Posted:  July 24, 2015

With me driving since Kris didn’t have a vehicle with renting a truck to move, we left his house.  I knew that the hospital was about a fifteen to twenty minute drive depending on traffic.

“Bro, I hate this shit.  I’m shaking,” Kris said and showed me his hand.

“Stop it, Kris.  You’re making me nervous driving,” I said driving my old car that was still holding up well. 

“You heard Corey, right?” Kris asked.

“I heard his voice and he said he was fine.”

“I’m still worried,” he said with me stopping at a light.  Pulling away, I proceeded with more caution than ever.  We began heading towards the hospital with Kris now talking to Melissa and giving her instructions.  We both had forgotten that Memorial was where she was working and would meet us in the lobby.

“Holy shit!  Look at that car! It is messed up,” Kris shouted.

I looked to my left to see that it was our vehicle on the back of a tow truck with another car being put on the tow truck.  Tears formed in my eyes with us stopping at another red light. “Kris that was our car.”

“Oh it is,” Kris stated.  “Do I need to drive?”

“I’ll be fine,” I replied and wiped my eyes. 

We made it to the hospital and parked.   Melissa was waiting in the lobby for us.   “I just found out that Corey is in the emergency room.  He could have a broken left shoulder and upper arm.  He’s really bruised up and cut up with a big black eye,” she reported.

Following her, we walked swiftly through the maze that was the hospital.  We made it to the emergency room with Melissa talking to the receptionist. 

“They are examining right now.  It could be a few minutes before we can see him,” she said.

“Damn,” Kris uttered.  “I’ll call Colt and talk to him.  Right now, all plans are off for any sort of moving tonight.”

“Kris, if he’s okay, I’d say do what you had planned.  Whatever the outcome is there’s no way that we’ll be able to help y’all tonight.  Knowing these hospitals we could be here all night,” I stated.

“Bro, my ass ain’t leaving until I know that he’s in the clear if that takes all night,” Kris said.

Kris stepped away on his phone while I called Mom to inform her of the situation.  After talking to her, I called Cale since I knew that they were planning on helping us.  My regret was not having Phil’s number, Corey’s dad, but I did have Marie’s, his mom.  I called her and told her that Corey was in a wreck but he would be okay and I’d call her back when I knew more.

We sat and waited.   A man and woman came walking in quickly up to the desk before taking a seat near us.

“Cindy, I hope we don’t get the shit sued out of us.  I know what Brandon was doing.   More than likely, he was on his phone and not paying attention before he pulled right out in front of him and totaled both cars,” the man said.

“The main thing is that Brandon will be okay,” she said.

“Excuse me but was your son just in a wreck on Spillman Road?” I asked.

“Yes, he was,” the man replied.

“My husband was in the other car.  I hope everyone involved will be okay,” I said and did get an odd look at first.

“We have great insurance. I’ll give you my number if you have any problems.  We’re so sorry,” she said.

“Thank you,” I said.  I got their number and found that their son also had a friend in the car as well.   He was here as well but just bruised up.

Kris was fidgety and was pacing the floors while I sent Scott a text to tell him.  After doing so, I saw JJ’s number and called him.  Teague was close by so I was able to get Phil’s number.   I called his dad and gave him a report.  We talked just a few minutes with Phil telling me how great it was to have Corey visiting him.  Cale and Daniel came walking inside and found us.  We told them what we knew and were still waiting to see Corey.   We talked about the ruling today with Cale and Daniel beaming with the thought of getting married close by.

Just after six, they called out our name.  Thanks to Melissa working there, Kris, she and I were able to go back.  We walked down and into a small room.  Corey was on the bed with his left arm in a sling and no shirt with a nurse by his side.   He had a big black right eye, a bandage on his right arm and bruises all over. 

“What a way to come home,” Corey said with Melissa getting the report.

“So what’s the verdict?” I asked.

“He has broken left shoulder and collar bone,” Melissa reported.

“Where’s his cast?” Kris asked before I could.

“They can’t set it and put in a cast so his arm will be in sling for about six to eight weeks,” Melissa replied.

“We’re going to monitor him for at least three more hours.  He does have bump on his head but we didn’t find any brain trauma or a concussion,” the nurse added.

