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It had been one stressful day to match the rest of the week. The drive home this Friday, Valentine’s Day,
was bumper to bumper traffic and had me screaming at the dumbass drivers.  Seeing our apartment complex
was a welcome sight and it was a relief to be home after being in traffic for almost an hour. Corey and I
had nothing special planned with our wedding coming up on the last day of May. The location was still up
in the air with the recent developments that we could possibly get married just an hour away. My fingers
were still crossed that a miracle could happen to allow us to be married close to home. 

I entered the apartment and found it to be dark. I turned on the light switch in our entrance. Soon I
smelled something cooking with Corey coming out of the kitchen.

He grabbed me for a big kiss that felt really good after my long day. “Happy Valentine’s Day, babe!”

“Happy Valentine’s Day to you,” I repeated and loved his arms wrapped around me.

“I know you said nothing big but I couldn’t do it.”

“I think cooking isn’t what I call big…”

“I’m broiling us some nice fat steaks I picked up earlier. You have a seat and relax. I’d say it’ll be
about 10 minutes before everything is done,” Corey said.

I walked in the living room and saw our table was set. He had two single candles and a nice bouquet of red
and yellow tulips in the middle. I took a seat and took off my shoes to relax. Corey looked to be working
away in the kitchen while I sat in the dark. He came out and put two frosted mugs on the table and
returned to the kitchen.

“Can I help?” I asked from where I was sitting.

“Matt, I got everything under control,” he replied. I heard the oven door open and a scream, “Fuck! The
steaks are burnt!”

Corey came out with our plates a few minutes later. He gestured that I take a seat and set the plate in
front of me. It was a big T-bone and baked potato fully loaded with sour cream, butter and cheese. Steam
was rising from both while the steaks were sizzling. He went back to grab two beers and poured them in our
mugs. He went back again and returned with his plate. 

“Oh Corey, everything is so fabulous,” I said, waiting for him to seat down.

He left and returned with a lighter to light the candles and turned off the kitchen light. He finally took
a seat with only the candlelight. He lifted his mug, “Here’s to us, now and forever.”

“Here’s to my future husband,” I said with my mug held high.

We stood and clicked our mugs together.  We kissed over the table and were careful to watch the candles.

“Matt, I hope you will enjoy the steak…”

“This is really way too much,” I said.

“The hell it is. This is the least I could do for you. You are so wrapped up in work and trying to plan
our wedding basically alone,” Corey said.

“Thanks,” I said and took my first bite. The steak was so juicy and flavorful. To me it wasn’t burnt, but
I couldn’t see much.

“How is it?”

I swallowed. “Perfect.”

He smiled and started eating. “Do I have to remind you about our first Valentine’s Day together?”

“Of course not. I remember it like it was yesterday.”

“I remember us going bare more than anything. It was a big sign of how committed we were and still are to
each other,” Corey said after eating some potato.

“Yes, we are to the utmost now,” I said.

“What are Kris and Colt doing tonight?” Corey asked.

“They’re going to try and go out to eat but I told him good luck with that.”

“I know. It’d been a nightmare around here without reservations.”

“I doubt it would have been any better than this.”

We sat eating and looking at each other. It was very romantic and set a nice mood for our night in

“I wonder how Chase is making it being a dad. I’m so glad we went,” I said. We had gone right after Hunter
Michael was born two weeks ago. It was great to see how Chase had really taken to being a dad after a
little turmoil in the beginning. Things weren’t going to be perfect but Chase sounded determined to make
things work the best he could.

“I’m glad too. I hope Melissa doesn’t get baby fever,” Corey laughed.

“Kris, too. He’ll be a great dad when that day arrives,” I said.

“We all will be. I can’t think of one of our friends that won’t be. I was surprised to see Ted there. He
made sure Hunter had a little football in his hands,” Corey said. “I guess we’re set for our weekend at
the lodge with him.”

“I think so. I need to call him and make sure everything is working out. Count on Ted to be a nice guy,” I

“He is to have all of us crazy drunks at his house on New Year’s Eve,” Corey said.

We finished up eating. There was only a big bone left on our plates and a little potato peel after we
finished. Corey poured me another cold one and told me to relax while he cleaned everything up. I grabbed
a tablet and looked at Facebook for a rare occasion while drinking another one. 

