Posted:  Nov 13, 2014

My eyes popped open when I felt Corey roll over on this Saturday morning in November.  We had a great night of real celebration after getting our offer accepted by the sellers of the house which we wanted earlier on Friday.  They didn’t take our first offer and countered.  Jeff did some negotiating and ended up getting a little off the house plus half the closing costs.  He also found us a nice first time homebuyer’s credit that lowered our interest rate a little and sliced some of what we’d owe at closing.  We had a fun night out celebrating with our new friends Cale and Daniel after talking with them during the week and them coming to check out Corey’s gym.

Corey rolled over and put his lips against mine.  We shared a long passionate kiss to begin our morning.  We knew that we were to meet Jeff at the house with Mom and Vince meeting us there along with Scott and Brennan going with us. 

“Matt, I hope when we go see the house today that we don’t look at each other and wonder what the hell did we just do,” Corey stated.

“I know.  I don’t think that we will.  I just hope Mom approves,” I said.

Corey grabbed and held me close.  “She will once she sees how it is the right house for us.”

“I hope,” I said.

“You know I’m really excited now about going over to Cale and Daniel’s house tonight.  Boy we may have lucked out and found some great guys to hang out with,” Corey said.

“We may have.  Sometime I’d like for them to meet Kris and Colt…”

“They would meet them for sure if they weren’t going home for Thanksgiving,” Corey said.

We got up and about to start our day with us meeting Jeff at one or sometime thereafter.  We messed around and were dressed about noon.  Corey and I were in the habit of getting ready early and arriving early except for work matters. 

I was in the kitchen and doing a quick inventory mentally of our dishes.  They were quite mismatched but did just fine for us.  I heard a knock at the door and yelled for Corey to let Scott and Brennan in the door.  Hearing Corey at the door, I knew it wasn’t them instead it was the familiar sound of Kris’s voice.  I came out with them coming in the door.

“This is a great surprise,” I said and waited for my hug.

“Bro, we’re masters at those now…” Kris stated.  He gave me a big hug followed by Colt doing the same.

“So y’all just are in town?” Corey asked with us walking to take a seat.

“Kris will us any excuse to come here…” Colt replied.

“Hell, I said we were coming and the first thing out of your mouth was what time?” Kris said.  “Seriously, y’all actually think that you’re going to buy a house without our approval?”

“We didn’t know we needed your approval,” I said smiling.

“Of course y’all do.  We can’t let you buy some piece of shit,” Colt laughed.

“It’s not a piece of shit,” Corey stated.

“Trust me, bro.  I’ve seen the pictures.  Pictures don’t work in this case.  We have to see it,” Kris said.

“It’s your lucky day.  We’re meeting Jeff at one,” I said.

Kris laughed and grabbed my knee.  “You told me that yesterday when you called to tell me the house was yours.”

I laughed, “I guess I did.  I’m glad you’re here.”

“Me too but I hope we don’t disappoint ya,” Corey added.

“Corey, I’ll give it a good looking over and see if there’s any hidden problems,” Colt said.

“Did ya just leave Melissa and Faith at home?” I asked.

“Bro, do you think now they’d let us come alone?”

“They might,” Corey replied.

“Melissa thinks that we have to have everything done for our wedding six months in advance or something will go wrong,” Kris stated shaking his head.  “She’s with Faith shopping with her mom.”

“Faith is giving her two cents worth and getting some fucked up ideas in the process,” Colt said.

“Fucked up as your ass is next,” Corey laughed.

“Exactly.  Well… y’all should know that I’m popping the question Christmas,” Colt said and released a big smile.  We got up and went over to congratulate him.

“Bro, what the fuck?” Kris asked.

“Are you mad, Kris?” I asked.

“Yes, he’s been withholding that from me,” Kris said.

“I wanted y’all to hear it together and now’s the perfect time,” Colt said. “Kris, I swear to God I’ll kick your ass if you even hint to Faith…”

“Bro, you know me,” Kris said.

“That’s what scares me,” Colt said.  “Seriously, I want to and can’t let y’all outdo me.  However, I will let ya outdo me on the wedding and probably this house.  I’d like something simple…”

“And cheap,” Kris added.

“If you ask me, it doesn’t matter what ya spend.  You’ll be married just like the rest of us.  What date do you have in mind?” Corey asked.

“I’ll let her decide but I was thinking at the end of next summer,” Colt answered.

