Posted:  July 10, 2011

Riding with Kris to Colt’s for our next big get together was an adventure all in
itself with his crazy driving and not paying attention.  Even though we talked a lot
and saw each other often, his stories kept me entertained for the two hour trip.  He
always was scheming something and as usual meeting new people left and right.  We
arrived at Colt’s about six or thereafter to see cars there.  One I knew too well
and got excited. 

After parking his new SUV, we headed to the door but didn’t get an answer.  We knew
beforehand Colt’s parents had left for the weekend on a small vacation to leave let
us have free reign of the land.  We walked around to the back and saw smoke.  We let
our noses lead the way until coming up a clearing near a lake.  We had to be at
least 150 yards away from Colt’s house.   We saw Colt, Corey, Alex, Brennan and
Scott plus Colt’s younger brother and what I guessed was his friend.  They were
sitting around and enjoying an early cold one.

“You’re late,” Colt said, sitting in a chair.

“We’re not fucking late,” Kris stated.

Corey came walking up to me and kissed me.  His lips felt great as usual.  Our kiss
was long and noisy until we heard, “Matt, go fuck him now and get it over with,”
Colt said.

Everyone laughed.  “We might do that,” Corey said, holding me close.

“Chase, you’ll have to excuse the two lover boys there,” Colt said to his brother. 
“Oh this is his friend Tabor by the way.”

“Colt, are you sure they need to be here?” Kris asked.

“I couldn’t run his ass off if I tried,” Colt said.  “Hell, last weekend he’s the
one that got me drunk.”

Chase smiled, “I did.  It was so funny.  He pissed all in his shorts and down his
leg.”  No doubt Chase was happy to be among us.  If nothing else, his and his
friend’s presence might detour a few of our conversations.

We laughed.  “You don’t have to tell everything.”

“Yes we do,” Tabor stated. “You’d do the same shit to us.”

“So… you two came empty handed I see and expected us to supply everything,” Scott

“Nah, we’ve got it in my ride.  Hey, you need to check it out.  My old piece of shit
bit the dust,” Kris said.

“You got a new piece of shit,” Colt joked.

Kris flipped him the bird while he, Corey and I walked to unload our belongings.  We
carried what little we had since Colt said he’d have most everything we needed. 

We sat around and caught up on everything with each other until hearing a stirring
in the woods.  I turned to see Shawn walking in our direction carrying a tent and

“You made it,” I said and stood.

“Great directions,” he said to me.  We introduced him to Colt’s brother and friend
before he and Kris went off to help bring the rest of his stuff.

“I had no idea he was coming,” Brennan said.

“Hey, he is rooming with our asses this fall,” Scott said.

“I know that,” Brennan said.

“So who is the other one?  By my count, we have eleven,” Colt said with me counting
the same number. 

“Oh hell, I meant to call y’all,” Alex laughed. “My friend or should I say Justin’s
friend Drew is taking that spot.”

“Thanks for telling us,” Colt said.

“What do you fucking care?  He’s in my room,” Alex said in defense. “He’s cool and
will hopefully fit right in with us.”

We hope,” Brennan commented.

“Yeah, I’m with Shawn, Bryson and Garrett,” Scott said.

“Scott, where’s Hayden at this weekend?  And Garrett and Bryson?” I asked.

“First Hayden is tied down doing family shit.   You know them.  Garrett is working
or so he says. I think Bryson is gone with his brother on some trip,” Scott replied.

“He’s too good for us now,” Alex stated.

“Nah, something about going to California for the week to see one of his brother’s
friends,” Scott stated.

Chase and Tabor stood. Both Chase and his friend were cute as hell.  Tabor had his
dark blond hair combed to his face and looked to have a nice body.  Chase was a
little thinner and had let his brown hair grow out to where it was curling up on the
end. “We’re goin’ fishin’.  Anyone else wanna join us?” Chase asked in his country

“Matt, you want to?” Corey asked me.

“Not really since I just got here.  You can go,” I said.

“Wait up and I’ll join ya,” Corey said to them.

