Here is something special for you on Halloween from Wasputz and Big D. This would classify as fantasy since nothing will be in the main story. It is a long story so relax and enjoy it… if you can!

Posted:   October 30, 2011

Corey and Matt were lip locked on the couch, feeling each other up while doing so. Matt broke the long kiss and looked into his lover’s eyes, “Are you sure they’re gone for the night?”

“What does it matter if they’re here or not? Does it matter if they want to watch us?”

Matt smiled and reached down to pull off Corey’s shirt, his lips going straight for Corey’s nipples. Matt moved down with his tongue sliding between each defined ridge of Corey’s cut abs when the door opened.

“Trick or Treat!” Kris yelled with Colt and Scott right behind him.

“How about a nightmare?” Matt asked rising up.

“Bros, listen to this shit! Tell ‘em what you found online, Scott!” Kris said with excitement in his voice.

Scott smiled, “Basically it’s an adult spook house just outside of town. If we get ten of us we can go as a group.”

“Adult?” Corey asked.

“Scary shit that’s not for punks,” Colt replied. 

“It’s an old brothel that has been boarded up for years and now they’ve made one wicked spook house out of it,” Scott stated.

“What’s so special about some broth?” Kris asked.

His friends all laughed. “Dumbass, a brothel is another phrase for a whorehouse,” Colt explained. “Please tell me you know what that means?”

“Fuck yeah I do. It’s a shame that sucker isn’t open today…” Kris said.

“That’s the only way your ass is getting pussy these days,” Colt laughed.

“Hell, have Andrea move in since she’s a fucking whore!” Kris fired back.

Colt stood with fire in his eyes. Scott stepped between them. “Alright, one little joke and you both wanna fight? Shit, it’s fucking Halloween! We’re gonna enjoy this fucker! Now we need to find five other brave souls to go with us so we can get a special tour.”

“Bro, no sweat, we’ll get Shawn, Alex, Brennan…” Kris said.

“Hey, let’s ask Ted and Luke if they wanna go with us. They’ve always said they’d love to hang with us sometime,” Colt said.

With that said, off they went to gather the needed number of guys to get the special tour.

“Sounds fun, huh?” Corey asked Matt.

“I guess, but I’m glad you’re going with me, just in case I need someone to grab hold of,” Matt replied with a smile.

“Babe, you can grab me anywhere you want,” Corey said, moving Matt’s hand down to the bulge in his pants.

The door opened with ten guys walking through it.

“One small problem, we have twelve guys now,” Kris announced. “Bryson and Bishop are coming, too. It’ll be almost the entire crew.”

“I’m sure they’ll let us all go at one time,” Scott said.

Matt grabbed his computer with Scott giving him the web address. Sure enough, they could have up to fourteen people go in at once but they didn’t want to give Kris any ideas because they knew he’d try to find two more people to go with them and they were happy with who they had.

“Bros, this is gonna be such a blast!” Kris exclaimed in his usual excitement.

The guys all returned to their rooms to get dressed for the adventure. They all dressed in their usual college attire but nothing special since they didn’t know what was in store for them and wouldn’t want to ruin their best clothes, nor feel stupid turning up in a costume when it wasn’t required. They all agreed it sounded like a fun, unique experience. 

With everyone gathered together they headed out. Matt drove with Corey, Scott and Brennan and led the way since Scott knew where they were going. Kris followed with Colt, Shawn and Bryson, while Luke drove Ted, Bishop and Alex in his car.

It was nearly dark when they left the campus, with Scott on his phone to the other two cars to make sure they knew what was happening, even if Scott didn’t exactly know himself.

Matt took the exit off the interstate as it was getting dark and headed down a small two-lane road. Five miles down, with smoke coming from the back seat, they turned on to a dirt road. After another mile they came upon the old brothel with a rusty metal fence surrounding it and very little light except for those inside the house and from the moon high above. 

They got out of the cars and headed for the entrance, or what they hoped would be the entrance, seeing two huge wooden doors. Ten feet from the door they heard a strange noise.

“OH Fuck!” Kris screamed and nearly ran over Matt with what looked to be a wolf chasing after him. The twelve college guys sprinted for the doors but they were locked. Their hearts were racing as the wolf was joined by four others and had the guys surrounded. 

“Is this the Scott group?” a voice said, and finally a man dressed in a black hood approached. “I see Cujo and his pals have already greeted you. Let me unlock the door.”

He did so and let them all inside as the wolves retreated back into the darkness. They paid the required fee for the special tour and stood around for a minute, alone in the entrance hall. Soon a different man in a dark hooded cloak, taller and wider than the last, came from out of nowhere to greet them.

In a loud booming voice he said, “Hello boys. What you are about to experience is not for the weak of heart. We break you in slowly but by the end of it we guarantee you will feel fear. Now follow me…”

The hooded man led them all through a doorway into a dark room. “Have fun,” he said, locking the door behind him as he left. It was pitch black. 

“What the hell is this?” Ted said.

“Yeah Scott, what is this shit…?” Kris started to say when the floor below them gave way.

They all cussed, screamed and fell at least fifteen feet to hit a padded floor. There were bodies everywhere with many of the guys landing on top of each other or ending up in otherwise intimate positions. 

Picking themselves up off the ground they saw the light of a flashlight before a strange red light filled the room. Through a small doorway a buxom girl in high heels, wearing a leather bustier that showed her nipples and carrying a whip in her hand entered the room to the delight of most of the guys. “I’m your guide for this part of your tour and the mistress of the night as you explore the haunts of the past,” she said in a strangely deep voice.

“Mistress, huh?” Kris asked.

“Touch me and your dick will be severed,” she spoke. “My name is Athena. Follow my ass.”

“Yes we will,” Luke said. 

They followed her through a door as she shook her ass, rotating her hips, keeping the straight boys captivated. “Up against the wall,” she demanded.

“Anything you say,” said Colt.

They were lined up against a wooden wall in a rather dark hallway. Matt was between Corey and Scott with Kris, Colt, Ted and Luke directly across the hall from them. The other boys were a little further away, out of eyesight due to the darkness.

“Raise your arms above your head,” she stated. They raised their arms above their heads as commanded only to have them tied together and secured to the wall. “Do not look down.”

She stepped away, turned off the faint light and went into a closet. They all heard Alex gasp and tensed up as each guy in turn felt something running across their feet.

“Oh my fucking God, rats!” Shawn screamed.

“Fuck! It is!” Ted said.

The woman stepped out again and turned on a light. “Don’t worry, they were just hamsters and gerbils.”

“Yeah right,” Luke stated. “This place is a rat trap if you ask me.”

She undid the ties with each of the guys shaking their hands to feel the relief of being free.

“So it wasn’t rats?” Colt asked.

She smiled, “I’ll never tell. Now follow me as you begin to explore the underworld of this brothel.”  

They entered through swinging doors into a dark room with eerie music playing at ground level, creating a strange atmosphere. As their eyes adjusted they saw corpses lying on tables. They walked past them, some of the boys laughing and whispering about how lame it was. Just as they walked past one corpse Alex jumped back, bumping into Matt. They all looked down to see a clear liquid oozing across the floor. Matt’s heart was still in his chest but was beating faster while he held Corey’s hand firmly. 

They walked through an opening in a wall into the next room. Their eyes grew wide at the sight of a man fucking a woman who was holding her own severed head.

“Fuck yeah!” Kris yelled and was nudging Colt.

“Rumor has it that Mr. Watson, the owner of this brothel, used to take the deceased to this area and give them the last fun time of their lives. Records show 8 women died whilst here,” the words were coming from the mouth of the lady with the severed head.

Finished with her speech, the mouth of the woman began moaning in ecstasy. The guys looked at each other wondering who was doing the special effects because they were stunning.

The guys watched as the man seemingly came, only to have the woman stab him in the back and push his limp body from on top of her to the floor. Slowly she pulled herself up from the chair and walked over to near where they were standing. Blood was dripping out of her mouth and even more out of her vagina. “Who’s next?” she asked in a haunting voice, reaching down to touch herself.

With the naked lady approaching, they moved back a few steps. Kris reached out his hand but got the guide’s whip slapped across his arm.

Not five feet from them the naked woman began spewing vomit from her mouth onto the concrete floor. Matt could feel Corey’s grip grow tighter as Scott grabbed hold of his other hand.

“College men, who’s next to fuck me?” she asked again.

“Matt, here’s your chance!” Scott yelled.

“Hell no!” Matt yelled, turning his head slightly to see a crazy ghost like figure coming from behind.

“Madame, I’m next…” the figure replied.

“Finally, a real man to please me before going in the casket,” she said.

“Get the hell out of here,” Bishop said. “This shit is scaring me.”

“Pussy!” Brennan yelled.

“No, he’s right, let’s get out of here,” Alex said. 

They turned and followed the tour guide though a doorway to have a huge steel door shut behind them. They were in a long room with corpses lined up along the walls, stacked on top of each other. They kept walking forward, following the guide, until they heard a pleading female voice. “Save me!”

