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It was just after one when I logged off my computer.  It signaled the end of the year for working on this cloudy gloomy Wednesday.   Walking into the kitchen my mind was so cluttered with so many things to do in preparation for our party.  Knowing our friends and guests having enough alcohol would suffice but I wanted to make it really nice with some treats as well.  I grabbed my phone and saw that I had missed three calls from my friend Cale.  He and his boyfriend Daniel were coming to our party once Corey and I found out that they didn’t have plans plus we really enjoyed being around them.  I returned his call and found that he was near my house and coming over to chip in.

It was just a few short minutes before I heard my doorbell ring.  I walked out and greeted Cale.  He had a sack and seemingly came prepared.

“I wish you wouldn’t have brought so much stuff,” I said.

“I really don’t mind at all.  You know how much I love cooking,” Cale said walking into the house.  He was dressed nicely in a long sleeve tee and jeans with his blond hair cut nicely.

“At least we’ll have something edible,” I laughed.

Cale unloaded his bag which had lots of ingredients along with two bottles of wine.  “I’m going to make some little meatballs covered in a special sauce,” he stated.

“I won’t be much help in that regard,” I stated.

“That’s okay.  I wasn’t expecting you to.  Daniel and I really appreciate you inviting us over…”

“It is no problem at all. Corey and I have enjoyed being around you two,” I stated.  “I hope you can handle everyone.”

“Don’t worry.  We’ve liked all your friends so far,” Cale stated.

Cale opened the bottle and poured us a glass each thanks to the fact I had recently bought some more wine glasses.   He started making the meatballs while I began making a simple dip.  We began chatting about different things.

He put the meatballs in the oven and started on his sauce.  “Matt, I’ve really been thinking a lot here lately about asking Daniel to marry me.”

“That’s awesome,” I said.

“Before we met y’all, I never seriously considered marrying him.   I see how you and Corey are now and it has got me to thinking that Daniel and I could do the same,” he said.  “Between us, how is it?”

“It is very nice.  I actually enjoy it more than I thought I would.  I thought it would be the same as living together…”
“It’s not?”

“It really isn’t.  I’ve told Kris and Colt that same thing since they are both getting married.  You’re now connected on a very different level,” I replied.

We continued cooking and talking.  I was open and very honest with him on our life since he was considering taking the proverbial plunge.  We talked about sex as well since we really can’t talk about it on the same level with very many others.  To give Cale a sense of our marriage, I talked about how Corey and I had celebrated our seven month anniversary the previous night since we couldn’t tonight.

“Damn, hearing that makes me wanna do it immediately,” Cale said and took a sip of wine.  “Daniel and I fuck every night but two hours of it!”

“Not two straight hours of fucking but two hours of just pleasuring each other,” I said with a smile. “More than that, it was a wonderful time of love.”

“You’re two studs.  I just wish Daniel would… well fuck me every now and then.  He says he’s not big enough to please me but he is plenty big enough.  I just wanna feel him in me.”

“He’s never fucked you?” I asked.

“He does but maybe like once a month,” Cale replied.  “I do love topping him but every once in a while I’d like him to top me.”

“Have you ever told him this?” I asked.

“Well… not like that I haven’t.”

“Then tell him.  Tell him that you’d love to get the same pleasure as he does.  Get him to top you and show him how much you enjoy it.  Go crazy if that helps get the point across.”

Cale patted me on the shoulder, “I’ll do that.  It’s really nice to have some good gay friends where we can talk about this stuff.  I love how we can really relate to each other.”

“I agree.  It is nice,” I said.

With his meatballs and sauce in the over, Cale made a punch with the other bottle of wine.  It was great and would be a nice addition rather than just plain beer or straight alcohol.

I was tending to some small sausage in the crock pot when I heard Corey drive in the garage.  It was a few minutes before he came walking in his tank top and track pants. 

“It sure smells good in here,” he said.

“Thanks.  I got some help,” I said.

“The best help you could get.  Thanks for coming over Cale,” Corey said.

“No problem.  It’s been a pleasure,” Cale said.

“Excuse me for a minute.  I need to show the greatest husband ever a little love,” Corey said and grabbed me.  He put one hot kiss on my lips.  I could feel his love while we kissed and were oblivious to Cale being a few feet away.  “Thanks for marrying me seven months ago today.  I love you so much.”

“Thank you for the honor.  I love you so much too,” I said.

