Posted:   July 4, 2011

I wasn’t quite sure who it was behind the dark shades and brown beard along with longish hair.  He pulled up his shades and then I knew it was Jess.  Now I was so stunned to see him show up at Scott’s house of all people in this world.

“I see the party’s started without me,” Jess said.

That’s when Kris fully realized who it was.  He stumbled getting out of his chair.  He grabbed Jess for a big hug.  Colt and Bryson shook his hand.  Corey and I gave him a hug as well. 

“Glad you could make it,” Scott said before embracing Jess.

“Hell, I had to once the invite was given,” Jess stated.  “So how is everyone?  Did you miss me?  Scott’s being keeping me informed on how things went.”

“Dude that is true forgiveness right there if there ever was in my book,” Colt said, holding with a dip in mouth.

“I’ll say,” Corey stated with Jess hugging Hayden. 

Once we finished, Kris introduced Tanner while Scott introduced Trevor and Landon.  Kris handed Jess a beer to make him feel like one of the group even though Jess said he had a ton out in his car for us to enjoy.  He came out of his shirt to show he had not gained an ounce since leaving us.  He was all smiles and the Jess I remembered. 

“So what have you been doing with yourself?” Kris asked.

“Ah, working with my uncle doing odd jobs and getting my shit together.  I start summer school Tuesday,” Jess replied.

“That’s great,” I said.

We had to fill Tanner in on what had happened between Jess and Scott while leaving out the sexual undertone to the story with Trevor all ears.  Jess was still very apologetic about it.  He said Scott had helped so much and showed no hard feelings towards him.

“Dude, I’d still be pissed no matter what, eh,” Tanner said.

“Hey, it is over with now,” Scott stated. 

“The most forgiving guy I’ve ever encountered.  If that had been me, I’d never speak to that person again.  Scott, I’ve told you so many times how really grateful I am.  I fucked up.  Not a day goes by I wish I’d manned up about it.  I took the chicken shit road instead,” Jess stated.

“Forget about it,” Scott said.  “We’re here to have a great time since most of us are back together. Let’s enjoy it while we can.”

“I damn sure have to come visit y’all next year,” Tanner stated.

“I told you,” Kris laughed.

“Yeah, like once,” Tanner laughed as well.

Trevor and Landon stood and went inside.  We headed to the pool with Jess having his board shorts on underneath his shorts.  We had the best time with lots of innocent horse play.  It was all of us enjoying being back around each other even though it was just two weeks since we were back together.

With liquids mostly beer flowing through my body, I headed inside in search of a bathroom.  Opening the door, I saw Trevor and Landon kissing on the couch.  Trevor spotted me and quickly moved.

“Sorry, dude,” Trevor said.

“Sorry?  Sorry for what?” I asked. “I saw two guys kissing.  There’s nothing wrong with that.”

Trevor smiled while Landon was red with embarrassment.  “See I told you no one cared,” Trevor said.

“You really don’t?” Landon asked quietly with his head lowered and his dark bangs hanging down.

“No, not at all, Landon.  I thought it was sweet,” I said and headed to find the bathroom.   Trevor saw me looking and pointed up the stairs in the split-level home.  I finished and returned with Trevor’s arm around Landon.  Both were so cute together.

“Ummm… Matt, can we ask you something real quick?” Trevor asked.

“Sure, what is it?” I said.

“Not a word of this to Scott but we were wondering what it’s really like to have sex?” Trevor asked me straight faced and serious.

I took a seat.  “If you are with someone you really love, then it’s the bomb. There’s that real sense of connection along with another level of love for that person.”

“I told you it would be awesome,” Trevor said to Landon.  He turned to me, “We’re scared.”

“Shitless,” Landon said.

“Between us gay guys, only do it when you’re both ready and able to handle the emotions of it,” I stated.

“What do you mean?” Trevor asked.

“For me, there are great emotions afterwards.  You feel or at least I do feel that attachment afterwards. Some can do it and walk away but that’s me.  You may be different but I don’t think so after seeing you kiss.”

