Written by Andy... posted July 23, 2012
The moment they exited the plane at the Charles De Gaulle Airport, the smell of coffee filled Matt’s lungs. Corey who didn’t
puke once the entire plane ride was holding Matt’s hand taking everything in.   What surprised the couple next was that Derek
had arranged for rental car for their use, and the car happened to be a convertible.
The lady at the counter handed a note for the two them to Matt, while she made sure that Corey was filling out the form for
the beautiful red Jaguar. Matt read the note where Derek had left instructions that they should take a few days a drive down
to the coast of France.
Corey and Matt hopped into their new car and drove around the city. It was difficult for Matt to navigate since he was
unfamiliar with the French language. After the third wrong turn, Corey said:
“Matt, just use the GPS on your phone!”
“Right, sorry Babe.”  After they located the right streets, they found their way into the Mandarin Oriental.
“This can’t be right?” Matt stated.
“Why not?” Corey asked, giving his keys to the valet.
“It’s too expensive.”
“Matthew, for once live a little. Derek wanted us to have fun, so we are going to enjoy ourselves.” They checked with the
concierge, who in a snotty French accent, replied,
“Yes?”  The man wasn’t doing much for the French hospitality that Matt had known about.
“We are checking in. The name should be under Derek.”
The man checked his computer. “Oh, yes. The Honeymoon Suite. That is our most luxurious accommodation.”
Matt looked anxious, but Corey put his boyfriend at ease, and filled out the necessary paperwork. The bellhop, who looked
young and their age, appeared out of nowhere.”
“My name is Pierre. May I help you with your luggage?”  When Corey finished handling their reservation, they made their way
up to the sixteenth floor while Matt chatted with 20 year old Pierre.
Pierre opened the door and they walked into the suite. It looked bigger than their apartment they just bought back home.
There was a kitchen, and living area, a master bathroom and bedroom, and balcony overlooking the beautiful Parisian skyline.
It being 8 am in the morning, it looked magnificent.
“Merci,” Matt said handing Pierre some Euros.
Corey took Matt’s hand and they walked onto the Balcony, there staring right in front of them was the Eiffel Tower.  To the
right was the Arc de Triomphe, and to the left was a pyramid directly in front of the Louvre.
Matt smiled at his boyfriend. “I love it here.”
“I know; it’s a little step up from our camping trip we went on.”
“I wonder if Kris and Colt got the same type of room.”
“Matt, I love Kris to death, but let’s focus on us.”
Matt couldn’t agree more. “I know what will make you happy.” They walked straight into the master bedroom. The bed was
bigger than any one they’d ever seen. Matt stripped Corey naked and they had a pleasant love making session.
That afternoon Matt woke up, and couldn’t seem to find his lover anywhere in the bedroom. He threw on some boxers and
headed out to the main area. There standing on the balcony, with a cup of coffee was Corey in nothing but his birthday suit.
Matt threw his boxers away and went to join him. He wrapped his arms around Corey’s chest and kissed his neck.
“Good Afternoon.”
“Afternoon, Babe. Sleep well?”
“Very well.”  Corey kissed Matt with much passion.  There was a knock at the door, and Matt put on a robe and went to see
who it was.
Pierre was at the door, with their lunch order.
“Corey did you order this?” Matt asked. Corey in similar robe came into view shaking his head.
“Compliments of Derek. He made the arrangement with our kitchen staff a few hours ago.”
Pierre sat the two trays down. Matt asked Pierre if he worked at any position within the hotel.
“I am waiter in the main restaurant, but today I am filling in for my sister who had caught the touch of the flu this morning.”
“I am sorry to hear that.”
“Yeah, I am actually off in three hours.”
Corey tried to give him a tip, but Pierre shook his head. “I couldn’t, Monsieur.”
Matt spoke up. “We are only staying here for two nights; we have a nice drive scheduled on Wednesday to Marseilles. I was
wondering, are there any hot spots to checkout, beside the traditional tourist stuff?”
“Hey,” Corey interrupted. “I wanna see the traditional touristy stuff.”