“Fuck it!  Once I get up the nerve, I’m asking Daniel to marry me,” Cale said.  “Matt, you and Corey showed me the true meaning of marriage right there.”

“You should have been here last night then,” Corey laughed.

“I heard and was impressed,” Cale laughed.

“Matt, now that I have the good stuff out of the way, I need to tell you the bad stuff,” Corey said.

“Oh no,” I said.  “You have to work Friday?”

“No worse than that.  JJ called me at lunch.  I opened my fucking mouth about how we were having a party and invited him.  He was all for it and is coming with Teague.  What do I do?”

I turned to Cale, “You know how we think we’ve found Corey’s dad.”

“You told me about it last Saturday night,” Cale said.

“That guy happens to be Teague’s uncle,” Corey stated.  “I don’t know what the hell to do.  You know it is going to come up at one point.”

“So this guy is your biological cousin?” Cale asked.

“Yes, he and Corey are old high school friends,” I replied.  “Corey, I suppose it can be gauge on how the guy will take it.  Tell Teague you think that he is your dad and ask Teague his opinion how his uncle will handle it.”

“Now it’ll be all out in the open,” Corey said. “Another thing… where are we going to put them?”

“Air mattress,” I replied.

“We have one too. I can get Daniel to bring it if that helps y’all out,” Cale said.

“It would help us out a bunch,” I said.  “So how many are we expecting?”

“I don’t have a clue right now,” Corey replied.  “I talked to Colt and he said some of Faith’s friends that live here in town were definitely stopping by.”

“At least Kris will be happy,” I said.  “We want people to enjoy our house and will do whatever it takes to accommodate each one of them.”

“You don’t have to worry about me and Daniel.  We’ll make it home,” Cale said.

“No, we want you to have a good time and don’t let the number scare you.  If nothing else, you can be in the same bedroom as me and Matt.  Hell, you might do the same thing as we do,” Corey said.  “Oh, Colt said they’d be here about 7.”

Cale stepped away and called Daniel.   Corey went to our bedroom and wanted to change into something a little nicer rather than his tank top and track pants. 

“Hey guys, I’m gonna run to the house a minute.  I figure one less vehicle will help out things.  Do you need anything?” Cale asked.

“Not that I can think of.  What about the meatballs?” I asked.

“Take em out in about thirty minutes,” Cale replied.

“I’ll set the timer so I won’t forget,” I said and walked over to the oven to do so or else I would forget.

“I should be back in an hour plus you might need just a few private minutes,” Cale said and walked to the door.

“Thanks,” Corey said, now back and dressed in jeans and a tee shirt.  “We’ll see you shortly.”

Cale walked out the door.  Corey sat down on the couch and was in deep thought.

I walked over to him, “You said earlier that you wanted a resolution one way or another about your dad.”

“I did but not this early.  Matt, I was caught.  There was no way that I could tell them that they couldn’t come.”

“Corey, be upfront and honest with Teague but also ask for his silence if he doesn’t think it would work out well.  I don’t really see a way of avoiding it tonight.”

“I don’t either.  I could play it off and say it was just a guy but part of me wants Teague’s input.  It may give me clarity on the next step,” Corey said.

“Corey, either that or Teague could tell his uncle and let him decide on how he wants to act,” I said.  “I’m beginning to sense that you are interested in at least getting to know him somewhat.”

“I am curious.  I don’t want this to blow up in my face though.”

“There is that risk,” I said and heard a car drive up.

I went to the door with Corey standing behind me.  It just happened to be JJ and Teague. 

“Dude, you said that this was a nice house but damn!” JJ said and shook my hand first.  JJ’s hair was short as was Teague’s.  It looked as though they both hadn’t shaved in a few days but neither had Corey.

“This is sweet,” Teague said.

“I’m glad you are here,” Corey said and hugged both of them.

“Corey, we came as soon as we could so we could see y’all for a few minutes,” JJ said with a bag over his shoulder.  “I just can’t get over this house.”

“Thanks,” I said.  “We’re really enjoying it.”

“Corey told me there was plenty of room after I basically invited the two of us,” JJ said with them walking into the living room.  I looked at Corey who was managing a smile.

“Let me show y’all around,” Corey said and led the two away while I walked over and checked on the meatballs and sausages.  I grabbed some beer from the fridge and knew that Corey would really need one.   So far, he was hiding his emotions well.

