Posted:  July 20, 2011

Waking here on Saturday on Colt’s family land on this holiday, my eyes feasted on Corey for a moment.  He’s my dream guy who loves me as much as I love him.  Finally, I move over to grab a pair of shorts to throw on and quietly escape the confines of the tent.  Once outside, the bright sun hits my face with a clean smell in the air. 

Walking quietly, I journey the few steps to see what a mess we had made.  With every turn, there is a beer can, can of Skoal or piece of trash.  Doing my best, I gather it into a nice pile with the beer cans in one stack for recycling.   Wiping my hands, I see two coming my way before making out it is Chase, Colt’s younger seventeen year old brother, and his friend, Tabor.  Both are very easy on the eyes for a gay guy like me.  They have fishing rods in one hand.  Tabor is carrying a string of fish.

I walk to meet them. “Nice haul.”

“Awe thanks.  Gramps stocks it so it’s rather easy,” Chase commented.

“Chase, we should have woke up Corey this morning so he could have gone with us,” Tabor said holding the fish which were starting to smell a little. 

“You should have if you can wake him up,” I said. “How was sleeping with Shawn last night?”

“If you like snoring, then you’d loved it,” Tabor laughed.

“How the hell would you know?  You were snoring too,” Chase said.

“I was?  News to me…”

“I think you heard yourself,” Chase laughed.

“Matt, I know you think we’re some awful kids…” Tabor said.

“Nope, you’re just like every other one of us just two years younger,” I said.

“See, I told you Colt’s friends didn’t care that we were here or what we did,” Chase stated.

“Not at all.  You blended in quite well,” I said. “Now what are doing with those fish?”

“Cleaning them, what else?” Tabor said.

“It’ll be sum good eatin’ when Mom gets home.  She knows just how to fix em,” Chase stated.

The two headed towards Chase and Colt’s house while I searched for something to drink that wasn’t beer.  After finding some water, I headed to sit by the lake and gaze across it.  Barely seated and comfortable, I heard footsteps to see Scott coming my way with his dolphin tattoo showing above his sagging shorts and his dark hot body.

“Matt, before you say anything, I wanna say how envious I am of you and Corey.  There always has been that something special between you two.”

“It’s called love and respect.”

“Matt, I’m not going to say I’m sorry for what I did last night or probably tonight.  Actually, I loved it.  Brennan and I both wanted to fuck so we fucked,” Scott said, matter-of-factly.  “Hayden knows how I am and since we really haven’t been together much… you know just like on spring break.”

“You’re a grown man and can do whatever you want.  It’s not me…”

“Surely, Kris has got to feel that big dick…” Scott said diverting away from our conversation.

“I can’t do it even though Corey has practically told me to.  Honestly, I wish I could.”

Scott laughed, “At least, you’re not a complete fool.”

“I just make up for it when Corey and I are together,” I smiled.

“So you ripped him a new one asshole last night just like Brennan did me.”

I laughed, “Fuck yeah I did.  He knew who his boyfriend was last night when I finished fucking his hot ass.”

Scott held out his fist.  “Give me some on that shit!”  We touched fist.  “Matt, between us, I’ve been fucking this girl at home.”

“You have?”

“Yes, I have and have loved it too.  I forgot really how much I’ve missed being with a female.  I don’t guess I’m totally gay like I thought I was but the opportunity was there and I took it, just like here.  Sue me but I enjoy sex with both.”

“Scott, do whatever makes you happy.”

“Oh by the way, I owe you some big ups on talking to Trevor at my house.  He came around and told me about it.”

I smiled, “It was nothing.”

“Well, he’s been so much easier to live with now.  That little act of his was getting old.  I knew that dude wasn’t getting as much dick as he bragged about…”

“He wanted to impress you.”

“All he did was sound more like a whore but who am I to talk?” Scott chuckled.  “Any way, thanks!”

We sat around and continued talking until the others were stirring.  After a night of drinking, no one seemed in too bad of shape or had that appearance.  First order of business was finding anything to eat.  It was weird having a sandwich for breakfast but it was filling.