Not knowing what to do, they continued to walk until coming upon some stairs that spiraled down into a basement. They were narrow and steep. The guys grabbed the rails and started walking down them. The lights went out again with the stairs beginning to shake. They got off them as fast as they could. 

“Having fun, yet?” the tour guide asked.

“Yeah, but this is spooky,” Ted said.

“Surely not for a big boy like you,” she commented and slapped his butt. She pulled out a flashlight to navigate her way though the pitch black hallway. The guys followed her to the next room. The tour guide opened the door and ushered all twelve boys through before slamming the door shut behind them with her on the other side. They were back in complete darkness.

“What the fuck is going on?” Luke called.

“I don’t know, but someone find a light switch or something,” Bryson said.

The guys started feeling around along the walls but could feel nothing. As Ted stepped back, having almost given up hope, he felt something brush against his back, so he reached up and felt a cord of some kind, though it felt slippery. He pulled on it and light filled up the hallway.

“What the fuck?!” Bishop asked, staring at Ted.

Ted looked up to see that he was holding on to a severed hand attached to the light cord. The hand was covered in blood and rotting flesh. Ted quickly let go and let out a groan of disgust, reaching over to wipe his hand on Luke’s shirt.

“That’s sick, man!” Ted said, still trying to wipe his hand clean.

“Now that you have found the light, boys,” the tour guide’s voice said, seemingly coming through the walls and echoing around the hall. “You will see that there are ten doors in this hallway. One you have just come through, which is now sealed shut. There are then four doors on each side of the corridor. Next to each is an envelope with a number on the front. That number tells you how many people must enter that room. You must split yourselves up because only the number on the envelope can enter the corresponding room, no more, no less.

“Once you have decided on which doors to enter you must go through that door and close it firmly behind you. Only then can you open the envelopes, whereby you should read what is written inside and follow the instructions so as to get the most out of what you are about to experience. Enter the rooms at your own peril, but remember, if you leave a room, once you are back in the hallway that door will lock behind you and you cannot get back inside. The final door at the end of the hallway is the exit, this is the final stage of your tour, when you are finished please leave through that door and make your way home. Of course, that depends on whether or not you’re still alive.”

The woman began to cackle, which grew louder and louder, making each of the boys really nervous, until all of a sudden everything went silent. The boys looked around at each other and then moved further into the hallway.

“Okay guys,” Kris said, taking control. “We each have to pick a room, so what are the options?”

Moving to different doors the boys began to read the names written on gold plates on each of the doors.

“This one says, ‘Helping Hand’ and it’s for a single person.” Luke said.

“Helping hand? What kind of lame shit is that?” Kris laughed.

“Mine says ‘Camping Retreat’ for 3 people,” Shawn said.

“‘Party Time’ for 1 person,” Matt said.

“Dibs on that one, dudes!” Kris laughed.

“Whatever… mine says, “‘The Waiting Game’ for 1 person,” Colt said.

“Boring!” Scott laughed, “This door says ‘The Train Ride’, I bet it’s some kind of ghost train or something. That’s for 1 person too.”

“This one says ‘Country Home’,” Bryson said, laughing. “It’s for 3 people.”

“Mine is called ‘Drive By’ for 2 people,” Ted’s deep voice boomed.

“And mine says ‘Look Who’s Coming To Dinner’ for two,” Brennan said.

“That’s the one for Matt and Corey!” Colt laughed. “They can have a nice romantic meal.”

“Fuck that shit! Matt’s going in one alone.” Kris said, “I want to see if his sorry ass can cope on his own. You can go in that one with Corey since you’re roommates.”

“Works for me,” Colt said. “So me and Corey are doing ‘Look Who’s Coming To Dinner’, if that’s okay with you, Corey?”

“Yeah, fine by me,” Corey smiled, moving with Colt to the corresponding door.

“And Kris has ‘Party Time’, so where are you other guys going?” Colt asked.

“I think Matt should go on ‘The Train Ride’” Kris chuckled and he moved to his door.

“I will and I’ll show your ass I’m not scared!” Matt smiled, walking over toward his chosen door.

“Well I might as well do ‘Camping Retreat’ since I’m standing in front of it if two of you will join me,” Shawn said.

“I will,” Alex said, stepping up.

“Yeah, me too,” Bishop said, “should be interesting.”

“Cool, so we’re sorted,” Shawn smiled.

“In that case, I’ll do ‘Drive By’, you coming with me, Luke?” Ted asked.

“Sure dude,” Luke said, joining Ted by his door.

“So Scott and Brennan, since you’re left and there are three of us, I guess we need to do ‘Country Home’ or one of us will be left out,” Bryson said.

“Works for me,” Brennan said.

“Yeah, me too,” Scott added.

“Great! Then we’re all set,” Kris said with a big smile, pulling the envelope for his room out of its slot next to the door.

The other guys all did the same and then looked around at each other, feeling the nerves building.

“Okay,” Colt said. “After a count of three we all enter our chosen rooms, agreed?”

“Agreed,” everyone answered.

“One… Two… Three…!”

* * * *

Colt flung the door open and stepped inside with Corey right behind him. The door slammed shut and they found themselves in total darkness. Colt felt around on the wall behind him. When he finally found a light switch he flicked it on.

“What the hell?” Colt asked, looking at Corey.

They were standing in the kitchen of an old country cottage. They look around in awe at the furniture and decoration, which was so authentic it could have been a real kitchen.

“Dude, open the envelope and see what it says,” Colt said, nudging Corey.

Corey tore open the envelope and pulled out a piece of card, quickly reading it. “It says that we have been invited for tea and cakes by the lady of the house and that we should take a seat because she will be along in a minute to take care of us.”

Colt laughed, “What kind of lame shit is that?”

“I know, right? Let’s just sit down and see how it’s supposed to be scary,” Corey said, taking a seat.

After a few minutes of them sitting in silence they heard a noise. A door opened from another room with an elderly woman walking through it. She walked over to the counter and took out some plates, placing them on a tray. Then she took a pot of tea and some cups. With everything loaded she picked up the tray and carried it over to the table, shaking the entire way as if her body was about to give out on her.

Corey and Colt sat in silence just watching the old woman approach them without as much as a word. When the woman placed the tray on the table the boys licked their lips, the cakes looked incredible, and they smelled just as good.

“My, my, you boys look healthy,” she said, placing a hand on their arms and squeezing their biceps. “Let me pour you some tea and you can help yourself to some of my cakes.”

The lady placed a cup in front of Colt and another in front of Corey and proceeded to pour the tea into the cups. She trotted off back to the little kitchen area leaving Corey and Colt to look at each other. Colt shrugged and reached forward for a small cake, sniffing it, thinking it would be a trick cake and would taste awful or would be full of worms. It smelled delicious so, taking a deep breath and closing his eyes, he took a bite.

“Mmmm…” Colt said, taking another bite. “This is amazing,”

Seeing Colt tuck in to his cake, Corey picked one up and took a bite. He too thought it was delicious and decided to make the most of the free food. Eating two more of the cakes each and drinking the tea, Corey and Colt sat back to enjoy themselves, wondering what ‘horrors’ the others were experiencing.

A moment later the old lady took a seat at a third chair around the small table. “I’m so glad you boys could come. I always love to have company and I really wish people would drop in more often.”

Corey smiled but before he could say anything in reply a noise came from the chimney nearby and they watched in horror as two feet covered in rotting flesh and dripping with blood dropped out of the chimney, landing on the ground with a thud, making them all jump.

“What the hell?” Colt asked.

Corey gulped but couldn’t form words as he watched, wide-eyed, as two puss covered legs dropped down the chimney. Unlike the feet, though, the legs were moving. They worked themselves around on the floor until they were lined up with the feet and then the impossible happened; the feet attached themselves to the end of the legs, at the ankle, with skin forming over them to make them a complete pair of legs.

The boys continued to watch, goosebumps covering their arms and a lump in their throat, as a male torso with rippling muscles fell down the chimney and joined the legs. Soon two arms dropped down, finally followed by a man’s head, the sound of the skull hitting the concrete was almost sickening.

The arms and head moved into position and were merged with the body until a complete, naked man was standing in front of the fire place, rotting flesh hanging from his bones, blood and puss dripping from his limbs to the laminate floor. He was huge.

Corey and Colt quickly glanced at each other, wondering what the hell was going on. How could all of those different body parts come crashing down the chimney and then join together and come to life. If it was an illusion it was a pretty damn good one.

Slowly the man started moving, his body unsteady as he stumbled across the kitchen toward the table. Colt and Corey stayed seated, watching the illusion play out, but when the man got closer and they could hear his erratic breathing they got scared, backing away from the man.

The look in the man’s eyes made Corey and Colt shiver as it seemed to pierce through their souls, reading everything thought, feeling and secret inside their heads. When the giant of a man placed his hand on the kitchen counter and picked up a carving knife the whole thing suddenly became too much for them and they quickly got up from their chairs and backed up toward the door.

