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After stopping by the store back near our alma mater this Saturday in mid-October, Corey began driving to Kris’s apartment.  I knew that he was awake since I had spoken to him while we were in the store getting things for our tailgating for this Homecoming weekend.  Getting closer, things were looking so familiar with all the stores and houses that I had grown accustomed to seeing for four wonderful years. 

“Corey, let’s drive by our old dorm,” I said.

“Why?” he asked.

I shrugged, “I don’t know.  I wanna check it out.”

“We’ll see it for sure in a little while but if you insist,” he said and continued driving.

We entered the campus with some stirring going despite being five hours before kickoff.  There were a few gathered in the stadium’s main parking lot when we passed.  I stared out the passenger window when we drove by some of my old classrooms.

“Nothing has changed,” Corey said.

“Nope,” I said and continued to look with a few current students passing on the sidewalk and a few running. 

Corey made it to the parking lot of our dorm and stopped.

“Nothing has changed here either,” he stated.

“I know but this place holds a special place in my heart and in my life,” I said and pointed to the second floor.  “There’s where we met and fell in love.”

Corey smiled.  “I see the meaning now.  It is a dear place where we began.”  He extended his hand across the console and took mine.

“I just wonder how many have the same great experience as I did.  We made our best friends in the world right up there…”

“We sure did and had sex for the first time up there as well,” he said.

“I’m sure not a one of them will get as lucky as I did.  I came here basically because Kris wanted to.  I can still remember how excited he was when we first arrived.  I bet a bunch of guys come to room with their best friend and end up regretting that decision.  That decision and falling for you are two decisions I’ll never ever regret,” I said looking at the dorm with so many memories flooding my head.

“I came here to escape and in the end didn’t wanna leave.  I met some of the greatest people in my life.  Mostly I found the one person that I will love for the rest of my life.  To think, we found each other the first week here and never had to go on countless dates…” Corey stated.

“I got lucky there too.  Yeah, we had a struggle for a short time but it didn’t stop us,” I said and felt his hand squeeze mine tighter with two guys coming out the front door.

“Would you like to go back and do it all over again?”

“Ummm… some parts but for the most part I’m happy where I am right now.  I liked the fact that there were very little responsibilities and how naďve we all were.  I miss not seeing all of them and all the fun we had,” I replied.

“I might do it again but only if you were there with me.  It was so much fun and boy weren’t we naďve to some things,” Corey said.  “Have you had enough?”

“I have.  Thanks for stopping,” I said.

We drove and pulled in front of Kris’s door.  We knocked at his door and were greeted by a shirtless Kris in his shorts. 

“Bro, are y’all ready for the game today?” Kris asked.

“I am,” Corey replied with us walking in.  The smell of Melissa’s cooking was heavenly.  We walked and saw the new couch sitting in the old one’s place. 

“Bros, I missed everyone last week at the game…” Kris said.

“Don’t let Kris fool ya.  He went and hung with Chase and Tabor,” Melissa said from the kitchen.  “Tell em how drunk you got.”

“I had to show em how it was done,” Kris laughed.  “I didn’t get real shit faced like some people in this room do.”  Kris reached over and grabbed my jean’s legs.

“I think shit faced is putting it lightly,” I laughed.  “I wouldn’t expect anything less than that from you, Kris.  Corey and I were just stopped by our old dorm.  Melissa, would you believe he’s actually calmed down some from that first day?”

Melissa walked over, “Thank God he has.”

“Everyone loves Kris.  We saw it last night too,” Corey said.

“Some days they don’t especially during the off season,” Kris said.  “I remember how quiet and nervous ole Matt was.”

“I remember how hyper your ass was too,” I laughed.  “We were barely there and Kris is down the hall.”

Kris laughed, “I was and would do the same today.  Aren’t you glad I did?”

“I am,” Corey answered quickly.

“Kris, how many are we expecting today to show up?” Melissa asked.

“I have no idea.  Between,” Kris said and started counting.  “Between 8 and 30.”

“You hope thirty,” I said.

“You never know,” Kris said with a knock at the door.  

