Posted:   December 11, 2009

Casey was excited and anxious to see his pen pal and somewhat boyhood friend, Derrick.  He knew Derrick growing up since they lived 3 doors apart.  When Casey found out Derrick was in the military, he restarted their friendship with a few letters of encouragement and very innocent at that.  Casey waited anxiously with his place cleaned to perfection for his coming guest.  He heard a car drive up in the drive and looked to see the grown Derrick walking his way with a bag slung over his shoulder.

Much to Casey’s surprise, Derrick greeted him with a big hug.  Casey could feel the strength in Derrick for he remembered him as a skinny kid growing up.

“You’ve really changed,” Casey commented while they walked inside.

“Join the military and you’d change as well,” Derrick said and sat down his bag.  “Thanks for letting me hang here a few days before my new assignment.”

“No problem at all,” Casey stated. “It is just an hour on the way, say?”

“Yelp, an hour away and my last few days of so called freedom,” Derrick said.

“Do you think an overseas deployment is close?” Casey asked.

“You just never know with the way things are now,” Derrick replied.

“I’d be scared shitless if it was me,” Casey stated.

“I’m fucking scared a little but ready if called upon,” Derrick said. “That’s what I signed up for so what comes comes.”

“That’s a great attitude, Derrick,” Casey said. “I’m so sorry.  Can I get you anything to drink, like water, soda or juice?”

“You know a good cold beer would really hit the spot,” Derrick replied with a big smile.

“Let me see some ID then,” Casey joked.

“19 bitch.  I put my ass on the line for you or will,” Derrick said.

Yes sir, private,” Casey laughed.

Casey had beer and brought one for Derrick to enjoy. When he returned, Derrick had shed his button up shirt and was down to his white wife beater.   Derrick grabbed the beer, “Thanks.  I hope you don’t mind but I was hot.”

“No problem,” Casey replied with water in his hand. “I can see you really packed on the muscle now and a little ink as well.”

Derrick looked at his shoulder that had a nice size tattoo, “It’s a military thing.”

“No, it’s very common these days.  I have a couple as well and I’m nowhere close to military,” Casey stated.

Derrick laughed, “I guess it is but most of the guys have em in my company.  I have packed on a few pounds I guess since I last saw you.”

“The last time I saw you, you were skin and bones with brown hair down to your shoulders,” Casey said.

“You were different looking too without the earrings either,” Derrick commented. “Or the spiked up highlighted hair either.”

“Derrick seriously, I was shocked when you wanted to stay a few days with me,” Casey wondered.

“It’s a way of saying thanks for taking the time to write me and sending me stuff.”

“Surely, I’m not the only one.  I’m sure your mom sends stuff all the time,” Casey stated.

“Sometimes when she thinks about it.  You’re the only one back home who has ever written me or even tried to contact me.  For that, I’m so grateful,” Derrick stated.

“Thanks but there was nothing to it.  I heard you went into the military and wanted to offer my encouragement and support.  It is something I would never consider especially now days.”

“Casey, I needed something and wasn’t the brightest guy in the world.  Seriously, I really do like it and haven’t regretted joining yet,” Derrick stated. “It really has changed me a lot.”

They continued talking about his military life and what lie ahead.  They laughed about times growing up where Derrick was a virtual thorn in the older Casey’s side.  Casey treated Derrick to dinner at one of his favorite restaurants where he now resided.  Casey enjoyed Derrick’s company that night while they rented a movie to watch.  When the movie was over, Casey showed Derrick to his bedroom and retreated to his to get some sleep. 

Nearing 2 in the morning, a fast moving but fierce thunderstorm hit the area.  A loud bolt of lightning hit near Derrick’s room and made him sit straight up in bed.  He peered out the window to see a large branch had fallen right near his house.  He rose and walked to turn on the back light to see another had hit Casey’s chair and table.  He walked back to tell Casey what had happened.  He opened the door, assuming Casey had awaked during the storm. 

“You should see what…” Derrick said.

“What?” Casey rolled over and rubbed his eyes.  He turned on his bedside light.  “Derrick, what are doing here?”

“I’m sorry. I just knew you were awake,” Derrick said with his eyes fixated on Casey’s naked body. “Fuck, you have a great body, Casey!”

