Posted:   May 11, 2015

After eating, we stood around the kitchen. 

“I don’t know about you boys but there’s a man’s job waiting outside with my name written all over it,” Corey stated. 

“Bro… ummm… is there any way I could talk you and Matt into going with me to look at some houses?  Then I’ll help you do whatever,” Kris asked.

“I know I would and would love to,” I said.

“So what brought this out of the clear blue sky?” Corey asked.

“Your dear husband mentioned something yesterday about how it was a wise investment and how it’d be about the same cost.  Actually, I’ve talked to Melissa and she loves the idea rather renting.  We’re just not sure how the financing would go with us changing jobs,” Kris stated.

Corey smiled, “Kris, I too didn’t see any way that we could do it but we did it.  Your situation is different but you never know.  I’m not ashamed to say that I was wrong.  Other than marrying his hot ass, it was the best thing we’ve done.”

“Bro, I’d like for you to go too and give me some pointers on the yard and what you think,” Kris said and put his hand on Corey’s shoulder.

“I’ll go,” Corey said.

“Kris, if you do find something, I’ll give you Jeff’s number.  He was great and helped us a lot,” I said.

“Awesome.  I wish we could go like this,” Kris said with us standing there nude.

“We’ll get dressed.  We can run by the store and grab a few things while we’re out,” I said.

“I knew somehow we would,” Corey said.

We headed off to shower and to get dressed.  It was great wearing shorts and a tee shirt with the winter that we had endured.  It wasn’t that bad until we returned from our trip and then winter unleashed its fury on the area.

I drove and began heading in that direction to window shop.  We started out by going to Scott’s neighborhood.  It was an older established area which meant the houses were older as well.  Kris did see one for sale that caught his interest. We stopped and were able to access the listing on our phones.  Once Kris saw the price, he lost complete interest. 

I continued to drive and went near where Cale and Daniel lived.  It was about the same age as ours but the house were smaller and what were considered starter homes.  It was a large area so we had plenty of options.  We saw a few that caught Kris’s eye.  He stopped and took a quick picture of the house and the sale’s sign in the yard.   One was really of interest so we looked inside the windows.  We weren’t able to make much of it and continued.

We came upon a house about three streets away from Cale and Daniel’s house.  I pointed it out in the distance and then saw that it was one of Jeff’s listings.  We drove up and saw it was vacant with a nice brick façade and perfect for Kris.  Quickly Kris was able to access the listing. 

“Bro, it’s only one ten and not that small either.   It’s about 1400 square feet with a garage,” Kris read.

“We can see the garage,” I laughed.  “What’s the catch?”

“I don’t know,” Kris replied.

We got out with Kris taking pictures and looked inside to see it was vacant.  “Kris, do you want me to call Jeff right quick?”

“Ummm… yeah,” Kris replied.

I pulled out my phone and had his number handy.  He answered quickly.  I told him where we were before he gave me the details.   “Kris, he can be here in about 10 minutes if you’re interested.”

“I don’t know.  What’s the deal?”

“It’s a foreclosure,” I replied.  “Do you or not?”

“It won’t kill ya plus he might have other stuff too,” Corey said.

“I guess,” Kris said.

I told Jeff and he said he’s on his way.  We checked around back and saw the small but fenced in yard with a dog barking at us.  We stood around and waited until Jeff pulled up. 

“Jeff, this is our friend Kris.  He’s about to get married and is looking for a house,” I said introducing the two.

“Nice to meet ya, Kris,” Jeff said.

“Same here, bro,” Kris said shaking his hand.

“Damn, what’s in the water?  You’re as built as Corey,” Jeff laughed.

“I’m insulted,” Corey laughed.

“Kris, I will tell ya that the price is firm.  The bank has already rejected an offer of one hundred,” Jeff stated with us walking to the door.

“I gotcha.  Why is it so low?” Kris asked.

“There are no appliances.  There are some missing fixtures and the carpet is shredded.  Some people love to destroy a house before they get foreclosed on,” Jeff said and opened the door. 

“Bro, I like it,” Kris stated, barely in the front door.  “It’s open and a decent size.”

“It’s a good starter home when you’re just getting married,” Jeff said.

“I wish Melissa was here,” Kris stated with Jeff turning his head and smiling.

“I thought maybe you were like Matt and Corey,” Jeff stated with us laughing. 

“He’s not but we still love him,” I said.