“Hey Shawn, how was Chase and Tabor last night?” Colt asked.

“Actually no problem…”

“Yeah, they were drunk and just passed out,” Alex joked. “I’m one to talk though.”

“Colt, so what are we doing today?” Brennan asked.

“Well, I was fixing to go grab our four wheelers.  The only problem is we only have three…” Colt said.

“That’s cool.  We’ll take turns,” Corey said.

“I guess,” Colt said.  “I warn ya.  It will be dusty.  I don’t think you can go too far since Gramps has it all fenced in.  I guess after that we can fish or do whatever. Trust me; we have plenty of rods for everyone.”

“Sounds like a day to me,” Kris said.

Soon the sound of four wheelers was heard.  They came riding down with rods in their hand.  The plan was to ride for a while and whoever wasn’t riding could fish.  With a cloud of dust, six were gone including Kris and Colt on one together. 

“Come on Matt, we’re catching some fish,” Corey stated and grabbed my hand.  “I’ll show you all the tricks.”

“I know a little about fishing since I have been a few times,” I said with Shawn and Alex right behind us.

“Hmmm… I never knew that,” Corey said.

We found a nice spot on the bank of the pond.  With lures already attached, it was just casting and reeling.  While doing so, we talked about our summer up-to-date before Shawn felt a strong tug on his line.  He quickly reeled it in with Alex standing close by.  Alex stepped into the shallow water and pulled up a really nice fish.  “Damn, this is one big ass bass,” Alex commented.  “No wonder he was fighting ya.”

Corey and I walked over to take a look.  “Nice one,” Corey commented and patted Shawn’s bare back.  “Now what do we do with it?”

Alex raced up and come running back with a cooler.  He put a little water in it before throwing in the fish. 

Corey was next to catch one but it lacked the size of Shawn’s.  We studied it before releasing it back.  Shawn caught another about the same time as Alex.  I was feeling so left out yet not willing to give up.

“Alright Matt, you’re next,” Shawn said. “I’d say the straight boys are up 3 to 1 at the moment.”

“Your ass is on now!” Corey yelled. 

Next was my turn to reel one in.  It too wanted to fight me and was a keeper.  “3 to 2 now!” I said.

“We’re taking your ass down!” Alex said.  “Ain’t no gay boys beating my ass!”

After a few more tries with nothing, Shawn stood, “I don’t know bout y’all but a good cold beer sounds great.”

“Hell yeah, it does,” Corey said. “Cold beer and fishing go hand in hand.”

Shawn left to grab a cooler.  “You know I was wrong about Shawn at the first.  He’s one cool ass dude,” Alex said.

“Not quite as hyper as some of the others…” Corey said.

“Which is not such a bad thing,” Alex said and spotted Shawn struggling a little with the cooler.  He ran up to help and grabbed one side.

“I figured why not bring a bunch while I was at it,” Shawn commented.

With the count moving back and forth, we were very close when we heard the roar of the four wheelers coming. 

“We win,” Alex said.  “Got ya by one.”

“Hold on, it’s a tie,” I said.

“Oh please!” Shawn said. “You are actually gonna count that little one Corey caught just five minutes ago.”

The four wheelers passed us by on the fly but soon returned.  I couldn’t help but laugh at the six dirt covered guys and notice the dirty four wheelers.

“Now all we need is pool,” Kris said, trying to wipe off the dust and dirt.

Chase pointed at the lake/pond, “There you go, muscle boy!”

Kris shook his head, “No fucking way am I jumping in that thing.”

It was no more out of his mouth than Scott stripped naked and ran naked to jump in the pond.  He emerged in waist deep water.  “Not bad at all.  Feels fucking awesome!”

We were laughing but not stunned by Scott’s action. 

The other five stood looking at each other.  Brennan dropped his shorts and headed to the pond with his big cock swinging. 

“So much for catching anymore fish,” Colt stated and grabbed a beer.

“We have five nice ones,” I said.  “Tabor, you’re welcome to them.”