The elderly woman saw the man dripping slime all over her floor and became annoyed, “I do beg your pardon, young man, but you are making a mess of my floor and scaring my guests. Please leave!”

The huge man cocked his head and reached out, grabbing the woman and spinning her around so she was facing Corey and Colt. Then he raised the knife to her neck and quickly slit her throat. Blood poured down the woman’s body as she went limp and fell to the ground.

The man stepped over the body and continued toward them with the knife raised. They panicked and needed to get away, almost falling over each other as Colt ripped open the door and Corey pushed him through it, slamming it behind them.

After taking a moment to catch his breath, Colt looked around the hallway to see that they were alone. “Fuck man, that really got my heart racing!”

“I know mine too,” Corey said. “I never expected anything like that. That shit looked so real, proper freaked me out when he slit that woman’s throat and then came after us.”

“Hello boys,” the tour guide’s voice said, interrupting their conversation. “Your friends are still in their chosen rooms but there are two rooms left if you can handle what’s inside them. Enter at your own peril.”

Colt looked around and then focused his attention on Corey, “What do you say?”

“Hey, we might as well, we’ve paid for this, let’s make the most of it,” Corey smiled.

“Okay, so which room do you want? We have ‘Helping Hand’ and ‘The Waiting Game’, both are for one person and both sound lame as shit.”

“Yeah, but so did ‘Look Who’s Coming To Dinner’ and we know what happened there.”

“True, bro. I’ll take ‘The Waiting Game’ if that’s okay with you?”

“Of course, I’m probably better suited to the other one anyway, Matt can tell you how good I am with my hands.”

“Fuck off!” Colt laughed as he stepped up to his chosen room and retrieved the envelope next to it.

Corey did the same and on another count of three they entered their separate rooms with the doors closing behind them.

* * * *

As the door closed behind Kris he found himself standing in a small walk-in closet with nothing but a tuxedo hanging on the rail with a pair of black, polished dress shoes on the floor.

Wondering what was going on Kris opened his envelope and read the contents aloud, “Do not read page two until you have done what it says on page one. In front of you there is a tuxedo, put it on and then exit through the closet door.”

Kris had no idea why he needed to put on a tuxedo but he decided not to argue and started stripping off his clothes, admiring his ripped body in the mirror, running his hands over his abs. He stepped into the tuxedo, which fit his body perfectly. He wondered how that could be since they had no idea who would enter the room and the guys he came with were all sorts of different shapes and sizes so there was no way one size could fit all.

Fully dressed, and after admiring himself in the mirror one last time, Kris pushed open the door and stepped through it, coming to a sudden stop as he felt a wave of cold air hit him, finding himself in a high school parking lot.

He looked around, confused, wondering how it was possible for him to have been in a basement hallway one minute and then, after only walking through two doors, he was standing outside next to a parked car with the old brothel nowhere in sight. He pulled out the envelope and read the second page.

“‘Kris, the car next to you is yours for the night. The keys are in the ignition, use the car as you wish. You are at a high school prom and your date is waiting inside.’ Awesome,” Kris said with a fist pump and then stopped cold. “Hang on! My name is on this card. What the fuck?”

Before Kris could ponder that for much longer he heard the sound of music blaring out from the school building and decided the card must have been some kind of trick, so he would ignore it and see what the prom had in store for him. He couldn’t believe his luck with what he had picked and couldn’t see how it could possibly be a scary situation.

He reached into the car and grabbed the keys, stuffing them into his pocket, almost jogging toward the school building with the banner outside the hall through his excitement. He didn’t recognise anyone, but then why would he? It wasn’t his prom.

The moment he stepped through the door he heard someone call his name, which threw him off again because how could they know what he was called? He was amazed by how good the spook house was.

When he turned to see who was calling his name he looked into two beautiful blue eyes set into the head of one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen. She threw her arms around his shoulders and planted her lips on his. Kris was taken aback but quickly got in to the kiss with the girl he had only just met, slipping his tongue into her mouth.

“Kris, baby, I thought for a moment you’d forgotten about me and weren’t coming,” she said, only to return her lips to his.

“No, babe, I wouldn’t dream of it,” he replied, playing along.

“Great! I love you so much. Come on, let’s dance.”

Before he could protest the girl was pulling him after her toward the dance floor. Kris had no idea what was going on but he just decided to throw himself into whatever the spook house had in store for him and started to enjoy himself, dancing with the girl, grinding against, her making out with her and drinking some fruity punch he wished had been spiked.

He had no idea how the situation was supposed to be scary, if anything it was just turning him on as the girl, whose name he still don’t know, rubbed herself against him, occasionally squeezing his hard cock when it pressed against her.

Kris couldn’t tell how long he had been at the prom, he didn’t have a watch, but it felt like a long time, he could only imagine what the other guys were thinking if they were waiting for him somewhere.

“Kris, baby, I hate to say this but I have to get home before my dad goes mad. Can you give me a ride so I don’t have to call a cab?”

“Of course I can,” Kris said, kissing her again and following her out the door into the parking lot, pulling a red rose from a bouquet on his way out the door.

He led his date over to the car he had been gifted for the night, opening the door for her as she got in, hoping for some more play before they got to her house. Kris got in the driver’s side and turned toward the girl.

“You are so beautiful,” he said, leaning over to give her another long kiss. “Here, I got you this.”

Kris handed her the rose and he could have sworn he saw her cheeks flush. She thanked him with a deep kiss, moving her hand down to his hard cock as it strained against his pants.

“I can’t thank you enough, Kris, and I really wish I could stay out longer to take care of this,” she said, squeezing his dick again, causing him to moan. “I need to get home though, especially since I crashed my car on the way over here. My dad is gonna be furious.”

“You crashed your car?” Kris asked.

“Yes, I was driving to the prom and lost control. I veered off the road and crashed in to a tree. My car was totalled but I got out without a scratch.”

“But how did you lose control?”

“I was busy looking in the rear view mirror to check that I looked my best for you and I guess I wasn’t concentrating on the road and didn’t see the corner coming.”

Kris couldn’t help but laugh, “You shouldn’t have worried, you are so beautiful you’d be the hottest girl in any room, even without make up.”

“God, I could fuck you right now, Kris.”

“Don’t say shit like that if you’re not going to follow through.”

“I wish I could, but I can’t. Please take me home before I lose all control.”

Kris groaned with his cock throbbing in his pants but he turned to pull on his seat belt, put the keys in the ignition and started the engine. He pulled out of the parking lot, fidgeting in his seat as his cock rubbed against the steering wheel whenever he turned a corner.

The girl gave Kris instructions on how to get to her house, which he followed until she told him to pull up, so he did. She turned to him and kissed him again.

“I think it’s best if I walk from here. I don’t want my dad seeing you, and the road up to my house is terrible, I wouldn’t want you damaging this gorgeous car,” she said.

Reluctantly Kris agreed and hopped out of the car, running around to the passenger side to open it for the girl. She climbed out and threw her arms around Kris’ shoulders again, pulling him in for a hot, wet kiss.

She pulled away and ran her hand down Kris’ body, making him shiver. Turning, she started to walk away but Kris put his hand on her arm to stop her, when she turned back he leaned down into the car to pick up her scarf and the rose he gave her.

He stepped forward and gently wrapped the scarf around her neck. It was made of the same fabric as her dress but Kris hadn’t even noticed that she was wearing it. Then he handed her the rose and gave her one last kiss.

“Goodnight, Kris. We’ll have to do this again some time,” the girl said.

Kris smiled, thinking it was all just some kind of joke, he didn’t even know her name, but she knew his so he felt it rude to ask her in case she was insulted.

“That sounds great,” Kris said, smiling.

The girl giggled and then turned, daintily running away from Kris into the distance. Kris smiled and went back to the car but as he started the engine again he realised that he didn’t get the girls number. He knew it was all an act and the girl was no doubt an actress, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t be up for dating him outside of the spook house, after all she’d been kissing him and feeling him up all night. He put the car into drive and turned down the road after her, hoping to catch up with her.

As he drove along the road he couldn’t feel any bumps beneath the car and wondered what the girl had been talking about. He kept looking out of the windows, trying to spot the girl, but he had no idea where she lived and quickly became frustrated.

Suddenly in front of him he saw the wreckage of a car. He slammed on the breaks, screeching to a halt and jumped out. The other car had clearly run off the road, hit the tree and caught on fire; smoke was still rising from it.

Kris looked around for help but there was no one else in sight and the nearby houses were all in total darkness. Fearing the worst he ran over to the car to see that someone was trapped inside.

He started panicking, trying to get to the car to save the person trapped inside, seeing clearly that they had been crushed against the steering wheel, made worse because the airbag hadn’t deployed.