“Babe, we will.” Matt turned his attention back to Pierre.
“If you want to meet up with me when I get off, I could give you guys a personal tour of my favourite places, including the
Eiffel Tower and other great landmarks.”
Corey spoke up: “We couldn’t do that and take up your night.”
“It would be an honor; it’s not very often the hotel gets such unique and young clientele.” The way he said unique, made Matt
wonder if he meant our gay status.
They nodded, and Pierre parted while they enjoyed the magnificent food.
“Are you excited? You seem a little down today,” Matt asked Corey.
“Nothing really. This is just hard for me; I never grew up in the best household, and to be here, especially after the Holland
trip. It’s just a lot to be thankful for.”
“I can understand that. I cannot believe we are able to do this, and to do it with you.”
Corey smiled and carried Matt to the couch in the main room. Corey started kissing Matt down the front of his neck, while his
hands opened Matt’s robe. As his lips moved down Matt’s chest, Matt moaned with pleasure. They spent the next hour on that
sofa, helping each other reach orgasm.
Matt loved every minute of it, “I love you, Corey. Just to be able to have sex with my lover in the most beautiful city in world.”
“Back at you, Babe.” They headed towards shower and got cleaned up. By the time they changed into shorts and tees, there
came another knock on the door. Pierre stood there in jeans and a button down shirt, opened all the way.
“How are my favorite guests doing?” Pierre laughed. Matt liked Pierre a lot and Corey couldn’t take his eyes of Pierre’s built
“Are you going to button up?” Corey joked. 
“I think I look hotter like this?” The lovers agreed and followed Pierre out the door and suggested they stroll through the
streets, and experience the fresh smell of a Parisian market. The odor was intoxicating.  They walked all the way to the Louvre,
making pleasant conversation. Pierre had two sisters and enjoyed meeting new friends. He took the job at the hotel so he
could meet new people. And when he saw Matt and Corey, he pegged them for gay.
“Are you gay, Pierre?” Matt asked.
“Yep, I have two boyfriends at the moment.”
“Two?” Corey asked.
“We have an open relationship, and right now I am enjoying them both. They both were offering something different.
Philippe gives some of the best passion I have encountered, whereas Paul is sensitive and caring; knows how to comfort me
when I am down.”
“That is cool.” Corey said, “That is kind of how it is with Kris, Matt and himself. Matt loves us both, but we both offer him
something different.
The group entered the Louvre Museum and explored the many exhibits seeing some of most interesting artwork Matt had
seen. Corey was thrilled to look at the famous Mona Lisa painting.
Matt was taken aback by it. “It’s rather small.”
“That is the number one complaint people make when they see it up close,” Pierre offered.
After an hour of exploring more works of Da Vinci and the rest of the artists, they went outside and had lunch in a small
restaurant Pierre knew about.
He ordered them some of the France’s most noted delicacies. They both tried the escargot appetizer; however, when Corey
learned that was snail, he said,
“It tastes like chicken.” To which Pierre and Matt laughed.
The day was getting away from them as Pierre showed them Notre Dame Cathedral and the Arc de Triomphe; both, were awe
It was around six o’clock when they finally made it to the Eiffel Tower.  Pierre received a phone call from his older sister and
had to leave. Matt and Corey thanked him for his hospitality, and he said,
“Meet me in the hotel lobby around 10 o’clock and I will show you guys around Gay Paree.”  The way he said it made Corey
crack up.
After Pierre departed, Corey and Matt entered the steel landmark. Corey loved every minute of it.  A woman exiting
mentioned to her friend that walking up and down the steel tour was a great experience. So, Corey and Matt decided to walk
up the 700 plus steps to the top of the structure. Corey smiled as they both took in the wonderful view. The evening was just
“Corey, wait here for a minute.” Matt ventured over the Champagne Bar and ordered two glasses. He found Corey still taking
in the whole vista of Paris.
He carried the glasses to Corey and said, “I thought champagne would make this moment a little more magical.”
“I agree.” After taking a sip of it, Corey planted another wet kiss on him. “That’s something else we might never do again.”
