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The week after we returned from our weekend camping trip, Corey left on Sunday night for his training and extra certification for his job. When he left I knew how he felt when I went on my training a month earlier. It was part of our jobs and for our betterment, especially for Corey. 

Tuesday, while I was at home, working, I got an email from our photographer. Our pictures we had taken were now ready to be viewed. Immediately I went to the website and accessed our photos. It was stunning to see the backgrounds Todd had integrated to make them special. The nude shots of us were stunning to me and were done in great taste. As a surprise to Corey I ordered some photos of the ones I liked. Todd called me later to say he’d have them ready by Friday. I told him we’d be by Saturday to pick them up and scheduled a time where we wouldn’t interrupt him during a session.

That night I couldn’t wait to call Corey and let him see our photos. It was the first thing that came out of my mouth when he answered. He grabbed a tablet and began looking at them. He didn’t need to tell me that he was getting choked up for I knew by his voice. He too really liked our nudes as well as many of the others. He named off the ones I had ordered from Todd that would be professionally done and matted. He offered the suggestion of us taking the disc which Todd would give us and let us make pictures for our families and friends. While talking, he told me he, JJ and Teague were going out after we hung up. I knew beforehand they lived near where Corey was going. I was happy for him and knew how much he’d enjoy his time with them.

With Corey being gone I was able to log in a ton of overtime that could be used as days off in the future. I did go to the gym to work out and continued my fitness regime.  

Wednesday night, I called Kris and allowed him to view our photos. While on the phone with him, Scott came to the door. I was almost finished and let Kris chat with Scott a minute. After the call I sat with Scott and showed him all of our photos. While we were at it we did a lot of planning for the wedding with selecting flowers, appetizers and ordering napkins with our names and the date. 

Friday, I worked from home again after going in Thursday here in April. It was a very nice day out so it was hard to concentrate on my work at hand. I was very anxious to see my fiancé and truly missed him. Every night while trying to sleep I heard every noise in and around our apartment and frightened myself sometimes so now I was ready to have the security of Corey with me.

Corey called about 5 and told me he would be home later than expected since the last session ran later than normal. He did tell me he had succeeded in getting his certificate for training. That was really what counted more than anything.

That night I visited with Shawn and Bruce before they headed out separately on their Friday night dates. I talked to Kris for a little while after visiting with them to catch him caught up with their lives. All signs were pointing to a quasi-reunion at our wedding.

Just after nine, the door clicked. My heart raced with anticipation of seeing Corey’s face and smelling his familiar scent. I raced to greet him and saw how tired he looked with the signs of a beard on his face. Our welcome home kiss was loud and long.

“Tiresome week, huh?” I asked with my arms around his neck.

“That might be an understatement. There was more interaction than I ever imagined. Basically I lifted every day,” he replied and picked up his suitcase. 

I took it from him and carried it to our room. He was trailing me and began stripping off his shorts and tee.

“Matt, it’s great to be home but I’m plum exhausted,” he said and lost his blue boxer briefs. “I know you’re disappointed but we’ll make up for it.”

“The main thing is you’re home safe and sound,” I said with him getting in bed. He patted the sheets next to him. I stripped down and got naked to occupy my spot next to him.

“I may just fall asleep right now.”

“That’s okay if you do. You need your rest. How long did you stay out with JJ and Teague last night?”

Corey snickered, “Fucking too long. We really weren’t drinking but it was close to two before I got to my hotel room.”

“I don’t even have to ask if you had a good time with them. I’m really glad you did.”

“Thanks,” he said and kissed my neck. “What’s our agenda for tomorrow?”

“At one, we need to be at the photographers to get our disc then… ummm… we could go get our wedding rings,” I answered.

“Sounds like a day to me. I do want to spend the entire weekend with you. I remember how I felt when you were gone and I am sorry I’m so tired tonight.”

“You get your rest, plus I can sleep so much better as well knowing you’re here…”

“I know what you mean,” he said.

“Did you hear every noise, car door slam, footstep, wall cracking and toilets running when you were here alone?”

“I did until I found something to drown out those noises,” Corey answered.

It wasn’t very long until he was asleep with his arms wrapped around me. I wasn’t far behind and easily drifted off to sleep.

Saturday morning, I was up about nine and got up without bothering Corey. I had a nice breakfast and was able to do his laundry while he slept. It was after eleven before I saw his face.

We entered Todd’s studio just a few minutes before one. He was behind the counter and waiting on our arrival. He reached under the counter and put out the pictures in front of us. 

“What do you think?” Todd asked with both of us looking at them in amazement.

“I think they’re great,” Corey replied.

“Perfect… simply perfect,” I said.