Kris got up and let Colt and Faith in the door.  Kris barely let them get seated before suggesting that we go grab a spot and grab the grills.  We got up and headed out with Kris and Colt driving and the grills in Colt’s truck bed.  We filled their vehicles up with the grills and two large ice chests along with some food.  I jumped in Kris’s ride with Corey following behind to transport us back.  We drove up to the lot and got as close as we’d ever been to the stadium and among the serious tailgaters.  Our location was perfect to tell the others where we’d be when someone wanted to join us.  It was easy to send out a text to Scott and give him our exact location rather than spending time on the phone trying to direct him.

It was noon before we headed back over.  We had to walk the long distance with Kris carrying Melissa’s baked beans.  Our things were already there and securely in Kris’s SUV.  Despite a sub-par year, there was still that game day buzz around campus with our team colors being shown in every direction. 

We arrived at our spot and saw how filled up it had become since we had parked the vehicles.  Walt and Jenny were a few minutes behind us but it gave us ample to get out the grills and begin prepping them for the burgers and dogs on today’s menu. 

It was nice to see Kris’s parents again when they came walking up with chairs in their hands and two large bags.  Kris greeted them first before the rest of us were able to.  It wouldn’t be tailgating without them there.  We stood and talked with Kris and Colt digging into the ice chests for some cold ones. 

“I can only imagine how Kris and Melissa’s wedding is gonna be this summer,” Walt said shaking his head.

“It’ll be like theirs if we can get Ted and Luke to pay again,” Kris stated and dug in the ice chest for his dad a beer. 

“Are you ready for that day?” I asked Jenny who was standing next to me.

“I’m ready but not as ready as they are,” Jenny replied.  “I hope it is as nice as your and Corey’s wedding.”

“Thanks,” Corey said. “Thank Matt and Scott.”

“Thank Scott mostly,” I said.

It wasn’t very long before I heard Shawn’s voice yelling at Kris and Colt.  I turned to see him, Scott, Jordy and another guy.  It took a second to see Jordy was holding hands with the guy.  Jordy walked up and gave me and Corey a hug. 

“Tim,” Jordy said and gestured to the tall dark headed guy who looked maybe to be a little younger than Jordy.  Jordy signed to Tim before Tim extended his hand to me and Corey. 

Scott walked back over and saw us shaking hands.  “Jordy has done alright, huh?”

“He sure has,” I said with a big smile coming on Jordy’s face.  “Jordy must be doing great. Can he understand us?”

“If you talk slowly.  He said every day is getting better,” Scott said and signed to Jordy and Tim.

“That’s awesome,” Corey said.  “Scott, who else is coming?”

“I don’t know exactly.  I do know Juan and Felicia are coming,” Scott replied with Jordy and Tim walking away to see Kris and Colt.  “Shawn mentioned that Ethan and Cody might stop by.  However I did get one really odd call this morning.”

“From who?” I asked.

“Brennan.  He’s coming,” Scott replied.

“Why’s that so odd?” Corey asked.

“He’s not with Garrett any longer,” Scott replied. 

“Wow!” I said.  “What happened?”

“I don’t know but he said it was for the best,” Scott replied.

It wasn’t long before the smell of our grilling mixed with the others in the area.  Faith was visiting with some friends as was Melissa while Colt and Kris were carrying on with Shawn.  I was talking with Scott while Corey was over with Colt.  I looked up and saw Reese walking towards while Chase, Tabor, Deer, Levi and two other guys were coming from the opposite directions.  Reese saw me and began walking towards me.

“I knew you’d be around somewhere,” Reese said as he walked up.

“We’re here,” I said.  “How’s it going?”

“Great, Matt.  How’s the marriage going for you?” Reese asked.

I smiled, “Awesome for me.”

“I knew it would be.  You and Corey are so perfect for each other,” Reese said and was handed a beer by Kris.  Reese looked around, laughed and took a drink. 

Now more and more people were passing by.  My eyes stayed peeled and were looking at each face just in case I recognized an old face.  Some were older with students and young fans mixed in the crowd on this nice sunny football Saturday.  Finally someone walked past us that looked vaguely familiar.  He didn’t look our way and continued.  I moved away and began walking faster until hearing his voice.

“Stephan?” I asked when I was close.  He was one of the first guys that I had met my freshman year.

His head turned around quickly and then he and another guy came to halt.  He looked at me.  At that moment I knew it was him.

“Oh my God, it’s Matt,” Stephan said and walked towards.  He was looking nice with a fauxhawk and a full sleeve down his right arm.

