POSTED:  November 1, 2014

Corey and I made it to the parking lot of the restaurant here on Halloween.  Mom and Vince ask that we do so and begin making it a habit since the location was nearly half way between us.  Corey and I headed inside the nice place and waited patiently for them to arrive.  They arrived after we had been waiting for about ten minutes.

We were shown to a table and presented the menus.  It had the feel of when I used to meet Dad when I was in college.  However, this place was a lot nicer.  We ordered drinks and looked over the menu.  Mom had a big smile on her face.  I didn’t understand why she was so happy to see me since we still chatted at least twice a week.

After we ordered our meals, Vince asked, “How the house hunt going?”

“We haven’t seen anything that has caught our eye just yet.  Jeff, our agent, does have some lined up for tomorrow,” I replied.

“I really hope that you two are getting in too deep,” Mom commented.

“Me too,” Corey said and chuckled.

“I don’t think we are,” I stated.

“So you have been pre-approved?” Vince asked and took a drink of his gin.

“We did that in the beginning and were approved,” I replied.

“Y’all are able to get out of your lease?” Mom asked.

“I told you about that already.  We can,” I answered and took a sip.

“Corey, are you ready for this big move?” Vince asked.

“Ummm… Matt says we are but I’m not sure that we can handle at this stage,” Corey replied.

My head nearly jerked out of socket turning towards him. 

“If you’re both not ready, then maybe you should wait.  It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world,” Mom said.

“Mom, you liked the idea and thought it was very smart of us to buy something instead of throwing away our money with rent,” I answered and glared at Corey.

“So how’s VJ doing?” Corey asked, changing the subject.

“He’s doing great the last time we saw him,” Vince answered.  “You two know how it is your senior year.”

I went with the flow but wasn’t real happy at the moment.  “Does he have any job interviews lined up?”

“Not yet but he says he’s working on it…” Vince said.

“He’ll find a nice job just like you, Matt.  He’s very smart and has done so well.  He thinks doing the international study he did this summer will be a big help,” Mom added.

We continued to talk until our salads came along.  Then came our meals shortly thereafter with my steak looking so juicy and Corey’s grilled shrimp looking just as good.  We split them up so we could enjoy both dishes. 

We sat around chatting after finishing our meal and enjoyed having dinner with them.  We stayed around long enough with Corey having 3 large beers.

We said goodbye and headed out to our car.  I grabbed the keys from Corey’s hand.  “I’m okay,” he said.

“Corey, you had 3 and I had one.  It’ll be safer and less risky this way.  Besides, we both know the police will be on full alert tonight.”

“Okay,” he said.

I started up the car and began driving.  At this juncture, I didn’t want to delve into Corey’s sudden indecision.  We talked about previous Halloweens and were still buzzing about our weekend back at the game.  Stephan and I had talked a few times since my return.  Maybe the best thing was Scott and Brennan had rekindled the old flame with Brennan coming around last weekend and Scott going to his place this weekend.

Corey and I made it back to our apartment and headed inside.  Corey headed for the fridge and grabbed two beers for us.  He sat down next to me.

“So when did this indecision about us buying a house creep in?  I thought we had decided together that we were going to do it,” I asked and emphasized the ‘we’ and ‘us’ in doing so.

“I knew this shit was coming,” Corey said.

“So when?”

“You’ve known full well that I haven’t been jumping up and down about this decision,” he replied.  “I know you have your little heart set on it.  If I said something then you’d be all over my ass like you’re fixing to do now.”

I stood and looked at him. “Corey, for one, this is not my decision. It is our decision to make.  Another thing I wish I’d known about this before you’d say something that we need to talk about in private.”

“Matt, be real.  You know exactly what you’re looking for and I’ll agree to it no matter what I think,” he said.  “I didn’t realize it was that big of a deal that we need to discuss in private.”

