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Driving in traffic here on Monday and the last day of the month, my road rage was about to get the best of me.  There was no reason why we should go 60 miles per hour and then suddenly brake to go 5 miles per hour on the freeway.  My hands were off the wheel and gesturing at every car in traffic.  Working from home had really spoiled me but usually the end of the month meant that it was necessary to be in the office. 

After being in traffic for an hour, my apartment complex never looked so good.  A sigh of relief came out of my mouth when my vehicle pulled into the parking space.  I slammed the door and was so glad to turn the knob and enter my apartment.   The cool air hit my face opening the door.  I proceeded on in and saw Corey sitting on the couch waiting on me.

“Man, the traffic was fucking horrible!” I said and leaned over to kiss him.

“It must have been.  You’re in a pissy mood it seems.”

“Driving made my ass that way,” I said exasperated and took a seat. “I didn’t realize how great it was to work from home.”

“Yeah it is,” Corey said and stood up.  He glared at me with his blue eyes and made me rather uncomfortable.

My hands started feeling my shirt and then I was looking around.  “What?”

“Seriously! What the fuck?” Corey asked with his hands in the air.

My eyes darted around for a minute before I threw up my hands.  “I give.  What am I missing?”

“You’re the smart one.  Your ass figure it out!” Corey shouted and stormed to the kitchen.

My mind was clicking but nothing was coming to me.  I was the one that usually played these games but this time I was the one being played.  I got up and went to the kitchen.  My arms went around his waist with my head leaning on his shoulder.  “Whatever I did, I’m sorry.  I don’t know what’s going on.”

Corey turned around. “Today’s the end of the month…”

“Tell me about it.  My ass was busy all day.”

“Forget work.  What happened at the end of…”

He didn’t need to continue.  I spun him around, threw my arms around his neck and began kissing him with so much passion.  It was one month ago that we were married.  Tears began streaming down my face kissing him for the fact the day meant so much to him.  “Corey, I’m so sorry.  No excuses but we were married on the 31st.”

“I want us to celebrate the end of each month.  It was the biggest day of my life…”

“Mine too, babe.  I love you more and more every day,” I said with him wiping my face.  “Now that I know, it won’t happen again.”

Corey took my hand and began leading me away.  He went down the hall to our bedroom and ushered me inside.  It was rather dark with only a side lamp and two candles providing light with the shades pulled.  In the middle of our made bed was a long stem red rose with a piece of paper under it.  My emotions kicked back in seeing how romantic and just plain sweet he was.  I sat on the bed and grabbed the rose for a quick smell. 

The paper had a nice printed note.  It read:  It has been one month since you made me the happiest man alive.  I wake every morning knowing you love me as much as I love you.  There’s not been a day pass that I don’t stare at my wedding ring and know how lucky I am.  Words can’t express how much you mean to me or how much I love you.  I will always be happy to say I am your husband and you are my husband!!

After reading the sweetest note ever, tears were again running down my face.  I pulled Corey over for a long heart felt kiss.  The long kiss led to us getting naked but that was no big accomplishment.  We didn’t leave the room the rest of the night. 

At the end of lots of love and love making with our bedroom reeking of the smell of cum and sweat, Corey and I lay together naked.  We were both exhausted from the hours of hot sweaty sex.

I turned and smiled at him while feeling so loved and full of joy.

“Damn, was I that fucking good?” he asked with his hand running down to my soft hanging cock.

“Fuck yeah, you’re always that fucking good,” I blurted out quickly.  “You’ve been so fucking good Corey since the first time we fucked.  You were great on our wedding night and every day during our honeymoon.  I’ve found someone that matches my sex drive.  However for me, it is so easy when I get to have sex with you.”

“Babe, I wasn’t that good the first time we fucked.  I was so nervous…” he laughed.  “Hell, everyone should be great on their wedding night and their honeymoon.  If not, you shouldn’t have married them.”

I leaned over and kissed him again as I had so often during the night.  “I don’t know why I’m so excited for this weekend…”

“I see the real reason for your joy now.”

