Posted:  August 3, 2011

Heading out of the tent about 10 on this Saturday at the end of July, I wondered
about everyone’s condition after a wild night.  I glanced off to see someone at
the edge of the pond and bent over with the crack of their ass showing above their
low hanging shorts.  Approaching him, I saw it was Scott washing his face with the
water, but I should’ve known seeing the dark tan. 

“What a night, huh?” he said seeing me.  He took a seat on the ground.

“Yes it was.  Just imagine us next year,” I commented while sitting next to him.

“I know. I have seen a little bit of a different Matt this summer than I’m used to
seeing at college…”

“Tell me about it.  I’ve let loose, but you know it’s only around the guys.  At
home, I rarely drink, and then Kris is the one who starts it then.”

“I’m the same way.  Now smoking is an entirely different story,” he laughed. 
“Matt, you don’t think too bad of me smoking weed all the time, do ya?”

“Nah, since it doesn’t rule you when you’re around us.  We know you smoke but
you’ve never arrived high, even just one time…”

“Thanks, I was a tad worried about everyone thinking I smoked too much.”

“So, is Hayden history? You haven‘t mention him once.”

Scott looked at me, “Yes, he is.  We tried, or at least I did, somewhat.  It’s so
hard being with someone you rarely see. And he wasn‘t really willing to make the
effort so I thought why should I?”

“How do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, like with you and Corey, you aren’t together over the summer but you travel
to see each other and make an effort to get together. Hayden hasn’t done anything
like that or even suggested it. It would only be me going out of my way and I
deserve someone who actually wants to be with me.”

“Are you still seeing that girl, then?”

“Ummm… yeah, but we’ve cooled it off as well.  No sense in getting too involved
and then running back to school.  That shit doesn’t work either.”

“Well, is there something brewing between you and Brennan, after what happened at

“I guess there could be if we were both willing,” Scott replied.  “He is one hell
of a fuck though. We both love sex, like you, but it was just sex, extraordinarily
hot sex I have to say, but sex nonetheless. We‘re not in love and we didn‘t make

“I see.  Have you heard from any of the others? I know you have.”

“Oh, I talked to Jess again a little last weekend.  I think he’s really gonna miss
us and is dead set on coming back.  He said he did great during his summer classes
and is getting his act back together.  I’ve talked to Juan…”

“I miss him.  How’s he doing?” I asked.

“He’s great. Still living with his girlfriend,” Scott replied.  “Kendall and Noah
are off vacationing like we knew they would and are living the high life.  Do you
think we’re going to miss out by not moving out of the dorms?”

“I don’t know.  I hate the fact that I’m the sole reason why we’re all back, but
I’m looking forward to those new ones.”

We kept talking and enjoying our time.  First to make an appearance was Colt,
followed by Heath and Lane.  So far everyone looked rough with some stubble on
their faces.  Eventually everyone was up and moving around.  I got called to duty
to cook eggs and bacon on Brennan’s two burner stove.  I suppose I did a good job
with not a bite of food left after I finished. 

After eating, Corey took Scott to his car and to grab some more ice since the rest
had melted. 

“Bros, now what?” Kris asked.

“Boy, I don’t have a clue,” Colt replied. “I feel like shit right now.”

“You look it, too,” Brennan laughed.

“So do you,” Colt said. 

“We all feel like shit, but there’s no way we’re not drinking again tonight,” Kris

“I know that’s right,” Lane said. “Really, what else is there to do?”

“All I know is Matt and Corey tore it up last night,” Heath said. “Y’all were loud
as hell.  Must have been something good goin’ on in that tent.”

“Just two guys fucking is all,” Kris commented. “They don’t see each other but
every other weekend so they have to fuck all they can, while they can.  Ain’t that
right, Matt?”

I smiled from a little embarrassment, “I guess so.  Being a little drunk didn’t
help things last night.”

“By the sound of it, it didn’t hurt things either,” Heath laughed.  “I don’t know
bout y’all but I’m about to hit that pond and go for a swim.  Y’all with me?”

“Before I go, you do swim in it, right?” Brennan asked.

“We did last weekend,” Heath replied. “We swim in it all the time.”

“Alright then,” Kris said.  “I’m glad I brought my shorts.”