“Kris, y’all do what you have to do.  I’ll be here with him…” I said.

“Sorry that I can’t help,” Corey said and looked groggy from the pain medicine.  “How are the other guys?  Are they hurt?”

“Bro, we don’t know.  What happened?” Kris asked.

“They pulled out in front of me.  I tried to avoid them but they never saw me.  It could have been worse,” Corey said.

“Kris, I think we should let him rest for a little while,” I said.

“That’s probably a good idea,” Melissa said.

“Corey, I’ll be back in little while.   I love you,” I said and leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“I love you, too,” Corey said.

We walked out of his room. 

“Bro, he looked rough,” Kris said.

“He did but if all he has is a broken shoulder and collarbone, I’d say he was lucky,” I said.

“Matt, he won’t be able to sleep in a bed until it’s healed.  He’ll need to keep it elevated,” Melissa stated.

“We’ll do what we have to do,” I said.

“Bro, no ass for you for a while,” Kris laughed and patted his back.

“It’s better than the alternative,” I said.

We went out and told Cale and Daniel the results.  I looked up and saw Mom and Vince coming in the door.  I waited and gave them a big hug.

“You didn’t have to come,” I said.

“He’s our son too now, Matt.  If not, we’d sat and worried about him,” Mom said.

I told them the results before taking a seat.  I told Kris and Melissa to do whatever they wanted.  Now they couldn’t do much and would be wasting a good night.  They decided to leave but told me to call if they were needed.   I did step away to call both Marie and Phil to inform them as well. 

It was nice having family and friends with me rather than waiting alone.  I did find while waiting that the other driver had a collapsed lung and several broken ribs along with a concussion, thus he was staying overnight. 

After a few hours, I walked back with Cale and Daniel to see Corey again.  He was awake and greeted us.   I sat next to his bed and held his right hand. 

“I think that I was pretty lucky,” Corey said and wasn’t in such a daze after sleeping for a little while.

“The main thing is in month or so you’ll be good as new,” Daniel said.  “I’ll come mow the yard if you can’t.”

“Thanks but I’ll manage,” I said.

“I’ll be okay.  I’d say in a week I’ll be out there,” Corey said.

“We hope.  This does change the plans for next weekend,” Cale said.

“I don’t think so,” Corey said.  “Like I said, I’ll be fine.  By the way, I’m very happy for both of you about today’s big decision.”

“We are too,” Daniel said.  “No traveling to another state to get married now.”

I sat and didn’t say anything.  It was evident that he could be a tough patient.  The doctor knocked on the door and came inside.   He checked on Corey with Cale and Daniel walking out.  He gave us the instructions which were exactly as Melissa had said.  He was to keep his arm elevated for a minimum of six weeks which meant he’d be sleeping in a recliner or an elevated bed plus wouldn’t go to work until after the holiday.  He told us to see an orthopedic doctor and gave us a recommendation.  We were given an ample supply of pain medication, bandages for his arm and a prescription for more pills if needed.  We had to wait to be checked out.

At about nine thirty, I was able to wheel him out of the emergency room with Mom and Vince getting to see him.   They handed me his bag from our vehicle with Cale taking it from me.  I was thankful for Cale and Daniel’s help getting him in my old car.  I did call Kris to tell him that we were leaving and on our way home.  Cale and Daniel were going to follow us and help get him inside with Corey rather weak.

“I’m sorry about our vehicle.  I’m sure it was totaled,” Corey said.

“That’s the least of my worries right now.  I have their number in case we need them.   All that matters is that you’ll be okay,” I said driving away.

“I was really looking forward to being with you…”

“You will be but not in a sexual way.  We survived a week and we’ll do whatever it takes.”

“Damn, I just hate it that I can’t help Kris move tomorrow and tonight,” he said.

I told him about their house and how nice it was looking as well as already getting our money back.  We were both a little over cautious on the way home.

We made it home with Corey getting out without any help as well as being stubborn.  We walked into our house and sat on the couch.

“It sucks that I’ll have to sleep propped up on the couch for a few weeks,” Corey said.

“Hey, why don’t you grab that lounger by the pool?” Daniel asked.

