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“Wow, I’m bloated after all we ate earlier. We need to take Colt and Kris there next time they come,” Corey said.

“Yeah,” I said, looking at my tablet with my mind going crazy.

“The selection of beer on tap was maybe the best I’d seen in a long time,” he said. “I really wanted to strip naked and dance on the counter.”

“Yeah,” I repeated.

With a quick snatch the tablet came out of my hand. I reached for it with Corey holding it far away from me. “You weren’t listening to a fucking word I was saying!”

“I heard ya. Now let me finish that,” I said reaching for the tablet.

“Hell no! Your mind is so wrapped in our wedding you don’t listen to me at all. That’s it! I’m calling Kris and we’re going camping next weekend with them if we have to do it on the side of the road. This is getting ridiculous!”

I lowered my head and honestly didn’t hear much of what he was saying. He pulled out his phone and began talking to Kris. Corey was so right. The wedding planning, even with Scott’s help, was consuming me.

“Kris is all for it,” Corey said and handed me back my tablet. “Use it and find us a camping site that’s about half way between us and them.”

“Okay,” I said and began surfing the state parks. I found a few including one on a nice lake. “How’s this?”

Corey resumed talking to Kris and gave him the name. I think Kris was actually using the tablet I had got him and Melissa for Christmas. He finished talking and hung up.

“Corey, I’m sorry but…”

“No buts or excuses. I appreciate all the effort you’re putting into the wedding but… ummm… it is getting extreme. How much can you really do? Besides, it’s a great excuse for us to get away and it’s relatively inexpensive.”

“It’s a good excuse to get my ass away from all this wedding shit too,” I said. “You know we love getting together with them. I really hope Melissa and Faith come.”

“Kris said Melissa had wanted to go camping so I imagine if she does then Faith will,” Corey stated.

The week passed by fairly quickly in anticipation of our camping trip without much planning or thinking about the wedding. It had been a while since Corey and I had been camping and it was something we enjoyed doing together. We had arranged our schedules so we could be gone by one on Friday and miss the main part of the traffic. 

Corey came in the door right after noon and announced he was home. Our vehicle was packed with our gear and groceries for the weekend. Now I was excited to get away and enjoy a nice weekend with our old roommates. It was beginning to sink in that these times together would be precious despite Kris saying he was moving back next year. Things and circumstances change over the course of a year and definitely had changed for me and Corey.

Thanks to Kris’s great directions and my phone we were able to find the park without any problem. I called Kris to tell him we had made it. He told me where we were camping.

Corey parked our vehicle and we began unloading. As I was taking things out of the back, two arms grabbed me around the chest and squeezed me tightly. 

“Bro, it is so good to see ya,” Kris said, squeezing me.

“It’d be really good to see ya if I could breathe,” I eked out. 

His arms released the stronghold on me and began helping us unload. “Damn, y’all brought even food for ten people,” Kris stated while unloading our car shirtless.

“That’s just what I’ll eat,” Corey laughed.

We began heading down the trail. It was a very nice day with temperatures in the mid 70’s. Kris told us our site wasn’t next to his and Colt’s but was down just a little bit. We dumped our things and stopped by to say hello to Melissa with Kris’s phone ringing. By his tone and loud voice I gathered we had others joining us. My face lit up when I heard him say Ted. 

“Ted just drove up,” Kris said.

“You didn’t tell me he was coming,” I said.

“Actually he called last night. I just mentioned in passing about us camping and he was all for it,” Kris said. “Come to find out he grew up not too far from here.”

“I didn’t realize that either,” I said.

We walked out and saw Ted standing next to his nice ride. 

“We heard you just couldn’t let us do this alone,” Corey laughed.

“I couldn’t, plus Reese was about to drive my ass crazy,” Ted said. “Man, it’s so good to see y’all again.”

“It’s good to see you,” I said and shook his big hand.