“There’s a first,” Colt laughed.

We changed into our swimming stuff with me sporting a Speedo, as did Brennan.  

“No doubt who are the gay ones,” Lane laughed and pointed.

“Oh well,” I said throwing up my hands.

We dove off from a small shaky dock.  It was fun seeing everyone trying to outdo
each other with flips and dives.  The funniest by far was Brennan doing a face
buster in the water.  We swam around for a few moments until hearing a vehicle
drive toward us.   Assuming it was Corey back I watched until seeing someone much

“I’ll be damned,” Kris said. “It’s Bryson!”

Kris, Colt and I swam to get out and greet a smiling Bryson.  His face was tanned
with hair on his chin.  He could grow facial faster than any of us.

“Did I miss much last night?” Bryson asked.

“Just the usual,” Kris replied.

“Then I did miss something,” Bryson laughed while removing his shirt.  He had kept
fit if not added muscle to his chest and shoulders.  Like Colt and Kris, he hadn’t
got his hair cut since we left campus.  “I heard about all the crazy shit at

“We heard you were too good for us,” Colt laughed.

“It was okay if you like riding in a fucking car for two days,” Bryson stated. 
“We were there two days and turned around to drive back.  What a fucking waste!”

Just then Corey and Scott returned with ice and Scott toking on a joint.  Bryson
grabbed it from Scott and took a hit.  Kris and Colt took a big hit as well before
heading back to the water. 

Once everyone was in their suits, we hit the water.   With ample shallow water,
Kris suggested we battle with one guy on another’s shoulders.   It did leave out
one person but we improvised on that as well.   Naturally I got on Corey’s
shoulders.   He knew our first and main target, Kris and Colt.  I did all I could
to fight with them but in the end lost to a stronger Colt while the others went at
it.  We horsed around with that game without Kris’s temper flaring.  I did win one
battle with Lane and Heath but the rest I was overmatched but still had a great
time with my friends. 

The battle wore us out.  We retreated to the shore to relax.  I lay next to Corey,
who was looking so damn hot in his bikini that I had bought him for Spring Break. 
After a few minutes, he stood and grabbed my hand to pull me up.

“Let’s take a walk,” Corey said with a few heads turned our way.

“Sounds good with me,” I said.  

We found some flip flops and headed off.  I had no idea where we were going but
didn’t care.  He was holding my hand and making me feel so great. 

“I told ya we’d have our time.  I know this is not what we originally had
planned,” he said.

“I’m fine now.  We did have a blast out in the water.”

“Yes, we did.”

“So who invited Scott, Brennan and Bryson?” I asked.

“I’m guilty.  Scott called me right after you told me Kris was coming.  He asked
what I was doing this weekend and without thinking I told him about you, Kris and
Colt.  He hinted around for a minute about how come he wasn’t invited.  I felt bad
since he had invited us to his house so I said he could come since we weren’t
going to be alone as it was.  I was shocked Bryson showed up but sorta figured
Brennan might come.  Hell, all of us were having withdrawals from seeing each

“That’s makes sense to me but I wasn’t happy you know.”

We continued walking until finding an outcropping of rocks.  He led me up them
until we were perched on top with a large flat spot for us to sit.  We grabbed a
seat that overlooked the lake but shielded us from the others.  He leaned over and
pressed his lips against mine.  His hand ran down over the front of my Speedo to
grope me while we kissed.  Breaking our hot kiss, I melted into his muscular
chest.  He sat holding me and stroking my hair. 

“Just imagine if it were just the two of us here…” he said.

I looked at him with a smile, “We’d really enjoy each other.”

“I know we would, and it would be a great break for me.  I love coming and staying
with you so much.  Your mom is so different than mine…”

“I haven’t seen it yet.”

“She behaves and pulls out all the stops, especially last night.  That’s maybe the
second time all summer we’ve sat down to eat something she’s cooked.  Usually it’s
‘find your own’ because she’s says she’s too tired and hot to cook.  She’s been
pretty good as far as accepting me but her drinking is out of control.   Last
weekend, I had to drag her to her bed after she passed out.  Larry was the same
way.  I don’t have that much room to talk though.  I’ve been consuming way more
than I should… fuck Matt, I’m getting just like her.  I can fucking see it!” he
said with emotion.