I threw up my hands.  “Fine, let’s just call off this entire house hunting deal until we agree that both of us are ready.  Yes, it is a very big deal.  It would rank right below our decision to get married in my book.”

“You’re really blowing this way out of proportion.”

“I don’t think so.  It’s one big ass decision that could cost us a lot of money if we’re not happy with it,” I said and tried to remain calm.

“Tell me about it.  That’s what has me so worried,” Corey said.  “What will do if we don’t make it?  What will we do with a house?”

“Excuse me,” I said with my eyes open wide.

“I’m being real here for a minute and not in a dream world. Not every married couple makes it this day and age.”

With tears welling up in my eyes, “So you don’t think we’ll make it?”

“You don’t ever know,” he said.

“Never know?”

“We don’t know what the future holds for us…”

I stood there a moment and stared at him.  “Of course I don’t.  Do I sense someone doubts what we did exactly five months ago?”

“Of course not!”

“Then why even bring it up?” I asked.

“I felt so realness needed to be brought forward instead of this fucking dream world you live in,” he said.

With that, I had to walk away.  I don’t ever remember him ever questioning us but he must be.  I headed to the kitchen and barely made to the counter before my emotions got the best of me.  I leaned over the counter and started crying.  The next thing I heard was our bedroom door closing.  I wiped my eyes and saw Corey had left and cried some more.

After my breakdown, I went and sat on the couch for a few minutes.  No longer did the house mean anything to me.  I began heading towards our bedroom.  Our door opened with Corey stepping out.  His eyes were red probably like mine.  He reached out his big arms and took me in them.

“I’m so sorrrry,” he said, holding me.  “I have some explaining to do.”

“Okay,” I said and walked with him to the couch.  He walked slowly and was holding me close to him.

“Basically, I let my head overthink this situation.  I had a client tell me about his divorce and all the things he was going through like selling their house.  He thought that he had the perfect marriage but come to find out he didn’t,” Corey said and grabbed the beer from the end table.
“I got to thinking about us and what could happen…”

“It could but it rarely crosses my mind,” I said.

“Mine either until he went on and on about it.  I’m really stupid for even thinking that.  In all honesty, it hasn’t been your dream world but mine. Now I have proceeded to upset my husband with fucking crazy talk.  You’re the one person who has never doubted me and always pushed me to be my best.  Here I doubt your decision that we can make it if we buy a house.  You would never lead us astray especially on something that big.  You were with me the moment I proposed and didn’t question me.”

I smiled, “You never gave me a reason to question you.  It was still our best decision.”

“Just like buying a house will be.”

“Are you sure that we need to move forward?” I asked.

“One hundred and fifty percent.  Naturally, I’m nervous about the process but deep inside I am excited.  He just got me to thinking about something that I shouldn’t think about.  I don’t know why I even think that we’re not going to make it.  WE ARE!”

“Yes, we are if kills us,” I said and pulled him over a kiss.  “Do I need to go over the numbers again?”

“Please do,” he replied.

“Okay,” I said and walked to find my computer where the numbers were saved.  I walked back in and opened it up.

“Show me the numbers of exactly how much money we’re flushing down the toilet each month in rent,” Corey said with a smile.

I found the numbers which I had calculated. “Here they are.”

Corey nodded his head while looking at the numbers.  “That’s exactly what I need to see to drive me… well us to buying a house.”

Smiling, I kissed his cheek.

“Matt, I think I need a real good spanking since I was such a bad boy,” Corey said.

“Ah, everything’s okay now.  We had a slight disagreement.”

Corey stood and dropped his jeans and then pulled down the back of his boxer briefs.  “Spank my ass!”

“Corey, I’m not into that.”

“Just a few swats.  It could be fun,” he said with his hand on his hot muscular ass.

My hand reached out and swatted his ass.  It was tough administering anything more than a playful swat.

“You can do better than that,” Corey said.  “Just let go and be my master.”

My hand hit his ass again.

