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Thursday, the last week of July, I was on the couch studying a manual online for my new job for web
development and applications. The job had been so challenging for me yet it was still such a delight to
finally put my studies into an everyday application. Corey came and sat next to me in his athletic shorts.
His hand went on my thigh and to my knee.

“Stop it,” I said in a pleasant tone.

“Ah come on. Put that down for a few minutes. All you’ve done for the past three weeks is have your head
buried in some book or on the computer.”

“It’s part of my job,” I said and pushed his hand away.

He stood, “Tell me what gives here?”

“Uh?” I asked looking up at him.

“Is this the shit we signed up for?”

“I did,” I replied. “My studying will never finish. Technology is changing every day. I’m just starting but
I want to be on top of things.”

“Now you’re saying your studying will never finish. I thought once college was over it would at least
curtail somewhat,” he said and began walking in front of me. “Hell Matt, I’ve put up with this for two years
so how much longer do I have to put up with it?”

“Corey, it’s my job for our future,” I replied. “Is there a problem?”

“Damn right there’s a problem. Since Kris, Colt and the others left I feel like I’ve been alone in here!
Yeah, one night we did kick it with Scott, Shawn and them, but that was one night!” Corey replied with the
veins in his neck bulging.

“I’m sorry. Do you not care about our future?”

“I do, but when will I get your attention away from a book or computer? Will it be next week? Next month…
next year… when? I need to know right now.”

My heart skipped a beat hearing this. “I wish I knew.”

“Well your ass better find out before it’s too fucking late, mister!” Corey said. “I’m sick of it after
being so patient for 2 years and now you still continue.”

“Corey, don’t be like that!”

“Sorry, but I am!” he shouted and walked away. The next sound I heard was the front door opening and

The computer slammed closed. I sat there for a minute before tears filled my eyes. Every word he said was so
true. I had been engrossed in my job so much, but it had gone a little both ways. Nights when I was
available Corey would come in from working and be so tired that he was lifeless. Even in college I had
managed to balance my studying and my relationship but I was letting the latter slip. We had been rather
distant from each other for the past three weeks except times when others were around.

After fifteen minutes passed with no sign of Corey, I began worrying and pacing around our living room like
a caged tiger. I headed out the door and began looking around our complex to see if I could spot him
anywhere. I went to the pool area and saw nothing before heading to the clubhouse to check there. With no
sign of him and his car still in place, I went back inside with the bugs nipping at my bare legs.

Corey was on the couch, sitting there with a blank look on his face.

“I was looking all over for you,” I said, sitting down next to him.

Once I sat I attempted to throw my arms around him. “Stop it!  I’m not in the mood right now!”

“What do I need to do to remedy this? I’m not going to give up without one hell of fight,” I said.

“I heard that shit two weeks ago, but has anything changed? I asked you to allocate time for us and you said
you’d do it…”

“The times I tried you came in tired,” I argued.

“When was that? A week ago? I try every night and get slammed just I like did an hour ago. You say over and
over it’s for our future. Fuck that shit! Even when we have sex now I feel like we’re doing it out of a duty
to each other. When was the last time we had sex? Remind me, I’ve forgot.”

Tears began running down my face. “I’m turning in to the worst fucking… boyfriend!” I sobbed.

“Cry all you want, Matt, and tug on my heart, but it ain’t working this time,” he said and stood. “I’m
sleeping in the other room until you can give me a good solution to this.”

“Corey, let’s talk this over,” I said, crying.

“I’ve said all I’m saying right now. I’m not the problem at the moment,” he said and turned away to head

Crying wasn’t going to help matters but I was hurting like never before. He was right on all accounts.
Living together as partners was proving to be much tougher than I ever imagined. We were working like crazy
to get a great start in our careers yet I was neglecting my life, more importantly my boyfriend. He was so
right about our sex life. The feeling and passion that had always existed had deteriorated to a fuck and a
duty to each other. The only thing I knew was I had to get my act together in a lot of ways or else I would
lose the most important part of my life.