“Y’all are putting my ass to shame,” JJ stated as they walked through.

I smiled and handed him a beer.  JJ turned around and took one too before they continued on looking at the house.  They came back through with Corey showing them the back yard.   I was waiting in the kitchen and tending to everything.  They returned with Corey standing next to me and JJ and Teague in the bar stools.

“We don’t have to even ask how you two like being married,” JJ said.

“No doubt.  Corey, I’m proud of you.  You’ve done well with everything in life,” JJ said.

“I think I’ve managed okay,” Corey said and took a drink.

“Corey said we’d be sleeping in the floor since the bedrooms were spoken for.  I’m really looking forward to seeing Kris and Colt again.  They were a fucking blast at your wedding,” Teague said.

“Guys, let me just up and get this out of the way.   You both know that I don’t know who my real dad is…” Corey said and was holding me close.

“Yeah, we remember that.  Did you find out who it was?” JJ asked.

“Mom thinks she knows who it was.  It just so happens that there’s a possibility that I’m related to one of y’all,” Corey said.

Teague’s eyes grew big.  He swallowed his drink, “Dude, no shit!”

“It must be Teague,” JJ said.  “How on earth did she just remember it?”

Corey told his story with Teague’s mouth practically wide open.

“Stop, I know it is Uncle Phil,” Teague said.

“That’s who we think it is as well,” Corey said. 

Teague shook his head, “This is fucking unreal, Corey.  At Christmas when your mom saw him, he was at our house telling my brother how wild he used to be and how he used to get the women…”

“I think he got my mom at the wrong time,” Corey said.  “Teague, I don’t know how to approach this at all.  I knew with y’all coming here and everyone else knowing it would come up so I’m really glad y’all are here early.  Basically, you know him.  How do you think he’d take it?”

“Hmmm… you know, I think he’d be cool with it.  He is a minister now,” Teague stated.

“I saw that,” Corey said.

“How would he take the fact that Corey is gay?” I asked.

“I think he’d be okay with it.  He mentioned that there were a lot of gays in his area and how he wanted to reach out to them as well,” Teague replied.  “Corey, I’ll say something to him if you want me to.”

“Knowing that, I think I should do it unless you think he’d be shocked,” Corey said.

Teague laughed, “I don’t think shocked would be the word.”

“Hell, I would be,” JJ said.  “This is unreal.”

“You know I did tell you at one time you looked like my uncles,” Teague said.

“I remembered that.  Matt and I found his Facebook page and saw his son,” Corey said.

“Oh my God, now that you mention that shit I can see it!” Teague said.  “Eli looks just like you did in the seventh grade, nothing but skin and bones.  Matt, if you saw the picture, it was exactly how I remember Corey being.”

“So Teague, I hope you can let me tell him when I get up the nerve to,” Corey said.

“I’ve got his number right here,” Teague said.  “I totally understand.  Let me know if I can help you out.  You know I’ll be more than happy to do whatever you need or want.”

“Matt, take it from him.  I appreciate that, Teague,” Corey said.

I took the number and put it in my phone.  I did see a text from Scott saying he was on his way. 

“Guys, now that that is out of the way, we’re gonna have a fucking blast tonight,” Corey said. 

“We will,” JJ said.

Teague walked around and gave Corey a big hug.  “Welcome to the family.”

“Thanks but it is not 100 percent certain,” Corey said.

“Dude, there’s no doubt in my mind you are Uncle Phil’s son,” Teague said.  “Matt, I guess that makes you my cousin in law.”

“I guess so,” I said.

We heard the doorbell ring.  I let them talk and walked over to answer it.  It was Scott and Brennan. Behind them was a very pleasant surprise, Stephan and his boyfriend, Robbie.  Scott came with some treats so I grabbed just as the alarm went off in the kitchen.  I said a quick hello and excused myself to tend to the meatballs. 

Walking quickly, I saw Corey bringing the meatballs out of the oven.  He sat them on the stove top and reached for a taste.  “Damn, those are hot!” Corey said shaking his hand.

“That’s what you get for trying to try them straight from the oven,” I said with a big smile.  “Sorry but I ran off and need to show them around.”

I walked back with Scott giving them a tour of my house.   It was nice to see Stephan and Robbie.  We did talk but not very often.  I did know that Scott had seen them some when he went to visit Brennan.

“Matt, this is really nice,” Stephan said holding Robbie hand and looking very nice.

