Posted:  December 19, 2009

Another Christmas/holiday themed short story for you!!

Derek double checked his house to make sure everything was perfect before his invited guest arrived for a little Christmas party/get-together.  He was so anxious to see his old high school buddies and knew the opportunity to get with them was becoming rarer by the day with all being near his age of 23.  

Derek heard a knock and walked to the door to see who was the early bird.  He opened and saw his best friend from high school Jeff standing there with more beer and a present.

“Damn Derek, you’re looking great as ever,” Jeff stated. “Where do I put this gift?  We are playing Dirty Santa, right?”

“Yea, put it over there by the tree,” Derek said and looked at Jeff.  Jeff was blond headed, about 6 foot tall and put on a pound or two since Derek last saw him during the summer. 

Jeff set his present down and headed to chill the beer.  He opened the frig and laughed.  “Where do I put this?  You said you’d have beer but shit dude!”

“Just move things around in there.  Surely it will fit,” Derek said.

Jeff found a spot in the frig, returned with two cold beers and sat in the comfy chair across from his old friend.  “I’m early as usual but I thought we could catch up a minute before everyone got here.  Now who all did you invite to this thing?”

“Just our crew from high school,” Derek replied. “Mitch, Taylor and Keegan.”

“Yelp that’s our old crew alright.  It should be like old times,” Jeff laughed.  “I haven’t seen Keegan in years.”

“He’s the one I’m worried if he’ll show up.  He said he’d try to make it but you know him,” Derek laughed and took a drink of his beer.

“As usual, Keegan is so fucking wishy-washy about shit.  Sounds like he hasn’t changed a bit,” Jeff stated while downing his first one of the night.

“How’s the job you were telling me about the other day when I called?” Derek asked.

“So far so good from what I can tell.  The pay is half decent with really great benefits,” Jeff said with the door bell ringing.

“You can’t beat that,” Derek said walking over to find Mitch standing at the door.  He did a quick double take since Mitch had changed a little for the better.  Mitch had dark brown hair down to his shoulders, earrings in both ears and looked thin whereas in high school Mitch was so clean cut.

“Am I late?” Mitch asked.

“Hell no, dude!” Jeff hollered from his chair after seeing and hearing Mitch. “Grab a beer and join us.  I was early and just catching up here with Derek.  By the way, you look great, Mitch!”

Mitch nodded, sat his gift aside and headed to grab a beer and snack along the way.  “So what’s going down tonight, Derek?” Mitch asked with his mouth half full.

“I figured this was about the last chance for our crew to get together and chill.  Before we know, we’ll be scattered all over the country with kids running everywhere,” Derek replied.

“That’s cool with me.  Yeah those days are fast approaching all of us,” Mitch said. 

“Yeah Mitch, all of us drinking together and not worrying about the fucking cops or getting caught by our parents,” Jeff laughed while grabbing a snack and another cold one.

“Man were those the days.  We did some crazy ass shit together, huh?” Mitch said.

“I see you’ve done so shit since I last saw you,” Jeff stated.

“Oh yea and got inked too like I always wanted to.  My parents said once I got out of the house I could do whatever I wanted and did it.  Look at this shit,” Mitch said.  He stood and raised his shirt to show his tattoo on his side.

“Damn all cut and shit, too! How do you stay so cut?” Jeff asked.

“Work my old friend, hard work at that.  I glad you noticed,” Mitch laughed with a knock at the door.

Derek was the host and went to find Taylor standing there with a box for his present.  Taylor was the shortest of the crew with short reddish hair and near the same size he was in high school by what Derek could see in Taylor’s long sleeve Abercrombie shirt.

“All the crew is here I see,” Taylor smiled once he enter to see Jeff and Mitch. “This will be so kicking!”

“Yea, Derek invited Keegan as well,” Jeff stated with Taylor being pointed the way to find the beer and snacks.

“See you stocked up for all of us drunks,” Taylor laughed.

“I figured with the way we drank in high school all of us would still drink and even more that our bodies can handle more,” Derek said.