“So after you bust that nut you feel attached or is it just when you have… you know?” Trevor stated.

“For me, it is after you’ve fucked,” I stated.

“I’d love to see you and your hot boyfriend fuck!” Landon spoke up.

“Matt, does it hurt when Corey fucks you?” Trevor asked.

I laughed at their bold questions.  “It does the first time.  Use lots of lube and be so gentle along with being very relaxed.  Lots of foreplay such as petting, kissing and sucking will really set you on fire.  The goal is never to inflict pain on the other.  Sex should be enjoyable for both… this is really weird but I guess I rather you hear from me than anyone else, I suppose.”

“Yeah dude, I can’t ask Scott,” Trevor said.

“Thanks, you’re cool,” Landon said.  “And hot, too.”

I stood and smiled, “Thanks!  You’re both hot too.  See ya around.”

I headed out to the door and was passed by Colt.  I knew his reason and pointed to the bathroom.  I joined back in the group while we sat around and took in the sun with Jess and Tanner enjoying a cigarette.  With the beer flowing through us, the trips inside became more frequent.  We moved inside for a while.   Soon, the video game challenge was on.  It added to our enjoyment while we, me included, continued to down the cold suds.  Usually I hate beer but once the first one was down, the taste didn’t matter.  Rather than have Scott cook again, we decided to order pizza from the cheapest place that delivered. 

Once the pizza was ordered and money was in place, Scott suggested we head out back for a few minutes.  It was no secret what Scott was about to do.  He produced the fattest blunt and lit it. 

“This is my boy right here,” Tanner stated with his arm around Scott.  He was handed the blunt and took a hit.  “Good shit here!”

Jess took the next few hits before handing it to Corey.  Corey took a hit and grabbed me.  He shotgunned the smoke into my mouth which lead to a long kiss.  The blunt continued its way around with Kris and Colt passing.

“What about us?” Trevor spoke up and had been watching us.

Scott pushed the blunt at his brother.  “Don’t you dare…”

“Bro, do I look that stupid?” Trevor asked.  He took his hit.

“Scott, I’d say this wasn’t his first hit,” Kris laughed.

Trevor passed it to Landon.  Landon took a big hit and held the blunt.  He took another hit.

“Motherfucker, don’t bogart that shit.  Pass it!” Scott said to Landon.

Once the blunt was finished, we waited and were eager to eat.  It was a race to the door when the doorbell rang.  Kris paid the guy and carried in the pizzas for us to devour.  We grabbed a fresh beer, a piece of pizza and took a seat. 

“Damn Trevor!” Scott yelled with Trevor holding two beers in his hand.

“I need something to drink,” Trevor said.

We busted out laughing.  “Go easy on him, Scott.  I know he’s your brother but hell we remember the days when snatching beer was fun,” Kris stated. 

Swapping beer and getting drunk the first time stories dominated our conversation while the pizza was being eaten.  Being guys a few loud belches were heard with the combination of pizza and beer.

“This is the life right here,” Tanner stated, holding his beer and pizza.  “You guys are a fucking blast, eh!”

“One more time bitch…” Kris said before being interrupted.

“You don’t have to worry your bowed up ass, Kris.  I’ll crash your dorm for sure this fall,” Tanner stated.

We finished off the pizza and finished more beer.  By now, I had lost count of the number I had downed and was beginning to feel the effects. With darkness about to set in and being around 8ish, Kris suggested we head back out for another swim.  Kris raced to the diving board and was lucky not to bust his head. 

“Hold on a sec, I wanna see this shit,” Tanner said with Kris ready to dive in.  “Take a good running start.”

Kris backed up to the end of the board.  Tanner reached up and pulled Kris’s board shorts down to his ankles.  He ran back, laughing.

“Tanner, you got the guy who doesn’t give a fuck,” I said.

“Yeah Kris loves to show his shit,” Bryson stated with Kris getting out of his shorts and diving in naked. 