“I like that idea,” I said.  “Corey, would that work for you?”

“We can see,” Corey said.

Cale and Daniel got up and returned with the lounger.  They had to turn it sideways to get in the door.   Corey walked over and sat on it.   “This’ll work.”

“Are you in pain?” Cale asked.

“Just a little bit.  I’m sure I’ll be really sore tomorrow and not the kind that I wanted to be.  I was so looking forward to being with my husband tonight and celebrating a few things,” Corey replied.

“Corey, we’ll celebrate for you,” Daniel said with a smile.

“I know that we will.  We’re so excited,” Cale said.

“You should be.  I was excited for you hearing the big news,” I stated.

“See you should have waited,” Daniel said.

“Fuck that,” Corey said.  “We couldn’t be happier with our decision.  It wasn’t ideal but it turned out great.   I wouldn’t change on thing plus we couldn’t have celebrated our first anniversary.”

“I agree with him.  It was the right thing for us just as it will be married here right for you and everyone else,” I said.

“They probably reviewed your marriage and show that there is no reason two people in love can’t be married like they want to be,” Cale said.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Corey, we have talked a little bit.  If at all possible, we’d love for your dad to marry us when the time comes in October,” Daniel said.

“I’ll speak to him about that,” Corey said.

“I guess we’ll run and let you two rest.  Holler at us if you need us,” Daniel said and grabbed Cale’s hand.

“Thanks,” Corey said.

“Thanks for everything,” I said and hugged them both. 

Corey wanted some pain medicine with him hurting all over.  I gave him two pills and some water.  I went to our room and gathered our pillows and placed one behind Corey’s head.   I gathered up two blankets and returned with him sitting nude in the chair. 

“Don’t tell me that you’re sleeping in here with me,” he said.

“I am no matter what you say.  I need to be close in case you need anything,” I said.

“Please come sit with me.  I need my husband near me.”

I stripped down and sat next to him with the back of the chair up.   I took his hand and leaned over for a kiss.  “I love you so much, Corey.  I did miss you too.”

“I love you too.”

Just holding hands was great and more than sufficient for me.  We talked about his week.  He had great news in the fact that Eli might come stay with us in two weeks.   He said his dad had a meeting and Ruth had something planned already.  It didn’t take very long before Corey was struggling to stay awake.  I threw a blanket over him and kissed him.  I moved to the couch and got comfortable.  It was actually music to my ears hearing him sleep with his right eye blackened.

Sleeping on the couch wasn’t the greatest.  I worried about him and woke several times to check on him.  I was up for good just after seven. 

Corey woke about eight thirty.  He said that he was quite sore in a lot of places but mostly his shoulder.   Other than being sore, he stated that he felt fine and was moving around very well.  I made us breakfast before we showered together.   We dressed with Corey putting on a tank top and needing a little help with his shorts.   We put a new bandage on his arm with me getting a glimpse of the nasty cut on his forearm.  

“Matt, tomorrow I’m mowing the yard,” he said looking out the back window.

“Guess again.  I’ll do it for a change…”

“Let’s get something straight right now between us.  You’re not going to baby me.  I’ll be fine and learn to adjust.”

“Corey, I know you too well now.  If you overdo it, your shoulder will not heal properly.  Just cool your heels until we see the doctor, okay?”

“I’m still going to do stuff.”

“I know that but be patient for a little while.   If not, it will take longer and you’ll be in pain longer.”

“I probably need to take one pill right now.   I don’t want to get addicted to them…”

“Use them as needed.  If you’re hurting, take them,” I said.

We watched some TV before I called Kris to see how things were going.  He said they were doing great and about to leave Melissa’s parent’s house with a load.  Since we couldn’t help, I offered up lunch for everyone.  He liked the idea and told me that there were nine helping out.

It was hard containing Corey until it was time to leave.  He was quite anxious to see Kris’s house.  We stopped by to get barbeque for everyone and had my old car smelling so good.  We arrived at Kris’s and saw the cars along the street.   We parked and started bringing in the food along with plates, paper towels and plastic ware that I had brought as well.

Corey and I walked in with everyone gravitating towards Corey.  Colt gave him a big one armed hug first before everyone else followed and checked on his condition.  