When he reached the broken window of the car he froze. Glancing through the gap he saw that not only was it a woman behind the wheel, but he recognised the colour of the dress. He leaned in a little closer and, through the blood all over her crushed face, he could tell it was the girl he had been on a date with.
Taking an even closer look made him almost throw up because of the state she was in. It couldn’t be the same girl. She hadn’t been driving. But then she had said she totalled her car earlier in the evening.

Kris shuddered and took another look. Wrapped around the girls neck was the scarf he had helped her with and in the hand that still clutched the steering wheel was the red rose he had given her as they left the prom. 

Suddenly he felt faint and everything went black.

Waking up with a start Kris realised he was back in the walk-in closet, covered from head to toe in a cold sweat. He jumped up, almost ripped the tuxedo off, threw his own clothes back on and ran out the door, back into the hall.

* * * *

Shawn, Alex and Bishop slipped into the room they had chosen to find themselves out in a field facing a wooded area. They spun around to look for the door, wondering what the hell was going on, but all they saw was an empty field, the door was gone.

“What the fuck?!” Bishop screamed.

“How is that possible?” Shawn asked.

“Maybe we’ve entered some kind of Holodeck or something.”

“This isn’t Star Trek, dude.”

“Yeah, then how do you explain it?”

“I don’t know.”

“Open the envelope and see what it says,” Alex said, stepping in to break up the little spat.

Shawn ripped open the envelope and read the card inside before turning to his two companions and reading it aloud. “To your right are some camping supplies, pick them up and carry them through the woods to the clearing. There you should set up camp and wait for the magic to happen.”

“Sounds simple enough,” Alex said, picking up some of the equipment.

Shawn and Bishop shrugged their shoulders and picked up the rest of the gear between them. With one last look at each other they headed for the trees with Bishop leading the way since he had a flashlight.

A fine mist had descended, encircling the woods, causing the hair all over Bishop’s body to stand on end. He had been given the task of carrying the tent they were supposed to set up along with a few other items, which he either hauled on his back or carried under one arm, the flashlight in the other.

Bishop wasn’t the only one struggling under the weight of what he was carrying. Shawn had two large bags, one containing bottles of beer, the other containing food to be cooked on the gas stove Alex was carrying under one arm; a medium sized cool box filled with ice under the other.

Bishop continued to lead the way. The flashlight in his hand seemed barely bright enough to see his own body, but it seemed to light up the trees in front of him enough to continue forward, his friends able to follow him and the light.

They all breathed a sigh of relief when the trees parted, giving way to the huge clearing, which hadn’t been visible from the other side of the trees. As they put their bags down on the ground they noticed a strange wooden house on the other side of the clearing, but there was something about it that made their blood run cold.

Giving the house nothing more than a quick glance they headed out into the middle of the clearing to pitch their tent, which they did in just minutes, having vast camping experience.

With the tent secured, Bishop took the cool box and emptied the bags of beer and food into it. Shawn and Alex set up the gas stove in preparation for the late night snacks they would be able to cook up with what had been provided for them. They were actually looking forward to seeing what was to come.

Bishop took three bottles of beer from the cooler, sitting down to watch Shawn and Alex as they set up the stove on its little stand and started to melt some chocolate in a pan.

“What the hell is that for?” Bishop asked, looking at the chocolate as it turned from a solid to a bubbling liquid.

“For these,” Shawn replied, tossing a bag of marshmallows to Bishop, who was barely able to catch them with the beer in his hands.

“We’re seriously having chocolate fondue?”

“Yes. Why not?”

“It’s so gay. I could understand it if you were Matt and Corey, but you’re not.”

“Well no one’s going to see us. Anyway, I used to do this as a kid. It brings back some great memories.”

Bishop handed Shawn and Alex their beers. He opened his own, luckily they were screw-top bottles so they didn’t need a bottle opener, and sat down by the stove, taking a long gulp, savouring the taste.

Sitting out in the clearing with no one else around, no parents looking over their shoulders or girlfriends to tend to, the boys quickly began to relax, getting lost in each others company. Bishop told stories of things that had happened in their dorm building, like when a girl on the floor above them got drunk, crawled into the bottom of her roommate’s closet and vomited into her shoes. Alex recalled a story about how he had been helping his dad install some loft insulation, only for him to lose balance on one of the wooden beams, plummeting through the ceiling into Alex’s bedroom. While Shawn’s stories revolved mainly around his girlfriend, who he loved but who was starting to frustrate him.

Bishop began to feel ill. The chocolate he had dipped five marshmallows in was extremely rich, making him feel like his stomach was tightening, his muscles contracting. The other boys were feeling the same. Alex reached over to turn off the stove, resting back on his elbows to look up at the stars.

“Shit, I miss Elise,” Alex sighed towards the sky.

“We can see that. You’ve pitched a second tent.” Bishop laughed as Alex sat up quickly attempting to cover the growing bulge in his pants.

“I do know what he means though,” Shawn added. “Terra’s not put out in so long I’m beginning to forget what pussy looks like, unless I go home and see my neighbour’s cat.”

The three boys burst out laughing.

“I bet it’s hard, having a girl but not getting what you want.” Bishop chuckled.

“You know what I mean?” Shawn asked.

“Not really. I haven’t had a proper girlfriend in a while.”

“Well it’s not just sex, you know? Sometimes it’s just nice to be with someone, to cuddle up with someone.”

“Yeah, well don’t get any ideas in that tent if we have to sleep here. If I wake up with either one of you spooning me, I’ll chop your cocks off.”

The boys broke out into more fits of laughter, rolling over on the grass, punching it with their fists. The beers were taking their toll on them, having barely eaten all evening, other than the chocolate and marshmallows.

“I need to pee.” Shawn said, trying to stand up too quickly, almost losing his balance.
“We don’t need to know that. Go over to the trees, we don’t want it spraying anywhere near us.” Alex mumbled.

Shawn slowly walked towards the trees, swaying from side to side. He was halfway across the open grass when a gust of wind crashed into him, knocking him off his feet. Landing flat on his back Shawn looked up at the trees as a gale began blowing, ripping at the branches, threatening to tear them away from the trunk.

Bishop and Alex quickly appeared at Shawn’s side, taking hold of his arms, trying to pull him to his feet. The wind was pulling at their clothes and hair, battering them. When they managed to pull Shawn to his feet, turning back towards the tent, the wind almost forced them to the floor, pounding against their backs. They couldn’t understand what was happening.
The tent pegs were being tugged at, the wind trying to pluck them out of the ground, carrying the tent away on one of the gusts. The bowl on top of the stove had been thrown across the clearing, the stove itself only grounded by the weight of the gas bottle attached to the bottom.

A lightning bolt cracked above their heads.

Throwing himself to the floor hoping to avoid the lightning, Bishop turned onto his back, looking at the sky again, but there were still no clouds.

“How is it lightning?” He screamed, scrambling for cover. “We’re inside!”

The tent was hovering an inch off the ground, held in place by the strings attached to the pegs. Bishop quickly scooped up the gas stove as rain began to pelt him, forcing him to squint as the wind lashed it against his face.
“Come on guys, that tent’s not going to hold much longer and I don’t want to be in it when it takes flight.” Bishop shouted through the wind, though it sounded more like a whisper.
“What’s happening?” Alex screamed back.
“I don’t know. Let’s get to that old house. It’s our only chance to get out of here in one piece.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? It looks like it could fall down at any minute.”

“Do you have a better idea?” Bishop asked, trying to guard himself from the rain, which was stinging his face, like someone was constantly slapping him.

Alex just nodded, taking Shawn by the arm and dragging him along as he began to run towards the house across the clearing. He couldn’t turn around due to the wind and rain but he could sense that Bishop was right behind them, so he kept running as fast as he could, almost collapsing as he pushed open the door to the house.
Bishop was the last to enter, almost dropping the gas stove as he fought against the wind to close the door. Finally forcing the wood into its frame, he collapsed back against it with a sigh. A puddle of water formed around him as it dripped off him. He was exhausted and terrified, hearing the boom of another bolt of lightning, shaking the glass still held in the window frames.
The boys all gathered in the living room; possibly the only room in the house still in tact, being shaded from the elements by the ceiling of the upstairs bedrooms, which would be starting to flood from the holes in the roof. A dust-covered, moth-eaten sofa lay against one wall, a large coffee table sat in the middle of the floor, just metres from an open fireplace, allowing wind to blow down the chimney into the room.
Bishop placed the stove on the floor, tipping the coffee table onto its side.

“What are you doing?” Alex asked.

“Trying to move this table in front of the fireplace, it’s just about big enough to block out most of that wind.”

Without saying a word Alex and Shawn ran to either side of the table as Bishop pushed on the middle of it, sliding it across the floor until it was resting against the chimney breast.

“Get that stove lit,” Shawn said. “I’m freezing.”

“We all are. What the hell is going on?” Alex panted.

“Well this is a haunted house,” Bishop said, picking up the gas stove.

