Posted:  Sept 27, 2015

Corey and I were sitting on the bleachers in early September with Cale and Daniel beside me with Colt and Shawn on the other side of Corey.  We were at a nice high school stadium that looked so empty on this Thursday to witness Kris’s first game at his new school.  Melissa and Faith were behind us to watch as well.  When the teams ran on the field for this freshman game, Kris turned and spotted us but only gave us a smile. 

“I’m glad we’re getting this over with,” Colt stated. “I went once last year and was bored out of my mind.”

“Matt and I are anxious to Kris in action since we didn’t ever get the chance before he moved,” Corey said now fully healed from his accident.  Now we had a nice bigger SUV since Corey wanted extra protection while driving.  It wasn’t an easy two months for him but we survived.

After kickoff, Kris sprang into action since his guys were on defense and he was an assistant on defense.  He started pacing up and down the sidelines in his tight school polo shirt and shorts.  After a nice tackle to start the game, Kris was raising his fist and yelling encouragement, I think.

Daniel leaned over to me, “Kris really gets into this, doesn’t he?”

“Man, you should have seen him in college.  He coached our intermural basketball and softball teams,” Corey said.  “He was quite animated.”

“He’s calmed down a little,” Colt said.

“Remember how hyper he got when they won the basketball league our senior year,” Shawn laughed.

We reminisced about the victory and our time playing softball.  Daniel was a little surprised that I was a part of the softball team while Corey tried his hand in both sports.   I did my best to focus on Kris and watch him.  He was entertaining with the team coming off after the other one had scored.

“I’d love to hear what Kris is saying right now,” Corey commented with Kris in a huddle with his players.

“He said he really has to watch his mouth,” Melissa turned to say.

“I bet he does,” Colt laughed.

By halftime, Kris’s team was up two scores.  He ran off the field with sweat now pouring down his face.  We stood to stretch our legs and grab a drink since it was still warm and the sun was hitting our faces. 

I walked up to Shawn after getting something to drink.  “How’s the new job working out at the fire station?”

“Good so far but it’s only been a week so far,” Shawn replied.

“There’s a job that we all need.  One full day and then two off,” Colt said with Faith.

“Have you had a call yet?” Daniel asked.

“First day, we had to work a big wreck on the freeway,” Shawn said. “Y’all know we do more than just put out fires.”

“You better or else you’d be bored as shit,” Colt said.

“It’s a shame that you’re working Saturday,” Corey stated.

“I know but it’s way too early to be switching days.  I envy y’all and will miss going back to the campus,” Shawn said.

“Colt and I are actually looking forward to it.  We get to spend time with Chase and Hunter…” Faith said.

“Yeah, Chase is missing us and ready for us to watch the little feller,” Colt said.

“You know that you enjoy it,” Melissa said.

“I do except when he shits his pants,” Colt laughed.  “Cale, why aren’t you and Daniel going this weekend?”

“Well… we’ll go sometime but just not this weekend,” Cale replied as we stood around under the bleachers.

“Remember like you and Kris we have a wedding to pay for,” Daniel added.

We ventured back up and took our seats.  We watched the game until it got a little out of hand.  Kris’s team was pretty good or the other team was really bad.  Either way, they were winning rather handily so we exited long before the game was over.

“If not for Kris, that would have been pure boredom,” Shawn said.

“See I told you,” Colt said.  “I’m glad that’s out of the way.  We can say we came and saw him.”

“It was entertaining watching Kris,” Cale laughed.

Colt mocked Kris’s antics with us leaving.  We got a good laugh from his imitation.  We said goodbye to Colt, Faith and Shawn before Cale and Daniel got in our SUV to head home.  Corey and I did our best to entice them to go with us for the weekend since our ride had third row seating.  Instead they would take it easy and might enjoy a nice day by our pool which they were more than welcome to.

Friday, I was at home and packed for our trip back to college for the opening football game of the year.  Initially, it wasn’t my idea or plan to do so but Kris insisted that we go plus we’d scored rooms thanks to Jess still managing a motel in the area.   The more I considered it, the more enticing it did sound since it was always an enjoyable experience as well as Walt’s fine tailgating.  Corey really wanted to go after we’d not been away since our visiting trip and his accident. 

Corey entered early from work and graced with a sweet kiss as always.  He quickly changed while I called Kris to tell him we were about to leave with him and Melissa going with us and staying with us as well. 