“Harder.  Spank me… get into it!”

“Okay then,” I said and swung back.  There was a loud pop.

“OOOO fuck yea!”

I reached over and pulled his shirt off with as much force as possible.  “Nasty boy your ass is gonna be naked when I punish you,” I said.

“Yes sir, punish me,” Corey said.

I pulled off my shirt with great force and then dropped my jeans and sexy briefs.  “Fucking bent over that table where I can wear your ass out,” I demanded.

Corey went over to our small table and leaned over with his ass sticking out.  I applied another hand to bare ass and then another.

“That doesn’t hurt at all you little weak pussy,” Corey said.

“Keep your fucking mouth shut!” I said and reached for his hair.  “Is that understood, bitch?”

“Make me be quiet!” Corey said with us really starting to get into this.

“I’ve got eight goddamn fucking inches that will make you fucking choke!”

“That ain’t shit!”

I grabbed his hair and walked around.  With my other hand, I grabbed my cock and slapped his face with my cock.  “You like that shit, huh?”

“Fuck you!”

I went back and slapped his ass.  Then again to see him turn around and smile at me.  “I’m gonna wipe the fucking smile from you face, muscle boy!”

“Just try.”

I spanked his ass again to see it was turning red.  I did it again and grabbed his nuts.  “Try me now, motherfucker!”

“OOOO fuck!”

I leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Does it hurt?”

Corey shook his head no with us escaping our play.  Resuming, I turned him around.  “Are you getting hard?”

“Hell no,” he said but the truth was he was.

I grabbed his hand and pulled him to our couch.  “I’m gonna torture you now as part of your punishment.”


“You don’t dare fucking cum until I say you can cum.  Is that understood?  Matter of fact, you start jacking off that shit for a dick and jack me off too.  Don’t let me cum either or else there will be hell to pay.”

“Okay,” Corey said and tried to act frightened with us both getting into this role play.  He spit on his hand and grabbed his cock while reaching for mine.  He started sliding his strong hand up and down my cock while stroking his own. 

“Stand up where I can spank your ass so more,” I said. 

We walked to the center with Corey resuming his duties.  I spanked his ass with his hand sliding up and down our cocks.  He continued and pulled his hand away from his cock.  It was easy to sense that he was close.  “I almost disobeyed you.”

“Move your fucking hand away but keep jacking me,” I said and slapped his free hand while the other continued.  He kept jack me off until I was at the edge.

“Did you almost cum?”

“I did,” I replied and whipped him again. 

“Sir what are gonna do to me now?” Corey asked in a soft voice.  “I bet you’re going to fuck me since you love fucking men.”

I grabbed him around the neck. “You’re the faggot here bitch!  Who got hard while I was spanking their ass?”

“I didn’t!  I’m not a faggot.  You’ll have to rape my ass!”

“I might just rape your ass for the fun of it.  I wanna hear you scream from my big fucking dick in you!”

“You are a faggot!”

I raced to the kitchen and grabbed two beers and a towel.  I returned and playfully slapped his face.  “Shotgun these!”

“No problem at all,” Corey said.

We turned them up.  I drank about half.  “All of it.”

Corey finished and slammed down the empty bottle on the table.  I took another drink and then poured the rest on my cock.  “Oops, some spilled on my dick.  You seem to like beer so much that you should lick it off.”

“No way!”

“Don’t defy me, bitch!  Get down and suck my fucking dick,” I hollered and grabbed him.

“I’m not. Make my ass.”

I grabbed him by the back of the neck and shoved his face towards my crotch.  He grabbed my cock and started licking it.  He lifted up his head.  “You ain’t close to being finished!”

“I hate this shit!” he fakes cried.

“Get used to it!” I said and shoved his head back down.  He opened his mouth and took my cock in it.  He started suck me with my cock rising. 

After a short suck, I pulled him.  “For someone who hated it he sure knew how to suck a dick.”