“Here’s the disc with the rest of them,” Todd said and handed me the disc. He gave the price of over one thousand dollars for everything, including four nice size photos, our session, editing and the disc. I handed him my card and saw Corey with his mouth shut tightly. Todd ran my card and presented it to me for my signature. 

“I’ll be in the car waiting,” Corey stated.

I waited for Todd to wrap the nice photos. He handed them to me in a large paper bag. “If you need anything else, let me know. I wish you and Corey the best.”

“Thanks,” I said and walked out. I got in with the engine running.

“What the fuck?” Corey yelled with the door barely closed.

“I know they were expensive…”

“Fucking outrageous! I can’t believe we spent that kind of money just on goddamn engagement pictures!”

I glared at him. “I think they’re well worth it.”

“Of course you would! You’re going far too overboard on this wedding! We said it would be simple!”

“Just drive us home, Corey! There’s no way in hell we could buy rings today!”

“Damn right! We better find two rings out of a Cracker Jack box!”

Corey sped away and squealed the tires as we left the studio’s parking lot. He was so pissed with his face so red but I was pissed at him too. I sat looking out the window while he drove us home and complained randomly. A reply wasn’t needed at the moment with him driving.

At our apartment, Corey got out, slammed the car door, opened the apartment door and slammed it as well. I gathered up the pictures and came inside with him sitting on the couch.

“I can’t believe you’d spend so much on photos!” he said with the veins of his neck protruding.

“I think they’re nice,” I said, trying to remain calm. “I’m going to put them away in a safe place.”

“Find a fucking safe since they’re gold!”

Walking down the hall, tears began streaming down my face. The photos were set in the guest room. I sat at my desk and stared blankly at my laptop with tears running down my face.

It took a little while before I regained my composure and hopefully he had as well. I walked down the hall with Corey sitting with a beer in his hand. 

“Can we talk now or are you still pissed off?” I asked.

“I’m beyond pissed off, Matt. For one, you didn’t ask me or tell me they would be so damn expensive,” he replied.

I sat down in a chair across from him. “I didn’t know they would be that expensive. I wanted to surprise you…”

“I was surprised, but not in a good way,” he said and took a big gulp. 

“I was too but to me they’re worth it.”

“Like hell they are!”

I threw up my hands. “Should we go for a walk like we used to?”

“I’m fine right where I am. Just give me one valid reason why you think they’re worth it,” he stated.

I rubbed my forehead. “I wanted something very nice for us…” I said and paused to keep from crying again. “Hopefully, we’re only getting married one time…”

“I sure hope so.”

“Corey, it’s not like you and I go out and blow money on shit. Tell me the last time we even bought new clothes or anything for our apartment that wasn’t food or drink.”

Corey took a deep breath and stood. He went towards our bedroom. I sat waiting and heard the toilet flush. He came back out and sat back down.

“Stop always being so right about stuff, would ya?”

“I’m not always right. I’m not right about this. Sticker shock hit me too but I saw four great photos we can enjoy for the rest of our lives,” I replied.

“I’m really beginning to wonder if this wedding is worth all the trouble and the expense we’re going through. It’s turning us into monsters.”

“I wonder the same thing, but if I recall, you popped the question,” I said looking at him, smiling.

“My first mistake.”

“What? You think it was a mistake?”

“We’re doing just fine living together. I feel like we are married.”

“We can call everything off if that’s what you want,” I said. 

“Do you ever wonder if we’re making a mistake by getting married so soon in life?”

I shook my head, no. “Corey, do you doubt that I’m truly the one you want to marry?”

“Hell no!” he replied emphatically. “I know you’re the one. This wedding planning and all that goes with it is just taking all the fun out of it. Remind me to tell Kris and Colt not to do this shit!”

I got up and sat next to him now that he was calmed down. “Corey, I see us as… well… pioneers. Not just for our gay friends but all of our friends in general. Everyone has said if we shouldn’t get married then who should. They are really looking at us and watching us for examples.”

“I feel that way too. Everyone at work is always asking me about this wedding. I’ll be so glad when June rolls around.”

I smiled, “We both will.”

Corey stood and headed back down the hall. He returned carrying the four pictures. He held up the one where he and I were nude, standing facing each other, holding hands. “Without a doubt this is my favorite one of them all,” he said.

“Mine too. I think that one will go in our bedroom. I almost ordered the one that showed our bodies with us kissing but thought that was a little much,” I stated about another nude picture we had taken.

He held up another one. It was the one with Corey’s arm around me from behind with my shirt open and I was looking at him. “I like this one too.”

“I do too. Look at my abs. We can look at it when we’re old and remember the hot bodies we used to have,” I said.

Corey laughed, “I guess now that you got me, you’re going to get fat and out of shape?”

