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I was sitting at the pool on this beautiful afternoon on the cruise ship. Rick and Samuel were out have a bite to
eat at Johnny Rockets. This vacation has turned out to be great so far. Matt and Corey, and Kris and Colt seem
to enjoying their visits and like us, are on their way to Rome.
The ship is cruising at sea today, and will be arriving at Rome tomorrow, where all of us will be enjoying
Roman country side for a few days. I haven’t mentioned it but I spend a little money on Tuscany villa for three
days extra. I was concerned though, about Jess and Scott. I haven’t heard from them since the airport. Neither
has anybody else. Kris believed, they are just enjoying themselves. I tended to agree.
I was just watching the people splashing around in the pool, drinking a margarita, when Rick and Samuel
showed up. Samuel kissed me hello, while Rick did the same with a kiss on the cheek.
“How was Johnny Rockets?” I asked.
“Great. You should have come.” Rick stated.
“I just didn’t want to add to much junk food to my middle. It is bad enough; I got hooked on the Magnum ice
creams.” In every port of call the ship visited, we discovered these ice cream bars on a stick. They were so
good, that our mission to locate them where ever they were.
“Love have you been enjoying yourself by the pool.”
“Yep. I am glad we decided to do this. A vacation is what I needed.”
“Which reminds me,” Rick began. “Would you please keep it down during the night?”
We laughed at that, and Samuel wanted us to go walking around the Promenade. Rick said he wanted to check
out the casino again. So, we went down to Promenade. It was simple a floating mall. They had numerous
shops on both sides. When you look up, you see the elevators that take guests to their rooms. Samuel took my
hand, and we ventured into one of the jewelry stories.
Although Samuel and I, are not legally married, we agreed last night, we should have ring to signify our
relationship. I thought of it, from the ring Corey gave to Matt.
We looked over the glass, until Samuel found the ring he wanted; so, we bought to in our sides. We also
bought a little something four our six friends and nice watch for Rick. By the time we left put the stuff into our
room; It was time to get dressed for the dinner. Tonight was formal night, so Samuel and I dressed in our nice
suits, that we bought before we left. I had respectful blue suit with nice black silk tie, and Samuel had black
suit with a red silk tie. Rick had just run with the biggest frown on his face.
“What happened?” I asked.
“Let us just say I made a big mistake. I was at sitting next to this hot girl at the slots, and we got to talking and,
one thing led to another.”
“You didn’t.” Samuel stated.
“No…not that…get real. I am committed to Kathy. No, while we were talking I kept putting more money in and
more money, without realizing I had been betting with dollars, and not quarters. I started losing 5 bucks a
I sensed something, “What happened next?”
“Then I won 100 bucks.” Samuel and I laughed and congratulated him. Hurry, will be late for dinner, and there
and activity I want to try.”
So, Rick got dressed it just a smart shirt and pants and green tie. We went to main dining room for dinner, and
had some great food. While, I was eating and Rick was telling us a story about how he had to convince the
higher ups that Kris deserved to stay in resistance after the fight he had with Lee.
“Well, Rick.” I s changed the subject. “It’s about time I learned how you did it?”
“Did what?” He asked.
“How did you arrange my reunion with guys before the Christmas holidays the first year? Samuel and I have
been trying to figure it out for a long time.”
“Samuel knew though.” Rick smiled. I turned him and he nodded.
“Dad,” Rick began. “It was simple process. I was given a list of all the new people coming to residence in the
fall. And, I already knew Kris and Matt would be there. Then, after meeting Corey and Colt and Scott on the
first day, when they moved in. I was certain they knew you.”
“How can you be so certain?” I asked, curiously.
“You told me about your travels over the years before you found Samuel, and mentioned the people you
helped, and told me there names. Therefore, I spent the first semester figuring if they were right people or
not. And, seeing who else knew you. What stunned me the most, was they all became friends, so quickly. Matt
and Corey becoming a couple, and then by the end of the semester the six of them were tight. So, I had to get
them in the same room with you.”
“The only one I never met was Jess.” I had admitted. “However, after our little reunion, I made it my mission
to get to know him more, and when he left back home. I am glad I was able to help.”
