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Friday, the next week and the third week of June, I was sitting in my office and waiting for Kris and Melissa to come stay with us for the weekend and get away. 

They drove up about four and came knocking at my door.  Both looked happy with bags in their hands.   They greeted me with me gracing Melissa’s cheek with a kiss.  

“Bro, we’ve got great news,” Kris said stepping inside.

“I have two guesses…” I smiled.

“It’s not that I’m pregnant.  We’re closing Monday on our house.  They were able to move things up,” Melissa said.

“That’s awesome,” I said.

“Before you get too happy, I was wondering if we could stay here until we moved.  I figure the day after we buy it that I’ll be over at the house every hour and it is closer to Melissa’s job,” Kris said.

“Damn you, Kris.  You know how much that I hate having y’all,” I laughed.

“I’m not that happy about it but it does make sense.  It beats us driving thirty minutes from my parents’ house,” Melissa stated.

“We’d buy some groceries…” Kris said.

“No you won’t.  You’ll be our guests.  Corey and I will love having you here,” I said.  “You do know that you were welcome even after you came back.”

“We know but we didn’t wanna be a burden on you and Corey,” Melissa said.

“I’m just happy to be here.  I love her parents to death but we really can’t be a married couple…” Kris said.

“Kris, all you think about is sex now,” Melissa said.

“Fuck yea I do but it was more than that.  It just didn’t feel right and you’ll admit that,” Kris said.

“I guess,” Melissa said.

“You can be yourself here…” I said.

They put their things in the spare bedroom.  Kris did ask if I was finished for the day.  I was and hurried at the end to finish up so I wouldn’t be interrupted.  Kris went back out to his vehicle and returned with a 24 pack of beer before going to their bedroom.  Now I could see that they had driven separately.

Kris and Melissa came out in their swim suits to head to the pool.  Kris asked if I minded if he called Colt to invite them over since they hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks.  I didn’t mind at all.   Melissa headed out to the pool with Kris calling Colt.  He was quick and told me that they’d be over after he got off work.

“Bro, I want us to be nude and enjoy it…” Kris said.

“Give her time.  Faith was last weekend with Colt,” I said.

“Damn,” Kris mumbled.

“Whatever you don’t push her and let it be by her own doings,” I said.

“Hey, so you know, we’re tapped out with just coming back from our honeymoon and buying this house.  I’m telling you that in case you want to go out and eat…” Kris said.

“I fully understand, Kris.  I have plenty to eat.  Matter of fact, we have stuff that needs to be eaten.  I’ll thaw out some chicken breasts for us to have tonight,” I said.  “You know that Corey and I love to host so don’t worry at all.  My house is yours while you’re both here.”

“Thanks, bro.”

I went to our freezer and pulled out the chicken to thaw while Kris grabbed them a drink.   We walked out to see Melissa sitting in the double lounge chair with her top off. 

“Matt, remind me when Corey gets here to tell him what a great job he’s done back here.  I can tell it is really private back here with nice tall bushes on each side and the woods behind you,” Melissa said.

“I told you…” Kris started to say.

“I’ll tell him.  We love it here.  He planted large bushes to further shield our neighbors even though the fence is private as well,” I cut him off quickly.

“Maybe he can help us out next week or so,” she said.

“I’m sure he’d love to,” I said with Kris now sitting next to her. 

“You’re fine with this?” Kris asked her.

“I am.  I didn’t realize how much privacy was back here,” she said and lifted up to remove her bikini bottoms.  Kris kissed her and quickly removed his trunks.

“Babe, I love you so much.  Matt, didn’t I marry the fucking hottest woman on the planet?”

“Dressed or undressed, I have to agree.  Melissa, you are very beautiful now just like you were your wedding day.  I have to say Robbie did a wonderful job on your hair,” I replied.

“Thank you, Matt,” she said.  “I was a little nervous about Stephan’s boyfriend doing it but he did a great job and wish that I could let him style my hair all the time.”

“We’d really be more broke than we are now,” Kris commented.

“Just think of everything you’re doing as an investment,” I stated.  “I think you’re getting a hell of a deal on your house.”

“My parents do too.  The timing isn’t the best but we’ll survive.  We’ll cut back on some things until we get our feet back on the ground,” Melissa stated. 

We sat around until Corey came walking through the back door.  He didn’t need to say a word with the scowl on his face.  “This is rather unexpected,” Corey commented.

