Posted:   July 25, 2011

My summer continued rolling right along.  Kris had been on my back to
continue with my workout program especially since some of our old high school
friends were dropping out like flies, except for Tanner and Brady.   I
relented like I usually did and started back working out since I liked the
way my body was transforming in to something I was really proud of.

Corey and I got together as usual two weeks after the adventure at Colt’s. 
We didn’t do much other than Corey got a big dose of my high school friends
and we enjoyed a little bit of night time fun together.  Before leaving on
Sunday, he suggested I come to his house since he knew a special place where
we could be together without any interference.  The thought of having a full
weekend of Corey without anyone else around excited me to no end.

While working out the Wednesday before going to Corey’s, my big mouth let it
slip that I was heading to Corey’s place for the weekend.

“Hmmm… I think I see the makings of another camping trip,” Kris said to me
while we showered at his gym.

“Kris, please!  I want it to be just Corey and me,” I pleaded while showering
with him, Tanner and Brady.

“Dude, don’t just invite yourself,” Brady stated.

“Hell fire, we’re family.  Ain’t that right, Matt?” Kris stated.

Tanner laughed, “I swear Kris thinks he’s dating Matt, eh?”

“No but I wanna get away from the house,” Kris said and turned off the water.
“Matt knows how I am.”

“I’ll see what Corey says,” I stated and finished showering as well.

We headed into the locker room to dress.  Kris walked around the locker room
and didn’t care who saw his sculpted body or his privates.  He was so at ease
in the locker room environment whereas I wanted to get dressed and get out. 
It was plain to see a few were uncomfortable with him while he talked to a
few he knew before returning to us.  He kept going on about how he needed to
get away and wouldn’t interfere with me and Corey.  I knew he wouldn’t but
wasn’t crazy about the idea but I was to blame for opening my mouth as I did.

As soon as I got in my car, I called Corey to explain the situation.  He was
a little reluctant for any of the guys to see his house and his mom.  He said
he never knew what condition she would be in.  He finally agreed but asked
that it just be four at the most.  With that, I knew who number four would be
if at all possible.

I waited until the next day to tell Kris.  He knew I would give in and had it
already arranged for Colt to meet us there. 

Friday, I had arranged it so I got off early from work.  I hauled it to pick
up Kris at his house as soon as possible.  Kris was raring and ready to go
with his stuff in a bag along with a few groceries.  No more in the car, his
faded old shirt came off and was thrown in my back seat. 

“No fucking bet on my ass this time,” Kris laughed.  “Plus it’s hot as fuck
today.”  It actually was nice after a good rain the night before.

I filled Kris in on Corey’s living situation.  He said he knew from what I
had told him earlier and wasn’t expecting anything special.  I pleaded,
“Kris, don’t you dare interrupt us either.  I’m dead serious, bro.”

“Matty, my boy, I wouldn’t do that.  Besides Colt and I have come to an
agreement.  This gay shit is not us at all.  Who were we really trying to
fool in the first place?”

“You did?”

“Yeah bro, we’re done fucking around with guys,” Kris replied.

“Fine by me, but you liked it… or said you did.”

“Yes… I enjoyed having my dick sucked by a guy, and actually enjoyed getting
fucked, but I’m not in the least bit gay.  I guessed I liked getting off more
than anything.”

“Are you and Colt scared that maybe you both might be turning?”

Kris turned away and looked out the window with his hands running through his
growing blond hair. He turned his head back around while I was cruising down
the freeway.  “Matt, I’m scared shitless.  I made love to him that night when
we interrupted you and Corey at that park.  I didn’t just fuck his hot ass; I
made sweet hot love to him and he made love to me.  It scared both of us that
it was more than just sex.  We had feelings and showed them.”

“Making love is special.  Two weeks ago, Corey made great love to me for at
least thirty minutes.  It’s like there’s nothing else around.  You feel like
you are one with him.”

“I know that’s right.  Now I need to experience that with a hot female…”

“Didn’t you with Liz?”

“I guess I did,” Kris smiled.  “Take last weekend for instance, I got some
older pussy but it was just sex.  She was hot for my body.”

“How old?” I asked.

Kris turned and smiled, “Fucking twenty five!  Knew every move in the book,
but it was just sex in her apartment.  I will say I tore that shit up.”