Samuel spoke up: “So tell me, love. How did you feel when you saw them all in the same room?”
“I thought it was some type of trick. You guys know once I help someone, very rarely to I meet them again. Kris
and Matt were the obvious exception.”
“I felt bad that I could only round up the six.” Rick said, sadly. “Kendall, Noah and the others had to do other
“It okay Rick. The people who were there meant more to me.” It was such an interesting experience, Rick had
called me to residence during the Christmas break, a week before all the guys went on their classic ski
vacation. He wanted some help with some relocation that would occur for Spring Semester.
“I cannot believe you made me work.” I said, remembering. “Then, you wanted upgrade the big common area.
So, we walked in there to see if I had any ideas. The moment I entered. I just stood in the doorway
Rick agreed, turning to Samuel: “The six of them were all in a big conversation on what they were going to on
the big ski weekend. It was hard to convince them, to come back; but I let Kris on the secret, and knew he
would bring Corey, Colt, Matt, Scott and Jess along. The moment Derek entered the conversation stopped
I picked up the story, “They all screamed my name. Then they looked at each other. It just dawned on them,
that they all knew me.”
After the initial shock wore off, I remembered Kris and Matt hugging me, and then Corey joining them. Colt
and Scott were just staring at me.
“It was Jess who had asked the question: Derek did you know all of them of them. I nodded, and then he asked
how. The next hour, we spent relieving the tales. I told them how I saved Corey from jumping off a precipice
when he younger dealing with living in homophobic town; I explained how I helped Colt with dealing with his
brother, Chase; and I told them how I talked to Scott about his sexuality issues.”
“It was Kris who said,” Rick told. “It is destiny that we all became friends. Matt nodded saying, if it weren’t
Derek’s interventions known of us would be here, or be the people we are today. Colt still believed it was
some type of coincidence. Then Kris and Matt told them about how Derek helped them get back together
during their fight their last year of high school.”
“It was fun. I had to admit.” I turned to Samuel who had heard this story before, but listened nonetheless.
“After the stories were told, Rick brought in some beer, and I got hear all of there stories from college, heard
about Corey’s cheating, Matt and Scott hooking up, Colt and Kris’s fight over Monica, it was a blast.”
As I wrapped up the story, the desert was being served to us. We finished, and I brought Rick and Samuel to a
little booth a floor down, where they had these glass square blocks, where they can insert pictures into them.
We sat an poised for the picture and a short time later. We were holding this square block with our picture on
it. I loved it. That night, all three of us went to the bar for a night cap, and went to bed ready to meet there
friends the next day.
Matt and Corey were driving in their Jaguar, they had just left Derek and Samuel in Marseille, and they were
on to the next city.
“So, do you want to drive straight to Rome?” Matt asked.
“Your call, but we don’t have to be there for another few days. I suggest we taken in French and Italian
countryside and make stops along the way.”
“I agree.” Matt nodded. Matt had agreed to himself that for the trip, Corey would be making all the big
decisions. “You’re the boss, today.”
Corey smiled and kissed the driving Matt on the cheek. “I still cannot believe Pierre.”
“What you mean? He was such a nice guy. Didn’t you like our last night in Paris with him?”
Corey thought about it, and recalled that they just entered one of Paris’ best sex clubs, and Pierre told us to
have fun. Having experience with a lot of the sexual apparatuses from our Holland encounter, we just stripped
each other had an amazing sexual experience. Pierre returned later naked from head to with his two
boyfriends. They were both hung; they had maybe nine inches, which complemented Pierre’s 7 inch uncut
“Sorry, I was just reliving the fun at the sex club.”
“Admit that Pierre and his boyfriends were hot as fuck.” Matt said.
“Yep, I agree. I still cannot believer that the three of them wanted me and you.”
“Why not? We are just as hot, if not hotter than them.”
Matt thought back to it. After the five of them left the sex club, we made it back to our hotel in one piece.
Matt wanted to call it a night, he was tired. But then Pierre asked if they up for some mutual appreciation.
