Posted:   June 11, 2009

Rob entered his friend’s house and quickly saw the poker table set up and ready to go.

“You did come,” his friend Austin commented after turning to see his friend take up his invitation to join them on Poker Night.

“I told you I would,” Rob replied with a six pack in his hand just as Austin had requested.  Braden, Austin’s roommate and a friend, pointed to the refrigerator in the kitchen.  Rob found a spot but barely in the crowded refrigerator that was nothing now but beer for the college juniors and one sophomore who were there.

“When we starting?” Rob asked the other five gathered.

“Sit down and chill just a minute.  We drink a little, watch some hoops or whatever is on.  Then I’ll take all your money,” Austin laughed.

“Maybe,” Rob smiled.

“Dude, I’m a fucking pro here at Texas Hold ‘em.  Ask any these guys and they’ll tell you the skills I have,” Austin said.

“He swamped our asses last weekend and took all our money,” Braden commented.

“Damn straight I did and will this weekend too,” Austin said in a cocky way.

Rob sat down near Ty who he had a class with that semester.  They talked about the class and watched the NBA playoff game that was on along with enjoying a cold brew.

The game was close and had their attention including Rob. 

“Bet ya two dollars the Magic fuck this up,” Austin stated.

“You’d bet anything and everything,” Ty commented.

“Yelp, whose up for losing two bucks to start the night?” Austin said.

“I’ll take some of that,” Nathan, the sophomore of the group, stated and held up his money.

“You’re on,” Austin said.

The game now had their interest.  Going in the fourth quarter, the Magic were up by 5.

“Anybody here for five bucks?” Austin asked.

“I will,” Rob said. “Five points on their home court.  No way they lose this game!”

Austin laughed, “Another sucker throwing away his parents cash.”

They were knocking down the beer left and right with a steady parade during timeouts to use the bathroom at Austin and Braden’s college house.  The house was your typical college house and was outdated with a hole or two in the wall.  There were stains all over the carpet and the place had a certain guy funk to it.  The funk was the combination of sweaty guys, stale beer, a few smokes and nasty lingering farts that came at any moment.

With the game now tied with a minute remaining, the talk became heated among the friends.  At the buzzer, the Magic drained a last second shot to win.  A loud cheer went up to aggravate Austin.  Austin dug in his pocket and doled out the cash to the winners.

“I’ll smoke your ass in poker,” Austin said with the five in his hand.

“You might,” Rob said and felt the five dollar bill hit his hand.

“That five will be back in my pocket before this shit is finished,” Austin said.

Rob smiled and loved to tease his friend, “We’ll see.”

“See’s ass!  I’ll strip naked and run out in this yard if I don’t beat you,” Austin laughed.

“Being bold there,” Nathan laughed and spilled beer on his shirt.  He used it an excuse to shed his shirt and show his tan body.

“Yeah, you did that shit last week without anyone betting you since you were so drunk,” Braden said.

“Fine then, I’ll suck your dick until you fucking cum in front of everyone here if you take all of our money,” Austin laughed.  “You have to do the same if I beat you.”

“No fucking way!” Rob said. “I’m not a pro like you.”

“Chicken shit,” Austin said.

“I don’t blame him, Austin,” Will, another friend, said. “You win almost every week.”

“Okay then.  If this rookie takes all of our money, I’ll suck his little dick til he busts his nut.  How’s that?” Austin said to the others and pointed at Rob.

“Cool with me,” Rob said. “All I lose is money.”

“Your clothes on second thought,” Austin said rubbing the brown hair on his chin.

“You’re on,” Rob said.  It was guys anyway Rob thought.  They roomed in the same dorm for a year so they had seen Rob naked and was how they were now all friends.

“Shake on it,” Braden demanded.

Rob and Austin shook hands.  “Your little white ass will be in the yard for all us to see!” Austin taunted Rob, who was rather thin.

They sat around the poker table and broke out the used playing cards and chips.  They went over the basic rules with Rob so he would know what he was getting into.  Rob had played Texas Hold ‘em before but just for fun.  He liked card games for fun but with $40 on line he wasn’t so sure about this.  

