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Waiting was hard with the night growing later.  I knew Corey was on his way to stay with me for the Memorial Day weekend.  Even though we talked every day at least once, I missed seeing him more than I could believe.  Kris on the other hand was usually around and kept my nights occupied with his antics.  Just as I had feared, he grew bored at his house and would come to hang around, visit or stay the night to renew our nightly chats.  The biggest problem when he stayed the weeknights was we were both working.  Kris had found the perfect job at a local fitness center whereas I clerked for a friend of Moms. 

With Mom and me watching TV or at least she was while my ear was glued for the sound of a car, I finally saw headlights and became excited.  I peeked out the window to see it was Corey.  Quickly, I noticed his hair was a tad shorter but still spiked.  The knock on the door came.

“I wonder who that could be, Matt?” Mom said.

“You wonder, huh?” I said walking to the door.  I opened the door to see my Corey looking so hot in a tank top and shorts with a bag over his shoulder.  Our lips instantly touched with sparks flying. 

“Man, I think someone has missed me as much as I’ve missed them,” Corey stated after our long kiss.

“You think you two wouldn’t after being on the phone so much,” Mom stated.

“Tell me Mom, wouldn’t you miss something like this if you hadn’t seen him in two weeks?” I asked.

Mom smiled, “I guess I would.”

“Thanks Miss Linda for letting me come and stay here this weekend,” Corey said.

“I told you you could.  If I’d changed my mind, I’d have to listen to Matt cry for days,” Mom laughed.

“I know that’s right,” I said as Corey and I headed back to place his bag in my room.  I shut the door and got more lip with us making out hard.  My hands felt all over his body as did his.  It was great to feel him again and see him.

We returned and grabbed the couch with me as close as I could get to him.

“So what are the plans for you two this weekend?” Mom asked. “I know without a doubt you have them.”

“Well… tonight I figured we’d see Kris and Colt since Colt is coming into town.  Tomorrow we’re heading out to Scott’s house for the day and spending the night there since his parents are gone with his sister to some tournament,” I replied.

“Alright.  I see now you don’t even ask your mother’s permission first,” Mom said.

“Do you care?” I asked.

“Of course not, Matt but a little head’s up is always nice. Besides, I can see how happy you are now in life,” Mom replied. 

Just then I heard a truck or so I thought drive up.  I waited this time and went to answer the door when I heard a knock.  Kris, Colt and Tanner were standing at the door. 

“At least invite us in, bitch!” Kris said.

I opened the door with Kris seeing my mom sitting there.  I saw Kris’s face begin to glow.  “Opened your mouth again, huh?” I laughed.

“I guess I did,” Kris laughed.  “Sorry about that Linda.”

“Matt’s mouth has gotten the same way,” Mom said.  She stood and left the living room.  Corey was on his feet, greeting Colt and Kris. 

“Damn Corey, you’re dark,” Colt stated.

“I’ve been working outside mostly,” Corey stated.  “You’re dark, too.”

“Oh yeah,” Colt said.

“Dude, I’m Tanner,” Tanner said extending his hand to Corey.  “I’m Kris and Matt’s friend from high school.”

“Nice to meet ya since someone didn’t offer to introduce earlier earlier,” Corey said shaking Tanner’s hand.

“So you’re really Matt’s boyfriend?” Tanner asked.

“Yelp,” Corey said and grabbed me.

“Kris said you were bowed up like him but I thought he was joking,” Tanner said.  “Plus you’re not what I had pictured as Matt’s boyfriend.”

“Yeah, he doesn’t look a bit gay,” Kris said. 

“So do I now?” I asked.

“Well… more than he does now with that pierced brow and ears,” Tanner laughed. “It’s cool that you’ve found someone, Matt.  You know you hear and get those pictures in your mind.”

“I’ve posted pictures on Facebook of us,” I said.

“I saw a few of them but didn’t think he was the one,” Tanner stated.

By now, we were sitting around with Colt breaking out the can.  Kris took the offer and said he left his can at home. 

“Colt, whatcha been doing this summer?” Corey asked.

“Oh working at this damn grocery store as a stock boy and doing my best to stay out of trouble unlike Kris here,” Colt replied.