Needless to say, sleep was sporadic and very little at that. Corey was lucky and had the next two days off.
Getting up, there was a great determination to show him my love, how wrong I was and show him more
attention. Now I had to find a solution over the next two days. The temptation was to call Kris but I didn’t
want him to be involved. He had enough worries of his own without me adding to them. 

Driving in traffic, the solution hit me, or at least I hoped it would be the solution. My problem would be
getting Corey to go along with it. It wasn’t going to visit Kris and Colt but it was getting away.

I came home at five thirty and found him on the couch. I acknowledged him before heading to my room to pack
our bag, even if it was just for tonight and the next one. After packing I came out and got on my knees in
front of him with the bag sitting in the hall. “Corey, please give me a chance to show you that you still
mean the world to me.”

“Ummm… okay, I guess,” he said. “Where are we going?”

“You’ll find out soon enough,” I replied.

“I bet we’re going about 4 hours west of here…”

“Not hardly,” I said. “It will be me and you. I hope it will rekindle the fire that’s always kept us going.”

“I hope so too. I want to relent…”

“Don’t relent on one thing. Nothing you said was wrong,” I said, standing.

“You are working for our future not just yours,” he said.

“But we won’t have a future if I continue to neglect you and act uninterested. We’ll have maybe 3 hours to
talk on the drive down there. I want our phones turned off so we have no interruptions during the weekend,”
I said.

Out the door and with me driving my car, Corey spoke up. “I’m sorry for being such an ass. I’ve had time to
think about it…”

“I have too,” I said. “Just in the short time we’ll have together I hope you’ll see I’m still crazy about
you. Starting when we return, adjustments will be made. You’re away working enough I can squeeze in what is
needed. Once you hit the door you’ll be my sole attention.”

“You’ll be mine as well. I appreciate you taking the initiative like this.”

“I didn’t want to lose you,” I said.

“Guess again. You can’t run me off that easily.”

After driving an hour, we headed southward. Corey laughed, “I have no doubt in the world where we are

“Where then?” I turned and smiled at him.

“The nude beach, maybe?”

“Well… we are for a full day. It is something we enjoy and have talked about doing forever.”

“Kris will be so fucking jealous.”

“He will, but let’s keep talk about our friends to a minimum. I’m going to focus on you completely.”

“I like the sound of that.”

“However, let’s not have sex tonight but rather spend the night holding each other and being romantic. Let
sex be our reward.”

“Damn, withholding sex is more like punishment to me. Matt, I do miss having sex with you every night.”

“Better yet, I miss us making love every night.”

“Yeah that is better. Damn, you’ve brain washed me,” Corey laughed. His laughter was music to my ears and
the smile on his face was a great reward. 

It was a pleasant drive southward. It gave us time to reconnect despite living together. At our apartment we
rarely sat down to talk and discuss our days. There was always something needing our attention. Corey
discussed how he enjoyed being accepted at work after the shock wore off. He knew mine was easy with a few
gay and lesbian co-workers. We stated how we enjoyed our jobs but Corey rued the hours, such as working
Sunday from 1 to 10. 

After a few more hours, we arrived at our hotel and got out to check in.

“How’d you find this?” Corey asked.

I lowered my head, “Mr Jackson told me about it so I reserved it at lunch on my phone. I called for his
suggestion on hotels.”

“Did you tell him…?”

“He might show up tomorrow. It would be nice to see him,” I replied.

We checked in and got our room. It was on the first floor of this newish hotel with seemingly very few
guests for the night. We tossed our bag in the room and cleaned up before heading out to eat something. Mr
Jackson had recommended a TexMex place in the vicinity. It was easy to find and crowded despite being almost
nine. We were able to get a table and ordered drinks while looking over the menu. Once the waitress returned
with my margarita and Corey’s draft beer we ordered.

After having a great filling meal that wasn’t on our healthy eating regime, we headed back. The room was
very nice and had that new smell still about it. It was called a suite with a separate sitting area from the
nice king size bed. The bathroom looked nice and modern as well, with a large tub/shower combo to fit our
needs. We threw off our clothes and got on top of the bed. After a few minutes Corey wanted to get under the
covers. We did so with me lying there on his muscular chest. His big arm around my shoulder felt so
comforting and securing. He began stroking my bare shoulder while I softly ran my hand down his hard body
that was getting better by the day. We kissed softly and said we loved each other. 