“Damn straight I still do,” Taylor said with two beers in his hand.

“Dude, you used not be able to hold your alcohol for shit,” Mitch said.  “You puked all over my car that night after Steve Nichols’ party that night.”

“It wasn’t me!  It was Jeff that did that shit!” Taylor defended his memory and pointed at Jeff.

Jeff snickered, “Dude that was me.  What’s worse was Val was going to let me fuck her that night.”

“Did you ever hook up with that whore?” Derek asked.

“I told you I did,” Jeff said. “Anybody know where she is now?”

“What?  You wanna fuck her again?” Taylor laughed with the others.  “Last I heard she was in nursing school.”

“I heard she was in med school,” Mitch said.

“Either way, damn my luck as always.  I let the good ones get away!” Jeff said and headed to grab more snacks and use the bathroom as well while he was up. 

“I hope like hell you don’t piss your pants tonight like you did at the lake when all of us went,” Derek said with Jeff coming out of the bathroom.

Mitch and Taylor started laughing.  “You did piss all in your pants.  I think Keegan pushed your smelly ass off in the lake,” Taylor laughed with beer almost shooting out of his mouth.

“Oh well,” Jeff held out his arms. “By the way Derek, when’s Keegan coming?”

“Keegan’s coming?” Taylor asked. “I haven’t seen that crazy dude in years.”

“He said he’d try to make it,” Derek stated.

The four continued to swap stories back and forth about their fun time together in high school.  Once college arrived, they parted ways except for Mitch and Taylor, who went to the same college but weren’t close like they were in high school.  They continued to drink with lots of laughs and fun memories among the four young guys.

An hour or so later, they heard the doorbell ring.  Derek went to the door and hoped to see Keegan standing there.  He opened the door and saw a guy who he thought was Keegan.

“It’s me you stupid shit!” Keegan said with his head shaved, earrings and muscles showing.

“Holy fuck!” Mitch shouted with Keegan entering the room with his strut.  Keegan placed his gift near the others.

“I almost didn’t make it,” Keegan said.

“Why not?” Derek asked.

“I found out last week my girlfriend is expecting,” Keegan said. “She’s been sick as a dog and was tonight, too.”

“Congrats on number two,” Mitch said.

“I guess so.  I hope it’s better than the first one.  I never ever see Meagan now,” Keegan said.

“How old is she now?” Taylor asked with Keegan heading for a beer.

Keegan returned, “She’s damn near 5 years old now.”

“Dude, are on the juice?” Jeff asked Keegan.

“Oh hell yea, I am and you’re not fucking sterile either,” Keegan laughed.

“No shit!” Mitch laughed.

Now with the crew all there they caught Keegan up on the chatter and gossip.  They kept laughing and having a great time. 

“When’s the Dirty Santa part?” Taylor asked.

“We better do it now.  I promised Alicia I won’t be gone all night,” Keegan stated.

Derek agreed and explained the rules.  They drew straws to see who went first in choosing the gift.  Jeff was first and went for the biggest one brought by Taylor.  They all watched in eager anticipation as Jeff tore up the box. 

“What the fuck?” Jeff screamed.

“Dirty Santa, right?” Taylor said.

Jeff pulled out the packaged dildo to everyone’s laughter.

“Dumbass, not that kind of Dirty Santa.  It’s like taking away others presents that you want,” Mitch laughed.

“I feel so stupid!” Taylor said. “I thought it was like gag gifts that were sexual.”

“Now what the fuck am I going to do with a goddamn fucking dildo?” Jeff asked.

“Use it on a girl or something.  My girlfriend loves hers,” Taylor said.

“Yea because your dick is so small, you stupid fuck,” Jeff said.

The rest opened the gifts that were more appropriate and nicer with no one daring enough to take the dildo from Jeff.  At least Jeff’s gift did give them all something to laugh about.  After the gifts were open, Keegan headed to the door.  They all said goodbye and were glad to have seen him if it was only for an hour at the most.

