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After working out at Corey’s gym Wednesday after Valentine’s Day, I finally saw him while walking out to leave. I tried to work out and keep my schedule going. I never ever wanted to interfere with Corey doing his job and rarely spoke to him while I was there. We had an understanding and respect if we didn’t utter a word to each other.

“Matt, I’ve got big news… well, news that you might like,” Corey said, stopping me as I was about to leave.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Basically no working every weekend… hey, I’ve gotta run and get with a client. I’ll tell ya all about it tonight,” he said.

Now my curiosity was running high but it sounded like great news. We rarely were able to spend our days off with each other due to his schedule.

Arriving home after a full day, I turned on the lights to our apartment. Since Kris, Colt, JJ and Teague had been here I had let the cleaning slide a little. Our apartment had a weird scent to it that screamed at me for attention. Cleaning was very good therapy while I commenced scrubbing our kitchen counters before moving to mop the entire kitchen floor. 

Finished I started dusting in our living room with some fragrant spray to give our place a fresh clean smell. As I was wiping off the end table there was a knock at our door. I answered it and saw Scott standing there in his tee and sweatpants.

“Wassup?” he asked, entering.

“You’re just in time. I was cleaning our nasty place up,” I replied. “Hey, we missed you this weekend.”

“I heard I missed Kris and Colt. They need to give us a head’s up,” Scott said with us entering our living room. “I wish my place looked and smelled this good, Matt.”

“I’m trying. So what’s up with you? Scott, I really do miss seeing you like I did in college. Hell, I miss seeing everyone,” I stated and took a seat.

“I’ll admit it now, I miss college… yeah I said it. I fucking miss college and wish I was there every morning when I wake up. Matt, a little birdie whispered in my ear about your wedding and the reception. I told you I would help. I’m here to see what I can do to take some of the pressure off of you.”

“Damn Kris,” I laughed. “Actually Scott, until we have a place set there’s not much to do.”

“We can plan it for any place. You’ve got to have a plan in place no matter where you get married. I assume either place you’ll be renting a venue…”

“We will,” I said.

“Are you going to be eating at the reception?”

“I seriously doubt it since it would be so expensive. I figure we’ll have some snack foods…”

“And lots to drink,” Scott laughed.

“Yeah, but I don’t want it to be one big crazy ass party.”

“Matt, are not inviting anyone?” he laughed again and gave me a big smile. “Look at it as a celebration of your and Corey’s love and massive commitment to each other.”

“I do, but it doesn’t mean everyone needs to get hammered.”

“A solution to that would be a cash bar,” Scott stated. “Colors… what colors do you want?”

“I haven’t even thought of that,” I replied. “I guess red and…ummm… I don’t know… red and white.”

“That would work. When you are having your engagement pictures made?”

“What engagement pictures? Scott, should we?”

“They’d be a nice addition to your wedding pictures. Find a professional photographer to do it. I think you’d really enjoy it and it’d be a great reminder when you get old,” Scott started laughing. “I still remember our calendar picture. What fun that was!”

I pointed to that exact picture I still had around. “Now I wish Alex wasn’t a part of it. It still chaps my ass the way he treated us.”

“Mine too. He and Bishop missed a lot of good times but it was their own doing. I still think he’s fucked up over the wreck he had. Who knows where Bishop is these days? Hey, have you thought about inviting Kendall and Noah to your wedding? Bryson or Michael, too?”

I reached for my tablet where I had been storing names. “Great idea. I’ll add them to our list. Thanks for reminding me. I need to add Jordy too. How’s he doing?”

“He’s doing great now, but he’s single again,” Scott replied. “I chatted with him last week on the computer.”

I added those names with my list of invitees growing by the day. “Toni? Have you heard from her?”

“Stop it, Matt! You’re giving me ideas about people I need to check up on, but no, I haven’t even thought about her. If half the people come it will be the biggest blast ever!” Scott said.

“A cash bar is sounding more like the best idea. It’ll cost us a fortune to supply the liquor. Mom and Vince are helping but I can’t really ask them to pony up for all of us to drink,” I said with the front door opening. 

Corey walked in and saw Scott and I sitting on the couch. “What are y’all doing?”

“I came to take some of the pressure off Matt and help with the wedding,” Scott replied.

“Good luck with that,” Corey said. “He barely lets me help.”

“I try but all you ever say is I don’t care or do whatever you want,” I said mocking him.

“It’s the truth. I really don’t care. My biggest fear is fainting,” Corey said.

“Scott, Corey’s been getting pretty emotional when we start talking about the wedding,” I said.