The next thing I knew was me waking up enough to turn off the TV that was on. We had fallen asleep together
after a short time. At just before eight, my eyes opened again to see his eyes were open too.  

“Despite not having sex that was the best night we’ve had in a while,” he said. “I wish it could have lasted

“We were zonked,” I said. “I’m ready for a day full of sun.”

“I’m ready to be with you. This little trip could be so genius.”

“I was desperate but we needed a short time away.”

After showering together, we dressed lightly knowing these clothes wouldn’t be on our bodies that long. My
phone mapped out the way for me to drive us to the park. Along the way we grabbed something quick for
breakfast and shopped for a few needed items for our day. 

After navigating the curvy roads and Corey swearing we were lost, we came upon the park. I smiled when we
stopped to pay the fees. The lady was very cordial and gave us a few pointers since we said we’d been there
before. We drove in and saw maybe fifteen parked cars on this hot sunny day. We undressed and threw a towel
around our waist. We grabbed our things and started heading to the entrance. 

Once past the sign about seeing nude swimmers and nude sunbathers, Corey and I smiled at each other and
removed our towels. We started walking along the path and passed two older nudists who smiled at us. We
continued along until deciding to start searching for a spot to claim for our day. The spot we located was
perfect with a view of a small cove and of the large lake with rocks near the back when we decided to sit
up. We put down our things and liberally applied sunscreen to all parts. Neither one of us were as dark as
years past, plus our groins hadn’t seen the sun in a few years. 

“Matt, I already feel relaxed and stress free,” Corey said.

“I do as well,” I said. “Let’s enjoy this as long as we can stand it.”

“I hope that’s a while, but damn it’s gonna be hot.”

“There’s a big lake to cool off in, plus we bought rafts to float on.”

We sat with the towel below us and began enjoying the day. Occasionally, a guy would walk past and continue
on searching for a spot. With the warm weather getting to us a little, we headed down to take a swim in the
lake. I was a little apprehensive about leaving all our belongings but hoped people wouldn’t steal anything.
We got in the water, which was a little low, and began swimming around a little.

After a short refreshing swim, we were back at our spot. We lay on our stomachs to tan our white asses.
Corey leaned over and kissed me while we lay there. 

“I’m sorry, but I can’t help remembering all the fun we had when we were here two years ago. Damn, we had
Myles with us,” Corey said.

“We did,” I said. “It was fun. Kris really would be so jealous of us right now.”

“Hey, why don’t I take your picture to send to him and see if he can guess where we are?”

“You’re welcome to take my picture, but let’s wait. He sees the picture and will be here in record time,” I
replied with a good laugh.

Corey snickered, “I bet he would.” He stood and found my phone to take a picture of me sunbathing nude. I
liked it and wanted one of him doing the same. Now the park was beginning to fill up with a hot day upon us.
I had barely got comfortable again before my phone started ringing. It was Mr Jackson telling me he and his
partner Kevin were about to enter. I said I’d be happy to meet them along the main trail while Corey
occupied a spot near us.

I headed up to the top and waited while people passed along in various states of undress. For the most part
they were older, with a few younger ones mixed in. I saw Mr Jackson’s gray hair and began smiling. He
spotted me waiting.

“Matt, it is so good to see you again,” Mr Jackson stated. 

“Same here,” I said.

“I’m sure you don’t remember, but this is Kevin,” he said. 

“I don’t,” I said and began walking with them. “I will say I’m nowhere near as embarrassed as the last time
I saw you here.”

“I think I remember that. He couldn’t believe he’d seen a student of his here,” Kevin laughed. He was about
my height with thinning blond hair. Both he and Mr Jackson had little stomachs but both were rather tanned.
Kevin had a nice big thick cock hanging between his legs.

We walked until I came to the spot I was reserving for him. We agreed to sit close but not together. They
sat down their things. Mr Jackson walked up to me and put his arms around me. It was a nice hug of
friendship between us.