We viewed the kitchen and the appliances were missing.  Corey pointed out that the cabinets were still in good shape as was the tile floor.  We headed out to the see master which was separate.  It was good size with a bathroom attached and walk in closet.  The two other bedrooms were small and without any carpet with the bath in between.

“Dammit, I really wish Melissa was here.  However, we have a problem.  You see we’re both about to change jobs…”

“That could be a big problem, Kris,” Jeff said.  “If you like it, I’ll my very best to make it work for you and your wife.”

“Another thing is that they may not be moving until June,” I added.

“If things went perfectly, then he’d be very lucky to be in this house by the middle of June,” Jeff stated.

“Stop it, bro!” Kris said.  “Don’t get me too fucking excited!”

“I think he likes it,” Corey said.

“Sure there are problems but nothing that can’t be fixed.  Damn, I want this house.  Matt, I’m gonna kill ya!” Kris stated.

“I’m sure he has more,” I said.

“I have a few in this price range.  I’m just worried about getting you a loan in this tight market,” Jeff said. 

“Bro, thanks for bringing me back to reality.  Matt talked about how it was an investment and about the same price as renting,” Kris said.  “Bro, say we paid full price, what would our payments be?”

Jeff pulled out his calculator and did some figuring.  “I’d say no more than $800 tops with insurance and taxes.”

“Bro that’s insane!” Kris yelled.

“It’s the facts.  You won’t find a house much cheaper…” Jeff said.

“I think he meant that in a good way,” I said.

“Let me grab some pictures.  I may be back next weekend if not sooner if she likes it,” Kris said.  He began taking pictures and stepped outside to talk with Melissa. 

“Thanks for coming over,” I said.

“It’s my job, Matt.  If he buys something with me, you’ll get a small referral fee,” Jeff said.

“You don’t have to do that,” Corey said. 

Kris stepped back inside.  “We’re gonna talk about it this week.  I’ll get your number and call ya as soon as we talk things over.  How much do ya think it’d take to redo the carpet and put in new appliances?”

“I’d say five grand or so would get you started with some nice carpet and appliances,” Jeff replied.

“Sweet,” Kris said.  “Thanks a million, bro.”

“Any time.  I’ll look forward to hearing from you.  Hopefully it will still be here when you call me back,” Jeff stated.

“Me too if we decide,” Kris said.

We said goodbye to Jeff with Kris taking more pictures. 

“Bro, take us to your house.  I wanna see how far it is,” Kris stated once we were back inside.

“I can tell ya right now.  It’s about six minutes,” I stated.

“Do that, Matt.  Then you can go shopping,” Corey said.

“Okay but I did have plans to stop by the home improvement store to see if they got any of those Japanese Maples in stock like you wanted plus Kris can get an idea on the price of appliances,” I stated.

“You win but I expected that,” Corey laughed.

We went to the home improvement store with Corey getting his tree and Kris acting like a kid in a toy store.  I was able to do some grocery shopping and was barely able to drag them from the beer cave.  

“Okay bros, now that you’ve had time to think about it, what’s your opinion of the house?” Kris asked with us heading back.

“It was a fucking dump,” Corey laughed. 

“Shut the hell up,” Kris said.

“I think so as well.  I know you and Melissa can find something better out there,” I stated driving.

“Are you serious?  I thought it was sweet,” Kris said.

“Your opinion…well let me correct myself, Melissa’s opinion will be the one that matters the most,” I stated.

“Okay,” Kris stated and sat looking out the window.  He turned his head and started laughing.  “I forgot about the trick we played on you, Matt.”

“I remembered,” I laughed. “Kris, if you want my true opinion, I think it’s perfect for you and Melissa.  Hearing what Jeff said, I’m worried that you won’t be able to get a loan plus you’re paying for a wedding as well.”

“Now I wish we’d eloped,” Kris stated and laughed.

After we got home, we stood around for a minute before Corey headed out to start finding a spot for his new ornamental tree.

“Truth is, bro, that I doubt we could get a loan,” Kris said.  “I need to face reality for a minute and get my emotions in check.”

“Talk to your parents.  You know that you like it.  Maybe they can help you,” I said.

“Bro, I could do that.  What’s it gonna hurt?”

“Nothing.  They may tell you that you’re smart instead of renting. Once you stop renting, you have nothing to show for it,” I replied.

“I need to get out there.  I promised Corey that I’d help,” Kris said.

“Don’t worry.  He’s fine alone or maybe he just doesn’t like my help,” I smiled.