Scott and Brennan came over after we had been talking for just a few minutes.  Colt and Kris greeted them before we headed out.  With six of us, there was no way that we could fit into one vehicle.  Corey took Kris and Colt while I rode with Scott and Brennan.  It would give me a great chance to catch up with them even though we had seen them last night briefly.  As we were getting in our cars, Shawn came out his door.  Nothing doing that he wasn’t going to go with us and got in with Corey.

We arrived at our house with Jeff waiting by the door. 

“Hope you don’t mind,” I said, gesturing to my friends.

“I’ve seen more than this before,” Jeff said.

“This is our crew basically,” Corey said.

“They need our approval before they can move in,” Kris said.

“Corey, y’all got some work to be done out here,” Colt said, looking around.

“I know.  There’s lots to do,” Corey said.

We stood looking at the house with a big smile on my face.  It was getting nicer looking every time.  My phone started ringing in my pocket.  I knew it was probably Mom, which it was.  She and Vince were caught in traffic and running a few minutes late.

By now, Jeff had let them inside the house.  I entered and saw them looking around. 

“What do ya think?” I asked.

“Bro, it’s okay.  Do you and Corey really need this much room?” Kris asked.

“There will be lots to keep up,” Colt stated.

“It is bigger than our apartment at 2300 square feet,” I stated.

“Bro, how old is this place?  I swear it looks 20 years old,” Kris asked.

“It was built in 2006,” Jeff said with me looking at him. 

We saw the living room which had the kitchen attached.  It was actually bigger than I remembered it being but the kitchen maybe been smaller. 

“This carpet looks like they’ve had hogs living here,” Shawn said.  The carpet was stained in a few places but didn’t look that bad.

“Matt, are you and Corey sure you wanna fork over big bucks for this place?” Scott asked me.

Corey pulled me aside in a hall that led to the master.  “I’m beginning to think we really made one huge mistake here.  They’re right about everything.”

Right then I knew that Corey wasn’t telling the truth.   “I’ll speak to Jeff about it and see what we can do,” I said.

I walked back out and saw they had found the back yard.  Jeff and I stood looking while they walked around the back yard.  “Have you ever had anyone back out?” I asked.

“I have but you’d forfeit your deposit,” Jeff replied. 

“Maybe we should think about it some more,” I said.

Kris walked back inside. “Bro, the pool looks awful.  The water is green.”

“Jeff just said the pump and filter are messed up.  I’m thinking Corey and I should take another look at this place,” I said but it was a complete lie for I knew nothing about the pump and filter.  I walked away and did my best to seem distraught.

“Corey, your ass is needed in here!” Kris yelled out the back door.  “I have a feeling someone is about to have a serious breakdown.”

I was in the kitchen and leaning over the counter while covering my face not show any expression.  Corey raced in and put his arm around me.  “We can figure something out for sure.  That other house is probably still available,” he said.

“Maybe it is,” I looked up and smiled at him.  “Nice try, suckers!  You forgot who were dealing with here.”

Jeff laughed, “Matt is the master at telling when someone is lying.”

Kris yelled out the door.  “Bros, Matt caught on!”

They came back inside and gave us props on a job well done.  It was now very nice to hear all the nice things that they had to say about our choice.

“Kris, let me show you where you can stay when you come visit,” I said and was anxious to show him the nice bedroom area behind the kitchen. 

“Y’all heard that.  Hell, this is big enough Melissa and I won’t need to find a house!” Kris stated.

We walked back to see the separate bedroom and the office.  The separate office was a big selling point for me.  It would be as if I wasn’t even there. 

“What do you really think?” I asked Kris.

“Bro, I love it.  It is so perfect and big too,” Kris replied.

“In part, I have you to thank.  Remember that sales job you did on Dad’s house?”

Kris laughed, “My finest acting job to date.”

“The extra money you got me is going in this place.  I know it doesn’t have the nicest finishes…”

“Bro that can be fixed over time.  Damn, I’m really jealous of you right now.  All I’m saying is there better be something close to rent until Melissa and I can afford something like this,” Kris said with us standing in the vacant bedroom.

Corey peeked in.  “Matt, your Mom and Vince are here.”

I walked out with Mom and Vince looking around.  Mom had a big smile on her face.  “Matt, I’m at a loss for words right at this moment.  It is really nice and so big.”

“You did well,” Vince said and shook my hand with Corey off to show the others the master.  I did introduce them to Jeff before I gave them a grand tour.  I did show them the master bedroom and bath.  The bath had a nice big shower and dual vanities, which would be a first for me and Corey.