Austin started dealing out the cards.  Rob looked at his unsuited cards and threw them in.  Will took the first pot with a high pair.  They went around the table dealing and betting.  Rob was starting to get the hang of it plus getting more tipsy with the beer in his body.  He hated it when Braden and Ty started smoking cigs there at the table but knew it was part of the game and atmosphere.

Ty was the first out after a streak of bad luck and became the dealer from that point forward.  Rob was down a few chips at that point but nothing major.  The next hand was dealt.  Rob looked at his cards and saw a pair of eights so he bet.  Everyone else folded except for Austin.

“Mmmmy poker face.  Can’t read my poker face,” Austin sang the lyrics to the hit by Lady Gaga.

“Shut the fuck up and bet,” Rob said and was annoyed with Austin’s cockiness.

Austin raised the bet to gauge his friend.  Rob debated in his head and bet.  The river card wasn’t a friend of Rob’s since it gave Austin an inside straight.  Austin raked in the chips and laughed.

“Bitch, don’t mess with me,” Austin said. “You’ll learn sooner or later especially after you’re naked in the front yard.” 

Now it was business to Rob.  He was down to ten dollars in chips and needed to bet his money wisely.   Next Braden went out, followed by Nathan.  Rob had almost pulled even with Austin at that juncture in the game with a few lucky hands. 

A break was definitely needed by then for all to drain the beer from their bladders and stretch their legs.  Braden and Nathan returned to the couch to take a break from the table.

Ty, virtue of losing first, still was the dealer.  The night grew long with little action over the next fifteen minutes.  Will was out next, losing to Austin’s full house against two pair. 

Rob smiled, “It’s just us now.”

“You better be ready to drop those clothes,” Austin smiled with a ten chip lead.

The face to face match up now had the attention of the other friends.  Austin won a little then Rob.  Rob pulled even after 5 hands.  They counted their chips and saw they were in a dead heat. 

Ty dealt the first two cards.  Austin peeked at his and saw he had 2 Jacks staring at him.  He bet to start the action.  Rob glared at his 10-8 combo and decided to match the bet.  Ty put down the flop, Ace-nine-King.  Austin studied his cards and glared at Rob. They both passed and studied each other to try and gain an advantage. The turn card or fourth one to be put down was a seven of hearts. 

“I’m all in,” Austin declared by shoving his stack of chips to the center of the table. “Your move.”

“I know… I know,” Rob looked at his cards.  He went over the scenarios in head.  He knew drawing either a Jack or six was slim. 

“We’re waiting,” Austin said and looked across the table.

Rob pondered the possibilities in his head while rubbing his chin. “Fuck it, I’m all in,” Rob said and moved his chips to the center. “I’m ready for this to be over with.”

“And lose your money,” Austin flopped over his pair.

Rob turned over his 10-8.   “He does have a shot at a straight,” Nathan commented and patted Rob on his back.

Ty looked at the two.  He slowly turned over a Jack.

“Fuck yea!” Austin threw up his hands. “Strip motherfucker!”  He leaned across the table to rake in his chips as the victor.

“Ummm… Austin, Rob has a straight.  A straight beats three of a kind,” Ty stated without a smiling.

A cheer went up. “You lucky motherfucker!” Austin said in anguish and knew he was beat by the luck of the draw.

“I know,” Rob smiled. “It was pure luck.”  He stood and raked in his chips.

“We’ll see you next week then.  The winner has to return,” Austin stated.

“Ummm… our bet,” Rob stated and pointed downward.

Austin laughed, “Yeah right.  Like I’m sucking your dick!  Be fucking happy you won!”

Braden stepped in, “You bet him, Austin.  You know how pissed you get when one of us doesn’t pay over even a  dollar.”

“I know I did but I’m not sucking dick.  He should be happy with the cash, right Rob old buddy?” Austin said.

“I’m waiting,” Rob stood and grabbed his crotch. “I bet you suck a mean cock!”

“Fuck you!” Austin said.

“Time to pay up just like with your bookie,” Nathan said.

“He can come break my damn arms,” Austin said.