Ted just had a duffel bag for his clothes with Myles bringing the rest of their gear. With his help and Kris’s we only needed another trip before our vehicle was empty. We dropped our things. Corey pulled out our tent and had it up in no time.

“I remember this thing. You bought it before we went camping our sophomore year,” Ted stated, looking at the tent.

“I did,” Corey said before staking the tent. “Who here doesn’t miss those days?”

We stood silently and began laughing. “Those were the fun days before we separated. We’ll all be together in two months. Right Matt?” Kris stated.

I smiled, “I hope everyone comes.”

“You know I’ll be there if it kills me. Reese said something about it yesterday,” Ted said and slapped my back.

Corey came out of the tent after having it staked. “Damn, this thing reeks.”

“It’ll have time to air out,” I said.

Once we had our campsite set up we walked back over and found Melissa napping in her chair. She woke up and greeted us. Kris reached in his big cooler and handed us a cold beer. 

“Matt, is everything planned for the big day?” Ted asked.

“It’s getting there,” I replied and took a sip.

“Matt, who is going to serve the cake and punch?” Melissa asked with a beer in her hand.

“Ummm…” I stuttered since it was something I hadn’t thought of.

“We have no clue,” Corey said.

“I’ll solve that for you. Faith and I were talking and were going to bring up. We’d be happy to do that for you,” Melissa stated.

“That’d be awesome if you would,” I said. “I appreciate you offering to do it.”

“Hell, Kris and Colt won’t be interested in us at the reception,” Melissa laughed.

“You know I will,” Kris said and put his arm around her.

“Nice act there, Kris,” Ted laughed. “I know how he is when he’s all of us are around.”

“Faith and I do too. It’ll keep us busy as well,” Melissa said.

“So when’s Colt getting here?” Corey asked.

“Right after he and Faith get off work,” Kris replied and stretched out his arms. “I have really enjoyed my week off, bros.”

“I’m enjoying my six months off,” Ted said, bragging.

“You can’t fool me, Ted,” Corey said. “You’ve been hitting the weights.”

“I have to. Y’all wouldn’t believe how beat up I get during the year,” Ted said.

“You do?” Melissa asked.

“He does, hun. Even my guys get pretty banged up during the year,” Kris said. 

“Matt and Corey, y’all need to see Kris in action,” Ted said.

“We have,” I laughed.

“Bro, get your fucking head out of the gutter,” Kris laughed.

“We would love to but we barely have time to do shit,” Corey said and got up to grab another beer.

“The guys love Coach Kris,” Ted said.

“Some days,” Kris said. “Bro, bring me another one.”

Corey reached in the cooler and grabbed two. He came back and sat down next to me.

“Oh, you might wanna cool it on the suds. I pulled some strings and got us two boats lined up for us to go fishing in the morning,” Ted said.

“Awesome, bro. Colt is bringing his shit. Melissa will hate it though,” Kris said.

“I have a feeling Faith and I will be right here which suits me just fine,” Melissa said.

“We’ll catch supper for you,” Ted laughed.

“Nothing will be better than some nice fresh fish,” Kris said. 

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Melissa said. “Ummm… Ted, what do you think about that player who just came out?”

“Melissa, you really think he cares? In case you have forgotten about…” Kris said pointing at me and Corey.

“I’m happy for him yet wonder how he’ll make it due to his size. I think once the initial press wears off sort of like that guy that plays with Luke and was a part of that catfishing scheme, once that first storm was over, Luke said it was cool. Melissa, I more than anyone won’t have one second of trouble with him. If he performs on the field, neither will whatever team drafts him. The league is mostly about winning but I saw some are out there to get paid,” Ted responded.

“Yeah, they better get paid because they may not be around long,” Kris said.

“Ted won’t have that problem,” I said.

“Matt, I wish. Luke and I were talking the other day about how short our careers could be so I’m actually thinking about starting towards my master’s degree next offseason,” Ted stated.