“I might,” I laughed and kissed him.

Corey broke the long kiss. “Sorry I blew up on you.”

“I understand. I’m glad nothing but a little loud cussing resulted from it,” I said.

“I’ve heard money is the main reason couples divorce. Now I see exactly why,” Corey said.

“Babe, wait until we go searching for a house. We think we’re bickering over money now…”

“I guess my question now is if we have enough money for rings?”

“I think we do. We’ll be together when we buy those so we can talk about it before we decide on the perfect one,” I answered. “I think that could be our last major expense.”

“I hope so,” Corey said and started laughing. “Damn Colt would be so proud of me right now.”

“He really would be,” I laughed along with him.

We sat discussing our expenses and the week before. After we covered a lot of ground Corey leaned over and whispered in my ear. “I’m ready for make-up sex.”

I smiled and put my hand on his leg. “I’m ready for welcome home sex.”

Now that our argument was settled pretty quickly, we began acting normally to each other. Corey was showing me lots of affection while we made out for quite some time.

After passionate oral sex, Corey’s legs were high in the air for our love making. My hard slick eight inches entered his waiting ass with our eyes connecting. A smile came on his face with my cock going deeper in him.

“Feels so good to be home,” Corey uttered.

“I’m glad you are and we’re over our argument,” I stated.

He reached up and pulled me down to his lips with his legs wrapping around my waist. We kissed with my hips moving slowly to pleasure us. I moved down and was kissing around his neck.

“OOO fuck me, Matt! Fuck my ass!” he yelled.

Our doorbell rang just after he said that. We looked at each other. 

“Whoever it is will have to come back,” I said while slowly fucking him. “We have more important things to do.”

“I agree,” Corey said.

We continued and didn’t hear the doorbell again. My cock stayed in him and continued to make love to him with lots of groaning and moaning. I slapped his ass and heard my phone ringing. It was near our bed so I could see it was Scott calling. Corey pulled me for a kiss and then his hands went down my back to my ass to pull me deeper inside him.

Corey and I finished up our love making after another ten or so minutes.  The length never mattered to us since we enjoyed it. We lay next to each other and were soaking in the feeling of our love. His big arm wrapped around my shoulder and pulled me so close. 

Tears began streaming down his face. I reached up, gently wiped them away and kissed his cheek. “I’m such a goddamn fool. I’m spoiling the ultimate joy of our lives with petty shit… pure fucking petty shit!” he said.

“It’s now history in my book, Corey. I’m the one ruining the joy of our marriage. I just want it to be perfect and something we’ll be proud of.”

“Whoever knew getting married could be such a royal pain in the ass?” he said shaking his head.

“It just so happens the one you’re marrying makes it that way. It’s not helping matters much that we’re getting married so far away. However,” I said and paused. “I fucking love the guy I’m marrying and want to his for my life. In a small way, I’m glad we’re doing it. Inside, we both want it in the worst way to really symbolize our love and devotion to each other.”

We finally got up after holding each other close and kissing a lot. We threw on some shorts with me calling Scott. He was anxious to see how our photos turned out and would be over shortly to see them.

When Scott knocked on the door, I let him inside with him wearing a nice tank top and shorts on this nice spring day. With the photos set out, Scott examined each one carefully.

“I’m so fucking jealous of you two. No words are needed to say how in love you two are. He really did a great job of capturing that,” Scott commented.

I looked at Corey and smiled. “Scott, I like hearing that. I blew a damn gasket hearing how much they cost,” Corey stated.

Scott turned with his eyebrows raised, “You two argued?”

“We do. You… well, we made up,” I answered.

Scott took a seat and inhaled audibly. “I’m just about to give up and say fuck it as far as relationships go. I’m always the problem and readily admit it. I just get bored, plain and simple.”

“Scott, the right person has to come along that keeps you interested,” I said.

“Don’t go by us,” Corey added. “We’re one in million, I think.”

“No sense in rehashing the story since you was there,” I said.

“I know, but damn! It sucks first not knowing if I like guys better and then not finding the right one!” Scott exclaimed.

“I wish I had a magical cure or something. Just be happy. You’re one hell of a guy that will one day find true love,” I said.

We sat around and skirted talking about the wedding. Soon, we invited him along to go eat with us and enjoy some more time together. He agreed and went with us to enjoy a meal out.

Late this Saturday night/early Sunday morning, my eyes popped open with Corey’s arm draped over my naked body. I saw it was just after 3 a.m. and figured it was just one of those occasions when I woke up and would drift back asleep.


Hearing the loud noise really had my attention and my eyes were wide open. My stomach was churning with the hair on the back of my neck standing up. Maybe it was just some stray animal outside but the most logical reason was being slightly paranoid.