“I hated every second of it.  I’m scared!”

“You better be!  Go stand over and against the wall!” I said and point to the wall behind us.

Corey walked over and kept looking over his shoulder.  I got up and followed him.  Once he was at the wall, I put his hand against the wall and spread his legs.

“OOO please don’t do this to me,” he said.

“You wanted punished so I’m really gonna punish your ass.”

Moving behind him, I slid close and stuck my cock to his ass.  My cock felt resistance.  “Open up or I’m gonna force my way in.”

“Force your way in me.  I’ll claim pure fucking rape!”

Finally my cock went in his hole.  I grabbed him around his chest and began slamming my raw cock in him. 

“Does it hurt?” I asked in his ear.

“Stings just a little without lube,” he replied.

I hit his ass and started fucking him hard.  He began screaming but not too loud to cause a big disturbance. 

“Fucking take that dick!”

“Please stop.  It hurts!”

“This is the ultimate punishment!”  I pulled out and slammed my cock inside of him.  He moved back and started moving his arms.  I reached around and found his cock was hard.  I stroked it a little while getting into the rhythm of our fucking.  He started moaning and groaning.  My hard was released from around his cock.

“You’re killing me,” he said.

“It’s your punishment for doubting my ass!”

I pulled out and slammed my hard throbbing cock in his ass. 

“OOOO that hurts!”

“Fucking take it!” I said and began nailing his hot ass with our skin slapping together.  Now I was getting hot with sweat building up on my forehead.  It was hot playing with him and really something different.

I pulled out when I felt I was close to cumming.  I grabbed his arm and walked back to the couch.  I playfully slapped his face and light tapped his big arms. 

“Now jack us off until we cum,” I said.

“No problem sir,” he said and reached over.  Our cocks had gone soft so it took a minute to get them erect.  Corey continued to jack us off.

“OOO fuck!” he groaned and sent one big load flying in the air.  “OOOO damn!”

“Feel good?” I asked.

“It does,” he replied.  He continued to jack me off until I was close.

“OOOO shit!” I cried out feeling the release.  I was practically seeing stars with cum flooding my lower body.  It was a very intense orgasm that ended up with me being very weak at the end. 

“That was fun, huh?” Corey said to me.

“Very fun.  Happy anniversary!”

“Happy anniversary to you too.   I love you so much!” he said and grabbed me for a long kiss.

With the sun shining in our bedroom, my eyes opened up with my arm going to feel empty space.  It was just after 9 and rather early for Corey to be up but he was.  I got up and headed out the bedroom on this Saturday, the first of November.  Corey was sitting in the living room with the TV on and coffee sitting next to him.

“Damn, here comes my hot husband in all his glory,” he said.

I walked up and kissed him before heading to grab some coffee.  I sat down next to him and felt his arm around my shoulder.  “Are you ready to look some more today?”

“No, I’ve got this great feeling inside of me that today is the day.  You and I will find our house.”

“I’m glad you’re so optimistic.  I’m really starting to doubt Jeff.  He says he’s in tune with us but he has really yet to show it,” I stated.

“He’s limited in what’s out there.  I’ve got faith that he’ll come through.  I think now he’s just getting a feel for what we’re after.”

We watched TV before getting ready to meet our agent at his office. I did call and talk with Kris to see how his game went the night before.  He said they lost a heartbreaker.  We talked and talked about homecoming weekend with great anticipation of seeing each other Thanksgiving weekend.  I did tell him about our house hunting.  Kris said he felt it was coming and wished us luck.

Corey and I dressed nicely with jeans and button up shirts.  We headed out and always didn’t want to keep him waiting.   Corey was talking so positively about today while I had my doubts.  Those doubts were disappointment in what we’d been shown over the past five weeks.  There were times when I wondered if he ever heard what we were saying.