We sat around talking. It was very interesting to hear Corey and Ted talk about various things in the weight room. Ted seemed impressed with Corey’s knowledge. Kris joined in with Melissa and me just kicked back enjoying the three demonstrating and talking about the weight room. Come to find out, Kris and Corey talked more than I thought they did but it centered on questions Kris had for Corey.

It wasn’t long before Myles made his appearance. Thanks to a lot of help his tents were up in a matter of minutes with all of the guys chipping in to help. Just as we finished Colt came walking up with Faith. His beard was fully grown out now.

“Damn Colt, are you trying to look like one of those guys on Duck Dynasty or what?” Corey asked.

“Thank you Corey,” Faith said.

“I just hate shaving this shit,” Colt said and tugged on it a little.

“Bro, a little growth is fine but it is getting nappy,” Kris stated.

“I promise before the big wedding it’ll be history if not before,” Colt commented.

With everyone there, Kris decided to show his expertise, or what he called it, in grilling burgers and dogs on the grills there at their site. He was stocked and loaded for it. Corey and I brought out our chips and store bought dip to compliment Kris’s cooking.

Once Kris finished grilling, we dove in and didn’t leave a single patty or dog around after all was said and done. We kicked back with some cold ones to enjoy our time together. It had been nice just getting away from the rigors of our wedding planning with not much said about it.  

“I need some friendly advice from the guys I trust the most,” Colt said sitting next to Faith and with a beer in his hand.

“Fire away,” Corey said.

“What do y’all think the best way to break the ice and have a civil relationship with my dad?” Colt asked us.

“For me, it was seeing that I was still loved by both parents despite the divorce,” Myles said. “I know my case is a little different than yours…”

“Bro, I’m glad you’re willing to try. Sit down and talk to him over a cold one and do it with Chase too while you’re at it,” Kris replied.

“Colt, I know your anger,” I stated. “Just don’t bring up the bad stuff. Keep it positive. I never could have imagined how much my dad enjoyed just hearing my stories. Your dad might too, plus he might really enjoy being a grandfather to Hunter.”

“Has he even seen Hunter?” Ted asked.

“Twice,” Colt answered with two fingers in the air.

“Chase is the one who called him. Chase said it was hard but once he was there he was glad he was,” Faith answered.

“Colt, if you ask me… which you sort of were, each one of us aren’t angels. I know the history a little but try to look past it. Remember all the good times you had hunting and fishing together,” Melissa added.

“Thanks guys. It does give me a starting point. I just need to get over the anger. I can see now where I’m punishing me too. Chase and I need to settle this shit once and for all,” Colt said.

We sat around talking before Kris stood and walked a few feet away to use the bathroom. “Dammit Kris, at least walk into the woods!” Melissa shouted.

Kris turned his head, “You’re lucky I walked this far.”

“He hasn’t changed a bit,” I laughed.

“Nope and he won’t,” Colt laughed.

After we got a few in us, except for Myles, the stories really started flowing, especially from Ted. He seemed to enjoy telling us about his first season and all that went on with his team. The night came with us continuing to enjoy being together. Not seeing each other every day did give us lots to chat about, along with our time together and talking about the ones that weren’t here with us.

Saturday morning, I was awake and woke Corey to head out on the lake and try our hand at fishing. Kris and Colt came walking up just as we were getting out of the tent. By the looks of us Colt wouldn’t be the only one with a beard by the end of the weekend. 

“Ready to catch some big ones?” Colt asked with his sunglasses on.

“We’ll try,” I replied in my shirt and jeans on this chilly morning.

“The gals are counting on supper tonight,” Kris stated.

“We can’t disappoint them,” Corey said while we walked away. “Colt, did you bring the shit?”

“I’ve got everything in my truck unless some bastard stole it last night,” Colt replied.

We walked down the path and found Ted’s site. They were sitting around waiting for us. We headed back down. I got in Ted’s ride after Myles put in a few rods and tackle in the rear with Corey riding with Colt.