“Get real, hubby!  We just had sex for 2 hours if not more.  It made me forget all the stress that I went through today and focus on the important things.  You and I will be around them for the first time as a married couple.”

“We’re really lucky that I have great clients…”

“I agree,” I said.

“I just knew that we’d be driving to see Kris and Colt or vice versa.  I nearly shit my shorts when Jeff offered his lake house to us for the weekend since he’s going to be out of town.”

“No matter what, we can’t mess up anything while we’re there,” I said.

“Boy ain’t that the truth,” Corey said.  “You know I really don’t mind that Chase, Tabor and Deer are part of the deal.”

I laughed.  “It’s either that or no boat.  I’m glad Kris thought of that when you said that Jeff’s boat was being repaired.  Still we would have fun without one.”

We finally were able to get out of bed for a much needed shower.  After a good shower, we were able to sleep nicely in our bed with me snuggled close to him.

It was hell waiting for Thursday when we would leave for our Fourth of July weekend at the lake.  I was able to occupy my time with an array of things to get for our trip.  Corey commented how I was so content having things to do and things to plan for. 

By the time Corey arrived home on Thursday, our car was packed and ready to go.  Corey had the keys to the lake house and directions in hand plus we could use our phone for further directions.   I called Kris to let him know we were leaving while he was waiting patiently for Colt to get home from work.  It had worked out for just those two since Melissa was working at the hospital and had very little seniority to be off thus Faith didn’t want to be the only female among us.  The house would be about the same distance for each of us and be a perfect spot for us to meet in the middle.

Corey and I filled our two hours with great conservation and a stop for groceries and beverages.  After the stop, it was a trek and adventure to find this house.  It was such a relief once we spotted it and drove in the concrete driveway.  Just from my view, it looked nice enough for us but then again we weren’t going to be picky.  

After grabbing a few things, Corey inserted the key in the door.  The smell of a closed up house hit my nose.  The inside was about what I expected with older furniture and décor.  It did have a sizable living area with the kitchen adjacent.  The best part was the deck just off the living area. 

“Perfect,” Corey commented.

“It is.  I don’t think we can destroy much,” I said.

Corey chuckled, “You say that right now but we know who is coming.”

“Don’t say that.  You know I’ll be on pins and needles the entire time about someone destroying something…”

Corey put his arm around my shoulder.  “We’ll be outside a lot plus I can see us on that deck as well.”

We finished up bringing in our things and occupying the biggest of the three bedrooms.  After we were done, we headed out to the deck.  It looked worn with peeling paint and some tattered chairs.  The view was out to the lake with a dock and covered area for the boat.  The walk was nice to see the lake and dock. 

We sat on the deck with a nice breeze blowing.  After waiting, we finally heard a vehicle drive up.  Corey and I smiled at each other and were ready to see our friends again.  We walked inside and waited for the door to open.  Kris came in with a bag thrown over his shoulder and looking really dark in his tee shirt and shorts.  Colt was right behind him sporting a trimmed beard.  We began hugging each other and shared sweet little kisses while Chase, Tabor and Deer walked past us. 

“Damn, y’all just saw each other a month ago,” Tabor commented.

“Bro, we love these two… two married guys,” Kris said. 

“We do.  It’s our first time to see them really as married,” Colt stated.

“It is odd to think of them as married,” Chase said.  He too had a beard and really looked like Colt now with it.  “So what’s it like now?”

“Awesome,” Corey replied. 

“Chase, where’s Hunter this weekend?” I asked.

“With his mom.  I better not get a fucking call either…” Chase replied.

“Yeah, he has him a ton but we don’t mind at all,” Tabor said.

We helped them with bringing in their things and got to see Tabor’s really nice boat.  Once Tabor’s vehicle was empty, Tabor and Deer were off to put the boat in the water with Chase heading to the dock so they’d know exactly where it belonged.

“Corey, this house is really perfect,” Kris said with us opening our first drinks.