Kris emerged and wiped the water from his tan face.  “Thanks Tanner that felt so fucking good!  Anyone else gonna skinny dip with me?”

“I will,” I said and dropped my shorts. 

Corey grabbed me by the arm, “Matt, you’re drunk.”

“I know I am and I’m gonna enjoy this,” I said and dove off the edge.  I swam up to Kris. I looked around to see shorts and Speedos coming off with all of us too drunk to care.  Tanner was the last to succumb to the peer pressure we started applying.  He came out of his shorts and dove in the water. 

“Dudes, this is gay as fuck but I should have guessed with four gay ass motherfuckers here,” Tanner stated after swimming.

“More like a bunch of fucking drunk guys,” Colt laughed.

“I’d say we need some more beer up in here,” Kris stated.

“I’ll sacrifice,” Scott said and left the pool to grab the ice chest. 

“Hayden’s getting him some that shit,” Colt commented.

“Fuck yeah, I am.  Got some of that shit last night, too,” Hayden proudly but drunk said.

“This is weird to be around guys who just accept all this gay shit and talk about it like I talk to my friends about pussy,” Tanner stated. “Kris, you put up with this shit?”

“Put up with it?  Hell, he’s no stranger to gay shit,” Jess stated.

“Kris, is he serious?” Tanner asked with Scott returning.

“Don’t knock it til you try it,” Kris replied.

“Of all people,” Tanner said. “I should have guessed since you and Matt were always close.”

“Tell me dude.  If some dude offers to suck your dick, you’d deny him?” Colt asked.

“The old saying is true.  Guys suck dick better than any chick I’ve had,” Kris stated.

“I’ll take your word on that,” Tanner said.

The conversation went in every direction I think.  The beer was now tasting better than ever.  Instead of heading inside to piss, we stepped out and pissed in the yard.  Our nudity became a non-issue once we adjusted to it.  We exited the pool. Getting out, I almost busted it and was caught by Corey’s strong arms.

“Matt, I think that’s enough for tonight,” Corey said.

“I’ll let you know when I’ve had enough,” I said in his face.

I wasn’t sure but I think Corey was biting his bottom lip while he pushed me to a chair.  I fell in the chair and pulled him down with me.  “Corey, I want you to fuck me now!  I want all these other bitches to see us in action! I wanna feel this thick motherfucker in my ass!” I grabbed his cock.

“Dammit Matt, enough!” Corey shouted.

“I think someone has had way too much to drink tonight,” Scott stated.

“You think?” Kris said.

“Come on Corey, fuck me!” I screamed.  After that, the rest of the night was a blur.  I do remember dancing around naked for them until Corey pulled me away.  I think we fought then but I’m not really sure.

My eyes popped open with the sun coming in a window.  Panic ensued since I didn’t know where I was or what I was doing.  I looked over and saw Corey waking up.

“What happened?” I asked.

Corey laughed as I began to realize we were on a pull-out bed in a strange house.  “Matt, you got really wasted last night.  I swear you were the drunkest I’ve ever seen you.”

“Did I have a good time or did I make an ass out of myself?”

“You seemed to be having a great time until you pissed all over my leg and then passed out,” Corey replied.

“Man, I do feel like pure shit right now,” I stated with my head pounding and my stomach unsettled.

“You should.  I guess you probably drank 8 or 10 beers yesterday and last night.”

“Wow!  I did?”

Corey laughed again, “We did fight like never before but I understood you weren’t in your right mind.”

“I’m sorry, Corey.  You know I love you.  You must really love me to be here with me.”

“I do Matt.  Now get ready for the stories.”

“Oh great,” I lamented.

Soon the house was abuzz with action.  I had to endure the stories but it seemed I wasn’t alone in being out of my head.  My guess was Scott ended up being the soberest but I’m sure he was stoned.  I took every remedy with the worst hang over that I had.  All I cared to do was lie around and hope it would fade. 

