Posted:  FEB 22, 2015

Waking the next morning, Saturday and Valentine’s Day, I rubbed my eyes and saw the sun coming through the curtains.  The other side of my bed was empty.  I got up to use the bathroom and start some coffee. 

About an hour or so later, I was on our bed with my tablet in front of me and an empty cup next to me when I heard the door click.  Corey walked inside and was trying to conceal his smile.

“Were you worried?” he asked, shutting the door.

“Not really,” I replied.  “Alright, did you win?”

“I fucking hit the jackpot!” he said loudly and was reaching in his jean pockets.  “Six big ones right here!”

“At least one of us is a winner,” I said and saw the big bills.

“We’re both winners.  Remember what you said about how your money is mine and vice versa,” he said and got on the bed with me. 

“How’d you win so much?” I asked.

“Well, I woke up about five and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I said the hell with it and got up.  I headed over and saw Luke and Ted at the blackjack table so I sat down there with them.   Matt, I couldn’t lose!”

“No doubt about that,” I said.

“It was so much fun.  Now put four hundred up and we’ll play with the rest for the day.  Don’t you dare let me come back and get that either,” he said.

“I won’t,” I said and took four big bills and safely stored them for us. “I’m glad you had a good time.”

“The best.  I’m not sure if they ever went to sleep last night or what,” Corey said.

“They have the money to do so,” I said and saw Corey removing his shirt.

He grabbed me and pulled me on top of a long kiss.  I enjoyed it so much and undid his jeans so he could be naked with me.

“Matt, I wanna start our first Valentine’s as a married couple off right.  I wanna make love to your hot ass in the worst way,” he said in his sexy voice.

“MMMM, I love to hear that and have no objections whatsoever to you making love to my ass,” I said.

We kissed a lot while I was trying to get Corey’s jeans and boxer briefs off.  He moved me and threw them both in the floor.  I maneuvered around to where I was on top to suck his thick cock and my cock was at his face for him to suck with my legs on the headboard.   It wasn’t that uncomfortable with his mouth on my cock and fingering my ass.  I was doing my best to make love to his cock with my eager mouth. 

We continued until I got up to get a towel.  I returned and spread my legs wide.  Corey began lubing us up and put my legs on his shoulders.  The tip of his cock was at my hole.  I opened up and felt the head invade my body.  He slowly went deeper with our eyes locked together.  My hands moved up and down his beautiful body while I was feeling the ultimate sensation.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” he said.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to you,” I eked out just before feeling his lips on mine.  My hands reached for his ass while his were holding my head.

Corey was slowly making love to me while we kissed.  My phone started ringing next to me.  Corey saw who it was and handed it to me.  It was Kris.  I tried talking and not breathing so heavily into the phone.  He wanted us to meet for breakfast in 30 minutes.  I agreed and hung up.   I couldn’t remember another time when a call had interrupted our intimacy.

“I’ll hurry,” Corey said.

“Fuck that.  They can wait,” I said.

It took just an instant before we were back in mood and enjoying Valentine’s Day sex.  Corey did pick up the pace and had me moaning with each deep push.  Our bed did shake a little from our actions with our breathing increasing. 

He turned me to my side and continued with his hand finding my hard cock.  My head turned to kiss him while feeling him inside of me as well as stroking me.  I began pushing back with us breathing harder.

I came first with Corey coming all up my back before reinserting his cock into me for one final squirt.  We reveled in the bliss before hitting the showers.  Our shower was quick which I hated since I enjoyed loving on him after sex.  I did think to call Cale and told him that we were meeting for breakfast.   He and Daniel were in the casino and would see us there.

I dressed in my sheer underwear along with some nice jeans and a long sleeve shirt.  Corey wore what he had on earlier.   We were a little late and headed across the parking lot on a windy cloudy day.  We entered and walked to the buffet area to enjoy breakfast.  It was easy to find them with the sound of laughter being heard.  Corey and I looked at each other.

“You think they know?” Corey asked me quietly.

“Maybe,” I said and made to their table. 