“How’s it going?” I asked with other filing past us.

“Great.  Boy, I can your boyfriend has kept you in the gym.  You look great,” Stephan replied.

“Corey’s no longer my boyfriend,” I said.

“Really?  I hate to hear that… wait but isn’t that him standing over?” Stephan asked.

“It is along with the rest of us,” I replied.  “Corey and I are no longer boyfriends.  We’re married.”

“That’s freaking awesome.  I’m really happy for you two,” Stephan said.

“If you have a minute, I’m sure everyone else would like to see ya,” I said.

“We do for sure,” Stephan said. “This is Robbie, by the way, Matt.  He and I live together now.”

We walked back with everyone who now included Bruce and Aaron looking at us.  Kris quickly recognized Stephan and made his way to greet him.  Soon those who knew Stephan were up and saying hello.  

A few moments later, Walt announced the first round of burgers and dogs were ready to be devoured.  Corey grabbed a plate for me and him with Juan and Felicia walking up.  Felicia was looking very nice and beginning to really show that she was with child.

“Juan, when’s the baby due?” I asked while we shook hands.

“He’ll be here in late December,” Juan replied.

“He?” I asked with my eyebrows raised.

“We’re having a boy but don’t have a name just yet,” Felicia answered.

“That’s great and I know you are so excited,” I said and patted Juan on the shoulder with Ethan and Cody coming up with their girls.  Right behind them was Bryson and Jess. Despite quitting college, Bryson usually showed up and was always welcomed.  He had a scruff on his face but it was rather common as did some more like Colt, Chase and Tabor. 

It seemed as though the food had magical calling powers.  Looking around I began wondering if we were going to be able to accommodate everyone who was appearing.  It wasn’t only our friends but I was seeing some Chase and Tabor’s friends coming up as well as Faith’s.

“Bro, this is fucking tight,” Kris said to me.  “Here I was only expecting a few people.  It is so much better with everyone here.”

“I know.  I wonder how everyone knew,” I said.

“I did post it on Facebook and Twitter after you texted me,” Scott said.

“Bro thanks,” Kris said and patted Scott on the back. “I know one thing.  We all need to get together after the game.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Scott said.

“All we need to do is tell you, Scott,” Corey said.

Corey and I walked around and spoke to Ethan and Cody for a moment and saw Dillon and Sergio arrive together.  Seeing Sergio I had to go over and speak to him as well.  He had really done a nice job with my finances.  We communicated but only via email or on occasion the phone. 

“Sergio I have to ask…” I said.

“I know but there’s nothing between Dillon and me.  We’re still just good friends.  We did have a nice long talk before we came over,” Sergio said. 

“Okay,” I said. 

“Man, there looks like quite a few made it,” Sergio stated.

“I know and you can guess who is the happiest,” I said and chuckled.

“It’s nice to know Kris hasn’t changed nor would anyone want him to change,” Sergio said.

“I agree,” I said.

I walked back over with Corey talking to Juan and Ethan.  Ethan shoved a beer in my hand and said that I needed to be like everyone else.  It was true that we were putting a few away. 

Brennan came walking up and with his head down.  His dark hair was hanging down to his shoulders while being very nicely dressed. 

“Bro, glad you could make it.  Where’s Garrett?” Kris asked.

Scott and I looked at each other and shook our heads. 

“Kris, we broke up about two months ago,” Brennan replied.

“What the hell happened?” Bryson asked.

“Ummm… things happened but I figured you knew,” Brennan replied.

“I haven’t seen him in… in forever,” Bryson said.

“Bro, we’re all buddies here.  We wanna know the story,” Kris said.

“Garrett went fucking crazy on me.  He was drinking like crazy and became someone I didn’t know,” Brennan said.

“That sucks,” Scott said.

“It does but it’s over and maybe before I got the perfect excuse to move on,” Brennan said. “To think I missed a wedding over it.”

“You sure did,” Kris said. 

We continued to talk and eat.  I pulled out my phone and had to snap a bunch of pictures.  I did my best to get one of everyone that was around.  No one left including Stephan and Reese.  We were enjoying our time together and had plenty of room for everyone with our group spanning out over a good distance.  Corey and I rarely were next to each other during this time which was more than okay and very understandable.  Corey even spotted some people from the Rec Center and talked with them.  Kris was all over the place and saw a few of his current students and players.  Walt was even talking with some friends while he was cooking up the last of our burgers.  Taking pictures gave me the chance to say hello and talk some to everyone.  I got to see the most recent pictures of Hunter when I was over with Chase and Tabor. 