As I was lying, watching and listening, Kris came over in his board shorts that he wore low on his cut hips.  He grabbed a seat next to me and started laughing.  “Matt, you were epic last night, bro.  I’ve never seen you like that.  You were up dancing and swinging your big dick around…”

“Oh my God!”

“I knew you were toast when you asked Corey to fuck you in front of us.”

“Did he?”

“No.  I think once he saw how shit faced you were he was there for ya.  Tonight, you do need to apologize to him.  You cussed him up one side and down the other for nothing later on.   I was drunk too, bro, but no where near you.”

Colt came walking up, “Matt, my boy, tied one on last night.  I’m surprised you weren’t throwing up.  I’ve never seen you like that before.”

“You better remember it well.  I don’t want to that ever again,” I said.

Towards the end of our day and stay, we gathered around.  The topic up for discussion was our next get-together.  Ideas started flying everywhere with some really crazy things being suggested.

Colt spoke after spitting, “If nothing else, we can camp on my land.”

“Ummm… Colt thanks but that would be fun?” Kris asked.

Colt shrugged his tattooed tan shoulders.  “None of that other shit makes a bit of sense.  Y’all really think we can find a campin’ spot on the Fourth of July? Let’s get real here.”

“What exactly is there to do at your place?” Bryson asked.

“Well… fish in my grandpa’s pond that he’s got stocked.  We can ride four-wheelers and stuff like that,” Colt replied.

“Unless one of us comes up with a better idea I’d say we’re at Colt’s place,” Kris stated. “If nothing else, we can get drunk again.  Right, Matt?”  I smiled and nodded.

“It’s gonna be hot as hell though,” Scott stated.

“Tell me where it won’t be round here,” Colt said. “It’s not like any of us has seen a shirt since we got here.”  He was right.  All of us didn’t don a shirt the entire time we were there much less get out of our swim suits.

We agreed and kept Colt’s option in mind for the time being since we all knew where he lived.  It wasn’t ideal but none of us were flush with the kind of funds it would take to do something big.  Sure we thought of begging Noah for his house but knew that would be a stretch on a Holiday weekend plus the drive would take most of a day.

We got up and started to prepare to leave for home.  I undressed and couldn’t help but notice that I was as dark as I had ever been in my life.  My tan lines were very defined and looked great.  I threw on only my shorts which hung low on my hips.  Corey approved on my look and did the same.   

The goodbyes were long with hugs all around.  We knew we’d see each other soon but missed seeing each other every day.  I left wondering if Jess would come to Colt’s but it was great to see him again and know he was surviving. 

I drove first and headed down the road right after five.  Corey was leaned back in the passenger.   “What a weekend, huh?”

“Yeah, it was fun for the most part.  Matt, I don’t care how drunk you get again, don’t you ever cuss me ever again like you did last night,” Corey said with a change in attitude.

I was a little taken aback.  “Corey, Kris just told me I did.  I was out of my head.”

“I don’t give a flying fuck whether you were or weren’t.  I was only trying to help and keep you from hurting yourself.”

“Corey, I don’t remember it but I’m sorry for what I may have said.”

“If I’d done that to you, you’d have bitched my ass out up one side and down the other…”

“One more time, I didn’t know what I did it.”

“Stop playing with me, Matt.  I know you know exactly what you said.  What you said really hurt me.”

“Fine, tell me what I said then.”

“You know exactly what you said.”

“I don’t, Corey.  Believe me I don’t.”

Corey turned to me and then stared out the window.  We drove for miles in total silence other than some crappy songs on the radio. 

“Next time you call me a low life bastard son of a bitch that is lucky to have you as their boyfriend, your ass is history.  You said the only reason we stayed together was because of how much I love getting fucked by your big dick…”

I inhaled, “One more time, I was drunk.  I’m sorry I said those things.  You know without a single doubt that is not how I really feel about you.  I’m the lucky one to have you as my boyfriend.  I love you so much.”

“Whatever, Matt.  I think I saw the true Matt shine forth last night whether I wanna admit or not.”

