff out in my ride for all of y’all,” Ted said.

“Ted went and showed off with this ride of his,” Myles stated. I peered out and saw a new Chevy Avalanche
that was white and had really nice wheels.

“Damn Ted, how much jack did they give you?” Colt asked while we went out to see his new vehicle.

“Enough,” Ted replied with a big smile.

“He got my dad one, too,” Reese said.

“I had to take care of my brother,” Ted said and brought out a box. He carried it inside. We followed him.
He started tossing Cowboy tees and hats to all of us with plenty left for everyone else.

“He’s showing off now. Just wait. I’ll bring my shit next time,” Luke said.

Next Ted reached inside and handed each of us a small box. “Just a little something to show my

I opened my box to see a nice watch. Tears began welling up in my eyes. “Ted, you shouldn’t have.”

“I wanted to,” Ted said. “I’ve been waiting for the right moment to give these to the ones who have meant
so much to me.”

I got up and gave him a big hug while Kris, Colt and Corey stared at their watches. “I hate to see what
you got them.”

“I didn’t get shit,” Luke laughed.

“Like I said, I take care of those who deserve it. Just keep it between us, okay?” Ted stated.

“Myles, what’d you get?” Colt asked.

Myles looked at Ted and smiled. “He said he always wanted an iPad so I got him one. Luke got one too,” Ted

“Damn!” Kris said.

“Teddy got me a used car, but it is really nice,” Reese said. 

“So where’s everyone else?” Luke asked. “Ted called Matt and he said everyone was here.”

“Matt, you asshole!” Kris yelled.

“No, I told him I wanted to surprise y’all,” Ted said.

“Ted, you fucking asshole,” Colt said and laughed. “Alright, we wanna hear all about the pro life now.”

“It’s not easy let me tell ya,” Ted said. “I work ten times harder than I did in college. There are some
fucking beasts in the league.”

“Right now I just hope I make the team. Hell, I have an All Pro ahead of me,” Luke said.

“How is San Diego?” Corey asked.

“Lots of people and even more traffic,” Luke replied. “The weather is paradise though.”

“When did you come in?” I asked.

“He came Monday and is staying with me. Myles drove in last night,” Ted said.

“Ted, you asshole. Everyone was here last night. You should have called,” Kris said.

“Hey Reese, wait til ya hear the big news,” I said.

“Thanks Matt,” Colt said. “Chase is gonna be a daddy.”

“Damn!” Reese said with his mouth wide open. “Who did he knock up?”

“I don’t know her name. He barely does,” Colt replied.

“That sucks,” Reese said as there was a knock at our door. I knew for certain Kris and Colt were here
since this rarely happened. Colt went to the door with Scott and Jordy standing there.

“Who’s ride is that out there?” Scott asked.

Ted turned his head, “That would be mine.”

“Here again, I get the fucking leftovers,” Scott said and signed to Jordy. 

“You do. Ted brought us all kinds of shirts and hats,” I said.

Ted tossed them a shirt and hat a piece before he and the others gave them a big hug. Jordy put the hat on
his head and signed how he loved it.

“Where’s the rest of them?” Corey asked.

“Everyone’s at the pool,” Scott replied. “I don’t guess you’ll be coming since the big stars are here.”

“Let’s go then,” Ted said.

We got up and headed to the pool. As we were walking Reese grabbed me by the arm and pulled me aside.
“Later, I need to talk to you.”

“Bad?” I asked.

“Not bad, I just need some advice,” Reese replied.

“Where’s Latham this weekend? I’m sorry I didn’t ask about him earlier.”

“He’s with his family this weekend,” Reese replied.

Shawn, Aaron and Bruce stood up seeing Ted, Luke and Myles walking their way. Seth was sitting there with
them and was just staring. Ted set down the big box and greeted them while others began looking in our
direction. Ted handed out shirts and hats to them before finding a seat.

Scott introduced Seth to the four. Seth stared hard at them. “You know I saw a picture last night and said
there’s no way that’s Ted Wilcox. I didn’t wanna sound like a fool.”

“It is Ted Wilcox…” Kris said.

“And Luke McGee too,” Seth said.

“Finally somebody knows me,” Luke laughed.

“If you have any more I’d love a shirt and hat,” Seth said.

“Sure, I brought all kinds,” Ted said.