“It is and I’m enjoying it,” Kris stated with a beer in his hand.

“Corey, you did a great job back here.  It is so private. I can tell you and Matt spend a lot of time back here,” Melissa stated.

“Thanks.  Me more than him but he keeps the inside clean,” Corey said and undressed to sit near me.

“Is there a problem?” I asked him.

“I’ll tell ya later,” Corey replied.

“Bro, we’re friends.  If you got a problem, we’ll do what we can since we’re living with you for the next week or so,” Kris said.

“It’s not that big of a deal.  Basically, my ass has to go out of town for a convention and training on Tuesday until Friday.  This other guy was supposed to go but can’t so guess who’s going now?” Corey said.

“Bro, don’t worry. I’ll keep Matt’s little ass busy until we move into our house,” Kris said.

“We’re signing our life away Monday and can begin working on it,” Melissa said.

“That’s really great. I’m pissed off because I spend the day cancelling appointments.  I wouldn’t mind it if they’d told me earlier,” Corey stated. “The only reason I’m going is to get a little bump in my pay.”

“Bro, be thankful that you don’t have to wait until August to get another paycheck,” Kris stated.

“The upside is that I’ll get to see JJ and Teague again,” Corey stated removing his clothes.

“And your dad, brother and sister,” I added.

A big smile came on his face.  “Damn, I didn’t think of that.  I’m still not used to that fact just yet.  It may not be so bad after all.”

“Corey, I’m happy for you.  We can’t wait to meet them,” Melissa said.

“Hopefully soon you can.  I can work on getting Eli up here for a weekend while I’m down there,” Corey said.  “Here I was pissed off over nothing other than I had to cancel lots of appointments.”

We waited and swam around some before Colt and Faith arrived.  They came walking through the gate.  We got out of the pool to greet them.  Kris gave Colt a bear hug while Melissa and Faith hugged each other. 

“Melissa, you are gorgeous.  I’m so jealous.  It must be that glow of being a newlywed,” Faith said stepping back and eyeing her.

“Listen to that shit over there,” Colt laughed before undressing.

“Bro, she’s telling the truth,” Kris said with Faith removing her clothes.

“Truthfully, they are both beautiful women.  My best buds did very well,” Corey stated.

“Faith, you have no reason to be jealous at all,” Melissa said.  “I think Corey is right.”

“Hell, I know he is,” Kris said.

“I can’t wait to hear about your honeymoon and your cruise,” Faith said.

“Let me get my phone and show you all the pictures that I took,” Melissa said.  

“Get mine too,” Kris said with the two walking inside. “Colt, get ready for the best fucking sex of your life.  Matt and Corey weren’t kidding about it goes to a whole new level.”

“I can’t wait then,” Colt said.  “It was that good?”

“Bro, it was that good,” Kris said.  “The best part was I never once had to ask or seduce her.  She wanted my dick as much as I wanted her pussy. However, don’t stay with your parents or in-laws; it changes things.”

“We’re not.  No way in hell would we do that,” Colt said.

“We didn’t have much choice but now they moved things up so we’re out of there and shacking here until we move our shit in,” Kris stated.

I interrupted.  “You know all is right again in our world.  We’re no longer separated by hours.  We’re really glad to have both of you close.”

“I’m too,” Kris said.

“I will say that Matt and Corey were the smartest of us.  In the short time that we’ve been alone, I understand when they talked about needing to be alone and separated from us,” Colt said.

“Bro, I never interrupted your shit,” Kris said.

“You didn’t,” Colt said.

“I know what he means, Kris.  We can see right now how we love each other but we’re to that point in our lives where we need that time with our chosen one without looking over our shoulder for each other.  I know you didn’t live together but you were next door to each other,” Corey said.

“Colt, I can see a difference in you and Faith already.  You’re more relaxed now and look really happy,” I added while we were waiting and standing near our pool.

“We are,” Colt said with the two coming out.

“I guess I’ll see in a few weeks what you mean,” Kris stated.

Big smiles were on their faces with Melissa holding her phone and Kris’s.  Melissa directed us around to snap a few pictures of us.  It was usually my doings but she was in charge.  With our arms on each other’s shoulders, Melissa took our picture with us nude and not caring what was shown.  We looked at the picture and loved it.   We took quite a few of us with me getting nice shots of Kris and Melissa together. 