We walked out with everyone in the living room. 

“When’s the first party happening here?” Shawn asked.

“I don’t know,” Corey replied. “Get Jeff to speed up our closing date.”

“That takes time.  I’m sure you can have a nice Christmas party here for everyone here…” Jeff said.

“And more!” Kris said. 

“Mom, Corey and I have been talking.  We’re thinking Christmas will be here this year.  It will let his folks come and save us from driving,” I said.

“Linda, I think we should,” Vince said.

“Where will eat?” Mom asked.

“We’ll eat at the bar if we have to,” I replied.

“I’m thinking a nice dining room table would make a very good gift,” Mom said.

“It would.  It can be for my birthday and for our Christmas present,” I said.  “Corey, how does that sound to you?”

“Perfect.  It may be the only time we use it,” Corey replied.

“Bro, we’ll make sure you do,” Kris said.  “If nothing else, we’ll drag outside in summer to put a ton of beer on.”

We laughed at Kris’s humor.  “Kris, we’ll do that when you get a house,” I said laughing.

“You might be waiting a while,” Kris replied.

We stayed around and did get a really good feel of the house.  It would be a house in which Corey and I could grow into rather than one we’d outgrow.  I could see us being there for a long time. 

We left the house and began heading back to our apartment. 

“Matt, did you really know that we were messing with you?” Brennan asked, driving.

“I did once Corey said something.  He’s a horrible liar,” I replied.

“I was impressed,” Brennan said.  “That’s a perfect house for you and Corey…”

“Expect me to live there this summer,” Scott stated.

“Scott, I hope to see you a ton and will expect it. I hope this move doesn’t hurt our friendship at all.  Even though we don’t see each that much, it will be the first time since I went to college that you haven’t been my neighbor,” I said.

Scott turned and smiled, “I guess it will be.  Brennan and I are looking forward tonight and meeting those guys.”

“I am too.  They are some nice guys,” I said.  I did ask and confirm that it was okay with Cale and Daniel if Scott and Brennan came along.

We drove back with me and Scott talking about some painting that needed to be done in our house.  I liked the color in the living room and our master bedroom since they were rather neutral.  The spare bedrooms did need a fresh coat of paint since they looked as if they were kids’ rooms.

We were just behind Corey and the others when we drove up.  Corey was standing next to our vehicle. 

“Ummm… Matt, we might have an issue on our hands.  Kris is not happy that we’re not going to join them for dinner,” Corey said.

“He can get over it then,” I said.  “We have plans.”

We walked in our apartment with Kris, Colt and Shawn making themselves at home and raiding our fridge. 

“Bro, we’re all going out to eat tonight,” Kris stated.  “You can cancel that other shit you had planned.”

“Kris, we’re not,” I said.  “I’ve got a good idea.  Why don’t y’all come with us?”

“Faith and Melissa would never go for that,” Colt replied. 

“I talked to them on the way here.  They are picking us up at six for all of us to go eat,” Kris said.

“I’m sorry that we have plans,” I said with Corey sitting quietly.

“Bro, I see how this shit is.  You find new friends and forget about your old ones,” Kris said.

“Forget about?” I asked now with my hands on my hips.  “I believe it was you who was happy that we had found possibly new friends.  You said I had reverted back to my old ways and hadn’t made one friend since we moved here.”

“True.  If they are friends, they’d understand your best buds dropped by and you can’t make it,” Kris argued.

“How would you feel if you were their shoes and Matt and Corey called to cancel after you had cooked something nice?” Scott asked.

“It’s not like we did this on purpose.  You know full well that Corey and I would have told them no if we’d known beforehand you were coming.  Yes, I’m tickled to death you are here and wanted to come see the house.  Any other time, we wouldn’t have plans,” I stated.

Kris shook his head.  “Corey, how do you live with him?”

“I don’t know.  Why?”

“Bro, I hate that he’s always right,” Kris replied.

“I’ve got an idea.  Shawn, why don’t you and Laura go eat with them?” I asked.

“Ummm… I could ask if she wants to,” Shawn replied.

“Yeah, we can go have a good time since they can’t go,” Colt said.

“Y’all are making it sound like you weren’t going to ask Shawn to go,” Brennan laughed.

“I wanted all of us to go.  Bro, I’m disappointed that y’all aren’t going but I see your point.  I hope they are worth missing a good meal,” Kris stated.

“I hope so too.  Matt told me this morning that he wanted y’all to meet them,” Corey said.

