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It is utterly amazing how four years had come and gone so fast. It had been almost two months since we
graduated from college and Corey and I were adjusting to our new place and new jobs. I had just finished
my training and would start really working after the holidays. Corey enjoyed his job despite some very
crazy hours. Kris and I tried to talk at least three times a week and so far we had kept up the routine.
He usually called me when he was going or coming from supervising off season workouts for the football
guys he was coaching. Colt had found a job, yet still I don’t think it was exactly what he wanted to be

As I arrived home on Tuesday with the Fourth on Thursday, I got out of my car and could feel the heat
rising from the pavement, even though it was after six. Just as I was about to climb the stairs to our
second floor apartment, I saw Shawn exiting his place across the parking lot. I waved and hollered at
him. He looked up and began walking towards me in his tank top and baggy gym shorts.

“How’s it going?” he asked me.

“I just finished my last training session,” I replied.

“That’s pretty sweet,” Shawn said. “When’s Corey getting home?”

“I think about seven, but he never knows if he might have to stay a few minutes later.”

I opened the door and felt the rush of the cool air. No doubt Corey had left the air con on at the
regular temperature despite our talk earlier to conserve money by turning it up when we left. 

“I hope you don’t mind me chilling here for a little while. I really was about to go and just get out of
my apartment,” Shawn said, taking a seat while I tossed down my wallet, keys and phone on our breakfast

“Shawn, you know I don’t mind at all. It’s great seeing you…”

“Yeah. I thought we’d see each other a lot. All I see is Bruce. I rarely see Scott as well,” Shawn said.

“I know,” I said. “Excuse me for a minute and let me change.”

“No problem,” he said. I walked into my bedroom and quickly changed into some shorts. “Your place is
really rounding into to shape, but hell, I knew it would. You need to come to my place and help us out!”

I came out, “I get the hint. You need a gay man to help you decorate things, though I’m not very good.”

“I didn’t mean it like that. You know I never see you like that,” Shawn stated.

I smiled, “I know. I was just joking with ya.”

“Say, when are Kris and Colt coming?” he asked.

“Oh, I suspect they’ll be here tomorrow about this time.”

“Are their girls coming?”

“That I don’t know. They are welcome to come if they want to.”

“Matt, between us, I hope their girls don’t come,” Shawn stated. “I don’t know about you but I miss the
fuck out of college already. I miss seeing all the guys almost every day. Every weekend we had something
to do. Hell, I even miss dragging Ethan and Cody’s ass to bed on the weekends.”

“Join the crowd,” I said. “I don’t have to tell ya how hard of a transition it has been for me with Kris.
The guy was part of my life for about 8 years. I miss everything you said, but I don’t miss the two years
studying my ass off.”

“Now that I don’t miss, but I’d do it all over again if things could be the same,” Shawn said. There was
a loud knock on my door. I went over to answer it and saw Scott standing there with a towel around his
waist, looking fairly wet. 

“You mind?” Scott asked.

“Of course not. You’re in luck. Shawn is here,” I said, shutting the door.

“Yeah fucker! Where do you keep your ass these days?” Shawn hollered.

“I was wondering the same shit,” Scott said.

“Matt and I were just talking about how we miss college,” Shawn said.

Scott stood in the kitchen which was just off our living room and continued to dry off. “Why? I don’t.”

“Liar,” I said, turning around. “You miss it.”

“Oh, a little, but that was just the start of great things in all of our lives. I know I’ll keep in touch
with y’all, but all of us have new lives and have to move on. Things are always changing.”

“You know Scott, fuck that!” Shawn said. “Keep telling yourself that and one day you might believe it.”

“I admit things are changing, but I do miss everyone, including you. Admit you miss all we had going on
and the friendship we had. Name one new friend you’ve made since you’ve moved here,” I said to Scott.

Scott laughed, “You got me there. I’ve met some people.”

“We all have, but it’s just different,” Shawn said just before another knock on the door. “I bet it’s

Scott laughed, “This does remind me of old times.”

I went to the door. I opened it up and saw two smiling guys standing in front of me with bags in their
hands. One big set of arms extended towards me. 

“Bro, we came early,” Kris said, hugging me.

“We said fuck it and just left,” Colt said. I turned and saw Shawn and Scott standing there. We exchanged
hugs in the doorway.

“Bros, it’s fucking hot out here so let us at least get in the door,” Kris said.

“This is such a great surprise,” I said.

“We knew it would be. It was tough not calling you and letting you know. It was actually Kris’s idea on
Monday,” Colt said while we walked into my living room.

“Looking good, Matt. I wouldn’t have expected anything less though,” Kris said, walking over to grab the
cruise picture of all of us I had sitting on an end table.