We arrived at the marina and headed inside with Ted leading the way. As soon as Ted approached the counter, the older man called Ted by name and reached across to shake his hand. We found the fish were hitting crickets so the guys bought them as well, along with fishing licenses. It was a necessity to have a license but something I doubt I’d use more than on this trip.

Leaving before we got on the lake, Kris asked, “Bro, how did he know you?”

Ted smiled, “I grew up near here and have known Sid for years.”

Corey and I got in the boat with Kris while Colt jumped in with Ted and Myles. We had a small cooler with us that had some water and snacks. We said we’d fish close together but in reality we knew it would be hard. We headed out with Ted leading the way. We stopped near a shore and grabbed our rods.

Corey began laughing and held up his pole. “You know I don’t think we’ll catch much today.”

We started laughing seeing how all three poles didn’t have anything attached to the end. We pulled next to Ted’s with Colt handing us his tackle box for our day. We drove away and down the shore from them with Corey tying a lure to my pole and his with the crickets chirping away in the paper container. My first cast landed near the bank. I slowly began reeling the line back in and felt a tug.

“I got one,” I said.

“Bro, reel it in,” Kris said with his line in the water.

I began reeling and reeling until seeing my catch. It was a really nice one and weighed close to three pounds. One problem was I had snagged a tree limb. We laughed and hollered at Colt to show him my catch. Ted on the other hand was actually reeling in a fish. It was a crappie that they said would be tasty.

After untangling the large limb and still lucky to have my lure, I continued to try my hand. Kris soon got very excited with a fish on his line. He reeled it to the boat but it was far too small to keep. Corey was next and reeled in a really nice bass. He pulled it above the water with Kris calling Colt to look. Corey unhooked the nice fish. Kris reached across us and took it in his hand to show Colt, Ted and Myles. He stood up, rocking the boat a little and held out the fish. 

“OOO fuck,” Kris yelled with the fish hitting the water.

“Thanks a lot, Kris,” Corey said.

“It was an accident,” Kris said with me struggling not to laugh. I did get to laugh when I heard Colt hollering with laughter.

“Now I have to catch another one. I was so proud of it,” Corey said in disgust.

We drifted further and further away from Colt but continued to try our hand at fishing. One nice thing was spending time with Kris and being outdoors away from all that was going on. We didn’t have much luck with lures and decided to try the crickets for a while. The crickets were nasty and a few ended up in the bottom of the boat with us trying to catch them. 

With a cricket on my line, I reared back and tossed my line in the water.

“Damn Matt!” Corey said.

“What?” I asked turning my head and seeing him grabbing his arm.

“You almost put that hook in my arm,” Corey said and lifted up his arm to show a scrape on his arm. 

“Bro, watch what you’re doing,” Kris said before starting to reel in a fish. He thought it was a crappie and brought it in the boat.

“Here let me drop it in water like you did my fish,” Corey said.

Kris laughed, “You can if you want but this one is a keeper. I need to call Colt and see if we have anything to cook these suckers in.”

Kris was on the phone when I felt my line being tugged. I reeled in the fish and made a quick pull to get it out of the water. It was a small bream but actually was fun catching. I tried my best to unhook the little fish and felt the gills poking my hand. Corey shook his head and showed me how to unhook it. I’d done it before but it escaped my mind about how it was done.

“Melissa and Faith are heading to get stuff unless you brought shit to eat with fish,” Kris said.

“I didn’t,” I said.

“We brought everything else,” Corey commented.

It was actually fun fishing and trying to catch them. The day was so perfect with a few clouds and just a little breeze. The crickets really seemed to be the key with us beginning to catch fish. Most were small but provided us with the thrill of seeing how big it was when it surfaced. Corey won the prize for the smallest with one that barely looked bigger than a minnow. I did catch one that was deemed large enough to keep.

We headed back to the marina after Colt called and said they were ready to go in. We drove and parked the boat in the slot. Colt, Ted and Myles were waiting for us.

“Did y’all catch many?” Colt asked with his lip bulging out.