Now more awake, Casey pulled a sheet over his naked body, “Derrick!”

“You do and a really hot looking dick there too,” Derrick stated.

“What the hell do want?” Casey asked.

“I was going to tell you about the big tree limbs down in the back,” Derrick said and walked closer. “Now I saw something I want even more!”  Derrick crawled on top of Casey. 

Casey didn’t know how to react or what to do.  He felt Derrick’s lips hit his. He pulled Derrick close to him with his hands now on Derrick’s ass.
“Is this the reason you came to see visit me?” Casey said after breaking the long kiss.

“No, it wasn’t.  I did do it to show you how much I appreciated your kindness to me and to get away from my parents before I was back,” Derrick said. “I wasn’t going to force myself on you but damn you looked so good.”

“You knew the entire time I was gay,” Casey stated with Derrick close to him.

“I’ve known for a while,” Derrick said and pressed his lips back on Casey’s.  He pulled back the sheet to feel Casey’s body rub against his. “Casey, I’ve wanted this forever. You don’t know how long I’ve watched you and wondered what it was like to be with you like this.  Maybe I over reacted a little but hell I wanted you and saw an opening.”

Casey reached up and stroked Derrick’s cheek with his forefinger.  He stole a short wet kiss.  “You were so innocent, Derrick and so forbidden to me.  I too watched you skate up and down the sidewalk, knowing you were too young all the while wondering what it would be like someday to experience you.  Here I thought I was the only one lusting.”

“Fucking two way street,” Derrick said and looked into Casey’s blue eyes while stroking his sides.  “Just holding your warm soft naked body is a marvelous and so wonderful.”

The next hour, the two let loose and experienced almost every aspect of sex with each other.  The moment Derrick entered Casey; Casey let out a scream and continued voicing his desire to get fucked by Derrick. Derrick knew how to push Casey buttons sexually and enjoyed stimulating his friend for both of their pleasure.

It was well past 3 in the morning when the end came.  Both lay together in silence, taking in what had occurred to them.  The last thing either one of them remember was Derrick wrapping his arms around Casey’s body to snuggle close and sleep with a light rain still coming down.

Casey woke first the next morning.  He could see the sun shining brightly with Derrick’s arm draped over him.  He looked at Derrick’s cute face and military hair cut while realizing he had sex with him 7 hours ago.  He felt no remorse and actually enjoyed the experience with a kid he knew growing up.  He felt a peek on the cheek and turned to see Derrick smiling with the sheet totally off his naked nice body.

“You were so great last… well this morning,” Derrick smiled.

“You were too Derrick,” Casey said and leaned over for a nice kiss of appreciation. “Now tell me.  How do you stand it with a bunch of naked soldiers and knowing you lust for them?”

“Trust me, it’s fucking hard as hell, but you have to separate it and block it out of your mind.  To me, it’s part of the life in the military and do your best to fit in and not give in to the temptation,” Derrick stated.

“I guess we can check outside now and see what damage that storm did,” Casey stated.

“You really slept through it?”

“I did and rarely wake up at night,” Casey replied.

The two headed outside to assess the damage.  Casey was glad to see just a one large branch and a few small limbs strung across his yard.  They hauled the large limb to the front after picking up the smaller ones.  Casey was glad the damage was really nothing and headed inside.  The two showered separately and headed out to grab a late lunch on Casey’s dollar.  The two talked a lot and continued to laugh about their childhood together.

“Anything in particular you care to do tonight?” Casey asked once back home.

“Nothing other than… having more great hot sex with you,” Derrick smiled.

“Ummm… I suppose I could do that for my country and one guy who serves us.  Hell you deserve a little fun before back at the base,” Casey smiled.

Derrick stood to take off his shirt and was quickly told by Casey he would do it.  Casey slowly took off Derrick’s clothes and enjoyed worshipping the younger guy’s nice body given to him by the military.  Casey pulled off Derrick’s short and found his cock ready to be taken.  Casey got on his knees and took Derrick’s cock in his eager mouth. 

OOOO Casey, suck that dick!” Derrick moaned.

Casey continued to suck Derrick and slid down his shorts to stroke his cock.  He stopped and stood to kiss Derrick.  Derrick shoved his tongue in Casey’s mouth.  Derrick got on his knees and enjoyed sucking Casey’s nice thick cock. 