“Kris, the three of us were talking. Scott is a fucking liar and said he didn’t miss everyone,” Shawn

“Even though you didn’t ask me, I do more than I imagined,” Colt stated. “I love being with Faith, but
it’s different. I miss all the great times we had.”

“I agree one thousand percent. I see Colt almost other every day, but not like I thought I would. It’s
almost like we have to call each other to come over,” Kris said. “Matt, Corey’s working I guess? I got so
caught up I didn’t realize he wasn’t here.”

“He is. He should be home any minute now,” I replied.

“I was just saying it was time we move on,” Scott said. “Right now with us here, I guess I do miss it a

“Right now, I miss it a lot,” I said.

“No doubt. Your big smile hasn’t left your face since we got here,” Colt said.

“How is everyone doing?” Kris asked while I went to grab their bags and move them to our spare bedroom.

Scott told them about his marketing job while Shawn spoke about his job with an big insurance company. I
returned and grabbed a bar stool, hoping Corey would be home any minute and would not miss much. 

I was barely seated when I heard the front door open. “Hey Matt, is that Kris’s… oh my fucking God!”
Corey said, spotting Kris and Colt. It was nice seeing the big guys embrace, even though it had been just
a month. “I thought you were coming tomorrow.”

“We were initially but figured what the hell,” Colt stated. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Are you kidding? I need this after my day at work,” Corey stated. “It feels just like old times when I
come in late with everyone there. What did I miss?”

“Nothing,” I said and got a sweet kiss. “Scott was saying how he didn’t miss…”

“I’ve retracted that completely now. Say, has anyone heard from Ted? I read he had a great off season and
the Cowboys are impressed,” Scott said.

I raised my arm, “He called me last week.”

“You dog,” Kris said. “What did he say?”

“We didn’t talk much about how things were going with his playing. He was telling me about the place he
got in Arlington. Then he was interested in how everyone was making it,” I replied.

“It’s amazing he’d call the gay guy before anyone else,” Shawn said.

“Bro, Ted and Matt were the closest among us. I don’t know what it was but he seemed to cling to Matt,”
Kris stated.

“I think he wanted some dick,” Scott laughed.

“That’s the last thing he wanted,” I replied. “I guess I rarely mentioned football and made him feel like
a regular guy, plus I did help him out with Reese.”

“Colt, where are Chase, Tabor and his buddies living this year?” Scott asked.

“Where else? They’re moving into our complex, but in the last building,” Colt replied. “Now I have to
find a different place to live.”

“Bro, it’ll be cool,” Kris said.

“Hey, since we’re all here, why don’t we go out tonight?” Shawn asked.

“Bro, I have a better idea, Not! Who wants to spend five bucks on a beer or even more on a mixed drink
when we can have ‘em here?” Kris replied.

“Colt, have you been talking to him?” Corey asked and laughed.

“No, but I like his thinking,” Colt replied with a big smile. “It does make sense, besides someone would
have to volunteer to drive.”

“I wanna just talk,” Kris said. 

“Sorry I mentioned it. I guess I could make a beer run if you want,” Shawn said. 

“Now that’s better,” Kris said.

“I’ll go with ya. Shawn, you can call Bruce and tell him we’re all here,” Scott said.

“I can do that,” Shawn said. He took our orders but it was the same as always. The worst part was Corey
had to get up the next day for work, as did Scott, while I was off until after the holiday. Shawn and
Scott left with Shawn on the phone to Bruce.

“Damn, it is so good to see you two,” Corey said.

“Why? Is there trouble?” Colt asked.

“No,” I replied. “We saw each other every day for 3 years straight almost. It takes time to break away.”

“Tell me about it, bro,” Kris said and took off his shirt. “How is it now really without us for you?”

Corey shrugged his shoulders, “Not much has changed to be honest. There has been a little adjusting for
us, but we’re doing great. How is it for y’all?”

“You talk about adjustments. Try living with a woman,” Colt replied.

“Bros, it is some different shit. All the makeup, the clothes… damn!” Kris said.

“But it’s all good?” I asked with a smile.

“It’s all good, but you know how it is if you’re talking about sex. The littlest thang will be an excuse,
but when she’s on fire, it is fucking awesome,” Colt said with a smile.

“I know what you mean. I know now when Matt wants us to fuck. I’ll come home and he’ll have dinner for me
and then he’s all over me,” Corey said.

“Please Corey,” I said. “Monday, you walked in the door and attacked me.”

“The boy wanted some dick,” Kris laughed. “Now you can just fuck wherever you want without us around. Do
you go around nude much?”