Kris headed out the door while I began cleaning up our house for a few guests for tonight. I did think to call Cale and Daniel to remind them about tonight as well as calling Scott.  After cleaning, I made firm plans on our cookout with just burgers and dogs since it was easy and something that could be grilled.  I went and found the two working away in the yard.  It was amazing that Corey could always find something to do out there and was utilizing Kris’s help. 

Back inside, I began making the patties and seasoning them a little.  I began hearing an odd sound like someone was on the roof.  Footstep followed.  I went out and took a look.  Sure enough, there were two shirtless hot studs on the roof that looked so hot up there.  I had that moment of epiphany seeing how incredibly hot my husband was and knowing how lucky that I am to be able to call him mine.  Kris didn’t look bad either.  It’s just strange how I see both all the time but something about the sunlight and being perched above caused this feeling. 

“Kris mentioned the gutters,” Corey stated with a water hose and shovel in his hand on the roof.  “They do need cleaned out.”

“Just checking and be careful,” I said smiling and headed back inside.

It was about 4 before the two came in the back door.  Both were covered in dirt, mud, plain filth and sweat. 

“Hold on!” I yelled with both hands up while both making one step in the door.  “You’ll track dirt all over the house.  Just strip outside.”

“I don’t have to be told twice,” Kris laughed.

Both stepped out, stripped and returned with their nasty jeans in their hands. 

“When’s everybody getting here?” Corey asked.

“In about an hour,” I replied.

They went in opposite directions to shower.  Kris came back nude with his phone in his hand.  “Melissa thinks we should just mention it to our folks and see their reaction,” Kris said about the possibility of buying a house.  “Bro, I gave her my best sales job ever but the more I think about it the more I know what’s right for us.  If this was next year at this time, I believe it would be a strong possibility.”

“Kris, I’m glad to see that you’re excited but also realize the facts of this world.  I know it’d be a huge stretch for you to get it but both of us can hope.”

“I can hope and dream.  We’ll see what happens,” Kris stated.  “Is this proper party attire?”

I smiled, “With the company we keep, it is.”

“If only I could get Melissa to see there’s nothing wrong with this,” Kris stated.  “I don’t guess I can have everything and that may include that house.”

Corey came walking out nude and urged me to do the same.  We started preparing for our party.  In short order, Scott and Brennan were first to arrive and had no objections to us being natural.  Cale and Daniel came shortly after.  We sat out by the pool in every chair that I had purchased before and had a drink. 

“Corey, the pool looks really nice,” Scott said.  “Now I can really envision me here.”

“Join the crowd,” Kris stated. “Who knows I may be a home owner?”

“That’s great, Kris,” Daniel said. “Corey and Matt will vouch for me.  It’s hard work and costly.”

“I know bro.  First we have to deal with financing.  I really need to get my damn head out of the clouds,” Kris stated.

“Dream, Kris,” Brennan stated.  “It’s on our list.”

“First let see how things go,” Scott said and got up to walk around the pool.  Corey was right there with him with them talking about the pool.  I got up and headed inside to grab the burgers and dogs before my stomach began sounding off.

As I was bringing out the food, I heard a splash.  I looked out and saw Scott bent over at the waist and could hear the laughter.  I opened the door and saw Corey on the side ladder climbing out.

“What happened?” I asked and set down the food.

“There was a leaf in the pool and someone had to get it out,” Scott said.

“I got it,” Corey said and held up his hand with the leaf in it.  He shook his head with water flying from it.

“Bro, was it cold?” Kris asked.

“So cold that I wouldn’t do it again,” Corey said and laughed.

“Congrats Corey, you’re the first in the pool,” Cale stated.

I headed in to grab a towel for Corey.  While doing so, I heard another splash of the water so I grabbed a hand full just in case it was contagious.  Walking out, Kris was sitting on the steps.   “Not bad at all,” Kris stated.

“Fuck it,” Scott said and dove in.  He came with his head shaking while Corey grabbed a towel.  “It’s okay.  In a few weeks, it’ll be perfect.”

“I’m waiting,” Kris said.

Daniel and Brennan raced to the board and dove in.  I shook my head and headed there with Cale.  I dove in to feel the rush of the cold water hitting my naked body.  I came up to catch my breath and exited via the ladder.  Cale dove in and swam to the steps.

“Kris, you’re a damn fool,” I said.

“Tell me something that I haven’t heard before,” Kris said and swam back in the water with Scott, Brennan and Cale enjoying the water.