“I hope you didn’t mind that,” Mr Jackson said.

“No sir,” I said smiling. “Now I don’t know if you remember Corey or not.”

“Vaguely, but he sure is one handsome guy,” Mr Jackson said. “Both of you are for that fact.”

“Thanks,” Corey said. “I take it y’all come here some.”

“We try to come once a month or occasions like this with friends,” Kevin said.
“I must say it is great to see you two young men still together,” Mr Jackson stated. 

“It is trying though,” I said.

“All relationships can be,” Kevin said.

We sat down and started talking. They were interested in our new jobs and our new life. Then Mr Jackson
started going on about how he hadn’t found another assistant close to me. I appreciated the glowing
comments. He asked about Ted, so we said we had seen him at the beginning of the month. 

After about thirty minutes we walked back over to our spot to continue. It was about twenty or thirty feet
from theirs. 

“I hope that was okay,” I said.

“It was perfectly fine. I can see how much he enjoyed having you as an assistant. I think it’s nice you
remain in touch with him,” Corey said.

We had some lunch, which wasn’t much, before hitting the water again, with Mr Jackson and Kevin asking us if
we cared to join them. After swimming around a little, I got out and headed to use the bathroom. Coming out
I nearly leveled a young guy with buzzed brown hair trying to walk in. He was by the far the cutest guy I’d
seen all day and I couldn’t help but notice his nice long cut cock hanging between his legs. Together we
said sorry before he continued on inside.

Walking back down, I noticed Corey talking to a young guy who was nice looking as well. 

“You won’t believe this but Travis started putting his things down and was staring a hole through me,” Corey
said before I sat down. “Come to find out he remembered me working in the rec center.”

“Weird, but I just knew I knew him from somewhere,” Travis said. He had short dark blonde hair, blue eyes
and a great tan all over his fit body. His cock looked rather average hanging there trimmed between his dark
hairy legs.

“That’s awesome,” I said. “I’m sure he remembers Kris.”

“He called me that first,” Corey laughed. 

“Sorry, but it had been a while,” Travis said. “I transferred here after my freshman year. I was a little

“It can be tough,” Corey said. “Matt and I just graduated and came here for the day.”

“Great choice if you ask me. As you can probably tell, I love it here,” Travis said.

“I noticed. Are you alone?” I asked.

“No, my boyfriend Lane went to use the facilities,” Travis replied.

I laughed, “He’s lucky. I damn near leveled him coming out.”

“Knowing him, he wasn’t paying attention,” Travis laughed.

Lane came walking up and began laughing once he saw me sitting there. We were formally introduced before he
took a seat next to Travis. 

“Corey, how long have you and Matt been together?” Travis asked.

“Going on four years,” Corey said, almost puffing out his chest.

“Dude, that’s fucking wicked. Travis and I have almost made it a year,” Lane said.

“What’s the secret?” Travis asked.

“When we figure it out we’ll let ya know,” Corey laughed. “I don’t know. I guess patience and a hell of lot
of love.”

We sat there chatting about being gay couples and the trials we endured. It was also interesting just
watching the guys since we were on the so called gay end. It was mostly older men like Mr Jackson and Kevin
with a few our age sprinkled in. Since they brought along rafts as well we began blowing them up to enjoy
floating in the lake behind the barriers. Before going in Corey and I reapplied the sunscreen. 

We hit the water with our rafts and enjoyed floating along. The vantage point was great to see all the
people gathered to enjoy this hot summer day naturally. Corey and I held hands, if nothing else to keep us
from drifting apart, as did Lane and Travis, who looked so cute together. 

Corey pulled next to me and turned his head. “This is the best. I feel so relaxed.”

I smiled, “I feel relaxed as well. The best part is being here with you.”

He leaned over and kissed my cheek. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”

We stayed floating around both on our backs and stomachs, despite the boats coming along for a cheap thrill.
We left once we saw Travis and Lane getting out. We tucked our rafts under our arms and trekked up the

Mr Jackson stood seeing us coming up. “Matt, Kevin and I are leaving. It was really great to see you again.
I hope you keep in touch. If you ever wanna stay, you just call. We’d love to have you.”