“Corey, hurry up! There are some great pictures on here I want to show you,” I said.

He finished cleaning up and turned on the table lamp. “This is weird. We’re looking at Facebook.”

“I know,” I said. “Look at Reese and Latham. They are so cute together.”

“They are.”

“Remind me to add them to our list…”

“OOO look at Hunter. Chase looks so happy. He says he’s spending his Valentine’s Day with the best date
ever,” Corey said.

“That’s sweet of him, but I’m spending it with the best date ever,” I said. “Corey, let me take our
picture together. I can put it up and say it is our last Valentine’s Day as boyfriends.”

Corey looked at me and handed me back my tablet. He turned away for a second. He had been getting very
emotional about our wedding, even more than I was. He turned back around with tears in his eyes. “It will
be. Our next one will be as a married couple.”

“Yes, it will be,” I said and kissed him. I let him regain his composure before snapping a picture with my
tablet. It took a few shots before we had one that was perfect for posting. It would be our first post on
Facebook in forever.

“Just think how our lives are about to change…” Corey said and pulled me close to him.

“They are somewhat, but our daily lives won’t change that much the way I see it.”

“I’ll feel more obligated to you than ever after the big day. There’s no way out except through divorce,”
he said.

“Corey, I’ve said it a hundred times. If we’re not ready now then let’s stop this game we’re playing right

“I’m more than ready to be married but it means so much more than us living together.”

“I agree, but I look at our marriage as just another step in our lives together. It did come quicker than
expected for us. Next we’ll be ready to search for our first real home.”

“Matt, I’m about ready to seriously consider that…”

“One thing at a time. I’m stressed enough with our wedding and work. Yes, I’d love it, but it’d be adding
to things we need to do,” I said. “This time next year we could be financially ready for it. I kinda want
something nice rather than finding something that suits our needs at the time. I want a house where we can
stay for years and years.”

“You’re so right. Why buy something for the time being when we know in three years we’ll be ready for
more. Now about our honeymoon…” Corey said.

“What about it? Now’s the time to speak up if Palm Springs isn’t where you wanna go,” I said.

“I was going to say that I can’t wait.”

“What I hate is waiting to see where we will be married. I know originally where we had planned but states
around us are legalizing or trying to legal gay marriage all the time…”

“I’m still hopeful we can be married right here so everyone who wants to come can celebrate the day with
us. Still an hour away shouldn’t be that big of a burden to most,” Corey said.

“I want to have everything planned so our worries are gone…”

“Hell, you’ll still worry until we’re sitting in Palm Springs,” Corey laughed. He pulled my head and stuck
his tongue in my mouth. We began making out until his phone began ringing. He stopped and found his phone.
“Damn that was JJ. Do you mind if I call him back?”

“Go right ahead. You haven’t talked to him in forever,” I replied.

Corey walked around with his phone and did tell JJ the news with great excitement. I looked at my tablet
and saw all the ‘likes’ and comments we had gotten in the short time since I’d posted our picture. 

“Hang on, I’ll ask if we have anything going on tomorrow,” Corey said, covering his phone.

“We don’t have one thing that I know of,” I said.

Corey returned to talking and sat back next to me with a big smile on his face. “We’ll have company
tomorrow night. JJ and Teague are coming up.”

“That’s great, Corey,” I said.

“He saw our picture you posted and had wanted to come. He said he and Teague would be here about 2.”

We resumed what we were doing. We made out on the couch before taking it to our bedroom to be comfortable.
I got so wrapped up in the moment that I barely remember us undressing each other. When I entered his ass
I was so in the zone that a tornado could have ripped through our apartment and I wouldn’t have noticed. 

Corey threw his arms around me with his legs high and his ass being filled with my eight inches. He pulled
me down for our lips to meet. After four plus years there was still great excitement, lust and joy fucking

I slowly fucked him and knew the pace that pleased us both. I was just inches from his face while we
stared each other in the eye. His hands were massaging my triceps. “I fucking love you, Corey.”

“I fucking love you so much. Could you fuck me just a little harder?”

“I can,” I said and increased the pace to hear our skin slapping together.

“OOOO yes!” he moaned with his mouth half open. He reached for my ass and pulled me deeper. We were both
breathing hard while we enjoyed the intimacy of being as one.  