It was getting close to dinner time, so the two ventured to the Le Jules Verne restaurant. It was an elegant evening with some
of the best food they’d ever experienced. Matt had the crayfish and Corey enjoyed the lamb, with them both having this dark
chocolate ice cream for dessert.
Being sated, they got into the elevator and pushed the down button, and it the elevator got stuck. So, Matt and Corey spent
the time looking out the windows and watching the people walking by.
“Are you having fun, Babe?” Corey asked.
Matt smiled, but didn’t speak. He plunged his hand into Corey’s shorts and gave his dick a squeeze. Later, a little bashful,
Corey flicked the hand away.
“Later, Matt.”
“Oh, come on, we are stuck here. And you always wanted to take our sex to a new level, this completely a new level.”
Corey kissed Matt passionately, and gave his permission, and Matt was about to put his hand back in, but the elevator started
down again.
It was almost 9 30pm when they made it back to the hotel.  Corey and Matt didn’t know where Pierre was going to take them,
so they dressed casually. Going back down, they spotted Pierre in an open shirt with the sleeves ripped off. He was wearing
the skimpiest, shortest black leather shorts. Corey also noticed Pierre’s package.
Pierre walked up, but was frowning. “I’m sorry I had to go earlier.”
“It’s cool. Corey and I understood,” Matt responded.
“However, we need to make you guys a little sexier. I have some connections to the best boutiques and the Boyz Bazaar. It’s
the hottest gay centre for shopping. Let’s go.”
We drove there, while Pierre let us know about his sister’s flu. Matt noticed that Corey couldn’t take his eyes off Pierre’s
They went to the Bazaar, and Pierre brought them to one of the stores. “Philippe’s father owns this store. It offers every kind
of clothes a gay guy would need for the night on the town. So go have fun, and it’s on me. “
Corey went to the leather section, and Matt and Pierre stuck to the underwear fashion. They had the hottest zippered boxers
he had ever seen. Matt was called over to the dressing room and was shocked at how hot Corey looked. He had a leather vest
on and the same black shorts Pierre was wearing. Matt loved how he looked.
Matt went over and felt he shorts. “How can your dick fit in there?”
“I’ll show you later,” Corey whispered back. Fifteen minutes later, and Matt had found these hot baby blue silk boxers, a pair
of white shorts and a skin tight blue t-shirt. Pierre loved them both and said they were ready for their next stop.
Pierre tried to pay, but Philippe wouldn’t accept it.
“Just show these hot studs a good time,” he winked at Pierre.
They got into the Jag, and followed Pierre’s and they went to the first club called “One Way”.
“This guys, is small bar where me and my friends hang out. Oh, feel free to express your affections any way you see fit.”
As they entered Matt detected the smell of beer, but also a faint scent of sex. It was a refreshing aroma, and the mixture felt
good. They sat at the bar and had two shots of straight up tequila.
Matt grabbed Corey, “Lover, make sure I don’t drink too much?”
“Don’t worry, Babe.”
“This bar has some events once a year; every October 31st, they have a best guy competition; including best kiss, best butt,
best dick, and hottest package.”
“I know some friends who would enjoy that,” Matt commented.
After a few more shots, Pierre showed them the backroom, but he didn’t ask them to try it out.
“The next spot is more geared for a little touching.”
Excited about the next location, Corey, who stayed the designated driver, drove The Steel Club.
They entered it and everything about it looked great. Pierre suggested we get a locker, and put their valuables inside. Pierre
stripped completely naked. He had a smaller dick than Corey imagined.
“Don’t worry, guys, this is a naked club, but you can dress in anything you want.”
Corey showed off his dick, while Matt stayed reserved. It didn’t last long as Pierre and Corey pulled off his silk boxers. 
The next morning, Matt and Corey awoke naked with Pierre between them.

Derek’s POV
I was extremely nervous and excited to go on this trip, I was glad that Kris and his buddies could join us. The day of departure
was not what I call an uneventful day.  Right now, we were stuck in Lisbon Airport waiting for our plane to Barcelona, Spain. 