“You may have, but how did you feel the next day?”

“Like I had fucked some good pussy.  How am I supposed to feel?”

“I thought you might say something like there was a void or something to that
effect,” I replied, driving.

“Hey, I knew going in it was a hook-up and nothing else,” Kris said and
started to laugh.  “Besides, she has a boyfriend.”

“Damn Kris!”

“Give me a break, Matt!  It is not I’m driving fucking three hours to get my
ass fucked,” he laughed.  “I was horny as fuck and actually enjoyed it.”

After the long drive, I had to put on my thinking cap and try to remember how
to get to Corey’s house.  I passed a few landmarks in his small hometown
until seeing his dirt drive.  Pulling into his drive, I started cursing, “Who
the fuck told Scott?  Goddammit!”

“Chill bro,” Kris laughed and patted my shoulder while I parked.  “I think
Brennan may be joining us as well.  Now I wonder if Colt got lost…”

“Fuck!” I screamed out of frustration.  I had to gather my emotions before
exiting the car. It was bad enough for Kris and Colt to be along but to have
Scott and Brennan with us as well was ruining my idea of this weekend.  I
should realize these guys were more than friends to me now.  They were a huge
part of my life and hopefully would be for years to come.

Corey was waiting on us and came out to my car.  He burst out laughing when
Kris stepped out of the car. 

“Hey I couldn’t let you fuckers get me this time,” Kris said with his arms
spread wide with his athletic shorts sagging low.

“Come on inside,” Corey said with a gesture.  “Colt called and is on his
way.”  Corey walked up to me, grabbed me and kissed me. 

“This is not what I had planned,” I said.

“Don’t worry your little heart.  Everything will be okay.  We will have our
time like we always do.  First Mom wants to feed us and then we’ll go set up
camp,” Corey said. 

Kris, Corey and I entered the house.  Larry and Scott were in the living
room.  Larry stood to greet us with Marie, Corey’s mom, coming out.  She
walked up to me and gave me a big hug.

“Something smells really good,” Kris commented.

“I’m cooking fried taters, okra and squash along with minute steaks,” Marie
said.  “Do you want some tea?”

“Yes ma’am,” Kris said.

“Corey, I see your competition lifting those weights.  Do you boys study at
all?” Larry asked with Marie leaving to finish the meal.

“Matt and I do but those two live in the Rec Center,” Scott commented with
Larry laughing.

“It really shows, too,” Larry commented with a cold one at his side.

We stood around talking until we heard a car drive up closely followed by
another one.  Colt was in the first one and jumped out wearing his shorts and
a tank top, followed by Brennan in his shorts that were sagging low on his
slender hips.  We greeted the two and headed inside with Marie announcing
supper was on the table.  The guys didn’t need to be told twice.  I took a
seat next to Corey and began hearing the chomping along with the many
compliments about the meal.  Actually, it was pretty tasty with good home
cooking along with fresh ice tea while Larry and Marie grabbed a beer.

We finished up the meal and headed for the door.  Marie and Larry walked
outside with us and stood on the old porch of Corey’s house.  “You boys be
careful out there,” Larry said.

“We will,” Corey said.

“Y’all won’t be doing anything wrong, will ya?” Marie asked.

Kris laughed, “You might say we have some beer with us.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that at all.  Corey drinks his fair share here,”
Larry stated.

“Any way, y’all be careful and call us if you need us,” Marie said.

“We will, Mom.  See ya later,” Corey said and waved.   Corey and I headed out
in his car with Scott while the others were with Colt.    We drove maybe a
half mile before coming to a gate.  Corey jumped out and unlocked it for us
to enter down a small path.  Kris locked it behind us.

“Whose land is this?” Scott asked.

“It’s my uncle’s land.  I asked him earlier this week if I could camp out
here.  He keeps it locked so nobody will come back here and tear it up like
they have before,” Corey said and drove on.  We drove into the tall pines
before coming upon a nice opening again with a small lake.  As we approached,
we saw two guys sitting against a tree.

“What the hell are Heath and Lane doing here?” Corey asked and parked with
the two turning their head.  The names rang bell since Corey had spoken about
Heath, his cousin, and Lane.