We came inside his office, which was located at the end of a strip center.  It was a small agency but suited our needs.  He was the second one we called to look at houses.  The first one seemed very disinterested in helping us.  We found Jeff on an internet search and saw he was gay as well.

“There’s the happy couple who’s ready to find a house,” Jeff said, greeting us. 

“We hope today is the day,” Corey said.

“I have 3 great houses for us to see.  One just had a price reduction while the other two just came on the market,” he said.

“We’re ready,” I said.

We got in his nice car and started driving to the first house.  Jeff was still stunned that Corey and I were officially married while he wasn’t and had lived with his partner for 4 years.  He was older and in his early 30’s.  He was nice to talk with while we headed over.

He pulled in the subdivision and quickly explained that it was just a few miles outside our target area.  We could see the house were about the style and size that we were looking for.  He kept driving and headed to the back of the subdivision. 

Driving up, Corey looked over at me and smiled.  I was smiling as well and liked the looks of the house from the outside but did see a little landscaping that needed to be done.  We’d seen some others that looked this nice but the inside was either very outdated or totally the wrong floor plan. 

We stepped inside.   It was rather new with a nice entry way.  Jeff allowed to us to explore the house on our own for a few minutes.  Barely inside, I felt like this house could be our home.  Corey and I explored the house with nearly everything on our wish list.  I began taking pictures of the vacant house and making notes as well.

“What do you think?” Jeff asked once he found us in the kitchen.

“You nailed it right on the head,” I said.

He wiped his brow, “Whew, finally I found the right one but before you get too excited about this one I do want you to see the other one.”

“Matt, I think we should.  This is not one hundred percent perfect but pretty damn close,” Corey said.

“There’s no perfect house out there unless you’re willing to blow some big bucks,” Jeff said.

“You showed us that in the beginning,” I stated since he had shown us one that was way beyond our budget.

We headed off to the next house.  It was in our target area and actually a little cheaper than the other one.  It still looked very nice from the outside. Again Jeff let us explore the house on our own in the beginning.

“Matt, this is the one,” Corey said.

“Ummm… maybe. I do like all the finishes and how all the appliances are new,” I said.  “Honestly, both houses would be perfect for us.”

“I agree.  I do like this one slightly better,” he said and held out his fingers to emphasis his point.

“I like the other one a little better.  Before today, we didn’t have one.  Now we have two.”

Jeff interrupted us.  “Opinions?”

“It’s a great house.  We’re actually torn in between the two,” Corey said.

“That’s great but there’s still another one to see,” Jeff said.

“Alright.  I hope it is more private in the back yard than this one,” I stated.

“Matt, the fence is plenty high enough for our privacy.  Jeff, Matt and I are sort of nudists… you know but not like extreme kind,” Corey said.

“Really?” Jeff asked.

“We are,” I stated.

“Funny you say that.  Lance and I are as well.  Matter of fact, tonight we’re hosting a party of the young nudists in the area.  I see two young men that would fit in perfectly,” Jeff stated.  “How about it?  Lance would love to meet you two.”

“Ummm… let us think about it.  Right now, I foresee a long session of major decision making ahead of us,” I answered.

“Now that’s completely understandable,” Jeff said.

“So which one would you pick knowing what you know now?” Corey asked.

“That’s a tough one.  Can I plead the fifth?  My objective is to find what you want and not what I would want,” Jeff said wiggling his way out of it.

“Nice answer,” I said.

We did see the third house but it lacked a little.  It would have made a big impression on us in the beginning but after seeing the first two houses it was missing something. 

We did have a nice conversation on the way back to his office.  We went into full detail about our honeymoon.  He said it was on their list to make to Palm Springs and try out one of the nudist resorts.  Just before we left, he gave us directions and tried his best to get us to come to his party.  He said it was gay nudist and usually about 10 people attended the get together.  It was intriguing and was something that we would enjoy.

Corey and I left his office.

“We got some discussing to do,” Corey said.

“Boy, don’t we?”


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