We continued to make love this Valentine’s Night for quite some time. Corey was first to blow his load and
did so while I was inside of him. I pulled out feeling the urge and shot my load among his. I stuck my
cock back in him for the final little blast. 

Normally after I finish I deflate pretty quickly but tonight was different. My cock stayed rock hard so we
continued to make love. Corey did tire a little so we switched positions to our sides.

Waking on Saturday, our bedroom reeked but for a very good cause. Corey was still softly snoring when my
feet hit the floor. I went out to start some coffee and tidied up a little bit before JJ and Teague
arrived later for a visit. I sat looking at the news on my tablet while having some coffee and cereal.
After hearing our bedroom door open I saw my fiancé coming down the hall. Not one bit of fat graced his
hot muscular body and to think I was marrying this hunk in a few months.

“Are you excited about today?” I asked after he kissed me.

“Of course I am. I can’t remember the last time I saw those two. I feel really bad for not seeing them.
You know they don’t live too far from the nude beach we enjoy going to.”

“When it warms up we’ll go one weekend and see them,” I stated.

“Matt, get real, between now and our wedding our weekends are full.”

“You’re right, but after that we will,” I said.

We ate something then showered together to start our day. Corey and I were on the couch when we heard a
loud knock at our door. 

“They must be early,” Corey said with another loud knock on the door. “I’m coming!”

I heard the door open and then “Surprise, bro!” My eyes grew wide as I knew without a doubt it was Kris.
Then I heard Colt’s voice as well. I got up and saw them with a bag in their hand.

“Matt, we have more company,” Corey stated and turned to them. “Guess who else is coming?”

“Wouldn’t have a clue,” Colt replied.

“JJ and Teague are coming to visit us,” Corey stated.

“Fucking awesome!” Kris yelled. “I can’t wait to see them.”

I got my regular hugs and kisses from the two before Colt threw his beer in our fridge. 

“Bro, do you like my birthday present?” Kris asked me.

I looked around and looked at Kris. “What birthday present?”

“Melissa asked what I wanted so I jokingly said to come here for the night and hangout with my best buds,”
Kris replied. I didn’t believe the jokingly part after he had been for a week with us right after
Christmas. “She agreed since she was working 12 hour shifts this weekend.”

“Faith wasn’t real happy about it but I treated her extra special last night,” Colt said. 

“What’d you do?” Corey asked.

“Oh I bought her a dozen red roses,” Colt replied. “You know those damn things are expensive but I got
well rewarded for it.”

“Matt, you were right about finding somewhere to eat last night. It was a fucking madhouse,” Kris said.

“Corey made us a nice steak dinner with candles,” I said with great pride.

“Atta boy, Corey!” Colt said.

“So when are JJ and Teague coming?” Kris asked.

“JJ said they’d be here about two. Teague really needed to get away. He had a nasty breakup with his
girlfriend about a month ago,” Corey replied.

“Corey, where’s everyone going to sleep?” I asked.

“I’d say we have a use for the new air mattress,” Corey said.

“Colt and I will sleep on it in here,” Kris stated. “JJ and Teague can have my bedroom. Bro, it’s a good
thing you have two bedrooms. It’s come in handy.”

“We’ll be nice guys and let ‘em have Kris’s room,” Colt said.

“How’s Hunter doing?” I asked Colt about his nephew.

“He’s wonderful. Chase got to keep him last night and was taking him for some grandma love today,” Colt

“I’m sure your Mom is going to love that,” Corey said.

“The only downside now is Faith wants us to have one. I’m like fuck that shit. He’s nice for a little
while but we can hand him back to Chase,” Colt said.

“I bet it is rough having a baby in Chase’s apartment,” Corey said.

“They are adjusting. Chase has really surprised me. He’ll change the shitty diapers, feed him, burp him
and just really loves holding him. Tabor and Levi know if they want to make noise they will have to
leave,” Colt said.

“Chase is a good Daddy,” Kris said. “Never thought I’d say that.”

“I hope it all works out for Chase,” I said.

“I hope it does too, Matt. He said Levi and Tabor learned a lesson too from his experience,” Colt said.

“We’re learning as well. Those things can wait until we’re ready for them,” Kris said.