“Ummm… would you and Luke sign the hat? My brother is a huge Cowboy’s fan,” Seth said. “He won’t believe

“I’m not signing any Cowboy’s shit,” Luke said.

“Next time bring your Charger stuff then,” Myles said.

“I will if they handed it out like candy,” Luke laughed.

Ted grabbed a sharpie and signed the bill of the hat. Luke signed it as well but put SD below his name. 

“Thanks,” Seth said. “I recognize his face.”

Myles laughed, “I played safety for two years with these two superstars.”

“Better yet, he was their roommate,” I said.

“Finally someone knows me,” Myles echoed Luke and started laughing.

We moved our chairs in a big circle so we could be together. Ted, Luke and Myles were very interested in
hearing how everyone was doing. One by one they told him about their jobs and how much they missed college
life. Myles echoed the sentiments as well and said he really would come the fall. It took some badgering
before Ted and Luke would talk about how things were going for them. 

“I wanna hear come the end of September who everyone will be pulling for?” Luke asked.

“Why’s that?” Colt asked.

“We play each other out in San Diego,” Ted stated with his shirt now off, as was everyone else’s.

“I’m thinking about flying out there…” Myles stated.

“I told ya we’d arrange it,” Ted said.

“How fucking sweet would it be if Luke came here? Ted, you better be able to get lots of tickets for the
year,” Kris stated.

“I’ll do everything I can,” Ted stated.

“Matt and I have already said we’re going to as many games as we can,” Corey said.

“Good. I’ll make sure our tickets are together,” Reese stated.

“Alright, who’s everyone gonna root for in our game?” Luke asked again.

We pointed at Ted and laughed. “Bro, we’ll pull for you if you’re in the game.”

“Then it will be the Cowboys,” Luke laughed.

While we were talking a guy walked up with a beer in his hand, “I’m sorry but is that Ted Wilcox and Luke

“It is,” Luke replied turning his head.

“You’re Jake Simons that played quarterback at Union,” Ted said and stood to greet the guy.

“Oh my God, it is,” Luke said and stood as well. “How’s it going?”

“Not bad, but not near as well as for you two. I kept up with every game and watched every one of them I
could. I even came to a few,” Jake replied. “I remember Ted would knock the living shit of you in high
school and then pick you up before going back to the huddle. One time I was seeing stars after he hit me
so damn hard.”

We laughed. 

“Jake, didn’t we go to a few camps together?” Luke asked.

“We did,” Jake replied.

“Did you play any college ball?” Ted asked.

“I played baseball my freshman and sophomore years until I tore up my shoulder,” Jake replied. “Luke, I
think you played a little baseball but I think you picked the right sport.”

“I played a little but you were really good from what I remember,” Luke said.

“Jake, you’re welcome to join us. These are all my college buddies, plus my nephew. We came over to see
them today,” Ted said.

“Thanks for asking but I just wanted to say hi. My girlfriend thought I was crazy,” Jake said. 

“Do you want a hat?” Reese asked. “Teddy still has a bunch left.”

“That’d be awesome,” Jake replied.

Ted reached in and tossed him two. 

Ted and Luke shook Jake’s hand before he walked back to sit with his girl. 

“Ted remembers everyone,” Kris stated.

“I remember Jake. We played against each other for three years in high school. You know he was pretty
good, but he was slow as molasses,” Ted said.

“He had a great arm,” Luke said.

Kris and Colt ran off to grab some beer for us while we continued to enjoy the fact a lot of the gang was
here. I couldn’t help but notice that Ted and Luke were even bigger than the last time I saw them and even
more so when they took off their shirts. Myles had put on a little weight but still looked great. Both Ted
and Myles loved rubbing it in Luke’s face about the cruise. Sitting there, I did realize this was everyone
except for Dillon and Sergio who had gone on the cruise with us. Once Kris and Colt came back, I headed
inside and knew I had to take some pictures. I had neglected to do so since we’d been together. I insisted
that all of us who had gone to pose for a picture. They laughed and wondered when I was going to take some
pictures when I came back with my camera. We lined up how we were in the big cruise picture, with Luke
manning the camera. 

We stayed around by the pool until about six or later while I took a bunch of pictures to remember the day
by. Everyone came to our place to continue what we had started, with Seth right there with us. We talked
about going to see fireworks with Ted saying they couldn’t stay. The guys started badgering him until he
relented and agreed to go with us. With very little open, we did find a place that would deliver pizza and
ordered a bunch to have at our place.