Once parked, the two shirtless guys approached Corey’s car.  “Hey Corey, what
are you doing here?” one asked that I figured was Heath since I could see the
resemblance in their eyes and facial structure.

“I was about to ask you the same question,” Corey replied with Colt, Kris and
Brennan walking up. 

“We’re down here drinkin’ a little.  Did you bring some friends to join us?
All we got is one bottle of Jack,” the dark haired one said.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Kris said. “We need Shawn here since he said he
and his buds drank Jack.”

“Actually Uncle Jimmy said I could use this place to camp for the weekend,”
Corey said. 

“I’d say we have two more then,” Kris said while I rolled my eyes. 

Corey introduced to them.  Heath had blond hair that flipped up under the cap
he was wearing.  He was thin with his rib cage showing.   Lane was a little
taller with dark hair that was short.  He had a little hair on his chest but
a nice six pack going on. 

“I guess we’ll ride around and just kill this bottle since we didn’t know you
were having your friends come camping,” Heath said.

“Hell no, bros.  Hang here with us unless you don’t wanna hang with your
cousin. Two more won’t kill us,” Kris said and was being Kris.

Heath laughed, “We hang with his sorry ass all the time.”

“Yeah, these are my drinking buds this summer.  They’re about the only two
that don’t care I’m gay,” Corey said. 

“We don’t.  Now which one is Matt again?  We hear you go on and on about
him,” Lane asked.

Corey threw his arm around me.  “This hot thing is Matt.”

“After seeing this Kris dude I figured it was him that you fucked around
with,” Heath laughed.

“I’ll kick your little ass,” Kris laughed. 

“Nah, these are my college friends.  I guess since they don’t mind you can
get your stuff and camp with us if you wanna,” Corey said.

Lane and Heath looked at each other.  Heath spoke up, “I guess we could go
grab our stuff and hang with y’all.  There’s really not much else to do
around here.  While y’all set up, we’ll go grab our stuff and be right back.”

“Do I need to grab some more beer while we’re gone?” Lane asked.

“We have some but more damn sure wouldn’t hurt,” Colt said.

They left us while we began setting up camp for the weekend.  It didn’t take
long now since we were getting the hang of putting up tents.  This time,
Brennan had brought along a stove for us to cook on, along with some food to
cook as well.  

Finished, we gathered around and waited for Heath and Lane to return. 

“So what’s their story?” Scott asked with us sitting around with a beer in
our hands.

“I kinda feel sorry for both of them.  Heath’s mom is worse than mine.  She’s
been in and out of jail since I can remember.  He lives with his uncle or
whoever will take him in.  Lane’s situation ain’t much better.  His brother
is the biggest druggie I know, plus he had a kid last year…”

“I was about to ask if they were gay,” Brennan said.

“That still doesn’t keep them from being gay,” Colt said. 

Corey continued, “Every time I think I have it bad I think of Heath.  At
least I know where I belong.  Lane lives in this old trailer.  His parents
are nice people but poor as dirt.”

“So how old are those two?” Kris asked.

“They just graduated high school.  Actually Lane is a decent athlete,” Corey
replied with them driving up in an old truck.  We helped them unload their
stuff and set their tent up. 

“Dude brought more beer for us,” Colt said.

“Hell yeah, I said I would,” Lane said. “I know the girl at the store.  It’s
so easy to buy around here.  Ain’t it, Corey?”

“It is, since everyone knows everyone around here,” Corey replied.

We finished helping them and returned to sitting around.

Kris said, “So Lane, we hear you have a kid…”

“Yeah, I do but never get to see her,” Lane said. “The momma claims it may
not be my kid but I know it is.”

“How do you know?” Brennan asked.

“Dude, I was fucking her all the time without a rubber so it has to be mine,”
Lane laughed before taking a drink out of the bottle.

“His stupid ass won’t fuck with a condom,” Heath said.

“I hate em,” Lane said.

“Now you see why you should wear one,” Kris said.  “Got some girl knocked up. 
That better have been some good pussy.”

Lane laughed, “Dude, have you even had bad pussy?”

“I have,” Brennan said. “Stunk like hell but it didn’t keep me from fucking

Heath was laughing, “Damn Corey, you’re friends are trip.  I figured they
were all gay like you.”

“No, we let them hang with us as long as they act right,” Kris laughed.

“Lane, it must suck having a kid you never get to see,” Scott stated.