“Oh my God, you just missed it.  Cale busted on Kris,” Colt said and was red faced.

“My boy here said Kris reminded him of the guy in that commercial… you know… the meat head Rob Lowe that can’t stop saying bro, bro,” Daniel said.

Corey and I both started laughing and completely agreed.

“Hey bros, I look that good too and make the same sound,” Kris laughed with tears running down Melissa’s face.

“Corey, we need to borrow some money,” Scott said.

“Every dog has his day,” Corey said. “Hey Myles, did Ted and Luke even go to sleep last night?”

“No.  They were coming in the door right when I was leaving,” Myles replied.

“They were here until we left at 2,” Brennan said.

“We’re hungry and gonna go grab something,” Corey said.  Thanks to playing for a while and getting a card we were able to enjoy the buffet breakfast for free.  Corey filled up his plate as did I since it looked so good.

Kris insisted that we sat with him.  Corey and I sat down our plates.

“Did you enjoy your birthday?” I asked.

“Of course I did.  I’m with all my friends,” Kris replied with almost an empty plate.  “I hear you didn’t have any luck last night.”

“None but Corey made up for this morning with his lucky streak,” I stated and started eating.

“Bro, you’re not playing the game that you rule in,” Kris said with Melissa standing up with Faith.  They were going to look around.

“What would that be?” I asked.

“Poker,” Kris replied.  “All of us remember how you used to rule the games.”

“I knew if I was playing to expect to lose if you were in the game,” Colt said.  “Why don’t ya?”

“It’s totally different here.  That was just for fun…” I said with Corey shoveling in his breakfast.

Scott interrupted.  “Matt, you could go home a big winner.”

“I doubt it.  There are probably some that study the game whereas I haven’t played in a long time,” I said.

“What would it hurt?” Kris asked.  “If you’re not feeling, then just leave.  Nothing else is working for ya.”

“I think you should try it,” Corey said.

“First I’m gonna watch before getting in way over my head,” I said.

“You’d rule em, Matt,” Colt said.  “I know you would.”

We kept eating with the rest of them nearly finished.  I found that Cale had a good night as did Brennan.  Kris won early and then gave most of it back but was still ahead.  Everyone agreed how nice this place was and what a good time that we were having.  Scott mentioned about a driving range and the desire to go there since they had clubs that they could use.  Corey and Daniel really liked the idea and said that they would go.

After we ate, Corey said that he was going to rest up before hitting some balls.  I said goodbye and walked out with Cale since Daniel was going to do the same. 

“Matt, thanks.  Your friends are the best ever.  After you left last night, they made sure that we had a good time and was always looking around for us,” Cale said with us walking around.

“I don’t wanna brag but they are special.”

“More than special.  Ted is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.  He was telling me all that you’d done from him and his nephew,” Cale said.

“Ted is one great guy.  You saw how he just loves being one of the guys,” I said.

“I noticed how he never brings up playing…”

“We try to not bring it up that much.  We were his refuge you might say in college.  He’d come hang out with us to get away since he was a big star in college too.”

We found Melissa and Faith in the shops and talked to them just a minute since they were busy looking over the clothes.  I was surprised that the shops were so nice but I guess they were there for the big winners to spend some money.

We walked back to the casino floor and saw Myles with Ted.  Ted bragged and bragged about Corey at the blackjack table.  He said Luke was literally passed out and had been drinking for a long time.   Ted was the kind that could control his drinking or he did so around us.

“Matt, I heard that you hadn’t been lucky.  You really need to get in a game of poker and show em who’s the boss,” Ted said.

“Cale, in college, if Matt was playing, you could expect to lose your money unless he felt sorry for you.  He can read people in that game like no one around,” Myles stated.

“You should try it,” Cale said.

“I was thinking about it.  I’m gonna watch just a little while and make sure that they aren’t out of my league,” I said.

“Trust me.  They aren’t.  I played a little last night and no one is what I’d call a professional,” Ted said.  “Now let take you over there and show you how it’s done.”

“Okay,” I said. 