“After this…” he said and stripped down.  His white ass streaked to the pond and jumped in.

“Damn Kris, we’re getting shown up here.  You too Chase,” Colt said.

“Fuck it!” Chase said.  He lost his shorts and ran to jump in.  Now it seemed it wasn’t so bad with the others enjoying the warm water.

“Hell fire, we used to do it as kids,” Colt said.  “There are the four wheelers.  Have fun.  You can’t get lost with the trails we’ve got.”
He and Kris ran butt ass naked to join the others. 

“Want to?” Corey asked me while we watched them swim.

“After we ride,” I replied.

“Yeah, we’ll be aching to clean off then,” Alex said.  “It does look fun.  Nothing we do surprises me, fucking skinny dipping in a pond.”

Shawn was laughing and shaking his head.  “What a year I’m in for.”

We headed out on the four wheelers for our time.  I was on back with Corey while Alex and Shawn had their own.  Holding on tightly around Corey’s waist was a delight.  It was easy to see just how dusty it was with dirt and dust flying behind us.  The trails were decently worn with a few nice jumps in them.  We were having a blast and trying everything possible.   There was enough land so it wasn’t a quick trip.  Half way through, Corey and I switched.  He knew exactly where to place his hands, down my shorts just as I done to him.  Soon we were left behind.  I stopped to wipe my face.

Corey turned me around for a kiss.  Alone we made out for a few minutes while we had the chance.  I sped back and found the campsite.  Returning, Alex and Brennan were in the water with Chase, Tabor, Scott and Brennan enjoying a little sun on their cute backsides.  With a swift motion, I was running to the water and jumped in it with Corey hot ass in front of me. 

“Hey, we didn’t tell ya but we ran off one huge ass snake,” Scott turned and said after I emerged in the refreshing water.  I nearly shit down both legs until I heard the others laughing.

“I’ll grab him if he comes back again,” Shawn said.

Missing in the group was Kris and Colt.  Turning I got them away from us fishing but without clothes.  It was rather nice skinny dipping and seeing a lot of hot flesh even though my eyes had seen them naked countless times minus Shawn, Chase and Tabor.  We were splashing around and having fun without the worry of the chemicals.  Scott, the water bug, joined us.  It wasn’t that long before we were all in the pond and enjoying so much fun.  The only part you had to be leery of was a steep drop off about 10 feet from the edge.  I found the hard way and took a plunge as did Corey. 

As with my last time camping, time didn’t matter.  Sure there were numerous phones around but even Chase and Tabor had abandoned them for now.  We exited the water not without Kris and Colt wrestling in the water to end the swim. 

“Weird as hell but you know that was awesome,” Alex stated with water dripping off him and his hair wet.  “Skinny dipping is fun.”

“Brings you back to when you were young,” Shawn stated and laughed.

“Oh hell yeah,” Scott said.  “Running naked under a water hose and not a care in the world.”

Kris now recovered from his wrestling with Colt.  “Bet your ass still does that shit.”

Scott laughed, “I wish I could but this is so cool how chill we can be.”

“Yeah… we see each other in the shower,” Colt said. “Chase, you good with this?”

“Is he good? Ha.  He’s happy showing off his big dick,” Tabor said. 

“Beats your little covered thing,” Chase said.

“Gets more pussy than yours,” Tabor said. “I’m a grower and not a shower.”

“Me, too,” Shawn laughed.  His cock was uncut and hairy along with not being very big. “I think I see now what Corey sees in Matt.  Here along I thought it was Corey’s body…”

“He likes big dicks,” Kris said.

“Damn right I do,” Corey stated with me under his arm. 

“Man, y’all are pretty gay,” Tabor stated.

“If you told like it, you know the way home,” Colt said and pointed in the direction of his home.

“I was just saying.  No offense,” Tabor said. “I love hanging with some really chill guys, the gay ones included.”

“Don’t worry the gays won’t attack you,” Colt said. “If they weren’t chill, do you think I’d ever hang with em?”