“You’ve got a point,” Shawn said, as Bishop placed the stove on the floor and they formed a circle around it.

Sitting down opposite his friends, Shawn lit the stove. All three boys immediately felt the warmth from the flame, no matter how small it was. It was comforting to know they could keep warm and would have a roof over their heads. They would just have to wait inside until the storm passed.

The glass in the windows rattled louder. The wooden walls creaked, sounding as though they might give way at any moment, despite being made of whole tree trunks. The boys wondered if the house was going to collapse on them as lightning flashed again outside, lighting up the room.

Despite trying to be brave, all three boys were trembling, moving closer together in the vain hope that they would be safer that way. The heat from the flames on the gas stove doing little to stop their shivering.

The front door crashed open, rain blowing through the opening. The boys jumped to their feet, almost knocking over the stove as they backed away from the door. Another bolt of lightning lit up the sky, revealing three silhouettes approaching through the doorway.

Bishop felt his chest tighten, the air knocked out of him. He felt like vomiting with fear. His knees knocking together as he looked at the forms of the people who could very well be his killers walking towards him, entering the house.
Alex was the first to gasp, his body relaxing against Bishop’ side as the first of the shadows became brighter until a young woman in a short red dress, whose eyes seemed to sparkle in the firelight, stood across from them.

“Elise?” Alex asked, moving forward slowly.
“Hey, babe,” she said in a soft seductive voice.
“What are you doing here?” Alex asked, taking her into a hug.
“Scott said you were coming so we decided to join you since we didn’t have anything else to do.”
Alex was slightly confused, but it didn’t matter, he had his girlfriend in his arms, showering her with kisses.

The second form stepped into the light from the gas stove. It was another woman. Shawn slowly moved forward, crossing the room until he was touching the face of the girl.
“Terra? It’s really you?” Shawn asked, still touching the girl’s face like he had lost his sight but knew the curves of her face by simply running over them with his fingertips.
“Hey Shawny, I’ve missed you,” she replied.
As Shawn took Terra into his arms, embracing her with a loving hug, Bishop watched as the third silhouette stepped out of the darkness, revealing herself as the girl he had been on a three dates with, none of which led either to believe their relationship was anything serious. She wore blue jeans and a tight top, her brown hair, tinted with golden streaks was pulled back into a pony tail. He hadn’t seen her in over a year. Something wasn’t right. Why would she be there?
Shawn and Alex sank to the floor with their girlfriends, still holding them close, savouring the sight and smells of their girls. Bishop felt happy for them but he still couldn’t get over the urge to run from the house, away from the woman who looked exactly like his ex-girlfriend, who was now walking towards him.
“Relax Bishop, everything’s okay. I came back because I couldn’t stand to be away from you any longer. I made such a mistake when I stopped dating you.”

In his mind Bishop tried to assess whether or not he was dreaming, thinking that none of what was happening could be real. He started to question whether or not it was even possible.

Bishop looked into her eyes, slowly moving his gaze lower to see her dazzling white smile. Turning his head quickly before being suckered into something he would regret, he looked over to where Shawn and Alex were both sitting, their girlfriend nuzzled into their necks.
Turning towards the girl in front of him Bishop leaned back, placing both hands behind him so he was propped up whilst looking at her. His right hand landed in a shallow puddle. Bishop looked up at the ceiling trying to see if the rain outside had entered through the leaking roof and was seeping down through the floorboards into the living room. He saw nothing.
Raising his hand up towards his face, supporting his body weight on his other arm, Bishop saw that his hand was covered in a red liquid. He glanced down at the ground, his eyes widening at the sight of blood flowing towards him along the wooden floor.
The blood was not just flowing, running in an unknown direction; this blood was circling the fire still burning in the gas stove. To Bishop it looked like the blood was dancing, could it have talked it would have been chanting.

He looked at Alex who seemed to be drifting off to sleep. A glance at Shawn showed the same thing; he was almost limp in his girlfriend’s arms. But it wasn’t his girlfriend. Shawn was being held by some kind of creature. Her face was no longer that of Terra, she looked like some hideous troll. The others had the same faces, twisted and gnarled.
Bishop screamed, jumping to his feet. The creature in front of him quickly rose in pursuit, almost tripping Bishop as he ran for the door. In his haste to escape he knocked over the gas stove, which caught the dress of the creature pretending to be Terra, setting it ablaze. The other creatures stopped chasing him, turning their attentions to their screaming companion, trying to put out the flames.

Taking one quick glance back, Bishop saw the lifeless bodies of his two friends on the ground, the flames still consuming the Terra creature, dancing around the feet of the other two, feet that were no longer human, feet that under any other circumstances Bishop would have sworn belonged to a goat.

He ran.

The wind and rain battered against his body, trying to push him back towards the house but he was desperate, he was panicking, grieving, crying, overcome by some extraordinary power that allowed him to run through the rain until he was under the shelter of the trees, continuing until he was back out on the other side of the trees. 

Bishop saw the full moon. Focusing on it, he ran towards it, and suddenly a door appeared beneath it. Bishop ran for it and flung it open almost diving outside into the hallway.

* * * *

Corey pushed the door closed and turned around to find himself standing on hard tarmac. He looked around, quickly taking in his surroundings. He was on a small road that ran between two fields, tall hedges lined their boundaries. It was freezing cold and not a sound could be heard.

Corey shivered but he wasn’t sure if it was from the temperature or the eerie feeling in the air that made every hair on his body stand up. Where was he? The other room he had been in with Colt had just been a room made up to look like an old kitchen, this one appeared to be outside, but he knew that was impossible, they were underground.

He wondered what was behind Colt’s door, thinking maybe he made the wrong choice and that maybe he shouldn’t have laughed at the idea of the ‘Helping Hand’ because he had a feeling he was going to need one. Turning around to look for the door he went wide eyed when he saw that it was gone and all he saw as an expanse of road and field. He began to panic.

Remembering that he was still holding the envelope he tore it open and pulled out the card inside, holding it up to what appeared to be moonlight in order to read it.

“Dear child, continue walking down this road until you come upon someone who will be able to give you directions on where to go to complete your adventure.”

Corey stared at the card, reading the words over and over again. He thought they were very vague and didn’t give him much of a clue as to what might be in store for him, although he hoped it wasn’t another knife-wielding corpse looking for people to kill.

With no other choice Corey started walking, feeling the darkness creeping up behind him, almost pushing him forward. The hedges by the side of the road seemed to get taller and closer with every step he took. He could barely see more than a few feet but he kept walking, even quickening his pace in the hope of finding the person he needed to talk to if he wanted to get out as soon as possible, he was really feeling the nerves building inside him.

Not being able to see far he almost ran straight into a hedge as the road took a turn, but luckily he caught himself before it was too late. He followed the curve in the road and for a brief moment he thought he saw a shape in the distance. Thinking it might be the person he needed to talk to he started running toward them, hoping to catch the person.

Drawing near the shape he was relieved to see that it was in fact a person, small in height, maybe even hunched over slightly. When he was almost upon the person he realised it was an elderly woman, wrapped up well against the cold with a floral head scarf wrapped around her head and large woollen gloves on her hands as they clutched what appeared to be a very heavy basket with the goods inside covered by a white cloth.

“Hello, ma’am,” Corey said. “I was wondering if you could help me.”

The old woman stopped but didn’t even turn her head.

“That basket looks heavy. Can I carry it for you in exchange for some information?” Corey asked.

“That would be wonderful,” the old woman said in a frail voice, handing him the basket. “What can I do for you?”

“I was told to keep walking down this road until I met someone who could point me in the right direction for where I’m supposed to go for the next part of my trick.”


“Yes, you know, like Trick or Treat. It’s Halloween and this is a spook house. I assume you’re the person I have to see?”

“I don’t know about that,” the old woman said before moving off again, walking away from Corey.

He held the heavy basket in his hands and quickly followed the woman. “Do you have the instructions on what I have to do?”

“I’m afraid not, my child. But you said it is Halloween, yes?”


“Then instead of a trick, why don’t you reach into that basket and get yourself a treat.”

Corey smiled and reached under the cloth hoping to find another tasty snack beneath, much like him and Colt had been treated to in the other old lady’s kitchen, hell, it could even be the same old lady as before.

As he reached in expecting to feel sponge cakes or pastries or even foil wrappers on sweets, his hands instead came to rest on something hard and cold. He moved his fingers around, wrapping them around what felt like a lock of hair. He pulled his hand back and removed the white cloth to look at what was in the basket.

A severed head was staring up at him with a smile on its face. Corey jumped but then chuckled to himself, thinking it was just a prop, until it started to blink as it looked directly into his eyes. His whole body went tense as the lips on the head parted and an evil cackle rose from its mouth.

Turning his head to look at the old woman, who was standing next to him, he saw her remove the gloves before moving her arms up to take hold of the edges of the scarf, pulling it back so it fell around her shoulders. There was nothing there. She didn’t have a head, just a bloody stump of a neck where one had once been attached.