With Kris and Colt, it was very easy to sit and talk with the time passing like crazy. Before we knew it
or realized it Corey was getting a call from JJ to say he’d be there within ten minutes. In the past Corey
would be a little nervous but now he was excited about seeing his old high school friends.

Corey was at the door when he heard JJ and Teague knock. I could hear loud pats on the back in our
entranceway before finally seeing the two. Both looked great with Teague looking thinner than the last
time I saw him and with a thin beard like Colt’s. JJ was about the same size but his hairline was
beginning to go back.

“I’m not surprised to see Kris and Colt here,” JJ said, entering.

“We are,” Corey said. “They surprised us. Kris’s girlfriend let him come here as a little birthday

It was nice greeting them with Colt in the kitchen returning with six beers. 

“Bro, what the hell have y’all been up to?” Kris asked.

“Working,” JJ replied. 

“Do y’all live together?” Colt asked and handed them a beer.

“We do now. I had fucking plans on moving in with my girlfriend but she had other plans of her own,”
Teague replied. “She bolted on me right after New Year’s.”

“Why?” Corey asked.

“She said she had different plans than I did…” Teague replied.

“No shit, bro!” Kris laughed. “Plans to leave your ass.”

We laughed, as did Teague. 

“Here I thought it’d be great to see Corey but this is a real bonus,” JJ said.

“For us too,” Colt said. 

“So what do you think of Matt and Corey?” Kris asked JJ and Teague.

Teague shrugged. “Hell, they should. They’ve been together forever. Back home, you date for three months,
get engaged for three months and then marry.”

“And have one in the oven,” JJ laughed. “There’s an epidemic of that shit going around. Corey, remember

“Of course,” Corey replied.

“His girlfriend is pregnant,” JJ replied.

“Hell, my fucking brother is a dad now,” Colt stated.

“Dammmn!” Teague said. “Thank God, I don’t have any or any on the way.”

“Amen!” Kris said and fist pumped the two. “Colt and I live with our girls and just hope that doesn’t

“I practically do too. So is everything all set for the big day?” JJ asked us.

“Nope. With all the changes happening we’re on hold where we’re getting married. It will be an adjoining
state the last day of May,” I replied.

“I hope y’all can make it. It’d mean a lot to me,” Corey said.

“Corey, just count on it. We’ll be there just to see that,” Teague said. “What a party that will be if it
is anything close to your 21st birthday party.”

“Fuck bro. That will be child’s play,” Kris laughed.

“Kris, don’t count on it,” I said. “Remember it is our day…”

“Our day to celebrate with our friends,” Corey added. 

“Did y’all have a good Valentine’s Day?” Colt asked and finished off his beer.

“Let me just say that you’d think some women could do a fucking better job with their timing,” JJ laughed.
“It was nice otherwise.”

“Hey, don’t fucking bitch. You could be like me,” Teague said with Colt packing his can. Teague finished
his beer and pulled out his can as well.

“Matt, was Corey on the rag?” Kris asked and laughed.

“No, thank God!” I laughed. 

“Bro, I’d say we get Scott, Shawn and Bruce together and go out at least to eat here shortly,” Kris said.

“I’ll treat Corey and Matt as my way of congratulating them,” JJ said.

“Damn, I need to get engaged,” Colt laughed and spit.

“You could,” I said.

I called Scott but didn’t get an answer. Shawn said he’d enjoy it but Bruce wasn’t around. I told Shawn
just to come over whenever he wanted and didn’t tell him we had company.

Fifteen minutes later Shawn was at the door. Kris opened it since he was in our kitchen milling around for
a snack. 

“I knew something was up,” Shawn stated. “It’s not normal for Matt to call out of the blue like that. You
even got JJ and Teague to come too.”

“Bro, Colt and I were a surprise but we got surprised too,” Kris said. “What did you do last night?”

Shawn smiled. “Ashley and I went out.”

“Who’s Ashley?” Colt asked.

“Matt doesn’t tell y’all everything, huh? Naturally it’s this girl… I’ve been seeing for the past month,”
Shawn replied.

“Bro, that’s fucking awesome! Matt didn’t tell me,” Kris said.

“We’re just dating casually right now. A girl at work set us up,” Shawn said.

“I was set up too with Jessica,” JJ said. “It really helps.”