“I heard.  You got a minor in possession ticket?” Corey asked.

“I did and it sucks ass, too!” Kris said. 

“It hasn’t stopped him though.  You should see the beer we got in Colt’s truck,” Tanner said.

“Dude, you brought it,” Kris said and spit.

“Matt, would your mom care if we brought them in and had a few?” Colt asked.

My eyes were big as saucers. 

“Go ask her,” Kris said. “The worst she can say is no.”

“So, if she says yes, who is driving you home?” I asked.

“We’ll crash here.  There’s a spare bedroom for us to crash in,” Kris replied.

I got up and headed to find Mom resting on her bed and watching TV.  I walked over and was terrified to ask her.  “Ummm… Mom… mmmm… they have…mmm… beer and wanna know if they can drink it in here.”

Mom looked at me, “I wondered when this moment would come.  I guess I’d rather have you and your friends drinking in here than out driving around.  After two, they have to stay the night.”

I was about floored by her response.  “Are you serious?  You’ll let them?”

“Matt, I wasn’t born yesterday and know what college boys do plus you told me you drank.  As I said, I’d rather have you here doing it than out driving around.”

I gave her a big hug but was in a state of shock.  “You’re the best.”

“Matt, don’t drink too much, okay?”

I left and headed back with them talking away. 

“I take it you got shot down,” Kris said.

“Actually… no.  She said she’d rather have us doing it here than out driving around,” I said in a little shock.

“Well, hell yeah!” Colt said. 

I fully expected us to drink at Scott’s house with his parents gone but never imagined we’d do it in my own house.  Soon, Kris came back inside lugging a huge ice chest.  “There are about 30 here.  So that’s six a piece by my count,” Kris said.

“Dude, you did learn something.   Maybe I should transfer so I can be that smart, eh,” Tanner said.

“Smart ass, then we’ll split your six,” Kris stated.

Very reluctantly, I took one of the beers and felt very weird about drinking with my mom in the house.  It was not a problem for the others with Corey starting in.  We had on the TV in the background but continued talking.   Amazingly after not seeing Colt and Corey for two weeks, we had so much to talk about. 

Mom came out and started rummaging in the kitchen.  I turned, “What are you doing other than checking up on us?”

“I’m gonna make some cheese dip since we have the stuff.  It’ll only take a minute,” Mom said.

“Linda, you’re the best!” Kris stated.  “Don’t tell Mom and Dad about this.”  Kris was holding his beer.

“As long as you don’t tell them, I allowed this.  Just a word of warning to you, don’t make this a habit, Kris,” Mom said.

“I won’t.  This is a special occasion with Colt and Corey back,” Kris said and always knew how to kiss up.

Soon we were treated to chips and cheese dip.  I didn’t bring my beer nor did Corey but the others did.  Mom watched for a minute and retreated to her room. 

“Kris, I owe you one,” I stated.

“Why’s that?”

“Next time we’re at your house, I’m having you ask your mom and dad if we can break out the beer.  Then I’m toting mine in like it’s nothing,” I said.

“Matt, she don’t care that we drink but I can see how awkward it would be…” Kris said.

“No worse than the time if she asked if we had sex,” Corey laughed and now had grabbed his beer to go with the chips.

“She did?” Colt asked.

“Yes, she did…” I replied.

“So drinkin’ ain’t a big deal since she knows you fuck,” Colt said.

“I don’t guess so,” I said and laughed. “Now that you put that way, it’s not then.”

We sat around and finished off what Mom had prepared.  We had continued to talk about our parents knowing our personal stuff.  Tanner spoke and said he’d asked to bring his girl home one weekend from college but only on the condition they slept in separate rooms.  We started talking about people we knew that were living together with their parents.

As the night grew later, the cooler became emptier.  We were having such a good time and doing our best to keep the noise level to a minimum.  It was hard but Mom had been known to sleep through a tornado, so to speak.  By time to sleep, Kris and Tanner had let their parents know they were staying here earlier before we started drinking.  They were drunk by the end of the night but not wild like I had seen before. 

Corey had four or five whereas I had stopped at three.  We separated with Kris and Colt taking the guest room next to my bedroom and Tanner taking the couch.  I had envisioned a great night of sex with Corey but was still treated to some quiet sex from him.