Punching the accelerator, I wheeled into the first vacant lot I could find and threw my car into park.  “What the fuck!” Corey screamed.

“I’m not moving this fucking car another inch until we get this settled one way or another,” I said pissed as hell.  “Be honest.  Was I the guy last night that you love or was I another person that was heavily intoxicated?”

He rubbed his stubbly chin and looked at me with his big blues, “Why do two people in love have to fight?”

“You tell me.  I said I was sorry.  Other than letting you fuck my brains out or sucking your hot dick, I don’t know too many more ways to say I am.  I overdid it way beyond what I’ve ever done before.  I see now how stupid it was to get that drunk.  Worse yet, I hurt someone with words I didn’t know I was saying. I know better but it happened.  I’m sorry, Corey…”  I said and waited for a response.  “I still love you.”

Corey reached across and pulled me close.  His lips found mine.  If I could have, I’d got in his seat and made out like crazy with him.  “Matt, I’m the ass now.”

“No you’re not, Corey.  I’m the biggest asshole ever.”

“I love you Matt,” he said so sweetly.

“Let’s just get home and settle this the right way.  I figure a night of good loving will solve everything…”

“Damn right it will.  You know I just knew we’d both be sore by now,” Corey said.

I laughed and put the car in drive.  Once our little tiff was over, our conversation was fun.  We laughed endlessly about how drunk I was and the small things I remembered.

Arriving home, Mom was sitting on the couch and talking on the phone.  Quickly, she hung up the phone.   “I see my two boys made it back safe and sound.”

“We did,” I said.

“Your two boys, huh?” Corey asked. “I like the sound of that.”

Mom smiled, “Anyone good enough for Matt is good enough for me.  Corey, you are part of Matt’s life now and a part of mine whether you like it or not.”

“I don’t have any problems with that whatsoever, Miss Linda.  I did have to watch over Matt this weekend some.”

“Why’s that?”

“Mom, I made a complete ass out of myself and got way too drunk,” I said.

“Matt!  You are just like your father.”

“You really didn’t tell her that?” Corey asked, looking at me in disbelief.

“Why not?  It’s the truth,” I replied.

“Matt, you don’t need to tell me everything now.  Some things Moms just don’t need to know or hear.”

“Trust me.  There are some things you’ll never hear about,” I smiled.

Mom smiled.  “Oh that was Anita.  She and I are about to leave and catch the fireworks.  My boys are more than welcome to go if you want.”

“Thanks but we’ll just stay unless Corey wants to go.”

“No, let’s stay here.  We’ve really not had much time alone since I walked in the door.”

“Yeah, you both look tired and probably need some time alone since you only see each other every so often.   You need to keep that flame burning while you can,” Mom said.  He hugged us both before leaving to freshen up before meeting her friend.

Once she was out the door, my lips hit Corey’s to start our time together.  Personally I didn’t care if we said a word as long as I could love on him after being a bad boy the night before.  Fighting isn’t fun but making up afterwards is the shit. 

With the couch holding us back from really stretching out, we moved to my bedroom.  Corey threw me on top of my bed and reached to remove my shorts.  Once I was naked, Corey dropped his as well and crawled to me in such a sexy seductive way. 

I halted our kissing and petting with our cocks raging hard.  “I wanna play a little game.”

“I like the game were playing though,” Corey said.

“No, let’s lie beside each other and tell what we like most about each other,” I said. “I kinda want us to slow down.”

“Babe, you know I can go a while with you but I’ll play your game.  I’ll start by saying I love your body.  When I first saw you, you were skinny as hell but now you have great definition, damn near perfect.”

“I like how you overcome so much in your life…”

“I’m working to overcome more.”

“I remember you said you were molested by a neighbor with your Mom laughing it off.  It takes a strong person to do that,” I said.

We continued enumerating various things we like or loved about each other.  In doing so, I felt so close to him and knew what he thought of me while he knew exactly what I thought of him.  While talking, it didn’t stop our petting.  Our erections evaporated but soon returned with the last talk being how much we loved sex with each other.