“A few,” Corey said. “I know y’all caught a bunch.”

“We were reeling in so fast,” Myles said. “Damn, it was a blast.”

“We definitely have plenty to eat. I’m gonna give some to Sid unless y’all wanna take some home with ya,” Ted said.

“Bro, let him have ‘em,” Kris said. 

“My question is who is going to clean the fish?” I asked on the dock.

“We’ll eat ‘em whole and just cut off the tails,” Myles responded.

“Not me,” Corey said.

“Me either, bro,” Kris added.

“Kris, Myles and I will clean ‘em. Surely, y’all didn’t think we’d eat ‘em whole,” Colt said and spit.

“You never know,” I said.

We walked to the store area with us dropping off all the keys and life vests. Ted gave his friend a good mess of fish as well.

Ted walked up to me and put his arm around me, “Did you enjoy that?”

“You know I really did. Corey and I have been before. When you catch some it is fun,” I said.

“When you don’t, it is boring,” Corey said.

“They were biting for sure today. Ted, your friend was spot on about the crickets,” Myles stated.

We went back to our campsite and walked to find Melissa and Faith kicked back in chairs with their tablets in their faces. Ted and Myles continued on and said they’d catch up with us later while Corey and I stopped for a minute. They had bought everything needed so we could enjoy a good fish fry. 

“Did y’all have fun?” Faith asked.

“Hun, we had a blast,” Colt replied. “We actually gave away some of the fish.”

“It was a trip,” Kris stated.

“Y’all looked relaxed,” Corey commented.

“We are. This is really nice here,” Melissa said. “We were enjoying the peace and quiet while y’all were gone.”

“If you like it we’ll definitely have to come back again,” Kris said.

“Corey and I are going to clean up. We have lots of stuff for sandwiches,” I stated.

“We’ll come down, bro. Holler when you’re ready for us,” Kris said.

Corey and I walked towards our tent and agreed a nice shower would really hit the spot. We grabbed our towels and soap to head to the showers. 

We entered the old smelly bathroom with no one around. Corey said it was a good chance to use the bathroom while we were there. He came out with me starting two of the four showers in the open shower room. We undressed and grabbed our soap that was made for shampooing hair as well. Just as we got under the water we heard the door open and close. Corey used the soap and handed it to me. I turned around and saw Ted walking in to join us. 

“I’m not interrupting anything, am I?” Ted asked before starting the shower, naked.

Corey laughed, “Not now, but in our younger days…”

“I bet,” Ted laughed. “I don’t know about you two but I really had a good time fishing today.”

“I did too,” I said and began rinsing the soap off my body.

“It really brought me back to the days when Dad would take me fishing. I can’t remember the last time I went either,” Ted commented.

“It had been a while for us too,” Corey said before washing his hair.

“They will be some really good eating,” I said.

“You bet they will, Matt. There’s nothing better than fresh fish. I’m really glad Kris mentioned he was coming,” Ted said, with Myles walking in to start his shower. Myles wasn’t as ripped as he was in college but still had a nice body.

“I see the gang is all here,” Myles stated. 

“I expect Kris and Colt to be here any minute,” I stated.

“That Colt took that shit serious today but we had a ball,” Myles said.

“We didn’t, but once we put on the crickets we really caught some fish,” Corey said.

We showered and continued to talk. I have to admit it was still a thrill to be surrounded by three very hot naked guys in a shower. It was actually cool that we were comfortable enough to do so and reminded me of showering at the Rec Center. 

We finished together and walked out to dry off. Myles mentioned about being married here in the state but I said we weren’t sure when it would be allowed so we were continuing with our plans as they were and not looking back.

Back at our camp, we told everyone we had things for sandwiches and welcomed them to join us. We called it an appetizer before the big main course for later that night. Once we were finished, Myles and Colt brought out the fish and began cleaning them for our meal.