The next morning, we were all up by 10 with plans to head out to Scott’s house by noon.  We cleaned up any mess we had made giving Mom an eyeful of young college guys in an array of boxers and boxer briefs.  Mom wouldn’t have it by sending us away without cooking breakfast for the five of us.  Being hungry, it didn’t take much talking to get us to agree to a nice breakfast after we dressed.  She was in her element in the kitchen and was seemingly very happy to cook for me and all my friends.  She had eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, potatoes and juice for us to fill our stomachs.   I think she delighted in eating with us and hearing our censored stories about our year in college while the food disappeared.  My friends didn’t disappoint and showed their appreciation for Mom’s hard work. 

Kris, Colt and Tanner left but we were meeting up with them shortly.  With Corey showering and me ready, I walked up and threw my arm around her thin frame.  “You’re the best Mom ever.  What you did last night may have not been perfect parenting to some…”

“Matt at least I knew where you were.  Y’all didn’t get too loud,” she said.

“I know and we did our best to keep it down.  Cooking for all of us was the bomb…”

“I enjoyed it.  I don’t have that chance very often.  I really enjoyed hearing you and your friends talk.  It sounds like you had the best time at college but still came away with a sparkling 4.0.”  Her eyes became teary. “I’m so proud of you.”

“I love you, Mom,” I said and kissed her on the cheek.

Corey came out ready and looking hot as ever.  He walked over and gave Mom a kiss and hug.  “You’re the best, Linda.  Matt’s a lucky guy to have you as a Mom.”

“I’m lucky to have him as my son, Corey,” Mom said.  “I’m glad you two are boyfriends.  The more I see you two together the more perfect I see it is.  There is that love between you two.”

“Yes Mom, I do love Corey,” I said.

“And I love Matt just as much if not more,” he said.  “Are we ready?”

I nodded and went to grab our bag I had prepared for us.  Corey threw in some of his personal stuff like toothbrush and hair gel.  We gave Mom a hug and headed out the door.  

Corey and I parked and headed to the door at Kris’s house.  Before we could get there, Kris came storming out with Colt and Tanner trailing behind.  “Let’s get the fuck out of here!” he said to us.

“Bro, what’s up?” I asked.

“Ah, something about Kris didn’t tell them about leaving this weekend…” Colt said.

“Then they were all over my ass about my ticket.  Hell, Dad said he was cool with it and knows I drink,” Kris said. “Come on let’s get moving!”

We headed out with me following close behind since Kris had directions to Scott’s house.  What was supposed to be an hour trip turned into more like an hour and half with Scott’s directions missing a turn along with a stop at a liquor store.  You’d think one of us with our phones would have used the GPS but we didn’t and relied on Scott instead.   We pulled into the front of his house and saw Scott’s car sitting in the driveway.   I smiled and recognized Hayden’s car as well.  Outwardly, his house looked rather nice but a little older at the end of a cul-de-sac.  The main reason we were here other than a small reunion was his house had a pool since Scott was a swimmer during high school. 

We exited our vehicles and headed to the door with our bags over our shoulders.   We rang the bell and waited.   Finally Scott’s younger brother Trevor answered the door in his bikini swimsuit.  “Scott’s in the back with Hayden,” Trevor said and pointed in that direction.

We marched through the house and found Scott and Hayden in the pool with Bryson about to dive in.  I figured Hayden would be there but had no idea Bryson would show up as well.  For me, the major part of our crew from college was in place. 

“Damn, look what the cat’s drug up!” Bryson said and was excited to see us.

“Hell yeah, bitch!” Kris shouted.  “The sad part is a cat could drag up your short ass!”

We did have a good laugh.  I looked over and noticed a young cute guy sitting in a corner.  Trevor was behind us and introduced him to the group as his boyfriend, Landon.  Kris introduced Tanner to them as well. 

“So are you just gonna stand there or are you jumping in?” Scott asked from the water.

“Give us a minute to change and we will,” Kris replied. 

We headed back in Scott’s house to find our bags.   We found our suits and changed in front of each other.