Once I was lubed and lubed up Corey’s clean hot ass with a towel under us, I pushed his legs forward with my arms.  My slippery hard eight inches invaded his hole.  His normal gasp followed while we looked each other in the eye.  Pushing his legs further, my lips kissed his neck with my cock going deeper into his hot ass. 

I whispered, “I love you.”

He returned the same words before our lips met.  We kissed and waged war with our tongues while I fucked him.  It was a slow fuck with lots of love and passion. 

I leaned up with his muscular calves on my shoulders.  My cock left his hole but he stuck it back in.  My old bed began to rattle with each push.  Our grunts and moans echoed off my walls while our skin slapped together.  

“Fuck me harder!” Corey screamed between his labored breaths. “I need that big dick!”

I could see how much he was enjoying this along with hearing his sexy moans.  Electricity flowed through my body as usual while fucking my hot boyfriend. 

We changed position with Corey lying on top of me with his face near mine.  Once back inside him, he began to use his ass for our pleasure.  We kissed again while I thrust into him.  My hand slid down his body to find his dripping hard cock.  With our breathing loud, we raced towards a loud yet satisfying climax. 

Corey grunted hard and nearly squeezed my cock off.  His orgasm was strong and powerful with me deep in him.  One beautiful shot landed between his pecs.  The other plastered his dark abs.  All the while, I was pumping my load into him.

We lie there exhausted, satisfied and a little sweaty with my cock still in him.  It had softened but stayed inside with the feeling of my cum in him.  “I love the feeling of you breeding me.  I know it is risky but boy it is ever so fucking hot.”

“It is,” I said. “I love breeding you and putting a little of my love seed inside you.”

My wet sticky soft cock escaped his hole.  I directed him to raise his legs so I could lick the drippings from his skin.  He did and let me devour my cum mixture for a few tasty licks.  With a little to share, he got to taste the mixture.  Our euphoric feeling faded so we headed to shower.  Corey continued to love on me with the water pouring over our bodies. 

We were sitting in the living room cuddle up close when Mom came in the door.  She went on and on after the fireworks display while we listened. 

“Matt, do you have plans for tomorrow?” she asked after finishing.

“Not really,” I replied.

Corey spoke up, “I would like for you to go shopping with me.  I’m in dire need of a few new things.”

I smiled, “I could do that for sure.”

“If you go to the Outlet, I have a few coupons you’re welcome to use,” Mom stated.  “Matt, you might want to grab a few more pairs of pants for work.”

“Definitely, we’re going then,” I said.

After more loving, the night was almost perfect in our eyes and mind.  We were up a little earlier than normal to have Mom spoil us again.  With coupons in hand, we headed in the direction of the outlet mall.  Being early, we found a place to park with cars coming in left and right.  We headed straight for the store we had a coupon for.  Corey began looking around with me right behind him.  He was constantly asking my opinion on various shirts until I told him he’d look great in any.   He tried a few one and looked so stunning to me but that was usual.   He ended up taking my advice and bought a few that I liked.  

Leaving the mall, we saw we were lucky to have gone early with a traffic jam coming and going.  We were happy with our purchases.  Corey insisted that I needed new earrings and bought me a new pair while he grabbed some new hoops for his ears as well.

Back at my house, we didn’t do much other than be near each other for we knew the long weekend was nearing an end.  At five, Corey got his things together while I watched with great sadness.  He took the time to thank Mom for the weekend.  We held hands and walked out to his car. 

“Matt, I know you’re sad but you will see me very soon,” he said.

“I know but I still can miss you.”

“No more than I will miss you.”

I grabbed him and kissed him long and passionate.  Breaking our kiss, we were all smiles.  I felt his hand leave mine and get in his car.  I swallowed hard watching him drive off.  Turning around, Mom was standing at the door.   She held her arms wide and grabbed me when I got near.

“I can see how hard it is for you to see him leave but remember you’ll see him in two weeks,” she said, hugging me.

“I know.”


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