I headed to change and heard a knock at my door. I said it was open since I had already changed out of my
swimsuit. Reese opened the door and came inside.

“Having fun?” I asked, looking for a shirt.

“Always love being around you guys, you’re the best and mean so much to me. Matt, I don’t know if I’d have
made it without your help,” Reese replied.

“Thanks. You said you wanted to talk to me,” I said.

“Yeah… ummm… I need some advice. Latham and I are getting kind of stale in our relationship. It’s one of
the reasons we’re not together this weekend,” Reese said, pushing back his long bangs.

“Stale in what ways?” I asked.

“Just about everything,” Reese replied. “I’m scared I’m fixing to lose him. I know you and Corey have been
together so long and you know more than anyone about these things.”

I put on my shirt, which gave me a second to think. “For one, you’re doing the right thing by being apart
this weekend. Sometimes it is the best thing to do. Are you fighting?”

“A little, but it’s about the stupidest shit,” Reese said.

“Aren’t most fights? My thing was to take a walk with Corey and hash it out until it was resolved. Staying
mad at each other makes it worse and causes it to grow.”

“Boy, I agree there. Honestly, I think he’s bored to death with our sex life too.”

“You may need to mix it up. Catch him off guard when he least expects it. Say you’re sitting watching TV
alone. Just reach over and start sucking his dick, getting him excited until he’s begging to fuck you or
have you fuck him.”

Reese laughed, “I’ve never heard you talk like that before.”

I laughed, “I had to take a moment and realize you’re 20 years old now and not a kid.  Corey and I have
fucked in all kind of places. It really adds to the excitement. I remember one time we were in a lull and
he took me to a vacant classroom where I fucked him. It worked wonders.”

“We do need to mix it up other than fucking in our bedroom. You do know I’m living with him this year?”

“No I didn’t. You need to get this resolved.”

“You’re telling me. I love him so much, Matt.”

“Reese, tell him that every day. I still tell Corey I love him every day.”

“Do you still… ummm… fuck like always?”

“Maybe more,” I replied with a big smile. “Reese, try to mix things up both sexually and in the things you

“We pretty much do the same thing over and over. You’re right we do need to mix things up, more so in
doing things.”

“That will lead to better sex too,” I said. 

“Thanks. I knew I could count on you. You’re the best ever,” Reese said and kissed me on the cheek.

“Reese, I’ve always thought the world of you as well,” I said.

“One weekend maybe we can get together and you know…”

“Let’s just keep things the way they are,” I said. We walked out to find the others eating the pizza.
Scott now had a great place lined up where we could all go and enjoy a great fireworks display in
celebration of the holidays. 

Once we finished, we headed out in different cars to the park where Scott said the fireworks could be seen
over a lake. We saw we weren’t alone but did find a place to park. Now I had my camera with me so I could
take pictures of everyone. We found a big area and threw down our things, which naturally included an ice

The fireworks were so spectacular. I sat with Corey’s arm draped around my waist while Alton and Jordy
were doing the same. Mostly, everything felt right in the world with a majority of us back together as one
big happy family. It seemed when we were apart things were so vastly different, but together things gelled
as they always did.

It was very hard saying goodbye to Ted, Luke, Myles and Reese once the fireworks were completed. Ted and
Reese each gave me a big hug, with Ted telling Corey over and over how he better take care of me. 

We drove back with the others gathering in our apartment. It didn’t bother me at all that everyone did so.
We wanted to be together as much and as long as possible while there was the opportunity. The only bad
thing was it really made me want things to be like this at all times.

“Those guys are something else,” Bruce said.

“Aren’t they the best jocks in the world?” Scott stated.

“I noticed,” Seth said. “They blew away my perception of big time athletes. I thought they’d all be total
assholes. They were the exact opposite.”

“That’s how they’ve been from day one, bro,” Kris said.

“I’ve always said Ted liked it because we treated him like a regular person. You saw how he always
deflected the conversation when it came to talking about him. Luke was the same way,” I said.

“As always, he was gracious. I hope he saves some of his money,” Corey said.

“Me too,” Colt said. “Buying new shit for everyone.”

“I think he will,” I said. “He got a nice bonus and wanted to say thanks to everyone who had helped him
along the way.”

“If he or Luke makes it big time then they will be set,” Aaron said.