The three were walking away when Kris and Shawn returned with his stuff. 

“Where are they off to?” Kris asked.

“You think maybe fishing,” Shawn said. “They had poles in their hand.”

“Wise ass!” Kris said and slapped Shawn on back of the head.   Shawn laughed and
unloaded his things in a cleared off spot.  By the looks of things, Colt had done
some work to clear off us an area.  It was rather shady on the perimeter with a nice
open spot towards the lake.

I was grabbing my first one of the night and saw Scott and Brennan helping Shawn
assemble what appeared to be a large tent. I would have but I would have been in the
way plus it seemed they were making it fine without me being in the way.

“Damn Shawn, were you expecting all of us to stay in there?” Colt yelled.

“Nah, it was all we had.  Beats sleeping on the ground in case it rains,” Shawn
yelled back.

“Dude, it hasn’t rained all summer here and better not this weekend,” Colt stated. 
He reached for his can with Kris holding out his hand.  “Dude, you better have
brought your fuckin own.”

“I was just messing with you.  I brought five cans,” Kris said and grabbed his out
of his shorts.  “I’m seriously gonna kill ya.  This shit is addictive… holy shit
Shawn!  All of us could stay in there.”

I laughed and did see the large tent assembled.  Shawn laughed, walked back to us,
grabbed a beer and took a seat.  “Y’all don’t know how much I appreciate you letting
me come…”

“Don’t thank us.  Thank Matt,” Colt said.

“Anyway, I can’t tell y’all how much I’m looking forward to being around all of you
this year.  It’ll be so much fun.”

“Damn right it will,” Kris said.  We raised our cans with Kris and Colt raising
their Skoal cans for a toast. 

Seated where I was, I saw Chase running up and was laughing.  “Dudes, y’all need to
check this shit out.  Corey dove in the lake after Tabor’s dumbass let his pole slip
out of his hand and go straight in the pond.”

It was no more out of his mouth until I saw Corey walking towards us soaking wet in
his boxers.  Tabor was right behind him laughing and holding his rod. 

“I’m gonna shot these two,” Corey said and shook the water from his head.  I found a
towel and handed it to him.

“Why on earth did you dive in?” I asked Corey while drying him off.

“Oh Tabor was being a cussing up a blue streak since he threw his hundred dollar rod
and reel in the water.  Someone had to go get it.  Actually the water felt pretty
good though.”

“You know for a gay dude, you’re cool,” Tabor said to Corey. “You’re not a fag like
the other gay dudes I know.”

Corey got some dry clothes on and headed back with them.  By their talk, the fish
were biting but they had yet to reel one in. 

Colt was adding more logs to fire so we cook some hot dogs and roast marshmallows as
he put it.  Kris rose up his arms and came out of his shirt.  “Damn Colt, it’s
fucking hot enough as it is.”

“Pay up, fuckers!” Scott laughed. “I won the bet.  Forty two minutes.  I’m the

What the hell?” Kris asked mystified.

Colt and the rest were laughing.  “We had a bet how long it take before you came out
of your shirt.  I said five minutes.”

“Hell, I said when you walked up,” Alex laughed.

“For that shit that’s the last time my ass is wearing a shirt,” Kris said.

“That’s no surprise,” Brennan laughed. “I’m glad you did I was sweating balls over
here.  We said we’d keep ours on til you got out of yours.”

“What a bunch of clowns I have for friends,” Kris stated.

“You love us though,” Colt said, smiling.

It wasn’t long til we were all out of our shirts.  Scott was dark as ever but had a
good excuse having a pool.  Brennan was dark as well but none of us were ghostly
white.   We continued to sit around and drink.  I was really conscience of how much
I was drinking and didn’t want another episode like I had at Scott’s.  Of course,
the ones who weren’t there got to hear all about how drunk I was.  We were laughing
and carrying on when Corey and the two others came up.  Chase was holding two nice
size fish while Tabor had three. 

“Corey, you didn’t catch any?” I asked.

Chase smiled with Corey holding up one finger.  Chase commented, “I’m the one that
didn’t catch any.”