I flung my arms around him and held him tight. 

“It’s my own fault.  I get bored and start drinking, or head out with Heath and
his buddies.  The next thing I know I’m wasted.  I know better but I can’t help
it.  With you, and even the guys, I’m not bored and would rather have a great time
talking and carrying on like we always do.  I’m so thankful there are just a few
weeks until college starts again.   I can’t wait!”

“I can’t either since we’re rooming together.  It should be a blast, but it could
be trying,” I stated.

“If nothing else, we’ll have a great time with Kris and Colt.  We can be together
whenever the mood strikes us,” Corey said upbeat now.

“Yes, we can,” I said.

“Matt, thanks for everything.  I still remember our first night together.  You
made me feel so special.  I had some serious doubts how I’d make it in college.  I
really thought I’d hide the fact that I’m gay, but I haven’t, nor have I ever felt
ashamed of it like I do here.  Here, I felt like I was the only gay person around
but I knew I wasn’t.  I owe so much to Kris and all the guys, whereas here, except
for Heath and Lane, no one will talk to me.  Just the other day I saw an old
friend, Ben.  I walked up to him but all he did was walk away like I didn’t exist. 
In the past, I may have gotten pissed but I just counted it as his loss.  If all
my old friends could see what great friends I have now, they’d be so jealous. 
Now, I fully understand the meaning of a friend.  It is someone who likes you for
exactly who you are and is there for you no matter what.”

“Very true.  Every day I thank the Lord Kris is in my life.  I’m not saying I’m
religious or anything but I’m so thankful…”

“I know, and I’m thankful for Kris as well.  So… when’s the day coming when you
let him experience the monster?” He said, rubbing my cock.

I looked at Corey, “I have no reason to…”

“That’s some bullshit!  I know if we weren’t together and after all that has
happened, you’d be all over him…”

“Maybe, but why ruin a great friendship and make someone into something they’re

“I’m not saying you’d change him, but you and I both know he’d let you fuck his
hot ass in a heartbeat,” Corey said. “You know you have my permission and blessing
if the occasion ever rises.”

“Corey, I can’t.  It would be cheating on you.”

“Not if I said you could.  I know you far too well.  You’d call me right after you
fucked him…”

“Crying my eyes out for forgiveness.  I can’t do it and jeopardize what we have. 
You might think it would be okay but I don’t.  Maybe if you were around like that
night at our dorm when Kris fucked you, I would,” I stated.

“Alright, but would you ever consider a threesome with say Scott, Garrett or even
Brennan?” he asked, holding me.

I looked at him in thought, “Maybe, since I’m fairly secure in our love.”

“Awesome!  Tonight, I’ll see if Scott…”


“I was only fucking with you!  Now is not the place or time.  I would… forget

“One day, we might open up and let others experience us, but why?  Are you bored
with me?”

“Hell no!  Never once have I been bored when we’re having sex.  I get so lost in
the moment, like last night.  I was so into you it was like our Valentine’s night. 
Now that I think about it, it is so stupid of me for even thinking about letting
anyone else join us.”

“Not stupid, but maybe one day we can,” I said.

We kept talking but didn’t have sex, though it would have been very hot.  We
headed back with our arms around each other.  It was nice to get away and talk,
even though we talked every night, but those nights were usually spent talking
about our days.

Coming up on the camp, we noticed all the guys were asleep in the sun.  Heath had
lost his shorts, as had Kris, Scott and Brennan, while Colt and Bryson had their
shorts pulled down to get some sun on their fine hot asses.   Remembering I had my
camera, we walked as quietly as possible to grab it.  I got some really hot
pictures in the process before Corey grabbed some water and doused it on Kris and
Colt.  Both were startled and began chasing after Corey.  Catching him, it took
all their strength to push Corey into the lake. 

“What’s with the camera?” Scott asked. “We know you’re the official photographer
of the group.”

“I had to get pictures,” I said and turned to show Scott, and now Brennan, with
Corey doing his best to get back at Kris and Colt.  Corey had called for backup
and had Heath and Lane involved in the chase.

“Fuck, those are hot!” Brennan said, looking at my pictures. “Definitely email me

“They are!” Scott said. “Hey would you mind taking a few of me and Brennan?”