“I knew his ass of the five of us would have kids by now,” Mitch said. “He fucked so many girls in high school.”

“I know,” Jeff said. “I heard he went both ways at one time.”

“You’re kidding.  No way he goes both ways,” Derek said.

“No, I am not joking.  I know for a fact he’s been with a few guys,” Jeff said.

“Yea probably because your fucking ass was with him,” Mitch laughed.

“Ummm… yea he was,” Jeff said.

“Are you gay?” Derek asked.

“No but bi as hell though,” Jeff said.

“No way!” Taylor shouted.

“I don’t see a damn thing wrong with it either,” Jeff said.

“You’re drunk!” Derek said.

“No but getting there,” Jeff said and held up his beer. “I’ll suck any of your fucking dicks.”

Mitch stood approach Jeff.  “So if I drop my jeans, you’d give me a blow job.”

“In a heartbeat,” Jeff answered with assurity. “Dude, I remember you were so hung!”

“Do it, Mitch!” Derek said. “Call his fucking bluff and see if he’ll suck your dick!”

Mitch looked at Taylor and Derek with a big smile.  “Let’s just see if Jeff is telling the truth.”   Mitch dropped his jeans and grabbed his big uncut cock. 

Jeff didn’t hesitate and opened his mouth.  He leaned over and took Mitch’s long cock in his mouth. 

Damn!” Taylor said and moved closer as did Derek.

MMM yea, suck that dick!” Mitch said with hands on Jeff’s blond hair.

Jeff continued to suck until Mitch got rock hard.  Mitch put his hand on Jeff’s head and pushed down.  Jeff kept sucking and enjoying putting on a show for his friends.

“How’s it feel?” Taylor asked.

“Like a great fucking blow job.  Jeff’s got one hot mouth and tongue,” Mitch said and was enjoying it with his jeans now in the center of the floor.  Jeff took advantage and ran his hands over Mitch’s body and ass with his mouth full.  Jeff and Mitch moaned in pleasure with Derek and Taylor watching this unfold.

“Take out that dildo and use it on my ass, Taylor, while I suck on this fucking hot cock of Mitch’s!” Jeff stopped.  He dropped his pants and pulled off his shirt.  He was a tad overweight and had a little hair on his chest.  His 6 cut cock was hard from sucking Mitch.

“Dudes, this is royally fucked up!” Derek said. “What’s worse he’s hard and loving it!”

“Drop your pants and I’ll suck your dick too,” Jeff said before continuing on Mitch’s cock.

Derek got naked and stood next to Mitch.  His 7 inches was hard, stroking a little, watching and waiting to feel his best friend’s mouth.  Taylor found the black dildo and held it awkwardly.

“Derek, he might need some lube on this thing,” Taylor said. “Derek you got any?  I know you do.”

“Fuck!” Derek said.  He ran off to his bedroom and returned with the lube.  He stood and stroked his cock while Jeff continued to suck Mitch’s cock.

Taylor lubed the dildo and stuck it at Jeff’s ass. He pushed in and watched the black dildo ease into Jeff’s ass.

“MMMMMM, fuck yea!” Jeff moaned and moved to Derek’s cock. 

“Taylor, switch with me and get your dick sucked by this hot eager mouth of Jeff’s!” Mitch said. 

Taylor smiled and moved to take Mitch’s spot.  Jeff was sucking on Derek’s cock while Taylor got naked.  Mitch took over the duties and started fucking Jeff’s ass with the dildo.

“Taylor, this was Jeff’s perfect gift,” Mitch said.

“It was,” Jeff moaned and moved to suck Taylor’s small cock. 

“Fucker sucks dick pretty damn good, huh?” Mitch commented while fucking Jeff’s ass with the dildo.

“I’ll say,” Derek stated. “I never knew this side of Jeff but I like it so far. Actually feels fucking good.”

Jeff alternated between Derek and Taylor.  He stopped and stood.  He grabbed a beer and downed in one long drink.  “Fuck my ass, Mitch!” Jeff said. “I want a real dick in me.”

