Posted:   December 26, 2009

After the long embrace and kiss, Robert and Curtis both broke off big smiles.  Robert wiped his face of his tears.  “You know this is the first morning since June 12 I didn’t have to pinch myself to make sure I was still alive,” Robert stated.

“June 12th?” Curtis asked.

“Yea, my day of hell when Dad dropped my ass off.  It started when he saw some pictures I had saved on my computer, you know hot guys showing their dicks and ass.  I was so embarrassed and didn’t know what to say.  He snarled at me and asked if I was gay.  I told him I was and didn’t expect him to lose it. Curtis, I had been having gay sex for over a year by that point but still!  He called me every name in the book with my mom just staring at me in disbelief with tears running down her cheeks.  I asked her for some help but she walked away.  Dad yanked me by the arm and told me to get in the car.  I knew I was dead.  He kept screaming at the top of his lungs at me the entire hour drive.  We went to this one shelter.  He reached over and opened my door.  I refused to get out until he pushed me out with his feet.  Lying on the ground stunned, he damn near ran over me.  I ran to the center and burst into tears.  From then on, I’ve drifted between centers looking for help.  They help but only in giving me something to eat and a place to sleep.  I roam the streets during the day and started searching trash for clothes and anything of value to support myself,” Robert said with Curtis sitting silently and hanging on each word.

Shaking his brown hair that was short, Curtis said, “You’re my hero, Robert.”

“No, you’re my prince to find me yesterday.  I hated Thanksgiving and was really going to hate Christmas even worse,” Robert said.

“Like I said, you’re more than welcome to stay here,” Curtis said.

“Thanks for everything.  You don’t know how much I’m looking forward to tomorrow,” Robert smiled.

“I don’t know about you but I’m hungry.”

“That makes two of us.  Whatcha got?”

“How about some real eggs, bacon and toast?” Curtis asked.

“Won’t hear me complaining,” Robert replied.

Within minutes, the two were eating a real breakfast as Robert referred to it.  “Tell me what you want to do this Christmas,” Curtis suggested.

“Ummm… a movie would be killer,” Robert said.

“Yea it would,” Curtis said. “We’ll go over to the IMAX and catch one whenever you want.”

“Awesome, I can’t wait!” Robert said showing his youth enthusiasm more and more.

“What do you want to do til then though?” Curtis asked.

“We can play on your computer,” Robert said.

Curtis had his computer close with a few games on it.   Robert knew one of them and opened it up to start playing.  Curtis stood behind him and watched with a few pointers until an online friend asked for a challenge.  Robert accepted it and knew he would be overmatched.  He was but enjoyed feeling like a regular 19 year old teen.  The gaming continued since Robert hadn’t been on a computer much since getting kicked out.  Robert quit the game and got on the internet. 

“You care if I check my Facebook account?” Robert asked.  “I want some of my friends to know I’m still living.”

“Sure go right ahead,” Curtis said. “I’m on there all the time and love it.”

Robert logged on and saw nothing had changed with his account.  He checked on his various friends and chatted with one for a few minutes. Curtis left Robert and grabbed some snacks for him.

“Man, I didn’t realize what I was missing,” Robert stated after turning off the internet. “It seems like an eternity since I was back at home.”

“Well… you have been through hell by the sound of it,” Curtis stated.

“I have that,” Robert said. “Thanks again.  I know you’ll get tired of me saying that but I really mean it.”

“No Robert, I won’t.  It’s actually great to hear someone appreciate things that most of us take for granted these days.  You’ve made me appreciate simpler things since I picked you up yesterday.  Here I was going to be nice and found a new friend along the way.”

“Here I was going to let you walk out the door.  How stupid was I?” Robert smiled.

After lunch which wasn’t much since Curtis hadn’t planned on a guest, the two dressed to head out to the IMAX to catch a movie. Robert was smiling sporting his new hoodie and second hand jeans from Curtis. Once there, they realized they weren’t the only ones on Christmas afternoon that wanted to see the latest blockbuster.  Robert didn’t care which one they saw since he hadn’t seen a new release in months.  He picked one that looked interesting and went with that.  The best part to Robert was the snack despite eating only an hour before.  He felt normal in a movie theater with a soda and buttered popcorn. 

Even though it wasn’t the most exciting movie produced, Robert insisted on bragging how good it was.   Curtis knew he was trying his hardest to be nice.

“So really I can stay with you til whenever?” Robert asked on the ride back home, changing the subject.

“I said you could and I haven’t changed my mind just yet,” Curtis said.

“What about when you go to work?” Robert asked.

“I work out from home,” Curtis replied.

“Like how?”

“From the computer,” Curtis answered. “You wouldn’t understand but it is consulting work with programs.”