“Do you know where Scott is?” I asked.

“He and Seth went somewhere this weekend together,” Shawn replied. 

“Matt and Corey did the same shit their first Valentine’s Day,” Kris said.

I turned and smiled at Corey. 

“Corey, I know you don’t know where the wedding is but where’s the honeymoon at?” JJ asked.

“We’re going to Palm Springs for the week,” Corey replied and tugged on my shoulder.

“They’re going to a gay nudist resort,” Kris added.

“Dude, I’m sorry but why there?” Teague asked.

“Basically there aren’t many places where two married guys can go and really enjoy being together, plus we
enjoy the nudist aspect of it as well,” I replied.

“Bro, you’re looking at some guys that will bare their shit at the drop of hat, me included. I envy them.
I’ve been begging Melissa to go to a nudist place with me,” Kris said.

“Think about it, Teague. We can’t go say just to Disney or on a cruise and hold hands or kiss without
getting a hole stared through us or worse. Our options were rather limited,” Corey said. 

“Hmmm… I guess you’re right…” Teague said.

JJ laughed, “I forgot y’all are nudist.”

“Not as much as I’d like,” Colt said. “Hell, if not for these guys I’d probably be like y’all and think it
is fucked up.”

“Same here,” Shawn said. “We went to the nudist beach our sophomore year. I actually enjoyed it but
haven’t been since.”

“Just say the word,” Kris said.

We sat around talking with not a lot being drunk. We decided on a place to go eat but first Corey and I
needed to get dressed. We walked back to our room to find something to wear.

“Corey, I’m kind of sorry that you can’t spend just a little time alone with JJ and Teague,” I said.

“It’s fine. We’ll get a little time in the car together coming and going to eat. Besides, I’m sure they’re
used to it and really seem to be having a good time. What I really hate is having to work tomorrow.  That

“Just count on just me and you going to visit them one weekend. We can spare one weekend,” I said and
found a shirt to wear.

“I’m just happy to see them and you know we’re always excited to see Kris and Colt.”

“We are,” I said. “Damn, we still have the best friends ever.”

“I sat thinking the same thing,” Corey said and kissed me.

We dressed and returned to our guests with my camera in tow. I got a few pictures of us and made sure to
get one of Corey and his friends. We left and went to eat. With seven, it is never easy getting in a
place, especially the popular one we chose. During our wait we went to the bar. I said I’d buy the first
round and said it’d be a nice gift for both Colt and Kris’s birthdays since both had occurred recently. I
was able to get a few pictures of us while we waited. Finally after another round, we got a table. 

Once we were seated, it was easy to hear how loud and lively the restaurant was. We only added to the
noise with good times and laughs. We ordered appetizers all around to fill our hunger before getting our
meals. It took a while to get our meals due to the volume of customers but we were in no big rush.

We returned to our place with our guts filled. Both coming and going it was great to hear Corey, JJ and
Teague talk about their lives and about their days in high school. A lot of the talk was what I had heard
before but it brought a smile to my face.

Kris, Colt and Shawn were behind us having to stop to buy more alcohol. They came back with their haul to
finish off our night. To some people it may not be the best night ever to just sit around talking and
having some cold ones in your hand but to me it was the best. We didn’t see each other every night like we
did in college so I treasured time spend with each one. Having JJ and Teague was an added bonus. They
never were out of place thanks to visiting us in college and us visiting them once. 

It was about nine in the morning when I woke up but only did so hearing Corey’s alarm. I was hopeful one
day Corey would have a job that didn’t require him to work one day during the weekend. 

JJ and Teague were up too and left right after Corey did. I got to spend a little time with Kris and Colt
before they had to go. As always, I hated to see them leave and was hopeful one day we could live close


Your patience is greatly appreciated!!  It was a nice break while I figured out things.   One thing I did
discover is this story is just so hard to let go of.  One emailer wrote and said he could tell how much I
loved the characters.  That is so true and still do.  I'm not sure what's going to happen to the other
story, "A New Journey".  I'm very undecided about it.  I found this story is still easy for me to write
and  fun to write as well.  I hope to have more chapters if my readers so desire.

Hope everyone is doing okay.  It's been a rough winter here in the US.  I hope everyone has survived with
spring just around the corner.


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