“With or without clothes?” I asked.

“For sure without,” Scott replied.

With the commotion continuing, with Bryson joining in as they chased around the
pond, Scott, Brennan and I walked into the woods to snap some pictures.  Both were
naturals and loved posing for the camera.  Some were racy while others were sexy
as hell.  Finished, they grabbed the camera and gazed at the photos.  For the
first time, I saw Scott and Brennan kiss passionately. 

The others had finished up their game of chase and were reaching for some cold
refreshments.  They walked up to view the pictures.

“Wow, those are hot even if it is two guys naked together,” Bryson said. “What the
fuck did I just say?”

“You were telling the truth,” Corey said.

Lane was shaking his head, “They look nice but that is way too gay for me.  Now if
one had been a girl, it would have been scorching hot.”

Kris threw his arm around Colt, “Matt, get our picture like this.”

I snapped it with both having a beer in their hand. 

“Would have looked better if Kris wasn’t naked,” Colt said after view the picture.

“I’m proud of my body, just like Heath is,” Kris said.

“Hey Lane, let’s have Matt take our picture like that,” Heath said.

“No fucking way, dude.  It looks way too gay for me,” Lane explained.

“So you think Colt and I looked gay?” Kris said.  I wasn’t sure whether he was
serious or joking. 

“No, not really,” Lane said.

“We’re just having fun.  Who cares any way?  Pose with your friend,” Kris stated.

“Alright,” Lane said.  He threw his arm around the naked Heath.  I snapped the
picture and then one of Corey between them.  Bryson got in the act with Scott and
Kris while I was taking pictures. 

Scott grabbed my camera and insisted Corey and I have our picture made.  We did
with Corey pushing down my Speedo. 

“Lose your suits,” Kris encouraged us, which we did.  We posed for a few. “Kiss.” 
That took zero encouragement.  We went all out and didn’t care if Scott was taking
our picture.

“Damn, this is the first time I’ve seen Corey kiss a guy,” Heath exclaimed during
the middle.

“What did you think, cuz?” Corey asked after breaking our kiss.

“Actually it didn’t gross me out like I thought it would,” Heath replied.

“Yeah because there’s not shit wrong with two guys in love,” Kris stated.

“Dude, are you gay too?” Lane asked.

“Nope but I don’t see anything wrong with it.  They love each other.  Actually I
wish like hell I could find a girl I could love, who loved me, like these two do
each other,” Kris stated.

“We all do,” Colt said. “We accept them and think nothing of it.”

“Lane, you don’t, do you?” Corey asked.

“Well… I don’t guess so.  Corey, you need someone that loves you.  Colt’s so
right, I need someone to love me like Matt loves you and you love him,” Lane
stated. “I thought like Heath it would be nasty but it wasn’t too bad.”

“That’s all they can ask for,” Kris said.  “Alright, the studio is closed.  I’m
hungry as hell.”

It was back to eating hot dogs but we did warm up some beans on Brennan’s stove
along with some chips.  The guys were happy since there was plenty of beer to wash
the dogs down with.  The entire time we stayed as we were clothing wise.  Kris had
great possibilities of being a lifelong nudist for he enjoyed it, as did Heath,
Scott and I. 

Finished eating, we sat around late in to the afternoon.  “Alright guys, I’ve seen
enough floppy dicks for a while.  How about putting some clothes on,” Bryson said.

Kris spoke up, “Bro, I don’t see a thing wrong with it.  I’m quite comfortable in
my own skin.  To me, there’s nothing sexual or wrong about going nude.  Lots of
people do it.”

“Dude, I can see the gay guys doing it…” Bryson replied.

Corey cut him off, “Bryson, it has nothing to do with sexuality at all.  Probably
a vast majority of nudists are straight.  I can see where people aren’t
comfortable being around other naked people, but why not?”

“Cause we were all raised to believe there is something wrong with it,” Colt
replied, enjoying a big pinch of Skoal. “I don’t see why, but that’s life.”

“Exactly,” Lane said.  “We’ve all heard our mommas say ‘Get in this house and get
some clothes on‘.”

Corey laughed, “I sure did.”

“I don’t see the allure in it especially around a bunch of guys,” Bryson said.