We were at the tents and drying off.  No one except for Alex and Shawn made an effort to put anything on which was okay by me.  Once they saw we stayed naked they were as well.  It was practically idealistic for me.  We took a break for a little drinking, smoking and dipping.  We sat around with the novelty of our nakedness gone.  It was friends enjoying being around each other.  It was weird and strange but it worked for all of us. 

At the conclusion of the night, Corey and I headed to his tent with the half full moon showing us the way.  “Nudist camp is kind of fun,” he stated.

“It was.  I didn’t see one thing wrong with it.”

“Neither did I,” he said and unzipped the tent to allow us to crawl inside.  “You know now we don’t get to strip each other before having sex.”

“True but we didn’t have to worry about unzipping to take a leak either.  Can you believe Kris took a dump in the woods?”

“Yes, I can,” Corey said.  We lay on top of the sleeping bags with a little cushion underneath.  “Seriously, don’t we have the best friends ever?  I don’t know another group of guys that could sit around naked, drink a little and play games without a hint of a fight.”

“Oh I’m waiting for Kris to blow up again…”

“He’s never done that though with a few in him.”

“We are very very lucky with me being the luckiest one of all.  I scored the best one.”

We talked longer than normal before getting frisky with each other.  Tonight I was determined to bottom for him.  It was nice though that we were versatile.  After swapping great blow jobs, my ass was high in the air.  I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his thick cock filling and stretching my ass.  With his hot cock fucking me, I was swimming in pleasure and moaning with each push.  We switched to me on my back.  He slowed the tempo and made great love to my ass.  We kissed countless times with his cock going deep in me.  It was so hot both figuratively and literally but a little sweat didn’t stop us from enjoying another great fuck.  As the night before, one time wasn’t enough for us.  As much as he wanted fucked, I wanted fucked again.  It was very slow and methodical with our hands all over each other.  We were in no hurry and enjoyed the feeling as long as we could.

Once our sex ended, I was very satisfied even though my ass felt empty.  We kissed forever before falling asleep with me petting his face and shoulders.

Strange but Corey was awake before I was the next morning, Sunday, the Fourth.  Our morning breath didn’t matter while we shared a kiss.  We threw on shorts in case the others did.  We exited our tent, did our thing and found Scott and Shawn sitting and talking in their shorts.  We joined them until the others began stirring. 

Rather than have stale sandwiches, Kris, Colt and I headed into the small town to find real food since it was near 11. 

Once in Colt’s truck, Kris spoke, “Colt’s been on edge and knew one of us would spill the beans he’s fucked around with guys in front of his brother.”

“Well… hell yeah I have…”

“It’s really something that doesn’t need to talked about in front of him.  Actually having him and Tabor has kept it from that,” I said.

“Does Shawn know?” Kris asked.

“I don’t know if he does or not.   However, he might need to know just so we don’t shock his system,” I said.

“Hot damn!” Kris screamed out of nowhere.  “Colt, turn around.  We need fireworks for tonight.  Bottle rocket wars will be the shit!”

I noticed the fireworks stand along the side of the road. 

“Yes, we do!” Colt said.  He found the first place to turn around and we were back at the stand.  We jumped out with Kris keeping his pledge for no shirt.  In this area, it didn’t seem so out of place.  Barely out of the truck, we were getting the eye from two girls.  I think they got the eye as well.

“Colt, where’s Chase?” one asked.

“Oh he’s been camping with us,” Colt replied. “Allison, I’ll tell him he asked about you.”

The two smiled with Kris poking Colt and whispering.  We found what we needed which was mostly bottle rockets along with a few others for the night.  Buying those I could envision danger on the horizon with someone losing an eye. 

After purchasing our food, we headed back with Kris sampling the fries.  We were welcomed back with big smiles for we were all hungry.  To make things simple, all the burgers were the same.  Thus, we had to toss what condiments we didn’t care for.  Eating Colt told his brother someone had asked about him.  It didn’t take long after finishing before Chase and Tabor said goodbye and left us to go be with their friends.

“Thank God, they are gone,” Colt commented once his brother had left.