Corey was for it. Matt couldn’t blame him; since they agreed to open up their sex lives a bit, Corey hadn’t
indulged that much. So, Matt let Corey take the lead, and actually watched Corey take all three guys by himself
at the beginning. Corey loved every minute of it. From the stripping, to the blowjobs, and to fucking; Matt
jerked himself so hard watching Corey enjoy himself. After they climaxed, Matt came over kissed his
boyfriend with so much passion. Corey knew Matt approved.
The next morning, they woke with Pierre in their bed; they had a nice breakfast together, and checked out
with heartfelt kiss from both of them.
“Corey admit it, you enjoyed their bodies?”
“Yeah, I couldn’t deny it. It was so much fun. I was taken aback that you did join in.”
Matt turned into a small town, “It was like when Kris watched us, or when Colt and you watched me and Kris
go at. I just wanted to see you get off.”
“Thank you. I enjoyed every minute of it.”
“More than our love making?” Matt asked.
“Not even close. They gave me nothing that compares to what you gave me. Where the fuck are we?”
“Nice,” Matt said as he parked the car. “It looked quaint, and there Samuel mentioned to me there was nice
little hotel near here we can use. And explore the city some more.”
We found the hotel in record time, it was more of motel with two floors and their room had beautiful view of
this Nice. It was around six o’clock.
“Sex or Dinner?” Matt asked.
“Why not both?” Corey responded. “The last time we ate and fucked it go messy, remember.”
“True. Okay, let’s grab a bite, and then I will take your ass right here.” He pointed to their queen bed.
“Yes master,” Matt obeyed, and Corey laughed, slapping Matt’s bum.
They made their way to a little restaurant by their hotel. It was a small intimate setting with about eight
Matt was hungry for more than food. He wanted to take Corey on the table, rip of his clothes and make sweet
love to him. But instead he ate his chicken and made chitchat with his lover. Corey smiled knowing what Matt
"Babe. Have you thought about our future?"
"In what way?"
"Us". Matt panicked, but spoke calmly. "Not really. I image we will be together forever. "
"Same here. I have found my soul mate with you. So why wait."
Matt didn't really follow Corey.
"Let's get married. I mean we have found and know each other."
"How romantic." Matt joked. "But honestly, it has crossed my mind. I am not mature enough for it. I do know I
want to marry you. Besides we have a problem."
"It’s not really legal for us to do it". Corey read my mind. "We can get married in Canada or another state
where it is legal."
Matt stared at him. "Are you ready for that?"
"I think I have found the right person, yeah."
"Shouldn't we be financially ready too? Even with the money dad gave me or should I say us. It would be
enough to pay for a wedding let alone start a life as a couple. ".
"Matt. You misunderstood me. I don't me mean this minute. I mean when we graduate or around there. I just
don't think we need a large engagement period."
Matt stood up and kissed him on the lip with so much passion. It was obvious that it was agreed upon by both.
They ate there desert both thinking of their future together. Corey had another thought.
"What about Kris? He is going to be around us so much. I am sure he would want to be in on our honeymoon."
Matt understood. Kris always wanted to be a part of matt's life. "What do you suggest? Move away from Kris.
To another city?"
Corey stared. "You are serious you want me to move away from my best friend.". Corey nodded.
"Fuck that!". Matt said. Corey waited a few seconds and laughed. Matt was confused as ever.
"Matt. I want Kris in my life. I want to be our neighbour. I wouldn't care if we had sex with him. I love him. If it
weren't for him we wouldn't be together." They thought back to how Kris made Matt see reason about Corey's
cheating. They both laughed and walked back to the hotel, arguing if Kris is going to be Matt's best man or
“You can have Colt.” Corey argued.
“No, thank you. How about Scott?” Matt countered.
“No way.”
They continued to argue until they got back to the hotel, and forgot all about it.
Kris on the other hand was upset. He had been on the train for three hours already. They had left Florence a
day after they met with Derek. Colt had been wondering what was wrong with him.
“Kris, are you okay? You haven’t been talking all day.”
“Bro, I got nothing to say.”
“That is what makes me worried. Are you still upset about the how we got to Florence, and the minor mistake
we made?”
“You made.” Kris corrected him.
“Kris is was an honest mistake.”
“Yeah, but then you didn’t tell me about the girl going to Florence either, you just wanted to go there. Not to
mention you left without me.”