“Thanks.  I’m glad y’all are here,” I said.

“We hitched a ride with Brennan,” Robbie said.

“It did keep me company,” Brennan stated.

I walked with them over the rest of the house.  We came back by the kitchen to grab some drinks.   I was able to pour Robbie a glass of wine from what the bottle that we had opened earlier.

“So when’s the party starting?” Teague asked.

“I guess here shortly,” I replied.

“No, when are Colt and Kris getting their asses here?” Teague laughed.

“Give em another hour,” Corey replied.

“I’m sure Kris is about to have a damn heart attack,” Scott laughed.

Next to arrive were Daniel and Cale.  Corey introduced them to JJ and Teague while I did the honors with Stephan and Robbie.  Cale walked over to check out his meatballs with me, Stephan and Scott following behind.  The four of us began making plans on where the food needed to go while Corey was in the middle of the other ones.  Rather than have food scattered out all over our bar, we decided to have it in our dining room with all the food placed on the table.

We stood talking with drinks in our hand and heard someone at the door.  I glanced at the clock to see it would be early for Kris and Colt.  It was Shawn coming inside with his girlfriend Laura.  He was prepared and came in with his own beer. 

“Whew, I was beginning to wonder if there were any straight people coming,” Teague stated.

“There are,” Corey laughed. 

Shawn walked over and handed me his beer with one missing and in his hand.  “It just ain’t right not having you and Corey around,” Shawn said.

“I agree.  I miss not having them there,” Scott stated.

“The door is always open for y’all,” I said. 

We continued to stand around until I saw it was getting close to time for Kris and his crew to arrive.  We put out the food and spread it around.  It was a mix of sandwiches, dips, chips, my sausages and Cale’s meatballs. 

About 7:20, we heard the door open. 

“Bro, the party can now begin!” Kris came in the door with his big arms in the air.  Melissa was at his side and holding some dishes while Colt and Faith were behind him.  I was so anxious and walked over to Colt to give him a big hug. 

“I wanna see the ring,” I said.

“Here you go,” Colt said with a big smile and taking Faith’s hand.

It was a very nice ring with a nice diamond in the middle. 

“The pawn shop certified it,” Kris said and laughed.

“He’s jealous,” Colt said with Corey walking up to see the ring as well.

“You did alright.  Congratulations!” Corey said and hugged both of them.

“Just think.  This time next year there will be three married couples at the least here,” Melissa stated.

“Come on, Melissa.  I’ve got to show you this house.  Don’t get any wild ideas either,” Kris said and took her hand.

“Wait for us,” Faith said.  “So far, I like what I see.”

Kris showed them the way by starting in our bedroom.  I followed them and heard them complimenting it.  I pulled Kris aside.

“You didn’t even notice who was here,” I said.

“No bro, who?”

“JJ and Teague,” I replied.

Kris’s mouth opened wide.

“They are some cool dudes,” Colt said.  “Man, I had blast with them before your wedding.”

“Did Corey tell him?” Kris asked.

“He did.  They were here first and gave Corey ample time to get it out of the way…” I said.

“The shit hit the fan,” Kris interrupted.

“No, everything is cool now.  I think it is going to work out but keep it quiet if you don’t mind,” I said.

Faith and Melissa were very confused so we had to quickly explain the situation.  They understood the situation.  I did ask about Faith’s friends as well.  She said they’d be here shortly and were always late.

As we were leaving, Melissa stopped me and kissed me on the cheek.  “Thanks, Matt!”

“For what?” I asked.

“Basically sending Kris home.  I appreciate that more than you’ll ever know.”

“Hey, I saw he was missing you.”

“It was a nice surprise though.  I just knew tonight would be the first time for me to see him in a week.  I know how he is,” she said.

“I do too so I needed to give him my permission,” I said.

We walked out just in time to meet Faith’s friend, Janet and Amber.  They were cute and looked very nice for just a plain party such as we were having.

Kris gave them the rest of the tour including a look into the back yard.

“Now let’s eat,” Corey said.  “Some of us are about to starve.”


There's another chapter in the ongoing saga.   There's another one to conclude New Year's before things get back to normal.  The last chapters have been fun and challenging to write.   I hope everyone had a nice holiday season with winter really in full swing.  

Comments/suggestions/corrections are always welcome below as normal.  Each one is appreciated and drives me to continue.

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