“My ass schooled these dudes on fishing,” Tabor proudly stated.  “Chase, get me a
beer. I’m about to choke over here.”

“I’m surprised Tabor could catch a thing.  He was on that phone almost the entire
time…” Corey said.

“Caught my biggest one while texting my girl,” Tabor said taking the beer from
Chase.  He nearly downed it in one drink.  He let out a huge belch after drinking. 
“This is some good shit.”

“How the hell would you know?” Kris asked.

“Dude, get real.  What else is there to do round here other than drink beer, hunt a
little, fish and chase women?” Tabor replied and started ditching his tee.  He did
have a nice teen body with some defined pecs and tight six pack.  Chase, on the
other hand, was thinner with a few moles here and there.

“He has a good point.  There’s not shit to do round here really,” Colt added.

“I get the beer drinking.  I can see this dude chasing women probably cause they’re
running from his ass,” Kris joked.

“Dude, I get more pussy than Chase here ever dreams about.  Ain’t that right,
Chase?” Tabor stated.

“Nasty ass pussy I wouldn’t touch with Colt’s dick,” Chase said with a big cute
smile. “Y’all should see the girls he gets with.  I swear he goes to the trailer
park by the tracks and gets the nasty ones he can find.”

“Man, you’re jealous cause all you ever do is jack off,” Tabor said.

“Nothing wrong with that,” Brennan stated.

I was laughing as well and could see Shawn shaking his head.

“So when we getting sum food up in here?” Chase asked.

“Yeah,” Alex said. “I’m hungry as hell.”

Colt headed to his house with Kris and returned with a lot of hot dogs plus all the
fixings.  I cringed knowing we would have to cook them on the end of a nasty branch
but actually they were awesome.  Not too much was said with us eating.

Darkness soon fell on us shortly after we ate.  Beer was being drunk and Skoal was
being dipped all around with Tabor taking a big dip in his lip. The fire and a
couple of lanterns provided plenty of light for us.

“Alex, we haven’t heard a word about Elise since you got here,” Colt stated.

“What’s there to tell?  I see her when I can,” Alex stated. “How about you?  Have
you found a girl?”

“No, I haven’t,” Colt replied.

“Liar.  You’ve been messing around with that Katie girl,” Chase chimed in.

Colt whipped his head around, “How the hell did you know?”

“I saw you two the other night,” Tabor said.  “Dude, this is a small town in case
you forgot.”

“So are you getting any?” Kris asked.

“When I can, I am,” Colt replied smoothly.  “You know how it is?  Are you?”

“Matter of fact, I am…”

“We weren’t talking about Matt either,” Alex joked.

“Fuck you then,” Kris said.  “Got some last weekend and Tuesday night for your

That was all news to me but then again I did know Kris enjoyed embellishing his
stories or tell flat out lies to sound good. 

“Shawn, are you still seeing Terra?” Colt asked.

“Like Alex, when I can,” he replied and seemed to be taking this all in. 

“Then what the fuck are you doing here?” Scott joked.

Shawn shrugged his shoulders, “Matt gave out the invite so I figured she could make
one weekend without me.”

All the while, I could see Chase and Tabor taking in every word we said. 
I was hugged up against Corey while we both weren’t downing them like some of the
others.   Scott stood and pulled out his bag from his jeans. 

“The man has come through again,” Brennan stated.

“Scott, do you smoke weed all the time?” Kris asked.

“Not all the time but I do smoke more now than I did at college.  It relaxes me
being around the family all the time,” he replied.  He fired up the joint he had

Tabor was waiting with his hand extended.  He took a big hit and passed to Chase. 
“Yeah, we smoke a bunch of fucking weed, too,” he giggled.

“Chase, I had no idea you smoked,” Colt stated.

“There’s a bunch of shit I do you don’t know about,” Chase said and took a hit. 
“Dude, this shit is fire!”