We picked up Kris and Melissa at their house and began our journey back to college.  I was driving since Corey was still leery of doing so and actually scared me with his jumpiness at the wheel.

“Bro, did y’all enjoy the game last night?” Kris asked with him throwing their bag in the rear.

“I guess but we enjoyed watching you,” Corey replied.

“I was trying to stay calm,” Kris said and shut the door with Melissa shutting hers.  “I didn’t want to scare them too much.”

“There’s little doubt that you are fit for the job,” I stated, pulling away.  “I’m just amazed that you know so much.”

“He’s been studying the game nonstop since July,” Melissa said.

“I still learn something new every day,” Kris said.

I fought traffic on the familiar highway leading back to college.  It was almost as if my mind controlled the wheel even though we were in a new car.  Kris kept us entertained during the trip.  It was great hearing his stories about his new students and the difference in the age group and locale.  Melissa then decided that we wanted to hear some gruesome hospital stories which was turning my stomach listening.

The drive was still long but much shorter thanks to good company.  We arrived at the motel and entered.  Kris, Corey and I entered through the sliding glass doors to find Jess waiting on our arrival.  We’d seen him at Kris and Colt’s wedding earlier in the summer but were still happy to see him again.

Jess greeted us and looked professional for his job.  His arms were tattooed up now but his brown hair was cut short.  “As always, it’s so great to see y’all,” he said.

“Bro, it’s great to see you.  We appreciate this a bunch,” Kris said.

“No problem.  I’m always glad to help out buddies of mine, especially y’all.  We had some great times,” Jess said.

“We did,” Corey said.  “Are you coming to the game tomorrow?”

“Hell yeah.  I worked it where I work after game so I can’t get too drunk,” Jess laughed.

“We sure can,” Kris said.  “What time do you get off?”

“Midnight,” Jess replied.

“Damn, we’re meeting Colt and Faith for a drink later,” Corey said.

“I wish I could but I can’t but I’ll tailgate with y’all.  Same spot?” Jess asked.

“We hope or same area, bro,” Kris replied.  “Mom and Dad are bringing it all…”

“As usual,” I said.

Jess checked us in and slid us our room cards.  We thanked him knowing what a great rate that he gave us.  We unloaded and put our things away in our rooms.

Corey stood in our room with his hands on his hips, “Somebody doesn’t even have a clue the meaning of this weekend.”

My eyes darted around while trying to remember the significance of this Labor Day weekend.  It hit me with a smile coming to my face.  “I think this will be six years since our first date.”  (Read the first date)

“It is.  You never remember that shit.”

“I’m sorry but it is still important to me.  I began dating the greatest guy ever.”

“Me too and to think, it led to us being married now for over a year… damn!”

I grabbed him for a long kiss and now wished that we had made plans to meet Colt.  We did shower together and enjoyed that greatly before dressing casually for our night out.  We meet Kris and Melissa who were down the hall from us and headed out to a familiar place where we’d frequented during our senior year on campus.

At the bar, we entered early by college standards to find Colt, Faith, Chase, Tabor and Deer waiting on us. 

“Wow bro, how’d you manage to come?” Kris asked Chase about his son Hunter.

“His mom knew that Colt and Faith would be here and likes to have him then,” Chase replied, shaking his head.

“We got to see Hunter for maybe five minutes,” Faith stated before Kris headed to the bar to order for us. 

We grabbed a table next to them with Corey and Tabor talking about their times at the Rec Center.  Being the driver, I was limited to water but didn’t mind at all on this night.  We sat around chatting with great memories flooding my head about this place.  Slowly, there were others coming in with a new faces from college finding this place enjoyable.

Our night wasn’t too long but long enough.  The others had a few drinks but nothing in excess like a few other times when we’d drag either Kris or Colt out and barely able to walk after a good night. 

We returned early, 11:30 or so, back to the motel.  Corey smiled when we entered the room and began to undress me.  He then returned the favor with both of us enjoying it since we were normally nude at home.  Things began getting very passionate with both of us eager for each other. 

“After all these years, I still get excited for us to have sex,” Corey said.

“We better or else something is wrong,” I said.

“Do you even remember our first date?”

“Well… of course.  We went to the art museum,” I replied with us naked and me on top of him. 