“Corey, how’d the other guy look after the fight?” Colt asked.

Corey smiled, “Alright I guess.  I took a mean left fender hit.”

“Bro, the main thing is that you’re here to tell about it,” Kris said.

“That’s the main thing,” Corey said.

Scott walked up me.  “He looks pretty rough.”

“I know but Kris is so right.   The main thing is that he’s still here.  I saw our car and it was totaled,” I said.

“Kris said it could have been worse than it was.  Thanks for calling me and letting me know,” Scott said.

“Anytime,” I said and walked over to speak to Shawn and see how his training was going.  He reported that everything was good as well as looking forward to the next weekend’s part.

Kris, Colt and Shawn walked away with Corey to show him the rest of the house.   Melissa and Faith began setting out the barbeque when I saw Reese, Trent and Ted walking in the door.   Kris, Colt and Corey came out of one the bedrooms as well.

“Dear Lord, what happened to Corey?” Ted asked.

“Corey was in a wreck last night.   He has broken shoulder and collarbone,” I replied.

“Sweet.  We’ve got more help now,” Kris said with us greeting Ted.

“I like your house.  It really looks nice,” Ted stated looking around in his tee and shorts.

“Thanks bro.   It’ll probably be nothing compared to that sweet pad you’ll buy soon,” Kris said.

“I’m trying to get him to buy a house,” Reese said.

We began eating the food with everyone digging in.  Corey and I were the topic of discussion for more than one thing.  Everyone was happy for Cale and Daniel along with Scott, Brennan, Reese and Trent when their time arrived.  Ted grabbed a plate and found me and Corey sitting with Daniel and Cale. 

“Guys, thanks for everything.  Reese told me how nice you’ve been to him lately,” Ted said.

“It was nothing,” I said.

“Are you coming next weekend for our party?” Corey asked eating.

“That’s one reason I’m here.  I’m gonna be out of town and can’t make it,” Ted replied.

“How about the weekend after that?” Corey asked.

“I’ll be around,” Ted replied.

“If it’s not asking too much, my brother will be with us…” Corey said.

“Count me there, Corey.  It’s the least that I can do,” Ted said.

“Are you sure?” Corey asked.  “I just told Eli that I’d mention it to you.”

“It won’t be any trouble and I’ll be happy to do it,” Ted replied.

“Amazing,” Daniel commented.

“Ted’s the best there ever was at giving his time.  I know Eli will be thrilled.  I hope that he doesn’t make a big scene,” I said.

“Probably no worse than Tabor and Chase did the first time that we met,” Ted laughed.

After eating, we milled around with me helping where I could.  Corey tried his best with one good arm and was determined.  Everything in Kris’s house was looking so good with freshly painted walls and new flooring.  It was easy to see how happy Melissa was even though they were both beginning to show signs of fatigue. 

Corey and I headed back to the house after helping for a couple of hours.

“Matt, I hate to admit this but I’m worn out.   You’d think with my conditioning…”

“You were probably rattled around pretty hard and your body is not used to that,” I said driving.

“I was terrified for not only me but the other guys.  I know it was their fault but I still didn’t like seeing them injured.  I hope they are not.”

“The one wasn’t.  I have his mom’s number and will call her if you want,” I said.

“Please do when we get back and see how he’s doing,” Corey stated.

Back at our house, I called the nice woman to see how her son was doing.  I believe she was shocked that I called but did tell me that her son was doing better.   She asked how Corey was so I gave her a report as well. 

Corey was on his phone as well and was talking to his work.  He hung up and smiled.  “That was cool. They said that I could take all the time but I needed but had to fill some paper work since technically I was coming home from the seminar and it was part of my job.”

“The kid is doing fine and may go home tonight,” I reported.

Corey grabbed a beer and sat in the lounger which did look strange in our living room.  I sat with him and enjoyed that so much.  We weren’t able to enjoy much quiet time with our phones ringing.  Mine was my mom checking up while his mom was calling on his phone.  After he hung up, he called his dad and spoke to him while emphasizing that he still expected Eli to come.  