“Matt’s worried while mess something up,” Corey said.

“If they do, I’ll be all over their ass.  I’ve warned them,” Colt said.

“I worry about us too,” I said. 

“The last thing we want to do is fuck something up.  Corey came in through in the clutch.  I was thinking I was gonna have to scheme up something for us to be together or else I was gonna be a crazy man,” Kris said with us walking out to the deck.

We grabbed a seat and saw Chase waiting patiently on the deck.

“This is really awesome,” I said. “It just wouldn’t be the Fourth without us being together.”

“I know.  I was beginning to think that we weren’t,” Colt said.

“It was nice of Faith to let you come,” Corey said.

“Bro, if she hadn’t, it would have ended their relationship for good,” Kris said.

“Ah, you would have survived,” I said.

“I don’t know about that,” Colt said. 

“What?” Corey asked.

“Bro, you thought Matt worried about shit.  Colt is about to go crazy with the thought of me and Melissa moving next year,” Kris said.

“Hell, all y’all will be together while my ass is stuck back with those assholes!” Colt said and got rather animated by pointing to the dock at his brother.

“There’s still time.  Maybe something will work out,” I said.

“I hope. Faith thinks that it is crazy to move just because of y’all.  She doesn’t understand at all!” Colt said. 

“Colt, there may be a time when you have to do what is best for you just like Matt did when he took his job.  We hated it but things have worked out just like they could for you.  Actually… it made it where we got stronger as a couple and couldn’t rely on you two,” Corey stated.

“We’ll see.  Let’s talk about something else rather than this,” Colt said.

“Alright then, bro, so is there a chance Scott might come?” Kris asked and took a drink.

“He said he was going to try.  He was just pissed that he had already committed to go home,” I replied.

“Hey, we could have gone there,” Colt said and started laughing.  “We could have had Matt relive his famous moment.”

“We may have had a short marriage,” Corey laughed.

“Every time, y’all have to bring that shit up,” I said.

Kris laughed. “Of course we do.  It was actually so funny and so out of character for you.  Hell, you gave us a good saying, getting Matt drunk.”

“I really appreciate that,” I said as sarcastically as I could muster.

“Boy did we ever get Matt drunk at the beach,” Colt said.

Kris gave him five.  “Our asses wasn’t alone either.”

“Women get fucking crazy too,” Colt laughed.

“Did they get naked and want you to fuck them?” Corey laughed.

“Trust me, bro, they didn’t need to ask,” Kris laughed.  “Speaking of fucking… Corey, how many times did you and Matt fuck on your honeymoon?”

“Kris, I told you…”

“I asked Corey,” Kris interrupted.

“We never fucked.  Each time it was pure love making,” Corey said.  He leaned over and kissed me. 

“Corey, did Matt really cry when he started fucking you on your wedding night?” Colt asked.

“He did…” Corey replied.

“Colt, I’m not ashamed to say I did.  It was just so emotional making love to the person you just married.  Kris, you’ll see,” I stated.

“Bro, I doubt that…”

“He’ll be lucky to find that shit,” Colt laughed. “I have a feeling Kris is going to be Matt drunk.”

“Kris, you may not be.  You saw how we had to mingle with everyone at our reception,” Corey said with the sound of the boat at the dock.  It wasn’t long before we heard Deer in the kitchen and grabbing some cold ones. Deer walked out with three beers and was showing off his slender dark body.  He took a seat while Chase and Tabor made their way up to us.  Tabor was shirtless and displayed his taut body.

“Y’all made it,” Colt stated.

“No sweat at all,” Chase said and grabbed a beer from Deer.

“Okay Corey, we need the lowdown on marriage,” Tabor said. 

“It’s great.  What else can I say?” Corey said.

“Is Matt pregnant yet?” Tabor asked laughing.

I lifted up my shirt, “Am I starting to show?”

They laughed at my humor.

We enjoyed being together the rest of the night.  Chase, Tabor and Deer did leave for a while to try their luck at fishing before calling it a night.   It was now hard to believe somewhat that the three were entering their senior years in college but it must have been hard for them to believe Corey and I were now married. 