He laughed, “I was crazy, huh?”

“I thought that you were…”

“Do you remember what we did afterwards?” he asked.

I smiled trying to recall the events.  “Ummm… I think we went back to your room.  Lee was gone… yeah, I remember.”  My hand moved down to his cock. “I sucked your dick and you sucked mine.”

“I wanted to fuck you in the worst way.  I knew right then that I had someone special but didn’t know really how special that you really are.”

“It was the worst day of my life seeing you with another guy…”

“Stop it right now.  I fucked up but that’s now history,” Corey stated.

“Ancient history in my book.  Love won out in the end.”

“Damn right it did and wins out still today.  You make me the happiest man every day of my life.  I got lucky…”

“I did too and just knew that I’d search my entire college career for the right one.  He came to me the first week,” I said and moved to kiss him.

We began repeating the first night and sucked each other’s cocks.  Now six years later, the nerves were gone for both of us to enjoy this wonderful experience that we had done so often.  It was slow so not to push each other over the edge but got us significantly hard.  Corey found a towel and threw it under his muscular body.  With his legs spread, he was ready and anxious for my hard 8 inches.  Instead, my tongue and lips treated his fine ass to a very wet rim job.  He was breathing hard as ever yet seemingly enjoying my efforts in and around his great ass.  After lubing us up, I got between his legs with my cock throbbing and eager to be inside my husband.  Glancing downward, my cock was glistening with precum and seeing the hottest man ever waiting for me.  Better than that, the man waiting on me truly loved me which is more than I could ever imagined on our first date.  Slowly, my cock penetrated his body with relative ease.

“OOO fuck Matt!  Still after all these years, your cock inside of me feels so fucking good,” he stated exhaling.

Going deeper in him, I glanced at his tan face. “Corey, your ass is so fucking hot!  How’d I ever get so lucky to be your husband?”

Slowly, I began fucking him.  He began moaning with his face showing the immense pleasure that he was getting.  It was our time to physically show our love to each other and express it sexually.  We enjoyed being very sexual active before and after we were married.

I leaned over and found his wet lips with his hands finding my tan ass.  With our lips together, my hips continued to thrust into at a great rhythm.  Our skin was slapping together with the bed in our motel room shaking.  I leaned up and began pinching his nipples while driving my hard throbbing cock in and out of him.

We switched positions to our sides with his leg over mine.  My hands roamed his tan taut hard body while nibbling on his neck.  He was reaching back and wanting my cock harder in him.  My cock started plowing his ass and meeting his desires.  His moans grew louder with our breathing becoming heavy.

“Let me know when you wanna cum.  I want it down my fucking throat,” I whispered to him.

After a few more hard thrust, he announced that he was close.  I pulled out with ease and maneuvered around to take his throbbing thick cock in my mouth.  My mouth went into high gear before he groaned.  “I’m… fucking…” he said with cum hitting my throat.  He began firing his hot salty load in my throat while thrusting his hips.  My reward was great and everything that I desired.  His cock slipped out before he grabbed me for a kiss with sweat dribbling down his face.  

After the kiss, he returned the favor and began sucking my cock.  I grabbed his head and began firing my load into his mouth. 

Spent, my cock left his mouth with my cum oozing from the corners of his mouth.  We kissed again before heading to shower off our sweat and sex.

I woke on Saturday about eight and took a second to gather my bearings.  I was in the bathroom doing my thing when Corey walked up to grace me with a nice kiss.  Seeing our reflection in the large mirror really put forth the point how dark we had gotten over the summer with not one inch untanned. 

“I really wished we hadn’t planned to stay just one night,” Corey stated.

“I know but things are still tight for Kris and Melissa,” I stated.  “It won’t be too long before our next vacation.”

“I can’t wait for that.”

Our plans were to head out and see New Mexico for a week after Cale and Daniel’s wedding.   It wouldn’t be at our wedding spot but in and around Santa Fe.  We had a cabin reserved just outside after some thought of possibly tent camping for a few days. 

We dressed and sent Kris a text message to see if he was up.  He called and said Melissa was getting ready.  We decided to eat a free breakfast at the motel and go from there.

After eating, we did a few things and checked out of the motel.  Kris agreed that we should’ve stayed another night.  We stopped to grab a few things and continued on.  I drove to campus with so many great memories flooding my mind.  I traveled along one of the streets where Kris and I used to run at night and passed by our old apartment complex. 