Ted and I walked to the poker area.  There were a few games going with one having a high limit.  Ted wouldn’t sit down with me for he remembered.  I watched a little while and got a feel for the game.  I finally bought in at a small limit table and took a seat with Ted joining another table.

Things started out very slow for me plus I was trying to get a feel for the other players seated at the table.  I did win one hand about forty minutes into the game but it was a small jackpot and luck by getting the right card on the last draw.  I played for a while until seeing Ted head off to the restroom.  I needed to as well and took a break but kept my spot.  Ted was up a little and found that I was hanging in there.

I returned and felt better with the first draw being some killer cards.  I played it safely and won the jackpot and a little confidence as well. The cards went for a dry spell for a few hands until I got another great draw.  I passed and passed without trying to give away my hand.  In the end, I won a nice jackpot with a flush ace high.  A few hands later my luck subsided for a minute by not getting a good draw.  I was beginning to get a good feel for the players.

As I played, I saw Ted leave and then saw Kris and Colt watching from a distance then Corey, Scott and Daniel walked around and checked up on me.  I was playing it slow and at the right times.  Once my butt got tired of sitting, I decided that I had had enough for a while.  I gathered in my nice amount of chips and headed to cash them out.  It had been four hours but well worth the time since I had won just over five hundred dollars.

Walking away from the cashier’s window, Kris was walking by.  

“Bro, did ya kill em?” he asked.

“I did alright,” I replied.

“How much is alright?”

“Let’s just say Corey and I can have fun for the rest of the time we’re here,” I said.

“You can tell me.  How fucking much?”

“Kris, I won just over five hundred,” I replied.

“Damn.  See we told you,” Kris said and patted me on the shoulder.  “You can treat Corey to a nice dinner tonight.  Colt and I made reservations to take Melissa and Faith to the steak house tonight.”

“I’ll see if they have room for us,” I said.  “Have you seen Corey?”

“He’s at the blackjack table the last time I saw him.  My ass is taking a break before they ask for my shirt,” Kris laughed.

Kris and I began walking over and saw Corey, Brennan and Daniel walking our way. 

“They got a little that I won but Daniel is on a roll,” Corey stated. “How did you do?”

“Bro, he won big time,” Kris replied.

“Sweet,” Corey said. 

“I did okay,” I said.

“Didn’t we tell him, bros?” Kris said.

“We did meat head,” Daniel laughed as did the rest of us.

We stood around before I said that I was going to the room to rest.  Corey thought it was a good idea and left with me.

On the walk over, I did tell how much that I had won.  It was enjoyable but I disliked not being around the others.  We made it to our room which was now clean.  We stripped off our clothes and got under the duvet cover with no intentions of having sex.  My head found its place on his chest with his arm around me. 

“This is really nice,” he said.

“I know.  Have you had a good time so far?” I asked.

“I really have.  It was fun swinging the club and cutting up with them.  I hate that we haven’t been together that much.”

“We’re together practically all the time now… well when one of us is not working.  It’s nice that we can do things with our friends and enjoy that time while we can.”

“You’re right as always,” he said.  “I know Daniel is having a blast.”

“Cale told me that they were.  I’m glad they are.  There’s no reason that they shouldn’t…”

“We did okay picking them out,” Corey said.

“I think we did.  I’m worried just a little how things will pan out once Kris and Colt move back.  It could be a very delicate balancing act,” I said, feeling so relaxed.

“I’m not worried.  We all get along so it shouldn’t be a big deal,” Corey said.

We talked just a little longer before my eyes closed.  I woke and saw it was just after six thus napping for almost 2 hours.  I think me waking up woke up Corey as well.   We shared a long kiss and decided to enjoy some more quality time together. 

We did call and found all of the restaurants were full but that was expected since I’d waited so long.  We went back over and found the casino packed.  I sent out a text to Scott and to Cale to see where they were at.   Cale was eating at the buffet since there weren’t as many people there.   Scott was at a slot and said he was doing okay.   Corey and I headed to the buffet again yet still enjoyed a free meal.  We found Cale and Daniel and sat with them. 