“What the fuck?” Corey screamed.

“It’s okay, son, no need to lose your head,” came the words in the same voice that had come from the old woman only now they came out of the mouth of the disembodied head.

Corey dropped the basket to the ground, hearing the sound of bone cracking as the skull hit the pavement. He turned around looking for somewhere to run when he felt the bony fingers of the old woman’s hand land on his shoulder. Her skin was ice cold.

As Corey’s entire body shuddered, he screamed and started running full sprint away from the woman, back in the direction he had just come. All he wanted to do was to get back out in to the hallway. Just then a door appeared in the darkness and without looking back he ran straight for it.

* * * *

Closing the door behind them, Luke and Ted found themselves inside a small garage. Ted managed to find a light switch on the wall and flicked it on, bringing the room out of darkness.

“Holy fuck!” Luke screamed.

“What?” Ted asked, spinning around, wondering what had caused the outburst. He had expected to see something scary but Luke was alone, simply staring at the car in front of him.

“Do you know what that is?” Luke asked pointing to the car.

“It’s a car, dude.”

“Oh that’s not just any car, that’s a 1967 Chevrolet Impala.”


“You’re kidding me? You don’t know about the Metallicar? It’s so cool.”


“Yeah, from Supernatural. Damn! If I could get hard from looking at a piece of machinery, this would be it.” Luke said, moving to run his hand over the smooth paintwork. “I can’t believe our luck. Open the envelope and see if I get to drive this baby.”

Ted laughed and opened the envelope, reading what was written on the car.

“Well?” Luke asked getting impatient.

“I guess it’s your lucky day, it says, ‘Hello boys, we have provided this fine vehicle for your pleasure, please climb in and enjoy the ride. Pull out of the garage, turn left and drive down the road until you come to a small village where your terror awaits.’”

“Fuck yeah!” Luke said, running to the driver’s side of the car and opening the door. “I can’t believe I get to be Dean Winchester for the night.”

“You realise you probably won’t be able to drive that thing,” Ted said heading to the passenger door.

“Why not?”

“Dude, we’re in a basement, where is there to go?”

“Who knows? This is probably an underground garage; open the door so we can hit the road.”

Ted shook his head, barely able to believe the excitement in Luke’s voice and in fact his entire, huge body, he was like a little boy on Christmas morning, even managing to dwarf Kris’ usual enthusiasm. When Luke started the engine Ted laughed at the look on his face, likening it to the expression he assumed Luke would make just before he shot his load.

“This is so fucking awesome!” Luke beamed as Ted got in the car. “This is worth the price of admission alone.”

Easing the car out of the garage they pulled out onto a country road, amazed because they thought they were inside the building, but they must have somehow ended up in a garage that led outside.

Luke turned left as instructed and started driving down the dark road with the headlights leading the way. They had driven about a mile, seeing nothing but rolling fields when a bolt of lightning streaked across the sky, striking a tree, setting it on fire.

“Fucking Hell!” Luke screamed, almost jumping out of his skin and having to grip the wheel to keep control of the car.

Ted conveyed similar thoughts but the words never reached Luke’s ears as rumbling thunder shook the car, causing the windows to vibrate. It sounded like it was right above them.

Both guys were breathing heavily as they continued driving. More thunder and lightning went off around them and then small drops of rain hit the windshield, getting bigger and heavier until it was bouncing off the car.

Luke turned on the wipers, trying to push the rain off the glass but as it continued to pound down there became too much liquid for the blades to handle, even on their highest setting. Luke could hardly see anything in front of him and was getting worried for his and Ted’s safety.

As wind started rocking the car from side to side, Ted thought they were about to get flipped over if they didn’t crash. He was terrified, gripping on to the leather seats beneath him, hoping it was enough to keep him alive.

“I think we’d better pull up, I can’t drive in this, we’re gonna crash,” Luke said, hitting the brakes, only to feel the wheels slipping and sliding on the wet road.

“Good idea,” Ted called, feeling them skidding along the road until finally they came to a stop.

The wind and rain continued to hammer the car, sounding like pounding fists against the metal and glass. Thunder continued to crack over their heads as lightning bolts flew through the sky in all different directions.

“This shit is insane!” Luke said, trying to look out of the window, seeing nothing but the lashing rain.

“This is freaky dude,” Ted said, nodding.

“But mad props to whoever set this up,” Luke said, feeling deep respect for the owners of the spook house, he couldn’t believe how authentic it felt.

The wind that was rocking the car grew even stronger, threatening to tip it, over even with Ted and Luke’s huge bodies inside for extra weight. Ted felt his heart beating in his throat and without thinking he grabbed hold of Luke’s hand, gripping it tight, surprised to feel Luke squeeze back just as hard.

Just then a bolt of lightning lit up the sky, just enough for them to see the outline of a building not too far off in the distance. They looked at each other to study the other’s expression before darkness returned.

“I know we’ll get drenched but what do you say we run for cover in that building? I don’t like our chances if we stay here,” Ted said.

“I hate to leave this car, but I agree. Let’s go,” Luke said.

They pushed open the car doors, though Luke had to use all his strength against the force of the wind to open his enough to squeeze out. They slammed the doors and ran toward where they had seen the building, holding on to each other’s arms to keep them on their feet and push each other forward.

The wind and rain crashing and whipping against their bodies stung and made them run that much harder. Their football training came to good use as they pretended they were running toward an opposing team, the wind the opponents bodies as they forced their way past them toward the goal lines.
As they got closer to the building they realized it was some kind of old church. They both gave a sigh of relief, hoping they could find sanctuary inside. It looked to be in good enough condition to give them the protection they needed from the elements so they kept running forward until Ted reached the front doors, flung them open and almost threw himself inside to get out of the storm.

It was pitch black inside the church, the stained glass windows covered with too much filth to let more than a sliver of moonlight through the glass. Even straining their eyes Ted and Luke couldn’t see anything inside the building, though they made sure to keep a hold of each other as they moved further into the building, glad to be out of the rain for the moment.

Luke kept moving until he slammed his knee into something hard, cursing as he slowly bent down to feel that he had reached the back row of pews. Using his hands he moved around until he managed to sit down. Ted had his hand on Luke’s shoulder the entire time and felt relief when he sat down next to Luke. They relaxed back against the ancient wood.

“What the hell kind of haunted house is this?” Ted asked.

“I have no idea, dude. It was fun at first but this is just weird.” Luke replied.

A flash of lightning made them jump, but it was enough to light up the church, allowing them to see their surroundings. Their eyes went wide and they couldn’t believe what they saw. The rows of pews in front of them were filled with people of all shapes and sizes, all dressed in glowing white gowns.

“Who are you?” Luke called as the light faded and they were plunged back into darkness.

There was no answer. The church was deathly silent. Ted and Luke stood up and leaned forward, trying to see the people on the row in front of them but even when he swiped his hand out in front of him, Luke couldn’t see, hear or feel anyone.

Another flash of lightning lit up the church again only this time the white figures were all turned toward them, looking at them with faces devoid of flesh, they were all skeletons. Darkness returned.

“What the fuck?” Ted said, his deep voice showing his fear. “I don’t like his.

“Me neither,” Luke agreed.

Using their hands to guide them, much like they had done when they found the pew in the first place, Luke and Ted felt their way back around to the open space in front of the door.

In the next flash of lightning the white figures were stood up and looked to be moving toward them, their skeleton mouths open, revealing huge shark-like teeth. The boys almost fell over themselves as they kept backing up toward the door as darkness fell once more.

In the next flash the figures were almost upon them, they felt trapped. Suddenly they felt tiny, bony hands touch their ankles, trying to get a hold of them. They quickly made a sprint for the door.


Scott, Bryson and Brennan looked at each other and smiled when they saw the room laid out in front of them after entering their door. They were standing in the hallway of an old country house.

Moving further into the building they saw that the living room was nicely furnished and there were snacks laid out on a table in front of the sofas.

“What does it say in the envelope?” Scott asked.

Brennan ripped it open and read it aloud, “Welcome to the Country House, sit down, relax and enjoy.”

“Is this supposed to be scary?” Bryson asked.

“Who gives a shit, that food looks amazing, let’s dig in,” Scott said moving into the room and taking a handful of snacks from a bowl.

“What’s it taste like?” Brennan asked.

“It’s great!” Scott smiled with his mouth full.

Brennan and Bryson joined him and were soon tucking in to the food, sipping on the drinks provided and, after finding a remote control, watching the television as they did what they were instructed to do on the card; relax.

They had flicked through the channels, coming to a stop at a horror film, which they thought was fitting. Bryson got up and turned the lights off to add to the atmosphere before sitting back down to enjoy the show.

Scott was glad he was wearing a jacket because he was feeling cold. He crawled from his position on the floor to the nearby fireplace to light a blaze he hoped would keep them all warm.