We found our regular area in the parking lot near our freshman dorm.  Once settled, Kris, Corey and I walked over and began talking about the place that held great significance in our lives.  Kris being bold as ever went inside after a guy had come out.  We followed him inside with the smell of the dorm flooding our nostrils.  Next we went up the stairs to our hall.  Kris acted like he was going to knock on the door of our old room.  We did see a few students and said hello to them before exiting the hall.

Kris shook his head as we were walking back, “Tell me what you wouldn’t give to be back there.”

“Not a damn thing,” Corey laughed.  “Think about it, Kris.  We’re married now and have what I think is a good life.  Yes, it was great starting there and it was where Matt and I meet but that is now history.”

“Bro, I guess you’re right but we had some great times there,” Kris stated.

“We did and ones none of us would trade for anything but Corey’s so right, we are in a better place now,” I said.

We returned with Melissa helping out Walt and Jenny who had arrived.  Walt pulled out a small grill and fired it up with the intentions of us having burgers and dogs along with chips and dips.  Kris was in the ice chest and grabbing a cold one plus handing one to Corey and his dad as well.  I took some water and sampled a little spicy dip that Jenny had made.  I lamented the fact that Corey and I weren’t contributing but Jenny stated that we’d hosted everyone all summer. 

Colt, Faith, Chase, Deer and Tabor came walking up with Hunter in Chase’s arms with Deer and Tabor carrying a cooler.  Hunter was growing so much and was a real cutie now, favoring Colt so much.  Hunter didn’t know what to think of the attention in the beginning but warmed up.

“First game, huh?” Walt asked.

“It is. I’m breaking him in right,” Chase replied.

“He knows that everyone will watch him,” Colt said.

“We will,” Melissa said, approaching Hunter and seeing a smile on his face.  “Happy to see this little boy again.”

“Kris, it won’t be long before…” Jenny said.

“Mom, let us get settled and then we’ll work on that,” Kris stated.

“Son, I’m sure you’ve working on it,” Walt laughed with us laughing too.

“True,” Kris smiled. 

Now the parking lot was really beginning to fill up with the smell of great food lingering in the air on this warm day.  They began tossing around a football to bide the time and wait until the burgers and dogs were done. 

They were doing so when Jess arrived alone.  We greeted him and thanked him for the rooms.  He took a seat and was happy to see everyone.  He did ask about Scott but he was gone to Brennan’s dad for the weekend.  We told him about Shawn and his new job before spotting Bryson walking up.  He was looking great and sporting a beard. 

When the food was ready, we sat down and began eating with Corey and me in the back of our ride.  Some noticed that it was new and offered us the chance to tell about Corey’s trauma.  My eyes stayed ahead and were looking at each face that walked by and hoping to see old friends.

Corey nudged me in the side with us just about finished with a great burger, “I’ll be damn.”

I looked over and saw Kris and Colt talking to a guy.  “Is that Bishop?” I asked since he was bigger and losing his hair.

“I think so,” Corey replied.

We walked over and it sure enough was Bishop.  He greeted us very warmly with a firm handshake.  “I was telling them about Alex.  He’s really messed up now from that wreck he had four years ago.  Head injuries have made him a different person,” Bishop stated.

“That’s sad to hear, bro,” Kris said with Bryson joining us and greeting Bishop.  We stood around catching up and finding out that Bishop lived near his parent’s old place and was in the contracting business.  Bryson now was getting his license in plumbing and talked about doing well.  Naturally we asked if he’d seen Garrett.  Bryson said that he had and he was doing better but still struggled with his addiction to both alcohol and pills.

Bishop didn’t hang around but I was glad to see him again.

“He’s still an asshole if you ask me,” Colt stated with us walking back.

“Bro, drop it.  It’s been four fucking years,” Kris said.

“I don’t care if it was twenty four years.  I hold grudges,” Colt said.

“I’m glad that I never crossed you,” Bryson laughed.

We returned and grabbed more to eat with me having some cookies that Faith had brought.  We sat around as a group with Chase, Tabor and Deer gone to see some their buddies.  Soon lots of laughs were being heard as we talked about our days. 

“Corey?  Matt?” I heard and saw a guy walking with a girl.