“Kris, you didn’t tell me we were coming to be around more gay guys,” Tanner said, putting on his board shorts.  I couldn’t help but notice the weight he had added since high school.  He no longer had a great six pack but was by no means fat.

“Bryson’s not,” Kris stated. “They’re cool or else would I be here?”

“Yeah dude, they’re cool as fuck.  You didn’t have a problem last night with Matt and Corey,” Colt said.

“I didn’t because I know Matt,” Tanner said, tying his shorts.

“I don’t know his brother that well but trust me Scott is cool as fuck,” Kris said.  “When he breaks out the shit, you’ll love him.”

“Yeah, Scott’s our pot head,” I laughed.

“The dude may not be so bad after all,” Tanner stated and smiled.

We marched back outside.  Kris was first on the board to show out for us.  He wasn’t perfect and was no match for Tanner’s front flip.  By now, I could see I would be put to shame and eased into the shallow end while watching Colt and Corey dive in.  

Bryson came swimming up to me, “How’s it going?”

“Great and you?”

“Not too bad.  Garrett’s sorry ass had plans or else he’d be here too,” Bryson replied.  I barely heard him before Kris dragged me under.  I could have gotten pissed but let it ride even though my eyes were burning.  We swam around and had a great time being back around each other.   We stood or sat at the shallow end to catch everyone up on what was happening so far in the summer.  Scott and Hayden had jobs whereas Bryson was still searching but didn’t sound as though he was trying too hard.

All the while, Trevor and his boyfriend were still sitting off in a corner.  I finally had to ask Scott, “What’s up with Trevor and Landon?”

“Landon’s a little quiet and shy.  Actually I’m shocked they’re still here,” Scott said.

“I’ll make them their asses get in,” Kris said.

“Kris, just leave em alone,” I said. “Landon may not be comfortable around us.”

“Kris, do it,” Scott said. “I know Trevor is over there straining his little ears to hear us talk.”

Kris exited the water while we watched.  It didn’t take much to get Trevor to move as Scott had stated but finally Landon was behind.

“You know he is cute,” Corey said about Landon.

“I think so too,” Hayden stated.

“Now, I’ll have to watch you,” Scott joked. 

Kris dove back in the water with Trevor swimming up behind him.  It took a little encouragement to get Landon in the mix but we did. 

“Was Garrett like that when he was younger?” Colt asked.

“Actually he was.  The dude barely said anything in school and was such a loner,” Bryson replied.  “He’s still doesn’t talk much.”

“Thank God he’s not my roommate,” Kris stated.

“You’d talk anyway until he told you to shut the fuck up,” Colt joked.

Tanner was laughing and commented, “I think I see why all y’all are such good friends.  You’re just alike plus I swear you dudes lived in that damn gym all year.  When did you study?”

“We studied alright…” Kris replied.

“Because I made him, Tanner.  We had an agreement to start the year if I’d got out and be sociable he’d study,” I stated.

“It worked.  I ended up with almost a three point,” Kris stated.  “That is one thing my parents were proud of.”

“Beat my 2.5,” Colt stated. “I won’t even ask what Matt had.  I’m sure his smart ass had a four point.”

“I almost did,” Scott said.  “I think one professor fucked me over.  Corey, what’d you end up with?”

“A three point one for the year,” Corey said with a big smile.  “I couldn’t dare let Matt down.”

“Bryson?” Kris asked.

“Ummm… a 2.75 this last semester thanks to y’all making it too much damn fun all the time,” Bryson replied.

“Damn, y’all are geniuses compared to my 2.25,” Tanner laughed.

Scott noticed Trevor and Landon laughing behind us, “What so funny?”

“We were just laughing at all of you,” Trevor laughed. “Y’all are a trip!”

Kris, Tanner and Colt looked at us and swam to them.  They dragged the two to the deep and dunked them several times.  By the end, both were still laughing because I think they liked our attention.  We got out of the pool to sit in the chairs Scott’s parents had around plus sun our bodies though most of us were dark.  Scott and Hayden headed inside and returned with dogs to grill since it would be easy and quick.  Kris and Tanner headed out to grab their supply of beer to make the meal complete in everyone’s eyes.

We were about finished eating the dogs that Scott had done a great job on.  We heard the back door open.  My eyes nearly popped out of my head…


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