“Why?” Kris asked. “They weren’t hurting a thing.”

“I know that but damn… you’d think they’d rather be off with their friends instead of hanging with me and mine,” Colt stated.

“Colt, he really looks up to you,” Shawn said.  “You’re the shit to him.”

“Yeah, I guess but still.  How would you like your little brother hanging with you?”

“Bout the same as I did at my house,” Scott said. “He’s way better than Trevor.”

“I’d give the world to hang with my brother.  I wish he was still here so I could,” Kris said.

I was shocked to hear Kris mention Nathan so openly.  “I didn’t know you had a brother,” Alex said.

“I did but he was killed in a car wreck when I was younger.  I miss him so much,” Kris said.  “I am who I am today because of him.  I know I’ve never said much about him but my parents and I said he’d be ashamed with the way we’ve treated his death…”

“No he wouldn’t,” I said.

“Yes Matt, he would.  Finally we have old pictures back in the house of him.”

“Hmmm… I guess I should… or we all should appreciate our brothers and sisters.  Sure they can be a pain in the ass at times,” Brennan said. “Kris, I’m sorry.”

“Thanks Brennan,” Kris said quietly.  “Enough serious shit!  I didn’t come here for y’all to listen to my troubles.  Being it is hot as fuck out here, I’d say we hit the swimming hole and have a ball like we did yesterday.  Tonight, the war is on!”

“Damn right it is,” Colt smiled. “I can’t wait to fire bottle rockets at your punk ass.”

The eight of us lost our shorts and shirts to head to the pond.  It felt great as usual.  We horse played for a little with Corey and Shawn taking me under, swam but Scott was too fast and generally had a blast.  Corey and I lay out next to each other but away from the rest once we were out. 

It was peaceful with a few having the last of what I thought was plenty of beer.  Corey and I were quietly talking until I heard a loud pop. 

“Motherfucker!” Kris screamed with Brennan standing near him with a towel.  Kris jumped to his feet and got in Brennan’s face. “Motherfucker, I’m gonna fuck your ass up!”

Corey and I were running while the other stood around.

“Like I really give a fuck!” Brennan said. “That was for all the shit you did to me in the water.”

“Fuck you, Brennan!  Go fuck Scott some more!”

“Fuck you asshole!  I bet you like Colt’s fucking dick up your ass!”

Kris jumped and had Brennan on the ground with his hands on Brennan’s throat.  Corey and Colt jumped into action.

“Kris, stop it!” I screamed.

Corey and Colt pulled Kris off Brennan.  “He fucking started it,” Kris said with Colt and Corey holding his arms.

“Oh fuck no, you did!” Brennan said getting up.

“Goddammit Kris, you both fucking started it!” Colt screamed.  “Why the fuck do you always wanna fight someone?”

“Dude, let me slap your bare ass with a wet towel,” Kris said, restrained.  “Let go of me!”

“Don’t,” I said. “He’ll cool off in a second.  Kris, you should be ashamed of yourself.  How many times have you slapped Colt and the rest of us with a towel?  I think I saw you dunking Brennan under the water more than once.”

Kris dropped his head and eased his naked body.  They let go of him.  He quietly walked away and went to sit by the tents.  I followed him there and sat down next to him.  He sat staring in the distance.  “Why Matt?  Why can’t I control my goddamn temper?”

Brennan and Scott came walking up while the others were huddled at the pond.  “Give him a few more minutes,” I said to the two.

“I was going to say I was sorry,” Brennan said.

Kris sat motionless and continued to stare into space. The two began walking away after complete silence.  “Brennan, I’m sorry too.”

“Is it over now?” I asked.

“Yes, it is.  Matt, you are so right.  Now I’m embarrassed.  I acted like a complete fool and said shit I shouldn’t have.  Come on, I need to show I’m a real man.”  Kris stood and wiped off his ass as I did.  We walked down to the others.  Kris grabbed Brennan by the arm and gave him the biggest hug with skin popping as they slapped each other’s backs. 

“Alright, now that the volcano has erupted, are we back to normal?” Colt asked.