Corey laughed, “What did you expect?  It was far too tempting.”

“So it wasn’t a real accident?”

“Well, once I grabbed it, I wanted to test it out,” Corey winked.

We began cooking the burgers and dogs with the guys getting out of the pool.  Kris joined Corey to help while Cale and I gathered the extras.

“Matt, I really excited about the upcoming summer,” Cale said.

“I’m too.  I can tell that it’s gonna be a fun one.”

“Again, I see why you’re friends with Kris.  He’s a great guy and so fun to be around.”

“He’s never changed and I told him that earlier.  I hope he never does,” I said.

We headed out and put the fixings and chips on the patio table.  Looking around, it was evident that we needed more chairs since they were all taken.  Corey would dislike it but it was the truth.  We started eating with not much alcohol being consumed.  It was just great to have friends over again and entertain them.  Visions of the summer became very vivid in my mind with even more here to enjoy what Corey and I were so very lucky to enjoy.

We finished up with Scott helping me clean up.  We headed in with the trash. 

“Scott, I don’t know if I ever seen you happier or content,” I stated.

“You’re right.  I’m very happy and so content.  Brennan has been a dream for me.  Not just in bed but everything,” Scott stated. 

“That’s awesome.  I’m really happy for you…”

“Maybe one day we’ll be like you and Corey.  You are shining example to everyone, Matt.”

“Thanks,” I said.  “We don’t think about being examples but just live the way we see fit.”

“That’s why you are.  I know you argue but your love for each other overrides everything you say or do.  To think, you fucking get to have sex with that stud every night.  You’re so lucky.”

I smiled, “Brennan’s lucky too.”

“No, I’m the one that’s lucky.  He puts up with my shit,” Scott laughed.

“And Corey puts up with my shit, too,” I laughed. 

We returned and sat out by the pool.  Once it became dark, we retreated inside to play some cards.  It was nothing but laughter when we played.

It was about eleven or so when our four guests left us. 

“Bros, I’ll go ahead and say it.  I didn’t miss Colt’s sorry ass one minute,” Kris stated.  “I absolutely loved being here with y’all and see what I’ve been really missing.”

“Just think how much better it will be with Melissa here with you,” I stated.

Kris slumped his big shoulders, “I doubt that.  She needs to see how there wasn’t anything wrong with the fact not a one of us had on clothes.”

“I wish that I had magic solution for you,” Corey said. 

“Me too,” Kris said.  “I’ll tell ya again.  You did very well to find Cale and Daniel.  It’s as if they have been around us the entire time.”

“Thank you.  We think we did well too,” I said.

“Bro, just imagine the big ass blowout we’ll have here on the Fourth.  You thought it was something New Year’s Eve.”

“We did get a small taste of it but a rather mild one at that,” I stated. “Corey, you did notice that we could use more seating out there?”

“I knew it would get around to this shit!” Corey said.

“It was true, bro.  Just having some cheap folding chairs would be nice,” Kris added.

“I see there’s no winning this with two against one,” Corey laughed.

“Matt, do you monitor what he spends outside?  I can tell that he’s really gone all out,” Kris asked.

“I’m keeping quiet on that matter,” I said with a smile.

“Hell, buy what you want.  I know that you will eventually,” Corey said.

“Bro, don’t all fucking pissed off.  He was stating facts…”

“Okay, you’re right.  We could use a few more,” Corey said.  I leaned over and kissed him.

The next morning it was rather cloudy and dreary looking outside with a threat of rain for our Sunday.  Kris came out and kissed me on the cheek.

“Bro, I may get out of here soon before it starts raining,” Kris said.

“That’s understandable.  I’ve really enjoyed having you here this weekend.”

“I really have and survived without Melissa.  I can’t wait to see my soon-to-be bride’s face,” Kris stated.

“It’s always nice to go home after being away for a few days.”

“I got my batteries recharged now and ready to wait out the two months.  Bro, I’m going to talk with my folks and get their opinion about the house.  You may see my ass again.”

“No problem,” I said.

“You know I’ve about resided in the fact that the house is really a dream more than reality.”

“Kris, just sit down with Melissa and go over your finances.  Make a list of the pros and cons.  I love living in a house now and so glad that we did it,” I said.

Corey joined before he made breakfast for us.  Kris didn’t stay around very long and wanted to beat the rain despite the fact he’d be driving straight into.  We said our goodbyes with me telling him to text when he got home.


There's another chapter for you.  As always, I hope you enjoyed reading it.


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