Mitch grabbed the lube and lubed his 8 inches.  He stroked it til it was hard.  Jeff was back on his knees and ready to take Mitch’s cock up his ass.  Mitch leaned down and felt his cock ease into Jeff’s ass.

OOOOO… fucking take my dick!” Mitch screamed.

“Fuck me!” Jeff said breathing hard.

“Fuck him, Mitch!  Give him what he wants!” Derek said.

Derek and Taylor stood jacking their cock while Mitch hammered his cock in and out of Jeff’s hole.  Jeff was moaning and groaning while wanting more.  Mitch grabbed Jeff’s hips and fucked his ass as hard as ever.

OOOOO fuck yea!” Jeff said. “You like that ass?”

“Fuck yea!  Nice ass.  I know you love my dick,” Mitch said and continued to hammer his long cock in and out of Jeff’s ass.  Mitch started to sweat with the intense hard action.  He pulled out at the precise moment and covered Jeff’s ass with his cum.

Taylor moved over and stuck his cock in Jeff’s ass while Mitch recovered.  Jeff motioned to Mitch to let him clean off his cock.  Mitch moved around and let Jeff clean his cock.

“Derek, stick your cock in with Taylor’s little dick,” Jeff said, once finished with Mitch.

“Are you sure?” Derek asked.

“Yes!” Jeff screamed.  He made Taylor stop.  He directed Derek on the floor to ride him.  Derek moved to the floor with Mitch watching the action with a beer in his hand.  Jeff went down on Derek.  Derek groaned feeling Jeff’s ass on his cock. 

Taylor moved close and stuck his hard cock near Jeff’s hole.  He pushed his cock and felt Derek’s cock in there as well. 

OOO fuck!” Jeff screamed.

“Too much for your ass, huh?” Mitch asked watching.

Taylor moved and realized his cock was inside Jeff’s hot ass.  Now both Taylor and Derek were fucking Jeff with Mitch watching.

“Fucking sick as hell but hot too!” Mitch commented.

Jeff moved and could feel both hard cocks in him.  Derek moved slightly with Taylor’s cock coming out.  Taylor stuck his cock back inside.  After two minutes of double dicking Jeff’s ass with sounds of moaning and cussing that rung the walls, Taylor pulled out and blasted his load all over Jeff’s stomach. 

Derek had to pull out quickly and barely was out when his cock exploded all over Jeff’s ass.   Jeff stroked his cock and busted his load as well.

“Now not a one of you motherfuckers can say shit!” Jeff said, covered in cum but was so satisfied.

“I can!” Mitch stated.

“You nutted,bitch!” Jeff said.

“Jeff, I had no idea you were remotely like this,” Derek said.

“I’m one wild fucker!” Jeff smiled. “I love sex wherever I can get, girls or hot guys like my friends here. Guys are easy as hell just like tonight.”

“That was the last thing I ever expected us to do here tonight,” Taylor laughed.

“I was just hoping somehow some way I could let my best friends from high school fuck me,” Jeff smiled. “You guys are the shit!”

Now naked none of the four bothered to get dressed.  They heard Jeff’s wild stories about sex and continued to drink.  It was evitable that all four would be staying the night since by the end of the long night no one would be able to drive.

Around 2 in the morning, the little party ended.  Jeff grabbed Derek by the hand.  “I want you to fuck me like I’ve always dreamed of.  Just you and me fucking our brains out.”

Derek smiled and knew his night wasn’t finished.  In his drunk state, Derek did the best to accommodate his friend’s desires.  In the midst of Derek fucking Jeff, Mitch came in and wanted more as well.  The two fucked Jeff and loved every second of the intense and loud man action in the middle of Derek’s bed.

Waking the next morning, the three wondered what had really happened.  Jeff laughed and said it would just be another story in the long line of stories they could tell in another five years or so.


Only one chapter.  As always, hope you enjoyed this horny tale.