It was after four when Corey wanted to head out by the pool for a little bit.  I pulled over a chair and sat next to him with us both clothed.  It was warm so our shirts didn’t stay on very long.  It was a hassle to get off his sling but he was ready to come out of his tank top. 

He grabbed my hand.  “My husband… the best guy ever that I’m so happy to be married to.  I hope all the other gay people that get married will be as happy as we have been.  I doubt that they will since I’d be doing cartwheels daily if I were any happier or more in love.”

“I agree.  We can hope not only the gay people but the straight ones like Kris and Colt are just as happy.”

“Kris does seem very happy but it could be the excitement of their first house.”

“Oh, I had to give him the same lesson you did me when my mom was helping.  He was being a real horse’s ass to them.  We did get repaid for the amount that I loaned Kris,” I said.

“Whew, now I can stop worrying about him paying us back,” Corey said and grimaced a little.

“Are you hurting?” I asked.

“A little but I want to wait before taking any more pills,” he replied.  “Matt, I really wanna have sex with you so I’m gonna wait.”

“Corey, I love sex as much if not more than you do.  I’m not going to risk your health and your comfort for me to get off.  We have elevated sex to another level between us but I still feel your love and hope that you feel mine without us being sexual.”

“I do, babe.  You know the grass is getting a little high back here plus I’m sure those plants need watering,” he commented.

“I’ll mow tomorrow and might enjoy it,” I said.

“The thing is I can’t keep the house as clean and as neat as you do.”

“It won’t kill me to do both just for this week.”

Corey stood and walked over to the hose.  I let him be and knew that he was happy watering the bushes and flowers while sitting and watching him.
He was smiling and giving the flowers a welcome drink of water. 

After eating and watching TV, things got rather heated between us with both of us hungry for each other sexually. 

“Damn, I’m so horny now,” Corey said.

“I am too babe.  I just wanna be with you sexually and as husbands.  I think anal sex is out of the question for tonight but we can make love to each other orally,” I stated.

He smiled before I moved and got between his legs. Not being with him for a week drove me to want to please that much more.  I took his thick cock and looked up at him.  From viewpoint, he was the hottest guy living and made me feel so lucky to call him my husband.   My tongue began lathering his cock and watched it grow.  I spent more time than usual sucking and kissing his balls before taking his thick cock in my mouth.  It felt so good and was where it belonged. 

“OOO yes Matt!!  I need this!” he said loudly with me slowly sucking him and using my tongue. 

I stopped and kissed his ripped abs and sides.  “Corey, I love you so fucking much.”

“I love you just as much,” he said.

I went back down and wanted to worship and make love to his hard cock like only a husband could do.  There was lots of licking and sucking to excite him.  His precum was delightful and a sign that he was enjoying my mouth.

“Stop! I want your dick,” he said.

I stood and leaned over for a kiss.  It was a little awkward but the best way with Corey in the lounger.   He leaned over and began licking all over my cock.   He too spent some time on my balls before taking my eight hard inches in his mouth.  Feeling his mouth was great and seeing his big blue eyes looking upward at me.   Corey began getting into this and working my cock over.  It felt great and sent shivers all over my body.  Still after as long as we’d been together, he excited me every single time and it was never boring.  This was different and had me moaning.

After a few great minutes, I pulled away from his mouth with my cock so hard.  I sat next to him and grabbed his cock with him grabbing mine.  We kissed and were stroking each other’s hard cocks. 

“OOOO fuck yeah,” he moaned.  I leaned over just in time to let his cum fill my mouth and throat.   He was shaking and breathing hard with a nice load going down my throat. 

After he finished, I resumed stroking my cock with the taste of his cum lingering in my mouth.  I grunted and lifted up to send my hot load streaking all over my body.  It felt so good and left me light headed.  I leaned over for a kiss and felt his tongue. 

After cleaning up my sticky mess, I got his pills so he could rest without much pain.  I tried sleeping next to him in the same position but gave up returning to the couch.  It wasn’t a perfect arrangement by any means but we were together.  It would be some adjusting on our part in many ways of our lives and only temporary.   I knew we’d get used to his injury and survive.  It made me so thankful for little things in life and thankful things were worse.

I hope you enjoyed another chapter of my story.   I hope everyone is enjoying the summer as well.


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