Corey and I decided to explore the park a little with a trail near where we were camping. It was a nice trail that took us around the lake. We found a small cliff that overlooked the lake and took a seat. I sat between his bent legs and leaned up against him with his arms around me.

Nothing needed to be said with us just soaking in the nice scenery before our eyes. We shared a long kiss before continuing on along the trail.

Back at our tent, Corey and I laid down on our air mattress and sleeping bags. It wasn’t long before I was asleep for a short nap.

By the time I woke, it was time to head over to enjoy our morning catches. Kris was manning the pot that was on the grill, doing his best to fry up the fish while Melissa was helping out where she could. The rest were sitting around and waiting with a few cold ones in their hands. We had some good stories to share about the morning with the girls while we waited. 

Once Kris announced the fish was done we dove right in. The fish was great and tasted about as good as any that I had ever tasted. We had some hush puppies and slaw to go along with it. It wasn’t the healthiest meal but it was very good. 

That night, we sat around the fire and roasted some marshmallows. It was a challenge not to burn them. Ted and Colt said it really reminded them of when they were young.

Faith and Melissa really opened up and became a big part of our group that night. It was great to have them involved and not being in the background. I think Kris and Colt enjoyed them acting as one of us as well. 

After our night, Corey and I went to our campsite. Corey reached in our tent and pulled out an old blanket we had brought. He threw it on the ground on this nice night with the temperature nearly perfect. We sat together and held each other with the sounds of the outdoors as our background music. The setting was romantic for us. 

“Corey, I’ll admit I so needed this weekend…”

“I did as well. It is great to get away and enjoy our friends.”

“I miss what we used to have in a way but… I love what I have now. Things are changing around us in so many ways,” I said with his arm around my waist and mine around his.

“Things are changing but once we’re back together it was like nothing ever changed,” he said.

We started kissing and making out on the blanket. We rolled around a little with our shirts coming off. Things really got heated before our shorts came off to be naked outside. 

After we sixty-nined, Corey reached in the tent to grab our lube for sex. He lay on his side while I moved closer. My cock teased his ass before sliding into his hot quivering hole. Slowly my eight inches went deeper into familiar territory but one that still drove me insane with lust and love. 

“OOOO fuck baby,” I said into his ear with my arms under his pits.

“MMMM… fucking great as always,” Corey moaned.

My hips began moving and thrusting my throbbing cock in him at a nice pace that we both were so pleasured by. He was pushing back and squeezing his ass as well to maximize the incredible feeling. It was so hot making love to my fiancé outdoors again. My lips were kissing his neck and shoulders while his hands were on my ass.

Corey moved to his back to take me so we could continue. My cock slid back inside of him while my lips hit his. I continued to pump my hard cock in and out of his ass. My lips moved down to his neck and chest.

“Fucking love you so much,” I said quietly with our breathing becoming so labored.

“Fucking love you too, babe,” he said and pulled me back up. His legs were now wrapped around my waist with his hands going through my hair. 

I continued to make love to him. It was slow and gentle so we could enjoy the moment. I leaned up and knew the end was near. With his legs spread wide, I fucked him hard while stroking his cock. 

Corey groaned loudly with his cock pulsating in my hand. His load came out of his cock and splattered on his naked torso. I groaned with his ass gripping my cock tight and delivered my load inside of him. 

I collapsed on top of him and enjoyed sharing a kiss. We soaked in the moment while I was still inside of him. 

After cleaning up and Corey expelling my cum, it was easy to fall asleep in our tent. My head was on his chest with his arm around me when my eyes closed shut.

Sunday, we gathered for a breakfast and to use what groceries I had brought. After we ate we ventured down to the edge of the lake to fish with Melissa and Faith. It was fun trying our best to lure in a few fish. We did reel in a few but let them go since no one wanted to clean them.

After taking down our tent, saying goodbye was never easy. We had stayed longer than planned but no one was ready to end our weekend together. When Corey and I drove away I had a big smile on my face.


There's another chapter for you.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I do appreciate your patience with me in writing and posting new chapters.

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