Derrick rose for another kiss.  “Fuck me Casey!

Casey kissed Derrick back and stroked his cock.  He sat down on the couch and watched Derrick lower his nice body slowly on his throbbing thick cock. 

“OOOO fuck yea!” Derrick screamed.  Derrick slowly moved up and down.  “OOO yes… this is fucking great… OOO Casey!”

“Your ass is so great, Derrick!” Casey said and sucked on Derrick’s tempting nipples.

Casey held Derrick tight and moved him to the floor.  Derrick threw his legs on Casey’s shoulders.  Casey was still inside Derrick held his legs.

Fuck me Casey!!!  OOOO yes!!! Fuck me!!” Derrick screamed and enjoyed the pounding his ass was taking.

The excitement soon became too much for Casey.  He pulled out at the precise moment and showered Derrick’s lower torso with a nice hot load.   Casey squeezed the last drop and dropped down to get Derrick off. 

Derrick squirmed and moaned until releasing his load down Casey’s waiting throat.  “Dude that was too fucking hot!!”

“I’ll say!” Casey stated.

The two meet lips.  “I hope we can do this all fucking night,” Derrick said.

“With you I might be able to muster a few more loads,” Casey smiled. “Man, I’ve needed sex like this for a while now.”

“I have too,” Derrick said. “Just think of being gone as long as I was.”

“I don’t envy you at all Derrick,” Casey said.

“I’m ready for whatever the government has for me.  Seriously Casey, I needed the military.”

The two talked, kissed and stroked each other’s body until round two started.  Both lasted a long time and were so into the sex once again.  Casey never could imagined how great a sexual partner Derrick could be.  After the second time, they showered together.

The next round was in Casey’s bed.  Casey took it slow and easy to enjoy what might be their last time together.  When they finished, both were spent from three back-to-back sexual encounters.  Casey felt Derrick’s arm around his body as they drifted off to sleep.

Casey woke the next morning and knew Derrick’s stay was ending.  He lay staring at Derrick and now wished things could be different for Derrick.  He felt an attachment to him.

Derrick woke with Casey staring at him.  He rolled over and kissed him.
“This is it.”

“Yea, it looks that way,” Casey said.

“Casey, I need you one last time.  Who knows when will be the next time I get to enjoy sex again,” Derrick stated, stroking Casey’s cheek.

“I will if you’d give me the pleasure of fucking me,” Casey said.

Derrick didn’t say a word and gave his approval with his lips.  The two made out like crazy with the sheets barely staying on the bed.  After one hot 69 session, both were horny as ever and ready to fuck.  Derrick ate Casey’s ass like crazy with Casey getting very loud.  Derrick enter Casey with his cock dripping precum like crazy.

“Fuck that ass, private!” Casey said.

“Yes sir!  I will fuck you!” Derrick said in his militaristic voice.

Derrick slid his 6 inch hard cock in and out.  Casey moaned and groaned with each deep thrust.  Size didn’t matter to Casey for it felt so good.  Derrick couldn’t keep his lips from Casey and keep them on Casey’s lips or body until he busted his load deep inside Casey as requested.  Casey shot his with Derrick filling him up inside.  Derrick collapsed on top of Casey’s spent and sweaty body.

Derrick rose from the bed and gathered his things after both lay there and recovered. Casey led Derrick for one last shower which lasted until the hot water was no more.  Derrick dressed for his day quietly with Casey eyeing every move.  Casey donned some shorts to be with Derrick as he left.  Neither knew what to say in the end.  At the door, Casey hugged and kissed Derrick with tears streaming down his face.

“You be careful…” Casey said.

“I will…” Derrick said with his eyes tear filled now. “Ah shit, don’t make this any harder…”

“I’m sorry but I care for you a lot now…” Casey said trying his hardest to be strong for his soldier.

“Look, I’m an hour away from here… first chance… my ass will be here…”

“I hope…”

The embrace ended with Casey wiping his eyes.  He watched Derrick load his car and head down the road to the base.  He felt good in a way over the encounter yet bad for getting more emotionally attached the way he did.

Now instead of writing, Casey and Derrick spend hours on the phone whenever possible.  The very first chance, Derrick was back at Casey’s house.  Needless to say, their clothes weren’t on long. 


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