With the fire burning, Scott relaxed back against the sofa, sitting next to Brennan, who was reclining, blissfully happy with watching a film he had never seen before. Scott smiled, thinking for a moment what it would be like to live with Brennan if they ever became a couple, but he quickly pushed those thoughts out of his mind, they were too serious, he just wanted someone to fuck.

Bryson had been lying quietly on the sofa behind Scott and Brennan throughout the film, engrossed in what was happening on the screen, but suddenly Scott felt Bryson move rapidly behind him. Turning his head to see what was going on Scott was greeted by the back of Bryson’s head as he looked up at the ceiling.

“What’s going on, dude?” Scott asked, placing a hand on Bryson’s arm.

Bryson stared at the ceiling for a moment before turning to look at his concerned roommate. “I think I heard someone moving around upstairs.”

Scott chuckled, “It’s just your overactive imagination. We probably shouldn’t have let you watch this movie you big baby!”

“I’m not kidding!” Bryson protested.

“So what if someone really is up there? It’s all just a part of the haunted house shit.”

“Can’t you just turn the sound down for a minute?”

“Will you two shut up? I’m trying to watch this.” Brennan said, gesturing at the screen.

Bryson’s body stiffened again. He jumped up, grabbing the remote from Brennan’s hand so he could turn off the volume, plunging the room into silence with the exception of the sound of the flames in the fireplace.

“Bryson! What the fuck?” Brennan screamed, reaching for the remote only for Bryson to take a step backward.

“I’m telling you I heard something upstairs,” Bryson pleaded.

“You’re such a wimp,” Brennan said, taking another swipe for the remote.

“I’m serious, just shut up and listen.”

The three boys remained silent for a moment.

“Right, we’ve listened, now put the film back on,” Brennan said, successful wrestling the remote from his nervous friend.

Brennan sat back down, this time in a chair, tucking his legs under his body and was about to press the play button to resume the movie when he froze.

A floorboard overhead creaked.



“What the fuck?” Brennan exclaimed, jumping up.

Bryson almost jumped into Scott’s arms he was that frightened. He had half expected Scott to push him away but Scott grabbed for him too and was hugging back just as hard.

Slowly Scott pushed Bryson away and then, holding on to each other for support, they headed for the stairs tentatively, conscious of making sure to put one foot in front of the other so they didn’t fall flat on their faces.

“Hello?” Scott called as he reached the door to the hallway.


Then he heard it again. Footsteps. Only this time they were uneven and too close together. There was more than one person responsible for making the sound.

“Is anyone up there?” Scott called, taking a step closer to the staircase.

The footsteps stopped. Everything fell quiet.

After standing in the hallway for thirty seconds, listening for any more movements coming from upstairs, Scott made his way back into the living room with Bryson.

“Maybe we just heard someone walking outside in the hall, one of the guys must have finished in their room.” Scott said, taking a seat on the arm of Brennan’s chair to find him trembling slightly.

“Then why did they stop when you called out that second time?”

“Coincidence, bro, coincidence.”

Scott was about to say something else to reassure his friends but he was stopped in his tracks by a piercing scream.

It was definitely coming from upstairs. Brennan jumped up and grabbed on to Scott, clinging on like his life depended on it, shivering against Scott’s chest. As they both turned their heads towards the staircase they felt Bryson’s head slip into the space between their own as his arms went around each of their shoulders.

Three more loud spine-tingling screams shook the house before dying down into a soft whimper that still drifted down the stairs. If they didn’t know any better they would think a wounded dog was trying to call for help.

When the whimpering went quiet the boys looked into each other’s eyes, searching for reassurance, before collapsing as one onto the sofa, still holding on to each other.

“Erm, guys…” Bryson said, his voice uneven.

“What is it?” Scott asked.

“What’s that on the table?” Bryson asked, pointing to a dark circle that seemed to be growing even as they watched it.

“Did either of you spill anything?” Scott asked, looking at his two friends who both shook their head.

“No. My drink is down the side of the chair,” Bryson said.

“Mine too,” Brennan added.

“Then what is it?” Scott asked, moving forward from his position on the sofa until he was hovering over the puddle.

“Only one way to find out,” Bryson said, leaning forward to swipe a hand through the liquid which had an unusual consistency and was strangely warm.

“What is it?” Brennan asked, his voice shaking with the rest of his body as he sank further back into the sofa cushions.

“I don’t know,” Bryson said, lifting the finger closer to his face. “It’s too dark to see.”

With a quick leap across the room Bryson flicked a switch on the wall and the overhead light sprang to life, illuminating the whole room.

“Holy shit!” Bryson shouted, looking down at his hand.

He turned to his friends to see if they had seen his hand but they were frozen in silence staring at the table.

It was blood.

Swallowing the lump in his throat Bryson let his eyes travel from the pooling blood on the table up to the light-fitting above. A thin trickle of blood ran down the metal, a drop falling to the table every few seconds.

“What’s going on guys?” Brennan asked. “Even if this is some kind of trick it’s not funny.”

Before either of his friends could say otherwise, the door to one of the upstairs bedrooms slammed shut, shaking the house. They were all frozen in terror.

“No, please, not me! Please, I’m begging you, I didn’t do anything!” A woman’s voice shrieked, pleading with someone.

The silence that followed only lasted a few seconds before there was another whimper and the sound of high-heeled shoes running across the upstairs hallway.

“I’ll get you, you little whore!” A deep male voice shouted, sounding livid.

The house began to shake. The chairs were moving across the floor, the ornamental lamp on top of the television crashed to the ground and picture frames fell off the walls.

Suddenly there was silence. All was still.

The calm abruptly ended as the sound of male laughter filled the air. The man behind the voice sounded crazed and sadistic, as though he meant to cause harm and would take pleasure from it.

The laughter continued until the boys could take no more. Their ears were hurting as they covered them with their hands and slowly sank to the floor in front of the sofa, their heads beginning to pound.

When the laughter finally stopped Bryson was the first to take his hands away from his ears. He signalled to the others that all was quiet so they too uncovered their ears and moved up onto the sofa only to hear someone coming down the stairs.

Each of the boys felt the overwhelming urge to run, but they were unable to move, their nerves getting the better of them.




Someone was coming down the stairs, but very slowly.


They were dragging something behind them.


Brennan looked at his friends who were staring at the doorway as if transfixed. The thudding stopped. Whoever was coming down the stairs had reached the bottom. He was only metres from the door to the living room.

A strange shuffling sound drifted in from the hallway. It sounded like a plastic bag being dragged along the carpeted floor.

They watched the door intently, waiting for a glimpse of their intruder. The rustling sound continued but there was no sight of anything. No man. No woman. Nothing.

The front door opened. There was another thud and then it slammed shut.

The house fell silent.

“Hey guys,” Bryson said, relaxing and sinking into a sitting position on the sofa. “The blood’s gone.”

Scott and Brennan quickly turned around to see that Bryson was telling the truth. There was no sign of blood anywhere. But then looking around the room the pictures that had been hung on the walls were still lying on the carpet, the glass smashed.

“What the hell just happened?” Scott asked.

Brennan just shrugged, reaching for the remote. Bryson was still looking toward the door to the hallway. A flash of lightning outside the window made the boys jump. Bryson screamed.

Scott and Brennan looked at him, but only momentarily, because they saw what made him scream and it wasn’t the lightning. Standing in the doorway was a huge man with an evil grin on his face and an axe in his hand.

Another flash of lightning and the man was gone.

The whole scene had gotten to be too much for them as they ran for the door.


When Colt saw what was inside the room he had just entered he spun around to look back at the door. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The door he had just closed behind him was no longer set into a wall in some basement room it was the front door to a huge office building.

Spinning back around, he looked out over a large town square but there was no one else in sight. The bandstand in the centre was empty, as were the benches all around it. There were no lights on in any of the visible windows and there wasn’t even the sound of any animals chirping in the night air.

Remembering that he had the envelope in his hand he tore it open and pulled out the card; “You have just finished a long day in the office and need to get home but you don’t have a car. Search out the local taxi office and wait for your lift to arrive.”

Colt looked around trying to figure out where he needed to go but he couldn’t see a cab anywhere, or a vehicle of any kind. Maybe he could find the office if he walked around the square a little.

None of the buildings immediately off the square housed the taxi office so Colt started to check down the side streets, still not seeing any other signs of life. There didn’t even seem to be any wind blowing either and there were no clouds in the sky. It was like the world had been stripped clean and he was the only one to survive.

Just as he was about to give up Colt saw a neon sign down another street that was more like a back alley. He slowly approached it and was relieved to see that it was the office he had been looking for.

He went straight up to the reception window where a plump, middle-aged woman greeted him; “Hello sir, I take it you are looking for a cab? Where do you wish to go this evening?”

Colt hesitated, “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” The woman asked.

Colt handed her the card only for the woman to chuckle. “Ahh, we were expecting you, please take a seat, your cab should be here in no more than five minutes.”

“Thank you,” Colt smiled.