Rick and I were doing well, too.
I have been up nights for the last week, I don’t really know why. So, the day we were to leave was fun was going to be a long
day for me. Rick showed up at 6 am; he seemed not to have slept that much either.
I greeted him with a hug. “You were saying goodbye to Kathy all night?” 
Rick winked, and nodded. “Do we have any coffee?” I pointed the brewer and he took a cup.
“You look horrible.”
“Thanks, Derek.”
With Samuel waking up a few minutes later, our long day was going to begin.  I phoned and made sure the arrangements for
Matt and Corey, Kris and Colt, and Scott and Jess were in place. They deserved to be have a luxurious week off.  The night
before I gave everybody $2,000 in spending money; they were kind enough to take it. We agreed to meet for a late lunch at
the airport, as our four planes were taking off around the same time.
I never liked coffee, and with my alcoholic past, I decided to switch to soda. I drank four in the next few hours, as I knew I
needed the rush for the day ahead.  Eventually, it was time to head to the airport and the eight of us found a nice little out of
the way place to eat. I explained and apologized to Matt again, that the airplane was overbooked, and that is why he and
Corey couldn’t fly on ours, as we both were heading the same destination.
Samuel had a sweet tooth for as long as known him. It was one of the few things he indulged in, which is quite ironic; since he
still runs a Rec Center.  He bought some Petit Fours. They were small little cakes with icing inside. They were so good; we
finished them in fifteen minutes.  I made sure we dressed in the most comfortable clothes we had because we would be on
the plane for a few hours; counting the time zones, we will be travelling for about 22 hours.
We had an entertaining time when we all went through security; Kris deliberately kept a small coin in his sock, so he could be
stripped search. He did this because there was a hot girl running the security booth. However, when he got carted away, a big
rotund guy headed the search in a private room.
Colt and Corey kept us entertained by reliving some of their memories of Holland, giving me and Rick full details on their
Swedish friends.
“Hey,” I said, when there was a lull in the conversation. “When you reach your destination make sure you go to McDonald’s.”
Matt stared at me. “Derek, we want to try and keep our figure in tack.”
“Okay, “I stated knowingly. “I guess you guys don’t want to be served beer.”
At that moment Kris turned his head and made me explain to them, that most McDonald’s in Europe serve beer. As well as
special made products for their clientele.  Corey, Kris and I went exploring through the airport to kill the three hour wait
period.  We passed a little kiosk that sold little American Flag tags that can be stuck to our backpacks. So we purchased some
for the entire group.
“Kris and Corey,” I stated on our way back to others, “knowing your histories; I really wanted you have a great experience in
your cities. So have fun, and go wild. Live every day like your last.”
They both hugged me, “Derek, you mean the world to us. And we cannot thank you enough.”
“Don’t worry, you haven’t seen anything yet.” I laughed and walked ahead as they tried to understand my meaning. Eventually
time passes, and the tiredness was getting to me. At 5:50pm Dallas time, we boarded the plane. I made sure to give everybody
a hug.
The flight was going to be about 9 and half hours to get to our connecting city of Lisbon, then another hour to Barcelona. 
Knowing that it will be the morning when we arrived, Rick and I tried to sleep, but we couldn’t and ended up playing the video
games on the personalized TV screens on the seats in front of us.
The next morning, or about nine hours later; we reached Lisbon. We were coming in late, and we had ten minutes to catch our
connecting flight to Barcelona. But luck was on our side. A man was holding a sign for passengers connecting to Barcelona to
follow him.  After the ten or so people gathered around the man, we ran towards to gate. He said while we running, to get our
boarding pass and passports ready for inspection. However, the customs agent barely looked at our documents and three
minutes later we were out of there running towards the gate. The three of us, not having any metal on us practically ran
through the security and metal detectors in record time.  We made it to the right gate with about a minute to spare.
We all showed our boarding passes, out of breath and entered the gangway to the bus that would take us to our plane. That’s
when the fun really began. As I looked at the aircraft, there were wires and stuff hanging below the cockpit. Thus, the plane
was delayed and we were brought back the gate. This wouldn’t be a huge problem, but we had to make the ship by 5 o’clock;
which about six hours away.