“Sounds interesting,” Robert stated. “Someday I wouldn’t mind working with computers.”

Curtis smiled, “Now that’s more like it.  Finally some dreams and real thinking from you.”

“Yea, I’m really digging this so far,” Robert smiled. “I’m feeling a little like my old self again. One more thing Curtis, you don’t have a boyfriend I should know about do ya?”

“No or else I’d be in really hot water about now for having some cute 18 year old living with me,” Curtis smiled.

“I guess I do look hot now all cleaned up and smelling like a regular person,” Robert laughed.  “This hoodie looks killer on me, huh?”

“Yes it does,” Curtis smiled.

Once back at the house, Curtis couldn’t shake Robert from his heels.  He wasn’t used to entertaining someone constantly.  He did all he could think of to keep Robert entertained and saw what a real job he had in store.  They played cards and a board game Curtis had to pass the Christmas night. 

Once back on the couch, Robert lay next to Curtis.  “Curtis, I can help you out in some ways, you know…”

“I think I know what you mean there Robert but my intentions weren’t sexual,” Curtis stated.

“I realize that or you’d done something last night.  I feel it’s the only thing I have to show you my appreciation,” Robert said.

“I know Robert but now my goal is to show you how a mature gay man survives in the world.  It’s not all bad either,” Curtis said.

“So you’re rejecting my offer?”

“For now I am.  Don’t get me wrong.  You are so cute and I could easily give in to temptation.  We could have sex but I would be sending you the wrong message,” Curtis said. “Robert, I’ve had my share of hookups.  Sure you get off and feel great but after that I’ve found that empty feeling inside.  It’s great when there’s a little love in the mixture.”

“Now you’re telling me you don’t love me.  I’m really starting to love you, Curtis.  I don’t whether it’s the boyfriend love or fatherly love though,” Robert said. “I feel its true love like for a lover.”

“Robert, I can’t help but start to love you.  I’ve offered up my house to you…”

“Yea, that’s love in my book,” Robert said.

“Good things come to those who wait,” Curtis stated.

“Fuck that,” Robert said.

“I take it your ass is horny,” Curtis smiled.

“Damn straight it is after seeing your sexy ass all day,” Robert said.

“Use my Fleshlight then tonight and report to me how great it is,” Curtis said.

Robert walked around and found the ‘Fleshlight’.  He ripped off the box and looked at it.  “Wanna watch me?” Robert asked.

“As much as I would like to, it wouldn’t feel right.  You should do it in private,” Curtis stated.

“I just hope my dick fits in here,” Robert commented.

“All young guys say that,” Curtis laughed.

Robert dropped his pants with his long cut cock hanging with a few pubes and long hanging nuts, “Now what does your ass think?”

Curtis was speechless, “Beautiful!”

“That’s what I thought!” Robert said and pulled back up his pants. “You can just fantasize how great it would be.”  Robert walked to his room and shut the door.

Curtis headed to his room and lay on his bed.  He couldn’t get the image of Robert’s cock out of his head.  He did fantasize with his hand on his 6 inch cock until busting a creamy load. 

Curtis woke the next morning, the day after Christmas.  He headed to start his coffee and peeked in Robert’s room to see Robert’s bare ass shining from under the sheets.  He broke off a big smile and continued to the kitchen to start his day and check the paper for After Christmas Sales.  He found there were plenty to chose from and went back to wake Robert for the day.  He lightly knocked on the door until he heard a sleepy voice reply.  Once Robert realized the day, he bolted from his room to shower and be ready for his Christmas. 

Appearing dressed with his blond hair hanging on his shoulders, Robert announced, “Curtis, in case you’re wondering that Fleshlight is the ticket.  Felt almost like the real thing.”

“Did you fit?”

“Barely,” Robert laughed, grabbing his crotch. “I’m so ready for today.”

“I can tell,” Curtis smiled.

“What’s my spending limit though?”

“We’ll see as things progress.  I think you need a lot,” Curtis said and didn’t have a limit preset in his mind.  His sole intention was to give Robert a nice Christmas even though it was the day after.

Fighting the traffic and crowds, they parked in the back forty and walked to the stores in the outlet mall.  Curtis figured Robert could get more items for less there.  At the first store, Curtis could see and hear the excitement in Robert when they entered the crowded store.  Robert scanned everything first before deciding on a nice shirt and new pair of jeans.  Off they went from store to store until both were exhausted from shopping.

“God, I don’t know how to thank you other than my suggestion last night,” Robert stated back in the car.

“To me seeing your joy is thanks enough.  You’ll need everything since you plan on staying, right?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?  Of course I’m staying.  No way am I going back that is unless you’re tired of me and ready for me to hit the streets again,” Robert stated and felt so at ease with Curtis now.