The last one to show up was Myles.  He came with about an hour left before kickoff. 

“Ted will be pissed he’s missing this,” Myles stated with us gathered around him. 

“Bro, he’ll be pissed that Reese has been putting em away,” Kris laughed and pointed towards Reese.

“Oh he might be…” Myles laughed.  “It sure is great to see everyone again.”

“It’s great to see you,” Colt said.  “Glad you could pull away for a minute.”

“Actually I just got here,” Myles said.  “The traffic getting here was nasty.”

All the while we were there, I could really notice Scott and Brennan talking and hanging out together.  They had a history so I wondered if maybe there was more to it than just being old friends.  If so, I was happy for Scott even though I knew Brennan didn’t live close.   I did see Kris talking to Scott and was hoping it was about being a groom’s man at his wedding. 

Stephan and Robbie walked over and found me and Corey. 

“Having a good time?” Corey asked.

“Oh we are.  Here we were just coming to the game…” Stephan replied.

“He really didn’t even want to that.  I had to talk him into it,” Robbie said.

“Matt, I’m so glad you spotted me.  Everyone has been more than nice to us.  I’ve heard all about your wedding and how nice it was,” Stephan continued.

“Thanks.  Scott and I didn’t have your address or email or you’d got an invitation,” I said even though he was one person that really never crossed my mind to invite.

“Bros, we’re meeting after the game at the pub and grill where we went for my birthday,” Kris said passing by us.  “Stephan, you and Robbie are coming right?”

“Ummm… I don’t think we can,” Stephan replied.

“Why not?” I asked.

“We’re leaving after the game,” Robbie replied.  “We were lucky to find a room last night.”

“We’ve got room.  Matt and I are staying in a place that Jess manages,” Corey stated.  “There’s a pullout bed in the living room.”

“Better yet bro, ask Jess if he has a room,” Kris said.

We found Jess but he said they were full for the night.  He didn’t have any problem if we had extras. 

Stephan and Robbie looked at each other.  “I don’t mind.  The key is if they don’t mind,” Stephan said.

“I don’t mind at all,” I said since Corey had initially offered.

They agreed and looked very happy to do so.  We did need to coordinate a little to meet after the game so they could find our hotel.  After that, it was nearing game time.  We all pitched in and had the area cleared with very little remaining. 

It was game time with a few clouds rolling in overhead and almost the perfect temperature.  We began going in a lot of different directions since our seats were scattered throughout the stadium.  Naturally, Corey and I were seated with Kris, Colt and their girls. 

“Bros, I think that turned out very well if you ask me,” Kris said and was practically floating.

“You think?” Colt asked.  “It really reminds all of us what great friends we had here and what great times we had.”

“It was awesome.  Matt and I were able to enjoy seeing everyone and not worrying about the wedding stuff,” Corey said.

We continued to walk and entered the stadium.  So many great memories were made here but in a totally different part.  Our times in the student section were great and would be missed even though we had to seat apart from the last year when we came.  

We took our seats as the game had already started.  I leaned over to Kris and found out that he had asked Scott to be his groom’s man.  He said Scott was thrilled and excited.  We did talk about Scott and Brennan with everyone noticing how they were together often.  We talked about Stephan and how much he enjoyed being there with us.  Kris was glad that we volunteered to let him stay with us.

The game was actually rather boring.  I missed seeing Ted, Luke and Myles out on the field and didn’t know any of our players.   The other team wasn’t very good so we cruised to an easy victory.  Kris and Colt both said that it was a needed victory after a bunch of losses in a row.

We left before the end of the game.  It was nice having transportation close by to take us back to Kris and Colt’s place.  We found Stephan and Robbie waiting for us when we arrived.  They were able to easily follow us to our hotel so we could freshen up a little and relax a few moments before meeting back with everyone.

We headed inside the room with Stephan carrying a bag and Robbie carrying a bottle of wine.  They liked our room and saw it was plenty big for us. 

“I can’t tell ya how unexpected all of this is for me.  If not for Robbie, I’d never come in the first place,” Stephan said sitting on the couch with me.  “I’m sorry.  I’m being so rude.  I should let the married guys sit together.”