As usual and in a foreign environment, my eyes opened early about 8.  Corey was sleeping soundly and looked so peaceful.  I rolled out of our bed and threw on some shorts to exit our bedroom.  As promised, Chase, Deer and Tabor were out in Deer’s boat fishing but left evidence of their early awakening.

As I was sitting in the living room and messing with my phone, Kris came out of his bedroom.  He was rubbing his eyes and headed to the kitchen for some coffee that I had made earlier.

“Bro, I’m so fucking ready to move close to you,” he said with his coffee in his hand and his blond hair messy with nothing on.

“I’m too but we’re making it,” I stated.

Kris sat down across from me and sat his coffee on the end table.  “I knew you would.  You’ve got Corey and no interference.  I can see where it was the best thing for you and him to get away from us and establish your life as a couple.  It has helped me and Melissa as well.”

“True.  It does make times like this very special.”

“I know it does.  I’m just ready to leave that place for good.  In a way, it still feels like I’m in college.”

“I can see that.  It’s just 11 more months.  Are you starting to get excited?”  I asked.

“I am but more so about coming home.  Hell, I was so ready to go away to college but now I’m ready to come back now.  I’m worried about Colt though,” Kris stated.

“He’ll do what is right for him.  Maybe it would be best if he stayed back…”

“He might go fucking crazy.  We don’t see each other that much but just knowing we’re there is important.  I fear when I move and Faith doesn’t, he’ll bolt from her.  He does need to be his own man though.”

“We’ll see where his priorities are then.”

Kris took a sip.  “Another factor will be Chase as well.  If he moves away, I don’t see Colt staying another day.  Hell, there’s still a lot of time between now and then.”

“There is that.  I’m anxious to get out on the boat and have some fun,” I said.

“Me too.  You heard them say what a pro Deer was at wake boarding…”

“I did but I’m thinking more about tubing than that,” I stated.

“Bro, you can bet your ass that I’ll give it a try.  I know I can do it,” Kris said.

I laughed at Kris but knew that he was telling the truth.  If nothing else, he wasn’t going to let the others show him up.  It was great just chatting with Kris this morning before our big holiday was about to commence. 

Chase, Tabor and Deer were back just before Colt and Corey made their first appearances.  They had caught a few fish but didn’t feel like cleaning them and then cooking them so they were released.  The nice surprise was having Tabor and Deer prepare a full breakfast for us to kick start our day.

Once finished with the nice breakfast, we began stirring around to prepare for our day on the lake.  Collectively, we were some really hot guys that looked very nice in our board shorts.  At the dock, we began looking around until finding a few extra life jackets knowing how the lakes would be patrolled and out looking for offenders.  

Deer’s boat was just large enough to accommodate all of us for a nice trip around the lake.  I kicked back with Corey at my side and took in the view from the water.  Riding along, it was easy to be envious of some the nice lake front homes that were scattered along the shore.  There were other boats out as well but the lake was wide enough to handle the follow of the boat traffic.  

Our tour came to a halt with Deer, Tabor and Chase anxious to enjoy some wake boarding.  The problem was the boat couldn’t stand the weight of all of us so we would have to take turns on the shore and dock while the others enjoyed their time.  To kick things off, we left Chase and Colt at the dock while Deer wanted to show us how it was done.   Tabor was at the helm of the boat. 

At a good calm spot, Deer dove over the edge while Kris sailed the boat across the water.

“Y’all get ready.  Deer is fucking good,” Tabor announced before turning his attention to Deer.  Deer gave the okay sign for Tabor to hit the gas.  Tabor pushed down the boat with the front rising slightly.  Within seconds, Deer was up on the board.   I watched carefully while Deer moved side to side.

“I know I can do that,” Kris said over the roar of the water and engine.

“He’s just getting warmed up,” Tabor said while Corey watched ahead.