“It shows how much it means to him. I like that,” Scott said. “Seriously, how the hell do you two keep the fire burning?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t know really, Scott. I just love Corey to death and love being with him. We’ve been together so long now I don’t know any different. Are you having problems with Seth?”

“I wouldn’t say problems but I get the feeling we’re plateauing. It fucking sucks!” Scott replied.

“The key is whether you want it to work or not,” Corey stated, sitting across from me. “Matt and I have hit the skids a few times but you have to assess what’s important and if you really want to be with that person. For me, it was an easy answer. I found my perfect guy right off the bat and haven’t let go.”

“That’s the reason you’re getting married and should be married. I asked Matt if you were getting engagement photos made,” Scott said.

“We haven’t even thought about it but we could I guess if Matt wants to. It would just be another expense,” Corey said.

We talked about the wedding and reception. The idea of a cash bar was sounding more and more appealing and practical. It may deter some from drinking as much. 

Scott stayed around until after nine. It was a sign to me that things weren’t going so great for him and Seth since he never mentioned Seth or leaving to be with him. 

Corey came over and threw his arm around me. “Alright, what’s the big news?” I asked.

“I got a promotion; I guess you could call it. I’m going to be rewarded for my hard work and never missing days. Now I’ll be working normal hours unless I have a customer that can’t make it during those times,” Corey replied.

“That’s awesome!” I said and kissed him. “Customers?”

“I’ve been doing a lot of private training and really enjoy that. Well… one of trainers wasn’t very reliable and since I have a degree in that I’ve been stepping in for him,” Corey said. “Next month or so, I may be gone for a few nights for a training workshop they want me to attend to get more certification.”

“I hate to hear that but there may be days in the future where I’ll need to be gone as well. It does signify we are advancing in our careers,” I said.

We sat together until we headed to our bedroom about nine o’clock. It was early but gave us ample time to be with each other and show our love. We undressed each other slowly before I crawled on top of my fiancé to make out with him. His lips were as soft as ever with his tongue slipping into my mouth. Our affection was so great for each other and was elevated since our engagement. We know each other’s bodies so well yet loved softly stroking various parts while our lips were busy.

After sucking each other and getting excited, my legs were high in the air, ready to take Corey’s thick cock with a towel under me. He put them on his shoulders and touched them before moving closer to me. His big veiny arms pulled me up a little after we were lubed. His hard cock pierced my hole and slid past my sphincter. I moaned softly feeling the head rubbing against the walls and over my prostate. My eyes feasted on seeing his hard taut body moving closer while he was filling my ass. 

His hands were pressed into our bed on both sides of me with my legs high on his shoulders. He began moving slowly inside of me. Electricity filled my veins with the joyous feeling of my fiancé slowly fucking me. 

“OOO Corey, baby,” I moaned with my hands on his sides.

“Amazing how fucking your hot ass is still a joy after all the years,” he said, dropping his head to kiss my neck.

His hot breath was felt on my shoulder and neck while he kissed them. I grabbed his hard ass and pulled him deeper inside. “I know. OOOO fuck me Corey… fuck me,” I whined while my breathing got louder.

His lips found mine. My hands moved up his spine to his head.  He was sliding his hard thick cock in and out of my ass while we kissed. He leaned up a little with my hands on his back. “Damn, I love you so much. Feel the pleasure my dick is giving you,” he said.

“It has always given me so much pleasure,” I eked out. My head was spinning out of control in the midst of our lovemaking.

Corey’s cock slipped out. He used his strength to move me to my side. My leg went over his before his cock went back inside of me. I was moaning with every push. Our skin was slapping together as he fucked me. His hand gracefully moved over my body until reaching my hard eight inches.

“OOO Corey, yes,” I moaned.

“Just imagine our wedding night,” he said and softly stroked my cock.

“Me fucking you. You fucking me until we can’t fuck anymore,” I said and pulled his head in for a kiss. “I fucking love you so much, Corey!”

Corey slowly fucked me while we kissed. Every time I felt so much love towards him when we were truly making love to each other. He broke the kiss and slapped my ass. He slid his cock out and rammed inside of me. 

“OOOO yes, Corey! Yes baby! Slam that fucking cock in me!” I yelped. His cock left my hole and made me feel empty. That feeling didn’t last but a second before he slammed his thick cock in me.

“Fuck yeah,” he grunted and shook our bed.

“Keep fucking my ass! I love it!”

He did it a few times before staying in me. I was moaning loud as ever while he was grunting hard. He grabbed me and began thrusting harder and harder while I was pumping my hard cock.

“OOO fuck,” he screamed and pushed deep in me. His thick cock began throbbing and spilling his seed into my ass. I pushed back feeling him cumming in me.