Corey laughed, “We’re fine. I don’t think that I’ve heard but how did y’all meet?”

Stephan and Robbie looked at each other and laughed.  “You tell em,” Robbie replied.

“Alright, we meet on Grindr over a year ago… I know that it is really fucked up but it worked for us.  Basically I was lonely and horny… something you two have never had to worry with,” Stephan said.

“Hey, it worked for you,” I said.

“Really well,” Robbie said.  “One night just wasn’t enough for me.”

“Me either.  I’m so glad not to be out there chasing guys.  It really feels good to be settled down,” Stephan said.

“Tell me about it,” Corey said. 

“We wanna hear all about the honeymoon.  We heard about what a nice wedding and great reception you guys had,” Stephan said.

“Well, we went to Palm Springs and to a gay nudist resort,” I said.

“It was great. Let me tell ya,” Corey said.

“I’ve always wanted to go there,” Robbie said.  “Were there so really hot guys there?”

“With these two I’m sure there were,” Stephan said.

“We were the youngest ones there,” Corey said.  “I’ll say I was with the hottest guy there.”

“I’ll say.  Man, y’all have some hot friends.  There was eye candy everywhere I looked,” Robbie said.

“I guess,” I said.

“So, did you enjoy being naked all the time?” Stephan asked.

“We did,” I said.

“We enjoy it too.  We go to that nude beach close to our home all the time,” Robbie said.

“You need to come visit us.  We can go and enjoy it together.  We’ve made lots of new friends there too,” Stephan said.

“Matt, looks like we know more that we can visit,” Corey said.

“We might take you up on that one weekend,” I said.  “We’ve been a few times ourselves.”

Robbie got up and headed over to pour us some wine from the glasses that were there.  It wasn’t eloquent but was sufficient enough for us.  We found that Stephan was working in public relations while Robbie owned an upscale salon.  By the way it sounded; Robbie’s family had some money.

After we freshened up, we headed out to meet up with the rest of the group.  Kris, Colt, Melissa and Faith were there waiting on us with Scott, Brennan, Jess and Juan without Felicia who was tired.  Shawn was not far behind us with Dillon and Sergio.  We ordered drinks first with me going for water so Corey could enjoy the night.  We discussed the game and agreed it wasn’t the same.

Bryson came walking in with Tabor and Reese right behind him. 

“Hey y’all, watch my ass.  I got to drive back home tonight,” Bryson said.

“That means only 3 for you then,” Jess stated.

“How about none?” Bryson stated and took a seat.

“Bro, where’s the rest of your crew?” Kris asked Tabor.

“Being jackasses,” Tabor replied. 

“It’s just us,” Reese said.  “Hey, I called Teddy today and wanted me to tell everyone hi and how he wishes that he could be here.”

“That’s some bullshit.  The ‘Boys are on a roll…” Colt said.

“Thanks to Ted,” Tabor said. “Y’all see the difference that he makes being in on defense.”

When the waiter returned with our drinks, he saw there were more and took their drink orders.  We continued to talk with Jess, Juan and Scott talking with Stephan.  Once the waiter returned, we began giving out our orders. 

As we were all talking at our big table, I saw Kris put his head in his hand and shaking his head.  “I’m having freshman flashbacks,” Kris said to me.

“What because Stephan is here?” I asked.

“No bro, look who just came in the fucking door,” Kris said. “Liz.”

I looked up. “Kris, are you sure that’s Liz?”

“Bro, I know it is,” Kris said.

“You may be right,” I said and saw her walking in our direction with a guy and girl.  “Introduce Melissa as your finance’.”

“Good idea,” Kris said.

Liz walked right to our table.  “This is unreal,” she said.  “Kris, how are doing?”

“I’m doing great.  Liz, how are you doing?” Kris said with Colt nearing spitting out his beer.

“Good to see ya,” Liz said.  “We’ll see ya later.”

“See ya,” Kris said and breathed a deep sigh of relief. 

“They are coming out of the woodwork today, huh?” Colt laughed.

“They are,” Kris replied.