He looked around to see what seating was available but he saw only one bench set against the wall of the building with a young woman already seated upon it. Hesitating only briefly, Colt approached the bench and tentatively sat down leaving as much distance between him and the woman as possible for fear of scaring her, even though he couldn’t help but look over and admire her beauty.

“Hi,” the sweet voice of the woman said.

Colt turned his head to look at her to see her smiling face.

“Hi,” Colt replied, returning the smile.

The woman turned back to the book she had in her hand and continued to read, despite the only source of light other than the neon sign being the streetlight at the end of the alley.

Sitting quietly for a moment hoping his taxi would arrive, not that he could understand how they would find him down the small alley, and not wanting the atmosphere around him to get any heavier, he decided to just give in to his instincts and talk to the woman.

“What book are you reading?” Colt asked nervously, still admiring her facial features.

“Oh, it’s a ghost story,” the young woman replied, turning the book so Colt could see the cover. “It’s great, I’m enjoying it and it’s even better on a night like this.”

“A night like this?” Colt asked, intrigued.

“Yeah, you know, when there’s a full moon and all?” the woman said, pointing toward the sky.

“Oh, I see.”

“Yes, it’s adds to the aura and makes it that little bit more spooky.”

Colt hesitated for a moment before speaking. “So do you actually believe in all that stuff or do you just like reading the books?”

“Do I believe in ghosts, you mean?”


“I do, yes,” she replied. “There are ghosts and spirits of all kinds everywhere, most people are just too blind to see them or they convince themselves the ghosts aren’t real to the point where they aren’t visible to the naked eye.”

“You really believe that? I don’t think that’s true at all. I mean ghosts are just a figment of the imagination that were built on the fears and superstitions of people hundreds of years ago when they didn’t know any better. I’ve never seen anything even remotely ghost-like and I’ve never met anyone who has either.”

“Really?” The woman asked, her voice high-pitched, showing her surprise.

Colt stared at the woman’s face trying to read her expression to see whether or not she was being serious but before he could make anything out she disappeared like a flame on a candle being blown out.

Unable to move, his mouth agape, his whole body trembling in shock, Colt continued to stare at the now empty bench trying to figure out where the woman had gone until the horn of a cab behind him startled him out of his trance. Colt ran for the cab at the end of the alley, opened the door and jumped inside only to find himself back out in the hallway.


Matt tentatively stepped into the room, taken aback by what he saw. He smiled, more than impressed by the attention to detail that had been paid by whoever was responsible for designing the spook house. He was standing in a very authentic looking subway car. Seats and rails positioned all the way along the carriage.

He looked around, making note of the empty food wrappers thrown on the floor and the coffee stains on the seat in front of him. Glancing through the window, he was even more impressed to see what looked like a real platform with fluorescent lights along the ceiling, yellow lines along the ground and benches lined up against the wall beneath posters for different Broadway shows.

It was only when he sat down on one of the seats that he started to realise he was completely alone. No one else was in the car with him, and from what he could see through the window, no one was waiting to get on either, if the doors opened at all.

He started to feel nervous. He stood from his seat, walking to the door that separated his carriage from the next, but when he tried to open it the door wouldn’t move. It was locked. He felt trapped and he wasn’t sure he liked it.

Suddenly the train began to move, almost causing him to lose his balance. He quickly sat down again before he fell down and reached into his pocket where he had shoved the envelope, ripping it open to read what was inside.

“Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Your destination is the end of the line.” Matt read allowed.

He sat back, wondering what was coming next. He didn’t like it. He didn’t like being alone in strange places at the best of times, but he was beginning to freak out.
The train felt like it was actually moving but that was impossible, he must have been inside some kind of simulator.

He looked around again, trying to look for someone, anyone, who he could talk to, but there was no one around, not even an attendant or guard, as the train continued to move, travelling through dark tunnels with occasional flashes of light rushing past the windows until it came to a screeching stop at a platform.

Matt’s heart was in his throat. He peered out of the nearest window but there was no one around, it was just another empty platform. He stood up and moved to the door, peering out but there was no one on the platform at all, with not even the slightest hint that anyone had been there. He pulled his head back into the car just seconds before the doors slammed shut and the train began to move again.

Matt was beginning to wish he hadn’t agreed to go into the room alone. Kris was right, he couldn’t handle it, but then what choice did he have now? He sat down and sighed. There was nothing he could do but wait and see what happened, though the longer he sat trying to ignore his feelings, the more nervous and fidgety he became.

The train continued on through dark tunnels until it came to a stop at another platform. This time when the doors opened Matt heard noises and sat still, his whole body tense, his hands gripping the seat beneath him.

His heart was beating so hard in his chest when he saw three huge, tough-looking men climb aboard. The two on the outside were holding up the third, who looked drunk, and even though it wasn’t an uncommon sight with the college crowd, it still made him want to run out the door.

The middle man’s head hung down like he was passed out and his legs refused to work. The two other men got the third seated and his head came to rest on one of the men’s shoulders. Matt could have sworn they were all staring at him, especially the drunken one in the middle, who didn’t even seem to blink. He felt petrified, trying to look anywhere but at the men, hoping they wouldn’t speak to him or approach him because he wouldn’t know what to do.

The doors closed, trapping Matt inside the train with the three men. As it started to move again he felt like he was about to piss in his pants, but he kept telling himself it was stupid and it was all just part of the spook house experience. They weren’t going to kill him.

At the next stop the man on the left got up and exited the train, bidding the other two a farewell. The doors closed and the train moved off again. Even though there was one less man on the train Matt still felt incredibly nervous, especially since the man on the right was definitely staring at him.

When the train stopped again it was the man on the right’s turn to move. He bid farewell to his drunken friend, pushed him up on the seat in the place of the support his shoulder had provided, and with a glance over at Matt, he got off the train.

When the doors closed and the train pulled off again the only people left in the carriage were Matt and the drunk. Matt was sitting upright, stiff as a board, hoping the man was passed out and wouldn’t try to start any trouble with no one else around to step in to break it up.

Suddenly the train jerked as if it went around a sharp bend and the drunk was flung forward, flying through the air, landing directly at Matt’s feet. Matt was terrified. He had his eyes closed but after a moment of silence, with nothing happening, he opened them, looking down at the man. He thought he saw something on the man’s head.

Leaning forward he looked closer and realised there was a trickle of blood flowing down the side of the man’s face. Looking that little bit closer he saw the bullet wound that had caused it. It was a corpse that was lying by his feet.

He sat as still as could be, his eyes glued to the dead man. He was shivering and trembling as blood continued to flow from the hole in the man’s skull. The train slowed down and finally came to a stop but Matt was frozen with fear.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we have reached the end of the line,” a voice announced through the speaker above his head.

That was all he needed to hear. Matt quickly got up and moved toward the door but he couldn’t go anywhere. He screamed as he felt a hand wrap its fingers around his ankle. He dared to look back to see the dead man staring up at him. Matt screamed again, kicked the man’s hand off his leg and ran out of the train.

He bolted up the stairs in the subway station and burst through a door that took him back in to the hallway just as all of his friends were coming out of their respective doors too, all seemingly running or jumping through the doors and pulling them closed behind them. They were all panting and out of breath, a few even covered in a cold sweat or totally drenched.

“Holy shit!” Ted said, his big chest heaving. “I don’t know about you guys but that shit was scary!”

“Too fucking right!” Colt agreed.

“I… I thought you were dead,” Shawn said, turning to Alex and Bishop.

“Dude, I thought the same about the two of you,” Bishop said.

“Same here,” Alex agreed.

“Damn, that must have been some kick ass illusion,” Shawn said, shaking his head, not able to believe what he had seen wasn’t real.

“Damn, dudes, you fuckers are soaked,” Scott laughed.

“Your time is up boys, you have experienced all that we have to offer. Please leave through the door at the end of the hall,” the tour guide’s voice announced.

After catching their breaths the boys all headed for the door and stepped through it to find themselves back out in the parking lot, staring at their cars.

“Damn, that shit was well worth the admission fee,” Kris said, back to being his excitable self.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Matt said, slipping an arm around Corey, glad to have his boyfriend back in his arms and feeling like he never wanted to let him go.

Colt suddenly went stiff. “Did you hear that?”

“Hear what?” Kris asked.

“It sounded like growling,” Colt said, looking around. “Oh shit! Run!”

The other guys quickly looked around, their eyes going wide as they saw the pack of wolves darting around the side of the building, heading straight for them with their mouths open, their fangs glistening in the moonlight.

The boys ran as fast as their legs could carry them, jumping back into the cars that had driven them to the spook house in the first place, just as the wolves reached them.

Kris collapsed into his seat only to jump again as a wolf hit the window next to his head. His heart was pounding hard in his chest. He turned the keys in the ignition, started the engine and put the car in drive, speeding out of the parking lot, not caring if he ran over one of the wolves, he just wanted to get out of there. The other two cars followed, racing back toward campus.



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