Lane shrugged, “It does but what can I do?”

“Take her ass to court,” Brennan said.

“I wish.  It takes money to do that,” Lane said. “I’m cool with it as long as
she doesn’t expect me to pay child support, which she doesn’t.”

After talking more, we gathered up some wood to start a fire with nightfall
approaching.  We were downing a few brews and having a great time.  Corey’s
cousin and his friend fit in well with us.

“Corey, remember that time when we were young and you had that magnifying
glass to see if really could start a fire?” Heath said.

Corey started laughing, “Damn near caused a forest fire!”

“I did that same shit,” Brennan laughed. “My mom was so pissed at me. Burned
up two of her bushes.”

“We did some stupid stuff as kids,” I stated.

“Matt, you didn’t do shit,” Kris said.

“I did.  Bet you never thought you could take a towel and think you could
fly,” I laughed. “I jumped off my house and nearly broke a leg.”

“As a kid, I ate dirt constantly,” Scott laughed.

“Now, I dip that dirt,” Colt laughed. 

“No, that is shit you have stuck in your lip,” Scott said.

“I still remember Corey loved to run around the house naked when he was about
7 or 8,” Heath said.

“He still does,” Colt laughed.

“I would if Mom didn’t care,” Corey said and laughed. “I don’t know what the
fuck you’re talking about Heath.  You’re always skinny dipping in that lake
or down at Tucker Creek.”

“Hey, I like it,” Heath said.

“No shit, dude.  Even at Kenny’s house, this dude wanted a bunch of us to
strip down and go skinny dipping,” Lane stated.

“There were some fine ass girls there, dude,” Heath said.

“Attaboy,” Kris said. “Use any tactic you can to see girls naked.”

“Fuck yeah!” Heath said. “I don’t care who sees my shit!”

“I do.  It’d be different if your ass was hung like me,” Lane said.

“Prove it, Lane,” Scott said.

“Damn, Scott!” Colt yelled. 

Lane laughed, “I’d make the rest of you fellas jealous.”

“I seriously doubt that,” Kris commented. 

Lane stood with his bottle.  He took a big drink and commented, “A little
liquid courage.”  He dropped his shorts.  Out flopped one big cock that had
my eyes bulging.  Lane was seriously hung.

“Fuck Lane, I never knew,” Corey said.

“That may be bigger than Brennan and Matt,” Scott stated.

“I know for damn sure he’s thicker,” Brennan stated.

“See, I told you y’all be jealous,” Lane said, pulling his shorts back up.

We continued to sit around with it getting dark.  Brennan pulled out the
marshmallows and some chocolates along with graham crackers so we could
indulge in making s’mores.   The hot marshmallow concoction really hit the
spot before the fire began to burn down.  With darkness, I snuggled up
against Corey while the others entertained us with some drunken songs.  It
was plain to see why none of us entered the talent competition during ‘Dorm
Daze’.  It was such bad singing that it kept us laughing. 

When Lane grabbed a cigarette to smoke, Colt commented, “Scott, did you bring
the good shit?”

Scott dropped his head, “Fuck, it’s my car!”

“You sorry bastard!” Brennan said.

“I bet Lane or Heath has some weed,” Corey said.

“You know I do,” Heath commented. “I wasn’t sure if you wanted us to smoke it
around your friends.”

“Fuck yeah dude, go get that shit!” Scott said.

Heath ran off while Brennan bummed a cigarette.  It wouldn’t be a camping
trip with Scott without adding a little weed to the mix.  We each took a few
hits off the big blunt.  We kept drinking with Corey having more than usual. 

By the end of the night, Kris was plastered, as were Brennan and Lane. 
Brennan couldn’t walk he was so drunk whereas Kris just passed out.  The rest
of us weren’t far behind them.   It was fun to let a little loose and watch
the others really let loose themselves.

We ended the night by extinguishing the fire with our piss.  It was almost
fitting to do so.   Corey and I held on to each other while we walked to the
tent.  We stumbled inside and zipped up the door.  Thankfully there was a
light breeze blowing so it wasn’t too hot.  We quickly lost our clothes. 
Corey pulled me to him for a long kiss with beer on our breath.

“I’m sorry things didn’t work out like we’d planned,” he said.