“Not yet,” Curtis winked.  Robert leaned across the console and gave Curtis a peek on the cheek.  Curtis long gave up on keeping a total of what was spend and knew Robert needed everything along with a few extras along the way.

“Curtis, there is one last thing I really need,” Robert stated.

“What, a haircut?” Curtis joked.

“How’d you guess?  I need one in the worst way. This is the longest my hair has ever been but I like it but just a little shorter,” Robert said.

“I agree.  A little needs to be cut and shaped up there a little,” Curtis stated.

They found a place and wheeled into the lot.  It was a short wait but Robert did have a few inches trimmed up.  His blond hair still hit his shoulders but was more manageable and looked much nicer now.  They finished up the day with something to eat with darkness setting in. 

After unloading the car, Robert staying in his room to admire his hauls.  He loved how everything looked on him.  Curtis lightly knocked on the door with Robert coming out of a pair of jeans.

Robert grabbed Curtis for a long heart-felt kiss.  “I love you, Curtis.  This is overwhelming.  Look at all this stuff.”

“You can fill your closet over there,” Curtis pointed.

“I wish some of my friends could see how killer I look in everything.  Back at home, my clothes weren’t this fly you might say,” Robert stated.

“You know I might like to see you model a few things…” Curtis stated.

“I will…trust me I will,” Robert said in excitement.  He grabbed a long sleeve tee and jeans.  He was out of his old clothes and into the new ones in seconds.  With one hand on his hip, “How does this look on me?”

Curtis took a breath, “Stunning!”

Robert tossed those into a pile.  Next was a short sleeve tee and skinny jeans.  “I don’t know,” Robert stated, feeling the tightness.

“To me, it shows how thin and hot you are,” Curtis said. “Throw on that necklace you picked up.”  Robert found the leather necklace with the pendant that was so stylish.  “Amazing!”

Robert looked in the mirror and giggled, “Man do I look fucking gay in this but you know I do look hot!”

“Let’s see those sexy briefs on you now,” Curtis said and was lusting hard for Robert.

Robert looked at Curtis, “Are you sure about that?”

“I’m more than sure,” Curtis smiled.

Robert found the briefs.  He turned away and shed his boxers.  Turning back around, he was smiling.  “Snug in the crotch.”

Curtis walked over and put his hand on the crotch, “Snug cause your big dick fills it out so well.”

Robert looked at Curtis before covering his mouth with his lips.  Curtis kept his hand on the crotch of the briefs until Robert had to slide them down for relief from his growing hard-on.  “MMMM… is this the moment?”

“Yes!” Curtis said. “I feel and see your love in every direction.  I think we’ve waited long enough.”

I’ll say,” Robert said.

Curtis pushed the thin Robert on the bed and removed his briefs.  He dropped to his knees.  He gazed up to see Robert smiling and looking so hot.  Lust was all over both especially Curtis.  He had his twink dream he wanted naked.  He licked up and down the shaft of Robert’s long cock that was growing hard.  He stroked Robert’s cock and moved his mouth to fill it with Robert’s low hanging balls.  One by one he indulged in goodness of them.  He rose for a long kiss. 

“Get naked for me,” Robert said, almost breathless.

Curtis pushed off his jeans and boxer briefs.  He didn’t care that he couldn’t match Robert’s size.  Robert pulled Curtis’s sweatshirt over his head and kissed Curtis’ lightly haired torso.

“Let me finish what I started,” Curtis said.   Dropping back to his knees and admiring Robert’s twink beauty, he opened his mouth to begin.

OOO yes!  I dreamed your mouth was that fucking Fleshlight but it’s better,” Robert groaned.  He placed his hand on Curtis’ head.  Curtis could now feel the full extent of Robert’s erection and guessed it to be over 8 solid inches of manhood.  Curtis displayed his love and lust by alternating between sucking, licking and kissing Robert’s cock.  His lust for Robert was full hilt now.  Robert stayed on his palms to enjoy and relish Curtis’ efforts.  Edging slightly, Robert pulled Curtis up.

“My turn to show you what I learned on the streets and elsewhere,” Robert stated.

“No, I want to see your love like I tried so hard to deliver,” Curtis stated inches from Robert’s thin face.

“You’ll see my fucking love and appreciation for sure,” Robert stated.  He kissed down Curtis’ body to find his hairy cock and balls.  He licked a little and wanted to suck it.  With his mouth open wide, Robert plunged down to the base to fill his mouth with Curtis’ cock.  He cut his blue eyes up to see Curtis’ eyes shut tightly in a deep state.  He moved slowly with his mouth with his hand on his own cock.  He knew this wasn’t forced like so many blow jobs over the past six months.  He enjoyed and loved sucking Curtis.  Curtis moaned with each plunge.  He pulled Robert up for a kiss and felt so loved.