I smiled, “Thanks. It was good seeing you as well.”  

We hugged each other before Kevin shook Corey’s and my hand. We watched them leave and came back over to
claim our spot. We had to explain a little about who they were to our new friends. They laughed hearing our

We sat around talking and sharing stories about our past. As usual, they envied hearing about all of our
friends in college. We took some pictures of them and of us, as well as swapping numbers in case they came
our way or we needed another short vacation. They did offer to show us the fabulous nightlife in the city.
We said maybe next time and hoped they’d understand.

About six, we picked up our things and began making the trek towards our car after a long but very nice day
in the sun. 

“Now comes the worst part of the day,” Travis said as we neared the front.

“I couldn’t agree more,” Corey said.

We paused to wrap our towels around ourselves while they slid on their shorts. We said goodbye to them and
went to my hot car that had been sitting in the sun all day. We dressed and got in our car.

“Damn, what a perfect day,” Corey commented, with me starting the car for some much needed air.

“It was. So far everything is going as planned. I really needed that to clear my head and remind me how much
I love you.”

“Hopefully tonight you’ll see how much I love you too. Excuse me but I’m ready to get fucked for a long

“I’m ready to fuck you as well and give both of us such satisfaction,” I said and kissed him.

We had to stop to get something since we were both rather hungry. We didn’t gobble it down but enjoyed the
fast food. Once back in the car we smiled at each other before I drove off. The closer I got the harder my
foot went on the accelerator. 

We almost sprinted to the room in anticipation of the night. Corey slammed the door and grabbed me. “Please
tell me we’re fixing to fuck for the rest of the night. If not I’m raping your ass,” he said. He kissed me
with such force with his hands running into my shorts. 

A crazy wild thought entered my head while we kissed. I broke the kiss and moved back a step. “Corey… well…
I don’t know if this is a good idea or not but do you wanna role play a little?”

“Like what?”

“You mentioned raping my ass. How about…”

“I love the idea, even though I thought we were making love tonight,” he said.

“There will be enough time for that, or at least I hope we can go at it that long,” I stated.

“Boy, I saw your ass looking at me all day at that beach. I know your fucking type,” he said beginning our
role playing.

“You’re full of shit! I was never looking at you!” I screamed.

“Don’t give me that. I know a cocksucker when I see one…”

I threw up my hands over my body and tried to act frightened. “Mister, I’m not. I’m fucking straight. My
girlfriend is at home and is about to have our child.”

“Likely goddamn story. The only pussy your dick has ever been in is some gay boy pussy!” Corey said and
doing a great job so far. He grabbed me with force and began pushing me down. “Get on your fucking knees and
suck my dick. You’ve looked at it all goddamn day and want that fucker in your mouth.”

I tried to struggle to get up with his strong hands keeping me down. “I don’t suck cock. I’m not a fucking

“We’ll see about that,” he said and pushed my face to his shorts. “Take ‘em off me and get to work.”

“I’m not gay you crazy fucker!”

He reached down and undid his shorts. They fell to the carpeted floor with his cock springing up in front of
my face. “Open your mouth, boy, and start sucking my dick.”


He pushed my head to his cock. I opened my mouth and let the head slip between my lips. “Suck it like the
good cocksucker you really are. If you bite me your ass will pay.”

I sucked on his cock with it getting so hard in my mouth. His hand was still on my head. I pulled off and
spit, making sure it landed on the tip of his thick cock. “I hate sucking your dick. It’s so nasty.”

Corey started nodding his head. “I bet you love it gay boy. Your fucking shorts are tented. I know your
little boy dick is hard.”

“How about a man cock that is bigger than your shit,” I said, trying to keep this role playing on track.

He pulled me up and reached down to push off my shorts. “Damn that’s one big ass dick. I bet all the boys
love it.”

“Just my girlfriend. You must be gay for noticing it,” I said.

“Fucker!” he said and pushed me down. “I’m ripping your ass a new one after you get my dick so wet. Now suck
my fucking dick!”