“OOOOOOO Corey!” I yelled with cum racing to escape my cock. “Stay in me… fuck!” Cum flew out my cock onto the towel with his cock deep in me. 

We were both well satisfied after our sex. He held me with his cum oozing out of my ass. I was finally able to get up and clean up our mess with our bedroom reeking of sex. 

It was just after 3 am when I was awakened by Corey’s loud deep cough. I moved over and hoped I’d go right back to sleep. He continued to cough before getting up. I was able to drift off to sleep until my alarm went off. I looked over and saw him curled up in a ball with all the covers on him.

“Babe, are you okay?” I asked.

“I’ll be fine. Thankfully…” he coughed… “Thankfully I don’t go in until 9.”

I reached over and felt his forehead. “Corey, you have a fever. You might wanna call in sick today.”

“I’ll be okay,” he said.

I got up and showered for my day. I was a little concerned about him since he was rarely sick. I got dressed and checked on him again. He still felt as though he had a fever. I went and got some medicine to help him before I left.

On my first break at work I called to see how Corey was doing. He said he was at work but felt terrible. I shook my head and told him he really didn’t need to be out in public if he was sick. He said he’d be okay.

At lunch, Corey called me and said he was heading home from the doctor. He said he had got an appointment quickly and found out he had the flu. My biggest concern now was I would be next and couldn’t afford to miss much time at work.

After work, I usually work out, but today, Thursday, I headed straight home to take care of my fiancé. I opened the door and saw Corey lying on the couch with a blanket thrown over him. 

“There’s medicine for you too,” he said.

“Thank goodness. How do you feel?”

“Like shit right now. Matt, I sure hope you don’t come down with it,” Corey said and coughed.

“Me too,” I said. 

Rather than be close to him, I headed to our bedroom to change the sheets and maybe get rid of the germs. While doing so, I called Kris to catch up with him. I told him about Corey before chewing on him a little about telling Scott about our planning. We talked for a little before Kris talked to Corey. I found some soup for him and had a sandwich. I wanted to care for him in the worst way but didn’t want the flu as well. Corey was still coughing. It was a deep cough that was coming from his chest.

“This just ruins everything,” he said.

“It happens. So how long do they think it will take you to get over it?”

“They told me not to even think about coming in until Monday at the earliest. Then they said I better be over it. My boss wasn’t real happy that I came in today but he understood how I wanted to be there…” he coughed again for a little.

Corey went to bed about 8 this night. I watched some TV while debating on whether I would sleep with him or take the spare bedroom. In the end, I figured I either had the bug now after having sex with him the night before or I wasn’t going to get it at all. I could sleep with him and be near if he needed me. Just as I opened the door, I heard him still coughing. I calmly shut the door and changed my mind.

It was the first time in like forever that I would be sleeping alone. It was hard falling asleep without feeling Corey next to me, hearing him breathe or feeling his breath on my shoulder. It was just so tempting to get up and go be him but one night wasn’t going to kill me.

Friday, when I walked in the door to work, my boss, Mr Kentworth, was waiting on me. We had a nice relationship to this point. He was easy to work for if you did as you were told and put forth the effort. He was very knowledgeable as well and had taught me so much. I followed him into his office.

“Matt, the first week in March, we will be sending you to San Francisco for a seminar,” he said after we took a seat. “You and two others will be out there for the week.”

“No problem, sir. I’ll be happy to go,” I said.

“I knew you would. You’ve impressed me so far with your work ethic and skill. What I like is you’re not afraid to seek help when you’re not certain about something. A lot of people think they know everything and ruin a week’s worth of work because they are too stubborn to ask,” he stated.

“I’m still learning but really enjoy learning. This was my dream to work on these applications,” I said.

“Do you think you’re ready to work a few days from home?”

“I can if that’s what is needed,” I replied.

“You can network just as well from your computer at home as you can here. We don’t like starting people out from home but I have faith that you can handle it,” he said.

“I appreciate that,” I said. “When do I start?”

“I think once you return from your seminar would be a great time unless you want to start now. We can get you set up in no time,” he replied.

“It’s your decision, Mr Kentworth. I’ll do what you say,” I said.

“I tell you what. How about we start today getting you set up? We can see how things go,” he said.

“Great,” I said and was excited to hear I wouldn’t need to make the drive in every day.

“Now, what’s this I hear about a wedding?” he asked with a smile on his face.

“Yes sir, I’m getting married… to my boyfriend at the end of May since they are allowing gay marriage in some states near us,” I replied.

“I think that is wonderful, Matt. He’s one lucky guy. How long have you been with him?”

“Over four years. We met basically when I got to college,” I replied.

“Congratulations,” he said. “I wish you the very best. My nephew is gay and doesn’t seem to handle it as well as you have. What’s the secret?”