“Sorry ass loser,” Rob commented.

“What?” Austin said.

“You lost and won’t stand behind your bet, Austin,” Ty said.

With his friends gathered around, Austin could feel the pressure mounting and the eyes on him.  “Get your gay ass over here.  Not one word of this leaves this house.”

“Remember, you suck until I cum,” Rob smiled.

“You cheated so I would suck your dick. I know you did,” Austin said.

“No I was lucky.  I just knew my ass was getting naked and out in the yard at 2 in the morning,” Rob said. 

Austin knelt down in front of Rob and closed his eyes with the others gathered around to watch.  “This is so gay!” Austin said and opened his eyes. “What’s worse is the rest of you watching this.”

“It might teach you a lesson,” Will stated. “You bet on everything.”

Rob smiled and dropped his shorts and boxers, “Here it is,” Rob groped his cock that was over 6 inches hard.

“Good thing this wasn’t Nathan,” Austin commented.

“Damn right,” Nathan said and exposed his nice long uncut cock to the others.

“Put your dick back in your pants, shit!” Will stated. “You are so damn proud of that bitch.  Find a girl and fuck her for a change.”

They laughed loudly.

Nathan put his cock back in his pants and had proved his point.  Rob moved closer.  Austin put his hand on Rob’s cock and opened his mouth.  Rob put it in and felt the wetness of the beer saliva.

Austin felt the cock in his mouth and stopped quickly, “No way!”

“You barely got it in your mouth,” Ty laughed.

Austin closed his eyes and opened his mouth.

“Don’t you dare fucking bite me,” Rob said.

Austin smiled with Rob’s cock in his mouth.

“Suck it, Austin!” Will cheered.

“Go for it! Suck it, Austin!” Nathan joined in.

Rob got hard feeling the mouth around his cock.  He threw back his head and pulled up his shirt to get it out of Austin’s eyes.  He looked around and saw the others watching intensely with Nathan’s hand down his pants.

“Someone likes this shit,” Braden laughed.

“I do,” Rob smiled and saw the disgusted look on Austin’s face.

Austin stopped to catch his breath.  “I’m finished.  I sucked his dick!”  He wiped his lips and spit.

“I’m just now hard,” Rob said and put his cock back at Austin’s lips.  Austin opened his mouth again and started sucking off Rob.

“Damn, he likes it,” Ty stated.

Austin stopped, “Another comment like that and you’ll be down here sucking his dick and get a mouth full as well.”

Rob smiled at Austin and put his cock back in his mouth.  The others were quiet with Nathan really playing with himself. 

“Damn this is fucking hot!” Nathan said. 

“Are you a faggot, Nathan?” Braden asked.

“Fuck no but this is intense plus I’m fucking wasted,” Nathan laughed.

“No shit! It does feel good, Austin!” Rob smiled at him while Austin continued to suck his cock.  Rob watched and felt Austin sucking his cock. He wanted to push him deeper but didn’t want to test his luck a second time that night.  He was surprised at how great it felt and how Austin was paying up and trying.  After a good five minute blow job, he could feel the end near.  He pushed off Austin.  “Oh fuck!” Rob screamed.  He shot his load into his hand with a few shots hitting the nasty carpeted floor.

“Not the first cum on this floor,” Braden laughed.

“I don’t imagine it was with you horny fucks here,” Ty laughed.

“You’re right there,” Braden laughed.

Austin stood, wiped his mouth and walked to grab a beer to rinse the taste out of his mouth. “See if I ever fucking do that shit again,” Austin spit.

“How did Rob’s cock taste?” Braden laughed.

“Not horrible but just the thought of me sucking a dude’s fucking dick… Fuck!!!” Austin shouted.

Nathan came from the bathroom with a big smile on his face.  The others laughed and knew what he had done.  “Oh well!” Nathan threw out his arms while the others settled down at the close of one different poker night with a unique ending.

With his pockets full, Rob knew his night was over.  He and the others found spots to crash for the night in the house since none were stupid enough to drive home.   Rob ended up in a reclining chair when the lights finally went off.  He had to smile at both winning money and getting one hell of a blow job.


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