I smiled and looked at Corey, “Maybe more, especially more than we did the last semester. There will be
days when I just strip after work and don’t give a fuck. I think Corey likes that.”

“Damn right I do. Even after four years I still love seeing his hot ass and big dick,” Corey said and
kissed me.

“I knew you would,” Colt said. “Man, y’all been going at it almost four years now. That shits hard to

“It is,” I said. “The best part is it still hasn’t gotten old to me.”

There was another knock at our door. We hollered it was open. In came Bruce with Aaron.

“Damn,” Kris said and stood. “I expected Bruce but not you?”

“I decided to drive over and see Bruce. Then I found out y’all were here,” Aaron said in his shorts and
tee. Kris hugged them both, as did the rest of us. 

“We hear Shawn’s making his beer run,” Bruce said.

“Of course. Bro, how is it living with him?” Kris asked.

“Actually pretty good. We have different schedules so we don’t see that much of each other except on
weekends,” Bruce replied.

Aaron and Bruce took a seat and began catching us up on their life after college. Aaron was still job
searching, which made Colt feel better, even though he had one. Bruce was happy with his job working for
a chemical company. Shawn and Scott returned with our haul of drinks and passed them out. 

Kris held his beer bottle up, “Here’s to the best friends money can’t buy, great years and better years
ahead for each of us.”

We clanged our bottles together and agreed with Kris’s toast. Now it really did seem all was right again
in the world. We were back together as one and enjoying being around each other so much, like we had so
many times during our college days. To me, it was rather surreal and almost like a dream. There were lots
of stories of our past and none about our current lives as graduates. No one really drank much; instead
we were there to be around each other again. 

About midnight, the gathering broke up since it was just the beginning of the holiday. Just as soon as
Shawn, the last one, left, Kris stood and removed his shorts and underwear. He looked at the three of us.
We laughed and removed our clothes as well.

“Tonight was fucking tight,” Kris said. “It was well worth coming early for.”

“It was and was such a great surprise,” I said leaning against Corey.

“Corey, don’t let us keep you up,” Kris said.

“I’m sleepy but I’m not missing a minute of this. I can sleep once y’all are gone,” Corey said.

“Let me say, no one has really changed, or was it me?” Colt asked, sitting in our recliner relaxed and
still looking great as ever with more chest hair appearing.

“I didn’t think so. Hell, it’s only been two months,” Kris said.

“Yeah, but people change in the blink of an eye,” Corey said.

“The shame of the night was we really didn’t catch up on everyone else,” I said. 

“Bro, we have four days here to do that. We first had to catch each other up on our own shit first,” Kris
said and started laughing. “Tell me we ain’t gonna do this shit every time we get together?”

We started laughing with him. “At one point I wondered if we were now all 30 instead of 22 or 23,” Colt
said laughing. “Fuck we sounded old telling all of our stories.”

“To me it was like we never parted ways. It’s funny how Matt and I never see Scott, Bruce or Shawn,”
Corey stated.

“Like Colt and I never see Myles or Dillon,” Kris said.

“Yeah, but my ass has run into Andrea twice,” Colt said.

“How does she look?” I asked.

“The same to me. She still acts the same,” Colt replied.

“Do you ever regret what you did?” Corey asked.

“Never ever do I regret it. I loved being with Kris and having all the incredible sex we had. The way I
see it is I’d have never met Faith,” Colt replied.

“Bros, Faith is almost too good for Colt. She treats him like gold,” Kris said.

“Just like Melissa does to your ass,” Colt said.

“That makes me so happy that both of you have found great women,” I said. “Speaking of, how on earth did
you two get away without them this weekend?”

Kris smiled, “They knew they’d be in the background the entire time. They know how we are and saw it
plenty over the last year. That’s what makes them that much more special.”

“Amen,” Colt said. “I think it will give both of us a good break. It lets them do stuff without us.”

“Y’all need to keep them around for a long time,” Corey stated and yawned. 

“Okay, maybe we should head to bed. We’ll have plenty of time together after tomorrow,” Kris stated.

We headed off to bed. Despite what I wanted, I saw Corey was rather tired and needed his rest. His big
arms always made me feel so secure and safe wrapped around me while he fell asleep. My mind was going
like crazy, plus it was exciting for us to be back together.

I was up just after Corey left and went to start the coffee I had grown to love. While sitting at my
computer and having coffee, I heard the bedroom door open and close. Kris’s hot naked body came walking
towards me with his blond hair going all different directions. He came up and kissed me on the lips. 

“Bro, despite us not living together I still love you so much,” Kris stated and sat next to me.

I closed my laptop. “I love you too. I miss you so much.”