Again, I had out my phone and took some pictures of us.  They laughed but said they were glad that I always was taking pictures.  Bryson and Jess thanked me sending them the group picture that we had taken at our wedding.  Corey told them that picture was hung right as you walked into our apartment.  We were kind of loud with everyone talking.  Even though they were younger, Tabor and Reese fit right in and were part of the group.  Something told me that they missed having us all around and were glad to see us back together.  They were a small part of our college experience.

Once the mounds of food arrived, things did quieten some.  Kris could still be heard over everyone else with Melissa trying her best to keep under control. 

Sitting there at that moment, it seemed almost surreal to me.  I sat there looking around at everyone.  I had almost everyone around me that meant so much to me and my college experience.  It was nice to know that we could get together like this and enjoy it while we could before we went our separate ways and back to our normal lives.  There was this weird but undeniable bond that strung us all together and would hopefully keep us together for a long time.

Once we were about finished eating, Kris stood and rang his knife against his glass.  “Bros, I want every one of you to mark your calendars right this moment to be at our wedding the first weekend in June.  I don’t wanna hear any excuses from a one of you and that includes you, Stephan, Tabor and Reese.”

“We’ll be there,” Bryson said.  “Are you forking over the dough for drinks?”

“Reese, I need you to work on Ted for me for that deal. If not, your ass will be broke by the end of the night,” Kris said pointing at Reese.

Reese held up his mug, “I’ll get on that and get Teddy to do it for you too.”

“Tell him again how much Matt and I appreciated that,” Corey spoke up.

We finished up and went to play some games.  Just before we started, I wanted a group picture of us.  Melissa took my phone and snapped a picture.  Then everyone else wanted a picture of us so we endured a lot of pictures before we were starting.  They didn’t have a ton of games but enough to keep us occupied. 

As we were playing and most everyone drinking, a few began leaving.  I made sure to check with Stephan to make sure that he and Robbie weren’t ready.  They said they were having a great time and would be ready when I was. 

About 11, we decided to call it a night after a long tiring day.  We stood in the parking lot with Kris wanting us to meet about 10 for breakfast before we left.  We agreed and would allow us ample time to make it back.  Stephan was invited as well but he said that he wanted to leave early.  He and Robbie thanked Kris and Colt for a great fun weekend before we left to head back to our hotel.

Once we were in the car, Stephan wanted to know about Reese and Tabor.  We explained how they became a part of us through Ted and Colt’s brother. 

“You know I don’t know if I can remember the last time I was out with as many straight guys as tonight but it was a blast,” Robbie said.  “It was like they didn’t care that I am gay.”

“They don’t,” I said. 

“Everyone was so nice,” Stephan said.  “I see what I missed my last three years in college.”

I continued to drive while we talked.  We made it safely to our hotel and went up to our room. 

Robbie took the bottle and said we needed to finish off the wine since it wasn’t that late.  Corey pulled off his shirt and got a hard stare from Stephan.

“Corey, I remember that I always tried to shower when you or Matt did,” Stephan admitted.

Corey and I laughed.  “We did the same with some other guys, me especially at the first.  That was our first thrills,” I said laughing.

“Seeing all of them today, I can’t really say that I blame you one bit,” Robbie said and took a drink.

“Honestly, y’all had fun today?” Corey asked with us sitting in the floor together.

“A lot of fun.  Hell, I’m still here,” Stephan laughed.  “If not, we’d gone back in heartbeat.  Tonight was just icing on the cake for me.”

It was really nice sitting around and talking with them.  Corey and I really never did this much with other gay couples.  We could relate to each other on a different level than with Kris and Colt now.  Like the day and night, time wouldn’t stand still and flew by.  It was nice to see Stephan being held by his man like Corey was doing me. 

With the bottle finished, we decided to call it a night.  Corey pulled me up from the floor.

“You are off to do what married people do in bed,” Stephan said with a big smile.

“I fucking hope so,” Corey said.

“We are just like two boyfriends do,” I said.

“Fuck yeah,” Robbie said.

“Maybe we won’t cry,” Corey said.  “Matt started crying when he started fucking me on our wedding night.”

“It was that emotional?” Stephan asked.

“It was.  It hit me that I was no longer just fucking or making love to my boyfriend but my husband,” I replied.  “Maybe one day you’ll get to have that same experience.”

“I hope so,” Robbie said.  “I think that is really fucking hot that it meant that much to you.”

“Whatever you do, don’t leave before you say goodbye…” I said.