“I cannot help it if you cannot get your shit together in time.”
“Is that why are set Kris. Something that happened two days ago.”
“Yes!” He said louder than normal. Colt knew right away that there was something more to this.
“Fuck that Kris, tell me what is bothering you. You have been bitchy, all morning.”
“FINE!” Colt was glad there was nobody around. Kris started talking again. “I am pissed off because I haven’t
talked to anybody, I have been stuck in train, with very little people around me. You should know how crazy I
get when I am alone.”
“What about me. I am chop liver.”
“No, but as I am sure Matt would tell you, I get antsy a lot, if I stay in one place for an extended period of
“Okay, Kris then, let’s go and find you something to do, some people to see.”
“It’s alright, I am sorry. I don’t what’s wrong with me.” Kris moaned. He put his head down on the bed in our
small room on the train.
Colt came closer and gave him a huge, whispering. “I think I have an idea. It’s a combination of two things, the
antsiness and the fact that Matt isn’t around.”
“Huh. What does he have to do with anything.”
“Kris, when was the last time you been a part from him like this, and you didn’t have anybody around to bug or
annoy. Matt has always kept you…well, you. He isn’t here, you are stuck on this train. So, you get a little
“Maybe, but I am not sure. I mean, I do have history of yelling and snapping at people.”
“Really,” Colt stated. “I had no idea. Honestly, your temper has improved greatly; you haven’t hit anybody or
cursed anybody out.”
Kris smiled at that, slowly Kris was becoming himself again. “That’s what I like to see. That Kris smile that
always makes me so horny.”
That comment made Kris laugh. “I didn’t know I had that power over you.”
“Kristopher, I love you. You must know that.”
“Because I am so awesome”
“No because you have a good heart. Anyways, we will be at the next station in about 25 minutes. I say we get
off have some real food, and I will let you into one of the hostels, and we can catch the next train in five hours.
We are in no rush This train has fifteen stops, and we can stop at all of them, and let you meet the locals.”
“Awesome, bro.” He fist bumped Colt, and smiled widely making Colt melt. Tonight I will make it up to you.”
“Your ass is mine.” Colt smiled.
After the hostel visit, Colt and Kris made to a nearby Hotel Vannuci in the city of Fabro. Kris was content to stay
at the hostel that night. Colt wanted a nice bed to share with Kris. So, Kris relented and they checked into that
The next morning, colt woke up early and checked flipped the channels hoping in vain for English
programming. Kris woke up and came out naked, like usual. He kissed Colt hello, then he noticed Colt was
admiring a picture.
“What’s that?” He asked, Colt showed the sketch towards him, and Kris smiled.
“I really am handsome.”
“Not to mention full of it.” Colt responded, and received playful punch in the arm.
“When did you draw that? And more importantly, when did you learn how to draw.”
“Well, remember last semester, when I posed nude for that art class. I was allowed to look at their creations
after, and I admired there work. So, I decided to try a hand at it.”
“Well, bro. I do love it. Can I put up in my room back home? Or did you want to keep it for some jerk off
“Nah, I was going to give it to you.”
The boys reluctantly got dressed, they had about another two hour train ride to Rome. Colt suggested they
drive there and allow Kris to talk to locals, but Kris decided to train it there, because he was anxious to see
Rome. Colt knew the Kris wanted to Matt and Corey is new drawing.
The boarded the train and sat in the dinning section. Kris and Colt shared a traditional Italian pizza.  They were
chitchatting, and then Colt threw Kris a real head scratcher.
“What is up with you and the nudity anyway.”
“Don’t know.” Kris stated. “I guess, I can chalk it up to evolution. Matt and I were always comfortable in boxers
before we came to college. Then, one day we decided not to restrain our parts and slept naked.”
Colt understood, “Then you treated us to the full monty because you were to lazy to get dressed.”
“Yeah, bro.  I don’t now. I don’t care if people see like it, I find it clothes restricting, and enjoy being naked. It’s
a part of me.”
“That and you can show off your body.”
Kris chuckled and nodded. Kris asked question this time.
“Did you ever tell Andrea about your experiences in Holland.”