Make love to me,” Curtis said.

“I was hoping I could get a shot at that ass of yours,” Robert said. “I’ll be so gentle and loving. It’ll be something we’ll never forget.”

“I know you will,” Curtis replied.  He leaned over at the edge of the bed.  He stuck out his ass and felt Robert’s tongue there waiting to taste it.  Robert stuck his face and tongue in Curtis’ ass to hear deep groans filling the bedroom.

OOOO Robert that feels sooo goooood!  Keep eating my ass!” Curtis requested.

MMMM, so fucking hot and tight,” Robert growled and continued to probe his tongue inside Curtis’ hole.  Curtis reached back and did his best to pull Robert in deeper.

“I can’t stand it any longer!  Fuck me, Robert!” Curtis screamed in ecstasy.

“Where’s the lube?” Robert asked.

In a deep sprint, Curtis found his lube and a condom as well.  He didn’t want one moment of pure lust to ruin his health.  Robert smiled taking the condom, “I don’t blame you!”

Robert resumed his position and waited with great anticipation.  He felt the cold lube and finger up his ass.   He shut his eyes and waited for the intrusion.  He knew it would be painful but wanted Robert inside him in the worst way.  He turned his head and felt Robert’s stiff cock knocking at his back door.  He pushed to open his ass and receive Robert’s cock.  Feeling Robert, Curtis reached for the bed to hold on tight.

“Fucking tight ass!” Robert said, barely inside.  Robert pushed slowly.  “Does it hurt?”

“Fuck yea!” Curtis screamed. “Take it slow!”

“I will,” Robert said and kissed Curtis’ back.  Inch by inch he pushed.  He looked down to see about 2 inches remained.  He moved slowly and grabbed Curtis’ hips. 

MMMM!” Curtis moaned.

“Feel better?”

“A little but damn you’re huge!”

I know!” Robert said. “I’m going to slowly make love to you!”

“Please Robert show me that love!”

Robert could hear Curtis’ moaning and heavy breathing while slowly working his long cock.  He shut his eyes and leaned forward.  He opened them to see Curtis’ head turned.  He grabbed Curtis and kissed him while moving in and out.

Curtis wanted to see Robert making love to him and jumped on the bed with his legs spread wide.  He waited and felt Robert return inside him.  Robert grabbed Curtis by the ankles and continued the slow pace.

“A little harder,” Curtis requested.

Robert picked up the pace.  Curtis moans grew louder with each movement. 
“Fuck, I love you Curtis!”

“I love you too Robert!” Curtis said and grabbed Robert for a kiss.  They stayed close.  Both were groaning and so into their sex. Robert kept eye contact with Curtis.  He loved seeing the expressions of pleasure in Curtis’ face.  Curtis loved seeing Robert on top of him and feeling him inside his ass.  Curtis moved his hand to pull Robert as deep as possible.

OOOOO baby, yes!” Curtis groaned with sweat mounting on his forehead.

Robert leaned up and felt the end was close.  “Take my dick!”

Fuck me Robert! Fuck that ass!” Curtis screamed with his hand jerking his cock. 

“Great ass!” Robert said and was pounding Curtis with the walls ringing of moans, heavy breathing and skin slapping together.

“Best dick ever in me!” Curtis screamed.  “OOO fuck me!  Fuck me!  Keep fucking…” Cum shot out of Curtis’ hard cock.  Blast after blast coated his stomach and pubes.

Robert pulled out slowly with a small pop.  He tossed the used condom across the room.  “I’m ccclooose!”

Shot that boy load for me Robert!  Fucking shot it all over me!” Curtis shouted, eyeing Robert’s long cock.

Only a few more quick jerks until Robert was spilling his load all over Curtis.  He groaned and moaned until the last drop escaped his pink head.  Finished, Robert collapsed on top of Curtis. 

“Damn that was so fucking great!” Robert stated.

“It was and I could feel the love and loved every second of it,” Curtis said.

“Great things come to those who wait, huh?”

“I’ll say.  Now I can’t wait for more and more,” Curtis said. “One time with you was the best!”

“Thanks for the best Christmas time of my life!” Robert said.

“You’re welcome! It’s been my greatest Christmas ever.  It’s not every day I find someone like you,” Curtis said.  The two kissed and kissed with cum drying on Curtis’ body.  He didn’t care and was into Robert.  He loved seeing his hot young stud on top of him.  He knew this was just the beginning for both. 

Hope you enjoyed this 2 part story!!