I heard another sound and knew something or someone was nearby and was probably up to no good. Corey shot up out of bed and grabbed me.

“What was that?” he asked.

“I… I don’t know but it’s the second noise I’ve heard,” I replied with chill bumps all over my body.

“I’m getting up and am gonna see what’s going on,” Corey stated.

“No, you’re not. Just lock our bedroom door. They can have whatever they want,” I said in great fear.

Corey didn’t obey and left the bed. He slowly opened our bedroom door and poked his head out. “Someone’s outside for sure. I can hear voices now.”

“Corey, please!” I pleaded.

Corey reached for his boxer briefs and began walking out the door. I jumped up and was right behind him and now could hear the voices outside our apartment. Corey quietly and slowly crept to the front door with me turning on some lights. 

“Everything is now cool,” I heard Shawn’s voice.

Corey opened the door while I was behind him. Shawn was standing outside with his girl, Ashley, along with our neighbors. I raced back to find some cover and returned with Corey standing outside talking to them in his boxer briefs.

“What happened?” I asked.

“I think someone was trying to break into their apartment,” Shawn said, leaning on Ashley with the smell of alcohol on him.

“Scared the living shit out of me,” our neighbor said. He was black guy living with his girlfriend.

“Whoever it was ran off when we drove up,” Ashley said.

“I just knew they were at our door,” Corey said. “Matt and I were terrified.”

“It was a good thang we drove up,” Shawn said. “Hey, can I use the fucking pisser?”

“Sure,” Corey smiled. “Be careful there, Shawn.”

“I will,” Shawn said running in our apartment.

“I had my gun out and was about ready to blow some motherfucker away,” my neighbor said in his deep thunderous voice. “There’s no sense in breaking into people’s places in the middle of the night.”

“Has there been any other trouble around here?” I asked.

“Other than someone going through a few cars there ain’t been much,” our neighbor replied.

We stood around and talked about calling the police but since no damage was done our neighbors decided against it. They left with Shawn back. We talked for a moment with him and Ashley before heading back inside.

Corey shut the door after we said goodbye to Shawn and his girl. “I know what you’re thinking,” he said.

“What? We need to get a gun?”

“Ummm… there’s an idea though. Actually I knew you were thinking we need to speed up the process of us getting a house,” he replied.

I smiled and wasn’t thinking along those lines, “We can, but you know our lease is up at the first of June.”

“I realize that,” Corey said while we began heading back to bed. “I just don’t see any way possible that we can get married and buy a new house…”

“I know. Now you’ve got me to thinking how we could do it and not sign a new lease,” I said.

“True,” he said with us undressing to return to bed. “We do need some form of protection. Say that would have happened last week…”

“I’d be staying with Scott or someone,” I stated. “Can you imagine?”

“I don’t wanna think about it,” Corey said. “My trip would have been over and done with but then again I’d have been frightened for you.”

“So what form of protection are you thinking about? I’m not too hip on a gun to be honest with you,” I asked.

“Maybe get a good knife from our kitchen, plus find a way to secure the front door a little more.”

“We can do that,” I said. 

Corey wrapped his arms around me for us to return to sleep. With him holding me close, I felt very safe but never really worried until tonight. It was far too close for comfort for me. All I could do was lay there and hope sleep would overtake me with my mind racing, thinking of every possible outcome that could have occurred. Soon my shoulder was being kissed softly with hands running gently over my body.

“Fuck it. I can’t sleep,” Corey whispered.

“Me either,” I turned my head and said.

“I’m gonna just love on my fiancé and show him how much I love him and how much he really means to me.”

I lay there quietly and began feeling him kissing all over my neck, shoulders and back. His strong hands cupped my chest while he continued to kiss me and send shivers all over my body. With our bodies together, I could feel he was getting hard. My hand reached back and found his thick cock that had been in me earlier that night. I positioned my ass and opened up to let him back inside of me. 

Corey continued to show me great love and excited me like he always did. He didn’t fuck me hard but moved ever so often while his hands roamed my body. He began nibbling on my ear while I pushed back to feel his thick cock inside of me. 

We made love quietly for some time this early morning and in various positions. Once back to our sides, Corey pushed in hard and began firing his load inside of me. Feeling him cum caused a chain reaction with me shooting my load.

“Stay in me Corey. Don’t pull out,” I eked out.

“I won’t,” he said and pulled my head around for a kiss. Having slow sex did the trick for us and put us back asleep with his cock still in me. 

I woke with the sun shining behind the blinds in our bedroom. It had been one hell of a day and night for both of us. We had survived it all and were still living and breathing. Much worse things could have happened but they didn’t.  


I hope you enjoyed this chapter.  There could be one more before the big day.

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