“Nah, she knew what we were going to there. And did want here anything about.”
“Do you regret cheating on her?”
“It wasn’t cheating, we decided to follow Corey and Matt’s example and experiment with others. She gave me
permission to have fun in Holland.”
“Do you love her more than me.”
Colt thought about it. The truth was….
Scott and Jess were left and they had to wait 15 minutes more until it was time to board. Jess was so excited,
he looked like Kris. Scott on the other hand was nervous. Scott had never been on a plane before and didn’t
know what to expect. Jess promised to take good care of him.
They were called and finally got on the plane. Scott kept asking Jess about the British people.
“Do they all have bad death? Does it rain all the time? How come they have the funny accent?”  Jess laughed at
those questions, and knew that Scott was making jokes to cover his nervousness. As the plane took off, Scott
and Jess held hands and kissed.
The flight was going smoothly and Scott was telling Jess about his family some more to pass the time, but
before them he could talk about his sister Sammie. The captain’s voice was heard and over the intercom and
Scott swore after the announcement.
“Scotty, it’s just turbulence it happens all the time.”
“I never flown before, and this whole thing is freaking me out.”
At that moment the plane shock slightly. Scott put his hand over Jess’s on the arm rest and dug into it. The plan
rocked violently.
“WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT.” Scott yelled.
“Honey, don’t worry…just some turbulence everything will be alright.” Scott breathed slightly. Jess kissed
Scott on the mouth. They continued to kiss, as Jess knew this would calm his boyfriend down.
The turbulence ended and the seatbelt sign went off. A few minutes later the flight attendant was serving
drinks the people in front of them.
“You okay Scotty.”
“Yeah, but now I am horny from that kiss.” He said with a smile.
“My man is back. I know just the thing.”  Jess walked back to bathroom, and Scott followed later. Jess took out
Scott’s monster and engulfed it. Scott silently moaned with pleasure. Twenty minutes, and one mighty orgasm
later, they returned to their seats.
The captain spoke on the speaker again. “Sorry folks…it looks like we minor mechanical problem. Everything is
okay, but we need to land in New York.”
“What!” Scott was scared and frightened. Jess was little worried too. “Scott. I know it’s going to be okay.”
“We aren’t going to crash.” Scott pleaded, “Please tell me we aren’t going to crash.”
Samuel, Rick and I had just disembarked from the cruise ship and checked into Teatro Pace. It’s the newest
hotel in Room, and it offered some beautiful rooms. The junior suite they were in had the most wonderful
It was seven minutes after six o’clock, and we headed to the Antica Peca restaurant. They had reserved their
private room, for nine people.  I contacted Matt and Corey and they had just checked into the same Hotel as
us. Kris and Colt informed me, they just got off the train and they will be at the restaurant soon.
I was worried about Scott and Jess, nobody has heard from them. I left them messages the last few days,
telling where we will. It was just at that moment, when Rick and I sat down in the room, that Scott texted me
back saying, they will be there shortly. I was relieved.
Matt and Corey were the first to arrive, they were holding hands and enjoying themselves they sat next to
Samuel, after Corey gave me hug hello, and engaged him in conversation. Next to arrive was Kris and Colt,
they both were arguing about something. I don’t think Kris and Colt ever stop arguing or egging each other on.
Matt and Corey got up and embraced their brothers. I wasn’t surprised when Kris and Matt Frenched write
there, but more surprised with Corey and Colt’s passionate kiss.
“Guys, we are about to eat.” Rick joked.
“Rick, without us around, you would be bored as hell.” Rick laughed in agreement, as Kris and I hugged it out.
“I love you bro.” He said, and it made my heart melt. I responded in kind. From there, we waited 20 or so
minutes, with the guys filling on their trip; Kris was talking about one Italian boys he met in the hostel.
Five minutes later the door the private room opened, and Jess and Scott stood there out of breath, in the
same clothes they had one when they left. It looks like they haven’t showered in death. We were all
speechless. It was Samuel who asked the obvious question.
“What the hell happened?”
Jess and Scott smiled at each other. Against their current appearance they both looked happy.  Scott spoke:
“Guys we have a great story to share with you.”
Jess continued. “Fucking best trip ever.”
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