“I’m good with it.”

“Tomorrow, I know the perfect spot where you and I can escape.”

“Corey, that sounds great.  Right now, I need fucked by my fucking hot ass
boyfriend that I love so much!”

Corey smiled while running his hands over my chest, “You beat me to the
punch.  I was thinking the same thing and how I needed my gorgeous
boyfriend’s big dick slammed in my ass.”

My lips found his again.  My hand slid down his body to find his limp cock. 
With our tongues going at it, I began stroking his cock to get it hard.  Our
lips broke contact.  My lips went for his neck while I continued to stroke
his cock.  Usually we were both raging hard but he wasn’t. So, I slid my
mouth down to suck his thick cock.  With my lips wrapped around his fat cock,
I used my tongue while sucking it. 

“MMM Matt,” Corey moaned, now sitting up with me between his muscular thighs
and his hands on my head.  “Feels so fucking good.”

He swept some hair out of my eyes so I could look at him while enjoying it
like I always did.   Something about sucking a nice cock did it for me.  I
can say I enjoy sucking more than getting sucked.  Finally he began getting
hard with the stimulation of my mouth and tongue. 

I moved up to kiss while stroking him so he wouldn’t lose his erection,
making sure it was good and wet.  With my ass lined up, I slid down to feel
the head slip past my sphincter and continue to go inside me.  Corey leaned
back on his palms while I got adjusted to his cock being in me.  His thick
bare cock felt so good in me.   Moving slow felt so good and sent waves of
immense pleasure throughout my body.  He leaned up for a kiss while I wrapped
my legs around him. 

Sitting up, I began riding his hot cock.  “OOO Corey,” I moaned.

“Drunken sex is the shit, huh?”

“Fuck yeah,” I said with my eyes closed.  I felt him kissing my chest while I
rode him.  His strong hands were on my ass, guiding me up and down on his
thick cock.  I opened my eyes and kissed him.  While kissing, I began riding
him harder. 

“OOO baby, keep riding my shit!” Corey said.

“I love riding your hot dick!” I screamed with sweat mounting on my forehead. 
I slowed only to have him begin thrusting hard into me.  “Fuck yeah, Corey! 
Fuck that ass… OOO yes!  Feels so fucking good!  Harder!  Fuck me harder!”

Corey pushed me forward.  His cock slipped out but he rammed it back in my
ass.  “You want it hard?”

I looked him in the eye, “Fuck me hard, Corey!  Fuck my brains out!”

He kissed me hard before slamming his hard cock in me multiple times.  I was
delirious from the intense pounding with my hot boyfriend giving me
everything he had.  Sweat was dripping from his body as well as mine as we
let out our emotions.  I grabbed his sweaty ass and wanted more of his thick
cock using my ass.  We slowed our pace to catch our breath. 

He pushed me to where my hard cock was inches from my mouth while he
continued to fuck me.  “Suck your own dick if you can, Matt.”

“I can.”

“Do it!”

I leaned forward and took the head of my own cock in my mouth.  It wasn’t the
first time either but I had never been fucked while sucking myself before. It
was intense as hell.

“Goddamn! That’s fucking hot as hell!” he screamed.

“I wanna blow my load in my face while you blow your load up my ass,” I

“Hell yeah.  I’m fucking real close,” he said and sped up. 

I jerked my cock. I was close as well.  “Make me cum!” I shouted. 

He grunted hard, “OOO fucking take it!” I could feel his cock pulsating while
he deposited his creamy load in my ass. 

“OOOO fuck!” I groaned with my eyes closed.  Cum hit my face with my tongue
outstretched catching one nice wet shot. 

Finished with the explosion, Corey eased me down.  His tongue licked off the
excess jizz from my face and hair. Then he kissed me deep, sharing my own cum
with me. 

After wiping off the sweat and drying cum, we lay together still exhausted
from our sex.  “Man, we really tear it up the first time back together,” he

“I know.  I always look forward to our first time back together.”

“I can’t fucking wait either.  I didn’t jack off for three days to save it
for ya.”

“I wish I could wait that long,” I smiled.

“Remind us to get a little drunk to where we can fuck like that again. 
That’s was totally bad ass!”

“We’ll see how we feel in the morning,” I said.

“Matt, I do love you so much!”

“I love you too!”


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