“Romantic as it gets,” Daniel commented.

“I’ll say but it is food,” Corey laughed.

“I tried calling but everything was full so we’re eating cheaply,” I stated.

“Tell us what your first Valentine’s Day as a married couple has been like,” Cale requested.

“Honestly, we’ve had our moments if you know what I mean,” Corey said with a smile before taking a bite.

“We’ve tried to enjoy our friends while we can.  Y’all know how it is during the week when you’re around each other practically every minute.  We don’t get to see these guys that much like we used to so we’re trying to take advantage of it now,” I said.

“I get your drift,” Daniel said.  “We see why you want to be around them.”

“I was just wondering since we will hopefully be in the same position next year,” Cale said.

“As will Colt and Kris.  It may be different next year,” I said.

We finished eating and headed back out to the noisy casino floor with our peeled for others from our group.  Having everyone here did make it more enjoyable plus it was nice spending time with those that we didn’t see as much.

“Matt, do your thing if you want to,” Corey said with us walking around.

“I’m fine.  I’m with my Valentine,” I stated.

“I know but again remember these days with our buddies are going to be fewer and lots further between.  I have no objections for us being together…” Corey said.

“Just ask me to leave.  I will,” I stated.

Corey moved me aside and away from the flow of people.  “You’ve got all wrong here,” Corey stated.

“How have I got it so wrong?” I asked.  “I want to be near you on this special day.”

“To me, every day that I’m with is so special and Valentine’s Day.  Besides, we’ve about won our mortgage payment here this weekend,” Corey laughed.

I laughed too.  “I see what this about.  You want me to win some more money.”

“Exactly.  You said patio furniture is expensive.  Tell you what you can spend your winnings on patio furniture.”

“I’ll need to start betting bigger, Corey.  It can be more expensive than our regular furniture,” I said.

“That’s damn ridiculous on stuff you sit outside and use about half the year,” Corey said with both of us seeing Colt, Kris, Melissa and Faith coming from their restaurant.

“Bros, y’all missed a great meal,” Kris stated while holding Melissa’s hand.

“I’m so full right now,” Colt said. “Where’d y’all chow down?”

“Just the buffet,” Corey laughed.  “Everything else was packed.”

“For once, I didn’t plan ahead,” I stated.

Kris released his hand from Melissa and rubbed them together.  “Now I’m ready to win honeymoon cash for us.”

“I just hope I don’t lose our honeymoon cash,” Colt stated.

“You do and we’ll be honeymooning at our place,” Faith laughed.

“Hey, you guys go on and have a little fun for a while.  Kris, say at 11, you come back to the room,” Melissa stated.

“Hot damn!  Wear something sexy,” Kris said.

“I was thinking my birthday suit,” Melissa said.

“Faith?” Colt asked.

“Me too if that gets you to come to the room,” Faith replied.

“For damn sure,” Colt said and pulled out his phone.  “That gives three hours to not fucking lose our shirts.”

Kris kissed Melissa with Colt kissing Faith.  I stood there with great envy wishing that Corey and I were afforded the same luxury in such a public setting.  It was a shame that we couldn’t but now we knew our boundaries and had adjusted to the norms of this world that we lived in. Slowly but surely, things were improving in our world so much so that if Corey and I had been patient, there was a great possibility in which we could have been married where we reside.  However, I wouldn’t have traded our experience and our growth for that convenience.

We headed to the closest bar with Corey buying us drinks rather than having to wait and gamble. 

“Tell us bro, how is this day when you’re married,” Kris said with his beer in his hand.

“Not much different.  Y’all’s true Valentine’s Day is coming this summer when you say I do,” I stated.

“Kris, he’s right there.  It will be truly Valentine’s Day for us,” Colt said.  “I’m just waiting to see the difference y’all keep talking about.”

“I fucking feel it every time,” Corey said.  “You may not feel the difference and you might be trying to make a baby.”

“Not yet I won’t,” Kris said with starting to walk.  We could sense a larger crowd and hear the noise level increasing.  One thing that I disliked was the smoking allowed. 