“The best friends ever have been my secret. They are so accepting and have never made it an issue. I’ve been lucky to be just one of the guys and not seen as a gay guy,” I replied.

“You don’t know how lucky you are around here,” he said.

“Sir, I’m very lucky and have been since I came out. My mom and my best friend accepted it without asking one question,” I said.

He stood from behind his desk. “I can tell you are lucky and have your head on right. Keep up the great work, Matt. Now let’s get things rolling for you to start working from home.”

“What would my schedule be like then?”

“Normally you’ll come in when it is absolutely necessary. I trust you’ll continue the same work ethic.”

“Yes sir, I will,” I said.

We headed out and began my preparation to work from home. I did find out I could work a few hours on the weekend as well as long as I got in my hours. Inside, I was very excited about it and the challenge of maintaining my work from home. It was noon before I headed home. I had to stop and get a table and chair to set up my office in the spare bedroom. 

At home, Corey was on the couch when I came in the door.

“I’ve got great news. They’re going to allow me to work from home,” I said.

“I was wondering if you got fired,” Corey said and coughed a little.

“How do you feel?”

“Ummm… okay. I didn’t sleep very well. I missed my fiancé sleeping with me,” he replied.

“I didn’t either, but you were coughing so I slept in the other room,” I said. “That’s now going to be my office. Also at the first of March I’ll be gone for a week.”

“Damn, we’re just advancing up the ladder,” he said.

“We are,” I said. 

I got things set up and was able to log on to our company’s network. It took me a little while to get adjusted to my new environment but I saw how it would be nice. I sat and was able to get some work done. One of our applications had a glitch in it. I had to find the problem and a solution with one of my co-workers. It was odd communicating with him while on the computer and on the phone once but we solved the problem. I stayed logged in until my normal time. It was nice just logging off and walking into my living room.

Corey had dozed off and was sleeping soundly. I walked away and called Mom to fill her in on all that was happening. She hated hearing Corey had the flu and like any other Mom worried I would be next. She sounded excited about my job advances and told me how proud she was of me and Corey. We only briefly discussed the wedding before I hung up.

That night I was able to sleep with Corey since his coughing had subsided. We both slept well with my arms draped over him. Slowly, Corey started feeling better but it took all weekend for him to be close to normal.

Monday, I was able to sleep in and woke just before logging on. Over the weekend while Corey rested I was able to get in a few hours which I could use for overtime or extra time off. Corey was up and went into work. It was nice having him kiss me before he left. 

At lunch, I got out of the house and headed to work out. It would be much nicer and convenient to do so at lunch now rather than after work. I was also able to check up on Corey and see how he was feeling. He looked ragged and followed me home after his boss insisted he do so.

Corey slept most of the afternoon while I worked and got a good feel of working from home. The only thing I missed was the interaction with some of my co-workers. Come time to log off it was great just shutting down my computer and not getting in my car. Another benefit would be the savings on gas and mileage on my old car or our new one. 

Wednesday, I was up, as was Corey, just before 7:30. We showered together to start our day but hadn’t enjoyed sex since the night he came down with the flu. He was feeling so much better and very close to being back to normal after toughing it out on Tuesday. I started my day in the nude and stayed naked until time to go work out at lunch. I was able to do so since we didn’t use cams or face to face communications. 

Corey came home just after five while I was cooking some chicken and rice for our dinner. It was great to see his eyes shining and his color back to normal after being rather pale while he was ill. We were able to sit down together and be back to normal. 

“Matt, thanks for taking care of me,” Corey said as we were eating.

“It’s nothing you wouldn’t do for me. It’s just part of being together. You take the good with the bad,” I stated.

“I do feel much better now,” he said. “I might… no, I will be more than ready to enjoy some good times with you tonight.”

“I will be too, but we’ve survived,” I said. “Now… I said tonight or some time we really need to decide on a place to get married. I know we want to wait, but say…”

“Yeah, let’s get married in New Mexico since we know without a doubt they will allow it and offer us a license,” he said.

We got on the computer and found a place. It wasn’t that far from where we went to college. I called and was thrilled to hear that they just had an opening for the exact date we wanted. The place had a reception area along with somewhere for us to get married but it wasn’t exactly cheap. While talking to the nice lady, she stated we’d be the third gay couple to get married there. The only glitch was we would need to be there Friday to get our license and go over everything. We had no choice but to agree. Somehow some way it would work out for us.

We were both very happy and now things were moving in the right direction for us.

“That was almost painless,” I said and looked over to see tears running down Corey’s face. They were sweet tears of joy.

To be continued…

There's another chapter in the story.   Hope you enjoyed it!  

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