“Kris, I’ll make it up to ya.  Just plan on staying with us between Christmas and New Year’s,” I said.

Kris smiled, “That’ll work for me.  Melissa will probably be with me.  We can find a house there for her if she gets her transfer…”

“I may be there too if Faith and I get ours,” Colt said.

“I feel so left out of all this,” Shawn said.

“Bro, you won’t be.  We’ll have one hell of a New Year’s party at their house if nothing else,” Kris said.

“The neighbors will hate us for sure,” Corey laughed.

“I told Matt he’d have to run me off during the summer,” Scott stated.

“More like you and Brennan, bro,” Kris said.  “Scott, I don’t know that I’ve seen you this happy.”

“I am happy,” Scott said and kissed Brennan on the cheek.

“I think we’re all in a very good place right now in our lives,” I said.  “We seem to be settling down and all of us have nice jobs.”

“Some of us,” Shawn stated.

“Bro, you said you liked your job,” Kris said.

“I like it but I don’t see me doing insurance claims in five or ten years,” Shawn said.

“Then what?” Corey asked.

Shawn shrugged his shoulders, “Y’all make think that I’m crazy but I sorta wanna be a fireman.”

“Bro that’s not crazy at all.  You’ve got to enjoy what you’re doing,” Kris said.

“They make nice money and have super hours,” Brennan said. 

“If I were you, I’d go for it,” Colt said.

“It could be worse.  You could be like my dad and always chasing a buck.  I swear he has some of the most fucked ideas,” Brennan stated.

“Shawn, go with your heart.  Find something you enjoy,” I said.

“I might just look into it.  I feel like I’d be wasting my degree,” Shawn said.

“It may help you out and get a higher position,” Scott said.  “If being a fireman ain’t what you’re looking for, then you’ll have your degree to fall back on.  You’re still young enough where it won’t kill ya.”

Shawn smiled, “Thanks for the encouragement.  I was just afraid that you won’t like my idea.”

“Hell bro, at this juncture, what does it really matter what we think?  You’re the one who has to go to work every day.  I can say that I enjoy my job but I really miss home,” Kris said.

“I miss home a little bit,” Scott said.  “I do realize that there’s nothing there for me anymore.”

“I feel the same way,” Colt said.  “It was a great place to go up but the jobs there are so damn limited.”

“Here… here,” Corey said. “All I could do is work at fucking Walmart or at the mill in my hometown.”

“You and Matt would fit there perfectly,” Shawn laughed.  “Just like you would in my hometown.”

I held up my hand.  “I’ll tell what I miss.  This right here where we’re together.  Of course I’m happy but I miss seeing y’all every day.”

“Who doesn’t?” Kris asked. 

“I didn’t think that I would but I do and I wasn’t around y’all much the last few years.  I wasted that shit,” Brennan spewed out. 

“I’m with Matt.  Those were some really good days,” Corey said.

“You’re wrong there,” Colt said.  “Those were so great days!”

“They were but each of us has a bright future still ahead of us,” Scott said.

“Bro, we do… we all do,” Kris stated.

It wasn’t long before Melissa and Faith came to the door.  They were early and joined us.  We got to hear about some of the wedding planning that Melissa was doing and how things were starting to come together.  They raved about our house and made me feel so good inside.  It was nice knowing our great friends approved of our choice.  I did text Daniel to let him know that we’d be running a few minutes late.

I hated that we did have to separate.  We stood and began saying goodbye.

“Bro, next time I’ll let ya when I coming so you won’t have plans,” Kris said to me and Corey.

“It just so happened that you picked the wrong weekend,” I said.

“Tell em to get ready to meet all of us,” Kris said.

“We will,” Corey said. “Y’all have a good time.”

“Guys, I gotta run.  I forgot all about picking up Laura.  I’ll see ya there,” Shawn said and quickly left.

We watched Kris, Colt and their future wives exit. 

“Whew, I just knew there was going to be big drama,” Scott said.

“Me too,” I echoed. “Corey, why did I have to be the bad guy?”

“You’re closer to Kris,” Corey replied.  “You know how to handle him.”

“I’m sure about knowing how to handle him.  It did hurt a little to tell him no after they came all this way,” I said.

“He’ll call next time,” Brennan said. 

“We better get a move on it,” I said.  “I know they are waiting on us.”


I hope you enjoyed another chapter in the story.  I have no idea when or how it will end so I hope you don't mind.  


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