Scott took the joint for another hit.  He held out.  “Shawn, you wanna hit this

Shawn grabbed the joint, “I guess so.  I haven’t smoked trees since high school.” He
inhaled.  “My buddies and I used to get really fucked up just like this.  The thing
was my buddies were damn whiskey drinkers.  We have a big ass bottle of Jack and a
few joints and just fucking jam to some country music.”

“Fuck yeah, dude!” Colt said. “Sounds like you grew up here except we’d drink the
shit out of some Vodka.”

It wasn’t long until Scott had to break out another joint with most of us taking a
hit, me included.  Between the weed and alcohol some wild stories began flowing now
in complete darkness.  We shared some of our favorite college times as well.

“Damn,” Tabor commented, leaned back and enjoying this. “Chase, we’re gonna fucking
kill college.  I can see nobody gained the freshman fifteen like I’ve heard.  What’s
the secret?”

Kris stood, “I tell ya the secret, my boy.  It’s not sitting on your fucking ass all
day and talking on that phone.  You have to be motivated.  Ain’t that right?”

“Kris, sit your drunk ass down before you fall,” Colt said.

“I’ll will after I take a piss.  Anyone wanna hold it for me?” Kris said.  Kris
turned and was about to piss where he was sitting. 

“Shit dude, go in the woods or something,” Alex said.

I could see Kris needed assistance, so I moved him around.

“I’ll tell you the secret,” Shawn said.  “Kris makes them go.”

“Damn right he does,” Alex said. “Got the shit to prove it too.”  He flexed his arm
with a beer in his hand.

“Dude that ain’t shit,” Tabor said and flexed his arms. “Bam!”

“Stop it.  You said you wouldn’t embarrass me,” Chase said.

“Fuck it, Chase.  We’re just having a little fun,” Tabor said.

Kris turned around and had to display all his muscles, “You ain’t got shit!”

“Yeah Kris we know.  Corey, you’re next,” Colt said.

“I’m good,” Corey said.

“Next year, you two dudes can come up any time,” Kris said.

“Oh thanks a lot,” Colt said. “Just what I need me little brother there every time I
turn around at college.”

“Really?  We’ll do it,” Chase said with excitement.  “Ain’t that right, Tabor?”

“Well hell yeah!  We’ll come for a game sometime,” Tabor sounding just as excited.

“Come on then,” Scott said. “The thing is you better be cool with gay guys.  Are

“Ummm… I guess,” Chase replied.  “Never been around them much.”

“Me either.  The way I see it most are just damn fucking cocksuckers,” Tabor stated.

“That’s the last time you hit any of my shit,” Scott said. “Corey and Matt aren’t
the only gay guys here.  I am and have a boyfriend.”

“No way, you’re gay!” Tabor said. “Now I can see Matt is with those piercings but
not you, Scott.”

“You better watch your mouth.  You never know who you could offend around here,”
Kris stated.

“It’s just we’ve never been around real gay guys…”

“Our gays aren’t your stereotypical gays like portrayed on TV.   Sure Matt and Corey
kiss and hug up on each other.  You said earlier Corey was cool,” Alex stated.

We talked with them a little.  Sure there were the innuendos about their famous
spring break night but nothing major.  The last thing Chase needed to hear and know
was about his brother.  Colt too had something Chase didn’t really need to know.  
As the night progressed, no one was really crazy drunk and showing their ass.  Tipsy
and feeling good might be the word.  One thing I did notice was Chase and Tabor
didn’t stay on the phone like they began doing.

Once the fire was extinguished, we separated.  Originally Chase and Tabor were going
to the empty house but Shawn said he had plenty of room if they cared to stay.  It
didn’t take much for both to agree to stay here with us.  Corey and I walked to his
tent and got inside.  Corey intentionally set the tent up away from the others to
allow our privacy.  The musky smell was still lingering once we entered.  Quickly, I
was on top of Corey and getting lots of lip and tongue.  My hands were running
through his hair while his hands were on my ass. 

ZIP!  I turned around to hear someone invading our private moment.  “Sorry to bother
you but ya’ll didn’t happen to bring any condoms, did ya?”