“Since it’s just us and we’re face to face, how are things really going between you and Corey now?”

“Kris, I love him more and more every day. We do argue some, but it’s all so trivial. He’s worried sick
about not contributing equally to our finances…”

“Wait just a fucking minute. He’s worried and not you?”

“I worry about other shit,” I replied and laughed. “I make more than he does or will. He feels like he’s
not providing for me like he should be. I had to set things straight and let him know we are now truly in
a partnership.”

“The manly macho side came out in him. I’d feel the same way, too. It is something that is beat into our
head how the man is the provider.”

“What the hell am I then?”

Kris laughed, “You’re right. You are pretty much a top in this relationship.”

“That’s not the point at all, Kris. Nowadays it takes two incomes to survive with the prices out there.
There are marriages where the wife makes more.”

“Now you’re saying you’re the wife,” Kris laughed.

“Tell me how many wives have this big shit between their fucking legs,” I said laughing and grabbing my
soft cock.

“Don’t rub it in,” Kris said. 

“I’m not,” I said. “I’m saying we are partners.”

“But partners contribute equally.”

“Have you been talking to Corey? He said the same exact thing. We are very much equal, no matter how much
more I contribute. Now, what I have is his and what he has is mine. Corey would never take advantage of
the situation.”

“Let’s hope not, bro. If he does, I’ll be here in a minute and will kick his ass,” Kris said.

After we talked, I got us some cereal to eat. While we were eating Colt came down the hall. He really
shocked me and kissed me on the lips. 

“Damn, this feel so good for us to be back together,” Colt said. “Matt, why’d you have to go and ruin

“My thoughts exactly, bro. It’s all Matt’s fault we’re separated,” Kris said with Colt grabbing some

“Get real. There was little I could do about the situation!” I said loudly.

“Calm down. I was just fucking with your ass,” Colt said and patted my bare ass.

“It’s still a very sore subject with me, Colt. It was THE hardest decision I’ve ever made in my life, but
one I had to make for mine and Corey’s future,” I stated.

“We know that, bro,” Kris said. “Chill. Blame me for taking the first job that came down the pipe.”

“Shit happens, alright!” Colt said. “It’s working out okay and it forced Kris and me to live with our

“No, you weren’t forced,” I said.

“Maybe we did jump the gun there a little,” Kris stated. “There’s no turning back now. I’m very happy
with the way it turned out.”

“I am too,” Colt said. “My job isn’t the best in the world, but it is work.”

I poured Colt some cereal and saw our food supply was running low. My plan was to go today and stock up
but their surprise had caught me off guard as far as food goes. We sat there talking when Colt heard his
phone ringing. He raced back to get it while Kris and I sat in the living room. 

Colt came back shaking his short brown hair. “That was Chase. It’s official. I’m going to be an uncle.”

“What?” Kris screamed loudly while my mouth was open wide.

“Yeah, Chase fucked the girl at the wrong time. Now his ass is about to pay for that shit! I told him and
told him no matter what the girl says to cover that shit up. Did he listen? Fuck no! Now he’s got some
girl pregnant!” Colt raged.

“I didn’t know he had a girlfriend,” I stated.

“That’s the kicker with this shit!” Colt continued to rage with the veins in his neck popping out.

“Calm down, bro. There are worse things in the world,” Kris said.

“There’s not! He barely dated her and was broke up with her until she called him last week to say she
thought she was pregnant,” Colt said as he took a seat and inhaled loudly. “It will be a very expensive
lesson for him to learn. He always bragged about how much pussy he was getting. Now he was in tears on
the phone. I told him that was the price he paid for messing with fire.”

“I hate that for him, but it sounds like it was bound to happen one day. Sort of makes me glad I’m gay,”
I said.

“Let’s all get real here for a second. Chase is 20 years old and the girl is…” Kris said.

“20 as well, I think,” Colt added.

“They’re adults. It’s not good, but they’re both adults and knew what they were doing. It takes two
people to make a child, so they’re both to blame here. Right now, it may seem like the worst thing ever,
but it could turn out okay in the end,” Kris stated.

“It could, but I feel sorry for the child more than either one of their sorry asses,” Colt said. “I know
who will raise that kid; either my mom or her mom since they’re in college. I told Chase he’d better find
a fucking job today and support that kid.”

“All I’m saying right now is I’m glad it wasn’t any of us, even though I do love Chase like he’s my
brother,” Kris said. “Let’s try and move on. I was thinking how I’d really love to see where Corey works
and maybe hit the weights for a minute.”

“Ummm… okay. It is pretty sweet, and it would get our minds off of this,” I said.

“Yeah, let’s do that so I let off some steam,” Colt stated.


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