I opened my mouth back up and let his thick hard cock slip into my mouth. Trying to keep the role playing
going it was hard to act like I hated it and didn’t want to suck his cock. He pushed my head down and made
me take it all. I started moaning and trying to make it sound like I was hurting. 

“Damn boy, you’re better than any girl that has ever sucked my dick,” he said.

Hearing that, I bit down as soft as I could and pulled away. “You like that shit?”

“You bit my dick, you sorry ass motherfucker? Now I’m gonna teach your ass a lesson!” he said and tried to
act angry. With his strength, he grabbed me and started walking with me to a couch that was near. He turned
me around and pulled my hands behind me. I felt his shirt being tied around my wrist. The tie wasn’t strong.
He moved behind me and pushed my feet wider. “You ready to take my dick?”

I turned my head, “No sir! I’ve never been fucked before.”

Corey slapped my ass and then slid a finger in me. I jumped to keep the role playing going. I felt the tip
of his cock at my hole. “Open that ass up for me or else it’s really gonna hurt.”

“No, I’m not… You’re a fucking pig!”

He reached up and grabbed a hand full of my hair. “Listen to me you little faggot. I’m raping your ass
whether you like it or not. You got me?”

He pushed me down. I began fake crying the best I could. “I hate you!”

I felt his cock again and opened up to let it slide in my ass. “OOOO fucking shit that hurts!”

“I meant for it to hurt! Take my shit!” Corey said and started fucking me. It did sting without lube. 

“OOO fuck! OOOO damn!” I screamed but not too loud to cause us undue attention.

“Little boy likes my man dick up his ass. I can tell.”

I turned, “No, I fucking hate it. It’s stretching my ass so wide.”

He grabbed me by the hips and started fucking me harder with my head pressed against the back of the sofa.
He started slapping my ass. “Boy, you like getting fucked?”

“No, I said I hate it!”

“Then why is your fucking dick so hard?”

It was rock hard feeling Corey’s thick cock in me. “Ummm… I was thinking about the night I got my girlfriend
pregnant. I fucked her at least three times and came in her fertile pussy each time.”

“Alright, then moan for me and show me how she loved that big dick in her pussy,” he said and slowed down
just a little.

“OOOO fuck me, you stud. OOOO I can feel your big dick in me,” I said trying to mock a girl. “Is that good
enough for you?”

“Fuck no! I wanna hear you moan for me.”

“I can’t. I’m not gay!”

He started fucking me harder. He pulled his cock out and slammed it back in my ass. I yelped with my hands
still behind my back. He slammed me twice more before leaning on my back. I could hear his hard breathing
and felt his sweaty body. He grabbed my mouth and started jackhammering his cock in me. 

“OOO fuck, boy! You’re about to get that ass filled up,” he said.

“Please don’t cum in me,” I said with his hands removed.

“Too… fucking… late,” he said and pushed deep in me. His cock began throbbing as his breathing became so
ragged. He wrapped his arms around my body with his cock pumping inside of me. “Boy, you’re mine now.”

“You’re one sick bastard,” I said and turned my head. 

“Your little ass is completely full now,” he said and moved off of me. I could feel the warm load in me
while it slowly began oozing from my fucked ass. 

I turned and smiled. “That was actually fun.”

“I know. It was hot as hell. We were awesome, huh?”

“We were,” I said and stood. “I’m not sure but I could use a shower now.”

“I agree,” he said.

We headed to the shower to continue our night. The rest of the night it was two gay lovers showing their
love to each other. It was mostly done sexually but did include lots of kissing and petting.

After almost four hours of sex and love, we were zonked and lifeless. Barely after our final orgasm, Corey
was asleep while I was in his arms. It did remind me how much I loved him and how we were still meant for
each other. I felt bad that it took some dramatics for me to realize this. My hope was this would never
happen again, the dramatics and neglect. However, I wished every weekend we had great sex for hours.


This was a bonus chapter for all my great readers.  I realize it was just about Corey and Matt but hoped you
enjoyed it.   I'll continue to try and write chapters like this on occasion since the demand still seems to
be there for their story. 
LATE NOTE:   Nifty was confused so I had to change the number of the chapter.  

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