“I wouldn’t even think of it, Matt,” Stephan said.

“Good night,” Corey said and ushered me into our bedroom.

We shut and undressed each other.  We fell on the bed kissing and then sucked each other off.  I knew without a doubt I wanted and needed Corey’s thick cock inside of me.  With my legs spread wide and high in the air, I felt Corey penetrate my body.  Pleasure spread all over my body while his cock opened my ass and went deeper. 

“OOO fuck Corey,” I moaned.

“I love you so much,” he said staring into my eyes.

“I love you too,” I said.  It didn’t matter that there was only a wall between us.  They were doing the same thing we were and enjoying the pleasure of having a loved one with them. 

Corey continued to give me so much pleasure.  I began hearing the sofa bed squeaking and then lots of moaning in the other room.  It made us hornier and striving to continue with me pushing back and squeezing my ass around Corey’s hot cock.  Our bed was rocking with the sound of the headboard hitting the wall.

I came first and splattered a nice load all over my chest and abs.  Corey pulled out and mixed his nice load with mine.  We lay there in bliss and continued to hear Stephan and Robbie fucking.  Then they finished with now complete silence in our suite.  I smiled at Corey before kissing him good night.

With the aroma of fresh brewed coffee filling my nostrils, my eyes popped open and saw it was just after 8.  I rolled over and saw Corey was awake as well.  We shared a nice long kiss before rolling out of bed.  We stopped for a moment about grabbing some clothes but continued. 

We opened the door and saw Stephan and Robbie kissing near the coffee pot.  Both were naked with Robbie’s hand all over Stephan’s nice tan ass. 

“Sorry…” Stephan said turning around and exposing his thin naked body with a tattoo on his chest and full sleeve.

“Why?” Corey asked.  “Nothing we don’t do.”

I grabbed Corey and showed them that we do the same. 

“Damn, it is so fucking hot to see two married guys make out,” Robbie said.

“Thanks,” I said after breaking the long kiss.  Now I got a very nice view of Robbie’s body.  He wasn’t quite as thin as Stephan and had one nice long cock hanging between his legs.

“How’s the coffee?” Corey asked.

“Hot but just what I needed,” Stephan replied and poured two more cups.

Corey and I took the cups and sat down in the barstools while Stephan and Robbie went to the couch which was already pushed back with the sheets sitting in a ball on the side.

“Even though I just met y’all, I really hope this ain’t the last time we see ya,” Robbie said.

“I hope not either,” I said. “I’ve really enjoyed hanging out with you two.”

“Matt, I’m serious.  I’ll be very disappointed if we don’t see ya again.  We’d love to have you and Corey one weekend or longer…” Stephan said.

“A trip to the nude beach would definitely be in order,” Robbie said.

“I have other friends in the area so we will make plans.  If nothing else we’ll go together to the beach,” Corey said.

We sat around talking while sipping on the hot coffee.  We invited them to stay with us as well especially if we found a house.  I took a few pictures while we talked.  Stephan had to have a selfie of the four of us as well. 

Finally with the time nearing to meet Kris and Colt for breakfast, we began showering.  After we were finished, dressed and packed, we began saying farewell. 

“Guys, I’m serious.  I want to see you really soon,” Stephan said.

“We’ll do our best.  Our door will be open to you as well,” I said. 

“Man, this was so fucking great.  I hate that it is ending,” Stephan said and kissed me on the cheek. 

“It was,” Corey said and kissed Stephan and then Robbie.

Finally we left together.  Corey and I checked out of the hotel and made our way over to meet Kris and Colt.

We walked in the restaurant and saw Kris and Colt.  Also at the table were Scott and Brennan.  They said that they had just arrived.

“Bro, how did it go with Stephan?” Kris asked.

“Actually, it went great!” I replied.

“You know I noticed he had changed a little.  He wasn’t so out there and in your face like I remember,” Colt stated.

"I noticed that too,” Brennan said.  “He and Robbie were actually fun to talk with.”

“Brennan, I think they live in your area,” Corey said.

“I know they do.  Come to find out we only live about five miles apart,” Brennan stated.

“Bros, I think we can call the weekend a complete success,” Kris said.

“A big amen to that,” Scott said and gave us a big smile.


I hope you enjoyed this chapter.   There will be more coming in the future.   Thanks for reading!!!
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