“Sorry Scott, we didn’t,” Corey replied while I was still startled.

“I didn’t think so but I thought I’d ask,” he said. “I’ll let you two get back to
business.  Sorry for interrupting.”  He zipped back up our tent.

I sat dazed until Corey’s lips hit my neck.  “Don’t worry about it.”

“I’m not,” I said quietly.

“You can say you’re not but I know you are.  Scott’s a grown guy…”

“I know,” I said. 

“I don’t really agree especially out here but there’s nothing either of us can do,”
Corey said. “Now, I want Matt’s loving like I crave.  I miss you so much.  Don’t let
that spoil our night together.”

I kissed him, “I miss you too much to let it.”

He reached over and began pulling at my shorts.  With my help, my shorts and boxers
were off and thrown in a corner.  Much to my dismay, he got of his shorts and boxers
without my assistance.  Naked, we kissed with our hands roaming all over our bodies.

“Fucking love you to death,” he stated and moved to my neck.  After my shoulders, he
concentrated on my nipples, taking each one and sucking them.  His wet tongue slid
down the crease of my abs until finding my cock, which was semi-erect.  With his
hand cupping my nuts, he began licking and mouthing my cock until I was sporting a
strong hard eight inches.  “Best fucking dick there is,” he said.  Covering his
teeth, he went down on me with using his tongue on my underside. 

OOO Corey,” I moaned.  “Feels so fucking good!”  I could feel him sucking my cock
while my head was thrown back and loving it.  My hands were resting on his head but
not forcing.  I looked down to see a vast majority of my cock buried his mouth. 
Soft moans escaped my mouth.  I glanced down to see his nose against my trimmed
pubes.  “OOOO fuck!”

He pulled off.  “Fuck yeah, I deepthroated that big motherfucker.”  He kissed me
hard as ever.  His mouth bolted off mine and back to my cock.  It didn’t take long
until I realized I was experiencing the best blowjob of my life.  Something about
this tent did it for us. 

I pulled him off for one long kiss with precum stringing from his mouth. 

“Don’t suck me.  I need fucked!” Corey said. “Your cock is wet as ever.”

“I know.  That was the best ever!” I said and kissed him again.  He rubbed our cocks
together.   I broke our kiss and moved down his body.  He deserved to be worshipped
so I delivered with great joy and passion.  His thick veiny cut cock did find my
mouth in the process while a finger was rammed up his ass.  Moving off his cock, I
threw up his legs and guided my hard cock to his hole.  He opened up and allowed me
inside him.  We both gasped at the incredible feeling of initial penetration.  I
slipped out, grabbed some lube to make it easier and reentered him with his knees
near his face.  His face showed a little pain but once it faded his legs wrapped
around my body.   He pulled me down for a kiss.

“OOO Matt, fuck me… OOO just fuck me… I need to be fucked!”

“OOO Corey, I love you and fucking your blazing hot ass…”

“I love your hot fucking big dick deep in me!”

“OOO Corey, I love fucking you so much!”

“Keep fucking that ass…” he moaned.  I thrust.  “OOO fuck yeah”  Another push.  “OOO
baby yes… feels so fucking good deep in my ass!”

“Your ass is so fucking tight.  I love my big dick deep in you.”

We continued to spew out the nasty dirty talk with sweat running down my face and
his.  Our talk was turning me on so much.  I kept fucking him and reached to grab
his rock hard cock. 

“OOO Corey, I’m about to fucking explode,” I groaned.

“Hold on… fucking nut with me… better yet, feed me that hot nut!”

I eased out and moved to stick my hard dripping cock at his lips.  I had moved to
take his cock as well.  His lips hit my cock.  “OOOO fuck!” I screamed and exploded. 

Almost at the same time with cock pumping cum in him, he began to explode.  The
first shot hit my lips before I could cover his pumping member with my mouth. 

Spent yet fulfilled, we lay beside each other in our bliss. 

“Damn!” he said.

“I know,” I stated.

“This seeing each other every two weeks makes our first time back together hot!”

“Tell me about it,” I said.


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