With the boat flying along the water, Deer began showing out for us.  He zoomed across the water like nothing.  Crossing the waves, he got some really great air.  It was fun to watch him show his stuff and ended up with an amazing flip at the end.

“Damn!” Kris yelled seeing the flip.

“I told ya,” Tabor said with Deer ending his run and dropping the rope into the water.  Tabor wheeled the boat around to pick up Deer and the board before we trolled into the dock. 

“Bro, y’all missed it.  Deer’s a pro out there!” Kris exclaimed while we anchored next to the dock.

“Thanks for rubbing it in,” Colt said. 

“I’ve seen it before.  He loves to show out,” Chase laughed and stood.

“Corey and I will get out and let y’all take our place,” I said.

“Oh, we need some cash for some gas while you’re at it,” Deer said.

“Get ready.  It’s fucking outrageous,” Tabor said.

“We’ll find some,” Corey said with us stepping out.  He rushed up to the house and found some money to hand to Deer for gas before they shoved off to enjoy the others wake boarding.

“Hey, come get us when Kris tries it,” I said with them leaving.

“We will,” Deer said, now running the boat.

With the boat racing off, Corey and I dove into the water.  We swam around the warm water and enjoyed being in the water.  While in the shallow end, Corey pulled me close and gave me a sweet kiss.  “I haven’t told you today I love you,” he said.

“I haven’t either,” I said.  “I love my husband so much.”

“Matt, you do realize that yesterday was the first day since we’ve been married that we haven’t made love.”

“I guess it was,” I said standing on the slimy bottom of the lake.  “We were tired…”

“We were and had a little too much fun,” Corey said.

We got out of the water and lay on some towels to soak in the sun.  It was vastly different than our honeymoon.  On it, we sunbathed and swam in the nude the entire time.  

The time passed with Corey and me soaking in the sun on our bodies.  We could hear the boats zooming by on this Fourth holiday.  We waited and waited until seeing Deer’s boat and the guys approaching the dock.  Corey and I stood.

“Kris’s turn now, huh?” Corey asked while Deer maneuvered the boat into the dock.

“Bro, I am next.  First they wanna grab something to eat,” Kris replied.

One by one they exited the boat and began the trek up to the house.  It was easy to see Tabor and Chase were wet.  We heard that they lacked the skills of Deer but did well with Tabor taking a good tumble across the water. 

At the house, everyone used the break well.  We grabbed some sandwiches and chips for lunch and used the bathroom.  After eating, it was cute hearing Chase talking to his young son on the phone while Kris and Colt talked to their girls. 

We finished and headed back to the dock and boat.  It was time for Kris to show us his skills or attempt to show us his skills on the wake board.  Tabor and chase stayed back while Kris was going to start near the dock.  Once the rope was out and the board on Kris’s feet, there was various pointers coming from the boat and dock.  Kris gave the thumbs up to signal that he was ready.  Deer gassed the boat with Kris attempting to get up.  Kris drug the boat and was taking in lots of water before he tumbled in the water.  The fall didn’t deter his determination and was eager to try again.

Deer waited patiently until Kris was ready again.  There were more tips coming from all sides while I focused on Kris.  Deer gave the boat some gas.  Kris held on tight and popped up on the wake board.  We applauded him from the boat and saw a big smile.   Kris looked shaky and unsteady until getting his balance.

“Y’all want me to lose him?” Deer asked while driving.

“Let him enjoy it,” Colt replied.  “Then send his ass across the water.”

Kris was doing great and moving back and forth behind the boat.  I sat and watched with Corey trying to look ahead with Colt.  Kris’s head began looking around at the other boats and the people on and near the lake.  The next thing I knew the board was high in the air with Kris going across the water. 

“Wow!  He took a terrible spill!” Corey shouted.

“I know.  I hope he’s okay,” I stated.


Most of all, thanks for patience!!  I can't thank all of you enough for your kind words after the wedding chapters.  Since then, it's been rough going as far as writing this story or anything for that matter.  I hope my writing doesn't reflect that and is up to the standards of the previous chapters.


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