After a little while, Corey fired up our grill while I was inside finding something else to go with the chicken.  I found some corn and knew that it’d be perfect along with making a quick salad.  Once everything was ready, Corey and I allowed them to have the table while we sat close by. 

“Does anyone miss the old place?” Corey asked.

“Hell no,” Colt replied.  “It was a good beginning but we’re glad to be here.”

“We will agree in about two or three weeks,” Melissa said.

“I bet someone is really gonna miss you,” I said.

“Who?” Kris asked.

“I think he meant Chase,” Colt replied.

“I’ll just tell you I really miss Hunter now.  He was getting to that perfect age now,” Faith said. 

“He was the cutest thing ever at our wedding,” Melissa stated.

“He’ll be in ours and we’ll see how that goes,” Faith said.

“That’s sort of who I meant, probably both,” I said.

“Chase will miss us but he’ll be fine,” Colt stated.  “He’s gonna miss Tabor and Deer for sure since they’ve left.” 

“Now what’s the story with the mom?” Corey asked.

“She’s basically a damn loser.  Tell me how you wouldn’t wanna be around that sweet boy as much as you could,” Faith replied.

“Now she’s got the nerve to ask for child support and doesn’t have the damn kid more than once or twice a week.  She can find just about every excuse in the world to dump him off on Chase…” Colt said.

“I’d admire him for finishing college and getting his degree in energy like he did,” I said.  “How does he like it so far?”

“He says he likes it but I know that they will send his ass off to some gas field soon.  Guess who will be stuck with Hunter?” Colt replied.

“Thank goodness for moms,” Melissa said.

“Mom won’t say a word either,” Colt stated.

We finished up eating and sat around the pool.  We did get in a few times as well and were just being ourselves again.  Once it turned dark, we headed inside, dressed and began playing cards.  It was more or less talking about everything including detailed stories about the honeymoon.  It didn’t matter what was said but it was the fact every one of us was in a good place in our lives and really would be this time next month with Colt and Faith married. 

Colt and Faith left about eleven but we had made plans to have a nice party the following night.  Corey and I needed to show Cale and Daniel just because Kris and Colt were back that they were a big part of our lives as too for Scott and Brennan. 

The next morning Saturday, I was up at my usual time and headed to the kitchen to start some coffee and enjoy the morning.  I was sitting with my coffee and watching the birds out the window when I heard a door open and close.  It was Melissa coming out only in one of Kris’s tee shirts and nothing else but still looked great without makeup and messy hair.  She walked over and kissed my cheek.

“Don’t you dare tell Kris this but he was right.  We had no business staying at my parent’s house especially after our honeymoon.  There’s absolutely no way I could be seen or feel comfortable the way I am now not to mention other things,” she said and sat down.

“I can totally relate to that.  Just because the official honeymoon is over doesn’t mean it has to end or should it end.  Corey and I try our best to love each other more today than we did yesterday.  So far, it’s not been hard.  I can say that I love him more right now than I did a year ago,” I said.

“Matt that’s really something I’ll try to remember to do.  You know Kris as well if not better than I do so it could be hard some days,” she said and smiled.

“Between us, I wasn’t sure Kris was cut out for being married.  I was wrong and can see that he is and found the right one.  Corey and I said how both he and Colt are so in love with you girls.”

“Thank you.  Is there anything that I can help you with like making breakfast or cleaning up things?” she asked.

“There’s not.  You’re our guests and we love having both of you…”

“And I love being here,” she said. 

We talked about the house with her saying that she was excited despite the temporary strain it was putting on them.  We knew they’d survive and be happy in the end with their quick decision.

A little bit later with us sitting around, Kris came walking in nude as I was and wrapped his arms around Melissa.  He gave her a big kiss and told her that he loved her.   He started pulling up her shirt until it was off of her.  “My wife is too fucking sexy to wear anything,” he said.

Melissa was smiling while Kris pulled up a chair and sat next to her.  “Damn, we should have gotten married with Matt and Corey.”

“They were right.  Something inside of me clicked when I said I do,” Kris said.

“I feel the same way,” she said.

“It happens,” I said.

“Now ain’t this much better here with them.  There’s no way we could do this shit at your parent’s house,” Kris stated with Corey making his way towards us.

I stood and graced him with a kiss before Melissa could reply but knew she felt the same way.  Corey took a seat with us around our breakfast table.  “This is the life right here,” Corey said.

“Bro, you’re right,” Kris said.

“You know as much I hate to say this, it is the life,” Melissa said and kissed Kris.