“Luke will have it so hard but Ted will make it easily,” Bruce stated. “The team has more invested in Ted
than Luke’s team does with him.”

“Jordy hopes they both make it,” Alton said for Jordy. Alton was so great with Jordy and it was so great
to see.

“I’ll just say this as an outsider, y’all are so unique,” Seth stated. 

“We are very unique,” Shawn said.

“You seem so close…” Seth said.

“We are, bro,” Kris interrupted.

“You have a good mix between straight, gay and bi, but what about any people of color?” Seth asked.

“Our roommate was black and fit right in,” Bruce replied.

“We had a mixed guy, Juan, and then a Hispanic, Sergio…” Scott said.

“We also had Kwan hanging around for a little while, but no one really stuck together like the ones you
see here,” Corey said. “We’d accepted them just like they’ve accepted me and Matt.”

“The way I’ve always seen it, and still see it, is everyone is a person. I love the black guys, the
Mexican guys, the Asian guys and white ones that I’m coaching right now,” Kris said.

“Kris, are there any gay guys on your team?” Aaron asked.

“None that I’m aware of,” Kris replied.

“Kris would be real protective of them if there was. He’s always been protective of me,” I said.

“Matt, you can take up for yourself. Remember?” Colt asked.

I rolled my eyes, “How can I forget because y’all keep bringing it up.”

“Matt had some frat boy bully that he not only beat the living shit out of once but the guy got it again,”
Kris laughed.

Again it was after one before everyone was gone. No one was really drunk but a lot were left feeling good.
I backed off a little while Corey was pouring them down his throat.

The next day, Friday, rather than hang around the apartment or at the pool, the four of us headed off to a
nearby park just to get away. We stopped to get some food on the way to have an old fashioned picnic. It
was still hot and humid as always in the summer. Corey brought a Frisbee so we could enjoy throwing it
around and stay active. He bought it a while back but we rarely used it. It was fun and quite different to

We pulled our food out for our picnic. It was just sandwich stuff with chips and water. 

“Bros, I hate that tomorrow Colt and I are out of here,” Kris stated.

“I did talk to Mom this morning and I really need to see her,” Colt said before taking a bite while we
were sitting on our butts with sweat running down our faces.

“What’d she say?” Corey asked.

“She’s a little excited about the pregnancy,” Colt replied. “I need to put a little realism in her.”

“Colt, don’t dampen her excitement. I’m sure she more than realizes what’s going on. It will be her first
grandchild,” I said.

“I don’t want to dampen her excitement, but we need to be real about shit here,” Colt said.

“Hey, I know I’m having a blast with everyone, but I miss this right here. The four of us,” Kris said. “I
was thinking once or twice a year us four need to plan a trip, even if it is just camping so we can be

“I agree, but… remember things have changed for both of us,” Colt reminded Kris.

“Bro, I know that, but once or twice a year better not fucking kill them,” Kris said. “They fully
understood this weekend.”

“It would be great,” I said. “I was thinking Corey and I would enjoy a nice vacation, just the two of us.
But I think we’ll be with each other so much that a vacation with you two and more would be sweet.”

“Yeah, I love Matt so much and always will, but I see his point there. We lived three years with the two
of you there beside us. It has been so different this past month. There are times I catch myself looking
for y’all.”

“Me too,” Colt said. “I dream countlessly about us.”

Kris laughed, “I do too, but it’s always when we’re naked.”

“Leave it to Kris,” I laughed. “I have some of the weirdest dreams and sometimes wake up thinking you two
are still rooming with us.”

Corey hit his bare chest, “The bond that will never be broken.”

“It never will,” Kris stated. “Besides my Nathan tatt, this means the world to me.”

We sat around until we were finished eating. We got back up and continued to toss around the Frisbee to
each other. At the end Kris tackled Corey in the grass playfully. Colt ran over and joined the pile. I was
right behind Colt to get on top. With pure strength, Colt and I ended off the pile and were dog piled by
Corey and Kris. We rolled around the grass and laughed so loud. I did have grass all over me and it did
itch, but it was too fun to say a word about it.

We returned back to the apartment with Scott wondering where we’d been. We gathered together and agreed
that we should go out and eat as a group before we began separating again.