Corey jumped up and walked over to embrace the guy while I stood back to notice the girl was pregnant.  Corey said the magical word, Michael.   I knew then it was his freshman roommate with his wife, Brianna.  They’d been together since that year and were now married.  Michael too had put on some weight and was wearing glasses as well.  Kris came over and greeted them followed by Colt and Jess. 

“Bro, when are you due?” Kris asked.

“Right before Thanksgiving,” Michael replied.  “It’s a girl.”

“That’s awesome,” Corey said.

It was great to see them smiling and being proud expecting parents.  They lived close with Michael working near the campus.  We invited them to eat something but they said they had and really came to see if we were in our old area.  

Michael and Brianna left with Myles walking up with Todd.  I did recognize both and had seen Myles at Kris and Colt’s weddings.  Todd was the kicker for the team and hosted some killer poker games.

“Have you heard?” Myles asked.

“What?” Colt asked.

“Luke got cut today,” Myles replied.

“Bro that really sucks…”

“He was expecting it,” Todd added.  “So much so, he didn’t even rent a place this year.”

“It still sucks,” Corey said.

“A little but he’s done okay.  Luke already had something lined up with a small college near here and is going to finish his degree there,” Myles stated.  Myles told us how well Luke had done with his salary and other benefits that came with being a player in the NFL.  I wasn’t feeling sorry for him after hearing that.   We started talking about Ted and his expectations for the year.  If Luke had done okay, then Ted had for sure with a big payday in his near future.

After they were gone, it became a scramble to find the closest bathroom with the liquids running through us.  I got a good laugh hearing that Kris, Corey, Colt and Jess had gone behind the dorm after trying to get inside.  We knew it probably wasn’t the first time they’d used the grassy area.

We sat around with Chase, Tabor and Deer back from visiting their friends.  Now Hunter was sleeping in the back seat of our vehicle with both doors open since it was warm.

“Bros, get ready to feel old,” Kris stated with a fresh one in his hand.

“I know what he’s talking about,” Tabor said.  “Man, it’ll be our first game as graduates.”

“Damn, it will,” Deer said.  “That’s really hard to believe.”

“Wait until you get to our age,” Walt said with Jenny.  “Now all of our kids that we watched grow up and come tailgating are getting married and having kids of their own.  That’ll make you feel really old.”

“Bros, we talked earlier if we’d do it again…” Kris said.

“I would and change a lot,” Bryson said.  “I’m doing okay now but in a way I wished I’d gutted it out.”

“Y’all were smart,” Jess said.  “I came back and it was harder.”

“Kris, you’d love to be here again,” Colt said.

“I won’t lie that sometimes I think that I would.  Now I’m married to a great gal,” Kris said and squeezed Melissa’s hand.  “Corey was right.  I think everyone of us is in a good place right now.”

“Yeah, he’s got a sweet house,” Tabor said.  He and Deer had visited once during the summer and after Corey’s accident.

“We need to see it one day,” Jenny said.

“You’re welcome any time,” I said.

“Just knock or better yet call before you go or else you’ll get an eye full,” Colt laughed.

“We’ve heard,” Walt said and shook his head.  “I can see it too.  All of y’all are dark.”

“In all areas too,” Kris laughed.

We waited up until about thirty minutes before kickoff.  We did have everything cleaned up with lots of gratitude towards Kris’s parents.  We locked up our vehicles with Chase having to carry Hunter who was now awake.  I began seeing all the current students walking in our school colors. 

Nearing the stadium, I saw two young guys holding hands and tapped Corey on the shoulder.  He spotted it and took my hand before we got to the entrance on this warm Saturday.  It was exciting entering the stadium with a new buzz about the season.  We climbed the steps and found our seats across from the student section.  I did miss seating there and really getting into the game.  It was better knowing a few of the players personally. 

The game was pretty interesting with it closer than expected.  Our offense looked promising and exciting.  We headed out and meet back up with Kris’s parents along with Colt and his gang.  We said goodbye to Colt while planning to follow Walt and Jenny.  Kris and Melissa jumped in with his parents and would rejoin us down the road.  I didn’t mind and gave me time with Corey.

All in all, it was a very good weekend with a few surprises.  As always, it was great to be back where it started. 


I hope you enjoyed this chapter and wait wasn't too long.  Sorry about that!!

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