Kris smiled, “Yes, I’m sorry for what I did.  I should have expected payback.”  Kris grabbed Brennan around the shoulders and kissed his cheek.  “I love you, man.  Hell, I love all y’all.  You’re my life.  Excuse me that I have a temper…”

“Yeah, no shit,” Alex said.

“Whew, I was worried there for a second,” Shawn said. “Remind me never to piss Kris off.”

“The dude is strong as hell,” Brennan said.  “I thought I could move him but there was no fucking way.  Kris, I’m sorry what I said about you and Colt.”

“I’m sorry what I said too,” Kris said. “Ummm… Shawn so you know, you’re looking at a bunch of guys who have experienced gay sex.”

Shawn’s face told the story.  “Damn!”

“You needed to know since you are rooming with us.  Have a seat and let us fill you in…” I said.  The others told their story about Spring Break.

“We aren’t telling you this to convenience you to try it.  As you see, we’re very open with each other,” Kris said.

“Thank God for that.  Nothing wrong with it by the way I see it but it’s not my thing,” Shawn said.

“You never know,” Kris said.

“It’s not,” Shawn emphasized.

After the story and talking, we were back in the water and back to normal.  Nudist camp ended with all of us donning shorts to fish for a little while.  With very little open, we did have to resort to sandwiches to eat that night. 

Just before dark, the bottle rocket wars commenced with the intent not to harm each other if possible.  It was each man for himself in this game with each having the same number.  The first one that popped near me caught me off guard which it shouldn’t have.  My first one was thrown near Kris and popped above his head.  Watching my first toss, one exploded near my feet.  I looked to see Corey laughing so he got the same treatment but mine went way in front of him.  It was nothing but bursting bottle rockets for the next however long. 

Once empty, we gathered back to assess things.  Corey had burnt his finger lighting one while Alex took one off the back that left a little burn.  Scott ended up the worst with a busting knee trying to run away from one.  In all, we escaped with no real harm.  Next was lighting the rest of the fireworks and watching each one explode.   We got a few duds in the mix.  We had really a great time in celebrating the holiday.

Corey and I fucked again in his tent after we split up for the night.  We had made up for time spent away from each other by fucking each other as often as we could or wanted to.  We knew we’d miss sucking each other’s cocks and getting fucked but also knew the fall semester was just around the corner.  We even started out the next morning having a nice heated goodbye fuck just as we had done at my house two weeks ago.  Before showing our faces, we decided to definitely meet up near his house one weekend alone in his tent.  We could do whatever we wanted and could be alone without having the others around. 

Shortly, we were taking down the tents before it got too blazing hot.  Kris had successfully gone the entire trip without a shirt but he wasn’t alone.  I don’t recall Corey, Colt, Alex or Scott donning one either.  With all the sun, we each had one hell of a tan with Scott almost black and now fading tan lines into a hot overall tan. 

Saying goodbye to our friends was always hard.  It was nice to see Brennan and Kris embrace before we headed out.  The worst part was watching Corey drive away from me.

Kris patted me on the back, “Did you get enough of that ass this weekend?”

I turned and smiled, “Actually I did.  It was a great weekend.”

We drove off waving goodbye to Colt and Chase, who was home but stayed in the air conditioned house.  “We always have a fucking blast.  We didn’t do what I call a bunch but damn was it fun,” Kris commented driving away.

“Minus one little incident.”

“I showed my ass again as always,” Kris said, shaking his head. “We all bared a little skin, huh?”

“We did do that.”

“Actually it was so tight.  Once I got used to it, it was no biggie.  Hell, I could do that again,” Kris said. “I know you loved it.”

“I did.  Admit our friends are hot as hell,” I said.

“Our friends are really hot!” Kris yelled. “Fuck yeah, we’re all fucking hot!”


“I can’t wait until August if not before.  You know we have to get together before then and do this shit all over again,” Kris said.

“May we can one weekend.”

“No maybe to it.  We have to get together before the fall begins.  I miss my buds,” Kris stated.


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