Our big group of just us and our friends headed out to eat Mexican food. We found a place that Corey and I
had discovered and it wasn’t that crowded. There was a large table to accommodate all ten of us. We
ordered and sat around. For a change, the conversation focused more on the present rather than the past.
Reliving the past was something great, but there was a lot of hope among the ten of us for bright futures
beyond just the present. We told of our dreams and hopes just as the big meal was arriving along with
various drinks.

After we finished we didn’t want to leave and continued to order various drinks so we wouldn’t get run

“Bros, I’m just telling each and every one of you, I expect to see you at the first home game,” Kris said
and pointed around the big table.

“Find us all a place,” Shawn said. 

“For one, it won’t be the first time any one of us has slept on a floor,” Colt stated. “We have Ethan,
Cody and Dillon still around. If worse comes to worse my brother will have room, or he better with all the
times he and his friends stayed with us.”

“We’ll try,” Bruce said. “It would be fun.”

“Colt, Jordy, Alton, Aaron and I made a very concerted effort to be here this weekend. I don’t really
think it’s asking too much for the rest of you to return the favor. You’d lie if you said this wasn’t any
fun,” Kris stated.

“Ain’t that the truth,” Corey said. “We’ve been together ‘til past midnight three straight nights. I’ve
loved it.”

“Okay, I’ll do whatever it takes to be there,” Scott stated. “If nothing else, I can see my brother.”

“I also think y’all should try to get together at least once a week. So far not a one of you that live
here are dating,” Kris stated.

“Matt, did you put him up to saying that?” Shawn asked.

“I didn’t, but I like the idea. Tell me how many times the five of us have been together since we moved
here,” I replied.

“I agree,” Scott said. “We said we’d stick together yet we’ve gone in basically different directions. I
know we’re all working and try to make our own way here but it wouldn’t kill us to gather at one of our
apartments and chill for one night say on the weekend. We can catch up on everything and have fun while
doing so just like we have here.”

“Sounds great to me,” Bruce said. “There will be some jealous folks.”

“Jordy said he would be,” Alton said.

We finished up and paid our bills before returning home. We gathered around for a little while back at our
place but no one stayed that long. 

Once everyone was gone, Kris came walking down the hall from the bathroom wearing nothing but a smile. As
with the previous nights, we lost our clothes and enjoyed the time together. 

Colt was shaking his head, “Still after so long we love showing off to each other.”

“Bro, it’s not showing off. I’m doing my damnedest to get Melissa to enjoy this life, but fuck she won’t
let go,” Kris stated.

“I know the feeling,” Colt said. “Now I regret coming here. I fucking hate that we gotta leave tomorrow.”

“I hate it too. It’s been so much fun,” I stated.

“It’s been great. I hate the fact I work Sunday,” Corey said.

“I really start Monday,” I said.

“Are you excited about that?” Colt asked me.

“I am. I’m ready to start out. Training was so boring but I learned so much in a short time. It’s amazing
that I went four years of college yet they could drill their system into my head in four weeks,” I

“I’m still amazed y’all haven’t met anyone. I hope you become friends with Seth. I can see how he wants to
be friends and be a part of the group…”

“I appreciate the idea of us getting together. We needed Kris here to push us in that direction,” Corey

“Matt, has it sunk in yet that you’re finally living your dream of living with Corey?” Colt asked.

“It has. It’s really been nice, but I still miss the two of you and always will,” I replied. “Even though
Kris and I talk three or four times a week it’s just not the same without him here.”

“I agree,” Kris said. “It’s total bullshit when someone says they enjoy a long distance relationship.”

“Well… someone might, but I don’t see how they could. I feel sorry for those who travel all the time,”
Corey said.

“It’s sacrifice completely,” Colt said. “Faith wants to get a sales job after she graduates in December.
She’s already told me to expect her to travel.”

“I’ll be there,” Kris said.

Corey and I were up about ten and came out together to find Kris and Colt dressed. We found something to
eat before we sat back around until one. 

I was so glad they had come to visit and looked forward to seeing them as soon as possible. With our lives
changing, seeing them as much as we wanted would be tough and would involve many sacrifices. Somehow, some
way I knew we’d give it our best shot. It was hard seeing Kris and Colt walk out the door and get in
Kris’s vehicle. I stood staring out at them with Corey’s arm around me. 

“Each time will get easier,” Corey said.

“Maybe,” I said as I shut the door.


I hope you enjoyed a few chapters back with the guys.  This concludes this part.   If the demand is still
there, I suspect more later will be forthcoming.    
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