We headed to the tables and spotted Ted, Luke and Myles at the craps table.  “Let’s go over there,” Corey said.

“Okay but I know very little about the game,” Colt stated.

“Bro, you said anything about throwing down some cash,” Kris said.

We walked over and were greeted by the three.  Luke insisted that we slide in and play a little with them.  I intentionally was next to Ted and watched him start to throw the dice.  He threw the dice with his big hands and watched them bounce off the padded sides.  Three and four dots appeared on the dice. 

“I do okay then,” Ted said to me with Corey leaning over my shoulder. “Put out some chips on the pass line.”

I reached in my pocket and pulled out some cash.  It was changed to chips with just a few going where Ted directed me with Kris doing the same.  Ted rattled the dice and released them.  Six and then five dots appeared on the top meaning that I was a winner as were the rest of us.  I gathered up my winnings and left the other chips.  Ted rolled again and got a combined six.  I watched the other bets from two other men on the opposite end and turned to smile at Corey.  The next roll was a combined six so I won again and left my money out there.  Ted crapped out on the next roll but I was a little ahead.  The dice went to the opposite end.  After four rolls, I was back to even after they had little luck.  One walked away.

Kris was next to roll.  It was funny watching him roll like he was trying to throw them as hard as he could.  One die ended off the table and had us howling with laughter.  Kris rolled again and set the mark.  He seemingly rolled forever until hitting his mark and made us winner except for one guy who bet that he wouldn’t.  After playing a little while, it became obvious that this was a very social game where we could have some fun.

Melissa and Faith found us playing and stood to watch before Scott and Brennan walked up.  We now had the run of the table with Corey sliding in to put down some money.  I was even yet having fun.  Another guy walked up and joined us before Cale and Daniel found us.  We were easy to find with Kris being the loudest and us cheering every good roll.  I was catching on and saw the different ways to bet.  Now it was all of us along with two other guys with Melissa and Faith doing a little betting as well.

The two that weren’t part of our group did catch on how we were friends from college expect for Cale and Daniel.  They knew since Kris was standing near them.  The drinks flowed with Luke making sure that we stayed but no one wanted to leave.  We did take breaks to rest our feet and make a trip to the restroom. 

It was near midnight before most of us called it a night.  We did agree to meet for a late breakfast before we part ways the following day.  Corey and I had won a little but that didn’t matter with all the fun that we enjoyed.  It was a close contest between Myles and Luke who came out the big winners.

It was a little chilly when we walked across and began reliving the excitement and fun that had occupied nearly four hours.   Corey and I had drank and were feeling good but so was everyone else including Melissa and Faith.  I was stunned that Colt and Kris could walk with the amount that they had consumed with Daniel doing his best to keep up with them.

Alone now in our room, Corey and I began experiencing the meaning of the day despite it being a little past midnight.  I enjoyed showing my love and affection to the one that I truly loved and the one that was now my husband.  When my hard eight inches entered Corey’s love tunnel, it was as great as always.  Corey threw his big arms around my neck and pulled me close while I made love to him.  My desire as always was for him to feel my love sexually while getting immense pleasure while doing so. 

We got noisy while having sex and rolled around a little with my cock sliding out and quickly going back in his ass.  On this night, I was sure this hotel was full of lovers doing the same thing as we were.  I knew for a fact my friends were enjoying the pleasures of sex with their boyfriends and or girlfriends. 

After Corey and I came, we just lay together and reveled in the moment. 

“Matt, I don’t even have to ask if you had a good time today,” Corey said with his arm wrapped around me after we had cleaned up our cum.

“I don’t have to ask you either.  You were right about it being more about being around the others.  I think we found the best game to do that.”

“Without a doubt,” Corey stated.  “I guess this makes our sixth Valentine’s together but we’ll remember our first as a married couple.”

“We will for sure plus we’re going with more than we brought,” I said.

“Yes we are,” Corey stated.


There's another chapter for you.  I hope that you have enjoyed it. 

The next chapter will be a few weeks away and hope you don't mind.

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