“When everyone’s ready, we’ll have breakfast,” I said.

“First, I’m gonna shower if my wife will join me,” Kris stated.

“I’d be more than happy to join my sexy ass husband,” Melissa said and stood. 

“I’ll start breakfast shortly,” I said.

“Give us time,” Kris said taking her hand.  “You never know what might come up.”  They walked away and towards their bedroom.

“Matt, were we that happy after we came back from our honeymoon?” Corey asked.

“We were and could have sex wherever we wanted,” I replied.

Corey laughed, “And we did and still do.  Now could I entice my husband to shower with me?”

“Hell yeah you could,” I replied.

We showered before adjourning back in the kitchen with Corey helping me cook breakfast.  Kris and Melissa cleaned up the mess.  We sat around deliberating our day.  I knew that I needed to go shopping for some food.  Kris wanted Corey to go with him so they could plan out the landscaping at his new house with Melissa tagging along with them.  Colt called and said they were on their way so Melissa was going to stay back with Faith while Colt joined Kris and Corey.   I went separately and didn’t have to deal with them and have unneeded items in my cart.  I did call Cale and Scott to invite them over.   Cale quickly told me not to buy too much since they hadn’t treated us in a while and suggested that I stop by to get him.

I went by and got Cale to head to the store while he said Daniel was meeting them at Kris’s house just a short distance from theirs.  Cale bought most of the things for the night while I got basics for us during the week knowing Kris and Melissa would be there at least through the week if not longer.   Cale was a smart shopper and fun to be around with many creative ideas while we shopped.

After dropping him off, I went back to unload the groceries including a few things that Cale had bought for us.  Pulling in the drive, I saw Scott’s vehicle parked along the street behind Colt’s.  I began unloading my groceries and putting them away. 

Scott came in the door nude and was surprised to see me.  We exchanged friendly hugs with him being rather dark this early in the summer.  “I came to grab some water.  There’s a surprise out there for you.  Now don’t look out there if you hadn’t before,” he said.

I walked over to the door and saw Melissa and Faith enjoying the sun just after noon with Brennan and Jordy doing the same.  Jordy spotted me and came walking swiftly towards me nude and looking great with a nice six pack still and deep cuts at his waist.  I gave him a hug with him kissing my cheek. “Nice,” Jordy said and gestured to the pool.

“He needs your Wifi code so he doesn’t use up his data on his tablet.  He can hear about the same but uses his tablet more than ever to save us some trouble from yelling,” Scott stated.

I had to get it and gave it to him plus told the others as well with Melissa on her phone.  Scott was waiting and followed me back inside.

“Tell everyone that Jordy can’t get water in his ears.  They’ll get an infection,” Scott told me.

“I understand but happy to see him.  Did he just come over or what?” I asked.

“No, he stayed with us last night and is tonight.  He’s between boyfriends now and needed to get away.  It was good timing since Shawn is gone to training this weekend,” Scott replied.

“I gotcha.”

“By the way, I’m still bi.  Fuck, Melissa and Faith look so damn hot,” Scott laughed.

“I’m not by the way but I agree with you,” I laughed.

“Kris and Colt did very well.  I don’t why I just really noticed that fact.”

“I was the same way too, Scott.  Both are practically glowing,” I stated.

“Are Cale and Daniel coming?”

“They’ll be here shortly.  They are treating us so I know we’ll eat very well,” I replied.

Corey, Kris and Colt came through the door with a box in their hand and more beer. 

“Bro, we needed entertainment,” Kris said and showed me that it was a volleyball set for the pool.

“That’ll be fun,” I said.  “Oh Scott is here in case you didn’t see his car.”

“We noticed,” Colt said.

They walked out back before I heard Kris yelling Jordy’s name.  Even with his slight ability to hear, I’m sure he heard it as well as did half the neighborhood.  Looking out back, a big smile was on Jordy’s face while Kris and Colt gave him a big hug. 

“Corey, what do you think if I called Reese and Trent to invite them over?” I asked with us standing at the door.

“Hell, I don’t think two more will hurt anything,” he replied.

I stepped back inside and called Reese to invite him over.  He sounded excited that I did so and asked what he needed to bring.  I told him to bring what they wanted to drink as well as a towel if he had one.  Stepping back out, I was smiling and really glad that we’d bought this house with a good size pool and backyard.  It was well worth every cent that we’d put into it.


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