We stayed on the bus for about an hour, while people were fixing the aircraft, and three of us were starting to smell, because
we had been in the same clothes for almost full day now. The lack of caffeine was getting to Rick and myself; with no soda
possible, we both were getting tired, and I was getting cranky.
The bus circled back, and we went back and waited and the gate; however, the excitement at the boarding stations
momentary took my mind off the lack of caffeine.  The customer service representatives from the airlines understood that
most of the people, including us, had to make the boat. However, 30 minutes later we made it on the plane, and we landed in
Barcelona around 2 pm, giving us about 2 hours to get to the boarding dock.
However, in Barcelona our luck was running out. I spotted a vending machine, but I couldn’t get the Euros to work in it and I
had to let the pop stay there, while Samuel and Rick got our luggage. The person from our cruise line wasn’t anywhere near us,
and we had to locate her; eventually we spotted her with the six other people going on our cruise.
Finally, 20 hours from the time we left Dallas, including time zones, we reached the ship.  After going through the boarding
process, we checked into our two story room. After that, we went to check out the buffets as all three of us were really
hungry, and had a quick afternoon lunch, and I finally got my caffeine fix.
We had to practice our safety drill, and then we headed off to our suite. Samuel and I stripped naked and headed for our
shower; the bathroom alone was magnificent. We cleaned and showered and got ready for dinner. Rick had discovered his
bed in the sofa, and started playing around with the television. After we got ready, we headed to main dining area for dinner. 
It was three floors of dinner room. We arranged to have a private table with just the three of us and the waiter.
The day was long, and after some friendly chatting, now that we were all freshened up, followed.  That night Rick went off to
explore the ship, while Samuel and I took a long hot bath in our Jacuzzi.
We felt the ship moving as Samuel was giving a most needed massage. Rick phoned that he had found a club and decided to
stay there. I remembered he is going to be married soon. “Hey, I am just living like Kris,” he responded.
Samuel and I just went to the master bedroom and slept.
The next morning, we awoke in Marseille, France.  After some breakfast, and Rick and played golf while Samuel went on his
morning run.
“How was the club?”
“There were a lot hot chicks there, so nobody that would interest you.”
“Did you embarrass them with your dance moves?”
“Hey I have good moves, thank you.”
After I whooped his ass, we hit the rock climbing wall, when Samuel joined us. We had some lunch on board the ship, and
then made it outside to see Marseille.
It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon; we were still on Dallas time, so we were hungry for lunch now. We found a small out of the
way restaurant and sat down to eat.
What I knew and didn’t tell Samuel or Rick, was Matt and Corey was going to meet us.  And fifteen minutes later, they were
“Did you guys enjoy the Jaguar?”
“Of course.” Matt smiled, and Corey nodded too.
“Have you heard from anybody else?” Matt inquired.
“Don’t tell me you are worried about them?”
“Not worried, just curious what they were up too.”
“Oh, I am sure they are fine; how was your day so far?”
They talked about Pierre and he had shown them Gay Paree. They mentioned that they loved Paris, and were surprised they
saw all of it in one day.
“We left Paris around noon, yesterday; and stopped in Lyon for more French food. Honestly, I know it isn’t good for me, but
they have the best seafood I have ever had.”
Matt continued, “We stayed the night in one of the smaller hotels that was very close to the local market, and walked around.
Then we finished the drive and made it here three hours ago.”
“Matt made us go all the way to the top of buildings and snap some photos of the sea and the surrounding buildings.”
“It was your idea.”
“I didn’t know it would take two fucking hours.”
“Like you couldn’t handle a little walk,” Matt countered.
“I don’t like walking,” Corey responded.
“You guys are fighting like an old married couple,” Rick laughed.
We talked more about their time in Lyon, and then I asked them what the fuck was going on.
“Is there something you aren’t telling us?”
They looked at each other, and nodded…Matt spoke first.
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