“I don’t see why not.  Hell, we shower together at college.  We’ve seen each other
and not a damn one of us has a thing to be ashamed of, Bryson,” Kris said with a
pinch in as well.

“We better enjoy it while we can is my thinking,” Scott stated.

“We’ll let’s just all get fucking butt ass naked and not put a thing on until we
leave tomorrow,” Bryson said.

“Fine by me if that’s what you want,” Colt said and stood.  He removed his board
shorts and tossed them aside.  “Are you with me?”

“I was fucking kidding, Colt!” Bryson said.  “Alright Lane, it is just us.  I’ve
opened my fucking mouth.”

“This is so fucking gay!” Lane said.

“Just shut the fuck up and stop saying everything is fucking gay, alright dude?”
Heath stated.

“Fine,” Lane said.  He and Bryson lost their shorts. 

Bryson’s eyes got big, “Fuck dude, my ass would have been out of my shorts in a
heartbeat sporting a fucking dick like yours…”

“Is it as big as Garrett’s?” Brennan asked.

“Could be,” Bryson answered.

“Seriously Lane, we know you have a kid but have you ever scared off a girl cause
it was just too big?” Colt asked.

“Actually I have.  I’ve yet to find one person that can really suck it…”

“Scott… Matt…” Kris laughed.

“God, I’d try like hell,” Scott said.

“No, thank you.  I know my limits,” I stated.

“I keep looking for that girl,” Lane said.

“Hold on, I’m still not over this yet.  How in the hell did you get that big thing
in a girl?” Bryson asked.

“The first time ain’t easy but she loved it after I stretched her out,” Lane said.

“Made giving birth a damn breeze then,” Kris laughed.  “Big thing going in and big
thing coming out.”

“I guess so, but I wasn’t there when my baby girl was born.  The mom and her damn
family wouldn’t allow it,” Lane said.

“How sad is that?” I commented with many in agreement.

For us, the night was rather normal with not near as much drinking as the night
before, except for Bryson since he had some catching up to do from last night. 
With a deck of cards handy, we played cards around the lights until the bugs
became too much to handle. 

Corey and I headed to our tent, as did the others, but it wasn’t as late as the
night before.  We sat together, talked and kissed a lot before getting into the

Waking up Sunday, I stretched out to see Corey’s eyes wide open.  He pulled me
down for a kiss. 

“I’m ready for our last day together morning fuck,” he said.

I smiled, “I am too.”

Finished with our great and loving sex, we came out to see Kris smiling.

“Sounds like you two started the morning off right,” Kris stated.

“Do you blame me?” Corey asked.

“Nope.  I can see the glow on Matt’s face,” Kris replied.

Once everyone was awake, I cooked the remaining eggs and bacon.  Still eating, no
one had a thing on.  We finished up and headed to swim for the day. 

Drying off before leaving, I noticed my tan lines weren’t as obvious, with Scott
having a nice overall tan, as did Heath. 

“You know I’m gonna hate putting shorts back on,” Kris stated.

“Me too,” Heath said.

“Yeah, it’s gonna suck,” Lane stated.

“Damn, here you were the one that was last to cave in,” Kris said to Lane.

Lane smiled, “Once I got used to it, it was fun.  I’ll say all y’all are a fucking

“Well, come see us at college, except we may have to wear clothes then,” Kris

“We might do that some time,” Heath stated.

We took down the tents and paid close attention to make sure every bit of trash
was picked up.  We all wanted the area left as we had found it. 

“Guys, thanks!  I can’t remember having that much fun,” Heath said.

“Me either.  I hope to see ya around sometime,” Lane said.

“It was great getting to know ya,” Colt said.  “Do try and come see us sometime.”

“We’ll try,” Lane said.

We said goodbye to Bryson, Lane and Heath before heading back to Corey’s house. 
Marie and Larry were gone when we returned so I hated not being able to say
goodbye to them. 

As always bidding Corey farewell was hard, but I knew he’d see me in two weeks and
then we’d be together at college.  I said goodbye to Scott and Brennan before Kris
and I got in my car.

“See Matt, it’s more fun when all of us are around,” Kris stated.

“I’ll give you that,” I said.

“I think you still got plenty of Corey to last ya,” Kris said as I drove away.

“Maybe but it will have to do until next time,” I said, smiling.


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